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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  June 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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there is a heavy police presence. officers are searching a home after an overnight homicide. ktvu's taramoriarty just arrived on scene. she'll have more on this developing story in just two minutes. it is thursday, june 4th. i'm brian flores >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thanks for joining us this morning. it's 4:30. check in with steve. i'm looking for moments of sun. >> you'll get that, but there's some rain to the north. >> really? how far north? >> are you okay there? >> no, i'm not. sound like i'm okay? i'll be fine. sometimes at 4:30, i have problems at home, try being on tv. our line is forming up to the north. watch right here, marin county, lake -- mendin seeno county. if you're getting any rain, you can always let me know. north of windsor and into lake county. you can see between lakeport andukye a, so our system has arrived, an upper low, amaze fog for this time of year --
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amazing for this time of year. it felt like the end of march or april. as that system came in, it scour out a little bit of the fog, not a lot of it. look at the whole circulation. that's going to send in little systems within the system which will affect the sierra nevada and northern mountains, probably all the way into the weekend as this low is not going anywhere except down into southern california. 40s and 50s on the temps. redwood city 51, napa48. there's a little bit of a breeze arn, still a blustery day today. the low continues to park itself over california and might even tap into some tropical clouds, a piece of that early next week. plenty going on for the next few days. partly sunny, partly cloudy, breezy, windy, showers and storms to the normal, below normal temps even with the sun, upper 70s for some, 50s, 60s for others and maybe some drizzle near the coast. all righty, sal, hopefully pretty quiet. >>reporter: yes, it is, steve. good morning to you. right now we are doing very doing in the commute department anyway. if you are driving on the approach to any of the bridges, for example, it does look good here on the golden gate bridge heading south through marin
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county. in fact, all of marin county looks good from vada all the way down to the golden gate bridge into san francisco. also looking at the richmond bridge. perhaps you're trying to go to marin. traffic is looking good here at the toll plaza and it continues that way across to san rafael. we're looking at the commute here on the bay bridge approach and that is light as well and no trouble on the stand. 4:32. let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. we are learning more about the developing story we first told you about at 4:00. police are at the scene of an overnight shooting in pittsburg. officers have seal off a home for the past several hours. ktvu fox 2's tara moriarty joins us live from the scene. tara, what's going on other there? >>reporter: we have heard reports that someone entered this home and fire about a does shots, killing at least one of two brothers. we're here on st. maritz way, near meadow broork circle. -- meadowbrook circle. this is the house and police have it sealed off.
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we haven't gotten a chance to speak with police officially. investigators are inside the home gathering evidence. this 911 call came in just before 1:00 this morning and according to a family member someone came to the house, shot both of the brothers, one in the leg. he is in the hospital, the other man not sure where he was shot on the body, but he was killed. family members were too distraught to go on camera. we do know that a dog was out here try to go pick up a scent, but at this point police are remaining tight-lipped. if we get any more information, we will of course pass it along to you. live from pittsburg, tara moriarty, ktvu news. tonight is game one of the finals between the warriors and the cleveland calfiers. ktvu fox 2 reporter alex satisfy itch has more -- has more from both teams. >>reporter: good morning to you. yes, this long week layoff is over for the players and, of course, the fans as well. the stage is set, or acle arena.
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we're inside this morning and you can see the shirts are on the seat, strength in numbers and this place is ready to go, ready for the nba finals to kick off later on tonight. this is the scene yesterday here at the arena, warriors came out here, they had a light practice yesterday. even though none of these players have ever been to the finals before, the team is feeling relax. mvp steph curry reportedly feeling good, recovering from that nasty fall he took during the western conference finals. on the other side of the ball, lebron james and the cheefd cavaliers were also here at oracle yesterday for a workout. both james and curry will, of course, create some matchup problems for the defense. these two stars have a ton of respect for each other and steph yesterday remembered some advice he got from lebron back when he was playing college ball. >> basically he just said one thing you control is your preparation every single game, how you're going to find ways to get better and just having tunnel vision no matter what's going on around you, you can control your effort every game. >> i don't think there's ever
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been a guy in our league to shoot the ball as well as he does off the dribble or off the catch, off the ball, and, you know, he just creates so many matchup problems for your defense and you have to be aware of them. >>reporter: how do you slow him down? >> the same way you slow me down. you can't. [ laughter ] >>reporter: there you go. lebron sums it up nicely. the warriors, as we all know, back in the nba finals for the first time in 40 years. it's been a long drought and a lot of long-time fans, they are taking this time to reminisce about the last time the team won a championship in 1975. rodney woo was that game 1-2 at the finals this year. he still has the tickets. show heed them to us. the warriors that year faced the washington bullets across the bay at the cow palace. that was because of a scheduling problem here at the arena in oakland. woo remembers how easy it was for his family to go buy tickets which at the time were
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just $6. >> $6, people are paying $600 for one ticket and we bought $6. you add a couple zeros and now you get the ticket price for that 20 years later. >>reporter: and that warriors team led by the star, they went on to sweep the washington bullets on their way to the title and, of course, the warriors have not been back to the finals ever since, a long dry spell there, but woo and a lot of other warriors fans, they feel like this team can do it again. but, of course, they have four more games they need to win. they have lebron james and the very tough cleveland cavaliers standing in their way. tipoff 6:00 tonight here at oracle arena, and, pam, of course, it is a sellout crowd. however, if you are interested in coming to the game i'm told potentially you can find some tickets, some of those resale tickets at but get your checkbook ready. >> yeah. pull out the savings account, i guess. it's so fun to watch that old video. >>reporter: maybe another mortgage. >> yeah.
