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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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this school. you can see the meeting taking place right now. you can see parents heading into the building. it happened on school grounds here in november last year. the man was a teacher, supervising the event. 22-year-old alexander kurtz. he was charged with one fount of lewd and lascivious acts on a child. the day care is for kids 5 grade and under. the victim aged out of the program. according to the documents, he is accused of following had girl under a play structure, pulling her back when she tried to run and touching her inappropriately. police say the victim told her mother, she went to police and he was arrested thursday. >> one time that the abuse happened. we have no evidence to believe it happened any additional
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times. or any other victims are present. >> we were here in a meeting. we saw him being arrested. he is being taken to jail and he will not be coming back to work. >> the owner says she fired him after she found out about his arrest. she took over the school in september. it was under different ownership. called busy bees. when she took over he had been a teacher already for three years. she did all the background checks and he came up clean. police also say he has no prior criminal record. he was arraigned in court this morning. he plead not guilty to the one count of lewd and lascivious on a child. next hearing is july 13. back to you. >> allie rasmus live, thank
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you. there are new developments tonight. klay thompson practiced today for the first time since he was diagnosed with a concussion but he hasn't been cleared yet. sports director mark ibanez is here now with his chances to play in game one. >> it is looking good. if you think about it for the warriors, the fans, the timing if it will happen couldn't be better. you know how the schedules go. playing every night now. this time they have a break between the houston series and the opening of the nba finals. today although he has not been completely cleared he did take the court. looking at him as he goes through a light work out drill, participated in a crimmage later on and he is looking real good. you will take another look. one more time. trevor ariza knee klay thompson in the last game. the final in the west. you know what? he said when he was in high
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school he suffered a worse head injury than this. >> i have got an concussion before in my life. i knew it wouldn't take me more than a few days to get back to normal. the last one i got was worse than that one last week. to me it was mild. i don't think it was severe. i think of -- perfect timing. i get a week off to get healthy. >> he look goods. he is continuing to go through the protocol. league mandated parole call. each day he progressed. looked great. >> same as always. i don't know if he still as it has --s the or not. -- has it or not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: not supposed to make light of a head injury but
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looking very good, hasn't received full clearance yet. thursday that coliseum come 6:00 p.m. klay thompson will be in the starting line up. great news for them at this point. -- for them at this point. >> a couple years ago, he was booed on the court and now look at him. they are playing for the nba championships. >> turning out, the new ownership came in, they made big promises to the bay area fans and the warriors fans, how they would turn the culture around and everybody was like yeah, we 3rd before. [ talking at the same time ] >> all starts -- heard it before. [ talking at the same time ] >> all starts from the top. they changed how they approach their season. everything, the way they put the team together, the structure, everything about it is tip top. now you have a top team and they are looking for a championship. >> a dream season. [ talking at the same time ] >> they will be healthy, looks
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like -- [ talking at the same time ] >> bring them on. >> thank you. there is word that ellen pau is avealing the case she lost. in march a jury decide that gender was not the reason she was not promoted. or the reason she was fired. she filed a notice of appeal in san francisco but the papers don't indicate on what grounds she is challenging the decision. her case was a rallying point in silicon valley, gender discrimination is a real problem. . the widow of a b.a.r.t. police officer killed last year is suing b.a.r.t. in january 2014 he was searching an apartment when an officer mistook him for an intruder and shot and killed him. his widow is also b.a.r.t. police officer. she filed papers in court alleging that b.a.r.t.
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denied her husband training and a -- b.a.r.t. maintains its program exceeds standards. starting today -- [ music ] >> starting today water agencies are on the hook for making sure the state cuts 25% of its water use. they are responsible for executing governor jerry brown's mandate. ktvu's tom vacar spoke with three different water agencies today. including one of the biggest. there is a lot of money at stake. >> reporter: there is because take a look. this is becoming more and more precious every day. each water agency has been assigned to make it or break it based on its success in getting customers to use less than they did two years ago. the big change get your customers in line or face a huge fine. >> reporter: your water agency is looking more closely at your meter because the state's water
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cops are taking a look at your provider's meter. >> the state has made all water agencies accountable. >> they will be tracking to make sure we are meeting our conversation goals they layed out. >> the state has basically said they have a big stick for enforcing their regulations and i think that put people on edge and they want to make sure they meet the regulations. >> reporter: a $10,000 a day fine for providers that fail to reach their goals. that money would have to be passed on to customers in higher rates or surcharges. >> the message got across. >> reporter: they imposed 25% reduction, higher than the state's 20%. >> last month customers saved a third of the water they were using two years ago. may was 31% less than 2013.
