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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we are live where a two alarm fire is burn agent a home. five people escaped. we'll tell you what we know so far. >> a 40-year-old man hit and killed outside his family home by a speeding teenager. why people put up a speed bump that the city said had to be removed. good morning. we are live in month sir rain know. that is where five people escaped from a home that caught fire earlier this morning. you can see still a very active scene out there. ktvu janine de la vega is out there. she just talked to one of the
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victims. she'll tell us more what woke them up and allowed them to run to safety just in the nick of time. we almost check in with janine in a couple minutes. it is tuesday morning, june 2nd i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson you ready to take care of the books? >> i am indeed. we had a pretty warm pattern. inland temps struggled to get above 70-78. a lot more breaks in the low clouds. the water temps have warmed up considerably on the coast. that has allowed coast and bay locations to start off on the mild side and end up on the warm, muggy side. 61 in livermore. there will be a breeze. most of it will be in the on shore direction. but look at that 59 monterey. 57 half-moon bay. for us it will be a little warmer. fog will burn off sooner today. so sunny and warm.
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not something we have said much about. there will be a little bit of a breeze and muggy for some. upper 70s and low 80s. a lot of 70s near the coast and also the bay. all right sal so far quiet here on a 5:01 on a tuesday. >> yeah it's not bad. we are looking at a commute. we will start in the east bay here and check out the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is light so far. it looks good getting into san francisco. the traffic is moving along very well. also looking at the commute here if you are driving out to the the san mateo bridge, it looks like there is a truck with flashing lights just past the toll plaza but it is not effecting traffic in a major way. as we look at the south bay, traffic is looking good. highway 9 just northeast of 17 there is a closure and a detour in the area it's not causing a big delay in los gatos but i just want you to though that it is there and westbound 580 in dublin and let me just move, oops. let me get this out of here. let me move the maps here.
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westbound 580 in dublin, there is a crash on the shoulder at the 580-680 interchange right near santa rita road. it's on the shoulder. could be causing some slow traffic. this commute is off to a decent start. 5:02 let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news from the south bay. firecrest still try -- fire crews still trying to contain a two alarm fire. janine de la vega is there at the scene live and you just talked to a victim that escaped this fire janine. >> reporter: yeah. i did. they are all shaking their heads. they are very much until disbelief. i also spoke to a fire captain that told me the fire is under control. it was burning as of about 10 minutes ago. but it is out. they are just watching it. we're here on los gatos, saratoga road. this road has been closed down because of all the emergency vehicles here. they have hose running in the middle of the street. people that were inside the home they are still out here. they are save but they are shaken up. the fire started at 2:30 in the
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morning when everyone was sleeping. the female residents woke up to the sound of popping noises and sounded like spray paint cans. firefighters started to catch the flames from the outside that is because the roof partially collapsed and it wasn't safe to fight it from the inside. as i mentioned it is finally contained. we did see a arson investigator on the scene. but one of the things the battalion chief told me the fire started on the second floor. back out here live one of the things i mentioned i will show you the sustain of highway 9 here. they are cig saying the entire road will be blocked off for another hour. they are trying to come up with a traffic plan to they can move the rigs to one side of the
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road so they can start bringing traffic in. but they feel like they will be here for most of the morning. dave. >> all right janine de la vega, thank you. we'll talk to you later. time is 5:04. a deadly plane crash in livermore still under investigation and the question remains what caused this firey crash. single engine plane crashed last night about 9:00 near hartford avenue. this is about three miles northeast of livermore municipal airport. this photo from the scene this was posted on instagram. when firefighters got there, the plane and the field it crashed in they were on fire. the pilot was killed in that crash. now investigators say the pilot of the single engine plane reported control problems just after taking off from livermore airport. and the people who live nearby they heard a weird sound from the plane moments before it crashed. the ntsb will be leading the investigation of it today.
