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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 9, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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a restaurant is terrorized by a hooded robber. >> he's armed, he's dangerous. >> the surprise guest who was also armed and much more dangerous. my name is daniel and this is my plan. >> he's traveling the country accepting challenges as part of the internet adventure club. see how you can decide what they do and what happens when they swing by rtm. >> third mission isn't just to visit us. we do have a mission for you guys. we do. >> a guy tours his home for the first time since it burned. >> holy [ bleep ] >> why was just as shocked what
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survived in this closet. >> oh! ? >> he was sold off as a young horse taken from his teammates. get ready for one of the sweetest reunions you'll ever see. >> i want to write a children's book about this. i got a couple of viral videos coming to us from brazil. first this is from inside an ice cream shot where things quickly heat up. this guy in a red hoodie wants to rob the place. he's armed and dangerous the. the plot thickens. there was somebody else outside that noticed and he was bit suspicious. he didn't like how he was moving. the other motor bike was standing outside. this guy decided to act. we see these videos from brazil. the police always right there. see the guy turn around. watch it again. guy turns around and is armed.
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the police officer shoots him right there in the shoulder. drops the gun on the floor and this guy doesn't mess around. he saw what was going on and he decided to act and stopped this guy before anybody got hurt. >> instant justice. >> the other video more like hearted. in brazil what they are doing getting buses to stop like they are getting on. they go up and quickly tie their shoe and basically trolling bus drivers. one particular video has gone really viral in the hundreds of thousands of views because one bus driver is sick and tired. he knows what's coming. he keeps the kid trapped in the door. i've had enough. this is going wild in brazil and everyone is like finally somebody is doing it. karma comes back to bite. >> catch a kid by the toe.
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>> if you are a fan of horses in any way shape or form. this will play your little heart strings like a violin. >> we sold him 4 1/2 years ago. i bought him back. we're just about to go the field and meet harry who was his playmate. >> when arthur was just a foal he used to play with william and harry, not the princes, other horse and little arthur will meet them again. he's not sure what's going to happen. >> but what will happen is magical. watch this. here comes arthur. he's in the red burgundy jacket. william and harry see him arrive. oh my god it's so great. >> i know you, i you know. >> they are hug, playing.
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showcasing horses do experience emotions. they do have memories. they are intelligent animals. they do establish bonds with each other. >> i want to write a children's book about this. >> yes. >> let me tell you this video was posted online a few years ago. here's a nice update. they went to a place called south dartmore in england and they have this place called adventure with horses. the experience with horses they believe can help inspire others. a whole great place people can go to have interactions with arthur william and harry. it proves everything on this planet needs love. >> this is the first video message i've ever made. this is probably the hardest one i'll ever make. >> this is ron jr. he claims he was beaten up.
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his story gets even more disappointing. he said his dad bought a house down the street on which he currently lives in cincinnati ohio shows in the past six months to turn this house into a community center after broken into numerous times. it need ad lot of work and whatnot. so i've been over there putting in hours and hours and today i came across the people that's been breaking in there. this is what they did to me. >> this is horrible. >> it's a shame. what he's trying to do sim prove his community. trying to give back. >> i kept asking them why. i kept asking them why. why? they couldn't say. they don't know. i didn't know for years. i didn't know why. >> at this point, we contacted the police. they didn't get back to us. we contacted him. a lot of people saw this online. he created a go fund me page and on it he called it the 1853
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kenny avenue community center. when he posted this he was looking for $5,000. in just a few days he already had nearly $50,000. >> the one good thing that comes from this is seeing the kind of support that he's getting, that you see that the good outweighs the bad. >> his final words spell out the heart of this guy. >> i still love love all of my people. i love everyone. >> this is going to be the first walk through of seeing what happened to my house that burned down. >> fire is always devastating. this kid is entering his house for the first time after it's gone down. >> oh. >> he made a video of it. the shock that you hear -- >> tough. >> at first you just see some smoke on the walls. some water damage as he starts walking through the kitchen.
