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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 19, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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a guy on his phone sees something about to make a -- >> huge drop. >> heroic save of a runaway stroller. >> oh! >> a baby bear survives a forest fire with injuries to -- >> all four paws third-degree burns. >> the remarkable effort to get her back where she belongs. a guy's remote control glider crashes but -- >> found nemo. >> the underwater view is way better. plus -- something we've never seen on a freeway before.
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and something you my not be brave fluff toenou first, i'm going to show you the definition of right place, right time. comes to us from turkey. watch this guy here. the guy on the phone, having a bit of a chat. he's going to look up because he's hearing somethingen it's a baby stroller. that is a young toddler there as well. this stroller had come careening down the hill across the street. this guy saw what was happening. instantly reacted to what was going on. ran over grabbed the stroller and the baby came out of the stroller but lands on the road softly. picks up the toddler, starts looking after it. this is the hill that that stroller came tearing down. but then as the camera pans over you can see that between -- >> oh no! >> -- 30 and 60 feet depending what you're reading, but that huge drop you can see here late there he is he's okay. he's totally fine. >> my gracious.
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if that man had not been there in that moment this woman could be without her child. next video, though wrong place, wrong time as this young boy in china got himself, what? yes, stuck where he shouldn't be. apparently reached through to touch something, the door closed and it trapped his wrist right there. you can hear he's not happy. after ten minutes these guys actually managed to remove the entire door frame and put all of these other bits out as well before finally right at the end he's free. >> that would break your heart, but i promise i will mend them by the end of this video. adorable little cinder an 18-month-old bear. cinder's got all kinds of bandages on her poor little body
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because cinder was caught in the national forest fire in washington state back in july of 2014. a huge forest fire that burned about 400 square miles worth of woodland. a resident who went back to their burned home actually found cinder crawling on her elbows. she was so severely burned. and in this moment we're watching video of her being transported by plane. the pilot with pilots and paws transported her little injured body to the lake tahoe wildlife care center in california and that's when they bandaged her up and quickly got her on the road to recovery. >> oh she's really burned. look at that. >> all four paws third-degree burns. the poor little girl didn't know what to do or how to take care of herself. these amazing people did amazing work. >> oh my gosh she's deformed. >> wow, that's going to -- >> she actually is healing beautifully. in fact they had her on a
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regimen where they'd change her bandages frequently. now she's not bandaged at all, healing on her own. fur is growing back able to lick on her own paws walk within the rehabilitation center and feel the floor and the wood beneath her paws. >> wow. >> look at that. >> they are planning on releasing little cinder back into the wild. >> i was hoping you were going to tell us that. i hate to see stories, the bear's okay but they're going to live out their life at rehab center. happy to know she's going to go back to the wild. >> it's terrifying to be a victim of a crime but it's more terrifying if your child is there with you. that's what happened to the shop keeper in melbourne, australia. she's just been running this place since last year. this guy comes in with a knife, he's threatening her, he's telling her to open the cash register and she does. the good thing is is that he doesn't see her child. he does get the money.
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he gets several hundred dollars. once that man runs out, you see her run back and you see her holding that baby. she talked to 7 news about it. >> he did not see him, i'm happy about that. >> the thing is they're still looking for this guy. >> doesn't matter if the guy got money, she's okay baby's okay. right instinct. protective instinct. >> since this is the uk the guy's driving the black van, the passenger, he's about to do something awful. walks up to the private club opens up what looks like electrical box but it's not. that is a defibrillator box. the reason why there are defibrillator boxes on private buildings like this because in rural areas the chances of you getting an ambulance as quickly as you would in the city are less. they have all of the defibrillators on buildings so people will have a greater chance of survival if the defibrillator is there. this guy takes it jumps into
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the black van, driven by somebody else and drives off. the weird thing about the story. three days later a woman turns back up at the club and hands over the defibrillator. she says quote, we're finished with it now, and walks away. they think the heat was on and that's why they turned the defibrillator in. >> did they use it? what was the point of stealing a defibrillator. >> what are you going to do with it? you're not going to jump start a car. >> you get a good look at him and the vehicle. this is probably the wife. just take it back. >> a sex toy. i said vibrator not defibrillator. >> oh! >> this is what this show is all about, good video. this first one, a guy flying his electric powered remote controlled glider in western australia, right along the coast. beautiful, blue waters out there. he's got his gopro attached to the glider. look at what he's seeing out there. >> gorgeous. >> here's the problem, though.
