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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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man was arrested an hour later at the b.a.r.t. station. this afternoon police released this mugshot of the suspect. ktvu's ann rubin is in milpitas and you talked to the bus driver who saved the day there. what did he say? >> reporter: the driver said it wasn't the suspect who caught his eye, it was the child. he looked at the alert that was sent from dispatch and then at the boy and realized the descriptions were a match. >> i pulled over and hit the break. i said i am looking for a green backpack. i wanted to see if my description meets. sure enough, the red shoes. >> reporter: police have 23- year-old alfonso david edington in custody. accused of taking the three- year-old from the library. this started about 10:40 a.m. a mother lost sight of her child. a witness reported seeing the boy leave with a stranger. police say the two ended up on a bus heading from the great
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mall to the b.a.r.t. station. when the driver discovered they were on the bus he alerted authorities and drove as slowly as he could till police cowl arrive and -- could arrive and make the arrest. >> go 40 miles per hour, 35 miles per hour. i am slow rolling down mission. >> the bus driver is a hero. absolute hero. the bus driver being just alert. >> one other point here after this happened the bus driver was shaken up and he went to the back of the bus and he sat down to gather his thoughts about everything that just happened. that was ann rubin from milpitas. more from her at 6:00 p.m. a developing story now from the a's game in boston. scary moments. half hour ago a fan was hit by
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a piece of broken bat. the bat broke and went flying into the stands. a woman in the second row was hit. reports from the scene say she was hit in the face and bleeding. paramedics took her away across the field. the game was stopped. since then they started playing again. no word on how she is doing and no word on her condition at this time. the warriors won game one of the nba finals and now the cavaliers have a tougher fight ahead. >> we found out this one a key player is out for the series. scott reiss is here now. that is a big blow. >> a massive blow for a team that was already not 100% and now they are further from that. warriors road got easier with news at kyrie irving is indeed out for the remainder of the playoffs. he has a fractured left knee
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cap, out of action for 3-4 months. this is the play. his knee has been a problem for many weeks now. he wasn't 100% yesterday. still scored 23 points and played well. now the caves are looking at a uphill battle. >> hate seeing anybody get injured. this is a dream for every player to play in the finals. i know from my own experience how disappointed i would have been to get this far and not be able to play. so there is definitely a feeling among our whole team that we want everybody out there. we want everybody playing. let's tip it up with the best of what everyone has. >> and then there is lebron james. physically okay. psychology, missing the game winner last night. today he cleared out the media and practiced the shot over and
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over. you know, just in case it comes up again. >> be prepared. >> too late. >> seeing kyrie irving walk off the court there and throw down his shirt. tough to see. >> feel for him. >> i think steve kerr put it best, you want the beat the other team at their best. i was upset to hear he is not going to play. he is a great player to watch. the warriors are the better team full strength. >> he is the second best player -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. the nba finals puts the national spotlight on oakland and offers a chance to show off a different side of the city. ktvu's claudine wong talked to some about the challenges and what is at stake. >> reporter: nba finals, what does mean? >> it is huge.
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not just the economic impact of having all the people in town for the few days but just a generation of excitement and team spirit. it galvanized the city. >> reporter: do you think people see the warriors as oakland? they are the golden state warriors. >> the warriors are definitely an oakland team. >> reporter: when the country is watching how do you convince them to look at oakland and what oakland has to offer? >> we are working with the espn producers who are showing the game to ensure they have beautiful shots and images of oakland. when we watch sporting events half the images are of san francisco. we are ensuring and we have a commitment that they will show a lot of oakland. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> absolutely. absolutely. [ talking at the same time ] >> they lump the bay area, golden gate bridge, not like a super bowl. >> reporter: what people see on
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tv is maybe a bigger deal. >> [bleep]ly. the game will be broadcast all over the world. this is our chance, free publicity, promote the beauty of our city. [ music ] >> reporter: what is your best imms you want people to see? -- images you want people to see? >> hills to the water front. people aren't expecting these trees and our water front. >> reporter: are you getting surprise from the folks you are walking around? >> nobody realizes how beautiful oakland is till they come. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> absolutely. right now the golden state warriors we will take it. they are our team and we are thrilled to have them. the san francisco 49ers got a surprise today when they lost a player to retirement. 49ers former first round draft pick anthony davis he is taking a year off from the nfl.
