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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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expect today. mornings on 2 continues. eppphlh q good morning. we are live in novato where you can see some cars badly damaged. others completely destroyed as police investigate a suspicious fire. this is at a car dealership again in novato in marin county. tara moriarty is up there as well. she'll have more on the damage and what neighbors heard over night. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, june 9th i'm pam cook. >> brand new day i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve, can we drive with the windows down today? >> well, why would you? i put on the ac. >> i liked fresh air but yesterday i had the ac on. >> but by the coast it's a big change. a lot of fog there. it will be cool. we'll start off warm to hot but look at that fog bank. it's beginning to increase here. it's a little bit thicker. a little higher than yesterday when it was right down on the deck. it's still making an impact for
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some and that will be cooler. although lynn said all i can think about yesterday is erw. at 8:00 p.m. the line was out the door at the ice cream place. this is from brandon in pacifica he goes wow 53 plus foggy. the fog is back. here come the high, mid level clouds that used to be blanca a hurricane tropical storm now screaming northward. we will started off sunny for awhile. monterey, santa cruz mountains. the big complex looks like it will stay just offshore so we have to focus our attention to the south for later. 50s and 60s on the temps. for some it will be a good 15- degree drop. this cloud cover arrives by noon and then temperatures will be about 5-7 degrees cooler than my forecast high. if they don't show up to 2:00, some of the 90s will make it possible. possible thunderstorms and showers. 50s and 60s and 70s for others.
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all right sal how are things at 6:01? >> they are doing pretty well but there is slow traffic. we can look at bay bridge and see traffic is queued up here at the toll plaza. it is backed up for a 20 minute delay here once we get on to the bridge it looks good. there are no major problems there. as we look at the nimitz freeway it has been okay. there has been not that many major incidents just a couple minor things but things are beginning to wake up a little bit as you drive through. we're also looking at the peninsula right now and highway 101 and 280 are off to a good start heading down to the airport. at 6:02 let's go back to the desk. fire investigators are looking into a suspicious fire at a car dealership in novato. tara moriarty is joining us now. it's at a chevrolet dealership. a lot of cars damaged and you're hearing from neighbors. >> reporter: yes. we know that four cars were damaged. it looks like one of them has been towed away.
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we're in a very secluded area of the parking lot. it's kind of in the corner tucked behind a chinese restaurant. you can see the extensive damage. the metal is all melted and you can see where the fire fanned out. neighbors reportedly hearing explosions and seeing flames around 11:30 last night. when crews arrived they found two cars on fire, we're not sure when investigators might be out of here. we -- live from nava toe. >> as steve? cede we are getting record breaking heat. it caused some problems. people were not happy about the hot temperatures. thousands of homes and businesses lost electricity. there were 8,000 heat related
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outages in the east bay. 12,000 in the south bay. about 300 people are still without power. they hope to have everything back to normal by 8:00 this morning. while many of the problems were heat related, pg&e says a squirrel that got into a substation is blamed for knocking out power. believe it or not. a squirrel. >> 109 that is hot. but anything over 95 is just plain old hot. get ready for summer. here we go gilroy 2015. >> many people headed to the water or grabbed snow cones to off. and starting today temperatures will drop about 20 degrees in some parts of the bay area. steve says the next couple of days looks good. the heat also caused lots of problems for you bart
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commuters last night. you heard that. we were told the delays were as long as 45 minutes. the power system over heated. they had to pull two trains out of service. there were also delays on the daly city line because of an equipment problem. and the high temperatures also led to emergency road repair work cal tran crews spent 6.5 hours fixing the pavement. cal tran says the roads had been degrated . the nba finals resume tonight. it is shifting of course to cleveland. as the warriors try to bounce back from that disappointing loss in game two. steph curry making that nice shot to get it into overtime but they lost. the series tied at one game a peace heading into tonight's
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game three. the warriors agree sunday's loss was due to poor shooting. despite sunday's loss, warriors fans gearing up to cheer on the team tonight. a lot of bay area businesses are showing their pride. fenton's ice cream shop offering a special treat. you need to share this with a few people though. that is my suggestion. this is the golden gate sundae with white sponge cake, two scoops of ice cream, hot caramel, whip cream, and a cherry and warriors sprinklers. >> it will be a dog fight all the way. >> warriors pride also on display at the car dealership. look at this window decked out in warriors colors. coming up at 6:30 we will take you live to cleveland. joe fonzi is there.
