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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 7, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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they're supposed to be dead. female announcer: get sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for three years on the best brand name mattress sets. get yover from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on the new "simple 6 menu." with six of our best six-inch subs, like the tender turkey breast plus any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day. curry, drives down the lane. ties the game. >> the warriors storm back in
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game two with mvp steph curry sending it into overtime in the last few seconds. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. and the -- and joe fonzi is here with more on the ending of the first two games. >> the warriors were down 11 but they close with a serious rally. curry struggles from outside all night but when he made that shot in the lane it was tied with eight seconds left. they went to overtime tied at 87 here. curry makes the foul and puts the warriors down one.
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but matthew delavedova gets the cavs down by one. james haded one more free throw. the cavs even the series. curry very uncurry like. he knows there's work to be done. >> it's definitely tough. deal ing with the emotions of it. the highs and lows of this game. you try to leave it on the floor because we know this is a long series and we can come back game three and really take control of this series right back. but, you know it's frustrating. because we're at home, we're supposed to win. and once we got to overtime we got all the confidence in the
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world. but fell a little short and i just have to handle it the right way. >> just the fourth time all season the warriors have lost at home. now they'll have to win at least one in cleveland to win it all. the series shifts there for game three on tuesday. game four on thursday. i'll see you with a lot more on sports wrap. >> and we have a special sports wrap. >> we do, we're going to have a special sports wrap from 11:30 to 12:00. and debora villalon is joining us live with i'm guessing pretty upset fans. >> reporter: well they're so proud of their team for that valiant come back. but we watched at pete's
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tavern. but for now look at this. the team hands out rally towels but of course we heard the excitement. >> all our hard work. steph curry is our guy. we've got this. >> reporter: five minutes later the cavaliers had it. everyone was hoping for the same kind of overtime win the warriors pulled out in game one with 500 people packed into two bars. up until then everyone had been stunned on how much the team was struggling. even with the cavs missing two of their stars. it went to the wire but still
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it didn't fall the warriors way. >> we will never give up. we are the number one team in the league. we're going to play hard every night and that's what i love about this team. >> warriors. >> it's all going to be on his shoulders. tip my hat to him. great guy. but when it comes to this, we know he's going to put up good points. we know he's going to do well. but i think our team is stronger. >> i think lebron has been quiet for a couple of games but he's been doing great. >> we're all one family in san francisco. one family. >> that's why they play and that's why we watch. because we don't know what's going to happen. that's why they call it upsets. >> we're bringing it home, game five, game five, game five. >> reporter: still great optimism by fans as the game heeds to chief land. two overtime battles, two teams
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fighting and scrapping all the way. it's as entertaining as a world championship can get. since fans like to watch right across from the ballpark, they're hoping some of that mojo rubs off. the pun began well before tonight's game outside oracle arena. fans had their tailgates down. everyone dressed up for warriors success. when they got inside it was time to let the good times rock & roll. >> ♪ ♪ >> you know that man bay area native carlos santana and wife cindy blackmon santana opened the game with the national anthem. oakland police also played a part by unfurling a large united states flag.
