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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the sun sets on the hottest day of the year here in the bay area. in fact, in gilroy the temperature hit 109 degrees
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today. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. after weeks of unseasonably cool weather we felt the sun today. we're going to start in the ktvu weather center with chief meteorologist bill martin. >> reporter: just a couple of hours ago the heat advisory was dropped but not before these numbers weachieved. check them out we got numbers in kentfield 100 degrees. in gilroy 109 degrees. it sets up as a record for the day. it was hot in a lot of other cities as well. but these are the big ones. 106 in livermore. 104 in concord. 101 in napa. what's that fog coming back. you know once you see the fog thingings thingings -- things are going to change. coming up at 10:00, 89 in walnut creek. you saw the fog. you know there's some changes
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coming. next time you see me we'll talk about that and when we can expect more heat in your neighborhood. now to maureen naylor she's in gilroy with that city's record breaking heat today. >> reporter: frank this is not normal but the traffic lights here in gilroy have been flashing for the last couple of hours related to a heat wave in the area. and they not only set a record, they shattered an old one in a day that people called a scorcher. >> it was stifling earlier. i work for the postoffice and our carriers today really took a beating with the heat. all metal vehicles, no air- conditioning and they're out there seven to nine hours. >> reporter: the bener family were out tonight because they had no electricity. then this happened.
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>> just came back on. the tv is on now. >> reporter: the power came back on. likely thanks to this pg & e crew working down the street. after a day of record shattering heat. >> 109 that's hot. but anything over 89 is plain old hot. get ready for summer. here we go gilroy 2015. >> reporter: at the morgan hill aquatic center this is what it looked like today. many tell us that they like the triple digit heat. >> i do because that means we go to water parks and stuff like that. >> our attendance here is a direct correlation to the weather. the hotter the day is the more people we see here in general. we found one little toddler splashing around not so sure she liked the water but then
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there were happy babies wearing sun hats, perfect timing for their very first swim lesson. >> it's so hot outside and it feels great in the pool. it's just definitely refreshing. >> reporter: also refreshing these orange icees and the welcomed breeze blowing everything from old glory to the seemingly wilting warriors flag. morgan hill opened three cooling centers including at centennial recreation center. inside local bridge club members talked about how quickly the weather changed. >> i play golf too throughout the spring. and i've been noticing it's cold, it's cold, it's cold. i played today, it wasn't cold today. >> reporter: that's what had people talking, how quickly it went from the cool weather to the heat. >> that water sure looked good tonight. and east bay is reporting
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46,000 are without power right now. the biggest outages were in el c earthquake rrito and berkeley and were caused by a squirrel. there are many smaller outages across the bay area. today's heat also caused problems for commuters this evening. we're told the delay was as long as 45 minutes. b.a.r.t. says a power system overheated and they had to pull two trains out of service. there were also delays because of an equipment problem but the west oakland station countless passengers were left waiting for trains and some in hot platforms in that hot sun. high temperatures were also responsible for emergency road repairs. not as bad right there but it
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did get really bad. caltrans said the roadway had been degraded by a diesel truck and today's heat made it worse. you can track the latest weather conditions with the ktvu weather app. it's available for your smart phone and tablet. graham is upset by a television ad that the bank is running that features a same- sex couple. we have jana katsuyama live with why graham says that ad is a sign of moral decay. >> reporter: frank, wells fargo is known here in san francisco for supporting the lgbt community. this nationwide tv ad talks about same-sex marriage and parenting. and that's why franklin graham says he and others should boycott the bank. for wells fargo it's a historic first in its 160 year history. the national television
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commercial starts with two women learning sign language. building up to the end of the tv ad when they meet a young girl. and introduce themselves as her two mommies. a lesbian couple adopting a daughter. >> i think the tide has turned. not only here in a place like san francisco but throughout the country. we see people understanding that lgbt people live everywhere. that we deserve the same dignity and respect. >> reporter: rebecca rose calls the ad a brave move. but franklin graham son of the evangelist billy graham had other words for it. on a facebook page he asks, how can we fight the tide of moral decay, referring to the wells fargo the ad. he calls for a boycott quote, let's just stop doing business with those who promote sin and stand against all mighty god's
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laws and his standards. wells fargo which has long supported san francisco's gay pride parade says the ad was launched in frill one of six commercials in the national campaign to show the diversity of clients. a wells fargo spokes wrote back, wells fargo supporting the lgbt community. still franklin graham's facebook postreceived 90,000 likes. >> i think we've seen across the country that there are many many corporations who are really stepping out in support of what they know to be values of equity and equality and ernest and wells fargo certainly has been a part of that. >> reporter: frank, graham's pr firm told us he was not available for comment. wells fargo says they plan to
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continue running that ad according to its original schedules. >> is there any information that graham is getting support. >> reporter: along with those likes on his facebook, there's 4,000 shares which is what he asked. he's putting out the call for not only just wells fargo but other companies asking them to support that. and it remains to be seen if this gets any traction. the u.s. supreme court is letting two san francisco gun laws stand and rejecting a challenge from the national rifle association. a 2007 city law requires handgun owners secure their weapons at home in a locker or with trigger locks. the second measure from 2004 bans the sale of hollow point bullets that expand on impact. san francisco's ordinance says the bullets have no sporting
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purpose. gun rights activists say the ordinance infringes on their rights. the pension fund decided to divest itself of companies that make guns in california. the pension fund is the second largest in the world. police say they arrested someone with a very real looking gun. officers say they thought this was a real dan wesson. but after taking a closer look they say it's actually a p earthquake -- pellet gun. they say that i had took it from abdi. he is now facing charges that including drug dealing, driving under the influence and violation of probation.
