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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it's the end of the line for the nsa's controversial
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phone data collection. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. today president obama signed the new law into change. the government will no longer collect mass phone collections of u.s. citizens. ken pretty credit -- ken pritchett is here now with the changes. and some say it's a win. >> reporter: well this is a win. the freedom act passed the u.s. senate with a vote of 67-32 a fine showage of partisan control. >> it will protect the security of the united states but we also protect the privacy of americans. >> reporter: the national security agency collected data on telephone calls made by u.s.
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citizens without a warrant. under this new law the data will be collected by the phone companies. accessible to u.s. intelligence only with a warrant from a secret court. the nsa's collection o -- of phone records was secret until it was leaked by snowden. >> you have to remember the fact that we have a proven history that these programs are not effective. >> reporter: today's vote was a result of a failed effort by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to pass the pay -- patrioarch. >> mitch mcconnell certainly doesn't look good. >> reporter: cooke says the fight over nsa surveillance was a huge victory for senator paul who also opposed the freedom act. >> it will certainly stay in the race longer, will help him raise money.
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help him stand apart from the rest of the field. i don't know if this gets him any closer to the nomination. >> reporter: as promised, president obama signed the new bill tonight. and it transitions to the new rules under effect on this new freedom act. >> so another six months all right. ken thank you. turns out that a terrorism investigation that led to a deadly shooting in boston has a bay area link. an fbi agent and boston police officer shot and killed a man who authorities say had been under surveillance as part of a long running terrorism investigation. ktvu's rob roth tells us the man's brother happens to be an iman at a mosque in oakland. >> reporter: terrorism investigators were closely watching usama raheem. >> the suspect had been under 24 hour surveillance.
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>> reporter: fbi task force addressed raheem this morning on terrorist questioning. but would not give me details. >> it was enough information that we decided to approach him. he came out with a knife. >> reporter: this military style knife. when he would not put it down, authorities shot him to death. but raheem posted his brother was waiting for a bus to go to work. he was on his cell phone with my dear father with a confrontation needing a witness, his last words to my father who heard the shots were i can't breathe. outside the mosque one member said he doesn't believe the imam's family is tied to terrorism or terrorists groups. he says he moved here from boston last november. >> i would be absolutely shocked if he was in any way, shape or form with any terroristic activity. because as i mentioned the imam
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is you know is love and caring for one another. >> reporter: at the islamic relations center there's a question about a shooting of another person of color and that being under surveillance is no wrong doing. >> many people are approached by law enforcement on a daily basis, problematic. i would not read anything into the fact that he was under surveillance. >> reporter: we're told that the imam is on his way to boston to be with his family. and they're investigating for possible ties of the imam's
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brother to isis. a brisbane woman who provided the pictures tells us she hopes it was just disrespectful kids and says it is not acceptable. a weed abasement program is being blamed for starting a wildfire in martinez that was burned dangerously close to homes. while crews attacked the fire one man used a garden hose to battle the flames on his own. a sound wall also kept the flames from spreading. officials are releasing new information on a suspect involved in a chase and crash yesterday. it all ended on fifth street near mission when the suspects car got wedged between other cars in rush hour traffic. police have now identified the driver as 24-year-old michael cortez. they say he's a member of a violent prison gang and was considered armed and dangerous. at least two drivers were hurt during the incident and several
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cars were damaged. cortez was booked on numerous felony counts for reckless driving and evading police. this is his mug shot. police say he was on parol for felony assault and was on probation for an attempted murder in san francisco. there is also a burglary warrant out for him in san mateo county. new developments tonight in san francisco, tug of war over housing. hundreds of people showed up to speak before the board of supervisors as the board considers a moratorium on new multimillion developments in the nation. this heated debate is still under way. heather holmes has the story. >> reporter: julie and the passionate debate here illustrates san francisco's growing pains. a lot of people are moving into the city, causing long time residents to drive a stake in their homes. >> everybody knows, you can't afford to live in san francisco anymore.
