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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 31, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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you came to have a good time. make some noise. big name performers plus wine and great weather leads to big crowds at napa. and tonight we know the
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popularity of bottlerock has organizers already working on next year's festival. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. the wine and food festival is now wrapping up. by all accounts this year's show was a big success. and christien kafton got backstage access, lucky guy. >> reporter: i definitely feel like a lucky guy. i got to see snoop doog and fergie. if arguments were still performing, they're ready to pull the plug on those acts. the reason why they want to make sure they are a good neighbor ending the noise at precisely 10:00. >> reporter: snoop dogg was one of the big name acts taking the
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stage at the final day of bottle rock in napa. crews came out to hear the music. the first bottle rock ended up $1 million in the red. first fans went to that first show two years ago say not much has changed. >> the acts were as good as two years ago but there's better breath of action here. >> reporter: first time attendees say the combination of good wine, good food and respected artists made this a good event. >> the restaurants that they have lined up and the vineyards they have lined up, the wineries, you couldn't say no. >> reporter: after that first disastrous bottle rock, a new team came out to head up the festival. this year's attendance topped
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100,000 people. organizers wouldn't release numbers but said they turned a profit this year. >> i'm really happy with the way thins have gone. >> reporter: as for next year, fans are already making plans. >> yeah i'll probably be back next year. >> there's always going to be a big emphasis on wine and food. we've already sent offers to over 10 bands. we're already in the plan of planning next year. >> organizers here just released the dates for next year's bottlerock concert that's going to be held on may 27, 28 and 29. that's memorial day 2016. and guess what, a limited number of tickets already on sale. i have a suspicion that people are already going to be getting those tickets. we just bumped into mark ibanez so obviously a lot of folks out here. >> mark likes his rock & roll and make some snoop too, thank you so much christien kafton. and in san jose, several
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streets are closed off at this hour in east san jose. where a search is under way for a couple who reportedly trying to run down a police officer. the search is under way in a neighborhood off toley road and mclaughlin avenue. police in the gang suppression unit tried to pull over a car around 6:30 tonight. when authorities say a driver drove toward an officer who was on foot. the officer was not hurt. police caught up with that car near candia driver where they say the driver rammed a patrol car. and that the man and woman got out of the car and started running. people in that area are being told to stay in their homes while that search continues. a 9-year-old girl was critically injured today when a car crashed into a terminal building at los angeles international airport. the girl was standing outside the terminal on a sidewalk when she was hit around 5:00 this evening. the person driving the car and the passenger in the car were also injured but their injuries were not serious. now to a story we told you
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about last night, regarding a large side show in oakland. >> the oakland police spokeswoman says there's no record in the police log, on the police logbook about this incident which took place on friday. cars were spinning their wheels near the northbound 27 at interstate 880 just before midnight. police radio traffic revealed officers and dispatchers discussing this incident. officers took no action. oakland police say they have 16 officers assigned to monitor this kind of illegal activity. this of course is the time of year when side show activity increases as we head into summer. president obama and first lady michelle obama paid a condolence call on the family of joe biden. biden's son beau biden died yesterday of brain cancer at the age of 36. beau biden was a twice elected
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senator. funeral plans are pending. beau biden leaves leaves behind a wife and two daughters. and the data collection program expires. a day of political maneuvers in washington, d.c. ended with the u.s. senate adjourning allowing two controversy provisions of the patriot act to expire. it was republican presidential hopeful rand paul who led the charge against the government's collection of american's phone records. >> the senate voted sunday evening 77-17 on an initial procedural vote which the house had passed with overwhelming procedural vote. but the bill could be held by just one senator. the freedom act will go into
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having the telecom company store the information. mitch mcconnell supported the bill with time running out. >> along with votes on modest amendments, it's now the only realistic way forward. >> the senate's top democrat blamed the republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> we're not in the mess today because the junior senator from kentucky, we're in the mess today because of the senate leader. >> reporter: and it was blamed on rand paul that this is all a
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-- for his run to office. >> they will ultimately get their way. i think the majority of the american people do believe the government is going too far. in washington, it's the opposite but i think washington is out of touch. >> reporter: on capitol hill, mike emmanuel. john kerry is recovering tonight from a broken leg. this is video of kerry at a past cycling event. he reportedly ran into a curb. x-rays indicate he broke his right femur his thigh bone. he plans to fly to the u.s. tomorrow for further treatment. just last month the count
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cy ordered all dispensaries closed. the new ordinance will place one dispensary in each of the -- those who plan to open farther away from schools will be given higher consideration. they hope to have dispensaries running again by the end of year. coming up, the battle over sugary drinks is back on. the new proposal to curve soda consumption in san francisco. >> who got rid of a $2,000 vintage computer? the search is on for the owner of an original apple. >> plus -- >> we don't want the greatest generation to be forgotten. >> a walk through aviation history. the unique event that has some world war ii veterans re reliving the past.