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noelle walker reports, she hopes her mother's death will make others thing about the consequences of their actions. >> she was a child, she had dreams like any other one. >> reporter: the little girl in the photo who grew to be a beautiful teenager is not here to live her dreams. >> she wantedded to be like a criminal investigator. and what happened, stopped all of those dreams that she had. >> reporter: instead angelica is the subject of a criminal investigation. friday night she went to watch friends street race on a country road outside of clover deal. - - clover dale. one of the cars struck angelica. >> i'm wishing it was a dream and i wish i could wake up. >> reporter: neighbor rafael visits the bank each day.
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>> it could have been anybody's kids. that's why these kids have to think about what they're doing. >> it looks fun on tv, looks fun on movies. >> reporter: from the sock hop days of american graffiti. to today's fast and furious series, the street race has long been seen as a teenage rite of passage in american culture. >> in reality of all things look at paul walker. fast and furious how he ended his days. at no time end like a -- didn't end like a paul walker movie. >> reporter: teachers are having to teach lessons and students are learning a hard lesson. >> it's sad they have to live with that for the rest of their life. >> reporter: and the family will have to learn to live without a girl who in a word was -- >> todo. >> everything. >> reporter: one of the drivers
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involved in the crash was here at chp headquarters earlier today speaking with his attorney. the other driver is just 16 years old. it's unclear if he actually had a license but if he did he should not have had a passenger in the car. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. the nba finals are even at one game a piece. now the warriors are in cleveland for game three. at 10:30, has last night's nail biter shaken the confidence of fans? >> there are changes coming for tomorrow. i'll let you know what we can expect as we head into your bay area tuesday. >> finding another way across the bay. the mayor closures plannedded for the summer and what can be done to avoid commute chaos.
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b.a.r.t. is getting ready to do something it hasn't done before. shut down all service between san francisco and the east bay so that it can make repairs to the tracks. ktvu's news has obtained an e- mail showing that b.a.r.t. has a tentative part to stop all transbay service beneath the bay. heather holmes is in san francisco tonight. she's been finding out how transportation agencies plan to help people get around, heather. >> reporter: frank, you know bath service across the bay will most likely mean a backed up bay bridge. while these closures are
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expected to happen during lighter weekends of trouble, everyone admits this is going to have a big impact. >> reporter: stranded at the station. b.a.r.t. is gearing up to grind service to a halt. >> it will be felt even though one does not ride b.a.r.t. if there's no b.a.r.t., you will feel it on the roadways, there's no question. >> reporter: this is the reason for the closure. long awaited work. once the improvements are made, trains will be able to switch from one side of the track to the oh. b.a.r.t. says speeding up service and providing new stability when issues arise. >> it's going to be very inconvenient. >> reporter: it's b.a.r.t. passengers who will have issues. >> there's so many people that do have to work and you have all the people in the service industries and all the restaurants and everything else and people need to get in. and it's for them it's very
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inconvenient. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. plans to offer a bus bridge between oakland and san francisco but that could be slow going. the bay bridge toll plaza often looks like a parking lot. >> clearly one of the things we're concerned about is the efficiency of the bus bridge. >> reporter: so they're considering enforcing weekday car pool and bus only lanes. the transportation agency is one of the agencies that's looking to boost service to help close the transportation gap. >> we will support them any way we can. whether that's providing more service on munni. providing more service by taxi or encouraging people to car pool or take ride shares. >> reporter: all of this is still being work out. a b.a.r.t. spokesman told me tonight that the agency will confirm the dates and its plan on wednesday. frank, b.a.r.t. understands the magnitude of shutting down the service.