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ktvu fox 2 tara moriarty is out there at the scene now. she will have the latest on what investigators will focus on. that is coming up at 5:30. the head of the transportation security administration has been reassigned after a new report shows airport security screeners failed to defect fake explosives and banned weapons 95% of the time. under cover agents were able to smuggle prohibited items through tsa check points across the country in 67 out of 70 attempts. travelers learning about the report says it makes them nervous about flying. >> it would be nice to know i was more secure. not just anybody can get on there. >> i feel very scared on that. only because it's not just me. it's the whole plane. >> in response to the report, homeland security secretary jay johnson has ordered the tsa to revise airport security procedures, retrain officers,
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and retest screening procedures. the fbi is operating a small air force carrying high- tech surveillance video. that is is according to a new associated press report. the ap found that the fbi flew more than 100 surveillance flights over 11 states. the fbi says the aviation program is not secret and that the flights are for ongoing investigations. but the ap says the government has gone to great lengths to conceal its ownership of the plane registering them to 13 fake companies. your time is 5:07. police in martinez need your help. they want to capture the two gunmen that robbed a sandwich shop. it happened last night at 7:30. martinez police posted this surveillance video you're looking at on their facebook page. you can see two men until dark clothing walk into the store and go up to the counter and pull out a gun. one of the men demands money from the cash register while the other one goes into the
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back of the store to get more money. both men were seen leaving in a silver collared four door honda civic and heading toward highway 4. you see the video. if you have any information, call martinez police. a deadly hit and run accident in antioch prompted people in one neighborhood to take action to make their community safer but this morning the speed bumps they installed to slow down traffic they had been removed. paul chambers is joining us live now. you're in antioch so what is happening out there? >> reporter: i will tell you this yesterday was the funeral for the 47-year-old man. he was hit outside his home by a reckless teenage driver. we can take a look at video and you can see these pictures from the east county today facebook page city clues cleaning up after illegal speed bumps were removed. timothy hudson was hit and
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killed on west 11th street. according to the contra costa county times he was doing doughnuts when he hit hudson later dragging him under his car before speeding off. the times goes on to say they told city council members at the meeting that speeding drivers was a problem well before her son's death. now according to the times the mayor says whoever installed the speed bumps had good intentions but in doing so created a liability. hopefully we can talk to somebody about the speeding herb ewe this this area. of course we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. dave. >> paul chambers, thank you. time is 5:09.
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a wanted parolee back in jail after a wild police chase in san francisco last night. now look at these pictures. the chase ended in a crash involving several vehicles at fifth and mission. this was about 5:30 last night. police officers struggled to get the is suspect out of the car. investigators say the chase started during a parole check in the bay view district. the suspect sped away hitting a parole agent who was not seriously hurt. he saw the suspects car driving on the rims of the tires before he got caught in rush hour traffic. >> the reason i saw it i thought the car was going pretty fast and serving in and out of traffic and hit things and ran out of the corner like a bat out of hell. you can smell the fumes on the ground. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital and so was another woman that was hurt in that crash. officials tell us her injuries
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don't appear to be serious. meantime we are getting more information about suspect accused in another bold heist in a san francisco car dealership and this is breaking news we were telling you about yesterday morning. the suspect 37-year-old peter duroran of san francisco stole a $100000 bmw and drove the stolen car through that huge plate glass window and crashed it. he ran away but he was arrested about an hour later at a different location during a domestic dispute with a woman. it is 5:11. she is making her big debut. how caitlyn jenner's introduction to the world could
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impact others. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is doing okay in some areas but we have slow traffic elsewhere. we'll tell you about all of it coming up. >> a mild muggy morning. there are a few more breaks in the clouds.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. bay area transgender community expressing pride over bruce jenner's decision to become a woman. caitlyn. the cover toe toe from the shoot and behindth scenes tootage were release -- scenes footage were released yesterday. enter. >> she's one of us. even though she has a lot of money and a lot of celebrity status, she is still one of us. and if she can get people to understand what it means to be transgender and that it isn't something you just do one day, decide to be transgender, you know i think it's very, very helpful. >> the vanity fair cover is scene as a pivotal point in the transgender movement. activists hope jenner's decision will lead to more conversations about issues facing the community including high suicide rates and the lack of health care insurance.