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that story coming up on the 10:00 news continues in 90 second.
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the planes of the greatest generation reunited with the men who piloted them at an air show in concord. it was a history lesson of sorts without the books.
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the collins foundation wings were on tour. noelle walk you -- noelle walk walker was there. >> very places you go, you can touch history. >> reporter: it's where you can see and touch the past. >> we don't want the greatest generation to be forgotten. >> i didn't do that much. but thank you any way. thanks for the recognition. >> reporter: alvin semis was a young man when he went into the army air force. >> we're 19 and 20, you're scared. a little bit. >> reporter: the b24 liberator was his plane. he was the flight engineer. today he was getting on one last flight. >> i'm giving my children a ride. i haven't been in one for 70
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years. they've never been on one. so i'm going to give them a good experience at what just the feel of it. >> reporter: it's not exactly a smooth ride. >> this is like, a locomotive train that's lost all control. it's just rocketing, rackety, it's jumping around. it's hard to steer. >> reporter: about 400 world war ii veterans pass away each day. there aren't many left to remember what this was like. >> that's the airplane i flew in europe in world war ii. >> reporter: lin clamis flew the b26. >> i loved flying the b26. it was a cool airplane and i thought i was a hot pilot. >> reporter: the sound of the engine can take them back in time. >> it does. i don't know. >> reporter: they say all is fair in love and war. expect when the one you didn't want to end is gone.
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>> i lost my dear wife. >> reporter: sharing those memories of that time -- >> it's a real pleasure. i can tell you, by your chin you're going to be a nice man. i do appreciate the attention. like i said, it's feeding your ego. thanks. >> ready to go, a few more laps. that's the b24 takes off. that's the only aircraft of its kind that is still flying right now. if you missed it here in concord this weekend. you can still catch these planes again on friday. they'll be in sacramento all of them on tour again in concord, noelle walker, ktvu news. a lone pilot is in a holding pattern over the eastern pacific tonight trying to complete a nonstop flight to hawaii. andre boshburg took off from china in what is expected to be at least a five day flight.
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flight engineers decided to have the aircraft circle for a few hours to the west of japan. while the support team decides how to cross a weather front now forcast for the fifth day of the flight just before the plane is set to arrive in hawaii. pilot and crew had waited in china for several weeks for the right weather to begin their trip. >> we know there won't be any typhoons because these we can predict. we're not sure of course exactly how the weather looks like. so the team on the ground will work and help me to steer this plane and keep it in the right weather conditions. >> during the day, thousands of solar cells power the electric motors of the solar impulse two, during the night the plane glides slowly toward earth while wolshburg takes a brief snap. and the sailboat that left oakland already smashed a
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record on the high seas. the mas era ti sailboat arrived in shanghai today. the order record was set back in 1863 by the clipper ship sword fish. parts of texas are now starting to dry out giving people there a chance to dry out after those devastating rains. the boy scouts worked this weekend to help families in houston who's homes were flooded. they collected clothes, food and furniture to help those who lost everything. the goal was to stuff that 18 wheeler with donated items. >> it makes me feel really good because, i don't care that i don't get anything out of it i'm happy that people are getting something out of it to help them get a home. >> the official death toll from the storms in texas and
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oklahoma stands at 31. at least 10 people remain missing. 10 people were hurt in new york city today when a crane dropped its load on part of a skyscraper and sent debris flying into the ground below. the air-conditioning slam into the building. large framing, concrete, glass and other debris started falling. people were screaming as they ran from the scene. >> we have at this moment 10 reported injuries none life threatening, primarily pedestrians passing by several injuries, two construction workers as well. thank god this incident occurred at an hour of the day on the weekend when there were not too many people around. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine if the accident was caused by operator error or problem with the equipment. the mayor is promising a full investigation.