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that is him wearing number 76. he joins three other start whose also retired. -- starters who also retired. rast year he missed 9 games due to an injury. in a statement he wrote this will be a time for me to allow my brain and body a chance to heal. many won't understand my decision, that is okay. 4 million employees notified about a hacking attack that exposed their personal information. the white house said it happened in december but wasn't discovered till april. it took a month for investigators to determine personal information was compromised. some are blaming the breach on hackers from china but the white house says the investigation is ongoing. >> solutions about the attack had been reached at this point. this is something that is still under investigation. >> china has denied any
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involvement. a family in concord is heartbroken. a baby slipped out of the house and drowned in the backyard pool. ktvu spoke with the child's father who asked for prayers. the drowning happened last night at a home. police say it appears at some point the baby got out of the house and fell into the pool. the mother discovered the child in the water. emergency crews took the baby to the hospital but she didn't make it. police are calling this a tragic accident. we will tell you about the way to get rid of a nuisance but the plan involving a fake orca is dead in the water. how governor jerry brown wants more drinkable water by looking in your bath room. >> and a private power lunch, how much people are willing to shell out to dine with warren buffett. >> i am rosemary orozco live at
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the san mateo county fair. we will show you around and give you the details of the fair coming up.
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as the golden state warriors try make history we are learning more about their future and what could be their new home in san francisco. today the city released their findings about traffic, parking and noise at the site where the warriors want to build their new arena. >> cristina rendon is in the mission bay area near the proposed site. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, the city sees this area transformed in
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the next 5 years. but opponents say even though they want the team here in san francisco, this isn't the right place for it. >> reporter: it may not look like much now but this dirt is the proposed site of the golden state warriors arena in san san san francisco's mission bay district. they have mixed feelings. >> there is excitement in the neighborhood. >> good they will be here but the traffic is going to be bad. >> the city released a impact report of the project. the arena will seat 18,000 people. a fracture of at&t park. and they looked at traffic, parking and noise should a concert or game over lap with the giants. why they plan to use revenue to invest 40 million in the transit network. >> extra trains, extra buses, extra parking control officers.
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traffic management. signals. >> reporter: projects like the subway system and transbay terminal. for those who must drive, 950 parking spots will be added. >> looking to develop parking south of the site. >> reporter: there is already opposition. >> this stadium is equivalent of trying to jam an elephant in a vw. >> the noise will wreak havoc on researchers. >> hospitals are designed as quiet zones. this is a hospital filled with people who are life threatening diseases. >> we are proud of this document. 13 months in the making. 800 pages of analysis. >> i think they will work it out. it will be good for the community and the area. >> reporter: i received a
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statement from ucsf that reads we remain supportive of the stadium as long as traffic can be managed to ensure the safety in the area. and now people in the neighborhood have 45 days to voice their comments and concerns to the city and a final draft will be ready by the fall. >> all right. cristina rendon in san francisco, thank you. the parents of a man killed by a sheriff's deputy has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. last august police and sheriff's deputies were looking for a suspect. it alleges the deputy's k9 attacked him and that he fired 8 shots. he was killed. the parents say he posed no threat and they are seeking unspecified damages and
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requesting a jury trial. it seemed like a good idea at the time but now not so much. the plan was to use a fake whale to scare off sea lions but it didn't work out like they hoped. >> reporter: something you just had to see for yourself. >> we hurried up and jumped out of bed. let's do this. >> reporter: lining the docks to catch this. >> i think it is built like a boat. >> whale of a boat and a whale of an idea. >> hopefully it is going to work. >> reporter: a man made killer whale geared to address a local nuisance. >> i hope it works. we are so tired of listening listening to the seals. >> reporter: they eat the fish before fisherman can catch them, small up the joint and