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the old video, the long hair and the short shorts. >>reporter: isn't it great? i don't know if we got the underhanded free throws in there. >> yeah, very funny. >>reporter: those are very effective, very effective. >> whatever works. all right, alex, we'll see you in a little bit. see new a little bit, alex, thanks. well, time now is 4:37. animal control services in san jose is testing a white powder found along a popular walking trail. kristy lasair says she was walking her dog oreo along three creeks trail when oreo found a pile of dried cat food with white powder on it. after oreo ate it, lasair rushed him to the vet. the vet suspects the powder was rodent poison. sarah thinks someone put it there to control the feral cat population. >> i'm very grateful she's safe and the vets were there to take care of her, but, yes, we need to is have this stopped. >> animal control services is warning people to look out for the powder while the investigation continues. the pentagon now says as
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many as 51 research laboratories may have mistakenly received shipments of live anthrax samples. the deputy secretary of defense says the samples were sent to labs in 17 states and three foreign countries. stanford university received one of the vials and one shipment was sent to the pentagon's own police department. the samples were intended for research, but they are supposed to be inactive. officials are now working to retrieve all those samples. and while the government says no one has been affected, this is raising questions about how federal labs handle dangerous patho gens. an investigation is being conducted into a boot camp run by two southern california police departments. the leadership empowerment and discipline boot camp is for children ages 11-17 and operates out of camp san luis obispo. investigators say parents have filed claims about physical and verbal abuse by instructors. >> they just beat him in his
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head, stomach, everywhere, and when they were done, he fell on the floor and they just kicked him. >> well, attorneys for the parents say at least seven children may have been abused. the investigation is being conducted by the san luis obispo county sheriff's department and the l.a. police department. the colorado movie theater shooting trial continues after an unexpected request by the gunman's lawyers. >> at this time the defense moves for a mistrial. >> let me stop you there. this new argument is untimely. >> the defense asked for a mistrial because of a chilling 22-hour video shown to the jury over the past week. it shows a court-appointed psychiatrist interviewing gunman james holmes. the defense argued that the parts where holmes actually describe the shooting violate his constitutional rights. but the judge disagreed and was clearly frustrate. he says the defense should have made the mistrial request last week before the evidence was presented. >> you can't have it both ways. you can't say, well, if we like
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what an expert ends up saying or if we like the evaluation, then it's okay for the expert to talk to our client about the offenses in question. but if we don't like it or we dough think it's favorable, then we're going to object to it and say it's unconstitutional. >> the court-appointed psychiatrist says he determined holmes was legally sane when he killed 12 movie goers and injured 70 others in 2012. the defense is scheduled to begin its cross examination today. remembering the crackdown in china's tienam square 26 years ago today. a candlelight vigil was held in san francisco's chinatown last night to remember the pro- democracy movement that was crushed in 1989 in beijing. now, the communist government sent in the people's liberation argument to crush the movement, killing hundreds of protesters. last night's event featured a replica of the goddess of democracy that was build in the square. the reopening of the u.s.s. arizona memorial in hawaii will be delayed. repairs of the damage dock of the pearl harbor landmark are
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taking longer than expected. a mishap involving a hospital ship and two tugboats damaged the dock last week. officials had hope today reopen the memorial today, but they now say it should open tomorrow or saturday. it's 4:40 and there's disturbing information released about the terror suspects shot and killed by police in boston. coming up in 27 minutes the court documents revealing an immeant attack on law enforcement officials. but, first: >> the people right across from me, they moved. they couldn't take it after a number of years, they just couldn't take it. >> and there's a peacock problem in a west florida neighborhood. after the break the headache these beautiful birds are causing and how the city plans to fix the foul problem. >>reporter: good morning. we're looking at the san francisco commute and right now northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split. we'll tell you what it's like here and getting to san francisco from the east bay. and a low pressure system has dropped into northern
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california and already mendincino county could va a few showers popping up later today. we'll have an update coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". it's 4:44. a bay area trucking company could face criminal charges after a surprise inspection by the chp. on march 16th, a robbie trucking driver was killed when he lost control of his dump truck and crashed into an empty restaurant in pittsburg. now, the official report has not been released, but the chp says bad brakes may be to blame. that suspicion led to the surprise inspection which then uncovered problems with five of the six trucks in the fleet. >> commercial vehicles, people don't necessarily understand are very dangerous if they're not maintained appropriately. they are heavy vehicles, they carry a lot of weight.
