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tv   KTVU News at 5PM  FOX  March 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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now at 5:00 p.m. a fall from the roof of a school lands boy in the hospital. what we are learning about the accident. >> an investigation is underway in santa clara after officers fatally shoot a man who was in the middle of a robbery. >> and the world's record set by a bay area 10-year-old at the oakland running festival. >> the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> a 9-year-old boy was rushed to children's hospital in
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oakland after he fell off the rooof a -- roof of a school. ktvu's katy eustis 69s us now with -- joins us now with how it boy is doing. >> reporter: his mother tells me he is in icu, has back fractures. they will put him in a pull body -- full body cast. he fell through a sky light and dropped 30 feet. a very scary situation this morning when she received the call. he was playing with friends. let me show you video of the boy arriving here at children's hospital. they requested a helicopter transport this afternoon but it would take so long so they drove him to children's hospital. he fell through the roof in novato. firefighters say he was playing with -- the boy was playing
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with friends and that is something his mother confirmed for us. she was called. she was told he fell and she drove him to the hospital, once he was at the hospital, staff asked paramedics to check him out and he at the time complained of head as back pain but he was awake and talking around 11:45 a.m. from there they transported him to children's hospital for treatment. his mom confirmed he is in icu with spinal fractures and head injuries. he continued to apologize for being on the roof. he fell through a sky light, dropping 30 feet and now being treated at children's hospital. we will touch base with her and find out more details. >> frightening ordeal for that boy, indeed. now a full body cast. we will check back in with you at 10:00 p.m.
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major problems for b.a.r.t. riders today after a death at b.a.r.t. station. officials say someone died under a train around 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. the station was closed for several hours. b.a.r.t. said there were major delays getting to san francisco international airport from the east bay. they haven't released details about the victim or how the person ended up under the train. authorities are investigating another police shooting that left a robbery suspect dead. police say two officers fatally shot the suspect who just robbed a 7-eleven. it was one of three bay area police shootings in 8 hours. coming up at 5:30 p.m. we will go live for an update. three people were injured in a brawl at 1:45 a.m. in concord. police say three men were involved in a fight and were
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hospitalized with non-life- threatening injuries. there is no word on their ideas or the reason for the fight. >> 100 people came out to honor the life of a 14-year-old, he was shot and killed in oakland last month. those who gathered marched to oakland high school where he played football and was an honor student. they called for an end to the violence that claimed his life and other lives. his father is committed to doing all he can to support other families. >> i want to stop the kids from becoming the killers. i want to catch them early. [ indiscernible ] >> if i can stop a kid from becoming a killer that is a win- win situation -- >> they called for parents to
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reach out to their children. one woman said let your children know they are loved loved and that they matter. sun and clouds around the bay area today. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo is here. >> tracking a weak system to the north -- today we had light showers in san francisco, felt something, wouldn't call it rain. little bit of something falling from the sky. spotty drizzle. rainfall totals, you can see most of the coverage focused to the north, a quarter inch, they begin to taper off. wood acre, mill valley, san francisco .01. right now the main sacks to the north of the -- action is to the north of the bay area. redding and mount shasta. satellite.
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and the radar. we have the rain fuel the north -- fall to the north but spreading to the south. as a result we will bump up shower chances. the short term, this model showing you an increase in spotty showers at 10:00 p.m. tonight into the monday morning commute. more on the monday forecast and details on a warming trend coming up in the five-day forecast. a san francisco judge denied a request to prevent punitive damage in a trial. she claims they discriminated against her and fired her when she comcomplained. comcomplained -- complained. the judge found there is enough evidence. the firm denies the allegations. closing arguments are anticipated to begin on tuesday. 10,000 people hit the pavement in oakland this
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morning for the oakland running festival. ktvu's allie rasmus shows us a young man who set out to break a world record. >> i think i can do. i believe in myself. >> reporter: his goal was to break the world ford his age. -- record for his age. . >> it keeps me out of trouble and from being bord. something i am good -- bored. something i am good at. >> reporter: he said he did about 40 of them. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: a few months ago he and his dad were online and saw the current record was held by his cousin set two decades ago. >> we thought that i could beat it so my dad said why don't you try. yeah. i decided to do it. >> reporter: the festival includes a marathon, half marathon, 5k and a relay.