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it's very sunny out there and he's lost his orientation. he can't tell where he's going. the glider now just spinning around as he tries to fure out how do i get this back to and the glider runs into a submarine. this is the best crash ever because look. like found nemo after he crashed. all of the beautiful fivsh in the water. captures images of a shark swimming by. >> ridiculous! >> sea turtles. i mean you couldn't have had a better crash video than this. >> how did he get it back? did he have to swim out to get it? >> he had help from people nearby with a heboat. they search for the plane. they see it floating on top of the water, pick it up bring it back. sadly, the glider destroyed but the venerable gopro not injured at all, providing this great footage. >> considering what we saw you expect a dolphin to bring it
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back. >> right. >> thanks, buddy. >> more great video. this sent in to me by a good friend mark. mark went off to india for two weeks to ride a motorcycle with ride of my life motorcycle tours the white-knuckle portion of the ride. fearing this bridge. heard stories about it for weeks. he's like i have to get the task done and go for. look at this thing. >> back up. >> watch this. yep, a bit of a bobble there catches handle bar on the wire on the side. keeps going. >> that's cool though. >> isn't that spectacular? mark said all of his fears went away once he had to go across the bridge. full of adrenaline he did not crash. he gets another hang-up. catches the handle bars again. said at the end of the crossing he felt completely alive. had a great trip. came back safely. the newly released movie "american sniper" tells the story of --
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>> the most lethal u.s. sniper in u.s. history. bradley cooper plays that character. >> hear who he's thanking after playing the role. >> what you do i don't think many can fathom. >> the rough, rough, ride on the road. >> two dogs on a motor bike wearing helmets. i i hahaveve a a c colold d wiwithth t tererririblble chest congestion. i better take something. ththererafaflulu s seveverere e cocold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? nenew w alalkaka-s-seleltztzerer p plulus s day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plplusus c chehestst c conongegeststioion. [b[brereatath h ofof r relelieief]f] ohoh, , what a relief it is.
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american sniper had a good week this week. it opens today. it got six oscar nominations including one for best picture and best actor for bradley cooper. >> let me ask you a question crisp would you be surprised if i told you that the navy has credited you with over 160 kills? >> the film is based on the book written by chris kyle who, for those people who don't know he is the most lethal u.s. sniper in u.s. history. but bradley cooper plays that
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character and he talked to the u.s. navy magazine at the premiere. >> hello. number one, happy new year. get back safe. and the reason you all are doing what you're doing is allowing us to live the way we live so we wouldn't be able to do without your service, so thank you. i hope if you do get a chance to see this movie that you'll relate to it you'll think there's some truth and hopefully that others you know we do live in an age where movies for better or worse, can have a huge impact. if some people can understand the sacrifice of a warrior of someone who decides to give up their life for their country, what that means on a day-to-day level, not only for them but their families. >> cooper hopes people who come back from our wars see the film and so somebody relates to them people care. >> what you d don't think people can fathom and we owe our freedom and our liberty to you. so thank you.
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>> we'll play a little game guys. what could possibly be on this roadway? >> chickens. >> it's a cow, a bull a cow, a bull cow. >> no two dogs on a motor bike wearing helmets. >> humans? >> we're going to get closer. first you see the dog on the back of the motor bike. the back passenger, helmet wearing dog. as we pull closer -- >> hello. >> there they are. both have their helmets on and they're riding away. >> this is the stuff that you see on bikes in thailand is amazing. that is -- >> looks like they're wearing bonnets. >> it does. >> suddenly wish i had two dogs i could take riding with me. >> a fun game. round two, roadway in texas, what are we going to see. >> a hippopotamus. >> a guy with a gun? >> or a goat. >> a hog chasing a goat. >> why?
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>> in my mind they are trying to elope in the next county over. they say new york pigo pigs and goproats can't marry. >> the mustang, a cute horse. unfortunately took a bit of a kick from another horse and that had a nasty reaction. every gland ended up swelling up and list temperature rocketed. he had a serious autoimmune response. with the course of antibiotics and steroids everything else came down apart from where he got kicked. a bit of a lump which the vet had to saw out. you can see lump here. that football sized lump on the side of him, abscess which this vet's going to help us out by draining. as you can see, he's putting something in there to analyze what's going to come out. >> are we going to see this? >> oh! >> they didn't even put a trash can under it to catch it?
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>> what he does here he gets a syringe, starts holding it up. those gets naturally. >> when it gets gnarly? >> oh! >> it's like a chunk missing. >> i'm trying i'm trying here. >> how did it get so bad? >> it's on the mend doing perfectly okay. this video has just been exploding in viewership. >> gross. >> if you feel brave enough to check out video in its entirety, click on the show or use the mobile app. i recommend a bucket nearby. a school mascot takes a tumble on stage but when help comes -- >> the mascot starts pointing in that direction. >> how the guy in the suit had a big surprise up his sleeve. and a skier's heading down a mountain when -- >> [ bleep ]. >> oh he's in it. he's in it. >> for the ride.
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>> scary moment he becomes part of an avalanche. [b[basassisistst] ] twtwo o lalatete n nigighthts in tucson. blblewew a an n amamp.p.bubut t gogoodod n nigighthts. susurere,m,mususicic's's w whyhy w we e dodo t thihis,but it's still our business. wewe s spependnd d dayays s bobookokining g gigigs then we'veve g gotottata p putut i in n ththe miles to get there. bubut t itit's's n notot w witithohoutut i itsts p perks. lilikeke s seeeeining g ouour r alalbubum m sasaleles go through the roof enenououghgh t to o fifinanalllly y ststarart t papaying meg's little brother- i i memeanan,o,ourur n newew t touour r mamananageger-r-with real,actual money. wewe r runun o on n ququicickbkbooooksks.t.thaha
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t's how we own it.
