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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday, june 3rd i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. steve paulson knows about your forecast. >> first let's wish him a happy birthday. he is trying to be quiet about it but now he's on facebook. >> now it's out for the world. >> it will probably ramp up tonight and tomorrow as another low moves into the picture here but today you get the sun it will slightly below normal on the temps. can't get out of this pattern. it will be here for the majority of june to be honest with you. out toward mid month.
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it's like a series of lows move in. we warm up a few degrees and another one drops in. it will be here late tonight and tomorrow. giving us another cool down as temperatures will be near average to below. right there is the low as it moves in. and heading to southern california and park itself there for three or four days. 48 in napa. 48 in santa rosa. cool there. a lot of locations running 1-6 degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago. you throw in a pretty good delta breeze i would say gusts to 30. so the pattern is here. we could have used this in january or february. but it's here in may and june. low clouds and plenty of sun. temperatures a lot of 70s in areas that should be much warmer than that. usual slow traffic. anything unusual to report? we are definitely get into the peak of this commute. right now we are seeing many -- although it's not too bad. 18 minutes between the
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carquinez bridge and the maze isn't too bad. we expect that time to go up. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see that traffic will be slower there at the toll plaza. in fact, we can take a live look there. you can see it's crowded. just a 20-25 minute delay as you drivel. we're look agent the contra costa commute highway 4 in antioch not that bad. it's a little slow in antioch. you can see traffic is moving along nicely. we have a lot of traffic on 205 and 580 heading into livermore. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. new this morning there will not be a moratorium on building multiunit housing in san francisco's mission district. tara moriarty is joining us now from the city. the board of supervisors reached that decision late last night. >> reporter: that is right. we talked to a couple people in the mission district that understand the affordability
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crisis here in san francisco. there is nowhere for them to live so they simply work here. they don't even live here. people in their same situation actually showed up by the hundreds to stay hall last night and things definitely got heated. hundreds rallied and marched through city hall showing their support for david campos' proposal which would have halted new housing construction for 45 days. according to the city's planning department, the measure would stop the progress of more than 20 projects with about 1200 units. campos said that would give the city time to come up with a plan for the limited land before developers snatched it all up. >> i know that the renting is constantly going higher and higher. i don't know what they are expecting a working person to do to get to a certain level. i know high-tech personnel that
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claim they could afford this as being higher rent but the average working person is look agent how much are they planning ongoing up each year. >> reporter: just before midnight the board voted 7-4 in favor of the moratorium but it needed nine to pass. many folks that live here say they need to come up with a plan to help long-time residents stay in their homes. and new condos are edging out the latino population. they say they plan to put the issue on the november ballot and let the voters decide. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you tara. i'm sure we will continue this story as it develops. 6:04 is the time. a controversial land deal putting affordable housing advocates at odds with members of the oakland city council as well. demonstrators shut down a council hearing last month to propose a proposal to sell city land near lake merit to a developer that plans to develop high price apartments.