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if the brakes don't work, if the steering doesn't work, if there's any issue with it mechanically, that puts everyone around them at risk. >> the chp is recommending that the dmv suspend or revoke the company's permit. it is also asking the salano county district attorney's office to consider criminal charges for negligence. time now 4:45. this morning antioch police are investigating a case of a pizza delivery driver being robbed at knifepoint. it happened near the 4500 block of delta fair boulevard last night around 6:30. police say the driver was walking back to his car after delivering pizzas when three men wearing ski masks threatened him with a knife and robbed him. officers say the group took off in a black car that had no emblems, tinted windows, black hub caps and no plates. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. a worker had his legs crushed by a steel i beam that fell from its cradle at a business on mare island in vallejo. the accident happened just
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before 11:00 yesterday at xkp engineering on railroad avenue. the injured worker was taken to a trauma center for treatment. cal osha has been notified and will be handling the investigation into what happened. the oakland city council has approved a fire prevention plan that has fired up a debate over cutting down trees in the east bay hills. councilmembers voted unanimously early yesterday morning to accept a $4 million grant from fema for the removal of thousands of nonnative trees. fire officials want to prevent another deadly firestorm like the one in 1991. the plan still needs an environmental review and state approval. there's also two lawsuits to stop the tree cutting. california state senate has approved an ambitious package of bills to combat global warming that would require major changes to how the golden state is powered. now, if they become law, renewable resources such as solar and wind power would provide half of our electricity by 2030. greenhouse gases would have to be cut 60% from 1990 levels in the next 15 years and they'd
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have to be slashed 80% by 2050. there is some oppositions to the ideas. >> so all these policies at some point we feel good that we're leading the world and yet we're leaving more of our own hard working families behind because they're not benefiting. >> this package of bills will put california on a pathway to sustainable economic growth, protecting the health of our communities and integrity of our environment. >> the bills now go to the assembly, and if they win approval there, the governor has to approve the bills. well, people living in one west florida neighborhood are fed up with some of their neighbors. peacocks are taking over, roaming the streets, eating home-grown vegetables and making loud noises early in the morning. pam makes a really good impression of them, by the way. their bathroom hygiene is reportedly subpar at best, they say. and one man says he's been putting up with the nuisance since 1995. >> peacocks, and for the first 10 years i loved them. i used to -- i mean, i hate to
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say it, all right, i'm going to say it, i fed them because they were great. >> well, relief could be on the way. the city has agreed to step in and help the situation by trapping and relocating the peacocks. residents say the peacock infestation began back in the 19 70,000 when a newlywed couple released a male and female peacock useed in their wedding back into the wild. that's a lot of >> wow! that's a lot of peacocks. i love the one that's up on the roof. very funny. >> it's like stepping into the san diego zoo right now. >> i know, sal. i'm not going to do the impression. >> oh, come on. >> during the commercial break because we grew up -- brian and i both grew up going to the san diego zoo and that's a familiar sound, the cry of the peacock. it sounds like a kid calling for their mom. >>reporter: yeah. might be a little annoying if you have to live with it. >> probably, yeah. >>reporter: good morning, everyone. hey, you know what? right now the traffic is doing very well around the bay area. let's go outside and take a look at what we have now with
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the commute here coming up to the bay bridge. there's a little bit of a delay in the cash lanes over to the far left, but nothing major coming into the city and the traffic continues to look good on the bridge once you make it past the toll plaza. also looking at the commute here on the nimitz freeway, traffic is moving along vi nicely, no major problems. if you're driving on east bay freeways, i think you'll be liking what you see so far. 580, for example, looks good, 680 looks good through san ramone if you're driving through castro valley on 580 off to a good start. 4:49. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. >>reporter: you're welcome, steve. >> all right, everybody. a little breezy, the flag kind of rustling in the breeze here but it'll be a breezy to windy pattern here for the next couple of days. a low pressure system, i know, yes, on june 4th, it's arrived. there's some very cool air aloft. temperatures will struggle again. they'll all be below average for this time of year. the 80s inland are really not
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much of that is happening. we do have some rain to the north. before we get to that, michael up in mount onimum, sluz mountains, mostly -- santa cruz, mostly clear, he's talking about pam and brian. a cool 47 degrees. that is cool for this time of year. that tells you there's no heat aloft. look at this, contra costa county, lake -- mendincino county, you can see some of that shower activity popping up and also near hoplin. you go further south towards cloverdale, windsor, between cobb and cloverdale, over the mountains, already so things very active, so early in the season, it's all associated this upper low which has kind of disrupted the fog a little bit, but there's still some low cloud deck, at least a component of it around and that's a combination of the low clouds, some breaks in those clouds and the higher clouds and that's going to play into a cooler photograph et. the low -- cooler forecast. the low will hang around into southern california in the next week. you can see how that drops in. 40s, 50s on your temps. redwood 51, 50 in the city, 48