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>> closed captioning provided by -- bebeining g frfreeee f froromm dadandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue tatargrgetets s dadandndruruffff wiwipipingng o outut flflakakes and itch. selsunun b blulue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandrdruff. gogoldld b bonond d rorougugh h && bubumpmpy skin therapy. used daily, it exfoliatetes,s, smoothes, softens. rereduduceces s bubumpmps s 7272 p perercecentnt.. gogoldld b bonond.d. ultimatete l lototioion.n. ulultitimamatete s skikin.n. wrestling match in colorado springs, colorado time for the school mascot to put on a little performance. the mascot decided to fall in the middle of the ring and injure himself. look look a coach comes over to
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check on him and calls over one of the athletic trainers. watch this as she's trying to figure out what happened to the with mascot the mascot points in that direction. camera pans over and you see all of those people holding up a banner that says -- marry me! wearing that plasmascot costume is her man, her boyfriend, ryan. who decided to take this opportunity to propose to her. >> oh wow. >> the mascot didn't get hurt help romantic. >> there he is on one knee takes off the head of the costume, proposes asks her to marry. she obviously says hello. >> hello? >> i mean hello -- >> will you marry me? hello. >> do you take this man? good-bye.
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>> we've lost her. we've lost christian. we're done. >> obviously says yes. gives him a big old hug. i think it's beautiful. whoo! >> great thing about sort of the first person you get to experience what that person's experiencing. the worst part you get to experience what this person's experiencing. posted to youtube, having a great time in colorado looking for new sort of snow to be skiing on. he's going through trees here. it's around here starts getting towards newer snow. a lot of trails over. to the right, finding new snow where things go wrong very quickly here. >> [ bleep ].
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>> he's in it. he's in it. >> we go for the ride along with him. slowly pickses up speed. starts tumbling and tumbling. fortunately it slows down. he's half buried. he's shocked. you can hear heavy breathing, shaken by what happened. >> i don't see anybody else around. nobody he's skiing with not anybody else on the mountain. >> lucky he ended up on top of the snow instead of buried. there's nobody else around. he could have been in serious danger. another video, five people in the alps four people lower down on the mountain. this person following the same tracks as everybody else. you can see here just about turns. >> oh oh. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> wow! >> whole side of the mountain swallows up all five guys. as the camera pans to the left it's also coming down from the left-hand side as well the whole side of the mountain came loose. five people as you saw in the
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video, two completely submerged, three partially submerged. took 20 minutes for rescuers to find them then had helicopters and all emergency transceivers how they were able to be found. one swept over 3/4 of a mile away from where this happened. and three of them had broken bones, torn ligaments, and one person spent four days in the hospital but everyone knew what they were doing. enough people there, these guys saw it happen and had transceivers. everybody was okay but that scared the pants off of me. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> the debate over marijuana between nancy grace and the rapper went viral but -- >> the video you have not seen -- >> a prank that went down behind the scenes. okokayay l ladadieies,s, w wheheneneveverr yoyou're ready. i got this. nono, , i'i'llll g getet i it!t! let meme g getet i it.t. ah uh, i i dodon'n't t wawantnt y youou t to o papay for this. it's not happening, hohoneney. lelet t heher r geget t itit.. shshe e gogot t heher r sasafefe d dririviving bonus check from allstate last week. and it's her treat. whwhatat a aboboutut a a t tipip?? heherere's's o onene.....g.getet a ann alallstate agent. ninicece!!
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holy [ bleep ]! >> cat loves water. ♪
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>> over the last few days you may have seen the nancy grace versus 2 chains argument about marijuana. what you haven't seen related to the argument jack's contribution.k vail was in studio the exact same time that this debate was going on. >> because jack has a new show on hln. >> he does have a brand-new show on hln called jack vail off-line. decided to take advantage of this opportunity in the very jack vail sort of way. >> hey, man, i'm jack. >> nice to meet you. >> can i get a picture with you real quick? >> let's do it. >> thank you. >> actually [ bleep ]. >> did jack use his pooter.
3:58 pm
>> he used it while taking this thing. >> what's going on here? he has a -- >> jack is known to use a pooter that makes that sound. >> actually -- >> does jack say, dude it was a prank? or does 2 chains believe he got pooted on. >> a show starting tonight on hln there hope it goes well. >> thanks, 2 chains. >> that's going to do it for us the "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> mariah carey and nick cannon had a pre-nup. we told you last week he filed for divorce last month and they had a pre-nup. we know a little bit about this and the fascinating thing about the pre-nup is it really gives you kind of a peek, she was absolutely loaded in 2008 when they got married he, on the other hand, had a lot of money by most standards but -- >> mariah carey standards? >> when you


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