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10,000 people signed up this year. and then marathon winner crossed the finish line, 2 hours, 25 minutes, 14 seconds. >> california! >> reporter: he gave a shot out to his home town. from fruitvale to west oakland. he appreciates the course. >> so many times you drive in a car or going to your neighborhood that you know. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: back at the finish line, spectators turned up the volume for the youngest runner in the half marathon. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: 1 hour, 29, breaking the world record by 2 minutes. >> it was hard at the end but i did. happy. >> reporter: enjoying the
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moment. a broken world record. >> he did. he did. >> reporter: allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> congratulations to him. a sell out crowd today to see the san jose earthquake in their new stadium. took two years to build. $100million of prevent finances. fans settled into the new stadium. >> beautiful. >> at first i thought let's -- [ indiscernible ] >> you get inside. it is a wonderful -- a vestful. >> electrifying. you can -- festival. >> electrifying. awesome. >> they hosted the chicago fire today. ktvu's joe fonzi will have details on the game coming up in sports. a group that wants to build a new home for the raiders and chargers in southern california says it reached a milestone. supporters of the new stadium in carson, 15 miles from
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downtown los angeles say they have twice as many signatures as they need. the 14,000 signatures still have to be verified. there is no time table for building the stadium. the earliest a team could get nfl approval to move would be in january. remembering 7 children killed in a new york house fire. it is a family's heart breaking loss. the father's message for other parents during today's funeral. >> what is behind the closure of a vta light rail station and what done to accommodate commuters.
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. first lady michelle obama talked with students today as she spoke about the importance of educating girls. by educating girls they are given the tools they need demand equal justice. cambodia is one of 11 countries
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the obama administration targeted, aiming to help educate the girls around the world who do not attend school. the father of 7 children killed in brooklyn asked for forgiveness today. the 7 siblings all died when the fire broke out yesterday morning at the home of the family. investigators say a hot plate left malfunctioned, sparking the fire. flamed raced up the second floor. the mother tried to save her children and was badly burned. only she and one daughter escaped. neighbors remember the children as loving and helpful. >> the children were so lovely. whenever it snowed they would clean my walkway without telling me. >> funerals were held today for
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the children. their bodies will be buried in israel. the father asked to love your children, it is the only thing that counts. authorities identified a victim in a fire that killed two people. one of them is identifies as a 27-year-old, the second victim's name hasn't been released. everyone else was able to evacuate but the damage displaced 30 residents. tomorrow a light rail station will be closed for 5 months. the vta light rail is closing the station to build a pedestrian bridge. that bridge will link it trolley stop with the b.a.r.t. station. during the closure a shuttle will operate every 15 minutes near the station.
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governor jerry brown stressed the importance of implementing california's new drought relief plan as soon as possible. he explained the effects of climate change may be irreversible. >> you can't sit around and engage in rhetoric because donors and constituents saying we want to make profit. >> california is experiencing its 4th straight year of drought as this time lapse shows. the packal proposed would help farmers protect the environment. . a few parts of the bay area experienced light showers. our meteorologist mark tamayo with more. >> did you feel sprinkles today? >> mist. >> yeah. >> light showers. routing on the rainfall but really not happening.
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the action was to the north of the bay area. parts of mendocino county. right now, we have more sunshine in the south bay. the camera. need cloud patterns here with partly cloudy skies. we have been getting way behind in the rainfall totals. we had the productive storm in december, february, things have been quiet over the past few weeks. you can see santa rosa right now, 74% of average. san jose 94% of average. we had big storm in december that helped us out. december 11. as you can see right now on live storm tracker 2 rain activity to the north of the bay area. rain showers closing in on ukiah and sonoma county. spotty showers at last check.
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this is the source of scattered showers later on tonight and into early monday morning. current numbers showing lots of 60s for concord and livermore. san francisco upper 50s. santa rosa 62 degrees. clouds increasing tonight. showers and monday morning, this is not for everyone, scattered showers first thing monday morning and then the other direction, extended forecast, warming trend, temperatures going back up into the 80s. san jose forecast tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. the chance of showers. temperatures start out the day in the lower 50s. off to a mild start. on track to reach the 60s. 67 degrees. here is the weather system to the north, tonight and monday morning. the chains of a show -- chance of a shower. monday cooler, lower 60s. the cold front. it falls apart over the next 12
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hours. enough energy for more clouds and scattered showers. and then once the system moves out, high pressure moves back in. this is major warmer for beginning wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, warmest locations approaching the low to middle 80s. amazing. our forecast model. 10:00, the chance of showers out there. this is not widespread. tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m., rain showers developing. north bay. moving to the south throughout the morning hours. 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m. and into the afternoon hours, here is the afternoon, clouds thin out. not a major rain producer. just scattered showers out there. possibility red roadways, especially morning monday. highs tomorrow, 60s. lots of 60s for san francisco. oakland. san jose 67 degrees. santa cruz mid-60s. a look ahead.
