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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with breaking news in milpitas where police tell ktvu they are searching for a missing 3-year-old boy. there are reports the boy was with his mother but wandered off. he -- he was reportedly seen near the city library in the arms of a man who may have been homeless. we'll be gathering more information and will bring it to you as soon as it comes in.
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steph curry will dribble it out. game 1 goes to the warriors. >> the warriors came away victorious. while they are heating up on the court, the fight over the home of the warriors is heating up off the court. ktvu's cristina rendon joins us live where city officials gave an update on the project. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. the release was called an environmental impact report. we haven't had a chance to read through it all the we asked them about the hads. you can see at&t's park right behind us. one of the concerns is about the traffic if there was a giants' game and a warriors' game happening at the same time. let's take you to some video of inside the press conference, though. some of the officials are touting this arena, this
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proposed arena, saying it is lead certified, built on private property with private fund costing $6.6 million. in addition to that, there's $40 million worth of transportation improvements that will be happening in the mission bay area. because of that, though, there is concerns on how the traffic is going to impact the afternoon hours, especially keeping the traffic away from the warriors arena and keeping it separate from the mission bay hospital. they want to make sure that the traffic doesn't impede the hospital traffic over there. if there is an emergency vehicle that needs to get an emergency room, for instance. frills say they are kf -- officials say they are confident that the plans they have in place will suffice for the next three to five years to keep the traffic in check. >> there are initial concerns about traffic and impacts. rarely are those fully realized
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in a document like this. that's not to say that there isn't going to be some traffic in that short period of arrival and departure. >> reporter: now, beginning today, there is a 45-day comment period where people can voice their concerns to the city and they say this is just one eri report that will come out about the environmental impacts to the mission bay area. people can voice their concerns and they say really the final eri report won't happen until this fall. but they do hope and they do plan that this project will move forward around the warriors will build an arena here in san francisco. also we should mention the mission bay alliance is a group of high powered attorneys, they are against this project completely and they've already scheduled a rebuttal to talk about the issues that they feel are very concerning in terms of traffic and noise. big impacts to the neighborhood. we'll have that information later on in the newscast at 5:00 and 6:00. >> kind of interesting this is happening while the warriors
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are in the finals, too. getting extra attention for the people. thank you for that. now, after a big win last night, the warriors are gathering up for game 2 as the cavaliers await word on the condition of irving, the star point guard injured his left knee with over two minutes to go in overtime. this is the same knee he has had trouble with throughout the season. game 2 is on sunday at 5:00 p.m. at oracle arena. for continuing warriors' coverage, head to we have more video from game one as well as a quiz on how well you know the team, fan photos and a list of official watch party locations. san francisco police are looking for eight men who carried out an armed home- invasion robbery near stonestown. it happened around 1:00 this morning at a house on cresby drive, a few blocks from the san francisco state university cam -- campus. six young men live in the house. police say one of them opened
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the door and let the intruders in. at least one had a gun and one was wearing a clown mask. the six residents were told to lie on the ground while the suspects stole property including wallets, money, watches and laptops. mayor ed lee is coming under criticism for rejecting a $300,000 funding request from the district attorney general's office. the d.a. wants to expand a task force looking into arrests made by 14 officers who allegedly sent racist and hoe foe phobic tests. accord -- homophobic tests. according to information, they will continue without additional funding. smeaupt county deputies are searching for a man aucketted of groping two women on a walk -- san mateo county deputies are searching for a man accused of groping two women on a walking trail near half moon bay. the women reported the man
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approaching them from behind and grabbing this before he walked away. he's described as 20, 30, olive skin, health official 58, medium build and dark hair and dark eyes. a family in concord is howing the loss -- mourning the loss of their 13-month-old baby who drowned in their swimming pool. le it janine de la vega spoke with the grieve -- ktvu's janine de la vega spoke with the grieving father. >> reporter: there were tears in his father's eyes when we spoke to him. he didn't want to get into details of what happened all he would say this was a tragic accident. this happened around 8:00 near cowell road. officers were called to the home where someone reported a child had drowned. they started performing cpr. contra costa firefighters and paramedics also came and took over. the baby girl who was 13 months old was taken to the hospital but she did not survive. police say it appears the mother was outside with the
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baby and left to go inside for a couple of minutes. when she came back, the child was in the pool. it's unclear if there was a gate around the pool. the case is still being investigated. >> it broke my heart. it really did. you can't imagine what the family must be going through. i mean an accident like this. israel sad. >> reporter: police are handling the investigation into what happened. an officer who was patrolling the area told us it's hitting them hard. he said with the summer coming, he hopes this serves as a reminder to parents to keep a close on eye on your children, wherbl they are -- especially when they are around the water. the father is juv deve -- just devastated. he's asking for privacy so the family can grieve. solemn preparations are underway for the funeral of beau biden. today his coffin was taken to st. andrew's church in wilmington where people will be able to pay their respects this afternoon and evening. the son of vice president joe
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biden died of brain cancer last weekend at the age of 46. the former delaware attorney general also served with the dealt law ware national guard including a year of active duty in iraq. president obama will give the eulogy at the funeral tomorrow. at least 4 million federal government employees have had their personal information stolen including social security numbers and other sensitive data. here's how the government -- here is here's more on who the government is blaming. >> reporter: hackers get into the office of personal management. the intrucks opening up the names, addressed and social security numbers of workers leaving many with top security clearances vulnerable. >> go to them, you know what their weaknesses are. you know all sorts of intimate details about their career and life. it's a huge concern and you know, i don't know where you go to reverse it. i think once it's done, it's
