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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 6, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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now from ktvu, this is the 10:00 news. a teenage girl is dead after investigators say she was thrown from a guardrail while watching the street race. i am ken wayne.
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this morning, a bicyclist spotted the body just outside cloverdale. that is where friends gathered to remember her this afternoon. the highway patrol says it appears the girl was sitting either on or near a barrier around 11:30 when it was hit by one of the cars. it seems she was thrown about 100 feet towards a river. the highway patrol says people in the car suffered only minor injuries. a friend of the victim says he has seen other street race crashes in that same area. >> i was watching a race and the car pushed their breaks to my card and they will the -- too hard and they locked. >> friends say the girl who died had just turned 16 and was a student at cloverdale high. no one reported her missing last night. the teams say this stretch of
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road is a popular area for street racing. an officer involved shooting left one man dead on the 580 offramp. this was oakland pd's first deadly shooting since may 2013. cristina rendon own -- has more.>> reporter: people walking and shopping, distracted by the slight -- side of flashing lights.>> lots of traffic. that's typical. having the streets blocked off and a crime scene is certainly not.>> reporter: before investigators form the area, police say they got a call from firefighters. they say the firefighters reported seeing an unresponsive man in his car on the offramp with this gun next to him. police say it was loaded with an illegal 30 round magazine clip. officers told us they set up a perimeter around the car,
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spending more than an hour trying to wake the man up. they finally used a metal pipe to break the passenger window. when the man woke, police say there was a confrontation.>> one officer deployed a taser. a second deployed their firearm. the person in the car was struck by the gunfire. >> reporter: the chief says the man died, and the case is under investigation by internal affairs. he is not saying what caused the officer to pull the trigger.>> we are still interviewing the officers as well as reviewing the footage from the body cameras the officers were wearing. >> reporter: the chief says the car was linked to a burglary last night.>> i don't know if it was the same suspect, but it was the same vehicle.>> reporter: it is unclear why the man was stopped on the offramp. residents say this is uncharacteristic for the
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neighborhood. >> i hope this doesn't contribute to the other bad reputation that oakland has.>> reporter: cristina rendon, ktvu fox news. libby schaaf released this statement. she wrote, i am making sure the protocols and supervision we have worked hard to put in place as police reform -- are being followed rigorously. american pharoah has won the triple crown.>> for the first 737 years, horse racing has a triple crown winner. american pharoah won the kentucky derby and the belmont stakes today. people will remember this name
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for decades. fans erupted in cheers as the colt glided to victory and was never seriously challenged. deborah villalon has reaction.>> reporter: everything stopped for the belmont today. triple crown doubters were left in the dust. number five, and the crowd sensed the wait was ending. >> congratulations.>> american pharoah.>> reporter: american pharaoh had a jockey in control. >> how many years? 37. i won the hat contest on kentucky derby day.
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>> that was just amazing. we are from kentucky. we wanted to be somewhere we would remember the triple crown winner. i will always remember this.>> that was fun to watch. i'm glad it finally happened. >> in those -- >> reporter: in those years, other horses have one too out of three. -- too -- two out of three. >> -- three big races and five weeks. the sherman family was in the same spotlight last year.>> it will be a triple crown.>> reporter: racing for the triple crown with the same jockey who won today. >> good for them. it's good for the sport. i'm very happy for them. do i wish we could have got there? absolutely. but we were close.>> reporter:
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him sherman says it's all good for bringing interest horseracing. no jockey in america has him races is russell bay. -- as russell bay. him him they is thrilled for friend victor espinoza. him him him him him him him him him>> he belongs with the best. him to do it in this manner is incredible.>> there's the side. >> reporter: will he retired for keep running?
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that has the community buzzing now. owners have said they sold his stud rights for $15 million. as long as he is healthy he will keep racing. why not? he makes looks so easy. >> either way, that horse will make people a lot of money. the woman hit by a broken bat at fenway park is expected to survive him. him lowry broke his bat while hitting the ground ball. him it hit fans tonia carpenter. she was taken out of the stadium with what were described as life-threatening injuries. investigators in san francisco are trying to get to the bottom a deadly collision between the cyclist and a police car that happened about 9:00 last night near sunnydale.