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rain clouds monday, shower for the morning hours. more clouds tuesday, especially in the north bay. a chance of a sprinkle for tuesday. and then look what happens, wednesday, thursday, friday, lots of sunshine. the warming trend accelerates. by friday warm to hot. possibly records back up to the 80s. a look at the weekend forecast coming up. a study finds that marin county has a higher percentage of seniors than any other county. close to 1-5 residents is a 65 year -- of 65 years or older and all bay area counties are seeing a rise except san francisco. sausalito it increased by 72% from 2000 and 2012. a task force is working on issues including housing, transportation and how they can stay in their homes as they
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grow older. another gop candidate is running for resident. the announcement expected by ted cruz. >> and dead for 500 years but one of britain's kings are just now receiving a royal burial. >> the meaning behind this massive 72-foot tall bound fire in northern ireland.
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you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you
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and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can. the 200016 race for res
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accident about to receive its first official candidate -- 2016 race for -- the 200614 for res accident about to receive its first -- 2016 race for resident is about to receive its first official candidate. ted cruz. >> a direct falsification of existing scientific data. it is shocking. i think he endered himself unfit to run for office -- reboundered himself unfit to run -- rendered himself unfit to run for office. . u.s. military advisers are on the ground in iraq to train
5:24 pm
forces there against isis fighters. the group now says it has hit list of 100 members of the u.s. military. >> reporter: hundreds of advisories from the u.s. military are in iraq to help forces prepare to fight isis. they have been battling the group in an effort to recapture a city, taking back the city is a key step towards pushing back extremists. >> they are eager to learn. their leaders are eager to learn. eager to get on the training lanes we have here. >> reporter: meanwhile isis continues its rein of terror. two car bombs killed 25 people and injured 80s. online isis posted a hit list claiming it contains the personal information of 100 members of the u.s. military. cia director says despite the threats, some of the momentum
5:25 pm
has been stopped. >> they are not on the march as they were several months ago. the iraqis pugging back, it is having great progress. >> reporter: some republican law makers are critical of the way the administration fighting isis. >> we are not letting the military do our job. it is a policy of containment not to destroy. >> reporter: the u.s. and allies continue their fight from the air, conducting 9 strikes over the weekend. the remains of king richard the third are being reburied in a ceremony. it will be on public view tomorrow. it is set for thursday. his bones were found in 2012. he died in 1485 in 1485 -- the
5:26 pm
location of the burial was lost for hundreds of years. up in smoke in ireland. a wooden structure was fute the torch as -- fute the torch as crowds watched. -- put to the torch as crowds watched. bond fires are lit during the summer to mark occasion. creators are veterans of burning man and they wanted to give people an alternative to the event as well as a chance for everyone to work together. another bay area police shooting. we will have details. >> i heard they shot a guy. >> why police officers opened fire and the unlikely circumstances that lead to the confrontation with the suspect. >> a tall order. mending race relations over coffee. now starbucks says it is calling off the controversial race together campaign.