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from behind the count you are of dog ear books, melissa richmond watches and lives the expensive and emotional struggle to find a place to live in san francisco. >> i can't afford to live in the mission. i live in the -- >> reporter: supervisor david campos called for tempers to cool. >> we have to respect people's rights to provide an opinion even if it's different from ours. >> reporter: campos who respects the mission district is pushing for a 45 day moratorium of housing developments in the area. he wants to prevent developers from swooping up the limited land left while the city comes up with a plan. >> what we need to do is to focus on the billing of affordable housing to be able to do that we need to preserve this land that's why we're doing this. >> the proposed moratorium will
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not prevent one eviction from taking place. >> reporter: it will only drive up prices says mark farrell. >> the moratorium on housing whether in one neighborhood or all neighborhoods in san francisco is the wrong approach we should be taking to our affordability crisis. >> reporter: ferrell say it is moratorium does nothing to address housing demand here in the city. now i just checked a few minutes ago and public comment is still going on. keep in mind julie this hearing started at 3:00 this afternoon so a lot of people showing up here at city hall to vent their frustrations and to show their passions over this issue. >> a lot to talk about. heather, the thank you. a controversial tree removal plan in the oakland hills is expected to come up for a vote at some point during tonight's city council meeting. the fire department wants to prevent another fire storm like the one in 1981 that killed 21 people and destroyed nearly 3,000 homes. city council members need to decide whether to accept a $4 million federal grant to help
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pay for removal of tens of thousands of nonnative trees. in fact, more than 90% of the eucalyptus, monterey pines, cypress would be cut down. >> the goal is to cut the lower reaching trees from the ground. >> reporter: some have filed a lawsuit to stop the trees from being cut down. they say the trees do not represent safety issues. others say they're concerned about the type of herbicide being used to kill the plants off and replace the trees. in oakland's oracle arena have been getting ready for game one. new signs have been posted. everything from the new seat backs to signs on posts. even the rafters say finals. meantime great news for the
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warriors, clay thompson has been cleared. he has cleared the nba's concussion protocall that happened today. he joined his teammates at the practice this afternoon. thompson was hit in the head during the western conference finals last weekend. he showed concussion testing that night and has been undergoing tests every night. scott reiss on the journey that has gotten the team where it is today, coming up later on tonight. it's a $5 billion a year business that requires a lot of water. at 10:30, california's rice crop. growers are making changes but the impact of the drought extends well beyond the field. >> and it'll be a little wet during the commute. i'll tell you which areas are a little more susceptible and where temperatures will get up to the 80s and 90s. and the plague of problems they say he was part of in the peninsula and how you could avoid being a victim.
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it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. an alleged thief is under arrest tonight in the south bay accused of a series of break- ins. police say it's a problem that's going on all over the bay area. maureen naylor live in los altos with the one thing that the victims did that made them a target. >> reporter: frank police say here at the los altos bakery cafe is where they finally caught up with an east bay man that they say is behind dozens
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of police break-ins. and they say it's just part of a plague of car thefts throughout the area. this 27-year-old oakland man broke into cars at four different parking lots along el camino real within hours. he broke into cars cars behind this starbucks and hobee's restaurant. >> sadly no, last month was the worse month in a year and a half. just the sheer volume was larger than we had since last may. >> reporter: in all those cases something valuable was left in plain view. police spotted this suspected burglar at this in and out. >> he did not stop for our detectives. and he drove through cars that
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were posted to try to stop the suspect. >> reporter: they found items from dozens of auto burglaries all over the bay area. >> you don't want to be the low hanging fruit. if you put away your stuff that's half the battle. >> reporter: this mountain view mother says she keeps our valuables in the trunk. >> the district is also district because they know you're going to be there for hours doing the 4 miles. i try to be careful. >> they're fast. i've had personal experience where friends and others in a parking lot, they boom, boom, boom. pop the doors open, pop the trunks open and steal laptops. >> reporter: this engineer left his laptop inside a bag in the front seat. >> you walk by and it's hard to see but i could do a better job. >> reporter: palo alto police say generally speaking the most targeted areas are parking lots along el camino real and downtown parking garages. with thieves also honing in on rental cars lacking for electronics that business travelers may have left behind.
