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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. a deadly pile-up on an east bay interstate involving more than a dozen cars and was one of the most chaotic scenes police have encountered. >> traffic just stopped. yipg i was going to make it. >> reporter: good evening. >> the chain reaction on 580 today killed one man and critically injured his female passenger on 580 near north flin road near livermoore. deborah is live at the medical center where the most seriously injured victim was flown. >> reporter: she arrived in
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critical condition. she has been upgraded to serious and should pull through. this pile-up that came out of no where took her husband's life. vhp sees rear end accidents all the time. >> when officers got here it was pretty chaotic. getting calls of 15 to 16 vehicles. >> reporter: 7 vehicles in this bluster of crashes and 7 more that collided a bit further east as they were swerving and braking to avoid the mess. >> you heard it but then there's nothing you could do. >> reporter: drivers describe a helpless feeling bracing for impact. brakes slamming on. >> the traffic just stopped. everybody was just driving and then -- in front the traffic stopped. i didn't think i was going to make it. >> reporter: the driver of this dodge truck sandwiched between two other vehicles didn't make it. he was slammed from behind by a heavy ford pickup.
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>> yeah. which is really sad. really sorry to hear that. >> reporter: those who weren't injured climbed out of their cars but ambulances were needed for five people. >> two kids. automatically the parents jumped out and took the kids out. no one really waited for people to tell us to get out. >> reporter: people helping each other. for these students it was sudden and scary >> just a sudden stop. traffic was fine. >> just a violent jerk reaction and something just pushes you. >> coming in fast. and, you know, coming over to heels. >> reporter: in the construction zone there is no shoulder so the speed limit is 55 but the fast lane was moving faster. chp recommends driving with a high visual horizon. looking past the bumper in front of you. >> be looking ahead. not looking at the bump er. that's the key thing. always be looking ahead.
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the danger will be up there and you need to maintain the following distance. the good following distance. and as long as you do that a lot of times you can avoid these things. . >> reporter: all we know so far about the driver who died was a middle aged man. no name released. his wife again in the passenger seat suffered major concussion injuries but she is expected to survive. 580 east didn't reopen for five hours. the backup was massive. and chp just told me they found absolutely no reason for all that traffic to come to a stop. just heavy traffic. >> reporter: just a reminder for all of us to give ourselves a little extra distance. thank you. it was inescapable. our warm winter weather. in oakland crowds ran biked and walked around lake mary enjoying the muggy heat. we broke records in some cities. mark is in the
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weather for to tell us how hot it got. >> reporter: felt like a sauna out there. numerous records to report across the bay area for march 14. san francisco look at the 84 degrees. old record was 81 set back in 2007. a lot of records to report for the oakland airport. downtown tying a record and santa cruz 89 degrees. two more records to report for you. a lot of numbers now. san jose and gillroy both in the upper 80s to near 90. also the two areas the warmest temperature for march in san jose is 89 degrees. gillroy tying a record with the 90 degrees that was set back in 1996. a look at some of the very warm, the toasty readings across the bay area. widespread 80s out there. a few spots closing in on 90 degrees. we have a few changes in the forecast for tomorrow. high
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pressure was the source of all the warmth for today. this will be moving out for tomorrow and they'll have an impact on the temperatures somewhat in the forecast. we'll have more coming up at 10:35. for the first time, the family of a mother killed while protecting her children spoke publicly about the deadly shooting. an event to celebrate her life was held outside oakland city hall. >> reporter: music and dancing are an expression. for some it can be healing when a community is in pain. the most recent life lost was pierce. the innocent victim trying to protect her children from gun fire in her west oakland neighborhood last monday. her sister addressed dozens publicly outside oakland city hall. >> this pain is something that i never expected to ever experience. and what makes it more tragic is this didn't have
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to happen. >> reporter: she has a message for those careless when they pick up weapons. >> take a moment and think about what you're doing before you do it. because a lot of times you put innocent lives at risk. >> reporter: organizers say the celebration of life is for everyone's lives recently lost. >> we lost a 14-year-old baby on the block before a 21-year-old father of a 2 week old. >> to rebuild. >> reporter: there are victims on both sides of the gun. the answer is strengthening the bond and restrooming to -- remembering to dance through life. >> we are all one big family and the way we stop losing life is to remember that and live in that and walk in that. >> if we can extend that message less of this will happen. we're all accountable for each other. >> reporter: even though her sister spoke the family is planning a private funeral for
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her in the coming days. garcia torres will return to court april 8 in san jose. we'll get to that in a moment. moment. here we go. santa clara police are look ing for a man who stabbed two men in a safeway parking lot. a fight broke out this afternoon at the store's lot in the 2600 block of the alameda. the two victims were hospitalized with injuries and are expected to survive. the sus pkt is described as a hispanic male with a shaved head 5-6 gray hooded jacket and gray shorts and may be in a silver 4-door honda. volunteers had the final search today for sierra lamar. monday marks three years since she was last seen. alley talked today with the family who says this isn't the end of the searching but the beginning of a new chapter. >> reporter: the people here know the routine. >> doesn't hurt to look one more time.