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which is fantastic. >> alameda county's 20% reduction is above the 16% cut it was assigned. >> as of june 1 our water use in the water district is actually 40% lower than it was during the same time in 2013. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 p.m. how some providers are creating their own big stick to discourage water wasters. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. and on you can look up your provider and learn more about the restrictions and rules in your area. look for our special drought section. for the first time the man accused of holding two people hostage and hours appeared in court today. he is facing 16 charges after a stand off in antioch. two men were held hostage but were later freed and today his attorney sled light on what was
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go -- shed light on what was going through his mind. >> cristina rendon with more on what happened today inside court. >> reporter: first off the judge granted a request to push back his arraignment and he did talk to us and told us what happened or how he is doing now that this is over. >> reporter: the 35-year-old appearedane yellow jump suit inside the courtroom. he is accused of holding two people hostage at a arco gas station yesterday. it was a result of a series of carjackings and a police chase. today the contra costa county district attorney's office filed 16 charges against him. including kidnapping, false imprisonment, carjacking and more. his parents were in court but
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declined to comment. his attorney said he suffered loss in his life and something he struggled with but says that is not an excuse for what happened. he talked with him before the court appearance. >> he seemed remorseful and he realizes this is a serious situation. >> these charges are serious. we will address those in court. >> reporter: he will be back in court june 25 and the judge recalulated his goal to 2.8 million because some of the charges are for the same crimes and if he is convicted he faces up to 2 life in prison sentences. >> he looked disshelved in the picture we showed after he was arrested. what did he look like in court today and what was he like in court? >> reporter: he did not have any time of emotion displayed. he still has long hair. and he didn't show any emotion
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but his attorney says he seems remorseful. he says he doesn't want to speculate. they will get into that when it comes time for court. >> cristina rendon, thank you. ahead here, warnings about earthquakes that never happens. the explanation about why the phantom events were reported and a string of car thefts. how they managed to get access to the keys without the owners realizing and the big reveal. kaitlyn jenner, the record she set and the outpouring of support online. >> drizzle and sprinkles this morning. things cleared up. when the temperature said will warm even more.
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san francisco drag queens gathered outside facebook to protest facebook's policy on the use of real names. >> they said they want to use their stage or assumed names and not just their legal names. facebook's policy hurts them and others. she read a letter that urged faq to make change -- facebook to make changes. >> advances in technology that are available to facebook, find opportunities to enforce policies in a way that protects users from dangerous predators but still respecting the rights and needs of those who chose a name by which they are best known and feel safe. >> facebook clarified the policy saying the use of legal
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names make facebook safe. in part the company said when people use their authentic names they are more accountable for what they say and they can be easily verified with a -- verified with a document. the u.s. senate took up a bill aimed at replacing the u.s. patriot act that allowed the nsa to gather information about american's phone calls. congress is trying to work out how to continue some parts of the u.s. patriot act while phasing out the secret phone surveillance. >> several tactics are no longer in cuse after the senate did not extend parts of the u.s. patriot act failing to come to an agreement. kentucky senator blocked any chance for the act to remain in effect. >> you can collect records with a warrant. the difference is you put someone's name on it as opposed
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to having a generalized warrant. >> the national security agency is no longer authorized to collect phone records in bulk. other provisions are also expired. losing intelligence capabilities temporarily concerning to many in washington. >> what we have said for weeks now is the senate's failure to act introduces unnecessary risk to the country, and to the citizens. >> the senate is back in session. a vote on the freedom act is not possible till tuesday morning. it is expected to pass but perhaps with revisions. >> we should take common sense steps to ensure the new system envisioned by that legislation. a system we would have to rely upon to keep our country safe will work. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell layed out three amendments he would
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like to see passed, including allowing time for the system to be created and certification that is actually works. fox news. bay area weather now. another mild day around the bay. bill in the weather center. >> mild today. a few sprinkles this morning. drizzle out there. you may have seen the wet on the roads. just enough. .01. santa rosa .02. and look at tiburon, .10. that is significant precipitation. really did happen. .03 in san francisco. just enough to wet the roads and slow things up. there is a few clouds out there now. they will be back again tomorrow morning for the morning drive. low clouds and fog around the bay as there have been for may.