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caught in with the -- caught in the act with a deadly result. police shot and killed an armed robbery suspect who they happened upon as he was holding up a 7-eleven store. ktvu's debora villalon with more. >> 2:00 a.m. in the parking lot. a robber is coming in as cops are arriving at the store. police say he refused their command ask they shot him -- and they shot him. >> when i came down there was a
5:30 pm
dead body. >> reporter: with the store so close to ament buildings residents -- apartment buildings residents heard the shot. >> not supposed to rob a 7- eleven. >> reporter: police have the robbery on surveillance video which they are not releasing. >> two uniform patrol officers. >> reporter: officers pulled in as the clerk was being held up. >> they saw the male suspect inside the store. pointing a gun at the clerk. and heard the gun shot. >> reporter: that bullet missed the clerk. grazing the floor. >> we know the clerk. >> reporter: they were playing video games and heard the commotion. >> glad he didn't get hurt. glad the cops did what they had odo. scary. -- had to do. scary. . >> reporter: witnesses heard several shots fired. >> maybe that was the only
5:31 pm
thing they could do. sad but dangerous to work in those stores. >> reporter: do you worry about getting robbed? >> yeah, of course, i worry. >> reporter: this is the city's second officer involved shooting. last month a suspect tried to mow down a cop during a traffic stop and that officer opened fire wounding the driver. this time aware the suspect already took a shot, officers had to assume they would do so again. >> that is a serious again. >> loaded gun was recovered next to the robber's body. >> fearing for their lives and citizens in the parking lot as well. they discharged their firearm. >> reporter: no age or identity yet on the suspect. witnesses say a get away car was parked here, pull of accomplices waiting and they were also rounded up. police aren't confirming that
5:32 pm
yet. >> we don't know if that is on video? the vehicle? >> reporter: no. >> debora villalon, thank you. police identified a suspect injured yesterday when an officer shot him after a car chase. the suspect was trying to escape on foot when gunfire was exchanged. police identified the suspect as a 19-year-old. possibly of san pablo. he has criminal history. he is expected to survive his injuries. the officer was not hurt. police say a man shot to death by an officer last night left an apology note. the shooting took place about 6:00 p.m. in a parking lot in the shopping center. according to police the man confronted the officer with a knife and was showing a gun. his identity is not available yet. the note apologized for the trouble he caused and also
5:33 pm
apologized to police. sheriff's deputies identified the bod aof a man -- body of a man found in a barrel as a 84-year-old. the -- 64-year-old. the body was found friday. the barrel was bloody and covered with a tarp. a man was arrested on submission of murder. he will be arraigned tuesday. the city counsel will consider whether to extend an agreement about a development proposal. a large apartment complex or a smaller subdivision of houses would be build on land by highway 24. across from high school. the agreement stops the clock on a lawsuit over the apartment complex while the city considers the smaller development. neighbors opposed the project for years and they are concerned about traffic around the high school and by a nearby elementary school.
5:34 pm
the city counsel meeting takes place tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. in the community hall. starbucks stopped writing race together on coffee cups. some applauded the attempt to start a dialogue about race, others said they had no link to the issue. the ceo thanked people for their support and promising more race together activities in the future. . a new analysis of california's finances so over time for state workers rose 20% last year. the state paid a billion dollars in over time last year. compared to 947 million in 2013. the department of corrections racked up $542 million in over time. for years they called on the prisons to negotiate less costly labor contracts for
5:35 pm
workers. tuesday is the 35th anniversary of the assassination of a archbishop of el salvador. tonight's second look looks back on how the bay area tried to help the war. including a firefighter who made it his mission to help the children of el salvador. a formper ktvu fox 2 news reporter -- former ktvu fox 2 news reporter spoke to the firefighter. >> reporter: el salvador's children in hospitals, streets, the man who took the pictures say the children are the real victims of el salvador's civil war. a man who knows about war himself, he was a green beret in vietnam. >> at first i didn't want to make a strong political statement. you know i walked the fence so
5:36 pm
that could be back and together el salvador. -- back and forth to el salvador. i was able to go in and out without any problem. but increasingly people down there would tell me and i would see what was going on and my wife and i decided that we have to make a public statement. >> reporter: they took out a loan on their house to make this videotape after making several trips to el salvador. he says the images and voices touched his soul and cried to be heard. >> and what they would say to me was so poignant that i said, you know, some people have to hear what they are saying. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: h when we grow up -- when we grow up we need knowledge. we will have the future of the world and we will need the
5:37 pm
strength of knowledge for our work. >> reporter: he is in washington, d.c. with more than 25 scheduled showings of his video, anybody who might have influence on u.s. policies in el salvador which he wants changed. >> we have $1.4 million of your tax dollars going to el salvador every day. over $4.5 billion to el salvador. for the first time in the history of the united states the amount of money we gave last year exceeded the national budget of that country. el salvador is third in getting foreign aid. >> reporter: last year the whole world watched another videotape. he was part of the team that rescued a man from the collapsed cypress freeway after
5:38 pm
the earthquake. >> what struck me about all this, when i looked at the footage, look at the intensity and the passion and the forces to save one life. not to say his life wasn't worth saving but all the focus of the nation on him. i can give you a child every second in every moment that i have shot that needs just as much help and attention. i can't continue to go go down there -- to go down there and spring few supplies, -- [ indiscernible ] [ singing ] [ music playing ] >> reporter: he doesn't know where his video will take him, he only knows he had to do it. >> for more on the archbishop
5:39 pm
and the civil war, tune into a second look at 11:00 p.m. after the 10:00 p.m. news. game of throwns fans will have something to celebrate tomorrow, they are holding the season premier in san francisco. >> will we see rain drops around the bay area? we would like to. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo with the work week weather forecast. for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of new shoes is a small but important gift. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train and they'll be given to a local foster child in need.