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>> reporter: they've been down a path like this before. this group of 75 volunteers is searching for any sign of 15-year-old sierra lamar who disappeared on her way to school in march 2012. >> all the time passed. we're looking for anything on the surface that is bones. >> reporter: some of the people came to look for sierra lamar every saturday for the last three years. now after 1,100 searches and 54,000 hours the routine is coming to an end. >> at this point we've exhausted our inventory of viable search areas. >> reporter: sierra lamar's family announced an end to the weekly searches but they're not giving up. >> we're going into a different mode which will be on call search. >> reporter: a group of volunteers will remain ready to search at a moment's notice if a tip comes in. >> also should anything come out in the trial that is helpful
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for us in the searches that we can very quickly reform. >> reporter: sheriffs deputies arrested garcia torres on suspicion of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar but her body has never been found but found her dna in the car. he pleaded not guilty to all charges. >> tell us where sierra lamar is. this family and this great group of searchers deserves to know. >> reporter: after three years of searching with no sign of the teen some volunteers feel they let the family down but her mother says it's not the case. >> they made a difference. they helped sustain the journey we had to go through for three years and that type of commitment was huge. >> reporter: volunteers started the morning of this final regular search with a prayer circle and their search for sierra lamar volunteers friends and supporters say they found a sense of community in each other.
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other. garcia torres will return to court april 8 in san jose. his lawyers asked and received several continuances to prepare for the case. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. new images of the damage left behind by cyclone pack in the south pacific. the cyclone is one of the worst weather disasters to ever hit the chain of islands. 8 people at least are dead. many more unaccounted for. powerful winds from pam close to 170 miles per hour destroyed many homes and buildings in port villa. 8 teams have unconfirmed reports of whole villages being wiped out. the population is spread across 65 islands. the u.n. and world vision are trying to fly in emergency teams and supplies but they have been delayed by
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bad weather and airports closed. seahawks running back marshawn lynch was reportedly involved in a brawl last night in san francisco. lynch and his friends were leaving a bar in the city last night when someone who had too much to drink started calling lynch quote seattle sea chicken. someone in lynch's group snapped and the brawl erupted. an eyewitness said lynch threw a couple of punches before walking away. he was not arrested or cited. st. patrick's day kicked off today at the corner of market and 2nd street (cheering and applause) tens of thousands of spectators lined the city streets to take in the sights and sounds. more than 100 floats and dancers and marching bands made their way through the city to civic center plaza for the festival. even the famous cable cars. >> it's great for the kids. they get candy and hatsdz
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and differentthi -- hats and different things. it's a fun experience. >> reporter: san francisco's annual parade and festival is the largest events celebrating irish history and culture. more than 100,000 people are estimated to have come to watch the 164th annual st. patrick's day parade. and the st. patrick's day revelers are not done. we are live in the city where police are keeping a close eye on the celebrations tonight. a toddler left hanging upside down in her car seat. new video shows the moment she is rescued. >> that's her. go go go. >> reporter: the condition first responders found her in 14 hours after the car crash that killed her mother. and also coming up, a personal look inside the gangs that run some bay area streets. sitting down with a former member to find out what brought him in and what forced him to leave. the 10:00 news continues.
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. tonight more about what goes on inside a mind of a bay area gang member. >> i basically conditioned myself so i woontd have any remorse for the human life. >> reporter: it's a rare and up close view of the streets through the eyes of a young man who wants out. >> spent.
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>> reporter: have you ever robbed somebody? >> yes. >> stabbed somebody? >> yeah. >> ever shot somebody? >> yeah. >> reporter: an infamous resume built on the streets of san francisco. >> i grew up in a family that was rough and there was torture in the house. i can go down the list. rape beatings, everyone. when you grow up like that the only thing you look for is safety, security family. so i left my family for a new family. the gang life is a family that keeps their hands open to anybody. >> how old were you? >> i was 11 years old. >> when you joined. >> yeah. >> reporter: now 20 this man says revealing his identity could get him killed so why speak at all? >> i've seen -- parents die.
