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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 27, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a member of the swim team at stanford is under arrest for rape after two other students see another student being attacked and chaise him down. >> the fact that he's a star athlete does not keep him from facing the same consequences we all would. >> reporter: a young athlete arrested for rape after two students witness a woman being attacked as she lay on the ground intoxicated and unconscious. heather holmes has more on what we learned about this attack on
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campus. >> reporter: this student athlete voluntarily withdrew from the university today and is no longer allowed on campus. all of this following an attack that authorities say only stopped when he was caught. a tidal wave of shock hits avery's aquatic center after a member of its aquatic team was reported of assault. the late night attack happened near student apartments and fraternity houses. 19-year-old freshman brock turner is accuse of raping a woman he met at a party as she layed intoxicated and unconscious. an attack that was happening on
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the ground and was stopped bid the two students. >> i want to thank them because it makes me feel that if i was assaulted there would be people to back me up. >> reporter: brock was booked on five charges including attempted rape. he's out on $150,000 bail. the arrest of a student athlete with a high profile on campus led to a swift response by stanford. a spokesperson says it's conducts its own investigation. stanford has come under fire and was the scene of protests last spring. since then, officials say they put in place a class that turner was mandated to go through. >> i think they are suddenly trying very hard and i think it's good that they are. i think it's important that everyone on campus feels safe and well respected wherever
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they are. >> reporter: i checked and the woman is not a student here at stanford. after that attack she was taken to the hospital for evaluation. but julie, turner who was a stand out high school swimmer from dayton ohio is said to be arraigned next week. >> heather holmes live at stanford tonight. heather thank you,. there is new information tonight about two deadly shootings in the bay view district of san francisco. they happened late this afternoon just minutes apart. the first shooting was at 4:15 at vedire and engles. the second happened on bay shore less than two miles away. jana katsuyama live at the bay shore boulevard location where she spoke with some witnesses tonight about what happened, jana. >> reporter: frank, we did talk to some people who worked here at the old clam house. they say that the woman came into their restaurant. she was bleeding. tonight she's in the hospital two other people are dead and police are trying to figure out whether these two shootings are
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related. when san francisco police arrived they found two victims and a vehicle with bullet holes outside the clam shop. a woman had been driving the car and came in asking for help. >> she was bleeding and i saw her and she said can you help me. i told my manager to call an ambulance. >> reporter: the woman was quiet then told them a man was outside in the passenger seat. >> she just said my arm hurts, my arm hurts and someone is dead in the car. like maybe two minutes after that. me and my coworker walked outside. and we could see the woman was in the car. >> both of those individuals were transported to san francisco general hospital. where unfortunately the male died of his injuries. >> reporter: the woman had life threatening injuries. at the same time, police were investigating a second shooting just two blocks away. at 4:15 p.m., shot spotter
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alerted them to 19 shots fired. >> upon arriving at the scene they did locate one female victim on the sidewalk suffering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: police say they performed cpr on the woman who appeared to be in her 30s but she was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. at the scene, a man was in tears. another man said he was the woman's pastor. the pastor told us in spanish we feel a very strong pain, a big pain in our hearts. police say the victims did not know each other but as for the shootings,. >> we're not ruling out that they are related at this time. >> reporter: police say they are checking to see whether these shootings were related to previous crimes this year. so far these deaths mark the eighth and ninth homicides in san francisco. a jury in contra costa county form a former elementary school teacher guilty of 19
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counts of child molestation. joseph martin thought fifth and sixth graders in concord. prosecutors said he inappropriately rubbed the chest of male students. this was martin's second trial. the first jury acquitted him on charges but deadlocked on others. in both trials martin maintained that touching was not sexual in nature. but prosecutors saw it differently. >> it could be patting on the knee. it could be bouncing on if lap and that's what people need to understand that these great babysitters and great relatives might be doing these thing that is they think they can get away with. >> devastated however it just shows that two different juries you can get two different outcomes. >> reporter: martin is scheduled to be sentenced next month. he faces any where from 15 years to life in prison. the equity firm that owns the albertson's chain now has the right to buy safeway. private equity firm servirus