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the council last night postponed a vote on the deal until the next regular session. other speakers blasted the council for adopting tighter security measures which closed off part of the council chamber to the public. this morning the search is on for at least one robbery suspect who slammed into a pedestrian in downtown san francisco trying to get away from the police last night. now about 10:30 officers started following the suspects car near eighth and market streets. the suspect or suspects then hit the pedestrian while trying to get away. now our roof camera actually captured that police chase. look at this. police pursued the bmw across the bay bridge. you can see the flashing lights. the officers lost track of the car near the 580 split. ktvu news crew was on the bridge during that chase. he took the vell phone pictures of the high speed pursuit. the pedestrian who was hit by the suspect was rushed to san francisco general hospital with
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life threatening injuries. now this was the second police pursuit in san francisco just this week that resulted in an innocent bystander being hurt. on monday police arrested a wanted parolee at fifth and mission after a dramatic pursuit that started in bay view. the chase came to an end when the suspects car got wedged between other cars in rush hour traffic. at least two other drivers were hurt. several cars were damaged. now the suspect in that chase 24-year-old michael cortez he was booked on several felony counts for reckless driving and also evading the police. now he was want the on felony assault charges and was also on probation for an attempted murder in san francisco. there is also a burglary warrant out for him in san mateo county. the takata air bag recall is the largest in the history of the auto industry but many people don't know if their cars are on that list and that is causing a lot of concern. ktvu fox 2 reporter janine de la vega is joining us from our
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newsroom with advice for drivers. janine. >> reporter: members of congress are frustrated because it's still unclear what caused the air bags to be defective. the bags are exploding and releasing sharp pieces of metal and so far it's caused six deaths around 100 injuries. the latest information we have is 11 auto makers are effected by the recall. but the list is still incomplete. lawmakers are concerned because so far only 15-35% of all air bag replacements have been completed. takata officials and the national highway transportation safety administration admit there could be delays in notifying customers to get repairs done. the website has been set up so owners can check to see if their cars on the list now. >> it will take some time. that could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the auto makers to put together an accurate list. >> reporter: dealers are also saying people may have to wait days or weeks for replacement
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parts to arrive at the dealership. takata officials say they will increase production of replacement parts but the company did admit some people who have already gotten their air bags replaced may have to come back a second time because there may be a problem with the design. takata has 60 days to come up with a plan on how to alert vehicle owners. >> boy 1-7 cars out on the road using these air bags. crazy. 6:08 is the time. president obama signed the usa freedom act into law within hours of its passage into the senate. the freedom act replaces the patriot act. the national security agency will no longer be able to collect bulk data on telephone calls. under the new law the data will be collected by the phone companies but it will be accessible by the u.s.
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intelligence. weighing in former nsa contractor edward snowden on a video link from russia. >> you have to remember the fact we have a proven history now that these programs are not effective. >> it was -- >> the man's connection to a mosque right here in the bay area. >> and later getting ready for game one. the preparations at oracle arena as the cleveland cavaliers arrive in town for the nba finals. >> we're looking at that east bay commute and right now the traffic looks good on 680 as you pass mission heading down to the south bay. we'll tell you more coming up. >> if you're taking the dog for a walk, my goodness there is a little chair in the air. san francisco is down to 52.
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dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young. welcome back to mornings ton 2 a popular british park is closed as a roll coaster crash is investigated. three teenagers suffered life changing injuries. the car on that ride known as the smiler crashed into an unoccupied car going 50 miles an hour. 16 riders on the roller coaster
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were left dangling 25 feet in the ire for four hours at a 45- degree angle. the roller coaster closed twice before because of safety concerns. the leader of a bay area mosque is asking questions about how his brother was shot by fbi agents. they had usaama rahim under sur 5:lens. they had a plot to kill a police officer by beheading and they planned to carry it out yesterday. according to the fbi, he pulled out a knife and was shot when he would not put it down. on his facebook page, the imam of the lighthouse mosque in oakland said his brother was at a bus top on his way to work. he wrote he was on his cell phone needing a witness. his last words to my father whop heard the shots were i can't breathe. a member of the lighthouse mosque says he does not believe
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the imam family is not into terrorist because his brother preached about violence. >> we don't need to take up arms and get bothered about it. he said let's work on our character in ourselves. let's work on loving one another. >> we're told the brother is heading back to boston to be with family. time is 6:14. a second student now at lincoln high school in stockton is speaking out against what they call gender expression discrimination. both female students believe -- the other wore a black button down shirt and why bow tie. >> kind of surprised and disappointed. i was more upset when i found out why they did it.
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>> she chose her outfit based on comfort. you may remember a similar situation apologized to jessica last year after she was excluded and her photo bus taken staged a protest by wearing neckties to class. school officials later agreed to change the policy and did include the photo in the yearbook. native american student in central california has won a legal bat to wear an eagle feather to his high school graduation. he filed a suit after being told he could not -- the 18- year-old says the feather is a sacred symbol to his tribe.