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caitlyn jenner's popularity is growing. president obama previously held the top spot. jenner launched her new account with two simple tweets. one reads quote another jenner world record. and at 65 who would have thought? humbled and honored to have reached one million follower this is four hours. thank you for your support. at last check jenner has 1.9 million followers. now the hearing will focus on why technology to automatically slow down the train was not in place before that crash. investigators say the train was going 106 miles an hour on a curve with a 50 miles an hour speed limit when it jumped the tracks. eight passengers were killed. about 200 others were hurt. investigators still want to know what caused the crash.
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but there are reports that they may be looking at human error. there is a push also to crack down on copper thieves who are targeting the nation's commuter railways. you may remember back in 2011 thieves stole copper from barts rail system in oakland, san francisco, and along the pence la. and just last week new york city had 500 feet of copper stripped from its rails in the middle of the night. that forced a shut down of new york's beggest subway line and effected 100,000 commuters. new york senator charles schumer is proposing legislation that will require people to prove copper they are selling is their open. this morning people crossing streets in one south bay neighborhood may be wondering what happened to the popular crossing flags. 7-8 canisters used to hold brightly colored flags disappeared from utility poles.
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for more than two years the flags have been helping people safely cross the street. the woman responsible for them says they do work. >> so yeah you feel dorky but i have also driven down the street a hundred times at least. and you can't see people with a bright orange flag, you can suddenly see them. dorky or not i don't want to be in the hospital. >> holly bart says she doesn't know if this was a prank or someone's near spirited action. she is also look into replacing the flags which cost about $3 each. >> i think it's a great idea. sal, i think it would work well in the city. be in san francisco. people are so busy. all the intersections. >> those flags wouldn't last a minute in san francisco. someone would take it. >> i don't know what they need to use them for but you are right. >> it's one of the big city
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things. good morning everybody dave and pam. traffic is doing well as you drive through. you can see traffic is looking good in many areas but it's getting a hit more crowded here and there. usually at the bay bridge it gets crowded at 5:30. the metering lights come on at 5:45. yesterday we had a bad day here so today people may be on the road early. let's take a look at interstate 880. also looking at the south bay and traffic is doing well on all the santa clara valley freeways so it's a good idea to get out there before the rush hour really starts. let's go to steve in the weather center. mostly cloudy, mostly clear. some areas which had the clouds near altamont pass. livermore is 61- degrees at
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5:00 a.m.. normal for this time of year. and michelle o'brien. this is michelle. she is in santa clara. she said it's warm and partly cloudy. it is warm. we're on the mild side. we had had that system that came in and gave us a southerly breeze, a lot of low clouds and the water temps have come up so it's translating into a mild pattern. 55 san francisco. there is the 61 in livermore. san jose is 59. concord 58. a little cooler north bay and napa. a little bit of a breeze delta breeze. concord west, southwest. shows calm for napa. the water temps here 54-57, 59. those have come way up. not nearly as much drizzle. and then sunny and warm. kind of muggy for some. the breeze will kick in.
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and then we will see 60s and 70s. and then upper 70s to near 80s. low clouds, sunny and possibility of another low dropping in thursday. looks warmer with an offshore breeze on friday and then a lot of cloud cover coming up from baja. there will be thunderstorms in the sierra. a brand new $4 million fire house but they can't open it. coming up in 15 minutes why building inspectors are keeping firefighters from moving in. >> instant alerts for earthquakes that didn't happen. up next the problem with phantom quakes that have the usgs apologizing.