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kids die. (inaudible) . >> reporter: he now says he wants to help keep kids out of gangs. >> for me i used to pull out a pistol a stack of money, (inaudible) girl standing next to me and say you want this? come and get it. >> reporter: only a few months removed from every day gang life in san francisco. the young man we spoke to compared his view of the streets to a child's game of where's waldo. >> i look for the things that don't fit in. >> who is waldo? the victim? >> yeah. the victim. waldo could be the police . anybody. i can tell (inaudible) from how they're walking and looking around. body language. >> what about the other side? what about the person walk ing down the street that might be an
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opportunity? what are you looking for there? >> fear. simple as that. i'm waiting for the victim to show one drop of fear. that's it. that's all it takes ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ . >> reporter: online videos promoting gangs in san francisco only tell part of the story. by some police estimates as many as 45 different gangs currently operate in the city from the mission to the bay view to the sunset and beyond. >> how easy is it to get a gun? right now? >> as easy as it is for you to go get a soda. >> reporter: as for the damage one gang member can do, this man offers chilling math. >> 3 to 5 people a day. each one of those person gets about three temptations a day to do something violent just to prove theirself. that's 15. if you're with them all
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day, not dropping your own you get 15 to 18 opportunities to hurt somebody. to rob somebody. to kill somebody. >> do you ever feel bad? for one second back then did you think, man, this isn't the right thing to do? >> back then no. it didn't. i basically conditioned myself to not have any remorse for the human life. >> reporter: he says a number of wake-up calls got him off drugs and away with the gang. he has an apartment and a job. >> doesn't matter what i'm doing. i'm going to do my best at it. i could be the best janitor, the best cook, the best gardner, the best dope dealer, the best killer. i do it 100%. >> i have to ask you. why should people trust you ? >> why should they? i could sit here and
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look you in the eyes and completely lie to you for three hours. not feel bad about it at all. but at the end of the day (inaudible) lying to you. just lying to myself. >> if you could go back 10 years now and talk to your former self, what would you say? >> the same thing a good friend said. you're a smart kid. do the right thing. you can be so much more than this. >> reporter: it's important to note that the young man told eric he didn't have to give up any specific information to police in exchange for getting help getting out of the gang. >> eric checked up on him two days ago and a friend says the young man is staying on track and got his first real paycheck. >> glad to hear that. if you have a story for 2 investigates we want to hear from you. e-mail 2investigates at or give us a call on the screen.
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more than a dozen students from venice high school in la county are under investigation for sexual assault against two underage victims. >> we believe that most of the individuals that were involved knew the subjects. most knew the subjects. some were forced sexual acts. sexual assaults. others were consefrnual with individuals who are too young to give consent. >> reporter: so far 9 teenagers have been arrested. police are still searching for five others. officials say the alleged incidents date back as far as october 2013. investigators believe there were a series of sexual assaults that took place on and off campus. she was trapped for 14 hours after a crash killed her mother. we get a closer look at the first responders who rushed in to save that 18-month-old from the overturned car. (cheering and applause) an
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entire plane breaks out into applause and cheers. the tense moments right before that prompted the celebration. record heat today across the bay area. look what we're tracking. rain showers up to the north. coming up, how much cooling in the sunday forecast and breaking down shower chances.
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. napa police released more details about a suspect shot by an officer. the suspects was on spring street on the motorcycle when he saw police and was reaching for a handgun when the officer opened fire. the suspect identified as 41-year-old james jimenez died at the hospital. police say he had an extensive criminal history including violence and gang affiliation and that officers were about to serve a warrant at his home. >> they had the house under surveillance. they were coming to serve a search warrant up
10:24 pm
here for drugs and firearms. >> reporter: napa police say they recovered a handgun, a substance that's suspected to be meth and a large amount of cash from the suspect. the officers and sergeant involved in the incident are on administrative leave. the investigation is being conducted by the sheriff's office and county major crimes task force. intense moments this morning when a plane's tires blew out after takeoff. the pilot had to turn around to denver and passengers were told to brace for impact. >> remain seated. remain seated. (cheering and applause). >> reporter: you can hear the passengers break out in cheers when the plane touched down. cell phone video captured a shot of the tire.