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cause a ruckt. the port is going to great lengths to remove them. . >> i don't care what they do. if it works i am for it. >> reporter: there were signs of trouble. what was supposed to be a morning voyage stalled. >> i have been here all day. >> reporter: eventually the boat made it out to sea. >> reporter: from distance it looks real enough, real enough they hope to convince the sea lions to hit the road or the water. before the sea lions could catch sight of it the sea would have something to say about it. the orca boat capsized. and then after it was righted and towed, it started to sink. operation orca was over. the sea lions would have the
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last laugh. >> yeah. sea lions, one, two, three, orca zero. [ laughter ] all right. let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo. my weekend buddy filling in. glad to have you here. heading out to the san mateo county fair. >> wondering what to do this weekend, the san mateo county fair begins tomorrow. not tonight. begins tomorrow. that is where rosemary orozco is right now getting a preview at the fair. last time she was making friends there with the live stock. >> reporter: take a look at this cute little girl. this is sadey. isn't she beautiful. we are here with students and their live stock. they are beginning to file in. let me give you a tour of what is going on here. they come inside. they see the doctor. they do their weigh in. and then they head to their stall. the place that will be home for the next several days. i have matt with me.
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the fair manager. tell me about the program. 200 students will bring in their animals? >> kids from all over the county. we are getting in lambs, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits. >> reporter: they are completely amazing. they have taken these animals from maybe at a young age and they raised them and so i am told they will not only be judged on how the animal grown but showmanship as well. >> yeah. how they handle the animals and how they move around, how they present them, walk in the arena, do commands. very well mannered animals. >> reporter: wow! amazing. we have these beautiful animals here. if you go this direction we have cute pigs and we have -- there in the back, kickens.
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>> we have steers -- chickens. >> we have steers, turkeys, chickens. sheep. >> reporter: amazing. the big guys? >> big steers. big dogs of the barn. >> reporter: we had a bet going on. i think i won. 1125 pounds i said. >> 1124. you are off by one. >> thank you so much. here we are, san mateo county fair. opening day is tomorrow. things are starting to shape up around here. when we come back we will take you outdoors. we will have more on what is going on. >> perfect. see you at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, opening day, runs through june 14. here is the forecast tomorrow. 11:00 a.m. with clouds out there. and then partly cloudy skies by 4:00 p.m. and wrapping it up with temperatures in the mid-50s at 10:00 p.m. sunday temperatures will be warmer. right now on live storm tracker 2 we have the fog here in the bay area. look at the showers and
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thunderstorms developing towards the sierra, towards placerville, heavier down pours. we have the fog banked up near the immediate coast line and gusty winds as well. santa rosa 70 degrees. san jose 76. livermore 84. and concord lower 80s. once again the winds, constant, developing throughout the afternoon hours. fairfield, southwest, 21 miles per hour. more wind reports for you, sfo 18 miles per hour. san jose 12 miles per hour. the plan for your saturday, areas of fog and then clearing back to near the shoreline. more sunshine inland and microclimates, low 60s for the beaches. the warmest locations locations low 80s. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., clouds towards santa rosa, san francisco, half moon bay, oakland, hayward, fremont,
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patches inland as well. into the afternoon hours, the clouds clear back to near the shoreline. left over patches for san francisco. and you can see the colors showing you the greens, coast in the 60s. inland 80s. lots of 80s for the warmest locations tomorrow. antioch 85. concord 80 degrees. san francisco 64. san jose upper 70s. half moon bay, 62 degrees. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast, sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. the beaches, not warming too much. if you are waiting for the 90s, they are coming monday and tuesday. warmest locations lower 90s. cooling off wednesday. over all a nice weekend. minor warming for sunday. >> thank you. new developments to tell you about in the santa barbara oil spill, what exxon mobil is doing to make sure it can still
5:22 pm
access oil. plus storm damage in colorado, the after math including so much hail. you see it right there. it covered the streets and you can see it from the air. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, four years ago a mother was told she had terminal cancer and give an year to live but she is beating the odds and celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary, how she is living life to the fullest despite her diagnosis. plus -- >> she is torturing the tenants. >> the city of san francisco is suing a bay area landlord. what she is accused of doing to drive 10 wants out of their -- tenants out of their apartment.