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numbers are in on may. it was 3-5 degrees cooler than average. on the average for bay area seats. below average temperatures. may was set up with this low pressure, this weak trough over the top of us and just enough to bring us fog, wind and cooler numbers. 14 miles per hour winds in concord. breezy out there. sfo 22 miles per hour on the gusts. temperatures tomorrow like today. these are the numbers right now. 73 concord. 74 livermore. 74 napa. sacramento, right, you can get mid-70s. low 80s. that is it. the warmest day of the week turned out being saturday. live camera shot. again. talking about this week more of the same. little change. little drizzle tomorrow morning. the extended forecast this pattern continues. if you are thinking about the folks in texas, this breaks up enough the severe weather they
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have been seeing, flooding, storms, that should end because the pattern is shifting enough. moving to the north. they are not going to have as much activity. there is the forecast model tomorrow. they start to show up. tomorrow like today. yeah. almost exactly like today. so in san francisco, you wake up cloudy. end up in the afternoon, 4:00 p.m., 64 degrees. mostly sunny. and then oakland, same deal. cloudy in the morning. 68 for a high in oakland. and the five-day forecast a change. numbers move around a little bit towards the bay area weekend. seems like a long way off. it will get there. towards friday and saturday temperatures back into the upper 70s and low 80s. there is the -- 70s, low 80s. there is the five-day forecast. the fire danger is minemized. pollens lay down. there is the five-day forecast.
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no heat in the future. hottest it will get is low 80s. [ talking at the same time ] >> steady as she goes. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. ahead here a thief with expensive taste, this person drove a $100,000 car through a window. but actually that is not what got him arrested. and at 6:00 p.m. supervisors kickoff the first day of the muni challenge. what they are doing and what riders hope they will learn and look at this. a box of old electronic equipment, why the old junk was worth tens of thousands and the search to find the woman who dumped it. all coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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it is the picture that has everyone talking and it is going viral online and on social media. this cover of vanity fair was released today featuring caitlyn jenner who used to be bruce jenner. she is transgender and on her twitter page she wrote: i'm so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. welcome to the world caitlyn. can't wait for you to get to know her/me. and once caitlyn jenner joined twitter she broke a record. reached a million followers in 4 hours. she up to 1.4 million. that is faster than anyone else
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including president obama and she tweeted another world record and at 65, who would have thought. honored and humbled. thank you are all your support. she is getting a ton of support on social media. ellen degeneres wrote my hope for the world is we can all be as brave as bruce jenner. demi moore, thank you for chairing the gift of your beautiful -- sharing the gift of your beautiful self. >> caitlyn jenner has truly broke the internet, what a moment. and finally, one of his daughters, we were given this life because you were strong enough to live it. i couldn't be prouder. governor jerry brown today declared june as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride month. it says some of the most inspiring moments in our history has arisen from moments that brought one group after
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another from the margins to the main stream of american society. it looked like a scene out of a hollywood movie. a car thief drove a $100,000 car through a huge window at a car dealer after 5:00 a.m. this morning that bmw dealership on howard street. police say the thief tried to steal another car before getting behind the wheel of that bmw which he crashed through the window to get away. he hit a parked taxi several blocks away. the driver was asleep inside and suffered minor injuries. later police detain ad37-year- old man in connection with a domestic violence dispute and discovered he was the car thief. south carolina senator lindsey graham announced his bid for the republican presidential nomination. -rig slya -- lindsey graham is a critic of president obama's
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foreign policy, he wants to be president to defeat the inhemis that are try -- enemies that are trying to kill us. >> radical islam is running wild. they have more money, more capability and more weapons to strike our homeland than any time since 9/11. >> hig hig wants -- lindsey graham wants hoar troops in iraq -- more troops in iraq. google is making it easier to adjust privacy controls. quick access to settings. the check up lets you manage photos, videos and other content that you may or may not want to share and there is a security check. including a list of devices that are connected to your account. previously controls were in various locations on the website with few instructions. intel is expanding with a
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purchase of another chip company. intel announced today it is buying out terra out of san jose for $16.7 billion. the deal will allow intel to bundle its precaution chips with programmable chips. the deal gives stockholders $54 a share. stock closed up 6% but was $2 lower than intel's offer. in paris today had love locks come to an end. the city started to remove thousands. couples hooked on the locks as a symbol of their love but part of the bridge collapsed. no word on will what happen to the love locks. alerts for earthquakes that never happens, tonight the explanation on why they reported earthquake that never
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happened. >> and giving seals swim caps, the important information they are gathering, what they uncovered. and how old is the tallest tree, a study says it is not as old as we thought.