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remember the catch until yeah. the 2014 world series victory over the kansas city royals. this 19 giants third visit to the white house in the past five years. this one could be really interesting for nori ioki and justin maxwell. they were playing for the royals last year. the giants lost last night but the a's won. he went on an epic tirade after being ejected into the third inning. while arking a check swing call that did not go in his favor.
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this is his 31st career ejection. >> okay. he made his point. >> he's emotional about it. we were talking about people who get emotional about baseball. >> let's be honest sometimes the umpires get it wrong. >> they do. they are generally good but sometimes they get it wrong. >> to me i find it amusing when someone is going off like that right in the guys face and the umpires are saying they are stoic. no emotion whatsoever. good morning, everybody. let's go outside. hopefully this will be a nice boring unemotional commute for you. this is a look at the bay bridge. it's kind of crowded here at the toll plaza. you can see traffic is backed up for a 20-25 minute delay. it's stacked up getting into san francisco there. san mateo bridge traffic looks okay heading out to the high-
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rise. it is okay heading over to highway 101. once you get there it's a little slow heading south. but not a really big drive. let's go to steve. >> sal we were not ready. we were chatting over here. >> 17 minutes after 6:00 let's go to steve. >> all right thank you very much. very good morning. low clouds. water temps have cooled off. if you're living in the city, work in the city, you probably notice it's a little chilly this morning. it is. 52 in san francisco. paul is in martinez. 54 just chilly and clear. have a good day. i will. it is a little cool. and out in antioch currently in antioch no wind.
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57.6. very precise. 70% humidity. yesterday was 82.5 on the high. 56.8 on the low. my forecast was 82 for the high. it's very tough to do afternoon high temps around here. people have no idea. 52 to start in san francisco. 58 at noon. we'll go 62 for a high. the low temps are down about 1- 6 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. 55 will go for 68 degrees but there will be a westerly breeze and san jose really this is downtown. east zap jose runs warmer. they won't be that much warmer. that is below average for them. 72 on the high side. 54 on the low. higher clouds came by over night while most of you will visiting the sandman but the low clouds are in place. they will continue to ramp up. why? because here comes another low. and i will tell you the 10-15 day outlook keeps low pressure anchored in the pacific northwest with the southern end
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of it down to central california through mid june. so if this pattern looks like it's locked in. 48 santa rosa. 48 napa. 50s for others. there is the difference. seven degrees cooler in san jose. livermore is 5. 18 gusting to 29. 34 up in truckee. 50s and 60s through the interior. once this system moves out it will play into a cooler pattern tomorrow. and we'll have a watch a piece of it holding monday and tuesday. low clouds, plenty of sun. afternoon breeze and it's a sea breeze. upper 70s. very low 80s for some.
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50s and 60s by the water. so we are stuck in this pattern for awhile. cool with drizzle on thursday and a lot of partly sunnies to mostly cloudy. >> pretty much what we have seen for awhile now. and no sun on the coast now. >> may carried right into june. >> and june gloom along the coast. >> absolutely. >> okay. head inland. thank you, steve. time is 6:21. what is next in the future of a san francisco icon. coming up in 15 minutes what may soon move into the 1-year- old palace of fine arts. >> but first the president of fifa steps down. how the latest shakeup could impact the future of the next two world cups.
