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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 9, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck inew... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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a second defeat in a row after the cavaliers take game three against the warriors. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. they came that close but unfortunately it wasn't enough. amber lee and jana katsuyama are here at home with warrior fans. >> first we want to go to scott reiss on how the warriors fought back after an early deficit. >> stop digging those holes and i think they would be fine. tonight more heart pounding drama and another absurd showing from one lebron james. game three in cleveland and lebron going to work early on. you have to stop ball especially when number 23 has it. the jam puts the ball up by seven. final seconds of the first half where's the shooter? there's the shooter. jones by three.
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led by as many as 20 in the third quarter. but the dubs come alive in the fourth. they open on a 15-3 run. reverse me, curry that's pretty. it's a three point game. those fourth quarter come backs. lebron starts the break and he finishes the break. 40 points, 12 rebounds, eight assists, cavs up by five. one more run for the dubs. finds the money money. curry had 24 of his 37 after halftime. the warriors just couldn't get over the hump down the stretch. that steal by james off the inbound pass seals the deal. the cavs win and they do indeed take that 2-1 series lead. and mark ibanez is in cleveland at the q for more. if the dubs could figure out
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how to play the first third quarters like they did the first two quarters they would be fine. >> just absolutely amazing the way this team continues to get off to the slow starts. but we can definitely tell you it's not uncharted territory. on the road where they had to win game four in memphis and they were able to turn that series around. but one of the things i like to do when i'm out of town i like to read the out of town newspapers hear what their writers are saying about the warriors and listen to talk show radio. i mean it is a war of attrition. you get what you get when you reach this part of the season. but it's amazing that the player that is replacing irving has actually taken this series over. we're talking of course about
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matthew dellavetova by way of australia. he took this thing over in the third quarter in particular where the cavs built up their 17 point lead then when the warriors made their run and got to within four point, dellavedova hit a key three point play. made a miraculous shot. get the free throw and helped them stem the tie. david blatt says this guy fits in spectacularly here in cleveland, ohio. >> they seem to like him don't they. delli is the most cleveland like australian i've ever met in my life. i just think he plays as hard as you can every day. he plays right. he's not afraid, he plays courageously. >> one thing about deli every day he's going to come out and play hard every possession. it starts with the defense.
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he picking up 94 feet. he really tries to make whoever he's garden unconfidentable. those are the little things that changes a game. changes a series. how many times have you seen it happen in baseball, football, it's one of the lesser known players that really steps up when the pressure is on. and that there -- and that goes to show that there's a lot of fans that thought since irving is out, they would be short in play. in the meantime, from the q in cleveland with the warriors down 2-1. i'm mark ibanez back to you. >> thanks so much. the plot thickens. if it's anybody but the
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warriors playing the cavs, we would all be doing segments on dellavedova. >> he's like a human ball out there. boy he's going to be sore tomorrow. >> oh yeah. for warrior fans tonight's game was a stunner. and it was right up to the final buzzer. jana katsuyama with the latest from walnut creek where fans came out to watch. >> reporter: this place was packed with warrior fans and cavs fans. and the tears kept coming. in some ways this was really a test of the fan's endurance. fans tonight had another gut wrenching ride. >> they have a lot more in them and they just haven't tried as much as they should. >> it's like the other ones,
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great game. and warriors are tough. >> reporter: warrior fans got bar side seats for game three. loyal fan love tested again today. st.mary's college community came together, hearts torn between the golden states and cheering for the cavaliers dellavedova's st. mary's allumn. >> i've known deli for 15 years, and people are here because they either really respect or love deli. it's not just his athletic skills. >> it's like having family member in that game. watching him you're just rooting so hard for him. you want it to go well but you have no control. so it's definitely tough to watch. >> reporter: yet another tough match up that left fans with their stomach in their hearts. >> i hope it doesn't go to game seven because i am going to
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have an ulcer. >> reporter: so many fans have said this has been a really stressful series but they're ready for a warrior come back on game four. >> jana, thank you. now to ktvu's amber lee she's live in hercules who watched the game with a man who built what he calls a fan cave. >> reporter: we're at that fan's home. on the outside it looks just like his other neighbors. but inside, there's nothing like watching the game at home. >> welcome to the fan cave. >> reporter: devotion on full display inside the mangolinen home. game three was filled with ups and downs. a defeat but home doesn't die. >> win or lose we're always sticking by this team. >> reporter: disappointment but there's game four on thursday. >> it's taken them this long to get here and to be a fan this season to see all the things they've done, you have to feel
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like there's some, something still coming. >> after so many years of losing, this is a big treat for us. >> reporter: the host of this party has been a warriors fan since 1989 with a collection of memorabilia to match. >> it's been a work in progress. a will the of stuff you see behind me actually at one point hung in my own bedroom growing up as a kid. >> reporter: a recent edition, an 80-inch tv screen bought just in time for the play offs. >> we were following the team when they were bad so that now that they've actually achieved some success these last couple of years it's been that much sweeter. >> reporter: a wall of posters ill -- illustrating the warriors top players of the past and the present. >> i know a lot of their history, you have the 75 championship game here represented and it's photographed as well. >> reporter: support for the fan cave has it limits. >> there's no more room. if he has to add something, he has to take something done. unless we do the ceiling.