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the family of a man shot by oakland police over the weekend says the killing was completely unnecessary. officers say they found demarie hass unresponsive off interstate 580 saturday morning. they say a loaded gun was found next to him in the car. officers say they spent more than an hour trying to wake him up before finally breaking a passenger window. they say that then led to the confrontation and the shooting. hogg's family is devastated. >> he tried to do everything he could for us. >> they didn't have to do that. he was asleep in a car. there were a lot of ways they could have prevented that. >> reporter: police didn't say how they led to the confrontation or why they thought hogg had a gun.
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the customer heard the suspect demanding money and thought they tried to detain the man. officers arrived right after the suspect or rather the customer had struggled with the suspect. they arrested the suspect as he stepped out of the store. they said he was armed with a screwdriver. they also say the customer was scraped up a little bit but was other wise okay. a show down is expected at san francisco city hall tomorrow as air b & b supporters get ready for a crucial vote. as christien kafton reports, the board of supervisors is set to vote on a proposal that would tighten the legislation for vacation rentals in the city. >> we have had enough with our precious rental housing stock being used to rent to tourists and not to tenants. >> housing advocates took their protests against short term rentals to the doorstep of air b & b. property owners are getting rich offering units for short term rentals and tightening an already tight housing market.
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>> 23% of our vacant rental units are off the market being rented to tourists rather than the ten in -- tenants who so need them in this housing crisis. >> reporter: major lee is changing the amount of time that owners can rent the homes to 23 a year. limit short term rentals to 60 days per year and would require companies to share usage information with the city. >> of what's before the board, only my legislation does what it's supposed to. and that's regulate air b & b rentals. housing advocates say if they're not happy with the result they will take the issue directly to the voters in november. >> we will be going to the
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ballot. >> reporter: air b & b released a statement today. the company spokesman sent an e- mail reading in part the vast majority of air b & b hosts are regular san franciscans. sharing the home in which they live and using the money they earn to pay the bills and make ends meet. he hopes tomorrow's votes won't create additional barriers for people looking to rent their homes. >> a large variety of our members tell me that if it wasn't for home sharing they would be forced to leave san francisco. christien kafton, ktvu news. it's still pretty warm to hot inland. in the avenues folks are cooling off. this is from twin peaks looking toward the outer district. golden gate spark. fog is coming in. along the ridge line and that's
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going to cool things off along the coast. around the bay and even in your neighborhood inland. there's the cool bite right there. see 54 in san francisco. the 61 at sfo. these greens cooler numbers are going to lower numbers are going to push further inland. still in concord it's only 40 degrees. what's going to happen tomorrow is cooler. the fog is going to cool us down but inland it's going to cool a lot because of this high cloud cover that's coming in from a dead hurricane blanca which is now just a tropical depression. but it's going to push over top of us making for a very hot day. overnight they're going to be 60s in some of the inland spots. even though highs are not going to be 106, 109 like they were today. highs are going to be 89, 88, 950 950 -- 90 in the hot spots. the cloud cover is really going to make it feel hotter than
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that. look at the cooler environment, that's not fog it's fog right here. that's the high clouds coming in or the mid-level high clouds coming in from the tropical system. muggy, humid tomorrow. cloudy after about lunchtime. all day and even a chance for a thundershower in parts of the north and east bay. we'll talk about that when i come back. just know tomorrow is going to be cooler but kind of less comfortable in some humidity kind of a way. we'll see you back here. just ahead here, a pledge to help students with their loans after their college is shut down. then the warriors historic run to the championship title. has last night's loss rattled any fans? and apple releases its new streaming service. and new software for their i pads, and smart phones.