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we'll also get a look at the similarities and differences. san jose firefighters will get a pay raise over the new deal with the city. it's a three year contract that includes a 15% pay raise. if it's approved it would be the first pay raise for the firefighters union. happening today sonoma county supervisors are set to talk about a pay hike for minimum wage workers in the county. there are two proposals being concerned. one would raise hourly pay to $15 for about 5500 workers who are affiliated with the county. that would include county contractor and in home care givers. the other would boost pay to $13 an hour. san francisco's board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on whether to recall
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health warnings on sugary drinks. it would also ban ads for sugary beverages on city owned property and it would not allow city money to be used for buying those drinks. if approved, the rules would go into effect next year. supporters say the law would help educate people about the health risk but some say the lawyers would scapegoat an intire stray. a cell phone group is seeing the borkly. it sews an ever ordnance violates free speech. the ordnance requires cell phone refrom berkeley's -- time is 6:08.
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still ahead a steph new wells fargo commercial featuring a same sex couple. up next we'll show it to you and tell you about religious backlash wells fargo is now getting. >> plus an unexpected uber driver. the reason an nfl player is getting behind the wheel. >> good morning. right now we are looking at the east bay commute and you can see highway 4 is getting busy. we also have word of a new problem on the altamont pass. >> fog is on the coast. it will be sunny for most for awhile and cloud cover will come stream screaming. screaming in here from the south. dñañy
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welcome back to mornings on 2. still a heavy police presence in new york. they are searching for two escaped killers who broke out of a prison four days ago. police are checking vehicles at several check points across new york. the governor of new york andrew cuomo went to the prison yesterday to see how the two inmates may have escaped. >> we're looking at the private contractors and some of the civilian employees to see if they were supplying the equipment that these people needed to do it. because they obviously had to have assistance. >> sources say the female employee who is being questioned as a possible
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accomplish snows the inmate very fell. authorities say they have -- now the 73-year-old illinois republican will enter a plea to charges of breaking banking laws and lying to fbi investigators about the hundred. the indictment does not say what he was trying to keep secret but according to the new york times haster was paying a former student hundreds of thousands of dollars to not say publicly that he had sexually abused him decades ago. there is a growing call for a white texas police officer to be fired after he was caught on camera kneeling on a 15-year- old african american girl and then pointing his gun at other
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teenager. they believe officer if if demonstrators soy says the officers action. wells fargo bank facing a religious backlash over one of its new tv commercials. alex savidge is here to explain. >> reporter: controversy brewing here. the son of famed evangelist billy graham is calling for a boycott of wells fargo and promising to stop doing business with the bank all together and it's all because of this tv ad. here's the new spot. it shows two women learning sign language. a lesbian couple going to adopt a daughter. the ad was one of the six
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commercials in a national campaign to showcase the banks diversity of clients. gay right groups in the bay area thinks this spot sends a strong message. >> i think the tide has definitely turned. i think not only here in a place like san francisco but everywhere in the country we see people understanding that lgbt people live everywhere. that we deserve the same dignity and respect. >> reporter: but franklin graham son of billy graham responded to this ad by posting on his facebook page quote, how can we fight. he is calling far boycott. hoping people will stop doing business with companies that in his words promote sin. wells fargo says it's commit toddy versety and inclusion and plans to continue running that ad and others. if you'd like to weigh in on this ad and the issues
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surrounding it and the calls for a boycott, you can do so on our ktvu facebook page. dave, back to you. all right alex savidge in our newsroom. thank you. time is 6:16. you use uber in south florida you might end up with an nfl player as your driver. i'm talking about miami dolphin's reserve defensive tackle aj francis. he won't be getting his paycheck until next month so he is moonlighting as an uber driver. he is an outgoing drive because it suits him because he likes francis says he won't have time to drive for uber once training camp starts. so he is enjoying it now. 6:16 is the time. that is not bad money, sal. >> not bad at all. he is going to be busy so he's making the best of it.