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>> reporter: the mangolinden's say the sky is the limit for this team. >> if cleveland wins it'll be a major win and we will be very disappointed. >> reporter: they plan to open up their fan cave again on thursday for game four. >> they'll have to build up a whole new expansion to that house to put more stuff in there. amber thanks very much. fun to look at. and yellow and blue led lights are now shining around lake merit. the lights are part of a partnership between the city and pg & e for the warriors championship run. game four is scheduled for thursday at 6:00 p.m. in cleveland. the teams will then head back to oakland for game five sunday evening it begins at 5:00 p.m. if necessary, game six would be back in cleveland on tuesday at 6:00. and if it goes all the way to a game seven, that would be back in oakland friday june 19th at 6:00 p.m. and we've got other big news tonight from the sports world.
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this one involving the san francisco giants. rookie pitcher chris hesten threw a no hitter tonight against the new york mets. there you go this was hesten's 13th major league start. can you believe that. giant pitchers have now thrown four no hitters in the last four years. matt cain had a perfect game in 2012. tim lincecum had two no hitters. and now heston. unsafe and unhealthy. what happened when authorities looked into a company supported by taxpayers. and tracking showers over the next 24 hours. i'll have the specifics, i'll see you back here. >> and san francisco decides today to do something that no other city is doing to try to
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curve consumption of sugary drinks and the move it has the soda industry fuming. sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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san francisco made history today in the fight against sugar consumption. the board of servisors passed a first in the nation law that requires warning labels on soda ads. heather holmes is live now in the city with the expected legal fight over the move, heather. >> julie the trade association is already blasting today's
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actions that not only requires those health labels but also bans soda ads all together on public property such as bus stops. it's a sugar show down in san francisco. as the sugar content is listed on soda and other beverages, san francisco lawmakers are going a step further. >> there's a scientific incentive now. >> reporter: with a warning about the consumption of these sugary drinks. the labels will not be enblazened but on advertisements found at stores, restaurants and gas stations. they will be similar to what appears on cigarette ads. >> we really need to do what we did with cigarettes and try to take a bunch of different approaches to reduce consumption. >> reporter: the label is part of a package of laws aimed at curtailing thirst of high
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calorie drinks. >> these measures do nothing to improve public health. all they'll do is hurt businesses. >> reporter: the soda industry is vowing to fight back. >> there's too much sugar in a lot of products but i don't see them going out and try to regulate donuts or you know lattes. >> >> reporter: there are some exceptions, vintage signs like the big coca-cola sign you see on the way to the bay bridge will not have to carry the label. something that san francisco really wants to continue to push for. they are victories that come after the soda tax failed here in november but it is clear that the supervisors believe this is an issue they want to continue to fight for. >> when can we expect to see some of these ads rolled out? >> reporter: the ads that currently exist will have to have that warning label added to them. now it still has to be approved by a mayor that comes in a few
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days then those billboards will either have to be removed or have to be adjusted with that warning label. >> heather holmes live in san francisco tonight. heather, thank you. tomorrow the berkeley city council is expected to approve a plan that would take a portion of the money that the city gets from its soda tax and give it to school garden programs. students at the berkeley arts magnet elementary school at virginia are learning to eat healthy thanks to their outdoor gardens. it's what they invisioned when they launched the plan. >> the importance of good nutrition, so the more frequently is better habits we're able to build. >> reporter: measure d packs on a 1 cent sales tax on sugary drinks. the city is estimates that the extra tax will raise $1.2 million per year. a special panel is recommended that $250,000 of that money go to the school garden program. a state senator from the
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bay area is proposing a steep tax for water wasters. bill wikoswki authored the measure. it will site businesses $100. since it is a tax initiative it would need 2/3 majority to pass. the santa clara board of supervisors approved an ordinance today that will fine property owners who use or allow illegal fireworks on their land. the ordinance passed 4-1 and is expected to finalize in time for the fourth of july holiday. supervisors say it's one more tool to help reduce the threat of fires. fines start at $350 and increase with each violation. fireworks are illegal in santa clara county. tempers flaired tonight in antioch.