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tonight there was a show of support for the family of a 6- year-old sacramento girl. who's body was found in a burning field. the school district held a candlelight vigil for jadianna larsen. authorities confirmed that a body found was that of the little girl. her mom's boyfriend was charge with the murder. many people at the vigil did not know the family they just wanted to offer their condolences. >> it really touched me because i have my daughter. i don't know the little girl. i don't know jadianna but i just wanted to support. >> it really hurts because we have kids of our own. we just wanted to support the situation. we felt bad for the little girl. jadianna's family is hoping for closure in the case.
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the girl's mother says when she got home her daughter had passed out after a seizure. we've learned the bay area's robust real estate market has some homeowners rethinking their options. they're cashing in and moving out. as ktvu's mike mibach tells us, some people think it's time to take advantage of the market even if it means saying goodbye to california. >> out in walnut creek, movers are moving. >> we still need the beige bed set. >> reporter: stages are staging. >> we've been very busy. >> reporter: teresa torbett says her company is so busy they're turning business away. >> staging a house is going to help buyers invision themselves in a space. >> reporter: buyers are buying, and sellers are making money. sales up 10.3% in march compared to the same month last year. 37 years, for one real estate agent right here in walnut creek she says that's how long
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she's been in this business. during that time, never before has she seen a market the way it is today. >> the offer prices are so much higher than the sale prices. i've never experienced what we're seeing right now. >> my last two listings have been sellers who have had to relocate because of the cost of living here in the bay area. one of them went to nevada and one of them possibly oregon. >> qualifying is more difficult. we look at everything. >> reporter: celeste anderson says despite tighter lending she and her team have turned on average 27 residential deals. in the past she says she would usually turn on average 10 a month. >> even though the prices are being turned around. with competition and different officers people have money in the game. so they're less likely to walk
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away. so i don't think it will be a bubble burst. >> spring 2015, agents calling it a sellers margin and they expect it to roll right into summer. mike mibach. the fight over soda picks up in san francisco this week. the new law that could put warnings on pricing. and a piece of history turns up in a pretty unusual place. the search for the woman who discarded a rare apple one computer and the thousands of dollars awaiting her. it'll be a soggy start to monday morning at least for some. i'm tracking a few scattered showers and cool temps for your back to work monday. i'll have more on that coming up. my name is rene guerrero. i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services.
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raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california.
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a south bay electronics recycler is trying to find a person who recently dropped off
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a $2,000 apple computer. only 200 of the apple one computer from 1976 were ever built. managers say the clean bay area recycling center in milpitas says the computer was inside one of several boxes dropped off by a woman who said her husband had died. she didn't want a receipt and the recycling center does not have a way to contact her to split the $2,000 they get from a private collector for that rare computer. a 92-year-old cancer survivor ran her way into the record books. charlotte thompson became the oldest woman to ever finish a marathon. from start to finish she gained fans along the 26-mile long rock & roll marathon run in san diego. her total time was a little more than seven hours and 27 minutes. she believes running the race will keep her healthy.
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>> she's also inspiring lots of people. and a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow in san francisco to hear the estate of robin williams. williams' wife says that the actor's children wrongfully took items from his home. robin williams committed suicide last august at the age of 63. a beloved polar bear that was born and raised at the san francisco zoo has died after a long life. pike was 32 years old when she died from complications of old age. that's eight years longer than her expected life span. staffers say she was a playful bear and favorite among visitors and the people who lived there. among her favorite things to do was swimming and catching fish. they attribute her abilitys to special diets and other accommodations to keep her healthy in her older years.