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>> isn't this strange even at the very beginning you see remnants of the life they were leading. >> frozen in time. a bass stand from holding a guitar. listen to his shock here. >> oh [ bleep ] >> this looks like the living room ground zero of the fire where it broke out. the tv, the couches. >> i feel so bad for this guy. >> finally, maybe a bit of nervous excitement when he finally sees this. >> we have shoes! >> shoes in the closet. it survived behind the door. he's so thrilled to see that. >> the closet survived. >> virginia beach firefighters came across what seemed like a simple car fire but then crashed into a fast food restaurant however that caught fire and it's not just the vehicle that they are concerned about, the van smashed into a gas meter.
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there is gas leaking there causing more fire. the restaurant suffered major damage and it took the gas company quite a few hours to get the gas leak under control. >> a you tub personality has a new identity. >> say awkward with this lecture. >> oh, god. >> and it's an act of bravery. >> she gets in his face and pushes him away. >> see how she takes matter in her ownhands. >> against a guy that she doesn't know if he has a weapon. itit's's a a n newew f fibiberer s supupplplemement that helps support regularity anand d ininclclududeses b b v vititamaminins s to help convert food to energy. mmmmmmmmm,m, t thehesese a arere g gooood!d! ninicece w worork,k, p phihillllipips!s! ththe e tataststy y sisidede o of f fifibeber,r, frfromom p phihillllipips's'.. wewe s snanap p itit.. wewe s statackck i it.t. wewe s smomoososh h itit..
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it's the time of year where a lot of people are making their summer vacation plans. >> this is my plan. a few days i'lamerica. >> daniel has a plan and it's pretty awesome. >> i'm leaving san diego but i don't know where i'm going yet
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because the internet will decide me. >> his plan is not to have a plan at all. >> calling the project internet adventure club. >> you have to give him a mission. it can be anything you want. >> anything can go to internet if it's fun fill out this form. >> what did do you. >> wouldn't it be cool to meet this guy. look at the map already. there are dots all over the place. oddly enough there's a dot here in phoenix. you're right. >> over 200 missions on tv in the first few days. were you expecting this kind of response? >> not this quickly. we thought it would take a month to get to this point. >> when i left san diego there were 20 missions and by the time i got to las vegas there were 200. that's not including the 200
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pending. >> it happened that quickly. what are you doing so far. what are some of the missions you have been challenged with? >> here we are essentially para gliding, off roading, help building a fire pit and weeding a lawn. >> how did you get involved in this? >> hi i work on independent features short music videos. >> he chose me out of five other people that responded to him. >> this is a pretty gutsy move to say i'll use every dime to do this. was this a bucket list idea. >> yes. >> third mission isn't just to visit us. we do have a mission four guys. we'll give you a dozen t-shirts and ask you to pass these t-shirts out and take some video and send them back to us so we can do an update. >> i want to do this. >> it's not every person who
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would stop by a shop they are walking by and go see what's going on inside when they hear voices raised. that's exactly what jay did. she's broken up something going on between that woman who works in the store and that man. that man an alleged thief. she gets in his face and pushes him away. she gets thrown to the store. the woman working in the store doesn't know what to do. she's done he's over her. she doesn't give up the fight. she pushes him down. guy leaves the store. here we see it from another angle. she required hospital treatment. she had a torn ear and injured her finger but got a police commendation. >> brave of her. >> very dangerous decision to make. she's up against a guy she doesn't know if he has a weapon but yet she was willing to do
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this because she felt it was the right thing to do. >> absolutely. we jump to decided any, australia a different kind of attack inside a convenience store. this man and his wife have been working all day and this guy comes wielding an axe and starts hammering at him. the store owner's wife ran out. the man was in the store. the guy jumps on the counter and gets money from the cash register. >> the damage that these people cause is always more than a few bucks they get. >> this man only got $30. but neither the owner wife were hurt. >> time for another edition of real take starting with this dude who marches to the beat of his own sax. and this guy takes a chain saw to the ice in order to gain momentum. >> you know what i'm going to say no. >> watch and decide.