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ktvu's ken pritchett is in antioch tonight where the victim's daughter took her angry message straight to the city council tonight, ken. >> reporter: obviously citizens cannot take it upon themselves to install speed bumps on city streets. but the family and friends of this victim are upset over how this was handled and they want action. the memorial is still here almost one month after 47-year- old timothy hudson was struck by a hit-and-run driver outside of his home on the 1100 block of 11th street. at the city council meeting tonight it is clear a month later the anger remains as well. >> he was on the street telling me he loved me and his dad. the last time i saw him, my husband brought his body to me in this bag. >> reporter: after his son was killed an unnamed group installed speed bumps in front of her home. >> four guys pulled up with a chalk mark, measured the street. layed them down, drilled the
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holes, let me drill one. >> reporter: but the improvised speed bumps did not last long. city workers with a police escort removed them and blacked out the word slow painted in 4 feet wide letters. neighbor kip stephens says the timing was wrong. >> they could have waited until the family was there. >> reporter: and that's where much of the anger comes from. the family was at the funeral when the city moved in. >> maybe had we have had speed bumps, stop signs or something, something would have been done. >> reporter: today the city has installed a traffic monitoring device. th manager says that indicates the issue of safety on 11th street now being studied. stephen says he talked about safety with his friend timothy hudson. >> it's odd, the day before we were just sitting in my front yard having coffee talking about how bad the neighborhood
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is going to get. somebody is going to get killed. >> reporter: because of the traffic. >> because of the traffic, correct. unfortunately it was one of our brothers. >> reporter: many of the people who were here at this city council meeting left in anger but they said they promised to come back until the city acts on the speed bump question. >> so ken, is it possible they have installed that monitoring device, is it possible depending on the number has the city could come back at some point and install speed bumps? >> reporter: i would say that's a possibilities. but at this point we don't know where this road takes us at this point. but they have installed that monitor there. in fact, that went up just today. so that certainly indicating they're looking into -- certainly indicates they're looking into this question. >> ken pritchett live for us tonight. thank you. we're tracking a few showers out there not in san francisco per se. as we go into the evening hours some of those showers into the evening hours want to work themselves our way. it's all coming from a dying tropical depression that has
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sent all this subtropical moisture farther north than you might anticipate for this time of year. we're seeing showers and even thundershowers showing up. around the bay area proper i have light showers showing up north of san francisco up toward santa rosa. stuff showing up in the napa valley as well. some of these yellows are being reported as thunder and lightning. they come a little further up near ukiah. they're watching these very closely these lightning strikes. we had a couple more lightning strikes here. why? because it's been so dry. they could pose a real problem for firefighters if something gets going. by commute time you're going to get into more scattered showers through fremont, mostly cloudy. at noontime you have things out toward the eastern livermore valley. and you start to see it clear through this area: for the next 12 hours or so we're going
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to continue with this sort of unsettled pattern that could easily deliver a shower or thundershower as we go into the next few hours or so. education -- especially up in the north bay. daytime highs tomorrow, a lot like today. mostly cloudy all day and then clearing. as we get into the next five days things start to warm up again. might get a little bit of heat around here. we will have more specifics coming up in just a few. >> thank you, bill. the video is alarming. a suspect subdued by police with repeated hits from a baton. how police explain the use of force in context. up first, new video released tonight of an arsonist in the act. the search for the person who deliberately set cars on fire at a dealership.