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the two teams will be back on the court tuesday and thursday. game five will be played back here in oakland next sunday. the warriors would have a chance to clench the series on that night. a burst of warm weather sent some people scrambling to the water to try to cool off. this is what it looked like at a crowd beach in alameda. under clear blue skies in some parts of the bay area saw temperatures soar today above 90 degrees. it's only going to get a lot warmer. mark tamayo is in with a look at the heat warning that's scheduled for tomorrow. >> reporter: for the first time this year we're talking about triple digits. we started to warm things up today but the real heat that will kick in on the monday forecast. first we will take a look at the temperatures today. only in the upper 50s out toward pacifica. san francisco 64. but look at these strings of 90s out toward fairfield, concord, antioch. those temperatures temperatures in the mid- to
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upper 90s. those temperatures increasing up to 80 degrees. that heat advisory kicks in for everywhere including the coast. temperatures in the mid-80s to the lower 90s. inland neighborhoods easily back up in the mid- to upper 90s. and a few neighborhoods will be approaching 80 to 90 degrees. some of that dense fog will be pushing back into the bay. that will be impacting the visibility. so keep that in mind for the morning commute. here's your forecast model showing you some of that dense fog right along the bay. here we go with the heat. those readings in the upper 90s to 100 degrees well inland. coming up at 10:35. more on that in a few minutes. new video provides a new
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perspective of a deadly police shooting in oakland. a woman captures officers talking to a man inside a parked car moments before he is shot. that woman was in a shopping plaza just after 7:00 yesterday morning. cristina rendon talked to witnesses about what they heard and saw. >> reporter: a video capture the ordeal between a police officer and a passed out man. this video belongs to mcmath who says police did everything they could to get the man out peacefully. >> i feel bad for them. that's hard for anybody when you know it's going to come to a climax and you don't know which way it's going to go. >> reporter: she watched officers for more than an hour to try to get the man to
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surrender. >> they tried. they tried to get the man get out. he did fight. tug of war. it took several police officers to try to get him out the window. >> reporter: one officer used a taser. the other used a firearm and shot him. >> he shot. he shot. >> we're still actively interviewing one of the officers involved as well as reviewing the footage from the body cameras the officers were wearing. >> reporter: the man is carried out in a stretcher. mcmath says she feels for the victims families and wishing this ending had a different outcome. >> if you guys are out there i would love to offer my condolences personally to you and wish you guys a speedy recovery. and keep the good memories alive. >> reporter: in oakland, cristina rendon. 13 eyewitness news. an investigation is on in watsonville as police --
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police shot a suspect. four people on board a small plane walked away from an emergency landing on a south bay highway. the pilot says the engine just quit and he needed to quickly land. they managed to touch down on the shoulder of highway 101 in morgan hill near the coyote creek drive. one of the wings extended to the traffic lanes so the chp shut down the road. >> it could have been very bad but we were very lucky tonight. no injuries, no damage to the aircraft and no accident on the freeway. the pilot told us he was headed for the san martin airport. that plane was removed from the
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road and the freeway reopened about four hours later. the texas company who's ruptured pipeline led to a -- state of the art monitoring could quickly detect possible leaks and alert operators. the records were released under the state's public records law. in may a break in a badly corroded section of the line caused up to 101,000-gallons of oil to spill off refujio beach. the department of fish and wildlife says half of that spill had been cleaned up. it's the best thing next to a driverless car out there. >> i am touching the steering
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wheel. i don't have my foot on the break. and a fan injured by a broken bat. and at 10:30, street racing leads to a tragedy. the young lady being mourned following a crash.
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tom vacar spent this week testing out a state of the art volvo suv that is equipped with driver assistant technology. tom puts it to the test in bay area freeways. >> reporter: to be sure you're still in control but with a whole lot of high tech help from a dazzling array of technology. 12 sensors, 12 cameras, the steering, the breaks breaks -- the brakes all work hand in hand. it lane keeping technology keeps you in your lane until you choose to steer out of it. it's perpendicular and parallel parking technology requires that you just shift while minding the brake but that's
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just the beginning. the technology is probably the last technology we'll need to come up with truly pilotless, driverless cars. >> reporter: provided the real world test bed where i pushed two buttons. >> no accelerate, no foot on the accelerator or the brake. head light accelerates. brakes, followed by brakes. hard braking in this case. takes off. >> reporter: the beauty of this is you're not constantly hitting the accelerate and the brake. accelerate, brake, accelerate brake, that's what makes stop and go diving to annoying.