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the soccer corruption scandal involving fifa the governing body of world soccer this is far from over. fifa's president seth bladder he resigned yesterday. once he said he will do it. but it could take six months or longer for another election. now this morning the international police agency interpoll says it's putting six people connected to fifa on its
6:25 am
most wanted list for racketeering and corruption charges. >> and i suspect you will find out millions and millions and millions have disappeared out of football corrupted. >> there are questions as to whether the men's worlds cup will be held in russia in 2018 and qatar in 2022 because of all the bribery allegations. russia is confident whoever succeeds bladder will support moscow's bid. the u.s. women's world cup gets around way saturday in canada and team usa arrived in winnipeg yesterday full of amazing ladies. they are part of group d. they open play monday against australia, sweden and nigeria also part of group d. u.s. looking to bring home a world cup championship after losing to japan in the title game of
6:26 am
the last world cup. you can watch many of the games right here on ktvu channel 2 and our sister channels fox sports 1 and fox sports 2. we have coverage on our website as well you can get to know the stars of the world team. time is 6:26. get ready for sully to be a movie star now. the life story of danville pilot chestily sully sullenberger it will be the subject of a new movie by clint eastwood. sullenberger is the pilot that landed the u.s. airways jet after his plane flew into a flock of geese. everyone on board the jet escaped safely and that dramatic incident is known as the miracle on the hudson. well the new movie will be departmented for sullenbergers auto biography. 6:26 is the time. she helped crack the jc dugard
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kidnapping case. but the help a former uc berkeley police officer now needs herself as she battles a life threatening disease. >> good morning. the san francisco commute is actually doing okay on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. no construction delays thankfully. we'll tell you a little bit more about get into the city. >> some low clouds now and plenty of breaks but the lows are cooler. upper 40s and low 50s. santa rosa 48. san francisco is 52.
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good morning. welcome back. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 it is wednesday, june 3rd i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. and it is dave's birthday. not steve's birthday. he tried to be quiet about it
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but then up it popped on facebook. >> thank you. [ laughter ] it feels good. >> nice of you to share your birthday with us, dave. >> it's dave's birthday. mine is in december. but thanks everyone. low clouds, some. it's not solid fog bank. there are breaks even on the coast but some of the low clouds it will be enhanced here because another low what? yes another low is drop into the picture here from the northwest. ly tell you we could have used this again back in the winter months. it would have given us rain and snow like crazy you probably would have said enough is enough. but it's here in may and carried into june and i don't see any change here for the next 7-10 days and beyond. this is the next system poised to move in. the low will move over the bay area and settle down.
6:31 am
westerly breeze almost gusting to 30 out at travis. the delta breeze is going in full force. there is our system as it moves in. this prevents us from warming up. low clouds. there is plenty of sun. i think the low cloud deck really enhances tonight into tomorrow. and tomorrow look for a cooler pattern. today a lot of 70s in areas that should be warmer than this. 50s and 60s closer to the water. all right sal it's 6:31. nothing major but we've had a couple minor annoyances. that would be one of them. would be southbound 880 at whipple in the hayward area. hayward union city border. there is crash in the lanes. they have moved it to the side. traffic has backed up solid. it's a little slower than normally is. this is the typical noncommute direction but it might slow traffic southbound too and it might cause unexpected backup for you. let's go out to interstate 880
6:32 am
northbound. the ground doesn't look too bad there. when you get to the bay bridge it is a 20-25 minute delay. nothing out of the ordinary. san francisco police and the chp are joining forces to crack down on reckless driving. ktvu fox 2 reporter alex savidge is joining us live from the city with the traffic enforcement patrol that is under way. alex. >> reporter: sal, good morning to you. this operation here along the embarcadero it just kicked off minutes ago and take a look here. you can already see officers have made a number of stops. we probably counted at least 10 or so so far here. solos as they call them here. they are pulling over cars and drivers that are speeding, violating the rules of the road. they really want to crack down on speeding along the
6:33 am