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>> he's not just sitting around. >> getting in trouble. >> right. we have trouble on westbound 580. it's a big rig that was on fire. westbound 580 at grant line. i want to show you traffic will be super busy as you drive through this area. it is backed up all the way out to highway 205 if you're coming into livermore. if this is your commute. please give yourself plenty of time. the fire department son the scene. a couple of lanes are blocked. if you are getting on the freeway in dublin, it could be better because people are stuck behind that incident. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for a 20-25 minute delay. it's pretty heavy getting on to that span. no major problems on the bridge. and if you're driving in san jose northbound 280 in 101, they are just okay getting up to the west valley. 6:17 let's go to steve.
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>> all right sal, thank you sir. a lot of changes brewing today. a couple of sources. one is an increase in fog. some locations have fog that did knot have it yesterday. it was pretty good size fog bank out there. still kind of held in check. high pressure putting a cap on it but its coverage is a lot more and lifting a little bit. but the key will be the tropical clouds coming in. william in vallejo currently 57 degrees. some fog though. yesterday was a hot one. 102 at 4:00 p.m.. this is from lisa. she said yesterday at 3:30 p.m. on my porch oakland hills we were baking. yes. officially downtown was 86. the airport was 88. anything yesterday would not surprise me. look at this. remains of what was blanca and now screaming up from southern california.
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look at this. numerous lightning strikes. if it takes any right turn, we will get thunderstorm activity fast. some of that cloud cover is working its way up the coast. 50s and 60s on the temps. this is from klaus in antioch. currently in antioch some clouds. those are higher clouds on the way. no breeze at all. yesterday 104.2. not on your radio dial. just this temperature. my forecast was for 103. for some we were spot on. for others it was ten degrees above where we should have been. west, southwest at 18. that is double. cooled off a little bit. 70s through the interior. very, very warm. we will cloud it up would not be surprised if we get thundershower activity or some rain in here by the evening
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commute. it will be sunny for awhile. it will be humid today. not as hot. these are all these forecasted highs inland are cloud dependent. if clouds come in staff 2:00 we will hit these. and then probably about 5-6 degrees cooler. 50s and 60s by the coast. 70s for some. a good 15-20 minute degree drop. possible thundershowers into wednesday. and then looks like night and morning fog. cracking down in the south bay on illegal fire works. a new rules that people in santa clara county may get and why officials say it may be hard to enforce. >> coming up next a fast food robbery prevented by a customer. what he did before police arrived.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the man accused of kidnapping a four-year-old girl is due in court today. we are learning more about him. accused of punching a man on a sidewalk in los gatos. at the time there was an arrest warrant out from hayward.
6:24 am
milpitas police say they are working to determine a motive from last weeks alleged kidnapping. >> why was he? town and why did he go into the library. did he go there specifically to abduct a child or did he happen through and it was a crime of opportunity? we don't know the answers. that customer heard the suspect demanding money and tried to detain the man. police arrived right after the customer strugglinged with the suspect and they arrested him as he came out of the store. they say that man was armed with a screwdriver. they is also athe customer was banged up a little bit but otherwise was okay. two home burglary suspects are in jail thanks to a couple
6:25 am
vigilant neighbors. the suspects were spotted at a home on lexington drive yesterday. neighbors knew the homeowner was away so they called police. the suspects tried to get way when the police arrived but they were arrested a short time later. police identifying them as christopher sheer and brandon fields of east palo alto. u.s. hospitals charge patients three times more than the amount medicare is willing to pay. the study in health affairs journal says most states don't limit what hospitals can charge for their services. that makes it easy for hospitals to set what the journal calls excessive rates. some four profit hospitals criticize the study and says it does not take into consideration the billions of dollars in charity care. barbara bush celebrating turning 90 years old. the bush family released this family photo taken yesterday. there she is sitting down front. the family gathered in maine
6:26 am
