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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 4, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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and steph curry will dribble it out. game one goes to the warriors. how about that, the warriors take game one.
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dominating in overtime as the cavaliers suddenly went ice cold. the real battle all night, after the warriors got it done. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. the warriors get the w in tonight's game. and our reporters are standing by outside of oracle arena and inside. and fans who were not able to be in the stadium but were watching the game. >> the cavaliers basically finished the game the way the warriors started it. they just couldn't buy a basket at all. as we know however, it's not about how you start the game, it's how you finish. not only did the warriors win this first game in overtime but nay got to feel great about the fact that lebron james torched them for 44 points. he was brilliant. but the cavaliers still win --
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still lose it. you're wondering if urey would be healthy. i think that says it all. cleveland starts to pull away on lebron. allen watch him bury it three. cavs left by 15 points. warriors shooting 26% and lebron feeling healthy. warriors make their move. a curry flurry. he will steal he will pop the three. and cleveland however still managed to lead by three at halftime. cleveland actually seemed to go away and remain in control in the third period. again they seemed to isolate lebron time after time. he answers the call. 44.8 rebounds, six assists. but the warriors with a fourth quarter come back. again they go to the steph
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curry move. curry gets the jumper. cleveland after a couple of free throws ties it 99-99. curry makes a move to the hoop but he's blocked by irving who was questioned about his defense. beautiful move there. so cleveland has 24 seconds left. they give it to who else? lebron, he missed the shot. but eman shupert almost hit a shot at the buzzer to win it. instead we have overtime and the warriors do dominate overtime as they outscore cleveland 12-2. at one point the cavs missed 12 straight shots and it is barnes hitting the three that basically iced the game. free throws down the stretch. 108-100 is your final. the warriors hold the home court. golden state warrior fans would like to tell you. i hope they make quick work of it but if you're kind of neutral and you're just a basketball fan. you would like to see maybe six
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more games like this. beautiful basketball but the warriors come out on top. scott reiss with the warriors. >> reporter: game one certainly lived up to the hype didn't it. the warriors win in overtime thriller. lebron goes for 44. but the warriors put the clamp on him down the stretch. and they take a very important game one advantage many this series. >> he did have 44 points. it's pick your poison with him. he's a great player. everybody knows that. he does so many things for them. and he's you know he's difficult to stop. >> a great player. we're going to continue to ware him down. they were mostly on him throughout the game. they continue to fight. they continue to make him work for everything. he played 47 minutes.
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start to wear down a little bit. i think that helped in overtime. >> lebron did need 48 shots to get his points. again the warriors really did a number on him defensively when it counted most. much like they did against james harden against the rockets also here at oracle arena. a big reason for that, andre iguodala who was fantastic at both sides of the floor. we will hear from dre coming up a little later from the floor. >> we will you a couple more highlights from andre iguodala. really the key. and thank you scott reiss. we will hear from him later. the warrior bench was fantastic. they were a complete team. and i have to tell you the cavs, lebron james comes as advertised he's clearly the best player in all of the nba of course. but you know what, as far as last i heard it's still a team game. >> lebron pretty much gave everything he had. warriors still came out on top. what do you feel about that.
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>> i think they feel good about that. they said gave us your best shot. they took it and the warriors distributed the glory sort to speak. they came out on top. and absolutely, they get 71% of the team's that win game one go on to win it. so this was extremely important. warrior fans couldn't have asked for a more exciting first game to the series. the back and forth had everybody's stomachs in knots with high drama really right up to the buzzer. and jana katsuyama talked to fans as they came streaming out of the arena. the fans got their money's worth, i heard. >> reporter: they certainly did. every penny. there was so much drama. what a great start to the series. there were so many people i think when it ended you could almost here all of dub nation shout in relief.