embarcadero. we're told it's a real issue. the speed limit 35 miles an hour and they obviously have found a lot of people going a bit faster than that this morning. they are also looking at reckless driving. also making sure the drivers yield to those pedestrians. very important issue here in the city of san francisco where pedestrians continue to be struck by cars. this is a special joint enforcement operation involving the san francisco police department and the chp. they have the radar gun out and looking for drivers, violating the rules of the road. we talked a short time ago with the san francisco police lieutenant about the message they are trying to send to drivers. >> we've been doing a big push on trying to slow cars down. people driving extremely too fast and we want to slow it down. we want to focus on red lights, stop signs, illegal turning. making sure people are in the crosswalk. theme toad to stop. let the pedestrian gossipy and the over -- let the pedestrians
6:34 am
go by. we are out here this morning trying to slow down traffic. >> reporter: and again this is the joint enforcement operation involving san francisco police and the chp. >> reporter: san francisco police will be look for you if you speed in this area of town. >> there is the warning. we can see it in your pictures. stop signs will be placed at the intersection of san francisco where a 12-year-old boy was hit and killed by a muni train last night. andrew woo was chasing after an ocean view train when he ran into traffic and was trapped and killed. the examiner reports by the end of next year rapid flashing beacons will be installed at
6:35 am
the accident site. however, starting today stop signs will be installed at that intersection. plan to temporarily stop building apartments will not go forward. at least not for now. san francisco supervisors narrowly rejected the plan very late last night. ktvu fox 2 reporter tara moriarty is out there in the mission. after talking with people out there, they said the fight is not over. >> reporter: that is right. nay will be putting this issue on the november ballot. it's been really hard pressed to find anybody who lives here. it's mostly people that work here. one woman said her entire family is being forced out of the city after living here for multiple generations. so a lot of folks gathered at city hall last night. they talked about this issue and things got heated.
6:36 am
hundreds rallied and marched through city hall. they showed their support for david campos that would have halted new housing concerns. according to the city's planning department, the measure would have stopped the progress of more than 20 projects with about 1200 units. campos said that would give the city time to come up with a plan for the limited land there before developers snatch it up and build more luxury conocos. >> the culture is totally changing. it's a lot of techies are coming here and renting and purchasing everything. and they are flipping the rentsen to $3,000 to $4,000 a month. so they are making it for the average person that works that doesn't make $100,000 a year they are pushing us out. >> reporter: just before midnight the board voted 7-4 in favor of the moratorium but it needed 9 to past. many folks that live here say the city needs to come up with a plan for long-time residents to stay in their home.
6:37 am
again they plan to put this issue on the november ballot and let everyone decide. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> yes it will be interesting. thank you. the public has a chance to give their future on a san francisco landmark. they are look for a new tenant for the 100-year-old palace of fine arts. seven businesses and nonprofits have applied to use the space. they include a museum, a hotel would be pretty cool, a sports club also could move in. a public meeting is set for june 23rd and a final decision is expected early next year. we are a day away from the beginning of the nba finals. the the first for the golden state warriors in 40 years. oracle arena is ready to go and so is one of my favorite basketball players ktvu fox 2 brian flores is joining us live
6:38 am
in san francisco. i hardly know you without a basketball in your hand and being on the court. >> reporter: i need a basketball right now, dave. we need to get you on the court as well. when is that going to happen? >> okay i will be the ball boy for you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: all right. thank you so much. good morning everybody. we are getting ready for game one of the finals. getting ready for game one. playing the cleveland cavaliers. speaking of the cavaliers somewhere behind me are the cleveland cavaliers. we were told they were out late partying but they are getting ready. it's all ready for tomorrow tights game. new signs have been posted outside and inside the arena. tickets still available though. the cheapest are more than $600 and some prices go all the way up to $81,000 for vip court
6:39 am
side seats. my photographer greg is going to pay for those for me. as for the team they have been off for eight days and ready for game one to start. >> i think the guys are just ready to play. it's the long way up and all the buildup. we had a lay off like this after our new orleans series. >> reporter: the other bit of good news it's official clay will play. clay thompson joined his teammates yesterday afternoon as you recall thompson was hit in the head during game one of the western conference finals last week. he did show concussion symptoms that night. he has been receiving tests ever since but again clay thompson going to be able to play again as well. >> have fun with it out there,
6:40 am
brian. we'll talk to you later. we know the warriors have the best fans in the nba. we are trying to show cleveland. we all write and share. some families of murder victims hope to use that spotlight from the final. was shot and killed in february. ellis is turning his grief into action. hoping people who come together to support the warriors in their nba title efforts.