for a big party featuring the 34th and 41st president. after the family party, barbara bush hosted a charity gala promoting literacy which she has dedicated herself for many years. >> she looks fabulous. >> she really does. >> i got a chance to drive by that area. that is a nice little spot. 6:26 is the time. more trouble for san francisco's county jail. up next the request from sheriff ross mirkarimi that mayor ed lee is refusing. >> also airport workers possibly linked to terrorism. the security holes exposed about the tsa employment screening process. >> good morning. we are look at the morning commute and it's going to be tough in many areas. highway 4 doesn't look too bad but we do have trouble on the altamont pass.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is coming up on 6:30. and we're going to take you to cleveland in a little bit which is really exciting. joe fonzi is there right now. we want to check in with steve. >> is he at the rock and roll hall of fame? >> i think so. >> yeah. >> that is a cool place. >> it is. and we're going to be a cool place too; right today. >> for most. >> did you like that transition. >> cooler. >> i can do a half hour show here but i better get going. some higher clouds are already beginning to inch in here so we will start off sunny to mostly sunny inland and then we will go cloudy. we are dealing with a lot more clouds than yesterday. lows are very warm for some. cool for others. leading edge of that cloud cover and the rain already in palm springs, san diego, l.a., and the leading edge of that
6:30 am
cloud cover just passing through bakersfield on its way toward us. some of the higher clouds associated with a very strong cell off the coast. it will stay off the coast sending in higher clouds for us. there have been 400 to 500 lightning strikes associated with this. but it's staying. 50s and 60s on your temps. and 104 yesterday in antioch. forecast was 103. today will be cooler. why? the delta breeze is there. the higher clouds are coming in. we'll have more of this coming in. but down about 10-15 degrees. >> you know it's weird right now in cleveland it's cloudy and in the 60s. doesn't that sound like what it should be here. right? >> sal, there is no normal in weather anymore. >> i get you. all right thank you, steve. let's take a look at the commute now. the traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on 580. there is a big rig that was fully engulfed in some of the
6:31 am
gasoline or diesel from the struck also caught fire on the road. this is terrible. we are going to see pictures of it coming up. if you are driving that way, you need extra time. let's go to the san mateo bridge and westbound 92 that traffic is moving along pretty well. it's a little crowded but you can see traffic looks good. an investigation is happening right thousand. several cars at a car dealership caught fire. it happened last night. this is about 11:30. firefighters and the police say it is suspicious. you can see from this video
6:32 am
four of the cars were completely destroyed. witnesses say they heard loud explosions before seeing the flames shooting out of those cars. tara moriarty is out there. she's been out there since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. she'll have another report coming up at 7:00. now we want to go the nba finals. game three tonight with the cavaliers and warriors tied up at one a piece. joe fonzi is in cleveland. and it turned out to be quite a journey for you and the rest of the crew. how is it there? >> yes, it did. you are talking about cleveland weather a little while ago. we are a landmark spot in cleveland. if you look behind me you see the basketball arena adjacent to that. it's a little slow waking up here in cleveland around 9:30.
6:33 am
we did have something of an odyssey to get here. we were scheduled to have a two hour lay off in chicago. that turned into a six hour lay over. we did get to see wrigley field. not that wrigley field but the one in the airport. a replica of wrigley field. we also had a regional sports experience. what do you think was happening in chicago while we were there? the chicago black hawks playing in the stanley cup playoffs. the soccer team playing in world cup. we did spend a lot of time near the airport and got in around 3:00 this morning. we've had some sleep but very little sleep. but who is complaining. we're at the nba finals. and it is the warriors against the cleveland cavaliers tied up one game a piece. you've got to figure as both of those games could have gone either way if the warriors got a game from steph curry they
6:34 am
would be ahead two games to nothing. steph played the worst game of his play off career. going 5-23 over all. just 2-15 from three point range with six turnovers. you feel like a normal step and the warriors have a 2-0 lead. >> you have to move on. you have to learn from it. >> i'm not going to let one game alter my confidence. i know as a team we're not going to let one game alter our beliefs that we are going to win the series though. >> reporter: cleveland waking up this morning. we'll see you in about an hour. we talked to some fans about what this series and a potential win for them. we'll be talking about that when we see you an hour from now. joe fonzi back to you in the studio. >> before you go. we were wondering how many fans would make the trip out there.