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train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ in southern california emergency officials in long beach reopened a four mile stretch of beach that was closed because of tar balls. they started washing ashore wednesday. authorities closed the beaches out of concerns that could cause health problems and they gathered samples for testing. they shut down manhattan beach last week. there is no word on the source but experts say it is likely it is part of last month's crowd oil pipeline accident in santa barbara county. exxon mobil is asking for permission to move crude oil to
5:26 pm
while the pipe -- oil while the pipeline is prepared. they expect to use 8 trucks each hour around the clock. a decision is expected by monday. a group based in santa barbara says this plan is risky and they don't want another disaster. festivals and a triathlon and game two of the nba finals. ktvu's mike mibach has a look at what is going on around the bay area in weekend watch. >> reporter: hello on this fine june day. here is your weekend watch. people swarming into san francisco, the 39th annual union street festival is saturday and sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. features two stages, food and drinks. time to escape from alcatraz, the triathlon starts 7:30 a.m. sunday.
5:27 pm
2,000 athletes will be biking and running throughout the city. always great to get out there and cheer them on. if you do, swing into golden gate park sunday. free admission day at california academy of sciences. get in early if you are thinking about it. pig races. can't say i have seen one up close. the san mateo county fair kicks off saturday. 9 days of fun for the family. $10 for adults, children 5 and under are free. the santa cruz pride parade and festival is sunday at 11:00 a.m. in downtown santa cruz and another festival the book festival is saturday and sunday in downtown berkeley's arts district. time to get the reading on. it features 300 authors, childrens and teens stages from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and the earthquakes are at home on sunday and your golden state warriors tip-off game two of the nba finals sunday night at
5:28 pm
oracle arena. i am mike mibach, that is your weekend watch. >> a lot of things going on. we posted more on our website just click on the entertainment tab and look for weekend watch. the governor talks about ways to find more drinking water during the drought. the project he is fishing for in the south bay and it might make some people squirm. plus -- >> a daughter reaching out to her father, tonight we take you inside san quentin for an early father's day gift. you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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governor jerry brown visited the south bay to talk about water conversation. he said the threat of fines is not -- [ indiscernible ] ktvu's azenith smith is in san jose and tells us the measures leader are pushing for. >> reporter: this idea of turning toilet water into tap water is gaining momentum. the hope is to expand this facility. leaders are looking to the state to speed up the process. >> water goes in. >> reporter: amid the drought governor jerry brown met with leaders in san jose praising the south bay for doing its part to meet the conversation goal. >> weir not at the -- we are
5:32 pm
not at the level we want to attain but we are doing better than most. >> reporter: officials say the county met the goal of cutting water by 25%. if necessary he will find districts that don't meet the target. >> the drought is serious. we have to take serious measures to respond. >> one of the measures leaders are pushing for, a plan to use toilet water and turn it into drinking water. it is already being done in southern california. governor jerry brown says he supports efforts to wave studies. >> whatever we can do to facilitate reclaiming and reusing water. we are for. if we can help i will push that. >> reporter: he pushed a controversial $17 billion project to build tunnels under the delta to move water.