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>> that guy is a legend. >> i say real. >> i say real too. >> if there's a guy playing the saxophone just off of the camera. ♪ >> i was hoping -- >> he's better than you too. >> doesn't quite sound like that. i'm going real. >> three reals one fake. >> after viewing on youtube your impression i think with more practice. i'm going real. i think he pulled it off. >> all right. >> practicing this all weekend. >> he was better the first time. >> sounded like a whale that time. >> next video. [ laughter ] >> i'm so happy. >> yes. real. >> it is real. it's really funny. and really dangerous because you follow those skates and face plant on a chain saw. that is death.
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>> cutting through the ice. >> yeah. >> i wouldn't think that given that much speed and momentum i would say it's not possible. but now seeing it i got to say real. >> no. you know what? i'll say no. you see the ice turning up. >> i say fake. >> if you believe it's real i need to see him start in frame. >> three reals one fake. >> definitely real. you see guys with lawn mowers leaf blowers. you can tell it's going into the ice. the one you should try is this next one. >> somebody told me you can use a $bill, masking tape and put it in let it show a dollar got a dollar pulled the dollar back out. still got a dollar. there you go. it works. >> oh, that's stealing. >> i think it's real.
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>> i think that's real too but it's stealing. you can't steal goldfish or twix bars or potato chip. >> don't try this at home but maybe it's real. >> i think it's real but i don't think alma shins work this way. in this case it's real. >> i say it's real. pretty soon they will all require a credit card. we're showing this video and we're ruining it for some people. >> for real. >> disappointing. this is definitely a fake. it doesn't have a dollar in it until after the dollar was in there. there was already a dollar in the machine. it's a dead give way. there's a machine full of snacks and the guy goes for goldfish. designee picked the one thing with no flavor. >> very important how to say i love you. so venus will show us how to say i love you. >> in japanese language
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verbalizing your feelings takes more than words it can be like -- ♪ >> i love you. >> here's how to do it correctly. you can use it both when you say you like something or someone. for example -- [ speaking japanese ] >> i like fries. but when you refer to a person it means i want to touch your face and stare into your eyes kind of i like you. >> up need to learn how to do that. >> oh, god. >> in case you like something very much you just say -- [ speaking japanese ]
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the stuff we used to wear. >> fashion comes back. it's cyclical. >> you and me share a rational fear of robots. how about a robat trained by a samurai. >> yes. >> that's a robot? >> no. he's a master. they brought their industrial robot image 24 and what it's doing is programming that robot
3:57 pm
with him. they are reading his movement in 3-d. what they then do program this robot to follow his moments. we're now making samurai robot, the first time we see them working together they copy each other's moments. what they got to do is put them through the test. it's robot versus human. what they will do show the really specific cut. you have to know the master. first up diagonal cut. when they cut through it basically they say it's the closest thing to cutting an arm or leg. look at that shot in slow motion. he slices straight through. now the razor cut. they are using a flower. look how it cuts through it. incredible. the robot does exactly the same thing. the incredible one is the
3:58 pm
horizontal cut. so cool. he's got orange right there. >> wow. >> that's crazy. it gets even more impressive. >> no. >> that's incredible way of doing it. final showdown at the end as they try to do the thousand cuts and start going and chopping. this is really kind of a demonstration by the creator of this broth of the precision it's capable of. it's an awesome video. the sweet is pouring off his face and of course it's japan not going to be done until -- >> that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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provided by u.s. captioning company. >> welcome to tmz live. harvey levin here. chris brown is delusional. he has an excuse -- i mean this is ridiculous. he has an excuse now why he commandeered an suv. >> that night when they were leaving play house last week. carucci had a table inside the club. chris got one next to him. she got mad and stormed out of


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