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and a price of gas is slowing down. the national average is $2.84. that's just 4-cents higher than it was two weeks ago. the price in san francisco is $3.74 a gallon. and in oakland and san jose it's $3.58. the car club says those prices are just five to 11-cents higher than they were a month ago. it's a demolition but it has major significance. both for california and the national football league. the plans to replace an historic structure with a billion dollars stadium project. >> and going after big soda yet again. after a soda tax failed, san francisco lawmakers get ready to launch a new fight to curve sugary drink consumption.
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san francisco is making another push to curb consumption of sugary drinks. cristina rendon tells us about the new rules that could curb soda. >> reporter: supervisor scott weiner is proposing legislation to require warning labels on all new soda ads about its health effects. similar to a warning on cigarette ads. >> i think it's a really good idea because i don't think people understand how much soda is in the sodas in general. so they drink it as an every day drink. >> reporter: the legislation wouldrequire ads to include a warning about sugary drinks saying it contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth
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decay. it would prohibit city fund to be used on buying soda. >> i think it's a good idea. they should be labeled and people should know. >> reporter: david says he believes he gained weight and developed anxiety. >> i developed a caffeine addiction and it really all started because of coca-cola, pepsi. just having two or three a day. >> reporter: the american beverage association says they plan to fight the three bills. they spent 10 million to defeat the proposed soda tax last november and they don't plan to back down on the push. >> anything out there that can get a person addicted and hooked to something you don't want that. >> reporter: representatives from the medical community will
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be here to speak on behalf of the proposal. >> reporter: voters rejected a proposed tax on soda a year ago. but in berkeley voters approved a 1 cent per ounce tax during that same election. berkeley is the first city in the country to approve the tax. the city took in $116,000 during the first month that that tax took effect. city leaders expect the tax to raise $1.2 million over the next year. a large portion of that money will go to a berkeley public school nutrition program. it was part of the southern california landscape for almost 75 years but it took less than 20 seconds to come down. crews imploded the grand stands today. that's near l.a.
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x. the racetrack was built back in 1938 and closed its doors at the end of 2013. inglewood is hoping to pave the way for the possible return of a team. the raiders and rams are both being talked about as a possibility. the highway patrol in marin county arrested an underage driver on felony car theft and dui charges. this all started yesterday about 3:15 in the afternoon. when a vehicle crashed in san rafael near miller creek road and round tree boulevard. witnesses say the driver walked away from that scene. and they described him well enough that marin county sheriff deputies found him near the intersection of las colina avenue. that 16-year-old failed a field sobriety test and was taken into custody. his name is not being released because he is a minor. ed lee is about to reo fire up his campaign. he had announced his intentions
10:33 pm
to run last november. he now plans to file his paper work tomorrow morning before 9:00. he ran five years as city administrator before he became mayor. and a new rout allowed people to enjoy the shoreline. the president of the east bay regional park district says for him walking brought back childhood memory of catching a ferry from richmond to san francisco. >> as a young kid, that was a major outing event for us. with our station wagon and we would catch the ferry over to san francisco and have lunch, picnic lunch.
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>> reporter: with the add addition of this ferry point loop, the trail has completed a 135-mile of the 500-mile trail. several kittens found forever homes this weekend thanks to a program called pet adoption days. today's program was funded by an area nonprofit. matty's fund covers the costs of those adoptions. shelter and rescue organizations receives thousands of dollars in stipends for the organization. >> we're going to spend more than $4 million this weekend emptying the shelters. it doesn't get better than that. almost 100 different shelters took part of the event in alameda, contra costa, san francisco and alameda county.
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stephen curry has a new fan with feathers. the museum tweeted that an african penguin born at the museum is a boy and was named curry after the mvp. the tweet says the penguin chick is the museum's new mvp who shoots straight for the heart. african penguins were designated as endangered in 2008.