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done. >> reporter: the department of homeland security has a system designed to detect intrusions. in this days, it doesn't appear to -- case, it doesn't appear to have given enough of a warning. rick perry said security is one of those issues we should be spending more money on. >> cyber is one of those areas that we should have been spending substantially more money on, more technology on and working with our allies around the world. >> reporter: china is considered a likely culprit but the country is calling u.s. allegations irresponsible and unscientific. hoping for coop nation in an international investigation to find the attackers -- cooperation in an international investigation to find the attackers. >> translator: we hope the u.s. can show more trust and cooperation in the field. >> reporter: beijing officially dismisses any allegations while noting china itself is the
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largest target of hacking attacks. in washington, peter duescy, fox fuse. santa barbara county must decide whether to allow exxon to use tanker trucks to haul oil while a broken pipeline is out of service. according to the l.a. times, they want to run eight trucks and hour, 4 hours a day along highway 101. the company would normally move oil through the pipeline owned by planes all american that broke last month. as much as 100,000 gallons of crude leaked onto refugio state beach. an eel while is recalling -- east bayle is recalling the -- east bay high school is recalling their year books. what was it. and sunshine is around the bay area. rosemary will be here and to
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tell us -- will be here to tell us about the weekend.
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a new round of testing is now scheduled for the rods anchoring the bay bridge tower. caltrans says the panel of international experts will design a plan for the testing
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following heightened concerns about some rods being exposed to standing water. caltrans says previous seismic tests found that 99% of the 440 rods had pass. a different an amly sis is to be done on the roads in this -- annal little sis is to be done on the roads in this -- analysis is to be done on this next round. berkeley is recalling year books because of a comment in the text. the text was supposed to read making our future nurses, physician, fire chiefs and innovators of tomorrow. but instead, someone changed innovators to trash collators which some interpret as trash collector. >> we're not trash collectors. >> absolutely racist. anyone who would study to be a trush collator or a trush collector -- trash collator or
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trash collector has dom delusion that you go to college for that. >> they plan to put a positive sticker over the comment. administrators are trying to track down the person who sneaked in the comment. whoever is responsible could face suspension. ♪ tomorrow, the 2015 fifa women's world cup kicks off in canada. team usa is one of the top contenders to win it all. one of the biggest stars, alex morgan, has been nursing a knee injury but is expected to play when team usa has their first match on monday. she's not the only player representing the bay area. >> reporter: the world cup comes around once every four years. but for the team usa players, it's a whirlwind. >> it's pretty hectic. you know, we've been kind of building up to this point for the past, you know, nine months. a lot of travel, a lot of
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training. pretty intense schedule. a lot of media. but yeah, we're here now, it's at the exciting point. >> reporter: especially exciting for the bay area. some played locally including kelly o'hara and kristin press, teammates at stanford. >> that was a big growing point in my career. it was four years and i feel like i went in there kind of, you know, as a young, naive player and came out more mature and it helped me to get to where i am today. >> i think the players i grew up with, they have a different perspective of what it was like playing here. >> i think there's a closeness that you get when you play on a younger team with your players. we carry that along to this team. >> reporter: julie john shon was a star down the road at -- johnson was a star down the road at santa clara. for her it's surreal. >> four years ago, i was watching it when i was moment
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for summer break from college -- home for summer break from college. so to see what the girls did and to be part of the team is pretty remarkable. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the women are poised for a remarkable run in canada, but regardless of the tournament outcome, they understand the magnitude of this opportunity. >> you can see that there is a huge rise in importance on the emphasis of women's soccer during this time. >> it's sort of a shooting star event where the world turns on the television for one month and you are the center of it. >> every girl who plays soccer dreams about playing in world cup. we get to do it and represent our country. >> it means everything. i think it's maybe safe to say the dream come true but it truly is. >> reporter: scott reese, ktvu
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fox 2 news. we have a lot of information at under the sports tab. we're in for a bit of a warmup. rosemary is here with the all- important weekend forecast. >> yes. temperatures outside the door warmer than yesterday. for many spot, and eventually it will get hot. we'll take a look outside the doors and into areas of alameda where we have low clouds continuing to burn off where they are expected to remain. we'll be along the coastline once again. mostly sunny skies elsewhere. where we do have the sunshine again. temperatures already heating up. 80 degrees right now in livermore. we have 81 in concord. fairfield, 78. around the bay, it's a lot more comfortable i should say, 68 in oakland, redwood city, 73 san jose, to the north bay we have temperatures at 73. 67 sfo and 68 degrees right now redwood city, upper 50s half moon bay. taking a look at the 24-hour temperature change, you can see
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concord, livermore, definitely a notal warmup. oakland is warmer by 5 degrees. san jose by 6. a tad cooler in areas right around santa rosa. as we get into your afternoon, we're going to continue with the mostly cloudy skies here right along the coastline. mostly sunny around the bay and inland. take a look at what's going on here over the central valley. if i back it up for you a little bit more, you can see scattered showers and thunderstorms beginning to develop over the sierra. has to do with the system that's over soifl and the wraparound moisture pushing it in this direction. we may even see a few sprinkles over portions of lake county as well as the north edge of the north bay, a little bit later. i will bring you to show you what i mean. as we get through the day, we remain with the cloudy skies here. but by 8:00 this even, notice what's going -- this evening, notice what's going on over sonoma county, lake county, the possibility of a few sprinkles. we'll see a repeat tomorrow and maybe sunday as well. temperatures for today, mid- to upper 80s in fairfield and vacaville, 8 for sonoma.