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capital has plans to buy pleasanton based safeway for more than $9 billion. the federal trade commission has now approved the deal after the two supermarket chains agreed to sell 158 stores in eight states. if fda said without those sales the merger would have lessoned the competition. it believed that no stores will be closed here in the bay area and we're told that safe way will keep its name. the northeast is finally getting a break after the so called blizzard of 2015 blanketed some states with more than foot of snow while other areas got off easy. parts of massachusetts were among the hardest hit with more than 20 inches of snow. hurricane force wind gusts created massive waves at the coast. in new york city 10-inches of snow have fallen which was half forecasted. >> we got a much better result
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than had originally forcasted. a meteorologist for the national weather service apologized for the forecast. gary szekowski sweeted, my deepest apologies to make key decision makers and the public. flights are coming and going but very few are on schedule. here in the bay area flights were cancelled again. but the duty manager tells us it appears airlines will not need to cancel at many flights moving forward. super bowl xlix now just five days away. this year's game is being played in glendale arizona outside phoenix. it's the patriots against the defending champs seahawks. among the people headed into the area are members of next year's super bowl committee. they're taking notes for super bowl l which of course will be
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held at levi stadium in sacramento. >> so calm, so quiet. >> i hate the seahawks. >> reporter: until just about now. >> seahawks. >> reporter: you're nervous a little bit. >> no, we have it. >> reporter: come on. >> no i'm not. >> reporter: plenty of confidence swirls in phoenix. fans flying in se they're loving the location. >> it's a good spot. yeah i like it. >> every time i drive around this area there's so much to do. >> reporter: and the direct tv super fan festival will be one of those hot spots. >> there's a lot of different projects. i have production going in. >> reporter: this corn field will be turned into a three day tailgate party across from the stadium. yes murphy is here now but he's already scattered out sites for super bowl l in the bay area. >> we have a map that goes from santa clara to san francisco and we have 10 or 15 different venues that we look at. >> thanks for taking the time.
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>> absolutely. >> are you nervous? >> no. >> reporter: instead he says he's honored. keith bruce is manager of the super bowl l committee. >> super bowl l is a new opportunity to set a new bar. >> reporter: there is distance separating santa clara to san francisco which is one reason he and his team are in arizona focused on looking at fan entertainment. >> sure it's about crowd flow, how the crowds interact with super bowl central in downtown phoenix. the types of attractions that they like. that they're attracted to. any creative earnings that we have. the production values. >> reporter: fans in town for super bowl xlix they say, the bay area will be a great host site and look forward to it. even seattle fan reggie
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rominens. >> i'm not sure the seahawks will be in santa clara this time next year. >> reporter: one game at a time reggie. no jail time for an officer accused of stealing photos from women's phones. unseasonable temperatures an an outlook for our chances. >> and up next. >> took away everything i had. just because i was jewish. >> reporter: holocaust survivors gather 70 years to the day.
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a moving march in silence today at a former nazi death camp. today survivors and their families marked 70 years since the auschwitz camp was liberated. >> ken pritchett is live with the tribute today. >> reporter: it was a solemn and emotional day along with survivors who's numbers grow smaller every year. >> reporter: on the grounds of auschwitz, a mark, a placing of
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candles and the memory of survivors returning. >> i sometimes am ask how long i was in the auschwitz. i don't really know. a day was like a year, a month an eternity. >> reporter: it's estimated 1.1 million people mostly jews were killed at auschwitz by the nazi. >> they took away everything i had. just because i was jewish. >> reporter: auschiwtz was a network of concentration camps. the second camp had an oven