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i think they're still shouting out here outside oracle arena. take a look again at those fireworks. the warriors went out with a bang and boy everybody went home seeing these fireworks go up over oracle arena tonight. it was really such a celebration. the crowds just poured out banging their sticks and also wearing those strength in numbers t-shirts that everybody got tonight. although tonight had finals on the back. what a great souvenir. the team you know really supported by the fans so many times tonight. the warriors really had to fight hard. >> it was an awesome game. what can you ask for more from game one. you can't beat a team as good as golden gate. dubs in five. >> shut them down. they only scored one bucket. it was a give me at the end. >> i was there watching -- and now i'm here watching curry and
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it's the same. just as good. >> steph curry came through. and three games away. it's unbelievable. this is a cinderella story. this is incredible. >> reporter: you know, i don't even think cinderella had such supporters. some people actually left before it was over. and those last few minutes running to their cars to get out of traffic. i guess they felt that was important. back here live i have been hearing so many people tonight saying go get a broom because they feel this is going to be a clean sweep. we'll have to see if it's oakland, the bay area, warriors fans wherever they are they are celebrating tonight. >> jana katsuyama, thank you. let's turn to cara liu in san francisco at one of the many watch parties where fans gathered tonight. hi cara. >> reporter: hello, and so much energy tonight. fans are waving their towels and signs absolutely thrilled with the outcome tonight. fans celebrating the overtime
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win. >> it was amazing. they played so well. i can't believe how close it was but they pulled it out at the end. steph curry with the shot. that's my boy. that's my boy. >> lebron has got nothing on us. one guy can't be a full squad. >> warriors. >> reporter: several hundred fans watched and cheered throughout game one enjoying the sunshine, food and drinks at the street food park. >> every basketball fan wants. the mvp and the alleged best player in the world with lebron james. everybody wants that action. >> reporter: many have been waiting their whole lives to see the golden state in the finals. >> having a historically great season it's been unbelievable. >> reporter: this has one of dozens of official parties gathering and helping local kids. >> a portion of the sales go to
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the warrior community youth foundation. >> especially in sunny vale, this never happens. these big gathering. being with a bunch of other warriors fans this is amazing. incredible. >> reporter: the owner of this food park here in san francisco says he hopes to raise as much as $10,000 by the end of this series that will ultimately go to children's foundations. our broadcast tower is alternating between blue and gold lighting. you can check out more video on our ktvu facebook page or head on over to the warriors pulled out their good luck charm. we're talking about naya dameson of san jose. >> ♪ ♪
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>> naya has performed at other warrior games and they've won before. >> it's really scary. more than the play offs because i've been singing for the play offs for a long time and the finals they haven't been in 40 years. >> ten years old and she's singing at the nba finals. wow. her mother told us that naya has been practicing really hard for this performance. and she tells us her daughter is a natural and i think listening to her, i think the fans will agree with that. the final continues. and we will tell you why perception may be hurting business more than the lack of rain. >> fog forming overnight. coming up what that means for the friday morning commute and the temperature change we're working on for the afternoon
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forecast. >> i am so proud of california senators today. >> reporter: up first historic action at the state capital as lawmakers pass a vote on right to die legislation. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. california has taken a major step toward joining a handful of others states that allow doctor assisted suicide. the bill was inspired by the
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story of britney mennard. she took her own life after suffering from brain cancer. >> reporter: this aid in dying bill would apply to terminally ill patients with less than six months to live but the significant vote today is not the end of the road. it was the story of britney menard that brought about this historic day at the state capital. a california woman dying of cancer. she moved to oregon where the law would allow her to end her life. today her family watched from the gallery at the state senate allowed the bill that would have allowed menard to die at home. >> i am just so proud of her. and i am so proud of california senators today. >> reporter: it was largely democrats who supported this bill in a 23-14 vote. >> we're pursuing what i see as a fundamental human right. the right to a compassionate choice for a very limited number of patients in california. >> reporter: most opposition