6:35 am
have you seen very many fans blue and gold wondering around there? >> reporter: we saw some people at the airport. we got a tease. we saw a guy with a warrior sweatshirt on and he said he was going to champagne to take his kids there because he just enrolled at university of illinois. we saw a couple other people we wanted to talk to and they said they were playing hooky from work. so what we have seen so far a couple warriors employees but in terms of warrior fans, zero so far. but we are on the hunt. >> okay. it's a big trip for them to make. all right joe, see you in an hour. all right i met some of our viewers and fans who were playing hook key and they wouldn't talk to me at disney land also. now that the nba finals have moved over to cleveland for two games, we do want to take a closer look at the differences and the similarities between oakland and cleveland.
6:36 am
oakland's population 406,000 in the 2013 census. cleveland not far behind 390,000. cleveland of course located on lake erie one of the five great lake. as far as the arts oakland has the oakland museum of california and the chabot space and science center. and the city's orchestra one of the countries most highly acclaimed symphonies. oakland and cleveland are the two sports cities that have gone the longest without a championship. oakland won its last title 26 years ago when the a's beat the giant in the 1980 series. cleveland has waited 51 years.
6:37 am
very serious security flaws have been discovered within the transportation security administration at america's airports. there is a new audit out showing the tsa did not identify dozens of airport workers who are actually on the terror watch list. ktvu fox 2 paul chambers is joining us live with more on the surprising and also very disturbing report. >> reporter: that is correct. if you're traveling today or any time soon, it's probably news you don't want to hear as a tsa facing new questions about a stability to keep people safe. >> information sharing inside the government is a lot of what led to 9/11 being possible. today we still have lots of those problems. >> reporter: federal agency failed to identify 73 airport workers who may be associated with terrorism. according to a 30 plus page audit release yesterday. the tsa does not have access to all the terror watch list information it needs to make
6:38 am
proper judgments. the agency checks airline and airport applicants and workers against the department of homeland security watch list that reportedly isn't as comprehensive as the governments terrorist data base. the people in question were able to get clearance giving them access to secure areas of airports throughout the united states allowing them to work for major airlines, airport vendors and other employers. the current issue is just the latest problem for the tsa. last week a report showed under cover agents had 95% success rate at sneaking fake bombs and other weapons past airport security check points. >> thank god they weren't terrorists. that they were our own code red team going through but this is alarming. >> reporter: the tsa says they will address the employee screening issues by the end of the year. they are also working with homeland security to make sure they have access to the proper watch list and also today the tsa is going before the senate
6:39 am
committee to talk about this and explain exactly what happened. we plan to talk to people out here and see how they feel and we will monitor that hearing. dave. >> thank you, paul. we'll talk to you later. today authorities in the south bay are looking to increase penalties on people who set off fire works illegally. janine de la vega is in san jose and you've been talking with people about tougher new ordnance that could be approved today just in time before the fourth of july holiday. >> reporter: yeah pam and some people from the south bay will actually go and buy illegal fire works where they are legal and you can buy them. they'll bring them back here where they are illegal and set them off and that can be really tough to enforce when people bring them from outside the area and that is why the president of the board of supervisors is proposing new rules that would act as a deterrent. the board is set to vote this morning on whether to adopt an ordnance that penalizes people who store or discharge illegal fire works in the
6:40 am
unincorporated parts of santa clara county. under the new rules property owners who are unaware or not present when fire works are being discharged would be sent a warning letter. responsible owners could be fined $350 for the first one $700 for the second one and $1,000 for the third. >> you always are afraid of fire works hitting your roof or injuries or stuff like that. i'm not really opposed to -- we used to have little sparklers and stuff like that. but when people have a whole area and shooting stuff off, we are always concerned. >> reporter: recently the u.s. fire administration determined children under 15 years old suffered 45% of all injuries from fire works and last year in the county there were at least four people who were hurt from fire works.