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up at the napa airport. there is a breeze here south/southwest, so a component of a southerly breeze and when the low goes far enough to the south, then we'll turn more northerly. water temperatures 57 two days ago, that's a good drop. that helps keep the coastal temperatures much cooler. sierra nevadas very active. same for the northern mountains and some of that will wrap back around into our area. so as the system drops south, it keeps some unsettled conditions in almost a midwest pattern, wait five minutes, not that severe, but thursday, today, showers to the north, some of those could sneak in not only to the north bay, but the east bay later on and rather breezy and on the cool side. we still have hurricane blanco. it's barely moving though, 110 miles an hour, gusts to 125. category 3, feeding off very warm water, about 84, 85 degrees, yet the track continues to be just to the west of cabo san lucas and baja. we'll see if that holds. right now it's almost
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stationary, so we'll keep an eye on it. partly cloudy, breezy to windy, some sun out there, but showers and storms to the north and maybe to the east later on today. the days are long, angle of the sun is high, so, i mean, this is a perfect recipe to get some thunderstorm activity, but probably could find it in the valley. but 50s, 60s, 70s or very low 80s. temperatures look like they'll be held in check here for a while. looks like there could be a warmup as the low goes south. we might get more of a northerly or northeasterly breeze. the last couple of days a lot of clouds and continuing on the cool side for june. >> pretty breezy for the last couple of days. >> i would agree. >> thank you, steve. well, coming up, pam, egg prices, they're on the rise. i know, i bought some yesterday. in just 25 minutes what's behind the recent increase and the other popular food items this could affect. but, first, hundreds of san francisco high school students starting summer jobs. the program allowing them to get the invaluable experience.
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welcome back, everybody. time now is 4:55. and we now know the identity of an american killed by a lion at a wild animal preserve in south africa. this is a photo from katherine shapel's linkedin page. the 29-year-old was a new york native. she worked on the tv show "game of thrones" as a visual effects artist. she was fatally mauled on monday during a visit to lion
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park near johann esburg with her husband. park offices say she opened a car window to snap photos and the lion lunged at her. they say visitors are told to never open car windows. shapel had recently started a go fund me site to raise money for the conservation of animals in south africa. 300 high school students in san francisco are about to start summer jobs with a little help from the police foundation. 17-year-old miles dittman is one of the high school students who have paid internships this summer through the san francisco police foundation. the mission high school student will start his summer gig at a cyber security company called assurance data on monday. >> i think it's just going to be all a learning experience. i'll be able to expand my knowledge of technology and behalf else i'll be working on. >> the program was the brain child of police chief greg sur when he worked in the mission station. this is the fourth summer since it went citywide. the internship comes with a $2,00 stipend. >> that's great. >> that's awesome. san francisco's mission district is the latest
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neighborhood to benefit from staffed public toilets. the pit stop program has now expanded to 16th and mission. instead of the portable toilets used in other neighborhoods, the mission location uses existing public bathrooms. they're staffed with attendants to keep the facilities clean and safe. all of the pit stop public toilet stations are in an area with a high volume of requests for public works to steam clean the sidewalks to remove human waste. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, a police chase ended in a tense standoff in the east bay. the reason officers had to shut down a highway for more than an hour and how they were eventually able to arrest the suspects. and in the midst of this drought, a huge water main break in san jose. up next we'll look at what's being done about it and the damage caused to a road. >>reporter: and this morning's commute here in the east bay doesn't look too bad if you are driving on the eve shore freeway, westbound -- east shore freeway, 80, traffic is moving along very well and no problems as you get to the bay
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bridge. there's some rain to the north. there is, yes. take a look at that, plus the alameda county courthouse lit up, splendid in the colors. talking about a cool pattern for june coming up.
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we will tell you more about a deadly shooting next. >>reporter: we're live in san jose where a water main break flooded the streets. we will show you the damage it caused to the roadways. the day has come. today the warriors take on the cleveland cavaliers in game one of the nba finals. the preparation steph curry is making off the court. it's all ahead here on ktvu "mornings on 2". good morning. we are live in pittsburg this morning. you can see a heavy police presence. officers are searching that home after an overnight homicide. ktvu's tara moriarty will have more on what family members are saying about what happened and we'll check in with her in


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