5:33 pm
calling it crucial for santa clara valley. >> it ensures we have a source of water here in south bay. we can find a way to support it. i have more work to do to understand the impact. but ultimately the decision is being made in sacramento. >> reporter: governor jerry brown will be heading to southern california next week and on a lighter note he saves water at home. he didn't take a shower today and he uses a low flow water system to water his plants. >> azenith smith in the south bay, thank you. lawmakers have advanced a bill intended to help low income homeowners. it would provide $10 million worth of grants and loans for homeowners with a well that is drying up or failing. the money would be designated for improvements including drilling new wells, connecting
5:34 pm
homes to water systems and upgrades. he proposed the bill and it was approved. it now heads to the senate. in a few hours bidding wraps up on ebay for a lunch with warren buffett. the proceeds from the auction will go to the glide foundation which serves the poor and homeless in san francisco. the highest bid is $1.6 million. but that may increase before tonight's deadline. which is coming up at 7:30 p.m. he met a lot of great people and he hired one person. children in east oakland got a visit, 5 members of the golden state warriors along with coach steve kerr spent their day that boys and girls club. ktvu's rob roth tells us it was a treat for the kids and the players. >> the golden state warriors
5:35 pm
magic is unmistakable on the basketball court and off. they dime the boys and girls -- came to the boys and girls club and hung out with the kids. >> reporter: take your mind off lebron? >> yeah. see the kids. and fun. >> reporter: what is it like to go one-on-one with a warrior? >> like fun and exciting. i have been a really big fan. >> the players came to help dedicate the boys and girls club. >> this is really special to have this new facility and to be able to utilize it. it is here for you guys. >> reporter: it has been transformed into basketball court of dreams, there is a new computer room where he was helping this girl with a page full of basketball questions.
5:36 pm
[ indiscernible ] >> cleveland cavaliers. >> reporter: one boy asked coach if the warriors had ice cream after the team's big win last night. he shook his head no and said carrots and celery. today was a chance for some to watch the warriors in person to feel closer to the team's magical run. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> looks like everyone had a great time. we told you about him in march but today the pitcher was called up to the big league. he marks the first switch handed pitcher since 1995. he has a special glove that could be worn on either glove. the a's are in boston right now which means his debut could be today. volvo says it is the closest thing to a driverless
5:37 pm
car out there. >> coming up on slowing traffic. i am touching only the steering wheel. >> we put it to the test on the open road. plus -- >> the 2015 women's world cup kicks off tomorrow. meet the members of team u.s.a. with bay area ties.
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the fifa scandal is raising questions about whether canada played by the rules when it won the bid to host the world cup. the controversy surrounding the arrest of 7 officials has put canada on the defense. the head of the soccer association said canada offered no bribes and the country was the only serious candidate in the end. >> we are the only country that in the end bid. there were others that were interested. >> mean time investigations are underway. the 2015 women's world cup kicks off tomorrow in canada and team u.s.a. has a good chance to win it all. scott reiss tells us there are several players who are ties to the bay area. >> the world cup comes around
5:41 pm
once every four years but for team u.s.a. players it is a world wind. >> pretty hectic. we have been building up to this point for the past, you know, 9 months. lots of travel. lots of training. intense schedule. lots of media. yeah, we are here now. it is exciting. >> reporter: especially exciting for the bay area. four of the 23 team u.s.a. members having played college soccer locally. they were teammates at stanford. >> that was really big, you know, growing point in my career. four years. i feel like i went in, you know, as a young player and came out more mature and helped me get to where i am today. >> i think the playiers grew up with -- players i grew up with have a different perspective. there is a closeness you get.