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was from republicans. >> what is going to be the new theme of the state of california. come, play, live and die in california. >> it has been 20 years since the last failed attempt to pass assisted suicide legislation in california. >> one of the greatest dangers is actually the family members who think somehow gosh, you know if you want to die who am i to stand in your way. we'll grant your wish. we'll have you dead. when in fact, that family member is asking for emotional support. >> reporter: the patient must be mentally competent and only the patient can administer the lethal doze of medication obtained from the doctor. menard's family says she lived happy until the end. >> her and i felt that an ends
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of life options bill or law in california will not lead to more people dying. it will simply, it will lead to fewer people suffering. >> reporter: two weeks ago the california medical association dropped opposition to this bill. the bill now heads to the assembly. and one of the authors says that she hopes to have this legislation move through fairly quickly through the assembly and have it on the governor's desk in a month or two. >> what are the chances in the assembly do you think. >> reporter: the senate authors say they have ayes in the assembly that will move it through. really it's anybody's guess. it's probably too early to say what's going to happen and then of course it has to go to the governor and he usually doesn't comment on legislation until it reaches his desk. >> thank you, tonight. also in sacramento, the state assembly has passed a bill that would impose new legislation on the marijuana
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industry. marijuana growers in the state would be required to submit their plants for testing to the department of food and agriculture to ensure patient safety. the legislation is sponsored by the cannabis and one by the law -- two women say a man came up behind them and grabbed their buttocks. in both cases the man walked away without injuring the woman. two good samaritans are being credited for catching a
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robbery suspect in union city. witnesses say 48-year-old theodore levy stole a wallet from an 84-year-old man inside a safeway. when the man noticed what happened he tried to get his wallet back. that's when a good samaritan came in and held levy until arrived. a south bay mom is speaking out about allegations of sexual abuse involving a camp counselor. azenith smith talked to the man today. he said his son has not been the same since he came home from the walden way science camp. >> reporter: this mother asked we protect her identity. she tells us when her 10-year- old son came back from walden science camp he was an entirely different person. >> when he got off the bus he hugged me so tight. he was a little teary eyed.
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>> reporter: she says for months he was moody, would not attend any sleep overs. she says it was not until a camp counselor known as papa bear, that she thought he may have been molested. she said the two would be alone and her son was told he could not go home or call his parents. >> i felt very disgusted. very sad, very angry. for something like this to happen to your son. >> reporter: cubaru, -- cuvarubia maintains his innocence. saying he would rather kill
10:20 pm
himself than touch a child. this mother questions why rules weren't enforced to begin with. >> it shouldn't have happened. especially in such, especially at science camp where like there's so many children that go every year there. >> reporter: the mother tells me her son is currently undergoing counseling. why weren't these rules enforced. that is the big question. i tried to ask the county council of education. in san jose, i'm azenith smith, ktvu news. lots of sunshine today across most of the bay area. some activity on the radar late this afternoon into the early evening hours. in fact, you can see the showers flairing up across the sierra. and thunderstorms even developing up in parts of the north bay. especially closer to the calastoga area. right now we have partly cloudy skies and patchy fog trying to regroup as you can see hugging parts of our shoreline right now. this will expand in cover rang
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-- in coverage later on today. san francisco in the upper 50s and santa rosa checking in 60 degrees with mostly clear skies. partly cloudy skies, patchy fog and right around the bay for san francisco, oakland and hayward. temperatures will start out your friday morning, already friday. we're thinking lots of 50s out there. patchy fog for the morning hours. here's your temperature time line throughout the day with partly cloudy skies. a few sunny observations throughout the afternoon hours. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. there's your eventual temperature range. partly cloudy skies well inland. look what happens. we have a few high clouds approaching the region by late in the afternoon and into the evening approaching the east bay and also up into the north bay as well a few high clouds paying us a visit.
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we'll be tracking at least a partly cloudy skies late into the afternoon and evening hours. coming up at 10:40, when 90s make a come back in the five day outlook. a dangerous pest has hitched a ride to the bay area. coming up here the contaminated cargo that's now been sent back. plus california's attorney general sees firsthand the damage from oil to the santa barbara coastline. see who's personal information has been compromised this time. sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪ it's more than a movie.