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8 -- 82 for sonoma. 70 for oakland. 70 for castro valley. mid- to upper 80s around antioch as well as pittsburg and brentwood. south bay, 77 san jose, cupertino, you will go to 78. along the peninsula for the afternoon, 73 san mateo if you are going to the county fair this afternoon, it will be a beautiful day. 77wood side. 62 in san francisco. upper 50s expected for half moon bay. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view. temperatures will be very similar tomorrow, perhaps slightly warmer for tomorrow but not by much. as we get into sunday, we see temperatures prize -- rise a little bit and next week the upper 80s to low 90s. >> wow. >> ye. it's june. >> we've been due for that for a while. we've just learned from milpitas police that the missing child we reported at the top of the newscast has
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been found safe. it was the 3-year-old. good news there. also coming up a very pricey lunch, the online luncheon to dine
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for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train
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and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. the main indexes are mixed in afternoon trading. it's continuing concern over greece has been putting downward pressure. the dow currently down 5. the nasdaq is up 10 and the s&p down 2. also impacting the markets today, traders are betting the strengthening job market will encourage the federal reserve to raise interest rates later this year. investors don't like that. new jobs numbers out so solid gangs, especially in construction and healthcare. the labor department said employers added 280,000 jobs. that's after the economy shrank for the first three months of the year. the unemployment rate picked
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upward to 5.5% from 5.4% in april. how much is a lunch with warren buffett worth? apparently dwight a lot. bidding for a private lunch wraps up tonight. proceeds from the annual auction will go to the glide foundation to help the poor and homeless. right now, the highest bid for lunch and a conversation with buffet is around $1.6 million. last year's winning bid was over 2 million. oef he the past 15 years, the lunch auction has raised $18 million for glide. a bay area triathlon, a county fair and game 2 of the finals. mike mibach has a look at what's going on around the bay area on our weekend watch. >> reporter: hello on this fine june day. i'm mike mibach. here's your weekend watch. tens of thousands of people set to swarm into the 39th an um union street festival. it's -- an ual union street fest -- annual union street
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festival, it's saturday. the annual triact lon starts at7:30 a.m. besides the mile and a half swim, an estimated,000 athletes will be biking and running throughout the city. always great to get out there and cheer the athletes on. sunday is free admission at california academy sciences. always a packed day out there. how about pig races? can't say i've seen one up close, maybe it is time to do that. the san mateo county fair kicks off saturday at the county event center nine days of fun for the entire family. children 5 and under. the pride festival is 11:00 a.m. in downtown santa cruz. another festival, the bay area book festival is saturday and sunday in the arts district. time to get that summer reading on. it features 300 authors, children and teen stages and it
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runs from 10 to 6. as and giants are on the road. the earthquakes are at home on sunday. your golden state warriors tip off, game 2 of the finals sunday night at oracle. at we've posted the events, click on the entertainment tab and look for weekend watch. a royal christening in the works is stirring up memories of diana. princess charlotte will be christened in the same church as her grandmother, diana. charlotte and her parents william and kate and big brother george have been living at an estate a couple of miles away. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great weekend.
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- [voiceover] today, on animal science ... did you know that an elephant seal's nose inflates to amplify its roar? the sound can be heard up to a mile away. (seal roars) plus, the african wild dog
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has one of the most powerful bite forces on earth. and ... the giant anteater doesn't have teeth but with a two-foot-long tongue, it can eat 30,000 insects a day. from treetops to coral reefs these animals have some incredible survival skills. welcome to the fascinating world of animal science.


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