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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 1, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. >> the national security agency loses the power to american's phone calls. that's coming up on mornings on two. good morning, thanks for joining us, first day of june. we appreciate you being here. let's check in about steve. >> you're back. >> back indeed. june gloom. >> for the coast. >> another gray start. >> back to you guys. >> not to steal your thunder. >> are we going to see the sun? >> maybe a little bit. >> a weak system to the north giving us a little drizzle. the drizzle the back. the low cloud deck, the first
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couple days looking like most of may, that's a below normal pattern. low clouds will peel back, not that warm, the source of the cooldown giving rain the extreme northern california, not much, cooler air aloft, 56 on the mile side due to the cloud cover, san jose is 55, west at 17 at travis, a little bit of a breeze, fog and drizzle, sun in the afternoon, breeze, onshore breeze, highs 60s and 70s, concord closer to 80. here he is, sal. >> steve, welcome back, i'm glad you're here. traffic is singing you a song of good traffic, we're off to a great start as we look at the
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bay bridge told plaza it is looking good. in oakland traffic is looking good, not too overcast, westbound 580, that is off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. >> topping the news a standoff in san jose with a man and woman who police say tried to run over an officer, it came to an end with the arrest of the suspects. it started when the police tried to pull over the couple at 6:30 yesterday evening, the suspects drove toward an officer on foot and barely missed him. the police gave chase. the couple ran into a patrol car and other parked cars. the suspect ran into a
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neighborhood a, the police had to go door the door. the officers found the suspects in a back yard and arrested them, they were wanted on felony warrants. starting today new limitations for water use on lawns and other landscaping, with retricks for new housing developments to follow on june 15th. the commission voted to change development rules on friday and set a maximum amount of water. it's up to developers to figure out how to meet the limits. developers can plant shrubs and bushes -- instead of grass. the swimming pool industry is fighting back against increasingly tough restrictions in california. water agencies have passed new
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limits on filling or refilling swimming pools. the california swimming pool and spa industry shows that studies show an average swimming pool uses less water than grass and about the same as swatter tolerant landscape. the senate failed to pass an extension of the pratt act -- patry at -- patriarch a at act. >> several antiterrorism action is no longer in act. they could not come to an
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agreement before midnight. rand paul who called the act an invasion of privacy. are we going to blindly give up our freedom, are we going to say take it? i'm not going to take it any more. i don't think the american people are going to take it any more. >> because of the failure to act the na security agency lost the ability to collect phone records in bulk. >> we're here staring down the barrel of another manufactured crisis that threatens our national security. it may only be temporary as they are expected to pass the freedom act. it will end the data collection in the current form, it would
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allow the collection on a case by case basis. >> it strikes a critical balance. that doesn't mean the senate should the opportunity to make changes to it. >> the senate will continue debate this afternoon. the white house is urging senators to quickly in passing the bill. a memorial grows for a 6- year-old girl who's burned body was found. a vigil was found for jadianna larson. the girl went missing on thursday, her body was found in a burned field on friday but they don't know how she died. her mothers girlfriend -- boyfriend was charged with her murder. >> it's rough to hear about the
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situation. the girl's family is focused on raising money for the funeral. rivera is scheduled to be charged in court tomorrow. the search is on for more suspects linked to a car burglary scheme targeting gyms in the south bay. officials say one person is distracted front door employees another would take key fobs using them to locate and steal cars. alert staffers are the ones that helped to unravel the scheme, thus far three people have been arrested and officials are having a difficult time tracking the suspects. happening today, ed lee will introduce his proposal to the bode of surprisers, budget increases for the police department and san francisco
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muni. 400 new police officer and new transportation workers. there will be more money for housing for the homeless and the low income. the extra money comes from growing city revenues. the mayor is expected to file official nomination papers to run for reelection. he announced his attentions. he's worked in public office in san francisco for 25 years including five years as city administrator before becoming mayor. the election is november 3. a side show in oakland to tell you about and police didn't stop it. why there will be more of the side shows in the coming months. the scene at l.a.x. after a car crashed into a terminal. the mistake the driver made that caused the crash. san mateo bridge looks
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good, if you're on westbound commute that's not a bad commute. june is on the cooler side, low clouds, fog and a system to the north.
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. welcome back, there was a large side show in oakland over the weekend. >> two cars spinning and more
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than 100 people watching. >> you could see them spinning their wheels at interstate 80, this was midnight on friday. police radio traffic revealed the discussion of the incident, the police took no action. this morning a young girl is treated for a head injury after falling from a second store window in concord. emergency crews say that 4-year- old girl had a head injury but was alert. she was taken to children's hospital in oakland. the hospital is not releasing new information. a nine-year-old girl is treated for injuries after being hit by a car at the lax. she was outside at a squad when
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a -- sidewalk when a car hit her. the driver may have hit the gas instead of the brake. the driver already hit the wall. the girl is reportedly the daughter of an airline employee. the solar impulse plane will stop in japan two hours from now. it took off from china but bad weather would make it risky to continue, there's no place to land. the felon is trying to be -- plane is trying to be the first to fly around the world without fuel. the safety of the pilot and the felon are the priority i'm a philadelphia man was caught flying a drone over the
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phillies game. they spotted the drone yesterday. the operator was outside the stadium. he was questioned and security asked him to erase all the images of the game. the faa prohibits drones from flying over sporting events. after suffering a concussion in game five of the western conference finals, warrior fans are hoping klay thompson will be ready to go. there are reports that thompson no longer has headaches. there's been no official announcement from thompson or the team. the warriors will take the court today, for practice in preparation for thursday's game against james and the lavaliees -- cavaliers.