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it is still unclear who was at fault in the accident. investigators say the bicyclist was a young man in his 20s. >> it is a tragedy not only for the family but also for the officers involved. there are many different factors that played a role in this tragedy. >> investigators say the cyclist was not wearing a helmet and his bicycle had no breaks -- brakes. it is unclear if the bicyclist was part of an earlier event. the family said their goodbyes to beau biden today. he died of brain cancer last week. obama was among those giving eulogies at the funeral. dougal back away -- doug away reports the service was packed
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and emotional. >> reporter: the former delaware attorney general and son of joe biden died last week of brain cancer at 46. bidens, including his wife and children, watching as pallbearers carry his coffin into the church. people lined up hours before to pay their respects. >> he was such a lovely, kind, bright man who served his country. >> inside the church, a who's who of dignitaries including congressman, senators, and president obama. >> he did in 46 years what most of us couldn't do in 146. he left nothing in the bank.>> reporter: he served in a rack. the chief of staff served with have been presented them with the legion of merit.>> he understood the importance of maintaining trust with his fellow soldiers. with the public to gain justice and the victims he fought hard
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for.>> reporter: his sister ashley and brother hunter spoke. >> my brother is not defined by his extraordinary resume. he is defined by the quality of his character. the man who always held you close.>> reporter: in addition to his father, sister, and brother, he is survived by his wife and children. two sw. airlines jets clipped wings this morning at the airport. the collision at bob hope airport happened as one push -- plane pushed back from its gate. the second plane was on its way to the runway. no one was hurt, but both planes were taken out of service and the passengers removed two other flights. the warriors may have taken the day off, but the fans did not. today sports authority through
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-- threw a family event featuring face painter and autographs by rick barry. >> it is a wonderful thing is a player to have that type of response when everything you do gets the adrenaline flowing. i think it does help the team quite a bit. it's exciting to see what is happening, first time in 40 years there have a chance of winning.>> they play game two tomorrow night. making replicas of the leavitt star wars characters. plus, the story straight from a hollywood script. the first people to ever escape. how two prisoners pulled guards and got outside the walls of a maximum-security prison. 4 million americans being
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warned to change their passwords. what hackers got and who is being blamed. the news continues and 90 seconds. -- in 90 seconds.
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the manhunt tonight in new york after two convicted murderers escape from prison. the two men were houston adjoining cells at the clinton correctional facility near the canada border. officials say the men used power tools to drill a hole through the steal wall at the back of their cells and walked
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onto a catwalk. they used tools to drill through pipes and tunnels before exiting through a manhole on a street.>> this is a first time in this institution's history that anyone has taken -- escaped from the maximum-security portion of the facility. it was opened in 1865. this is quite an unusual occurrence. it was elaborate, sophisticated.>> the charges ranged from beating and dismemberment to killing a deputy therapist -- sheriff. there is renewed controversy tonight surrounding the release of six prisoners from guantanamo bay in december. documents show these men were once considered a high risk to national security. kristen fischer has more from
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washington. >> reporter: these men were considered a security risk. last december, the white house released those same men. in an effort to reassure uruguay's president, cliff sloan wrote a letter. it said, there is no information that the above- mentioned individuals were involved in conducting or facilitating terrorist activities against the us war allies. those documents say the administration knew that one of the six was a traitor for al qaeda, someone who had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. here's how the state department explained. >> there was additional information that showed the previous information was incorrect. i don't know that to be the case, but the -- it may have been.
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>> some republicans -- >> reporter: some republicans are trying to find out if foreign leaders received similar letters. >> so that guantanamo bay could be closed. we know the administration is deeply committed to that philosophically. there is a cavalier attitude about releasing people who are a very real threat to the united states. >> -- >> reporter: it turns out more than 16% of the detainees released under obama's administration had been previously deemed high risk. and washington, kristen fischer, fox news. demonstrators clashed in a town where the summit is set to start tomorrow. the protests became heated as demonstrators threw officers -- objects at police. elyse one woman was injured in treated by paramedics. protesters came from across
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europe to voice concerns about a number of issues including climate change and poverty. in china, search teams are looking for survivors of a cruise ship to raster -- disaster. 46 victims are still missing. only 14 people are known to have survived. one is a tour guide who was still hospitalized. the us government is warning about a cyber attack that is months old but just discovered. it affects federal employees. many blame china for the attack.>> reporter: federal employees are being told to increase their cyber security, change passwords, and be on the lookout for credit fraud or attempts by spy services to use or recruit them. this is a massive cyber hack. millions of files from government employees, past and present, access. i whom? federal officials and -- by
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whom? federal officials point to china. >> i kant speaks in who may or may not have been responsible. as a general matter, we have significant concerns about the way that china and individuals acting on the half of the state of china have acted in cyberspace.>> reporter: a china spokesperson was shocked. one analyst says the us has the technical capability to respond in kind, even on a bigger scale, but we don't do it. >> the problem is we are the good guys. we always fight with one and tied behind our back. we are constrained by rules others don't constrain themselves to.