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apple kicked off it's annual world developers conference today at san
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francisco's masconi center. allie rasmus tells us that the company took the wraps off a new system. >> reporter: from the lines around the building. >> it's tough because we've been out here since 4:00 in the morning today. >> reporter: to the mad rush to fill the seats. it's all part of the mad rush for the apple developers conference. >> it's a way to catch up with what's new with apple. >> reporter: no new gadgets announced today but there was some announcements. apple music was the big one. apple brought out the star power and promoted it. with rapper drake taking the stage. >> it's amazing to be part of something i believe in. >> reporter: apple music include a 24 hour radio station. >> it gives a lot of especially new artists a chance to be heard. >> reporter: streaming music has become more popular than
10:27 pm
downloading music on i tunes. >> they need to compete with the likes of spotify. >> reporter: come of the average i pad and iphone users seemed more impressed with the simple things. >> what's your biggest complaint? >> the battery life for sure. >> i don't use siri. i also don't upgrade the ios. >> reporter: new iphone and i pad software will extend battery life by up to three hours and will use less memory to upgrade. >> i'll look for new items in the future. the mac upgrading system will get an upgrade called el capitan. maps will provide public transit information.
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and users will be able to split the screen to use two appses at the same time. the president is looking to erase debt by students of corinthian colleges. the education department says law provide relief but erasing that debt is expected to cost taxpayers as much as $3.6 billion. the legal challenge against the new ordinance meant to protect people. the bay area a wash in warriors blue and gold. fans a wash in anxiety. we talk to the coach of the last championship in the eve of tomorrow's game. oh, thank you!
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(music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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the cell phone industry filed suit today against the city of berkeley. the lawsuit alleges that an ordinance approved by the berkeley city council last month violates free speech. the ordinance is scheduled to go into effect july 1st. the wireless association ctia filed the lawsuit in federal court today. it says that berkeley's ordinance is inaccurate and misleading. san jose firefighters are set to receive their first raise in several years under a new tentative deal with the city. it's a three year contract that includes retroactive pay. the two sides say this pay hike will restore the 10% cut in pay that firefighters had four years ago. the deal also protects rules on minimum staffing for firefighter. now to the nba finals, now
10:32 pm
the home court advantage has shifted to the cavs. it's important for warriors fans to know a thing or two about their opponent. and ktvu's scott reiss put fans to the test. >> reporter: warrior fans acquitted themselves pretty well with their knowledge of the grizzlies and then the rockets so now we ramp things up a notch with the nba finals edition of know your opponents. >> when was the last time the cavaliers won an nba title. >> an nba title i believe it was -- >> 1973. >> 1964. >> never. >> that is correct. >> thank you. >> the cavs have a guy named smith and jones. how many smiths and joneses are there total in the nba. >> wow. >> probably about 50. >> i'm going to say 48. >> 111. >> you think there's 111 guys named smith and jones in the nba. >> it's a very common name. >> 14. >> that's actually the closest
10:33 pm
we've gotten so far. the answer is 10. >> 10, 10, i said 10. >> follow up question, how many chumperts are there in the nba. >> one. >> two. >> one is correct. >> name the only u.s. president to serve two terms in office separated by another president. >> oh yeah. >> ronald reagan. >> bush. >> george washington. >> cleveland. >> name the dance club located inside the miami dolphins stadium. >> the dancing marlins. >> the cleveland cavaliers. >> the clevelander. >> next question is a visual question. what kind of animal is this? >> a stupid one. >> a loser. >> fox.
