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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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water use by 25%. the regulations include fine of up to $10,000 per dayment we have developments from christien kafton. reporter: the board has not voted yet but they are expected to approve a series of measures aimed at protecting our limited water supply. the board is set to ask cities and districts to reduce usage from anywhere from 8 to 36% based on how much they currently use. if they can't reduce their usage, they will face fines up to $10,000 a day, costs that will likely be passed on to consumers. if agencies can't cut their usage, they'll be called on the carpet and asked. >> we're going contact them and go through their programs. you know, how many enforcement staff do they have, what's their budget for out reach and education.
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reporter: if the board approves the new water restrictions and fines, they would go into effect june 1st. the board estimates there could be a hatch billion dollars in fines -- half billion dollars in fines across the state. the board is expected to approve those restrictions and fines. on you'll find a location the governor's drought plan plus tips to help you cut down on your water use. alameda filed charges against davon davis. police say higgins was already in custody for shooting at a car full of people and allegely shooting at police the next day. davon ellis was gunned down as he walked with two friends. the suspects drunk driver
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who hit and killed a mother and her infant daughter in livermore over the weekend made his first court appearance this weekend. as noel tells us, it wasn't what the judge said, it was the victim's family and friends. . reporter: camera shutters clicked as 35 year old brian jones walked to the alameda county courthouse. a short time later, the victim's family and friends walked out frustrated. >> this is not right. it's not justice. it's not right for the family. reporter: no charges filed against jones yet. the district attorney's office is still reviewing the case. >> what kind of more proof they need? do they need more bodies to be in there? it's not fair. its not justice. reporter: jones was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of did you and you gross
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vehicular manslaughter while -- dui and gross vehicular manslaughter. pictures show jones' vehicle where it hit and killed esperanza morales and her daughter, ulidid. >> mr. jones is remorseful for what happened. he's been an emotional wreck every second of the day over what happened. reporter: jones left court without saying a word. >> you are a murder. reporter: but he got an earful. >> how does that feel to kill two innocent people because you were drinking. reporter: raw emotion. >> you need to be inside forever? >> as friends of the victim followed him from the courthouse to the car. >> i don't know how he can wake up and still live with himself like that. >> he's sleeping good in the bed and seeing his wife. think about the husband, he's right now without see the wife,
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without see the baby girl. reporter: a family ripped apart in an instant and supporters vowing to stick together. >> killer, killer. reporter: until they believe justice is done. >> killer, killer. . a bill that would allow police to conduct road side testing for marijuana and other drugs died in the assembly today. if passed, it would allow police to use a device to detect drugs in a driver's system. the bill couldn't get enough votes to advance from the assembly. the bill had support from law enforcement organizations but was opposed by defense attorneys and the drug policy alliance. today is the fifth of may, cinco de mayo, a date marked in mexico to celebrate. in morgan hill today, people showed up to remember
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a dust up when students wore american flag shirts to class. school leaders told them to turn the shirts inside out. the case was taken all the way toe the u.s. supreme court which refuseed to hear the case. >> we were very disappointed because we feel like our patriotism and our respect for the flag and/or u.s. constitution was stepped on that day. reporter: the school and students seem to have moved past the incident. the school recently won an award for having a scam nation is tolerant and accepting -- campus that is toll tolerant and accepting. tonight, the warriors try to take a two game lead. joe fonzi and mark ibanez are at the arena. reporter: we're not taking in for granted.
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the man of the hour is steph curry. he has started his routine, joe. he has a very precise routine he likes to do before every game getting warmed up. >> i've seen steph do this in practice, i've seen him do it pregame. he's very good, but he also works at it. that's how you become an mvp. reporter: no question. the warriors were really so dominant in game one against memphis, no question at any point during that game that they were going to win it. we talked to a couple of the warriors earlier today and there's always room for improvement. >> yeah, contrasting styles. memphis would like to slow the warriors down. >> and the warriors were a little vulnerable to that in the first gay. they didn't count on greene getting
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as hot as he did. i think the warriors would like to improve that part of their defense. >> right, as, you know, the warriors have said all yearlong, we haven't played a perfect game yet. scott was at the practice session earlier today and spoke with them about what can you tweak, what can you get better in game two with. >> obviously, you know, we're very skilled offensively. we have a lot of options, ton of depth on the bench but we have to lock in defenseively. that's what's going to take us over the top. we've made that commitment all season. >> we need to be more locked in defensively. they missed a lot of layups where they basically were just cutting behind us. that's something that we're emphasizing a lot today at practice. reporter: all right, obviously
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steph curry is the man of the hour. there's going to be a special ceremony honoring him in front of the fans for his mvp award. >> here's what you get if you come tonight ; you get a poster that talks about the mvp and on the flip side, you got steph. folks coming in will get that. we talked about, this he's not the type of guy to get nervous, but if he ever was going be in a situation where he's going maybe i've got something to prove, it's night after the mvp award. >> he is human and you've got to feel pressure about what can you do now for an encore. you got named with the most prestigious award in the league. >> one thing we should throw in as well and that is that mike connolly is out right now with a mask on that injured face. he very well could be playing tonight. i'm sure it will be a game time decision.