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where bodies were burned after they were killed. >> reporter: we dent know -- we didn't know what they were at first. we saw a rail way. the trolllies were designed to go straight into ovens. we counted nine ovens. >> reporter: they found bags full of hair to use as mattress stuffings. >> they killed my sisters. we survivalists do not want our past to be our children's future. >> reporter: but there are fewer survivors today. schneider of san francisco's jewish family and services holocaust center says we're at a pivotal point in history. >> we the generation that have come after survivors will be responsible for sharing the stories and continuing to teach in the postsurvivor era. >> reporter: the holocaust center is filled with more than
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10,000 books and artifacts. the best source of knowledge is fading away. >> the lessons of survivors can share with us you cannot read in a book. >> reporter: again 300 survivors attended this anniversary today at auschwitz. in the 50th anniversary, there was 350 survivors. leaders of mormon church are voicing support for some gay rights in return for similar protections of religious groups. church leaders held a rare news conference in salt lake city. they say that church doctrine is not changing but the elder say they are promising to back some anti discrimination laws for gays and lesbians in return for laws protecting religious
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freedoms. >> for example, the latter day saints physician who objects to performing abortions or artificial insimination for a lesbian couple should not be forced to do so when there are others willing to do so. rob roth reports, the thieves used an suv to smash through the doors of the wells fargo museum at the bank's world headquarters. >> this dark suburban on montgomery street after armed bandits crashed it through the glass reinvolving door this morning. >> i thought it was a drunk driver at first. >> reporter: john was up early
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walking to his job as a stock walker when he says he saw the suv going fast. >> he swung right and made a shortstop right turn. >> reporter: once inside the museum. three people in ski masks got out. >> exited the vehicle. held one security guard at gunpoint with a handgun and took approximately 10-ounces of gold from the display in the museum. >> reporter: the three systems took off. reirden says he only saw one person leaving. >> he was running, he ran across the corner into california. >> reporter: this morning we could see a gold nugget still on the counter. the nuggets that were taken weighed between four and 10- ounces and were from the california gold rush era. they were on display at the wells fargo museum. their value is estimated approximately $10,000. wells fargo issued a statement saying we're disturbed this
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happened to the world fargo museum but are glad no team members were harmed. >> we are working closely with the bank and museum to see if there's any possible relation to prior history with the suspects. >> reporter: this is the fourth time in two months that thieves used a vehicle to smash into a business. more details now on similar smash and grab thefts. last monday, thieves backed up a truck into the patagonia store, filled it up and drove away. some rare vintage coins turn up in redwood city and now police are trying to figure out who they belong to. the silver coins are from china and japan. police say they were found back in november in the car of a suspected thief.
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authorities don't know where they were stolen from. it's also not yet clear how much they're worth. but police say if you know anything about those coin, please give them a call. 90 square feet of san francisco history. the storage room that some are calling the city's attic. and the effort to find new life for all these things. pretty warm day despite the cloud cover and despite the sprinkles we saw this morning down south around morgan hill. real light sprinkles. as a weak system moved through. look at hayward with 70 today. big disparity between the west and east coast right now. this is cloud cover we saw today. here's the system and it's kind of progressing to the east now. a few snow flurries up in the mountains. our radar spinning right now and you can see really nothing going on. we did have a few returns
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offshore. there may be a chance for something to sprinkle out. that's it. then we start to clear up everyone more. more sunshine tomorrow than we had today. 45 right now walnut creek. 49 in napa. overnight lows mid- and low 40s. as that system broke through. it broke up the inversion. not as much fog tomorrow morning than we've been seeing since january. valley fog won't form. we will look at the fog forecast for tomorrow morning out in the valley area. so you'll see the computer model, here we are tonight. then watch in here as we move it forward into tomorrow morning. that's the fog trying to form. nothing like we've been seeing when it was running from red bluff to bakers field. less fog tomorrow morning. as we move down the road. the five day forecast temperatures really warm up again quite a bit. when i come back we will lay that out for you. then we go looking for the long
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long range. >> the bay area business that police say was a fake and a front for a multi million dollars drug operation. up first a chp officer agrees to a plea deal after being accused of stealing nude pictures of women he arrested. >> this has cost me my career in the chp.