10:34 pm
>> wolf. >> it's a bear. >> bear. >> a dog bear. >> it's got to be a dog. >> you got it you're the first dog that recognized moon dog. >> i can't say the name but it's a dog. what have we learned? every dog has its day, even if that dog resembles a bear. and hopefully by tomorrow we'll have learned that they're not quite good enough to beat the warriors. warriors fans they can be forgiven if their confidence is a bit shaken. an evidential loss but nothing to worry. game three is tomorrow in cleveland. debora villalon is live with the high anxiety. >> we're on the roof on ktvu. our transmission tower is all lit up alternating blue and gold. this day between games is a chance for players and fans to
10:35 pm
catch their breaths. >> today we're going to be making the golden state sunday. >> reporter: white sponge cake, two scoops of ice cream. >> we're going to put this bad boy on a plate. >> reporter: sprinkles. >> blue and gold right on top and then this is ready to serve. >> reporter: a huge seller for the past week. >> we sold several hundred. absolutely. >> and yesterday? >> 65 in one day which is, which is just fantastic. >> reporter: fans were tasting victory when steph curry propelled the game into overtime. but the aftertaste was sour. watching lebron james get the
10:36 pm
come back. not unlike lebron and the cavs. under estimating. >> we're going to roll over these guys. they're not at full strength. at this point everybody can play and you can't fall into that trap. robert says more players finished college in his day so became pros, smarter and more mature. >> they're like up to hear. >> reporter: today's players are stronger, more physical. but in the warriors today and a year ago. unselfish play. >> clifford ray, all the guys, which beard. we had a close nit group. and i think that's why we won. >> reporter: around the bay area fans fly their warriors colors. businesses getting in on the fun. >> we have been in business for 33 years. >> reporter: two car dealerships cover their window with dub love. >> you put the gold car in front. >> on the weekend we put it
10:37 pm
right outside here. >> reporter: and at phantoms, fans support the warriors sunday. taking one for the team. >> as a warriors fan i have to get this ice cream. that's what i'm thinking. go warriors. >> reporter: talk about strength in numbers. you don't want to count the calories in that sunday. coach roberts predicts the warriors will adjust, will win it all but may take seven games. the new rule that makes innocent until proven guilty now apply to traffic tickets. >> temperatures are going to trend differently as we head into the next five days. i'll let you know in the forecast when things will heat
10:38 pm
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a -- a man arrested for kidnapping a 3-year-old boy at a milpitas library has had several run ins with the law. he was arrested for punching a man on the sidewalk. >> why was he in town and why did he go into the library? did he go there specifically to abduct a child or did he just happen through and it was a crime of opportunity. we don't know the answers to all those questions. >> reporter: edington was arrest after an alert bus driver spotted a boy with him on the bus. edington is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. he is being held on $200,000
10:41 pm
bail. authorities in boston today release surveillance video showing a video of a shooting. it's difficult to see if rahim was carrying a knife as the fbi claims. his brother is an iman in oakland. his family says the video shows rahim did not break any laws and they say he wasn't aggressive which is what officers claimed. a south carolina officer was indicted for shooting a man. >> we're going to see if
10:42 pm
they're going to accept responsibility in a civil suit. >> reporter: he reportedly claimed he shot the man because he feared for his life. a tentative agreement has been reached between kaiser permanente and its labor union. the deal includes pay raises between two and 3% over a three year contract and better benefits. the deal includes 500,000 workers in eight states and the district of columbia including 81,000 in california. they include nurses, pharmacists, maintenance workers. tesla could be on the receiving end of $15 million in tax credits from the state of california. the credits would offset taxes for their plan in fremont and allow tesla to buy new equipment, property and hire 4,400 workers. a state board is scheduled to consider the credits in 10 day. u.s. markets extended a two day slump.
10:43 pm
the dow is now negative for the year. the s & p was down 13. airlines were among the biggest losers. mervin field passed away today. he's the man that invented the field poll. the field poll built a reputation as nonpartisan. mervin field died of natural causes. he was 94 years old. the women's world cup is starting to kick up excitement. the u.s. team had its first game today, their opponent, australia. we'll tell you who prevailed. and chief meteorologist bill martin says we could see other changes. his complete forecast is still ahead. rewriting the rules for traffic tickets why you won't have to pay the fine before you fight back.
10:44 pm
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10:46 pm
a new policy went into effect that bans drivers to pay fines even if they want to appeal. >> reporter: at the traffic violations window there was no shortage of people with tickets. >> i have $4,000 in fines. and i make $12 an hour and i have a 5-year-old. >> reporter: but today a new policy went into effect here and throughout california. the state judicial council has banned traffic courts from forcing people to pay their fines up front when they plan to fight the ticket. many say it disproportionally affects people that can't pay the entire amount at once. >> i'm going to go old school on that. >> the tiny step is a big
10:47 pm
reform that's needed. >> reporter: alyssa adipiana is an attorney. the new rule will only affect marin county and rural areas because they don't require up front payment. but there's a catch a person must show up for their court dates or else it's pay up front. the law center says the policy doesn't go far enough that the state still needs to find a way to help the more than 4 million california drivers who haved had their licenses revoked for failure to pay fines or missing a court appearance. >> if they want community service, they want to make a payment plan. they want to tell a judge they can't afford to pay the ticket and work something out. they can't do anything of that just because they missed that initial deadline. >> reporter: for now the state has taken this first step.