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nobody was hurt. in chicago a pilot was forced to land without the plane's front landing gear. the go jet pilot said the gear was stuck in the up position. the pilot was able to land safely. nobody hurt. the flight started in grand rapids. go jet is operated by united airlines. oakland mayor joined to clean up a neighborhood today participating in sprucing up clinton square. the volunteer s picked up trash and removed graffiti. she says it's a key part of the administration. >> i think it's important as the leader of the city that i get out and get my hands dirty and i join in with the amazing community volunteers. we have young people old people, people of every ethnicity out working together to make this neighborhood beautiful. >> reporter: in the first 100 days the mayor hopes to take
10:26 pm
part in a community cleanup. asks every oakland rezdened to do one thing for their neighborhood each day. a hot day and a st. patrick's day parade makes for a good combination. >> we'll take you inside the party to see how san francisco celebrates. come on, baby. >> reporter: also pretty dramatic video to show you tonight of the moment a toddler is rescued. 14 hours after the car she was in plunged into a river killing her mother. [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!?
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. police are keeping a close eye on the crowds in san afternoon as people continue to revel in the st. patrick's day fun. >> st. patrick's day of course is on tuesday but the parade was today. the big parade on the unseasonably warm day. kristen live in the city where the celebration is good for
10:29 pm
business. >> reporter: over the course of the day thousands of people packed into the block party near union square celebrating when everybody can feel a little irish today. st. patrick's day festivities underway in san francisco with a parade. covered in a sea of green. but the party didn't end with the parade. >> we are just bar hopping. we've been bar hopping since this afternoon and yeah just enjoying like all the different festivities going on here. >> reporter: police were on alert looking for impaired drivers so most partyed with a plan. >> oh, cab it. take a cab. my girlfriend lives in the san francisco area. so we're just going to be like heading on over to her house. >> reporter: while st. patrick's day is an opportunity for everyone to feel irish visitors from ireland got to celebrate american style. >> back home it's not -- much more like nonchalant. like whatever.
10:30 pm
let's have a celebration. but it has more of a significance here definitely in america. >> reporter: those looking for a little taste of ireland came here to johnny foley's irish house. >> a lot of people came back after the parade. >> reporter: even with the steady stream of customers rolling through today jeff doyle said wait until tuesday. >> it's our super bowl (laughs) of irish bars. >> reporter: we've seen a steady police presence here and heard about departments around the bay area saturating the streets with officers keeping a look out for drunk drivers. up in napa they have a dui check point set up tonight. >> thank you. keeping an eye on thing s in san francisco. >> tough job tonight. more details tonight on racist texts allegedly sent by convicted san francisco police officer ian firmenjure and four colleagues. the texts came to light yesterday that argued
10:31 pm
against letting him out on bail. he was corrected on correction charges before other officers were reassigned. the text includes slurs against blacks and filipinos and gays. according to the court filing he texts, we got two blacks at my boy's school and they're brother and sister. i'm walking them like hawks. in response to a text saying just boarded train at mission and 16th. he wrote okay. just watch out for black males. he also texted, cross burning lowers blood pressure. i did the test myself. also a slur against a black officer promoted to sergeant. the department said no bias has a place in the police department. police in utah release dramatic video racing to save a girl who survived a car crash
10:32 pm
that killed her mother. >> what you got. what you got. i got -- yeah. yeah. got it? got it ? pass her up. pass her up. pass pass her up. right here. go go go. pick her up. come on on baby. >> reporter: you can hear him say come on baby. the video is shaky but it shows just how urgent the effort was to save the toddler who was hypothermic. the video is recorded from the first responder on the body camera. at first they didn't feel a pulse and performed cpr. six minutes later little lily began to show signs of life. now the car she was riding in with her mother jennifer plunged into the spanish fork river last saturday. in the video you can
10:33 pm
see the car flipped upside down before coming to rest in the icy water. lily was trapped inside hanging upside down in the carseat for 14 hours. the water in the river was so cold that 7 emergency responders were treated for hypothermia. >> come here (laughs) say hi to everybody. >> reporter: and there she is. lily is back at home with her dad. she appears to be in good spirits minus a few cuts and bruises. a funeral service was held today for her mom. we have breaking news to tell you about now. ktvu just confirmed 7 high school students are taken to the hospital after the charter bus they were riding in caught fire. the chp says the bus was taking the students from a hotel back to arizona when a fire blew out and watt fire at the back -- caught fire at the back of the bus. 7 students are being taken to the
10:34 pm
hospital. several americans at risk for ebola are flying back to the united states tonight. the 10 americans may have been exposed in sierra leone. they're going to care facilities at omaha and maryland and centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta. the centers for disease control and prevention says none of the patients is confirmed to have ebola. a volunteer health worker who returned from west africa yesterday does have the virus and is in serious condition at the nih. exploratorium was free today in honor of pie day. today is march 14 of the year 2015 or 3 14, 15. that's the first five digits of the number pie. the lineup won't happen again for another 100 years. >> i think it's fun. and it's fun to be part of an event that's unique andopely happens once -- only happens once a year. >> reporter: the explorium
10:35 pm
started the celebration in 1988 and has been going strong ever since. a lot of people complained when bart made space for bicycles and now bart surveyed riders to see if the concerns were valid. also we had record breaking temperatures today. will our winter warm-up tonight tomorrow? mark is up next with the answer.