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next year's 2017 model will have pilot assist for all speeds. when this technology ultimately makes its way into most cars the savings in repair costs, insurance costs and medical costs will be humongous for the nation. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. the family of a woman injured by a broken bat at fenway park last week is thanking both the oakland a's and boston red sox for the well wishing and prayers. tonya carpenter remains in a boston hospital in serious condition. she was sitting between home plate and third base dug out when she was struck in the head by oakland a's bret laurie's bat. she is expected to survive. a go fund me account was set up to raise money to help carpenter through a recovery. a friend describes her as a fighter. fox sports reports that the incident may have been avoided if major league baseball had acted on a players request for more protective netting. according to fox sources,
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during bargaining negotiations in 2007 and 2008 players asked for the netting to be extended. the owners reportedly denied those proposals. a fifa chairman said that russia and qatar could be stripped of the cup bid. fifa said that if the investigation find evidence that the cup was awarded without votes, then the vote could be stripped. fifa's president resigned over the controversy just days after being elected to a fifth term. the women's world cup
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kicked off in canada this weekend. the u.s. team held their final practice in winnipeg canada. the united states starts its run for the cup tomorrow afternoon against australia. you can see that on fox sports then on friday you can see the national team right here on ktvu fox 2 as they take on sweden at 5:00 p.m. they close out the group stage june 15th against nigeria and that's also right here at 5:00. has you covered throughout the tournament. you can find the full tournament schedule. information on how to buy tickets and more stories about the different players just look under the sports tab on the home page. a time capsule of sorts discovered hidden behind a school wall in oklahoma city. christine vandemiren tells us about the unique find dating back 100 years and efforts to try to preserve it. delicate pieces of history found hiding in the walls of
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emerson high school. >> reporter: the school being renovated as part of the math for kids fan. they contracted to find a number of problems inside the walls but they didn't plan to find treasures. >> first of all i got goose bumps and then i got tears in my eyes because it was like finding a time capsule. >> reporter: the writing on walls, lessons from decades past. >> we have the shift and the rock was 1520 and we have the log cabins. >> they had been discussioning thanksgiving. they're talking about the history of the pilgrims. >> the teachers used extraordinary the pictures and
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beautiful penmanship all in chalk. >> you see 1920 the way they used to educate. >> it's like a looking glass into the teachings of 1917 and it's just so amazing how well preserved it is. >> reporter: while there's no definty proof the lessons are from 1917 the evidence is hard to argue with. >> i love this. it says i give my head, my heart, and my life to my god and one nation indivisible with justice for all. >> it's time something remain the same. >> i think seeing this reminds them how far we've come and actually what teaching is all about. >> certainly is a pretty unique find. that was christine vendemire reporting. some of those chalkboards
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showed complex multiplication, drawings and rules about hygiene. a street race turns deadly in the north bay. the charges the driver could be facing after a teenage girl is thrown over the side of a bridge and killed. an elaborate plan to bust out of a maximum security prison. the only thing the two men left behind when guards checked their cell. >> a heat advisory will top our weather headline as we head toward monday. some dense fog pushing back into the bay. the areas that will top 100 degrees for tomorrow and we're tracking shower chances on the five day forecast. but never grew old. ♪ forever young ♪ and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making. the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you stay ♪ with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young.
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sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) no clues tonight on where those two escaped killers are hiding out. but now the state of new york is offering a $100,000 reward in hopes that someone will come forward to help find those two inmates who used power tools to break out of a maximum security facility. bryan yanes reports on what the
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men left behind. >> reporter: governor cuomo says this is the first time that someone has escaped from the maximum security area and this wasn't just any kind of escape. >> we went back and pieced together what they did. it was elaborate, it encompassed drilling through steel walls and steel pipes. so this was not easily accomplished. >> reporter: during a morning check they found the two were missing. they walked on to a cat walk. climbed down and used power tools to escape through tunnels. officials say the men are considered a danger to the public. matt was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the kidnapping, robbery and murder of a businessman. sweat is serving a sentence of life without parol for the killing of a broom county sheriff's deputy. >> it was kind of shocking knowing that two people actually escaped. >> state police say at least
10:26 pm
150 leads are being investigated and more than 250 corrections and law enforcement officers are involved in the search. >> i can assure you that no stone will be left unturned. officials are investigating how this escape could have happened including how the prisoners were able to get power tools. the only note the men left behind was a yellow paper with a smiley face and the words, have a nice day. 2,000 people jumped into san francisco bay this morning as part of the escape from alcatraz triatholon. an 18-mile bike ride and 8-mile run through san francisco. the race is considered one of the most difficult triathalons in the world.