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they attack targets we consider off-limits. it is a policy issue.>> -- >> reporter: this latest attack happened in december and remained undetected until april. today marks a turning point in history that d-day -- the d-day invasion of normandy. allied forces stormed france with the goal of push adolf hitler. dwight eisenhower led the operation. more than 150,000 troops landed by the end of the day. the intense battle killed 12,000 allies and 9000 nazis. by the next day, that allies had liberated a town and liberated all of france from hitler's grip. the international space station will receive a tasty gift from high school students in virginia. they are taking part in the nasa cookoff challenge. students across the country cooked meals for a team of astronauts at the johnson space center. among some of the recipes, rice
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and beans cooked in coconut milk and fried shrimp.>> the recipe had to be based around the nutritional guidelines that nasa gave us. it had to have a certain amount of calories, sodium. >> the winning dish will be cooked in nasa's kitchens and is expected to fly to the international space station in december. today's, -- today, pictures worth 1000 likes. why an officer is playing down this picture. it brings them back to this place when they were a kid.>> a recognizable and lovable movie character in san francisco. we talked to the group building r2-d2. look at this. tracking a few showers to the east of the bay area. also the typical low clouds and fog, coming up. when 90s make a comeback in our five day outlook.
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that sound is one of cinema's most memorable characters. we live in an area where people love to make things. one group is making replicas of that guy. one of the robots took a spin around an unsuspecting crowd.>> reporter: wheels up, rolling out. at the palace of fine arts in san francisco, people passing by stopped to take in an unusual sight.>> here we go. so this is my droid. r2 kt, which is a replica of r2- d2.>> small and still gets things done. everybody loves r2-d2. >> there's something about a special robot that makes people smile.>> i like it.>> there are
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a lot of soft, cooing sounds.>> everybody recognizes them. it brings them back to their childhood. >> reporter: members of the builders club made these from scratch, inside and out. the process takes months or years and isn't chief. -- cheap. >> as much is a small car.>> reporter: they are so good they are used as standings for events. members of the club new these robots were so appealing they could be the stars of their very own film. in the short film r2 in love, the robot finds love of his own.. -->> i love you.>> i walked past these mailboxes and thought, that is about the same sizes are two.
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-- size as r2-d2. >> reporter: spoiler alert, he gets his heartbroken.>> they steal away the mailbox from r2- d2.>> reporter: they have shown it at a few local film festivals.>> the goal was just to put it on youtube and make people happened -- happy.>> reporter: judging by the reactions here, they are likely to achieve that goal. allie rasmus. >> there has to be a sequel for r2-d2 to get the girl. off photo of a police officer in feeding and infant is getting worldwide attention. this photo of antiblack feeding of babel -- baby has gone viral. he says he doesn't know what all the fuss is about.>> she
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had the baby. when she gave her to me, she gave me the bottle. the baby started crying. i am a grandpa. i fed the baby.>> and artist walking by posted it to her facebook page. it is the conference apple fans can get enough of. why use should be watching -- you should be watching when the company makes a big monday announcement. every girl dreams of making it to the world cup>> the bay area connection that might have you cheering for individual players.
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the 2015 women's world cup kicked off in canada. team usa has a chance. scott reese tells us there are several players with ties -- scott reese -- scott reiss tells us there are several players with ties to our area. >> we have been building up to this point for the past nine months, lots of travel, trading. pretty intense schedule. lots -- training. pretty intense schedule.
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>> reporter: especially exciting for the bay area. four of the 23 members having played soccer locally, including kelly o'hara and kristin perez, teammates.>> i feel like i went in there kind of as a young player and came out more mature. it helped me get where i am today. >> the players i grew up with have a different perspective of what it was like playing here. there's a closeness i get when i play on a younger team with players. we carry that along to the team.>> reporter: julie johnston was a star at santa clara. for her, the world cup experience is surreal. >> four years ago i was watching it when i was home for summer break from college. to be here and see what those girls did four years ago and be
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a part of it with this team is pretty remarkable. >> reporter: the women are poised for a remarkable run in canada, but regardless of the tournament outcome, they understand the magnitude of this opportunity. >> you can see there is a huge rise in emphasis on women's soccer. it is a shooting star event where the world is viewing for one month, and you are the center of it. >> every girl dreams of making it to the world cup. we get to do it and represent our country. it is a privilege. >> it means everything. it is a dream come true. looks like a lot of fun. ktvu will air many of the games . we have a schedule of the games and information on
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tickets. we have a schedule of the games and information on under the sports tab. a simple left turn on a country road turned deadly today. the crash near byron airport killed and 89-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man. i were in a pickup truck that smashed into a wide suv that slowed down to turn left onto a driveway. the highway patrol says after the collision the truck hit a utility pole.>> the pickup truck lost control, collided with a wooden post. it began to roll down the embankment into a field.>> the driver and two young children had minor injuries. it is not yet known if alcohol or drugs were a factor. questions night about why a woman driver slammed into a building in an accident that took her life. it happened at 10 this morning.