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frank. >> unfortunately you can't be too careful these days. maureen naylor, thank you. a small plane crash yesterday in livermore. 75-year-old michael field of pleasanton was flying the single engine piper tri pacer when it went down in a field north of interstate 580. he had just taken off from the livermore airport about three miles away. steel was the only person on board. we're told he was a retired airline pilot who was highly experienced and a well respected aviator. investigators say field reported problems with the control moments before the crash. the former uc berkeley police officer who's instinct and intuition helped break the jaycee dugard case is now dealing with a medical crisis. she's the single parent of two kids and john sasaki tell us she now needs help and support as she fights breast cancer. >> reporter: 39-year-old allie
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jacobs loves to garden. >> this is flat leaf kale. >> reporter: using the food she t grows to enhance her family's health. she says that she has always been into healthy eating. >> it's been a struggle watching my kids see me tired and in pain and suffering. seeing it through their eyes and telling them we can't go any where this summer. we can't go to you know the giant's games and warriors games because there's just too many people or i'm too tired to take you. >> reporter: jacobs was a uc berkeley police officer who gained prominence after helping to break the jaycee dugard case. she encountered dugard and his accomplice. >> it seemed to me that he was a homeless meth head and these
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kids should not be with him. but they were his kids and that did not seem right to me. >> reporter: jacobs retired from the police department because of an illness. and then she found three lumps. >> if i didn't do my self-exams i wouldn't have known any better. if i can just save one life because one girl went in prior to her 40th birthday and found something early, and it saved her life. then that made it all worth it for me. >> reporter: in brentwood, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. the state weather board released new figures showing water use fell in april by 13% compared to last year. the 13% reduction includes residential and business customers statewide. the april numbers are likely a result of a renewed push in march to cut water use. starting this month there's a new goal of 25%.
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the water board says all of california's region showed some improvement but some areas did better than others. the far northern california region called the north lalan saw the most significant reduction at 37.5%. the bay area conserved about 20. southern california including los angeles and san diego reduced the least amount of water at about 8.7%. and it was a beautiful day out there today. i got this picture in on my twitter feet. this is the class of 2015. and they took their class picture out here. what a beautiful day. the perfect class picture. golden gate in the background. cleared out the fog very nicely. and tomorrow it'll be the same deal. you have a few high cloud. as you look at the airplane flying over these clouds are going to be in the forecast.
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really for the next 24 hours or so. that's the high stuff. not fog. the coastal fog will try to reform. there'll be patches of it. as we go into the evening hours, you can see them through it's a thin layer. 62 in concord. 61 in walnut creek. kind of mild. temperatures tomorrow as we look at the forecast model brings the fog back to the coast by tomorrow morning. but kind of keeps it in the peninsula. looks like it does that east bay thing where it cooks over the east bay hills over into livermore. and then it warms up, now you see more high clouds come in. forecast highs tomorrow, just like today. so today we had 80s even. upper 70s, mid-80s. this is the forecast for tomorrow. it'll be a lot like your day-to- day today. even the coastal fog should burn off a little bit there'll be a few high clouds. a nice day for your wednesday. there are changes coming down the road. temperatures are going to warm up a little more than this. i will lay that for you here
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after a couple of breaks. a new headquarters for sunset magazine. it's leaving its long time home in the peninsula how the new location reflect it
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there is new information tonight about a massive recall of automobile air bags and possible delays in replacing the defective parts. at 34 million vehicles it is already the biggest recall in automobile history. and today members of congress grilled representatives of takata the air bag manufacturer. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live now in walnut creek with why many consumers are still confused about this recall, jana. >> reporter: there was a hearing on capitol hill and many in congress say this is unacceptable. it's been two weeks since the recall and many auto dealers and car owners still don't know whether their vehicle is affected. >> buckle up. >> reporter: safety and side air bags are two of reasons matthew robinson says he bought his new toyota tundra. >> i bought it for the air bags because i thought it was safer for these little guys. >> reporter: like many drivers he hadn 't heard about the takata air bag recall. the problem is exploding air bags leading to six deaths and
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dozens of injuries. >> one out of every seven vehicles on the road in the united states has an air bag made by takata. >> reporter: it's a massive safety concern. at a hearing takata officials and the safety administration says there could be delays in notifying customers and getting the repairs done. >> people will continue driving with little question but i think there's an urgency to speed up to whatever extent possible a recall of this nature. >> i don't think that's fair. it's not fair the to the consumer. >> reporter:, consumers can enter their vin or vehicle number and find out if their vehicle is part of the takata recall. another problem, even two weeks after the recall the list is still not complete. >> it's going to take some time. that could be any where from a few days to a few weeks for the auto makers to put together an accurate list so we can be sure when people look up their vin number, they're going to find whether or not their vehicle is
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in the recall. >> reporter: many local car dealers say they've been getting calls from consumers every day about repairs. >> being in a perfect world we get them all at once. as fast as we get them in we get them to the customers vehicle. >> reporter: they plan to increase production of replacement parts from 750 last month to 1 million by september. that could mean months even years before supply meets tkphapd. saab today added their list of recall vehicles to the online data check list. and they say they hope it'll be complete within the next few weeks. drivers are recommended to check the list every day. sunset magazine is moving to jack london square.