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a former chp officer will not serve any jail time for stealing nude pictures from the women he pulled over. instead, samuel must attend counseling. hairington spoke publicly for the first time. >> reporter: joined by his lawyer and his wife former chp officer shawn hairington walked
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out of court with his freedom but also an unknown future. >> my actions have caused that sent of pride to be eroded and replaced it with embarrassment. >> reporter: embarrassment such as messages like these. today hairington pleaded no contest to two felony theft charges. >> were there other women involved aside from these two women. >> just these two cases. >> reporter: but hairington said there may have been other cases in the past. a woman said hairington had her cell phone during a stop. authorities filed charges on
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only -- >> the system should treat nonviolent thefts as misdemeanors. and i think the time will probably come where i may consider filing an appropriate motion with the court to have this considered as a misdemeanor. >> reporter: the judge went on to say mr. hairington forgot at least temporarily that these victim affected were individuals with their own sense of integrity. in martinez, eric rasmussen. authorities are trying to figure out what cause add police car to catch fire. an accident investigation team
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is expected to look at the mangled car. an officer said he was driving east at 7:30 when he noticed smoke coming from the trunk area. he pulled over and got out of the car just before it burst into flames. then something in the trunk caused an explosion. a second officer on the scene to assist suffered minor injuries from flying debris. san francisco supervisors approved a $3 million settlement to the family of a patient who went missing at san francisco general hospital and was later found dead. lin spalding's body was discovered in a hospital stairwell 17 days after she was reported missing from her hospital room. it happened back in 2013. doctors had ordered the 57-year- old to be monitored around the clock because she was easily disoriented. the $3 million settlement will go to spalding's two adult children. and 90,000 square feet it's known as the city's attic. the big plans to remove these vintage items and transform
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this underground space. up first, a major new developments in the case of a 14-year-old stabbed to death. why a suspect arrested months ago has just now been released. and a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. download the new ktvu app, click on the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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because together, we thrive. ♪ a 14-year-old boy accused of fatally stabbing another teen in san francisco is free tonight after prosecutors decided to drop charges and he was released from custody. ktvu's amber lee is in the city tonight with a key piece of evidence that led to the das decision, amber. >> reporter: the decision came from the d.a.'s office here at the hall of justice. tonight the public defender is asking why it all took so long. >> you can also see that the head ware they have is different although the faces
10:31 pm
are blurred occupy. >> reporter: blurred out because both boys are minors. the 14-year-old is outlined in blue. today he was released after being in custody for almost five months charged with murder. >> it is this person with the long sleeve shirt. the lighter shirt who making the stabbing motion. >> reporter: clear and convincing evidence that the boy arrested is not the killer. the boy outlined in red adachi says is the one responsible. williams. adachi questioned why the district office took so long to drop charges. >> this case shows an innocent teenager was arrested and charged for murder. that's a scary thing. >> it is one part of all the evidence in this case. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office
10:32 pm
says the surveillance tape does not tell the whole story. just because the charges were dropped at this time does not mean the 14-year-old is innocent or he won't be rearrested for being an accessory to murder. rashawn wait -- williams was described as being a star student. >> he was villainized in his own community because everybody thought he was the one that committed the stabbing when in fact, it wasn't him. >> reporter: as for the person who did stab williams, the d.a.'s office has not said whether he will be charged. the health department says the person who died was younger
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than 65. the death occurred last weekend. the person did not have any medical risk factors for flu complications. the person had not received the flu vaccine. at the university of california, 150 licensed physicians held a one day strike today. the doctor work at student centers. they say uc workers are keeping information in the midst of contract talks. the university says the issue should stay at the bargaining table and not on the picket line. uc is offering a 3% raise for each of five years. but the workers say it isn't about pay they want more funding for special services including mental health. a man was using a fake furniture store as a front for an illegal marijuana operation. sacramento deputies searched the store after a lengthy investigation. they say that the store was never actually opened for business and that the furniture
10:34 pm
inside was never actually on sale. however, they say toward the back of the store, police found more than 1,000 marijuana plants and more than 50-pound of processed marijuana worth about $2 million. detectives arrested 39-year-old win inside the store. he's charged with the illegal cull -- cultivation of marijuana and utility theft. most people have never seen the treasure-trove of items stored until now. david stevenson takes us below ground to see the items. >> reporter: 59 is the site of two children's playgrounds and a renovation center. but hidden 27 feet down and behind these stairwells is brook's hall. it's known as the city's attic even though it's under ground.
10:35 pm
the facility was part of bill graham's civic auditorium from 1957 until the early 90s when it became a two acre storage lot. >> they don't even know everything they have here. >> reporter: the library department uses half of the store to keep from books to ornately carved card boxes. >> it's beloved by city workers so we keep it here. >> this is a treasurers office ledger from 1867. >> reporter: we also found bonds dating back to the late 40s and vintage furniture. >> it's just like really a, a time capsule. >> it's a mix of the old and the new. along with old telephones and equipment from city hall's former courtroom. there's the massive pipe organ
10:36 pm
from the 1950s exhibition. >> we think there could be some commercial use of this. step one is to find a spot for all of our storage need other than where we're standing today. >> reporter: it may mean the location will reopen after being closed off for two decades. >> what we hope to do is repurpose this space. have it more active, integrated with what's going up up at the civic plaza. because we think this is an opportunity for better use not just storage. >> in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a young woman killed by a speeding car, how her family is remembering her tonight. >> plus -- >> the snow may be piling up on the east coast, but skies are clear here in the bay area. the staying power of this above average dry weather pattern. >> no more boys will be boys. >> no more what's the big deal. >> no more, just the way he is.