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even tempur-pedic. and rest even better with sleep train's risk-free 100-day money back guarantee. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5:24. reports from chinese television says at least 18 people have survived a cruise ship accident on the river but many more are presumed to be dead. take a look at this video from chinese television showing the rescue teams in the area where the eastern star with 458 people on board sank. most of the passengers were tourists between 50 and 80 years old but there is is at least one passenger who was only three years old. the ship capsized and quickly
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sank during a storm and that storm is making it very hard for the search teams to look for victims. we are now learning the u.s. military sent samples of live anthrax to three laboratories in canada. it's part of the same batch that was sent from an army lab in utah. the number of labs known to have received the samples it has grown to 28 in three states. the lab at stanford university received one of the viles. so far there is no reports of anyone suffering adverse effects from the virus. they say earthquake centers in northern california red energy waves from deep earthquakes in alaska and japan and mistakenly identified them as local earthquakes. the u.s. geological survey says
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the automatic issues also issued an alert to help emergency responders. >> they say that software is being tweaked to help make the system more reliable. in the city of love, paris, the city has decide the symbols of love have no place on an old bridge. for years people put padlocks on the bridge and threw the key in the river but the locks are damaging the bridge. so 45 tons of those locks are being taken away now and padlock plebsy group. and for now there is is no --
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clay thompson back at practice for the warriors. what still needs to happen before he is cleared to play in the nba finals and what will be done with the nba's concussion protocol during the off season. >> we're live in livermore where a small plane crashes killing its pilot in the middle of a field. we'll tell you what clues the ntsb hopes to go off of. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is doing okay on the sunol grade. we'll tell you a little bit more about the east bay commute. >> drizzle was a huge factory yesterday. a big difference in the temps.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. we are live in month sir reason toe where five people escaped their burning home. janine has been talking to the fire investigators. she'll bring us this story in two minutes. it is tuesday, june 2nd i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 5:30 is the time.
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steve. >> pam. >> chilly again this morning? >> well, not for everybody. it's kind of mild. >> okay. >> temperatures though some locations upper 50s and low 60s. yet you can find 11 degrees cooler toward the north bay and some of that low cloud deck and a few high clouds left behind and the water temps have come way up which is allowing some of the lows to run on the mild side. 55 san francisco. 65. 68 for a high today. normal high is 65. it's the inland temps which will be slightly below to near average. kind of mild and muggy. 50s on the temps. 50s, upper 50s, 61 livermore. there will be a little bit of a breeze here today.
5:32 am
weak high pressure builds in and then low clouds and sunny and warm. mild by the coast. mild to warm inland. all right sal anything new at 5:31? well, we have things that are beginning to heat up. good morning to you. let's start off on 280. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. you can see traffic is doing very well if you want to get on the road now. the south bay commute isn't that bad. it does look pretty good. we do have a look at the east bay commute and we are seeing some slow traffic. we had an earlier accident westbound 580. that is on the shoulder but traffic is still slow any way as you drive through. i'm not sure it's because of the accident or just because people are on the road. they are on the road or the altamont pass. here is something curious. vasco road there was crash or something going on there. we called chp and brentwood police. brentwood police and chp says
5:33 am
there is a lot there. a lot of people have called us and says brentwood is closed. something is going on but we can't find out anything right now. there is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a 15-20 minute delay. the metering lights are not on yet. vasco road situation just beware. it is closed. people are going around. they might put more people on the altamont pass. 5:33 let's go back to the desk. we continue to follow developing thinks in the south bay. fire crews remain on the scene of a south fire. janine de la vega is there at the scene. >> reporter: popping sounds. they thought it was spray paint cans that were kept upstairs. toy want to show you what -- i do want to show you the road situation. this is highway 9. you can see
5:34 am
it is completely blocked off. there are police cars there and you can come here and see there is a fire hose in the middle of the street. this is los gatos, saratoga road which is nine as highway 9. the road will be like this for another 30 minutes. they are work to moving the rigs to one side. they are trying to get this open for the morning commute. the fire started at 2:30. it's on the second floor of a home that is at least 100 years old. when firefighters arrived all five people that were inside were injured be. firefighters started attacking the flames from the outside. after around two hours, firefighters finally had it all contained. the red cross has come out here to help the people escape. we spoke with one woman who told us she heard the popping noises. and again hopefully we will get that sound for you in the next hour or so. but i do want to let you know that there is an arson