10:48 pm
in marin county, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. so a hot day out there. we had that record in gilroy. 109degrees. that was the only record but it was hot. these are more cities we didn't pick up. i showed you the cities that were 100 and over. these are more cities that you may be more familiar with. 86 downtown oakland. not as hot right along the bay. san francisco was 86. pacifica was down here at 57. only 100 degrees in san rafael and santa rosa as well. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow are going to come down significantly. a great shot around sutro tower. you can kind of see the hump coming over san francisco. that's not the only cooling mechanism. they have a cooling trend coming from a tropical storm. all this moisture over the
10:49 pm
gulf. it's going to be mostly cloudy by lunchtime and that's the entire bay area. that filtered sunshine combine with the on shore flow and the fog will cool things off. 80 in fairfield. still 86 in concord. 83 in livermore. there's the heat. you can see all the topography as it brings in the cool air. it has trouble getting up to cool some of the inland valleys. overnight lows in some spots in the valley in the inland valleys are going to be in the 60s tonight. tomorrow morning there's the fog. and here comes at noontime see all the clouds coming up from the south. that's no longer fog. that's the clouds coming in from the tropical depression. here in the evening we start to see showers pop off. between tomorrow night say tuesday, tomorrow night say 7:00 to wednesday morning. i think we have a good chance to see perhaps a chance of a shower or even in this case, 1:00 on wednesday a chance of a thundershower if this happens.
10:50 pm
all that is is wrap around moisture coming in. good chance we could see scattered showers or maybe even a thundershower sometime between tuesday night and wednesday afternoon. if it shows up it'll be in an isolated area. but it could be significant. 86 in livermore. 86 in brentwood. these are significant from what we had today which were up there. 109 in livermore this early in the season. >> 109 is hot any time. >> it's hot in august. but may is always bad. >> and especially when it came on so fast it's been so cool for so long then bam.
10:51 pm
>> that's why the power outages hit so many people. a lot of hype heading into this soccer game today. the last time team usa played in the world cup they lost in the final in a penalty kick shoot out. four years is a long time to wait after that kind of heartbreak. today the ladies finally got to take a shot at world domination. the americans get it going in the 12th minute. it is 1-0 u.s. the game was tieded at 1-1/2 at the half. 61st minute larue. the former stanford cardinals it is 2-1 usa. seventy-eighthminute, repino making it look easy. one move, one shot.
10:52 pm
boom. her 31st international goal. alex morgan did pay the 15th minute. improves to 23-2-0 all time. as seen here on ktvu, nigeria also in group d. nigeria on the attack. lefty equalizer and that's it. it ends in a 3-3 draw. we have the u.s. and sweden big game friday afternoon here on ktvu fox 2. the stanley cup finals are certainly living up to the hype. two teams evenly matched playing their tails off for our enjoyment. game three lightning and blackhawks in chicago. another great hockey game. about five minutes in. how about this takes the cake. headman to ryan callahan and he goes top shelf on ben bishop. 1-0 lightning. third period it's 1-1.
10:53 pm
an exclusive movement tic-tac- toe. 2-1 hawks. the lightning ties it up 15 seconds later and with under four to play. headman sets up cedric paquet for the game winner. takes a 3-1 series lead. the giants and a's billed for the future. which players might some day be bay area stars and as the bay area heads east, why last night's defeat is still a hotly debated topic.
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10:56 pm
the future is now for 30 major league baseball teams court teams -- courtesy of the amateur draft. they took dansby swanson out of vanderbilt. he and his teammates pretty happy about it. that was a cool moment. hugging his mom there at the end. as for first round picks the giants select bickford from the college of southern nevada. the a's went with richie martin out of the university of florida. and warriors of course game three tomorrow. still debating exactly why game two happened. the warriors say just because
10:57 pm
we weren't very good offensively we will see if they rectify that. >> thank you scott. >> see you later everyone. >> good night.
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my name is jeff richardson the vice president of operations here at c.k. mondavi. to make this fine wine it takes a lot of energy. pg&e is the energy expert. we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california.
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excuse me. i'm so sorry. i never do this with celebrities but are you by any chance the foxy mom on the new horizon realty ad? am i gonna regret doing that? did the marlboro man have any regrets? this ad is perfect. see, i'm not just selling houses i'm selling myself, and the best part about me is my family. and my teeth. and both...are on display in this ad. mm. "i can't be satisfied until you're satisfied"? coming soon to a bus bench near you not to mention our minivan. so that's really happening? wait. what's happening to our minivan? having this bad boy shrink-wrapped on it. classy. yep. now all that driving around your mom does will serve a purpose. alex: good morning, family. how are you all doing on this beautiful day?


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