10:37 pm
>> no more, he just has a temper. >> no more, -- >> the powerful message for a massive audience. the efforts to highlight one issue during the super bowl.
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we have new details tonight involving the death of an inmate at the san francisco county jail. the man died yesterday morning at the jail in san bruno. the san mateo county coroner's office identified him as alvin hayes of san francisco. officials say hayes died after deputies attempted to search him. he was booked into the jail in july of 2012 on a series of charges including second degree burglary, receiving or buying stolen property and misdemeanor possession of burglary tools. people who knew and loved 24-year-old pablo gathered today at the place where she
10:40 pm
died. they placed flowers and balloons next to a tree on yerba buena road in san jose. yesterday two drivers were racing, they lost control and crashed at that exact spot. pablo just happened to be jogging by at the time and was killed less than a mile from her home. her family says she was their star. and that her death has basically ruined their family. >> she's a really good person. she didn't deserve this. she just went out for a jog. like every other day. >> reporter: the drivers have been identified as 18-year-old gabriel esparza and jose maldonado. a japanese journalist says he has less than 24 hours to live before he's killed by islamic state extremists.
10:41 pm
he's holding a picture showing someone who is believed to be a captured jordanian pilot. koto is heard say that the pilot will die. japan says it is working to free him. an american citizen was killed in libya in an attack. at least 10 people died when gunmen entered a hotel. a group calling itself the tripoli province claimed responsible and said there would be more. they say the attack was in retaliation after american commandos abducted a libyan operative last year. wall street took a deep plunge after some disappointing earnings.
10:42 pm
the dow closed down 291 points after losing almost 400 early in the session. the nasdaq lost 90. apple had a block buster report. the best ever for any company. profits totaled $18 million for the quarter. apple said it sold nearly 9 million more iphones than expected a large number of those phones were sold in china. an increase of 70% from the same period a year ago. apple plans to start shipping its new apple watch in april. in after hours trading apple shares were up more than 5% on the news. shares were up $6 selling for $115 and change. the warriors are back at it tonight. leading all game then going into overtime. they will extend a winning streak at home. plus today's honor for a former warrior. >> and a warming trend.
10:43 pm
>> plus a look at a special super bowl commercial supported by the nfl.
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new at 10:00, it's not the type of commercial you would expect to see during the super bowl. but this super bowl sunday, the nfl is sponsoring a new type of ad. >> reporter: after the nfl was criticized for how it handled some domestic violence issues the nfl is giving new attention to the issue on its biggest day. >> super bowl commercials are known more for cute animals.
10:46 pm
>> my back end, my outfits, my vacations. >> reporter: and celebrity appearances than for what you're about to hear in this new super bowl spot. >> i would like to order a pizza for delivery. >> policeman you've reached 911. >> a large with half pepperoni, half mushroom. >> reporter: you hear a woman pretend to order a pizza. >> you have an emergency or not. >> yes. >> and you're unable to talk why. >> right, right. >> is there somebody in the room with you? >> yes. >> it gave me a chill. >> reporter: this evening we sat down with kathleen crinick as she watched the commercial for the first time. >> we're really happy this is coming out because we do -- we get the increasing calls after we get exposure after the issue
10:47 pm
gets exposure. >> reporter: the nfl has been running over psas using players. but they're being credited for airing it on this day. where adds cost up to $4 million for 30 seconds. while the commercial is effective. the nfl has more to do. >> this is not going to be long term. if they don't really believe in it, then it's as shallow as any other greedy, selfish, egotistical organizations or people for that matter. >> reporter: the 30 second spot is said to air in the fourth quarter of sunday's game. the nfl donates some of the air time and production. >> boy listening to that 911 call just gives you chills.