5:42 pm
we started that. >> reporter: she was a star down the road at santa clara. for her the experience is a bit surreal. >> four years ago i was watching it when i was home for summer break from college. to be here and see what those girls did in training and to be a part of it is remarkable. >> reporter: the women are poised for a remarkable run in canada but regardless of the tournament outcome they understand the magnitude of this opportunity. >> you can see that there is a huge rise in importance and the emphasis on women's soccer. it is a shooting star event. the world turns on the television for one month and thirty-four center of it -- and you are the center of it. >> we get to do it and
5:43 pm
represent our country. it is a big privilege. >> it means everything. it is -- i think it is a dream come true. it is. >> reporter: scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. >> ktvu will air many of the games starting this weekend. we have a schedule of the games, information on how to buy tickets and more stories about the players on look under the sports tab. swallowed by a sink hole. how the police officer that was behind the wheel of his suv managed to get out on his own. plus -- >> volvo's new technology already available is probably the last technology we will need to come up with driverless cars. >> typical june day across the bay area. tracking fog near the coast and the bay. coming up, where the fog will be tomorrow morning and the warmest day of the weekend.
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5:46 pm
ktvu's tom vacar spent this week testing out a volvo suv that is equipped with driver assist technology. he gave us a peak at his road test. tonight he gives us a look at the most advanced feature and puts it to the test on a crowded bay area freeway. >> reporter: just available this month the suv is the closest thing to a driverless car to date. you are still in control but
5:47 pm
with a lot of help from technology. 12 censors, 4 cameras, the steering, the breaks, all work hand and hand with the computer. its technology keeps you in the lane till you steer out of it. parking technology requires only that you shift into reverse or drive as directed. but that is just the beginning. the new pilot assist technology already available is probably the last technology we will need to come up with pilotless driverless cars. the afternoon commute hour provided the real world test bed where i hit two buttons. no break. no accelerator. slowing down. breaks on. not touching. no foot on the accelerator or
5:48 pm
the break. breaks. followed by breaks. hard breaking in this case. takes off. follows. the beauty is that you are not conswantly hitting the examerater and the break -- constantly hitting the accelerator and the breaks. it disengages at 30 miles per hour. next year's model will have pilot assist for all speeds. when this technology makes its way into most cars the savings in repair costs, insurance and medical costs will be huge for the nation. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. plenty of damage in colorado tonight after severe
5:49 pm
storms sweat through the area yesterday. wantoned spewing hail and rain southeast -- one tornado spewing hail and rain southeast of denver. look at this. heavy rain is to blame for this 15-foot sink hole that swallowed oppolice suv -- up a police suv. the police officer had to climb on to the roof of the suv and was able to pull himself out. and some parts there was so much hail it covered the streets. you can see the white patches there, that is had hail. it was several inches deep. residents had to shovel it away. >> really something. >> it is. our meteorologist now, mark tamayo, seems like i know the storms cause problems, everywhere else in the country they are getting rain except here. >> parts of the state fic p picking -- picking up rain towards the sierra.
5:50 pm
the thunderstorms, the tornadoes, every year a professor would chase those storms, every year we had to take our finals early so we could get to the mid-west to chase the storms. always active this time of the year into the summer. temperatures in the bay area, 60s, warmest locations inland, approaching mid-80s towards concord, livermore and antioch. 86 degrees. talking about the thunderstorms. you can see towards the east, a closer look, this yellow cell, placerville, severe thunderstorm warning. we have intense down pours on highway gift with that cell -- 50 with that cell. in the bay area, fog hugging the coast line. patches back into the bay out there. we will look at the current temperatures. still showing you 80s towards walnut creek and livermore. san francisco 61. santa rosa 70 degrees.
5:51 pm
the conditions to the south, a big circle around lancaster. we had a fire crew battling a wildfire in that area. from a sweet from los angeles. that fire is growing to 300 acres. you can see the air attack in southern california. not a good sign. early june and they are attacking fires in southern california. with the warming temperatures in the bay area fire danger going up as well. live camera towards san francisco. the fog bank clear skies up above. oakland tonight, partly cloudy skies, coastal fog. warmer on sunday and monday it will be the warmest day of the week, monday and tuesday. 90's inland. over night lows tomorrow morning, 50s. the fog near the coast and bay. this area of low pressure setting up the thunderstorms across the sierra, approaching
5:52 pm
northern california. inland lower 80s. i think with the stronger breeze for saturday could be cooler than today. then we will warm the numbers beginning sunday and monday of next week. our forecast model showing you the clouds in the morning. and clearing back to near the shoreline. warmest locations, orange, 80s out there for fairfield and vacaville. oakland 68. livermore 83 degrees. more neighborhoods, san jose upper 70s. and san francisco 64. the clouds in the morning, becoming partly cloudy. your five-day forecast, we will warm up the numbers away from the coast, cool for the beaches. the warming begins sunday. warm to hot for monday and tuesday. we have options in the bay area. low 60s to the lower 80s, lower 90s. >> thank you. imagine seeing your father for the first time in 10 years. tonight we go inside san quentin for early celebration of father's day.