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my new summer meal's got eight pieces of chicken, a large coleslaw baked beans with pulled chicken, 4 biscuits and a half gallon of dole classic lemonade. you see what i'm talkin' about? it's still finger lickin' good.
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so, did you feel them? neither did anyone else. three phantom earthquakes were reported in california over the
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weekend. ranging from 4-5.5. the problem is, they never happened. how did they get reported? ktvu's noelle walker is live at the u.s. geological survey with some answers. >> reporter: this isn't a new problem. they have been trying to figure out a better way to decipher the phantom quakes from the larger quakes near alaska and japan. >> reporter: h all right. let's see -- >> all right, let's see here. >> reporter: she spends her day looking at a computer to see what is shaking beneath her feet. >> i may feel i am being picked on but that is not what is happening. >> reporter: what happened this weekend, three large
5:32 pm
earthquakes. 7.8 shook japan saturday and another 6.7 earthquake hit alaska. >> the deep earthquakes fooled our automatic processing system. >> reporter: earthquake censors in northern california mistakenly read the energy wave from the large quakes far away as three moderate 4-5 quakes here. >> this is one of the ones that made it out. >> the u.s. geological survey has tracking software to screen the difference between a real earthquake in napa and the energy from big earthquake. >> unfortunately on friday and then on saturday these systems didn't work. >> reporter: text and e-mail alerts went out but the corrections did not. >> i had a couple sleepless
5:33 pm
nights. >> reporter: as sophisticated as science has become -- >> they are not lining up. >> reporter: -- it is not a perfect science. >> the earth can always throw us a surprise. >> reporter: we still need people to keep computers in check. >> reporter: so there is progress to report tonight. the usgs tells me the glitch that prevented the correction being sent out by e-mail and text, that has been fixed. hopefully that won't happen again. >> hope so. thank you noelle walker. a prosecutor with the contra costa county district attorney's office is returning to work today 7 years after he was accused of raping a co- worker. he has been on paid administrative leave since 2008. since then he collected $1.3 million in salary and benefits. he never stood trial on the charges. a judge through out the charges
5:34 pm
in 2009 when the victim received a $450,000 settlement and prosecutors declined to try him because the victim refused to testify. police caught a group of car thieves targeting people working out in gyms. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us how they stole car keys from lockers lockers and then stole the cars. >> reporter: a morning full of phone calls to police. in the past month investigators say a crew of burglars were staking out parking lots and got away with six cars. some members say the crime trickled into the neighborhoods. >> my son's bike was stolen. my wife's car was opened up and rifled through. gps, cds being taken. >> reporter: one thief distracted an employee and then a member reported their car was
5:35 pm
stolen. they noticed a pattern of thefts. they realized the thieves were stealing car keys after breaking into lockers. >> my son's van was vandalized and they took his wallet and driver's license and his cell phone. glass all over. happened many times in this parking lot. >> reporter: it is unknown if that case is related. surveillance cameras captured images of the suspects. these men were arrested for all the burglaries. they have been identified as colby worsham, anthony robert, and richard higgerson all twenty four-years-old. authorities recovered five vehicles they stole. >> makes you feel vulnerable. i don't bring valuables with me. >> the three men who were arrested are transients. they are looking for two more
5:36 pm
suspects who are also responsible for the burglaries. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. a chain of sandwich shops doubled the amount of meat products it recalling. they operate lee's sandwiches. the company is now recalling 440,000 pounds of chicken, beef and pork products because of possible misbranding violations. they say no one has become ill. the usda say the products have been unapproved. the state assembly approved a bill requiring cheerledding be classified as a sport. they will over sea cheerleading just as -- over see cheerleaders just as other sports. the bill now advances. if approved the changes go into
5:37 pm
effect by 2017. an american tourist killed by a lion while in a game park in africa all because she left her window down on her car. also, elon musk fires back, the report that says she profiting from taxpayer money and how he defended his companies. a clean up is underway in texas after floods and now officials are warning residents about a new kind of danger. a proposal for sugary drinks is put to the test in san francisco, how it would change the way soda is advertised.
