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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. firefighters rescued a woman from the balcony of her burning apartment in marin county this morning. the marin county sheriff's office says the fire started in a building on kent avenue in kentfield just before 10:00. they arrived to find one woman trapped on her balcony. firefighters rescued her and evacuated the rest of the building. crews say the fire spread quickly damaging 12 apartments. the red cross is helping those residents. there was a major traffic safety crackdown in san francisco this morning targeting speeders and drivers
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who don't yield to pedestrians. ktvu's alex savidge has more on the message police are trying to send with this operation. >> reporter: just minutes into this morning's crackdown and san francisco motorcycle officers already had several drivers stopped along the embarcadero. police say these cars were picked up on radar going well over the posted 30-mile-an-hour speed limit. drivers in a rush this morning learned an expensive lesson. >> the sheriff's department is completely dedicated to make the streets safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists. slow down. pay attention to what's going on out there. >> reporter: this traffic enforcement operation was a joint effort between san francisco police and the chp. and they weren't just going after speeders. drivers who didn't bother to
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stop for this giants' fan in the sunglasses. they were kicking themselves moments later when they saw the flashing lights in the rear- view mirror. this pedestrian turned out to be an undercover police officer playing an important role today. >> i'm just a citizen trying to cross the street in one piece. >> reporter: easier said than done for this decoy who told me he had a couple of close calls while trying to cross the street today. >> the driver might think one lane is open, so they gun it. you can hear the engine revving. that's when it gets dangerous. >> reporter: people who walk to work in the area say they are used to cars not stopping. >> i didn't notice that but i work here and i cross the street all of the time and people do not stop. yeah. >> reporter: you like to see them doing this? >> sure. yeah. >> reporter: dozens of drivers were ticketed during this operation either for speeding or failing to yield. paying the price for not paying attention. so the advice for drivers here in san francisco, probably a good idea to stop for that pedestrian in the crosswalk in
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front of you. you never know if it's just a guy in a giants' hat or an undercover police officer. in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. today in san francisco, stop signs are being installed at san jose and lakeview avenue where a 12-year-old boy was hit and killed by a muni train last month. police say andrew wu was chasing after an m oceanview train when he ran into traffic and was staned beneath the train and -- trapped beneath the train and killed. the end of yeeks there, stop signs will be replaced with beacons. an antioch teenager is in the hospital with major injuries after being hit by a car while crossing street. the 14-year-old girl was walking across gentry and johnson around 9:00 last night. the driver of the car, a 20- year-old antioch man, stayed at the scene and is cooperating
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with investigators. police say alcohol and drugs do not appear to be factors in the collision. the san francisco board of supervisors has rejected a moratorium on new multi-unit developments in the city's mission district. the decision came after nearly eight hours of heated debate. >> we're gonna keep coming back. [ cheers ] >> hundred rallied and marched through city hall showing their support for david cam -- campos's proposal. that would give the city time to kim up with time before developers snatch it up -- come up with time before developers snatch it up, campos said. >> a lot of techies are purchasing everything and flipping the rents up to 3,000, 4,000, 5,000 a month. they are making it for the
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average american that doesn't make $100,000 a year, they are pushing us out. >> before midnight, the board voted 7-4 in favor of the moratorium. but it needed 9 to pass. supporters of the moratorium say they plan to put the issue before voters on the november ballot. it's been a 40-year wait but the warriors are a day away from game one of the finals. that means putting the finishing touches inside oracle arena. brian flores has more. >> reporter: we bind me is a sign fans -- behind me is a sign fans have been waiting for. the finals. game 1 set for tomorrow night at 6:00. fans are pumped and crews from all over the world will be looking at oakland. for now, though, it's all about setup. this is a look at lake chalet. you can see national tv crews getting ready to tape their
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shows. satellite trucks and crews setting up for millions of eyes that will be looking at oakland and the bay area. the stage is set here. signs are set up inside and outside. gone are the words western conference finals. it's now replaced with simply the finals. you can see that all over the arena like on the courtside seats and on the court itself. it's been several days since the end of the western finals where the warriors defeated the rockets and the fans and the team, they are ready. >> as good as you could ever feel about your sports team. the warriors have had a tough run here. ownership issues, but this roster and these players are so special and exciting and if you watch basketball, this is some of the finest and most exciting team basketball i've ever seen played. >> reporter: also going into game 1, good news that both the splash brothers will be on the court. klay will play as he's been cleared by doctors. this is him practicing and looking pretty good at the facility in oakland yesterday. as you remember from game 5 of
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the western conference finals, klay was hit in the head. he did show conkuks symptoms after -- concussion symptoms after the game but he's been cleared. fans in san francisco this morning said this is the warriors' time. >> mind you, we got defense. we got a team, not just one person. lebron carries the whole team. here we got many weapons. we got a strong team. >> reporter: the game is expected to be a sellout. we did expect to see tickets available. the cheapest was around $600. we saw a pair of vip courtside seats for over $80,000. as we take it back here, excitement building. a lot of fans as well this afternoon making their way to the warriors' team store gathering whatever gear they can before game 1 again tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you. we already know the warriors have the best fans in the nba. now we're trying to show cleveland. like and share our post on facebook to show your pride. we have complete warriors'