5:35 am
investigator here on the scene. they still don't know what the cause of the fire was. just that the origin was on the second floor. we were told by one of the people who lived in the home that there is no electricity up here. at this point again we really just don't know. you can see they are there talking to red cross right now. i asked the fire captain what the condition of the home was and he assumed that it was a total loss. they were able to get some things out. jewelry, some diplomas. at this point they really don't know how much is salvageable. a sad situation up here but we will keep an eye on it. >> thank you janine. we will stay on top of that with the road especially. thank you. time is 5:35. a pilot was killed on a firey plane crash that happened in livermore. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. this happened around 9:00 last night in the area of hartford
5:36 am
avenue and north livermore avenue. ktvu fox 2 tara moriarty is near the crash scene and tara, i'm curious, is there anymore activity out there since the last time we talked to you ? >> reporter: not yet. ntsb investigators will arrive shortly and they will comb through the wreckage and try to piece together what went wrong. we did receive a photo. here's a look at it. when firefighters arrive add the crash site they found the plane in the field it crashed in engulfed in flames. the ever that person was the only person on board bo board. >> there are witnesses who did report the airplane going down at a high rate of speed and
5:37 am
that there was a considerable impact and subsequent fire. so yeah we are talking to those people and i'm sure the federal authorities will be talking to them as well. >> somebody had crashed here nine months ago in this field to the left of where this accident happened. >> reporter: investigators say that plane experienced mechanical issues as well. now it typically takes months for the ntsb to come up live from livermore i'm tara moriarty. builds inspectors say the building does not meet the standards with the american
5:38 am
disability act. neighbors say they live in a high danger area for wild fire. they were counting on that fire station to help protect their homes. >> we're hoping that the response times would be better up here and now that this hasn't gone in, nothing has changed. >> i wish they would just disregard it and open the fire house. that's what is important. >> the city of santa rosa has hired a consultant to look into the problem and come up with some solutions. we called that consultant who says the repairs should not be expensive or too hard. the city is also looking into why the fire station wasn't built to meet the standards of the americans with disabilities act in the first place. the contra costa water district may raise rates as a way to reduce over all water usage. tomorrow night the district board will vote on a plan to boost the rate for customers who don't cut how much water they are using. customers that use less water they would see their water biologos down. this meeting will start at 6:30
5:39 am
tomorrow night. it will be at the delta conference room. that is a different location than usual because generations are taking place at the regular facility. federal lawsuit has been filed in the case of a three- year-old girl who was beat ton death in napa. the girl's mother and her boyfriend were arrested in the case. family member filed a federal lawsuit claiming napa officials with the city, police department, and child welfare services failed to fully investigate reports of child abuse. the child's grandmother says she reported to authorities multiple times that her granddaughter was not being fed or cared for. happening today the u.s. senate scheduled to vote on a replacement bill for the patriot act. the bill is known as the usa freedom act. it would phase out the bulk collection of american phone records by the national security agency. now the senate failed to act on that bill during a session on
5:40 am
sunday. mainly because of maneuvering by senator rand paul here. now also happening today the head of the internal revenue service goes to capitol hill. he will be answering questions about cyber security from two separate u.s. senate committees. he will be asked government watchdogs warned the irs about computer weaknesses with more warnings as recently as march. last week the irs announced that personal information of more than 100,000 taxpayers had been stolen from an irs website. time is 5:40. airport security failures is what we're talking about this morning. coming up at 6:00, the changes that will be made to the tsa after under cover agents were able to smuggle fake explosives and banned weapons through the choke point. >> the widow of a bart police officer killed last year is
5:41 am
suing bart. up next what her husband told her before he died that is playing a key role in that lawsuit. >> good morning. if you are driving in the golden gate bridge any time soon it does look pretty good but the fog is there. kind of low. just be aware of that. we'll tell you a little bit more about the commute this morning. >> cool to mild on the lows. not nearly as much drizzle but a combination of fog and higher clouds but it looks rather mild to warm today.