6:41 am
the county has already contributed $70,000 to the rotary club which is sponsoring a big display for fourth of july and they are encouraging people to enjoy them safely from a distance and that is taking place in san jose. there are various others throughout the county including santa clara. so the vote will take place this morning. pam. >> all right it's important with the drought as well. there is a lot of dry land so going after those folks is important. thank you janine. time now is 6:41. mayor ed lee has decided not to approve funding for body cameras for deputies at san francisco's troubled main jail. the mayor's decision comes less than four months after an investigation revealed the jail guards pitted inmates against one other in fights. sheriff ross mirkarimi says not funding cameras for deputies averts the departments efforts in improving safety, accountability, and transparency. ross mirkarimi asked for $242,000 to help pay for the
6:42 am
body cameras. time is 6:41. sonoma county family still mourning the death of a teenage girl killed in a crash during a street race. >> what happened stopped all of those dreams. >> up next we'll tell you the big dreams her family says she will never get to see. >> and coming up in 20 minutes problem for commuters all because of the scorch temperatures. the reason yesterday's heat is being blamed for delays on bart and freeways across the bay area.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:44. a clover dale family continues to grieve over the death of a teenage girl killed over the weekend during a street race in sonoma county. we are now hearing from her mother. she went to watch friends street race on friday on a country road outside of clover dale. she was hit when one of the cars hit a cement barrier and she was thrown 150 feet off a bridge and landed on the bank of the russian river. her mother talked to us about the loss of her 16-year-old daughter. >> she wanted to be a criminal investigator. and what happened stopped all of those dreams that she had. >> yesterday the chp interviewed one of the drivers involved in the crash. the other driver is 16 years
6:46 am
old. it's unclear if he actually has a driver's license but both could face charges. our time is 6:45. happening today san francisco supervisors due to vote on competing proposals that deal with short term housing rentals. housing advocates protested yesterday in front of air b & b in san francisco. their message was that short term rentals take valuable housing off the market for long- term tenants. but not everyone agrees with an organization of people who rent out their homes who say the money they collect is life changing source of income for them. >> a vast majority of our members tell me if it wasn't for home sharing, they would be forced to leave san francisco. >> 23% of our vacant rental units are off the market being rented to tourists rather than the tenants who so need them in this housing crisis right now. >> housing advocates say if they don't like what the board of supervisors decided today, they plan to put a measure on the november ballot so people
6:47 am
who live in the city can make the final decision. right now it's 6:46. time to check in with tori campbell to see what is coming up in our next hour. >> reporter: coming up in our next hour cracking down on potential water wasters. we'll tell you how one northern california water agency is encouraging people to use technology to snitch on their neighbors. and warnings about wild fires. which parts of the country other than drought stricken california face a big risk this summer according to a new report. and what the federal government is doing to help improve efforts to fight wild fires. those are the stories we're working on for the next hour of mornings on 2. now back to you in the studio. >> thank you. as we go to sal. i've got to tell you something about a lady in berkeley. totally different. she's a wonderful lady named sherry king. she puts together tennis tournaments for low income minority kids who never be exposed to tennis. like steve.
6:48 am
she loves tennis. but she's in berkeley. he's been creating these tournaments. she's got another one coming pup i've got to mention her name and see what shh cheeking doing in berkeley. it's a wonderful program. >> all right. thanks for mentioning her. i hope she is watching. does she watch? hello sherry king. good morning everyone. that sounds like a noble cause. let's take a look at what we have with this morning's commute. it will be busy on 580. we had a truck on fire and it blocked one of the right lanes. the fire is out but the traffic is still slow past the scene. one thing i've noticed is traffic has gotten behind the scene. i bet you a lot of these people are well late. they are going to be late getting into dublin on 580. so please give yourself extra time if this is your commute. 680 is just moderate through pleasanton in the area. let's go to live pictures. i want to show you westbound 24
6:49 am
beginning to slow down until walnut creek and parts of lafayette. not a big slow down but definitely more people are on the road. if you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up to the mccarthur maze. 12 minutes before 7:00. 6:48. hello steve. >> there is very heavy fog at the hill top. >> oh top of the hill. i will post that picture next. it's starting to lift a little bit. it was 500 feet to 1,000 feet yesterday. now it's around 1,000 to 1500 feet and the cloud cover from hurricane blanca coming up baja and went to cabo san lucas. look at the moisture streaming up. rain in southern california and there has been a monster cell