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coverage at that's where you will find the latest news and you can test your knowledge with ktvu's own warriors' quiz. police officers in alameda could soon be wearing body cameras by the end of the summer. the city council unanimously approved a plan last night to spend $425,000 on 80 cameras as well pass a system to manage all of the recorded videos. the cameras will they be mounted on officers' class glasses -- will be mounted on officers' glasses for their point of view. the money to buy the equipment comes from a state grant and unspent funds from the police department's current budget. boston police today showed a video of a deadly officer- involved shooting of a terror suspect to clergy leaders and civil rights advocates and they are disputing the claims of a
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bay area man about how his brother was killed. investigators from a joint terrorism task force say 26- year-old usaama rahim was plotting to kill a police officer by a beheading. he had been under surveillance for weeks by boston police and the fbi. agents say they approached rahim yesterday to question him and he pulled a knife and was shot when he lunged at them. his brother, the leader of a bay area mosque had said rahim was shot in the back. some who saw the video today say he was not. the field of democratic candidates battling for the white house is growing. today former rhode island senator and governor lincoln schaafny is expected -- shaffy is expected to announce his candidacy. joel waldman has a look at what that could mean for hillary clinton. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton seeing a dramatic drop in support according to a slew of recent polls.
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the number one reason behind this shift seems to be her trustworthiness. >> if we continues to have numbers like this especially original the cares about people like you question, that will be good for republicans. >> reporter: clinton's use of a private e-mail account while serving as secretary of state is an issue that doesn't seem to go away. just said, it was put back in the spotlight at a hearing on executive branch compliance with freedom of information act request. >> we ask each employee to preserve official records. and that's a responsibility for every employee. >> reporter: perhaps smelling blood in the water, a fourth democrat will enter the presidential race today. shaffy has been a loud clinton critic. the two served -- served
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together. >> it worked for barack obama to go against hillary clinton on the iraq war vote. the problem with lincoln he's not very popular within the democratic party. >> reporter: he became a democratic in 2013 after serving as an independent governor and republican senator. in 2002, he was the only republican to vote against the war in iraq. in washington, joel wald man, fox news. a controversy plan to prevent deadly wildfires in the oakes hills is moving forward -- oakland hills is moving forward. sunshine breaking through today. but mark tamayo is tracking some more clouds and will be here to tell you about the possibility of some drizzle back in the forecast. another twist in the fifa soccer scandal days before the women's world cup. i'm live in london. that's my story -- coming up.
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the corruption scandal surrounding fifa is growing. a police organization is issuing and i an lay -- an alert. zblifernts interpom issuing red notices for six men with ties
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to fifa. now on most-wanted lists. this is the day of a sepp blatter announced his resignation after winning a fifth term last friday. >> translator: i decided to stand again to be elected because i was convinced it was the best option. the elections are over. but the challenges that fifa is facing have not come to an end. fifa needs a profound restructuring. >> reporter: fifa will hold a conference to choose his successor. >> translator: it was a decision that shouldn't have had to have been made given what was surrounding him. >> it's great for football worldwide. it's great for football here. we could never sort out fifa. >> reporter: scandal erupting when several officials were arrested in zurich last week. loretta lynch would not comment on blatter's resignation or
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whether he's also under investigation. >> we certainly hope the organization will be able to move forward in a way that is supportive of its goals which are the promotion and regulation of a truly wonderful sport. >> reporter: the election for the next president won't happen until at least this coming december. sep blattert will stay in his -- sepp blatter will stay in his role until a successor is chosen. back to you. >> the scandal comes as the final preparations are made for the women's world cup that gets underway this saturday in canada. team usa arrived in winnipeg yesterday. they are part of group d and open play monday against australia. sweden and nigeria are also part of that group. the u.s. is looking to bring home a world cup championship after losing to japan in the title game in the last world cup in 2011. you can watch many of the games right here on ktvu and fox sports 1 and knocks sports 2 -- fox sports 2. and we have more coverage at
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you can get to know the stars as well as the schedule of all of the u.s -- as well as see a schedule of all of the games. the city of oakland voted to accept a federal grant to cut down eucalyptus trees and other nonplative plants in the east bay hills. the $4 million grant from fema will allow the city to thin thousands of trees near the caldecott tunnel over a period of ten years. the fire department wants to prevent another firestorm like the one that killed 25 people and destroyed nearly 3,000 homes back in 1991. >> the intent is to remove all of the smaller-sized trees lower hanging that create fuel ladders from the ground up into the tree canopy. nonprofit groups have filed suit to protect the trees from being cut down. the state must complete an environmental review before work can begin. new numbers show people up and down the state are
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conserving water. new figures show water use fell in april by 13% compared to last year. starting this month, there is a new goal of 25%. the waterboard says all of california's regions showed improvement but some areas did better than others. the far northern california region including parts of the sierra saw the most significant reduction at about 37.5%. the bay area conserved about 20%. southern california including los angeles and san diego reduced the least amount of water at about 8.7%. checking in on our weather right now. mark tamayo is here. kind of a nice day on top for us. >> yeah, we could be tracking drizzle first thing tomorrow morning as a weak system approaches northern california. here is our live camera towards mount tam. that peaked over 2500 feet. a bit of haze. clearing skies. a great day for a hike.