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the city of menlo park may consider changing its police body camera policy when the city council meets tonight. the proposed change would make it possible for people who had video recordings of themselves deleted. now right now the policy
5:44 am
requires the police department to keep all video for at least 2.5 years. the city councilman and the police chief have worked out a compromise that would allow people to request video to be deleted if it has no investigative relevance and if they are willing to sign a legal waiver. the widow of a bart police officer who was killed last year by another officer is suing bart. in january of 2014, sergeant tom smith was searching an apartment in dublin when officer michael maze mistook him for an intruder and killed him. smith's widow kelly is also a bart police officer. she says before her husband was killed, he was growing frustrated about the lack of training and told her to sue if anything happened to him. kelly has filed papers in federal court alleging bart denied her husband's tactical training request. bart is maintaining -- a lawyer for bart says the agency's top
5:45 am
priority is the safety of its officers and the public. iraq's prime minister is joining representatives from the u.s. and 20 others to re- examine the strategy for fiting islamic state militants. we want to show you video of the isis take over of the city of ramadi last month. a new study shows the war in afghanistan has killed nearly 100,000 people since 2001. the study by brown university says the war in afghanistan is getting worse with the number of people killed and wounded increasing in recent years. the united nations says civilian deaths rose 16% in the first four months of this year with 974 people killed. our time is 5:45. changing gears now the nba says it will investigate its own
5:46 am
concussion protocol after two high profile head injuries in the western conference finals. of course we are talking about steph curry hitting his head in game four. and then in game five lei northern -- clay thompson suffered a concussion after getting hit in the head. now if he remains free of symptoms, he will be cleared to play game one of the nba times against cleveland on thursday in oakland. the nba averaged about 13 concussions a season over the past four years. that is a lot less than the nfl which treated more than 200 last season. the golden state warriors are sharing their success this season by helping bay area kids shoot for their own dreams. the warriors are teaming up with several businesses and holding play off parties.
5:47 am
every dollar that is raised goes to community grants, rebuilding community center basketball courts, and helping young people with their home work. >> really it's about giving love back. returning that passion and that loyalty. >> so far the playoff watch parties have raised more than $50,000 for the warriors foundation and one of the projects the foundation is funding is the complete renovation of a boys and girl club in oakland. >> that is really great. 5:47 is the time. are we going to love traffic? >> maybe. not as much as you loved that last story. i'm going to give you slow traffic. we will see a lot of slow traffic here. vasco road for some reason is
5:48 am
blocked off several viewers have tweeted me about it. but the authorities don't know of anything going on. it's kind of a mystery if you happen to be out there, if you are going to be driving there, let me know if you can. if you see a closure. westbound 580 is very, very slow. traffic will be busy in 101 northbound. but not a huge commute as it comes out to the area. i do want to show you that is the east shore freeway traffic is going to be okay as you drive on westbound 80 between the carquinez bridge and the mccarthur maze. let's two to the bay bridge toll plaza right now and the traffic continues to look pretty good. if you are looking from concord to walnut creek this morning southbound 680 does look good all the way down to the 680-24 interchange.
5:49 am
if you go high enough to the top you will find one that makes a decision. how can we resolve that altamont? what is going on out there vasco? >> we are going to look at i trust the viewers that is for sure. >> all right thank you, sal. >> we do have a low cloud deck. temperatures on the coast have warmed up. a lot of drizzle yesterday. that was not the case today. yesterday was light rain. napa will start off 62-67. 59 rather mild there. that is our system from yesterday. you can see yesterday our spin in the atmosphere that is where we had the drizzle.