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san francisco will be the center of the game of throwns universe tomorrow night. >> we are the many. >> hbo is hosting a season premier party. 3,000 people have been invited. they plan to stream the arrival on facebook. hbo says it makes sense to hold
5:42 pm
it in san francisco because game of thrownicize so popular in the bay area. -- thrownicize so popular in the bay area -- throwns is so popular in the bay area. >> big crowd for that. the spears and the shields. >> looks like fun. >> chop people's heads off -- >> that part i am not sure about. >> lots of fans. the weather, we are talking a few drops tomorrow. that is all i have to talk about in terms of rainfall. back to a warming trend. 80s. possibly records. right now scattered showers. to the north of the bay area. here we go. the clouds. the live doppler sweeps. more coverage showing up here off shore to the west of santa
5:43 pm
rosa. the main action right now is around ukiah, lake county. this is a good sign it will be moving to the south over the next few hours. could be a factor in your monday morning commute. you can see spotty activity in the northern portions. as far as had current numbers. 60s. concord -- the current numbers. 60s. concord. a breeze out there as well. winds, winds to -- fairfield, southwest, sustained 20 miles per hour. oakland airport, winds at 14 miles per hour and more winds, sfo 15 miles per hour. and a stronger wind in the south bay for san jose. here is our live camera. across the bay. you can see a chop on the waters. a sign we have a breeze throughout. forecast headlines tonight, we will have this: increasing clouds. a chance of a few showers. tomorrow, sun and clouds, scattered showers.
5:44 pm
especially for the early portion of the day. between -- early, 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. the extended forecast, a dry pattern and a warmer pattern as well. over night lows, tomorrow morning, coolest spots in the upper 40s to low 50s with cloudy skies. the chance of a shower. temperature time line. livermore, partly cloudy skies, temperatures will be in the mid- 60s for afternoon highs. here is the frontal system producing rain to the north of the bay area. tomorrow, more clouds and a chance of a shower. for the morning hours. once it moves out, high pressure rebuilds. this will warm us back up wednesday. the warming trend kicks in thursday, friday and saturday. possibly records. how warm? 80s. warmest locations 85 to 86 degrees. here is our forecast tomorrow morning, or tonight, 11:00 p.m., tracking scattered showers quickly moving across
5:45 pm
the bay area. early start to the day, rainfall here, 5:00 a.m., showers in the north bay. moving to the south, 7:00 a.m. and lingering clouds at 9:00 a.m. and the afternoon, partly cloudy skies. on tuesday we will have lingering clouds out there. looking long range, rainfall, that will not be the case. friday, sunny with the storm track pushing to the north. highs for tomorrow, 60s out there. san jose 67. santa cruz 65. and here is a look ahead, your five-day forecast, a chance of a shower monday morning. scattered showers tuesday. a bump in the numbers, wednesday, thursday, friday. felt strange typing the 80s. friday and saturday. southern california back up into the 90s. springing back with that record heat. >> thank you. you don't have to travel far to visit is one of the
5:46 pm
happiest towns in the area. monterey is number three in the top 10 list of the most charming sea towns. corona del mar was first place and newport beach. other beaches included del ray in florida and ocean springs springs in mississippi. how are you doing with your brackets? >> going down. >> more upsets in march madness. >> sports is next with joe fonzi.
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good evening everyone.