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. a record warmth across the bay area. this being the last weekend of winter. get ready for pretty warm temperatures in the sunday forecast. that will begin to cool things off for the second half of the weekend. here you can see the live camera toward the bay bridge. beautiful with a new high
10:38 pm
clouds. still very warm. still tracking 60s and 70s out there for this 10:00 hour. as far as the forecast, it will be cooler than today. but still warm out there. still lots of 70s for santa rosa and san francisco and even san jose 89 today. go down to the upper 70s tomorrow. with all the record heat we're tracking rainfall up to the north and lots of high clouds over the bay area. all the moisture moving into the region felt muggy out there. still pretty humid now with partly to mostly cloudy skies. right now it's 76 degrees in san jose. livermoore 65. oakland 70. sfo 73 degrees. santa rosa napa still holding on to the mid-60s. typically could be in the mid to upper 40s but obviously not today. mild this evening. scattered clouds sunday. cool er monday forecast.
10:39 pm
no major drop-offs in temperatures. no frigid air masses moving into the region. but a little bit of a cooling trend. lows tomorrow morning, actually bump them up over the past few minutes. san jose 60 degrees now. widespread 50s for san francisco oakland and concord mid-50s with partly cloudy skies. high pressure was in full command of the weather. strong high pressure over a good portion of the state. especially toward southern california. lots of 90s and records to the south for today. a weak system will approach the region tomorrow. more clouds. mostly cloudy skies. the rain showers up to the north. we'll begin to cool things off. lots of 70s out there. here's the forecast showing some of the scattered clouds tomorrow. sunday night into monday morning there's a slight chance of a sprinkle up in the north bay. maybe few light showers toward the sonoma county and still lots of clouds for the tuesday forecast as well.
10:40 pm
you'll notice this forecast model generates a few pop-up sprinkles. no strong storms to talk about in the 5-day forecast. still lots of 70s. pretty warm temperatures for tomorrow. warmest locations around 80s degree. san jose 78. san francisco instead of 80s we had today, just 70s out there. 74 still warm. here's a look ahead at the 5-day forecast. a chance of sprinkle for monday. lots of cloud cover. slight chance of a shower tuesday and wednesday. somebody once told me cooler does not mean cool. that will be the forecast tomorrow. still pretty mild out there. a new bart survey shows more harmony between bart riders and bicyclists. bart allowed bikes on trains two years ago. there were initial worries but
10:41 pm
this new survey shows that the number of bicycles jumped on trains complaints of overcrowding dropped. riders say there's enough room for everybody. we'll be right back.
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. good evening. welcome to saturday night e dition of sports wrap. after the warriors rested five key players in denver you could see this one coming even though it took the warriors a quarter to get warmed up. curry well rested for his birthday against the knicks. we know he can score ask assist. behind the back in the first quarter.
10:44 pm
warriors trailed. quickly came alive thanks to spates. starts things with a blocking one hand. then livingston for the jam. warriors starting a 47 point quarter. curry grabs the airball. then a long pass ahead to green. that with 21 seconds left in the second quarter. warriors were not finished. bounce the ball to curry. warriors go up by 21. second half and the three still working. plays up front with the ball then gets to thompson. thompson with 3 of the 27. he and stef each 6 of 10. then stef with magic under the board and high off the glass. he went for 25 to go with delay's 27. 125-94 warriors who improve to 52-13. the number 2 team in the
10:45 pm
west memphis at home against the bucks. memphis not really with realistic expectations. allen with the steal and jam. milwaukee playing from behind the whole way. carter from long range. no sweat for the grizzlies who win but still trail the warriors by 6 and a half games in the battle for the number 1 seed in the west. it's the time of year when college basketball takes center stage top seeded arizona the favorite in the finals of the pac-12 tournament against oregon tonight. too many offensive weapons. lurking under the basket. halftime arizona by 17. brandon ashley moving without the ball. mcconnell finds him. ashley had 20. no one


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