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there is word tonight of tonight of a fatal lion tonight in south africa and the victim is an american. the park is 20 miles north of johannesburg. officials say a lion lunged through the open passenger window of a car carrying a american tourist. the woman died and the man is undergoing treatment. no word on their identities. officials said the woman was taking pictures and visiters are warned to keep windows rolled up. in texas a huge clean up underway following last week's flooding and tornadoes and it is going to be expensive. the report tonight on the progress and the long road ahead. >> reporter: texans getting a break in the rainy weather as
5:41 pm
forecasters say much of the state is expected to be sunny all week but despite that there are still concerns over flooding. >> we have a lot of roads that are down. the bridge is a one way bridge at this time. >> reporter: numerous areas are inundated with water. >> the flooding is spreading across the state and when you look at a map of texas it is quite stunning how many places were impacted. dallas, for example, has gone six weeks with hail, tornadoes. >> reporter: in some places the red cross is on hand. flood waters are receding. with that lots of debris has been left behind. >> around the lake, terrible. now it is washed up on the side. nobody is saying anything. >> reporter: damage estimates reached $45 million and that means lots of rebuilding.
5:42 pm
now officials are warning residents to be on the look out for scammers. >> i like to caution everyone to be careful with people selling you services. >> while the wild weather hampered part of the southwest, federal officials are warning much of the nation to get ready for hurricane season. it starts today and runs through november 30. fox news. ahead here, agents put the tsa to the test and the tsa fails. the case that is particularly concerning involving a hidden bomb that the tsa missed. >> a study reveals the tallest tree may be younger than researchers originally thought. >> tracking a warm up around here. this week we will talk about the sprinkles this morning and if there are anymore in the forecast.
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a series of proposed laws aimed at reducing how much soda drink. several members are pushing the percents but there is also -- measures but there is also opposition. ktvu's christien kafton, if the laws is enacted what kind of changes will people see? >> reporter: one of the big changes is here, if these rules go into effect you will not be seeing soda adds because they said they should not promote a product that is bad for public
5:46 pm
health. >> a new battle ground in san francisco is opening. restricting how soda is marketed. one proposal would bar spending city money on sugary drinks and ban soda adds on city owned property. >> it expands what will be prohibited from being sold on city property. we do it with alcohol and tobacco. >> reporter: he wants warnings that it could lead to obesity and diabetes. >> my proposal is to require that soda and sugary drinks ads have health warnings on them. similar to warnings on cigarette adds. the research is very, very clear. >> reporter: they were approved and experts spoke out saying they increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.
5:47 pm
she says it is not fair to single soda out. >> a warning would be misleading. if we are seeing this is the cause of obesity and diabetes when it is not. both have very many factors that play a role in their development. >> reporter: he says soft drinks are unfairly targeted. >> most voters believe this choice should be left up to them. >> reporter: but there is a history of lawmakers weighing in. >> government played a role in reducing smoking rates. we require people to wear seatbelts, motorcyclists to wear helmets. we pass health and safety regulations all the time. >> reporter: he is watching the issue closely. soda makes up a big part of his business. >> good business. [ indiscernible ] >> better than liquor. >> reporter: a lot of people watching this closely. it now goes to the board of
5:48 pm
supervisors a week from tomorrow with a final vote june 16. the beverage industry will stay in san francisco and fight this every step of the way. >> cristcon y in san francisco -- christien kafton in san francisco, thank you. elon musk defend himself against an article that blames his business ventures are thrives because of government subsidies. he said his companies are not receiving a huge check. he said there are a tiny fraction of what the oil and gas industry receive in a year. the article systyles lu, space x and solar city received $4.9 billion in government subsidies. he said the article is misleading and the incensives were available to anyone who applied for them. there are reports the national transportation safety board -- the transportation security administration failed
5:49 pm
a test involving uncover investigators smuggling explosives or weapons through airport check points. abc news broke the story this morning siting a report from the department of homeland security. tsa failed 67-70 tests including one in which a screener missed a phony bomb strapped to the back of a undercover agent. tsa said they ordered changes made once he learned of the failures. another check of the weather. a mild day around the bay. holding teddy with the them to throughout -- steady with the them to throughout the week. >> this first week in june, clouds in the morning, mild temperatures over night and fog out there now. it is fractured. broken up. we are seeing sun at ocean beach and baker beach. saw sun. pacifica. sun. city right now. you can see the camera moving.
5:50 pm
there is some wind. you are clear in san francisco. temperatures got into the 60s there. started off cool. rain up here. look at that. right? i love to get that. right? north of redding. lake shasta. getting rain. for us, we are only had south end -- we are on the south end. unsettled pattern. well -- we had sprinkles this morning. it is kind of busting up the inversion and allowing for fog to go away today. allowing temperatures inland to stay cool because it is taking marine air and pushing it inland. that is what we are seeing. mid-70s. over night lows, low 50s. like last week. clouds tomorrow. many of us. fog foot print. santa rosa stays out of it. maybe napa. highs tomorrow, 80s.