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the magazine plans to relocate to the second floor of the jack london square building. >> everybody in america was moving into suburbs to enjoy the wide open places. the story has completely reversed and people are filling in old industrial spaces, great new businesses are springing up in places that used to be industrial. >> as a added twist, jack london himself used to be a writer for sunset magazine. the move is set for december. up next, legislation to raise the legal smoking age to 21. we'll explain where the bill stand tonight. acres and acres of land line under water.
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why california's rice businesses are facing controversy during the drought.
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acres of california farmland under water. the state's rice crop is now facing scrutiny because of how much water it requires and now for a second year in a row, rice farmers will be planting less than they did the year before. >> ktvu's ken wayne takes us to butte county where he learned the impact goes far beyond the fields -- the drought's impact goes far beyond the field. >> reporter: it's time to plant rice and that means pouring thousands of gallons of water on the the rice fields. like everybody else in california rice farmers have less water to use. planting is expected to drop 6% this year. for steve rvstrom it's more. >> we're planting about 25% of our normal acreage.
10:30 pm
some people that don't have any wells are planting about 43% of their normal. >> reporter: rystrom is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who started farming in butte county in 2010. >> rice grows very, very well. >> reporter: he has thousands of acres that he won't be planting because they've cut his water in half. so he's trying his luck at water wells. >> we haven't used our water wells in years. there's a lot of unknowns, if you start growing a field and you run of water you would be in pretty bad shape. >> reporter: rice fields need to be flooded with between three and 5-inches of water. that adds up to more than 1 million gallons an acre. >> you certainly do feel vulnerable because so much of what we're able to do depend on how much water is stored in lake oroville. >> reporter: rice is big business. most california rice is consumed here in the u.s. but
10:31 pm
about 1/3 is exported to countries like japan and south korea that is in high demand. >> this is a rice that is proven to be one of the highest quality rices, medium grains in the world. >> reporter: -- >> agriculture is here. not just here but in the docks, everybody has some stake in the agriculture business in california. >> reporter: how is business this year compared to last year because of the drought. >> we're feeling it. 15 to 20% is what i'm thinking. >> reporter: if rice farmers lose their water , small farm communities could suffer. >> some of the crops we treat almonds we don't know what's going to happen there too. it's going to get serious if we don't get some water.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: it's not just people who would suffer. >> before it was developed every wait -- winter the sacramento river would flood. >> we used to have six to 4 million bird. we've lost about 20% of those natural wetlands. >> reporter: dan fritz says there's only 2,000 acres of wetlands set aside in the sacramento valley for wildlife. mostly birds. there's half a million acres of rice fields and those flooded lands play a key role in protecting wildlife. >> that water is available in the residual rice bed that's available to these birds is very, very important. >> reporter: he says the hundreds of thousands of dusks and geese risk getting botulism and col era if they can't
10:33 pm
spread their wings into the farmland. >> the likelihood of the disease outbreak is recurring. >> reporter: for now the birds are surviving as are the rice farmers, but the future is uncertain. and everyone here is hoping this is the last year of drought. >> it better be or it's going to get very serious everywhere for everybody. >> reporter: in butte county, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ktvu has a special section on the drought just click the news tap and look for california drought. california could become the first state in the country to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes to 21. right now you only have to be 18 to buy tobacco products. but the writer of the bill says he wants to keep another
10:34 pm
generation from getting hooked on smoking tobacco. according to a new report out today by the centers for disease control, melanoma cases are highest in the women under age 50. doctors say these numbers could be reduced if more people use sunscreen, wear protective clothes and stay out of tanning beds. u.s. stock markets closed slightly lower today. the dow dropped 28 points, nasdaq was down six and the s & p lost two. another bay area city voting tonight on whether to buy body cameras for their police officers. then at 10:45, the warriors journey to the nba finals. the moves that built the team and got them where they are today. tracking this mild weather pattern that we've been having. we talked about wednesday. now let's move on with the long range forecast when we come back we will talk about students for increasing temperatures. >> and stranded on a roller coaster, the accident that injured four teenager and left others dangling for hours.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. my name is mary molina and i'm a pipeline engineer for pg&e in the sacramento region. new technology is being used in all facets of the company and what we do. pg&e is employing these technologies as an investment to the system for the long run. we're not just going to roll up and go home because we live here and we work here and we care about the work and we care about doing it right. we all have the same goals to make the system safe and to make the community safe. together, we're building a better california.