6:41 am
>> changings mentality. >> ellis formed a foundation after his son died to help patrol side activities, jobs, and hope. they are holding a rally in march on june 13th called a piece of peace for oakland. a robbery suspect who led police on a high speed chase from san francisco all the way across the bay bridge. coming up in 25 minutes bystander critically hurt during that pursuit. >> a series of car breaks in. >> traffic is going to come to a standstill. enough time for you to use an alternate route. we will line them up for you.
6:42 am
>> we are carrying most of that into june. we'll talk about today's forecast and also i will talk about extending out to the middle of this month. we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
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welcome back to mornings on 2. police say it's a crime that is happening a lot in the bay area. east bay man is in jail this morning accused of several car break ins. palo alto police say in a span of 20 minutes on monday a 27- year-old oakland man broke into
6:45 am
cars at four different parking lots along el camino real. they started at the town and country shopping center and broke into cars at a starbucks and at a hobbies restaurant. >> sadly no. last month was our worst month in a year and a half in terms of the sheer volume. >> in all of those break ins something valuable was left out in plain view in the car. now police eventually tracked that suspect he was hiding in a restaurant at a los altos bakery. they found items that were stolen. the police also adding thieves like to target rental cars. this is the sad anniversary for an east bay family. 28 years ago today amber schwartz was jumping rope in
6:46 am
front of her home when she disappeared. she was just eight years old at the time. she was the first of four bay area girls that were kidnapped in a short period of time. none of them was found. the case remains open and they are still looking for clues. the former uc berkeley police officer that helped bring jc dugard home is now in need of help. in march she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. she set up a go fund me account to help pay medical costs. she is also hoping to encourage women to get themselves checked out. >> if i can save one life because one girl went in prior to her 40th birthday and found something early and it saved her life, then it made it all worth it for me. >> miss jacobs was working as a police officer in 2009 when she
6:47 am
encountered jc dugard's kidnapper with two small girls. his behavior seemed suspicious so she did a background check. found out he was a registered sex offender on parole. i want to check in with tori campbell for a look at what is coming up in our next hour. >> coming up in our next hour a killers call for help. who the alleged shooter says he called moments before the attack and why it did not stop those are the stories we're working on for the next hour on mornings on 2. now back to you. time is 6:47. let's see what sal is seeing.
6:48 am
everyone behaving for you? >> there is a crash on the san mateo bridge. it is blocking one of the lanes on the san mateo bridge. and we could look at it here. you can see traffic is very busy and pretty soon the backup is going to extend here. you can see it's still moving on to the bridge. i do want to mention that traffic is slow any way. let's take a look at the maps. there is the crash on the span. you can use the dumbarton bridge as an alternate but there is a crash that cleared southbound 880 at whipple but the traffic has been very slow in this region. out to the bay bridge which you might consider using as an alternate that is crowded any way. so a lot of crowded conditions. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we have some low clouds out there but it's a cool pattern here. temperatures really expect for a couple of days have not gone above average. we have a very cool may.