6:50 am
right off the coast. 500 lightning strikes. but look where it is going. parallel to the coast or out to sea it is very close. i don't think it will make it. this won't. some of the cloud cover beginning to work its way in. 60s for some. 50s for others. temperature there is is a little bit of a sea breeze up here. it was 102 in middletown. nothing unusual for lake county but in june i know there are high clouds over head. fairfield southwest at 1. that is double than what it was yesterday. we even had thunderstorms erupting up in the northern part of the sit. in crescent city. and nice picture from czar sheen. she said nice weather and much needed rain in crescent city. that is not bad considering all
6:51 am
the heat we had here. speaking of heat, it's starting to work its way up in the middle of the country but it's not in cleveland right now. however they are on the backside of any rain. it looks like clear willing take place but it looks like drier weather is on the way. by chance if you're heading in that direction maybe early today and look at the cloud cover and rain. that cell will miss us but it looks like some of this will move into the picture later today. we will get sunny to mostly sunny in the morning unless you are dealing with fog and the clouds come rolling in here. it won't be as hot but it will be humid and muggy. temperatures thunderstorms and possible showers later today. all of these temperatures inland are cloud cover dependent. if the cloud cover gets in here before noon it's 86 and 87. we will cloud it up. i would not be surprised to get thundershower activity. and it looks like fog thursday and a little warmup friday and back to cooler pattern as we head toward the latter part of the weekend and next week. >> wow. okay. so no warmth in sight.
6:52 am
>> thank you. 6:51 is the time. more fallout over the texas police officers use of force at a pool party. coming up in 20 minutes the latest on a tense situation that has set off another debate over race and police tactic. >> also apple makes some big announcements. what we found out about the companies new music streaming system as well as the new upgrades that should extend the battery life of your iphones and ipads.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the family of a man that was shot by oakland police over the weekend says the killing was completely unnecessary. police say they found demouria hogg unresponsive in a car that was parked ons lake shore exit ramp saturday morning and they say a loaded gun was next to him in that car. police say they spent more than an hour trying to wake him up before they smashed a passenger window. they say that led to a confrontation and then the shooting. but hogg's family is devastated. >> he tried to do everything that he could for us and try the to provide for us when he could. >> and they did not have to do that. because he was asleep in the
6:56 am
car. >> oakland police say they have not said what happened during the confrontation and whether hogg reached for the gun. family members plan to hold a vigil on friday evening. the apple worldwide developers conference continues at moscone center in san francisco today. no big announcements are anticipated today but many concert goers are still buzzing. as announced yesterday it does include a 24 hour live radio station along with its online streaming service and a way to connect with musicians through a social media network. tech experts say streaming music is now more popular than buying and down loading songs. >> the down load market is starting to tank a little bit. so they want to try to bolster that with the streaming service so they need to compete with the likes of spotify. >> apple unvailed a upgraded operating system and said new software will extend battery life as much as three hours. how about soccer? the u.s. opened the women's
6:57 am
world cup with a victory over australia. megan scored two goals in the 3- 1 victory. the u.s. is shooting for its third world cup title. the first since 1999. their next opponent sweden on friday. ktvu is hosting a viewing party right at san francisco's civic center plaza. the game will start at 5:00 p.m.. ktvu is airing several of the world cup matches and our coverage today will begin at 9:00 a.m. right after mornings on 2. you're going to see france playing england and columbia playing mexico. we have a complete women's world cup section for you right at coming up next in our next hour of mornings on 2 with the sun up investigators are hoping to get a better look at the scene of that suspicious fire at a car dealership. up next we'll have a live report on the cars that were damaged and what firefighters found when they arrived. >> plus a new wells fargo commercial has sparked
6:58 am
controversy. up next we'll tell you what the debate is about and also about a call to boycott wells fargo. settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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what was damaged. ♪ >> the backlash wells fargo is facing over a new ad featuring a same-sex couple. plus -- the warriors getting ready to play the cavs in cleveland tonight. their first away game in the nba finals. we'll tell you how bay area fans and businesses are showing team spirit. 7:00. we'll a live in novato -- we're live in novato where fire investigators are getting a better look at the scene of a suspicious fire. tara


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