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>> we'll have more during sports, but it's getting loud in here. they've started letting fans in the building. we'll send it back to you guys. >> they are getting fired up. tipoff coming up at 7:30. thanks guys. stay with ktvu and for all things warriors and check out at ktvu sports on twitter. in berkeley, 14s were arrested following a daytime robbery. ail. reporter: it's called brook side avenue because of the creek that runs through it. >> everybody on this block knows each other, ages of their kids, phone numbers. reporter: it's a tight knit neighborhood and an unlikely place for a
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robbery on a sunday afternoon. >> we have the stereo type that it's the boys doing this stuff. reporter: instead, it was 14 girls beating up and robbing a woman. >> they were punching her in thed and then they jumped into this -- into the head and then they jumped into this van thinking they could escape on the street. reporter: a mom driving by with her kids saw that robbery happen. when she pulled in to try and help, jack told her to stay put so her van blocked the only way out. reporter: brook side is a dead gleaned the kids drove up, slammed on the brakes realizeing they couldn't get out and got out and ran. reporter: by then, several neighbors already called 911. police caught the girls and arrested a 14 year old and 317 year olds. >> in some cases, we never know if somebody committing this type of crime is armed or if they could potentially
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attack. reporter: jack says in hindsight, he might have done things differently. >> it's a sad situation from our perspective, what's leading 14 and 16 year olds to do this stuff. reporter: he says the four troubled teens need some help. on cinco de mayo, a new push in san francisco's mission district. >> this is a community that is being lost and we don't have the luxury to wait and act. >> the proposal that could put an end to skyrocketing rent there. >> plus the bay area leading the way when it comes to tourism. a look at just how much people spend when they visit. >> tracking a warm up and a chance for a shower in your neighborhood. >> and taking a live look now at the tuesday evening commute. pictures from interstate 880.
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very heavy in the commute direction and a little slow in the lanes on the left. >> let's move farther south and give you a look near the oracle arena. we just showed you the warriors are about to take on the grizzlies. by this light traffic both north and southbound, i'm guessing most people who bought those tickets are close to getting in their seats. looking good both ways.
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♪ ♪ ♪ it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. . new at 6:00, on this cinco de mayo, one lawmaker is pushing for a moratorium in the rent district. many long time mission residents are being forced out.
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>> now, david campo says enough is enough. rob has the measure that campos is proposing. reporter: erik has lived his entire life in the mission and sees the changes like here on 24th street where once there was an automechanic shop. >> nine condos on top and the bottom is a tech start up. you can see the major change. reporter: similar stories go on block after block in the mission. new construction, rent soared,. >> the mission is in crisis. reporter: david campos wants toes from pause button on development. he's proposing a moratorium on building any new housing development except for affordable housing. >> this is a community being lost and we don't have the luxury to wait and act. that's why we're asking for this.