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it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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the fbi is investigating a cyber attack that targeted employees of the government. 4million employees may have been compromised. hackers based in china are suspected of carrying out the
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attack. the department of homeland security says the attack has compromised data from the office of personnel management and the interior department which handles security clearances. former government employees are affected as well. it's unclear whether on intelligence employees were targeted. this is the high school yearbook picture of usaama rahim. he was killed by members of the task force after they said he came at them with a large knife. rahim's brother is an iman from an oakland mosque. he others spoke out today. a family spokesperson commented on the report that he became radicalized by isil. >> the family has no evidence
10:26 pm
that usaama rahim was involved by isil. they didn't see anything that suggests that. >> reporter: a spokesperson says -- has offered to show them the video of the shooting and they plan on viewing it. an invasive pet discovered at the port of oakland has forced a huge shipment of garbanzo beans and chick peas to be sent back. we shared these photos of a larva and its shed skin. one of the worse invasive species in the world. they can survive with no food or water and their resistant to many insecticide. camela harris toured the coastline where that oil spill happened. she met with the clean up command center and the crews
10:27 pm
are working as quickly as possible. her office is considering criminal charges against the operator of the pipeline that broke. thousands of gallons of crude oil spilled into the ocean. that spill near santa barbara is also the target of these tar balls. the coast guard is testing them to determine their source. it's possible they may have come from some other oil spill or from fixtures in the ocean floor that spew oil. the dow was down 40. the sm -- s & p dropped 15. a wedding day with a high tech twist. how a drone, a robot and plenty of cameras helped share one couple's special day all for free. but up first some dramatic
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pictures from lake oroville. why the drought is only part of the problem for businesses here.
10:29 pm
look at these pictures here, stark pictures of the drought. the water level is still
10:30 pm
dropping about a foot a day. lake oroville is used by a lot of boaters and fishermen. >> ken pritchett takes us to the chico area where he learned businesses are hurting in this drought and part of the problem is perception. >> reporter: these dramatic pictures of lake oroville have in some ways become the poster of california's drought. the side by side full to nearly empty images of the lake have spread across the internet giving out ciders the impression the lake is almost dried up. >> when people have the perception that there's no water they don't come. >> reporter: this is how the lake looks right now. it's lower but it's not dry. and that's hurting an economy that relies heavily on boaters and fishermen. >> our attendance is probably down 40%. every bit of that. i mean the drought is really, really impacting our business. >> reporter: at this time of the year the lake levels should be rising a foot a day thanks to spring run off. with no snow pack, there's no run off. and the lake right now is
10:31 pm
dropping a foot a day. if lake oroville was at 100% capacity the edge of the water would be right in this area. instead the water level is 150 feet lower. and it's forecast to continue to drop through the fourth of july, through labor day until it could reach its lowest level ever. >> the predictions of the lake are not good. >> reporter: at capacity the lake covers 15,000 acres. lots of room for boaters. right now there's about 10,000 acres of surface water. plenty of boaters but the perception persists. >> on the bright side it's gotten lake oroville to be known and people know the name but of course, the drama of those pictures of the lake being so low doesn't look good at all. >> reporter: as the lake level drops, access on boat ramps worsens. paveed ramps only go so far. by summers end it'll be impossible to get boats in and
10:32 pm
out of the water. marina operators have asked houseboat owners to park their boats on shore if they're not using them. >> we could see cables coming out more than we did even last night. so the water is definitely coming down a lot. >> reporter: amy blackburn and her family say they usually come to the lake 10 times a summer but this year they say they won't be here as often. >> the lake is fun. come out with all your friends. yeah it'll be sad. >> we're hanging in there and we plan to do the best we can. >> reporter: paraja runs this 59 room motel. he says it's packed during fisher tournaments. a big part of his business. >> the worse thing that can happen if they cancel all the tournaments that are coming up. that might be a possibility because there's not going to be any rain coming. >> reporter: while there's hand wringing over water supplies, are state leaders visiting oroville to see how the drought is affecting recreation. >> i can answer that in one word, no. >> i keep my fingers crossed and i hope for the best. >> reporter: bill harper says