5:50 am
61-degrees in livermore. 50 in san santa rosa. san francisco buoy 54. monterey 59 warm degrees. remember about a month ago upper 40s or low 50s. a lot has changed since then. 50s and 60s through the interior. 54 down it. there goes our system to the north. that will allow the fog to burn off sooner. something to watch for if you are heading to cabo san lucas it's not so much andres it will be blanco. some of that moisture may get in train due to a low which will drop in over us and settle into southern california. a lot has to come together in
5:51 am
order for this to happen. sierra nevada, northern california will be dealing with thunderstorms as we head toward friday and saturday. possibility some of that could wrap back around. again it's a broad brush right now but it looks to be sunday the best opportunity around hire. temperatures 60s and 70s. upper 60s. these are above average. and near average to even slightly below for the inland temps. kind of a crazy wacky pattern for early june. and then an offshore breeze on friday for a quick warmup and a lot of clouds and maybe some thunderstorm activity near on sunday. >> wow. okay. kind of nice as long as it doesn't start any fires. >> that is is true.
5:52 am
the university of alabama reverses the controversial decision to cut its football program. coming up in 25 minutes, the donations that made reinstatement possible but the reason the school may have trouble fielding a team. >> but next a backlash over a new perk for california politicians. the service is providing a free ride home to state lawmakers who might be too drunk to drive.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 5:54. fairly new program for state senator soming under fire from taxpayer groups and even one lawmaker. the state senate hired two part time workers who include driving senators home any time day or night. officially therefore emergency services. but the jobs were created just six months after a senator who represents san diego and imperial counties would stop for driving under the
5:55 am
influence. senator from a neighboring district says the service is a waste of taxpayer money. >> there is no reason to have anybody on staff 24 hours a day which is really nothing more than a specialized transport for those that may over indulged. >> state senators already get $163 a day for incidental expenses including transportation and food while they are working at the capitol. they say the cost of getting home safely could come out of that money. happening today san francisco supervisor jane kim will introduce a ballot measure to change how the land near at & t park can be developed. the san francisco giants have worked for years to build support for a 28-acre mixed use development there. if supervisor kim's measure is is approve, it would cut height restrictions for those buildings in half. it would also require the giants to build more low income housing. supervisor kim wants to put her proposal on the november ballot
5:56 am
but that is also when the giants would be asking voters to approve their project. now if both measures end up on the ballot which ever ones get the most votes would be the project that would go forward. apple has a new music service. it's a new streaming subscription service expected to cost about $10 a month. it comes after apple bought beats head phone company. which included the beats music service. new york post says the apcom wines music, user created videos and new version of itunes radio. coming up next in our 6:00 hour, one of the stories we are following a pilot was killed in a firey plane crash in livermore. the problem reported shortly after take off and what witnesses saw. >> good morning. there i am on tv. good morning.
5:57 am
[ laughter ] 237. there is 237. traffic is not bad here however, we do have a lot of slow traffic on one particular highway in the east bay. we'll ride you through that coming up. >> a little different pattern today. we still have some fog but it will give way to sunshine today and a little warmer. there is plenty more fog today compared to yesterday. on his quest, jack searched the globe for a flavorful spice coveted by kings and sultans. at last, he found it. exotic black pepper.
5:58 am
jack knew what he had to do. trade his most beloved possession. and that's how far jack went to bring you the black pepper cheeseburger. black pepper cheese and peppercorn mayo. the black pepper cheeseburger. taste it before it's gone. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
5:59 am
we're live in livermore where the ntsb is investigating a small plane crash that killed its pilot near the municipal airport. we'll tell you what neighbors saw and heard just moments before the crash >> police with guns drawn. people running for cover. the dramatic chase that was all caught on camera. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. it didn't feel too cool outside to me. >> no, it's on the mild side. it's not as bad as it was. most of the temperatures coast and bay have come up. water temps have come up. it's not as weld cold. a month ago it was freezing.
6:00 am
and also along the temps. still plenty of areas of fog this morning. more so with fog but there are noticeable breaks in the clouds this morning. let's head up first and take care of our social media here with ann. all the doors and windows are open to cool down from yesterday. i'll have news for you it will be a little warmer today. our own michelle says those fog horns have been driving me nuts


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