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two team comers took first place. if you like drama then the nba finals is much watch tv. game two game to the final seconds once again. we have a half hour special dedicated to everything warriors. joe fonzi and rick ibanze -- ibanez are going to be here to look at game two. remembering a friend who was left behind and died on a northwest river bank.
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the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number. fr6-year-old girl who died in a deadly crash this weekend are grieving tonight. highway patrol investigators say the teen was watching a drag race and was hit when a car flipped. noelle walker tells us why it took so long to find the girl's body. >> reporter: at the banks of
10:30 pm
the russian river. the endless summer is over before it even got started. >> that's her right there. >> reporter: that's 16-year-old angelica contreras still smiling. >> there was nobody that didn't like her. nobody understands why she was hit. >> reporter: one bad decision. >> i was supposed to hang out with her on friday night after graduation. >> reporter: changed everything. >> but they came down here to watch a street race. >> reporter: a group of teenagers decision to drag race late friday night on this narrow country road ended in a crash and angelica being hit and thrown 150 feet to the rivers edge. >> if you're going to do stupid things like that, then you need to know what you're doing. >> reporter: christian also made a decision that night. >> i could have said yes.
10:31 pm
but i said no. >> no one knew to look for her because no one knew she had been hit. >> reporter: a passer by found angelica's body under the bridge. eight hours after the crash. friends thought she had run away. >> if they cared about her they would have looked at her more. not left her here in the dark all night. >> having someone speak up and say this person was missing. she was not seen after the crash we would have definitely been looking around. seems like every year around graduation we have a student that is killed in a car crash. >> reporter: decisions made by teenagers who think they are nothing but time. >> it hurt a lot more people than to just have a 15 minute little fun with a drag race. >> reporter: and left nothing else to say but -- >> reporter: goodbye. >> and that we all love her. >> reporter: this crash is still under investigation but the drivers involved could potentially face vehicle manslaughter charges. it will be up to the sonoma
10:32 pm
county district's attorney office. noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. the chp is investigating a crash in fairfield that killed three people and seriously injured another. itned just after 12:30 on westbound highway 80 near the north texas street off ramp. the chp says the car rolled over after veering off the road. >> still investigating as far as i can tell it came off the roadway and two people were ejected. >> right now it's still not clear what led up to this crash. another crash left two people injured. alcohol appears to have played a role. it happened at about 11:45 last night on highway 12. the chp says the car and suv collided at a traffic light. the fire department tells us one person suffered major injuries the other minor injuries. president obama is in germany for the g7 summit with the focus on one nation that's no longer part of that group. the president gathered today
10:33 pm
with leaders from germany, the united kingdom, france, italy, canada and japan. russia is excluded for a second year due to its aggression in ukraine. and that's at the top of the agenda at this summit. president obama and the chancellor are making it clear, the sanctions need to continue. fighting in ukraine has increased despite a seize fire. in an interview yesterday, russian president putin blamed the ukrainian government for a lack of representation. >> i want to under line that russia is interested in and will assure of all implementations of agreements. >> the g7 summit is being held
10:34 pm
in the village of cruin. other items on the agenda include global warming and the economy. a special search took place today to help an 11-year-old santa rosa girl who needs a bone marrow donor. soria teft has needed blood transfusions since she was born, and now needs a bone marrow transplant. the group says there's a shortage of ethnic donors and encouraged people to sign up saying the process of donating
10:35 pm
saying donating is just like donating blood. they are encouraging anyone of asian decent to sign up to help sofia or perhaps someone else. and hundreds of people celebrated the coming of summer at the san francisco union street festival. each block featured a mix of exhibits including fashion. technology, arts and craft and health and fitness. there's also a lot of live music, food and a lot of things for children to do. >> today was just the beginning of a bay area warm up. coming up our meteorologist mark tamayo is tracks just how warm temperatures are going to climb tomorrow.