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new at 10:00, the alameda council approved the plan for new body cameras. the money comes from a state grant and unspent funds from the police department. the police department must now provide a plan on the use of cameras. >> there's people that agree with us having the body cameras but they don't agree on
10:38 pm
balancing the public's privacy and safety. >> they expect to have the cameras on officers by the end of the summer. there's word tonight that an abalone diver who died today was from out of state. jerry mcguire from el paso texas was diving when he suffered some kind of health emergency. it's not clear what happened but his friends say that he just stopped swimming and appeared unconscious. santa clara police say miller and his fiance were
10:39 pm
arguing when she just fell down. a protective order is in place that bans him from any contact with the victim. four people were stuck on a roller coaster ride. one of the cars from the ride the smiler collided with a stationary car that was unoccupied. the teens were all rescued and rushed to the hospital but a dozen other riders were left stranded 25 feet in the air at a 45-degree angle for three hours. the accident happened at alton towers which is one of britain's tourest attractions. hundredsover student crossing guards from elementary schools in oakland were honored for their hard work and dedication. parents, teachers and supporters were among those in attendance at the pass and review ceremony. the school's safety patrol program is sponsored by aaa.
10:40 pm
in oakland the otd and aaa have been worked together for 80 years. >> that was nice. is there warmer weather on the way? our chief meteorologist bill martin is under way. but first, a warriors seen years in the making. the moves and maneuvering that brought us to this week's nba finals.
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10:42 pm
it's a match up 40 years in the making. this thursday the golden state warriors will face off against the cleveland cavaliers in game one of the nba finals. we all know the warriors have been mediocre for so long but this year it all has come together. >> reporter: and scott reiss on the construction of a
10:43 pm
championship team. >> reporter: the destination simple, the nba finals. the journey a lot more complicated. how in the world did this team get to this place. the warriors were coming off their 15th season in 14 years. they had the number seven pick in the draft. the pick that would alter the course of the warrior history. >> the warriors select, stephen curry. >> reporter: curry that frail looking kid who had just left davidson college to the elite eight was a warrior. the suns and warriors discussed a trade that would send curry to the suns, their gm, steve kerr. that did not happen.
10:44 pm
july15, 2010 another landmark date. new ownership, new attitude. >> that's a very lonely flag. we want another one. >> reporter: a year later the warriors had the 11th pick in the draft. they took the guy who would wear number 11 and become an all star doing it. clay thompson would back up steph and monta adds a -- but as the season went on there were questions on which one they would keep. ellis a very popular player here was sent to milwaukee in a deal that brought in andrew bogut to golden state. a week later fans let legit know exactly how they felt about it. three months after that a chance to turn those boos back to cheers. another draft. but the warriors had to win a
10:45 pm
coin flip just to keep their top pick. fortunately they did. >> the golden state warriors select harrison barnes from the university of north carolina. barnes was the first of three warrior selections in 2012. they took ezile and with the fifth pick of the second round number 35 over all the steal of the draft treymont green. the roster was coming together. success would soon follow. the next season they not only won a play off, they took a season from denver and the year after they took something else, andre iguodala. th talent was in place to make a run but the front office decided it would not happen under johnson. so they made a new move
10:46 pm
replacing a very successful coach with a first time coach. these warriors are in the cusp of the nba mountain top, four games from history. >> checking in on the temperatures from today. they're going to be a lot like this again tomorrow. we had 80 in fairfield. it was 80 up in the santa rosa area. and we're getting 80s as well. temperatures temperatures starting to look a lot like this with clouds. the skyline and no fog right now. just a few high clouds. in outer richmond they saw the sunset. which isn't often you can do that in may and june. these are the high clouds for today. we pointed those out already. here's a system here that's going to have an impact. it's going to go to the east of us and as it does that it's going to trigger thunderstorms
10:47 pm
up toward lake tahoe. they could impact our area. they might bring us a scattered shower saturday and sunday. do not change your plans. it's one of those deals that it's all going to be happening east of here. certainly tomorrow we'll look at it more closely in the models. but look for a little drizzle tomorrow morning as we have been every morning. as we go into tomorrow more of the same. the microclimates lay out like they did today. so you have, mid-60s around the bay. you're going to get into the upper 60s and mid-70s inland and the warmest spots are going to make it into the 60s and 70s. the fog will try to reform but the impact is going to be light. a few clouds in the morning. carbon copy of what we had today. 77 in clear lake. 82 in vacaville.