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if a's won their first home series of the season after seth curry took in a giants game. he watched chavez pitch eight score less innings. the a's took 374 games -- three of 4 games. the giants were in place for a one-run win but coffer blew a play, they score 4 runs to win 7-5. >> it's good to see the splash brothers spreading the love. >> i'm sure they can take in any game they want. >> they are popular. >> security needed to escort klay to and from his seat. >> people want to say stuff to him. good morning, that's the
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way it is when alex savage goes anywhere. people mob him. >> let's look at the traffic, it is moving well as you drive on highway 4. not a bad commute, highway 24 as you negotiate 680 that lao -- looking good. golden gate first traffic looks good. now the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light into san francisco. steve is back. good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm well. we have a lot of low clouds and the low cloud deck is producing drizzle, the pattern is showing signs of keeping us below normal. they are below, slightly for some and about the same coast and bay, not much of a change, another system coming, in this time of the year they are weak,
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extreme northern california and the oregon border, squeezing out the low cloud deck, 50s and 60s. a little bit of a breeze, nothing too outrageous, temperature recovering, near average near the coast and bay, well below for some inland. the low cloud deck will burn off, a mix of sun and clouds. there will be afternoon breeze, highs 50s and 60s. especially as you get out of santa rosa. san francisco, oakland slightly below average. and not much change, possibility of mostly cloudies by the weekend. we'll keep an eye on it. >> possibility of drizzle.
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>> thunderstorm this weekend. >> thousands of homeless pets in the bay area found their forever homes this past weekend. thanks to matty's fund. a foundation that gives financial support to shelters across the country. they paid the fiat -- fee at shelters. 2300 cats and 1500 dogs were brtotal number to 3800, that could grow since six shelters have not reported the adoption numbers. unwanted passengers tried to hitch a ride on a car. a swarm of bees. crews handed them over to a professional beekeeper. it's believed the bees followed their queen. this type of behavior is common
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during may and june. they may be looked for a new home. he's touching the bees. >> hopefully he knows what he's doing. >> ditching their cars for public transportation. the challenge that will begin today for high profile politicians in fran. the change -- san francisco. the changes for the housing markets in the bay area.
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. welcome back, we've learned the bay area real state market have home owners cashing in and moving out. some have decided it's time the take advantage of the market even if it means saying good- bye to california. >> in walnut creek movers are moving. teenagers are staging. >> the reality staging a house will help buyers envision same sevens in the space. according to a report home prices across the bay area up 10.3% in march. 37 years, for one real estate agent that's how long she's been in the business and during that time never has she seen a
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market the way it is today. >> the offer prices are higher than to asking prices. i've never seen what we're experiencing. >> with prices so high some of the sellers are taking the money and taking off. >> my last go listings have been sellers that had to relocate because of the cost of living. one went to nevada and one of them possibly oregon. >> qualifying is more difficult. >> despite tighter lending they have turned on average 27 res additional deals a -- residential a month. >> the prices are driven up, with multiple offers, people have money in the game, so they are less likely to walk away. i don't think it will be a
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bubble burst. >> spring 2017, a sellers market and they expect it to roll into summer. >> san andreas was a shake-up at the box office. a search and rescue pilot makes his way through an earthquake and tsunami to save his daughter. it earned $53 million in the opening weekend. that left pitch perfect two in the dust with less than $15 million. tomorrow land, mad max, furry road and avengers rounded out the top five movies. a trail in rich hand gives people an opportunity to enjoy the shoreline. the loop opened over the weekend. the loop surrounds the park at
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the miller knox regional shoreline. walking the trail brought back memories of catching a ferry. >> as a young kid, that was a major outing event for us, in our station wagon and we catch the ferry over to san francisco and have lunch, a picnic lunch. >> with the diction of the loop the bay trail has completed 341 miles out of the planned 500 long trail. seth curry has a new fan. an african penguin at the museum. the chick is their new mvp who shoots for the heart. african penguins were
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endangered in 2010. >> what is cute. i love penguins, they are a character. 4:28 is the time. bottle rocks 2015 is over. organizers are looking to next year. >> warning labels with a new twist. the battle waged in san francisco against sugary drinks. the san francisco commute looks good as you drive on northbound 101, we'll tell you more straight ahead. maybe not a rainy day monday but drizzle. we'll see about the temps coming up.
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good morning. monday morning welcome to june, june 1st i'm pam cook. >> june is already here. good morning i'm alex savidge this for brian flores. >> he is off with his new baby. we have shown some pretty cute pictures. >> yes hopefully you have seen those. >> and look who else is back. steve. steve paulson. how are you? >> i'm good. you relax a little bit. >> little sleep. >> a lot of sleep. the pattern hasn't changed that much. low clouds is back. low clouds almost peel back to the coast and then they will get sunshine. inland temps will be a little cooler. temperatures continue to run below normal for many here. that has been the theme in may. we are carrying that right into june. but this time of year any kind of system enhances that fog bank. on the mild side for some.
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there is an okay breeze expect that to pick up in the afternoon. stiln shore push. otherwise it looks like a quiet week. change might occur by the weekend. a low drops in maybe tap into cloud cover we still have five days away. today though 60s and 70s coast and bay and upper 70s for many to even a few not even 80 yet. all right sal, good morning sir. >> good morning, to you, steve. right now we are looking at a question de sent commute around the bay area. start off with the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is look good if you're trying to get into san francisco. there is a little bit of slowing in some of the far left lanes when you drive up. it's nothing out of the ordinary. if you are driving and using fast track, it should be a nice drive for you. also looking at the commute on interstate 880 north and southbound it


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