5:53 pm
what it was like for a teenage girl. >> back again -- julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up a landlord accused of illegal acts. the tactics she is accused of using to drive tenants from their apartments and now leaders are fighting back. >> she is still here. it teaches you to fight and live life every die the fullest. >> we will bring you the story of a mother who is beating the odds despite a devastating diagnosis. her story plus much more coming up in 10 minutes at 6:00 p.m.
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new at 5:00 p.m. today a father and daughter embraced for the first time in a decade. it happened inside san quentin. ktvu's mike mibach reports it was an early father's day celebration for about a dozen dads locked away hundreds of miles from home. >> reporter: north block, san quentin states prison, cells, a story inside everyone. around the corner if you listen closely -- >> most people push -- >> game of chest. a father and daughter. >> i have been holding back tears since she came in 30
5:57 pm
minutes ago. >> reporter: he last saw her 10 years ago and she remembered his passion for chest so she taught herself how to play. now, at 18, she sat down with her dad to play that long awaited game. >> told me that she wanted to play chest. threw me off. >> he is a good dad. gives me great advice and he tries hard. >> then the laughter. a sound he holds true to his heart. >> something you miss when you don't have it. it hurts more. >> reporter: he is meeting his grandson for the first time and for his daughter it has been 20 years. >> sad. he missed a lot of my life. today we can mend things things and go forward. >> being able to hug them, kiss
5:58 pm
them. embrace them. >> reporter: these cherished moments are a result as a program called get on the bus. >> even though a mother and father might be in prison or is in prison a son or a daughter needs to know that that mom or dad loves them. >> reporter: sons and daughters living hundreds of miles away give an bus ride, a chance for a game of chest, to see dad. >> a father-daughter relationship is very special. >> reporter: or even to see granddad. >> good to have a connection. i wanted him to meet his grandfather. >> reporter: families looking for a fresh start and for these fathers they say they are ready to begin. mike mibach, ktvu fox 2 news. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> she is absolutely torturing
5:59 pm
the tenants to get them out. >> a landlord accused of bullying and cutting services to tenants. tonight the city of san francisco fights back to protect the people living in those units. good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> the san francisco district attorney filed a lawsuit against the landlord. it is in an effort to protect the people living in the buildings the landlord owns. ktvu's tom vacar is in the news room after talking to the tenants and the city supervisor. >> the landlord is accused of illegal acts to drive long term tenants out of the low cost apartments. >> the landlord who owns this and 9 other apartment build association part of a buying frenzy going on in san francisco. >> bottom feeders come into town buying up rent controlled apartment buildings and harassing tenants to push them out. >> the defendant is the owner
6:00 pm
of 10 apartment buildings. >> she absolutely toucherring the 10 -- torturing the tenants, illegal behavior. improper evictions, severe harassment. >> i become the worse criminal in san francisco. i am selling drugs to the neighbors, damage her property. i do love sex to and i get extra money. they all lies. >> i am not spending money on maintenance. next time text me, no phone calls. >> reporter: block the garage. block the laundry, the mile box. the city came to look into it. >> when they left she tried to block their access. >> reporter: when i call the number, the landlord's number a woman would not identify herself. when i identified myself, the line went dead.


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