10:33 pm
he hasn't had to lay off any of his 40 employees at his marina yet. >> we're just a small part of this drought but people really need to start saving water an they need to start doing it today >> if we don't get water next year, it's going to be bad. but it's going to be bad everywhere. caltrans says previous seismic tests found that 99% of the 440 rods had passed. a different analysis is to be done on the rods in this next round. the police department has released a video of a hit-and- run in the hopes that someone will recognize the driver. the surveillance video shows the vehicle right before it hit
10:34 pm
an 89-year-old man who was just outside the view of the camera. you can then see the camera back up. police say he went over to the victim then walked inside the hospital. and actually contacted two volunteers. but then he got back into his car and drove away. the victim lives in santa clara and fortunately is expected to recover. there's a recall under way at a berkeley high school for new yearbooks that contain an offensive comment. the comment is on a page about one of the school's college prep programs that enrolls mostly black and latino students. the comment was supposed to read making our future nurses, physicians, fire chiefs and innovators of tomorrow. but instead someone changed the word innovators to trash -- collectors. >> absolutely racists. i think absolutely someone who is going to study to become a
10:35 pm
trasl-colater or trash collector is going to go to college to do that? it was a picture perfect wedding and it was all for free. we're going to show you how some technological tools help the mother of the bride who is actually in the hospital share in the big day. >> patchy fog, and we're tracking warmer temperatures on the long range model maps. when 90s make a come back. >> and a nine way liver transplant capped off by one donor. >> and we're going to look at game one of the nba finals. we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that
10:36 pm
kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
10:37 pm
surgeons at two san francisco hospitals began a nine way kidney transplant
10:38 pm
chain today. thanks to the help of one donor. surgery began at 7:30 this morning at california pacific medical center for three donors and at ucsf for two more. the chain begins with one donor. that kidney is then matched to a recipient who isn't a match with a loved one but the loved one then donates a kidney to a second recipient and the chain keeps going. the organ matches are made with the help of software and the whole process gets a very long waiting list moving. >> the waiting time in this area of the country which are approaching eight years really makes us motivated to take technology like this and share it amongst institutions so we can benefit the patients. >> reporter: the software also allows for a collaboration between california pacific to help speed up the matching process. a lot of people will probably be planning their weekend around sunday night's warriors game against the cavaliers game two of the nba finals but there are plenty of other events around the bay this weekend as well.
10:39 pm
mike mibach has our weekend watch. >> hello on this fine june day. i'm mike mibach and here is your weekend watch. hundreds are heading out to cal hallow. 10:00 to 6:00 the always lively free party features two stages, plenty of merchants, food and drinks. time to escape from alcatraz. the annual triathalon starts on sunday. an estimated 2,000 athletes will be biking and running throughout the city. always great to get out there and cheer those athletes on. and if you do. you might as well swing into golden gate park sunday is free admission day at california academy of sciences. i would get into the park early if you are thinking about it. always a packed day out there. how about some pig races. can't say i've ever actually seen one up close. maybe it is time to do that. mike the san mateo county fair kicks off saturday at the county event center.
10:40 pm
children five and under are free. the 41st annual pride parade and festival is in downtown santa cruz. another festival the bay area book festival is saturday and sunday in downtown berkeley's arts district. time to get that summer reading on. the free event features 300 authors, childrens and teen stages and it runs from 10:00 to 6:00. the a's and giants are on the road. the earthquakes are at home on sunday. your golden state warriors tip off game two of the nba final sunday night at oracle. that is your weekend watch. i can't believe mike has never seen a pig race. >> that's part of the fair. at we posted this weekend's events. >> game one of the nba finals is in the books. more coverage and the a's and giants at the white house. >> and look at that shot.