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as far as the current temperatures, we'll show you those. showing you livermore, 72. walnut creek reporting 74 degrees and we still have a few high clouds just offshore. notice some activity being picked up with the radar. most of this not reaching the ground but a few high clouds will be approaching the bay area later on today and into tomorrow. there is an area of low pressure developing up here. we'll be tracking to the south. there was -- it was once thought we would bring in a few showers. there is a slight chance. it looks like the main action will be to the east of the region and the north for the weekend. still a few clouds approaching the bay area this weekend. partly cloudy for today. drizzle for your thursday morning and temperatures will be trending up this weekend especially for sunday and into next week. here is our forecast model as we put this into motion. it's pretty aggressive showing you higher clouds developing through the afternoon hours. we'll have at least partly cloudy skies by late this afternoon. and into the evening hours. here we go. tomorrow morning at 6:00, a lot of clouds out there.
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notice some forecast, light drizzle out there. possibly some wet roadways, especially near the coast and right around the bay to start out your thursday morning. partly cloudy skies. you get the idea, the area up to the north drops into the state. it will generate some showers just up to the north of the bay area. heads up for mendocino county, possibly out towards the sierra as well for thursday. and then still partly cloudy skies on friday. here is a look at the forecasted highs this afternoon. still mild out there. still a little bit muggy. 75 degrees. san francisco, 63 a lot of mid- to upper 70s out towards antioch and brentwood. san jose, 72. morgan hill, 73 and half moon bay in the lower 60s. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. you will notice temperatures not changing too much for thursday. and then we'll gradually warm up those numbers as we head into the weekend. still not completely clear. partly cloudy skies. we'll have to keep an eye on the slight chance of a sprinkle
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or light shower for the terrain. that will be for the weekend. it looks like sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. some forecast models bringing in some heat and maybe some 90s making a comeback. >> what? oh, my godness. >> always interesting. june gloom and then spikes with the temperatures. we could be heating up next week. >> okay. haven't seen that for white a -- quite a while. today is a sad anniversary. 27 years ago amber schwartz garcia was playing in front of her pinole home when she was kidnapped. she was 7. the case remains open and they are still receiving tips. as they do every year, family and friends will gather in pinole to remember amber at the amber schwartz park not far from where the little girl lived. the event starts at at 6:00 tonight -- at
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stocks higher in afternoon trieding as traders welcome some encouraging news about the job market. payroll processor adp reported that u.s. companies added 201,000 jobs last month. evidence that employers remain confident in the economy even after a contract -- even after it contracted at the start of the year. the nasdaq is upen 2. the nasdaq is up -- is up 72. the dow is up 24. of ael is recalling it's popular speaker after someone was burned when there is -- apple is recalling its popular speaker after someone was bushed -- was burned when they used it. there were eight reports of this battery overheating. customers can apply for a $325 refund on the website or receive an apple store credit. sunset magazine is moving headquarters from menlo park to
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oakland's jack london square. the lifestyle magazine plans to occupy the second floor of the jack london market building along the waterfront and harrison and embarcadero. the bottom floor will become a food marketplace. sunset has been placed in menlo park since 1951. the move to jack london square in oakland is set for december. as an added twist, jack london himself used to be a writer for the magazine. the san francisco giants are scheduled to make a special stop on their road trip tomorrow. after this afternoon's game, the team heads east to play the philadelphia phillies. but first, they will be honored at the white house by president obama for this, their 2014 world series victory, over the can since city royals. this is the team's third visit to the white house in the past five years. and the oakland as beat the tigers last night thanks to a grand slam by ben. but today, it's the young fan's catch and reaction that's
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getting a lot of attention. he made a great grab and celebrated at first. however, his emotions quickly changed when he realized his tigers were now losing -- were now losing. after consoling, he was happy he caught a ball. today, commuters get a chance to tell b.a.r.t.'s board of directors about how they feel about the service they feel the service is and the direction they are taking. we'll be insides the room as the direct -- inside the room as the directors hear the feedback. that's tonight at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you automatic at ktvu -- for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day. &c&c1
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are met without polluting our atmosphere? science and technology are inching closer to making this happen. it's pretty exciting. join me, philippe cousteau as we look at what's being done to assure a safe and healthy future on awesome planet. (upbeat music) there are about seven billion people in the world today.


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