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welcome to sunday night sports wrap. day isn't finished but when it is the ncaa will be down to the final 16. michigan state alum magic johnson. he gets things started with the block that triggers the break. the cavaliers held to 18 points in the first half. more of the same in the second. dawson gets the hoop and the foul. 15 point game. spartans had a 10 point lead. he had the big game. knocks down the three. he had 23. the spaterns 60-54. -- spartans 60-54 and send virginia home for the second year in a row. duke against san diego state. chucky showing off his move in
5:50 pm
the stands. his son had moves on the court. they run the floor and move the ball. the trailer jams down 2-26. that was a block. this is a big time rejection. here they come again. jones to cook for the three. 15 for cook. duke had a 13 point lead at the half. he waits for the open man. winslow added 13 points. duke, 68-49 winner in the final 16 again and has a date with utah. >> nc battle. wichita and kansas. the shockers going hard to the hoop. trying to knock off the jayhawks. brown wants the ball more on this scramble. brown goes to the hoop for the jam. all five starters in double figures who pull the upset knocking out another two seed.
5:51 pm
after back to back games the warriors had the day off. their grip on the best record in the nba was tightened a bit because of what happened to the hawks today as they hosted san antonio. spurs started out hot and never looked back. spurs in front by 18 points at halftime. the hawks down 25 here in the third. he misses. and then when no foul was called atlanta coach had seen enough. he gets teed up and gets to taken early shower. the hawks now 53-17 and the warriors are 56 and 13. >> russell wilson and the -- russell westbrook and the thunder in a date with the warriors, thunder hosting miami. he led the thunder with 27. another assist for russell westbrook. another triple-double for
5:52 pm
russell westbrook. 10th of the year. oklahoma city wins 93-75. >> davis back with the pelicans. the team desperate for a win to keep pace. jams in 2-26. new orleans meeting the clippers. los angeles has a healthy guy back, blake griffin. clippers are winners. pelicans three games back of the final playoff spot in a tie with phoenix. still to come, a story you don't often here in pro sports and final drama in the nascar race in southern california on the last lap. we will be right back.
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on 2015 jetta and passat models. now retired 49er line -- san francisco 49ers linebacker chris borland, after deciding to call his nfl career quits after one season he announced
5:55 pm
he is playing back 34ths of his signing -- 3/4th of his signing bonus. he said he is only keeping the money he earned. that means he is paying back 450,000 of his $600,000 plus signing bonus. with opening day drawing near, things are tightening up. madison bumgarner got the start today against had angels. a solo home run by albert pujols. that was the only hit allowed by madison bumgarner in 6th innings. duffy takes wilson deep. the giants got a home run from maxwell but allowed a two run angel 8 to lose 3-2. the a's were 4-3 losers today a the reds. >> last year when he won his
5:56 pm
first pga tournament he named his daughter quinn palmer emery. the tournament is arnold palmer classic. the most rare shot in golf. this is johnson on the par 516. his second shot. here is what is coming. a double eagle. part of a 6 under par 66. he finished 11 back. his effort on the 18 worth a look. tee shotted 18 so far off -- shot 18 so far off. he knocks in his third shot. not your conventional birdie on the way to a round of 7. every, tied for the lead. finished with a birdie at 18. that completes a 66. a one stroke win.
5:57 pm
two career wins. high five from the son and when she gets older she will know the meaning of her name. >> kurt busch with kevin harvick. in fontana. a green-white checkered finish. greg biffle spinning out. they kept it going green. brad keselowski kept the lead it the finish for his first win of the year. kevin harvick finished second. it moves brad keselowski up to third place in points. kevin harvick in front and joey logano in second. >> earthquakes opening today, their leading 2-8. we will have that at 10:00 p.m. ask the ncaa -- and the ncaa tournament. >> how are you doing? >> i had iowa state as a final four so they won.
5:58 pm
>> good for you. >> chris borland giving back the money, unheard of. >> in this day and age and he said those of you who said it is about grabbing money, i am giving back the part i didn't earn. >> thank you. we got maybe sprinkles? >> yeah. weak system producing rainfall to the north. showers tonight and into monday morning and that is it. warming up later in the week. >> thank you. coming up tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news, one hiker dies and another injured after a rock collapsed on a hiking trail. details about the crack that opened up and more on that tonight at 10:00 p.m. see you then. good night.
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no, seriously, i think i've finally figured out my problem with women. the capybara is the largest member of the rodent family. what does that have to do with me and women? nothing. it was a desperate attempt to introduce an alternate topic of conversation. my problem is, i don't project confidence. so i decided that the next time i meet a woman i think is attractive, rather than holding back and being cautious i'm going to assume the mantle of self-assurance. oh, yeah? what does that look like? hi. i'm leonard. and you are beautiful. you pop, sparkle and buzz electric. i'm going to pick you up at 8:00,


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