10:41 pm
the ultimate in weddings all for free. how a technology center helps a mother fighting cancer share in her daughter's big day. >> just that she's -- >> she's watching yeah. >> she's watching, she's a part of it as much as she can be.
10:42 pm
female announcer: get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for three years on the best brand name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ drones, a production crew even a robot bartender. not exactly typical items you would expect for a perfect wedding but it was exactly what
10:43 pm
this couple needed at a bay area winery today. the bride and groom in fact, didn't pay for a thing because they won all of this in a national competition. >> and ktvu's cristina rendon shows us how all that technology helped connect the bride getting married to the mother of the bride who's in a hospital room. >> reporter: this was a love story. the band, the flowers, the food and drinks. even the rings were free. >> with this ring i thee wed. >> reporter: the couple and all of the wedding details was selected by america. >> i think that they have great taste. so they were able to pick on the personality of the bride and groom. >> reporter: samantha and taylor are from redondo beach but they said i do in sonoma county. they won this crowd sourced high tech wedding courtesy of wedding website the knot. who put on a production to make this happen. >> this wedding could not be
10:44 pm
more perfect in the sense that it's so broadcast and covered in ways that we would have never imagined. >> reporter: that's because they had a photo booth linked to social media. a robotic bartender that worked with a touch of an app. a 3d printer that produced bracelets and cuff links, even a drone flew over head capturing video. but most importantly the knot live streamed their big day online and it meant samantha's mother who was in the hospital battling cancer was watching. >> maybe someone could have recorded it and showed it to her later but this way -- >> she's watching live. >> she's a part of it. as much as she can be. >> reporter: mom watched every special moment unfold including their first dance with surprised guest country singer kenneth smith. the couple says they were given their dream wedding but at the end of the day their fairy tail -- fairy tale is just
10:45 pm
beginning. >> the colors and the dress and food, none of that matters. it's more ant -- more about the people who are here celebrating it with you. >> looks like they had beautiful weather for that wedding. with lots of sunshine. although by late in the afternoon some clouds building up in parts of the north bay even a few pop up showers. you can see the reason why. we had a circulation leading up to the sierra. especially the extreme portions of the north bay. right now we have patchy fog trying to regroup. the low cloud deck closer to the coast. here is our live camera looking out toward oakland where we do have fair skies right now. forecast headlines for tonight will go with this. a bit of a breeze out there. for your friday morning clouds. for the weekend we're going to warm things up for sunday and that will set the stage for a hot to warm monday you will see that coming up in the five day forecast. here we go san jose tomorrow
10:46 pm
morning. we'll go 60 degrees on track to reach the upper 70s by 2:00 and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. quick update on hurricane blanca. you can see winds increasing. winds at 100 miles per hour. here is the powerful track for friday and into the weekend. possibly approaching just to the west of cabo a tropical storm that could be on sunday and into monday. back here in the bay area. patchy clouds overnight. a bit of a breeze out there. winds around 25 miles per hour. here is the wider perspective and right now we have this area of low pressure approaching southern california. and for us it'll bring in a few extra clouds by mid- to late afternoon a circulation around that low and we'll have partly to mostly sunny skies for the afternoon hours. once that system moves out we're going to warm up those numbers for sunday into monday. here we are at the fog tomorrow morning and into the bay. a few extra clouds will be tracking toward the east approaching the region later friday and into friday night. saturday morning we'll do it all over again with the fog in the morning and then partly
10:47 pm
sunny skies for the afternoon hours. but the plan on warmer temperatures for your sunday forecast. temperatures for tomorrow santa rosa we'll go with 80 degrees. more neighborhoods san jose in the upper 70s and san francisco will go 64 degrees. here is a look ahead your five day forecast. saturday some morning fog. but there we go for sunday and into monday. monday easily back into the lower 90s. there's a chance we might raise that up to 94 or 95. we'll keep an eye on that so get ready for that big temperature spike. >> i'm thinking about that sunday and think we're going to have a great aerial. >> we're going to get fireworks too. >> still riding high from tonight's win. >> 67 wins for the warriors. thirteenthof tonight. they've won 80 games so far. 83 to win the battle. they don't have a single player