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it's a bold statement nor the moratorium -- reporter: the moratorium would tear this walgreens down and build apartments. critics say it will only increase demand for less housing. >> if we don't add more housing, the rents are going to stay high and possibly go higher. reporter: many say the high- tech boom has brought in young people with money. studies show only 12% of housing built over the past decade has been affordable. >> the neighborhood's been involved with a lot of arts, a lot of music with the culture and we're seeing that disappear also. reporter: to pass the moratorium, campos needs 9 out of 11 votes. getting all of those votes, he acknowledges, will not be easy. . when it comes to tourism in california, numbers show the
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bay area is leading the pack. [inaudible] for the golden state and bay area. we asked the president of visit california why she made the announcement in oakland. >> i think this is a renaissance town, and you know, in a global environment, you want to talk about new product and this is an emerging city. reporter: bay area tourist spent almost 5% more in 2014 than the year before. san francisco tourist spent almost $14 million. in alameda, travelers spent more than $3.6 billion. and we live here. >> i know, i was thinking it's so beautiful out there and yet there's always this paw over everything because we've been in a drought. think if we weren't in a drought how much more you'd be able to
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enjoy how beautiful it is. >> you do feel the stress of the water. its a beautiful place but it isn't cheap living here. if you read the history books about people coming east to live here, it was kind of this fancy place because people hadn't seen it before and it was this magical place, especially san francisco. and this fact, san francisco was known for its woman for how exotic they were. people would come from all around the world to see the women in san francisco because. that's fascinating. one little nugget there. as we head outside, we've got temperatures today that were on the mild side. seventy-four in santa rosa. highs tomorrow will be about the
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same. there's that weather system to the north of us. that's what's going to bring us the chance of a sprinkle as we head into thursday, kind of wednesday, thursday. the wind are still blowing. it's a strong, brisk wind, especially up in the delta gusting to almost 30 miles an hour now. there's no fog at the beach right now. but look for fog to reformulate tonight and early tomorrow. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, that's the footprint we had this morning. temperatures tomorrow in the 70s for the most part with a few 60s. very few 80s so kind of a mild day yet again. here's the chance of a shower. there's the system rolling in wednesday evening. as we get to wednesday, some showers and snow showers in the mountain. you get scattered showers 8:00 a.m. thursday morning. a little more aggressive thursday
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afternoon. mountains are going off. you're getting snow flurries. san jose, this could be a chance thursday afternoon for a shower. then thursday night and friday, another chance for a shower. none of this is well organized. if you look at lake tahoe friday at 2:00, you might need chains going up there if you're getting out early so just unsettled weather. seventy-one in san jose, there's the forecast highs for tomorrow. five day forecast, you have to remember, think about virginia city, and the silver mines and all the money because that was in the late 1800s, the hub of the world was right here then. >> oh yeah, and it's still such a great place to live. >> yes, it is. some hidden hard work has been uncovered at an old office building in palo alto.
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the building is in the process of being renovated. a historical contractor was hired to chip away laster and that led to the discovery of 90 year old tiles. >> this is actually priceless. >> the tiles are part of the facade that have been hidden for years. renovation work is expected to be complete by october. game two of the playoff series between the grizzlies and warriors now just a little over than an hour away. reporter: get ready for a special night here. we'll have game two against the grizzlies. we'll see what the warriors can do for an encore. all the sports coming up. >> and in minutes on tv 36, the
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beginning of another fire season. after four years of drought, how firefighters are going all out. >> also, growing anger over the fight of the century. why manny pacquiao and his promoters have been hit with a lawsuit. ♪ at kaiser permanente
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. game two coming up between warriors and grizzlies. mark and joe, you have to feel that if the grizzlies don't win tonight, this is the warriors series ? reporter: yeah, and we think that any way. i mentioned earlier, tom, one of the radio announcers said he saw absolutely nothing that would lead him to believe
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that the grizzlies could beat the warrior four times in this series. however, as you heard, they got good news with regard to mike connolly. >> yeah, mike connolly has those fractures in his face, he's going try to go tonight. the grizzlyies didn't really have an answer to what the warriors had put against him. reporter: i don't know about you guys back there, if you can hear how loud it is, but we're not even within an hour of the game,. and warrior fans love to get loud, and they have a reason to get loud. >> they had a guy they could call public enemy number 1 game one. greene wondered into sway group of dancers and then he became public enemy no. 1. he got booed every time he touched the ball after that. >> here's a reaction from the
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warriors on public enemy no. 1. >> he's an interesting character, and it was the perfect timing for him to kind of put himself in that situation. he does a good job of feeding off the crowd. i think he likes to get the boos. he feeds off that a little bit, so we kind of took the bait. we have to ignore that. reporter: i said it was jeff greene, it was tony allen. but the point is from that point on, the fans let him hear about it. >> you're always looking for that little thing get on, but the warrior fans have been known for being real loud. they'll have a lot to cheer for. >> we've just had a chance, you see the memphis bigs. >> let's look at how tall these guys are. >> yeah, we were getting a real good feel for what it's like to stand next to 7-foot men who play in the nba.
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>> they are huge. the warriors heavily favored tonight and they are 42 and 2 at the oracle. we'll send it back to you. thanks guys. we'll see you back here at 10:00 and you can always find us on >> go warriors. we'll see you later.
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