6:49 am
coolest since 1975. and we've just taken that cool pattern and dropped it right into june. it looks like if the forecast models are correct and i tend to think they are that even through the 18th of june it's going to stay this way as a series of lows. now actually the low will be over the pacific northwest but the end result would be below average temps. this is through june 18th. a lot of low clouds and fog. especially if the water temps stay cool. a westerly breeze will be in place. so there is really no sign of any high pressure ridge building in and sticking around for awhile. a remarkable pattern if it holds true to the 17th or 18th of june. 52 in san francisco. that is chilly because the water temps cooled down so the lows near the coast cooled down. oakland looking for a high of 68. san francisco only 62. and san jose that actually dipped to 53 degrees this morning. so there is a little chill in
6:50 am
the air. and only 72. they should be much warmer than that. breaks in the low clouds. this system is moving in tonight and tomorrow. another low will drop over the bay area and that low will drive toward santa barbara and l.a.. some locations santa rosa or san jose to livermore. anywhere from 6-7 degrees cooler than they were 20 hours ago. 50 in bodega bay. 53 san francisco and buoy. so that leads into the cooler coast and bay over night. this system will continue to pick up that fog bank and give us a lot of low clouds.
6:51 am
low clouds. lots of sun. there is a breeze behind that. so temperatures again upper 70s, low 80s for some. very low 80s for this time of year they should be much warmer than that. 50s and 60s by the coast. >> by the way you share a birthday with the houston space center that turns 50 years old today. >> dave is not that old. >> no. >> and we have really nice my facebook page i shared his birthday and people sent some really cute pictures. >> that is kind. >> love it. love our viewers. 6:51 is the time. president obama has signed a
6:52 am
new law that replaces the controversial patriot act. the stark differences and how it reforms the nsa and what edward snowden is saying about it. >> new details about domestic violence allegations against ray mcdonald. what his former fiance accuses him of doing.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 now we know the name of the pilot that was killed in a small plane crash in livermore. 75-year-old michael seal of pleasanton was flying that single engine plane when it went down in a field north of interstate 580. he had just taken off from the livermore airport about three miles away. he was the only person on board. we were told he was a retired airline pilot. he was very experienced and a well respected aviator. investigators say he reported problems with the controls just moments before that crash. a 67-year-old man from texas died while on an exhibition. jerald mcguire was swimming away from a boat with four other divers when he suffered a medical problem yesterday. his friends and paramedics tried to revive him. it's not clear what happened but his friends say he stopped swimming and appeared to be unconscious. this is the sixth diving death off the northern california coast this year. we're learning more about
6:56 am
domestic violence allegations against former 49er ray mcdonald. the mercury news obtained a restraining order filed by his exfiance. she claims he choked her and put a knee to her stomach while she was pregnant. mcdonald was arrested last week until san jose on suspicion of assaulting the woman who was holding their baby. 49ers full back bruce miller has to under go domestic violence counseling after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace. the case involves a heated argument last month with his then fiance. miller was accused of smashing her cell phone outside of a santa clara garage. he was arrested on suspicion of spousal battery but later charged with vandalism after the woman said there was no physical contact. mil sore now expected to re-- miller is now expected --
6:57 am
expected to rejoin the 49ers. alameda police will buy tiny cameras that can mount on an officers glasses and record their point of view. >> primarily they will be for uniformed officers. we will let our detectives wear them for certain operations. >> the police department hopes to submit a policy on the proper use of the cameras by july 31st. the money to buy the equipment comes from a state grant and unspent funds from the police department's current budget. still ahead it's an issue so heated it has prompted security concerns at oakland city council meetings. the very emotional debate over land. >> and we have an update on how much water everyone is using across the state. you might be surprised that the difference between how much we are saving here compared to people in southern california.
6:58 am
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>> reporter: we are live in san francisco, where a proposal to
7:00 am
halt condo construction is shot down. we'll tell you why neighbors say the fight is not over. a robbery suspect on the run from police hits and critically injures an individual. the chase from san francisco to the east bay. >> reporter: excitement is building. we're just one day away from game 1 of the nba finals between the warriors and cleveland cavaliers. coming up, we'll tell you how both teams are getting ready an how much it will really cost you if you want to go. "mornings on 2" starts now. 7:00. we have developing news in the central valley. this is a live look at an overturned big rig. it's blocking lanes on northbound highway 99 in ripon. between modesto and manteca. it's causing a huge backup. you can see the mess. chp says the big rig driver may ha


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