10:48 pm
maureen naylor, thank you. tracking a bunch of dry weather out there right now. a few sprinkles this morning. you may have noticed them in the south bay. just not a big deal. active pacific but not for us. everything is going to the north and to the east of us now. of course all the big weather is out, the radar spinning any way. no fog to speak of. we have a lot of high clouds. i've not seen fog here yet but we should see patchy fog showing up in the inland bay valleys in the next couple of hours. nothing like we've been seeing in the next couple of weeks. overnight lows are going to be in the mid-40s. it's kind of mild for this time of year. 56 in san francisco, right now sfo is at 58 degrees. 44 walnut creek. patically fog tomorrow and cool mild temperatures to get going. temperatures tomorrow will be back where they were today. lots of upper 60s. maybe everyone some low 70s tomorrow. especially south toward morgan
10:49 pm
hill. a dry forecast and warmer weekend. as the high pressure stays highly established. we will see something maybe, hopefully we'll see something down in the seventh of february. this dry pattern continues. there was your day wednesday. here goes thursday. here's where the jet stream is. here goes friday. friday afternoon. here goes saturday. here's something here. sunday. and then into monday. starts to break down. but that is a little something so we'll see maybe -- it doesn't look that skwraoáus -- that juicy at this point. so, the forecast highs tomorrow lots of low 60s and mid-60s. some upper 60s. 65 in hayward and the santa clara valley. fog not a big issue tonight. but by thursday, friday and saturday we'll be back into that fog clear cycle. early mornings, you'll be getting into some slow driving.
10:50 pm
the five day forecast, huge disparities for what we've been seeing last east the last 48 hours. we're heading for another warming trend. hopefully something transpiring last week. maybe it will, maybe it won't. something we can at least hang our hat on. in the meantime not as much fog tomorrow morning. daytime highs more reminiscent of april. >> thank you, bill. an update on the mysterious goo killing bay area sea birds. the group credited with saving them are expected to release the first flock of bird tomorrow. 15 to 20 of them will be led go in sausalito tomorrow morning. it's treating 220 bird right now. they still don't know the
10:51 pm
source of the mysterious goo. i'm so used to walking by the sports desk and asking, by how much did the warriors win tonight. >> used to roll off the tongue right. warriors blow it in final moment. doesn't happen much anymore but it does tonight. playing without flu ridden andrew bogut. the warriors miss all 13 of their free throw shots. commit a brutal turn over in the final seconds and so ends their 19 home game win streak. business as usual. on the break curry to barnes. but the bulls hang tough. 22 second left. warriors had the ball and a two point lead. steph bad pass. he will bury his three. bulls by two. 15.8 seconds left. warriors call time out. andre iguodala, a three to win
10:52 pm
it, no. but green's second effort tap in. 1.4 seconds left and that's it. we go to overtime. and then derek rose probably had his best game of the year. 30 points and that turns out to be the game winner. off the rim no good. 113-111 the full-time. the warriors are 36-7. one of the most intriguing and popular players ever to wear a warrior uniform honored tonight. the late great manut bole. 7'7" shooter. next to a life size replica of his bobble head doll given to fans today. remembering his father. >> it was a big deal how people embraced him and how he left a
10:53 pm
legacy over here. because i mean to him it meant a lot just to have people notice him. >> all right, from here on out. you're going to hear more overanalysis of any one event that you could ever ask for. but at least for the day all the super bowl talk anything but serious. unless you're marshawn lynch. media day, sports part ii next.
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you know when you're not there you're watching it from the outside looking in. media day looks like a big party you just weren't invited to. about 2,000 media members and it's well check your serious football question at the door. this is a day when it's almost expected ridiculous questions will be asked. although marshawn lynch wasn't going along with the joke. answering 29 questions asked of him the same way. while the ever drab patriots coach bill belichick actually did get in the spirit of the day. >> i like a little puppet that you can kind of put your fingers in. it's a little monkey. can i ask you one question. did your daddy fix your hair? >> y'all can sit here and ask me all the questions you want to.
10:57 pm
i'm going to answer if same. i'm here so i won't get fined. >> i'm going to go as myself. >> grownkoski. >> we have a lot of good looks guys on our team. >> hey i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> there was richard sherman a few moments ago. >> i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> richard sherman is the best dancer, yeah that's the one. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. hey i'm here so i won't get fined. >> there you go. a little sampling of the days event. payday will probably be a lot more fun for giant shortstop brandon crawford. he gets a big raise for 575 grand a year to 3.1 million a year. so. >> what was that marshawn was trying to say again. >> i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> all right, thank you. and thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news our next newscast the ktvu morning news
10:58 pm
beginning at 4:30 sharp tomorrow morning. >> you can follow us on facebook, twitter, ktvu and the ktvu app. have a good night. >> see you later.
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