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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a big spike in temperatures for today and tomorrow. get ready. a few neighborhoods will be topping 100 degrees but of course we have opgs -- options here in the bay area. this picture snapped here earlier in the evening looking toward sutro tower. that shower of marine layer will impact your visibility near the coast first thing tomorrow morning. it'll hr-rs working its way back into the bay. -- it's already working its way back into the bay. livermore back up into 100 degrees. san francisco 64 today going to warm you up into the mid-70s tomorrow. we have areas of dense fog near monterey bay. hugging a good portion of our shoreline. current numbers it's still mild out there. 70s to report out toward fairfield, walnut creek and livermore. still pretty warm out there right now. san francisco 52 and half-moon bay 54. so a warmer weather pattern. we have this layer of warm air
10:39 pm
up above us compressing, squashing the marine layer it's what we call the dense fog. definitely keep an eye on that first thing tomorrow morning crossing the bay bridge and into highway one. here's a plan for your monday morning. areas of fog, clear skies inland and then into the afternoon hours. more sunshine, still some patchy fog for the beaches. they're not warming up too much right near the immediate shoreline. those readings in the 60s. we're talking about triple digit heat for tomorrow afternoon. the microclimate is starting to resurface out there. your temperature sensor warming up as we work our way inland. here we go the extreme heat by about 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. 100 to 102 degrees. the heat advisory in place away from the shoreline for tomorrow's high pressure. the sinking air that's warming air. it's going to stick around for one day that's for tomorrow until we have a heat advisory in place with still patchy fog
10:40 pm
near parts of the shoreline. we are tracking this. this is tropical storm blanca with winds at 60 miles per hour. here's a forecast track. here's what happens into your tuesday, wednesday. some of that moisture approaching the bay area. as a result for tuesday, tuesday night into wednesday we could be tracking a chance of scattered showers. definitely clouds sweeping into the region. look what happens tuesday night and into wednesday we could have scattered showers out there even the chance of an isolated thunderstorms. so get ready for that change later in the week but tomorrow the key headline. we're warming back up. look at all the triple digits out toward livermore. more neighborhoods, san jose 91. los gatos 92. you're going to notice the big change for tomorrow. only in the 60s to 70s degrees. look ahead your five day forecast. we'll have to keep an eye on the shower chances from tuesday to wednesday. but get ready. the heat advisory in place, drink lots of water out there.
10:41 pm
>> we'll be ready. more from game two. >> it was another overtime thriller. we will have much more from the warriors. sports wrap with joe fonzi is coming up next.
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good evening everyone. welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. anyone who thought winning an nba championship would be easy for the warriors was severely under estimating the will of the cleveland cavaliers and lebron james. the big stars come out when the nba finals are in town.
10:44 pm
carlos santana and his wife doing the national anthem honors. the warriors off to a good start early. steph curry to the top of barbosa. 20-12. with irving out the cavs needed someone to pick up the scoring. part of a 14-2 run for the cavs. clay thompson to andre iguodala to keep the warriors around five. it was cleveland by one at halftime. >> play with some fire, play with a sense of urgency. take care of the ball but let's push it. >> reporter: it was intense the entire way. thompson with another three. he did not make the free throw though and it was tied at 62.
10:45 pm
st.mary's all time scorer, you he -- you will see how he was clutch. lebron was lebron, totaled 31 against the warriors. then cuts the deficit to three. then with seven seconds left curry drives the lane. putting up a lay up that evens the game at 37. emotion very evident in a game that was not very curry like though for curry. they went to overtime. it's curry getting fouled here. he made both free throws and the warriors were in front by one with 29 second left. but delavadoba makes a free throw. the warriors call a time out and get a play for curry. he has it in the corner but puts up an air ball after one james free throw the warriors had one more possession. here it


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