10:48 pm
again the warm spots. everything east of here you're going to find mid-80s and upper 80s showing up in the central valley as we go into tomorrow. but most of our temperatures are going to be in the 70s again upper and mid. 70 in san jose. this could be last week it could be the week before. it just keeps coming along which in all my years doing this i can't remember a may or june that has had this flat line. these are months that are typified by some real swings in temperatures and winds. right everyone rain. and we're just kind of, look at that top tier numbers. there's a slight chance. we'll track this for you saturday and sunday. tomorrow we will lay down the models for you. something may go down there but it'll be east of san francisco and the bay. we may see thundershowers and activity. but more cool mild weather there's nothing wrong with it but nothing what you would expect. the san francisco giants are going to the white house tomorrow for a visit they will probably not mind repeating. they will be honored for the
10:49 pm
world series championship their third in five years. some of the players and coaches have left since last time. others are new to the team. they will probably share their championship souvenirs with president obama again. >> the giants can sure use a break because they have a little losing streak going on right now. >> you can kind of feel the vib out there it's not happening. of course in baseball or anything really streaking is not something any team is striving for. but whenever it goes your way of course but when you're sliding the wrong way like the giants are right now, that plain old consistently good sounds a whole lot better. winning a game looks like a chore at the moment. yet one young lady could care less. she's like all right dad, they'll get out of it. quit bouncing me around like that. a couple of runs in and the giants take a quick lead 2-0.
10:50 pm
hunter and pence are in. but a home run third slicing it the other way. two runs in, 4-2. in the bottom half, brandon crawford deep right center all because this guy has a lot of power. 2-run shot and they reviewed it. eighthof the year for crawford but the pirates have this guy andrew mccutchen sending the ball all over the yard. tonight an rbi double. later puts it away. seventhrun in. 7-4 final. the giants leave 11 runners stranded in scoring position again. can't seem to get both bay area teams on a roll at the same time. but the a's not sweating that because right now they're the ones who have it going on a little. about four out of the last five maybe about as hot as they've been all year. they were down 3-0 in the seventh and deep right center.
10:51 pm
billy burns to center. got himself an rbi single and it's 3-1. bases loaded for ben. and deep try a liner that will leave the yard. got himself a grand slam but you have to watch the replay. a youngster out there in deep right field makes a great catch. and then he realized wait a minute, i'm a detroit tiger's fan. and i'm not too happy about the fact that i caught that ball and he's cheered up. his brother up there will take the ball. he didn't care that he caught it. the fact that the tigers are losing. got a big upset in the french open. warriors get to where they were looking for in regard to clay thompson's help. and we'll start to let that all star guard tell you exactly how he feels with game one looming. sports part two next.
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10:54 pm
trevor ariza's knee not only impacted the head of the clay thompson but will impact it seems the way the nba exams concussions in the future. the union is investigating the way head injuries are looked at to see if change is needed. meanwhile thompson has passed all testing and cleared to play in game one against the cavs.
10:55 pm
he went through another work out in fine style as you see. all systems go. >> i feel great honestly these past few days i feel i got my wind back. and tomorrow is the final tune up and just trying to you know stop the nerves and anxiousness or keep them down as much as possible. >> reporter: age 33 in professional tennis that's about the time you won't find yourself around tournaments on a regular basis. father time maybe catching up with federer. french open losing in straight to the younger stan wawrinka. the first time in five grand slam events that saw match point. wawrinka says the reason that federer struggled today, simply because i was playing so well today. and when things are good they're really good.
10:56 pm
cam newton has led the panthers to several finals. panthers say yeah we want this guy around why not. five year extense, 1.3 million. and the first three years they will pay him 67.7 million dollars. that's the first ever paid to a player in the first years of a contract. and next russell wilson. i bet he gets the same. >> thank you, mark. and few for joining us. our next newscast begins at 4:00 tomorrow morning. have a great night and we'll see you again tomorrow night. >> good night.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
morning. hey. you sleep all right? no. you? i missed you up there. i know i got kind of carried away -- no, no, no. you don't need to apologize. i don't think that i was apologi-- you were right to be mad. sometimes i just feel like i have to scream
11:00 pm
to let you know how upset i am but you get it now, right? not. no idea whatsoever. ohh, if i knew, but... no. good. so let's pretend the whole thing never happened. what were we even fighting about, huh? [ chuckles ] what the heck happened in here? the raccoon get through the dog door again? yep. the raccoon got in, and your mom fought it off with the


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