10:48 pm
who's ever been in the nba finals before. cavaliers are led by a guy who has gotten himself to the finals five times. and the game one riley good luck ritual with the pop step. everybody was wondering how healthy avery would be. look at the moves on green right there. he'll get it to go down with the left hand. he had 23 points, seven rebounds six assists. cleveland had to scare warrior fans in a big way. kerr thought he thought his team was a little nervous and why not as lebron lets his talents show. they were up by as many as 15. but here come the warriors. steph stole it. steph popped it. from way out. cleveland still led by three at halftime. the warrior momentum and steph curry said this play coming up
10:49 pm
was a momentum changer. andre iguodala knocked away by lebron. the warriors were tied. curry said that gave the momentum they needed. lebron was going to make sure they remained in the ball game. watch him get the floater. the isolation game. he was incredible. 44 points, eight rebounds. six assists. a key situation right here. look at the clock winding down. and steph curry loves the moment. feeling it. he had 26 on the night. and the warriors had a two point lead. cleveland comes right back and they tied it so curry again. looks like he beats his man for the lay up. but again irving who was said to be a poor defender got a finger on the ball. and that thing would have counted. but they go to overtime where the warriors dominate but a key
10:50 pm
situation here. irving goes down. remember he came in with tendinitis of the knee and foot problems he left obviously very frustrated so he is questionable for the rest of the series. key play right here. barnes was nailed from the outside. he pops a three. warriors had the biggest lead of the night at seven. at one point the cavaliers missed 12 straight shots. they missed one bucket. 108-100. delirious fans at the oracle and why not. quite a heart palpitator huh. >> reporter: certainly depth is a big dwi -- certainly depth is a biggie. and iguodala ded up lebron on
10:51 pm
that more important final shot. >> it was flowing but it wasn't a nice flow. wasn't too high. it kind of stayed with me all night. we had a lot of guys and bodies we threw at lebron. he did some tough shots and that's what we're going to try to do all series. >> i think everybody noticed today because he scored. but his defense at the end of regulation was huge. he had a couple of dunks and threes. and he looked like the andre. >> reporter: so this was definitely a team victory for the dubs. you mentioned irving going down late in the ball game. he left the arena on crutches so he's very questionable for game two. if he can't go it's going to be
10:52 pm
hard for cleveland to go. >> you never want to see any player let alone a key player go down like that. scott thanks for your reporting all night. we appreciate it. we'll see you back here. it was the warriors night but mean while the a's on their best role this season. sweeping through detroit. giants had the day off but that doesn't mean they were laying around on a couch unless they have one in the east room. white house, washington national's capital. sports part ii next.
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come on you knew the a's weren't add -- as bad as they showed for the first month and a half. a little come backer in the first off the bat of sogard. tigers playing terribly of late. they lost seven in a row. big day for josh bagley. the back up catcher got himself a backer at center. hahnseven great. a tradition for the giants never gets old. they're invited to the white house. get to spend time with the president. and the president having a good time with the guys there. >> i see willy mays out there
10:56 pm
too. thank you for joining us tonight. our next newscast starting at 4:30 a.m. have a great evening everyone. see you later.
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cameron: good night, sweet pea. good night, honey. mitchell! there's a stranger in our hot tub! mitchell: who is it?! you do know what "stranger" means, don't you? oh, my g-- oh, my god! how long has he been there? i saw him exactly one second before you. you know everything i know. okay, i'm -- i'm calling 911. i'm getting my bat. [ water splashing ] maybe we're overreacting. yeah, he could have a very good reason for be-- we should at least say hello. it's only polite. okay. so i looked that coyote dead in the eye, and i let him know without saying a word,
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