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a cooldown came to parts of the bay area in the same weather element that provided
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us that drop in temperatures may provide us with a few scattered showers. let's take a look at the current conditions we do have partly to mostly cloudy skies over the bay area. and those clouds will continue to roll in. the marine layer deeper tonight than it was 24 hours ago. temperatures similar to where we were last night. 54 54degrees right now in santa rosa. oakland checking out at 58. san jose you're at 58 as well. giving you a look here at the satellite and radar. notice we do have cloud cover and rain over portions of northern california. the system here, this center of circulation right here bringing a few lightning strikes and thunderstorms possibilities to the northern california. we have some lightning detected here. this is moving ashore north of cape mendecino. we're on the very edge of this. we have clouds at the moment. we may squeeze out a few sprinkles by tomorrow morning. that's how we will start our monday. giving you a look here as we roll through the evening hours and by tomorrow morning, we're
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mostly cloudy. just a few specks of blue picking up here. drizzle perhaps a few light scattered showers. it's already 7:00 a.m. over the north bay, over the coastline and the way the pattern is set up it's really hard to take up exactly where these scattered showers are going to fall but still be embedded within these clouds tomorrow morning. by the afternoon we're clearing out and again that system continues to move to the north and east. futurecast models are picking up a few .01 out of this. in any indication it's going to be a soggy start for most of us. your temperatures will remain below average as we get into monday afternoon. tomorrow morning we get out the door, 50s in the forecast. 52 for oakland. 53 in san francisco. 56 expected for mountain view. low 50s, santa rosa and napa. afternoon highs for tomorrow a lot like today. 56 in san rafael. low 70s expected in santa rosa as well as sonoma and napa.
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we'll have low to mid-60s into the inland east bay going to be nice, mild to warm. 76 in livermore. 76 for antioch. to the south bay we go. we have 75 in morgan hill. san jose you'll go to 74. along the peninsula for tomorrow. 70degrees redwood city. 60degrees expected in san francisco. partly to mostly cloudy skies an cool weather remaining at the coast. temperatures in the upper 50s. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, not a lot of change in the forecast. temperatures will continue to be very mild. run a little cool for this time of year. looks like we may get into a warm up this weekend. to the back half of the week stretching into the weekend. >> 73 to 74 to 73. >> my kind of weather. >> all right. thanks rosemary. >> you're welcome. coming up, both the brandons hit a home run but was it enough to beat the braves. >> and does this mean that clay thompson will be ready for game one? we certainly hope so. sports wrap with joe fonzi is
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good evening everyone, well to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the formula for success for the giants usually results in a win. today's game proved to be an exception to that formula. giants finishing that series. brandon belt in the second breaking a scoreless tie going deep in the longest part of the ballpark. crawford puts one in the same part of the yard for his seventh as well.
10:44 pm
a 2-0 lead with baumgartner feels like a good bet. 2-1 giants in the seventh when juan uribe put the braves ahead. that's a two run homer it's 3-2 atlanta. more left-handed power. one run in and joe panic went deep off johnny viel. at that time box playing like a land box. and that is usually all santiago could see. after casilla got the battery save. they know with a runner at first casilla got betancourt to hit a ball that should have brought in a double play but everybody booted it and not a play. that's how this one ends. with the bases loaded, jace peter son hits the drive. that clears the bases and the
10:45 pm
ending that started with a 5-3 lead ends with the braves leading 7-5. they go on to win by that score. the cardinals honoring the late oscar tavares in their game with the dodgers. cardinals up to a good start with this 2-run homer in the third. the giants miss a chance to move back into sole possession in the west. still trailing l.a. by a half game. they played for a while. the brewers and diamondbacks in the 17th inning. then milwaukee's martin maldonado sends everybody home. winning 7-6. and that is reason to celebrate like a little leaguer. with a home plate slide. >> the a's jesse chavez hadn 't had the luxury support of a run this season. clay thompson using the opportunity for a little r & r remains hopeful about being able to start the nba championship series on thursday. chavez had a simple way


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