5:51 pm
they come back into it. similar to today. maybe a little warmer. forecast highs tomorrow, 79 vacaville. 77 clear lake. 71 novato. 64 richmond. 79 antioch. santa clara valley, mid-70s as well. air quality good. fire danger is down. and you have temperatures that will be mild tomorrow. the five-day forecast sets you up like this, temperatures tuesday like today. dip on wednesday and thursday. and then friday comes back up. waffles back up. saturday. sunday too a chance for -- a drizzle. we will talk about that. nothing really earth shattering going on today and tomorrow. we will keep track of it and hopefully get rain. the rain in northern california love to get that. >> we would. thank you. ahead how researchers are
5:52 pm
using seals to map the oceans, the data they are gathering and what happens to the transmitters. >> at 6:00 p.m. a new service to ensure lawmakers don't drink and drive. there is a catch, who is picking up the tab and one person's trash is another person's treasure. what led to a $200,000 pay out. and now a such on to find her.
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♪chicken in the bucket♪ ♪chicken in the beans♪ ♪chicken in the bucket♪ ♪chicken in the beans♪ ♪chicken in the bucket♪ ♪chicken in the beans♪ and if i could i'd put chicken in the lemonade. it's finger lickin' good.
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a judge in san francisco gave robin williams' family more time to settle their dispute over how to split up his estate. a judge set a new date of july 27. robin williams' three children can't agree with their stepmom about how much money she should get from the estate. robin williams left his home to her with instructions to give her enough money to maintain it for her life time but it didn't specify how much money. the family is at odds over his personal belongings. scientists are using seals to learn more about climate change. ktvu's john fowler now with the story only on channel 2. >> off the coast and off shore the ocean is changing.
5:56 pm
researchers today releasing a details gathered by marine mammals wearing small instruments. >> getting them to answer questions we couldn't get any other way. >> reporter: he sent us these pictures. they capture the animals, glue on the instruments that fall off in a year. the maps show the range the animals carry those instruments. >> we are learning more about the environment, how it is changing with the changing climate and how the seals and the animals are responding to the changes. >> reporter: researchers implemented several. but experts say it is no surprise the bay area's deep diving elephant seals yielded the best results. >> 5,000 feet and stay
5:57 pm
underwater for as long as 60-90 minutes. >> reporter: she says elephant seals swim as far as the gulf of alaska to hawaii and back. the tags transmit temperature depth and location data by satellite. here is one path of one seal swimming swimming and diving around. the movement is detailed. a wealth of information. depth data already surprised the navy into redrawing charts and temperature profiles reveal a new mechanism of how the ocean drives ice melt. >> we are able to gather information across the ocean. >> reporter: at very low cost thanks to the furry slaberate whose are helping humans [bleep] -- collaborators who are helping humans help them. the tallest tree is younger
5:58 pm
than previously thought. a new study puts the age of the tallest tree at 777 years. it was once thought to be 1500 years old. that tree is 249 feet tall. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. today san francisco supervisors got on board. they said yes to a 22 day challenge to ride money to get a look at what daily riders deal with. good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> over the next few weeks the supervisors plan to take the bus or light rail to work. money are wondering if this will lead it changes when it comes to muni. ktvu's claudine wong got on board today to find out. >> reporter: if you want to find frustrated muni riders
5:59 pm
just get on board. and start a conversation. >> horrible. i don't know why we keep giving them more money. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: local leaders are promising to get on muni every day for the next 22 days. >> i am going to make sure that i ride avenue day. i am go -- every day. i am going to try new lines. >> reporter: they were challenged by the union who challenged them to make good on a policy. >> reporter: do you think they out of touch? >> i wouldn't say they are out of touch but we want to make sure they understand what it means to users. >> reporter: he admits things could be better. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> we are doing a good job at getting better. >> reporter: he said improvements are coming. >> voters approved $500 million over 5 years for infrastructure. >> riders say they like the challenge but want to make sure
6:00 pm
the leaders get a real ride. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] [ indiscernible ] >> because it is over crowded. >> i see glitches. the mission line is very over crowded. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] [ talking at the same time ] [ indiscernible ] >> i would give them no more money. >> reporter: not all are signed up but the one whose did already learned something. >> makes you aware of the importance of trying as much as you can to ride. >> reporter: all the supervisors are tweeting. the mayor tweeted this this morning. you can see him on the train. on our way to city hall. he tweeted this morning, he said i believe the next muni sign and got on k by accident. have to watch back and catch b.a.r.t. not smooth


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