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police say they receive reports of a woman driving so fast that her car was only a blur.>> the car disintegrated. >> that alameda county coroner's office has not released the identity of the woman who was killed. a bouncer was arrested in connection with a homicide. he faces charges of involuntary manslaughter. there was a fight on march 28 outside a lounge on post street. police say he punched the victim, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital. police are looking for witnesses to the fight. apple kicks off its developers conference in san francisco. the event gives tech developers a chance to check out apple's new software and hardware.
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analysts expect new versions of ios and os x to be revealed. the company will also announce their streaming music service. the conference will begin monday morning. it was a nice day be on the water even if it meant a little bit of work.>> row, nice and easy.>> today, learn to row day was open to anyone wishing to learn how to row on the lake. the event teaches safety and how to work as a team. the club says rowing is a full body workout and excellent stress relief.>> there is nothing better than being out here on the water. if you have a stressful day, you go out and row. you are ready for the rest of your day. >> the club says anyone can learn to row regardless of age or skill level.
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besides beginner lessons, the summer, the club will offer rowing clinics for teens. the water will be a nice place to be over the next couple of days. when the 90s return to the forecast, coming up next.
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, today, low clouds in the morning. a typical day, except for showers approaching from the east. as far as temperatures, a big temperature range from the 60s coast side backup into the 80s. basically the same as yesterday. you see the shouters focused towards sacramento valley. a few sprinkles approaching
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part of's a lot of county, contra county count -- contra costa county as well. right now, we have two layers of clouds, typical low clouds that you would expect at a higher clouds responsible for the showers towards the east of the bay area. looking towards the bay bridge right now, we have areas of fog , pushing and across the bay. mostly cloudy skies over san francisco and hayward and oakland. tomorrow, warmer, especially for the coast. it will be chilly for the beaches. temperatures inland backup to the 90s. overnight lows in the morning will be in the 50s. partly cloudy skies well inland. the track of this low-pressure system, it's producing showers.
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keeping the school for the beaches, low to mid-60s. inland temperatures back up into the mid to upper 80s. high-pressure is the source of warming over the next few days, especially monday, the hottest day of the week. that means temperatures inland up into the mid-90s, but not too much warning near the median shoreline. the coverage at 7:00 clearing. it doesn't clear here, we might have partly cloudy skies. here's an update on hurricane blog, -- belong, -- blanca. tuesday afternoon through wednesday morning, there's a slight chance of a few
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scattered showers, some of the moisture from the hurricane approaches the bay area. temperatures for tomorrow, look at the warm ones inland. oakland, 73, san jose, 82. san francisco, 67. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast. temperatures warming up primarily away from the beaches. scattered clouds tuesday and wednesday. i should also mention they are wrapping up the emmy awards in san francisco. good news for channel 2, we won emmys. coming up next, the dry spell is over as history is made in horseracing. we finally have a triple crown winner. highlights next was scott reiss. -- with scott reiss.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: high, -- hi, everybody, i'm scott reiss. is only sport on the planet where fans care for two minutes a year. for the first time since 1978, we have a triple crown winner. the preakness today, third and final leg, there is a horse, american pharoah.
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victor espinoza aboard, an early lead in the 5 1/2 race. american pharoah held the lead through the backstretch and then starts to kick around for the stretch run into the record books. >> one eight silva mile to go, eight>> one eight silva mile to go, 82 legs -- a two length lead. american pharoah has won the triple crown. >> it is one of those things that you will remember where you worry when you saw it -- were when you saw it. victor espinoza comes the oldest jockey ever to win it at age 45.>> it's amazing how things work out. i had so much confidence in this race with such an amazing horses american pharoah.
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i was right in the lead.>> -- nothing quite so excited with the warriors. oracle will be jumping once again for game two. no new storylines. let's revisit one of the biggest ones. staff versus


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