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we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too. stuff. yes! lovin' the new design! konichiwa hirosan. five minutes... all this speed is very empowering. check out the new hardware. with the fastest internet available, xfinity is perfect for people who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster. we've just inc new at 10:00 tonight, police have released this video
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of a arsonist setting four cars on fire. the man is wearing a backpack and carrying a small flashlight. at one point the arsonist walks fairly close to the surveillance you can see his face there. the video was taken by firefighters. this video was as they arrived on the scene. it shows just what they had to deal with shortly after 11:30 last night. flames can be seen coming from four new chevy volts. the big question is, why would someone want to do this? >> it could point to maybe someone who's done this before. it could be a disgruntled customer, a disgruntled employees. we're not ruling anything out. one thing we do know is it is suspicious. >> police say they're working hard to catch the person responsibility because they're concerned he might strike again. the video looks in his words horrific and inflammatory says the police chief. the video is posted on you tube and shows police officers
10:26 pm
beating a man. chief kelly mcmillan says viewers need to know what happened before the cameras started rolling. he says 28-year-old jose velasco had been jumping on cars and attacked his mother. then the chief says velasco resisted arrest and attacked the officer. at first velasco was subdued but then attacked first responders in an ambulance. vandals cut a fiber line this morning. the outage affected both cell phones and land lines. at&t says most of the service has now been restored. new at 10:00 after five hours of emotional testimony in sacramento.
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state lawmakers advance a bill that would require vaccinations for school children. in a 12-6 vote the assembly committee approved the legislation. it now goes to the full assembly for final removal. the law would remove the exemption clause that allows them to send their children to school unvaccinated. opponents say parents should have the right to prove. >> i'm hoping that between now and when we go for a vote, we can get over our -- >> they're already looking into their options to fight the bill if it wins final approval. >> go, go. go. >> reporter: the south bay youth baseball game that went off without a hitch tonight against all odds. >> we're just tired of this situation and something needs to be done about it. >> health and safety problems
10:28 pm
unfixed for months. we press a developer for answers after hearing from frustrated tenants.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
tonight two investigates gets answers from an provider who's under fire for what tenants call unsafe and unhealthy conditions. >> it was hotel or homeless. >> we are people, we are humans, this is inhumane. >> ktvu's eric rasmussen heard from two women who say their landlord is falling short of their mission. >> reporter: one woman contacted us after she said she had to go without no heat for
10:31 pm
seven months. and another woman says the same landlord put her son in an unsafe condition. >> initially they told me two weeks, you'll be back in. >> reporter: quadriplegic with cerebral palsy says that being in a hotel for two weeks is what put him in the hospital. >> he was hospitalized i think 12 times. if it was just me i can live out of a hotel for six months. but him, he is already super fragile and easily compromised and they knew that. >> reporter: now zabo is suing her landlord satellite affordable housing associates or saha in part for failing to provide a safe place for her son during repairs and asking them to move back to their old unit despite potential threats
10:32 pm
to caleel's health. >> it's black mold inside of the walls. >> reporter: across the street, sherlonda told us she had been living in a dangerous situation for six months. a black mold started filling her apartment with soot in november. >> soot burning in the walls coming out of all the light sockets. >> reporter: wall temperatures were 100 degrees or higher. despite a list of code violations from the city and numerous hazard notices from pg & e the problem still had not been fixed when we first met with henry last month. she blamed property managers. >> they take us as individuals with low income and we're nothing and i don't appreciate that at all. it's a frustrating situation. it's unsafe. my neighbors are unset and we're just tired of this situation and something needs to be done about it. >> reporter: after two investigates contacted satellite affordable housing, managers invited us back out to henry's apartment where workers were finally making repairs.
10:33 pm
>> we accept responsibility for what happened and we really regret that our resident was frustrated by the process. >> reporter: while the city of berkeley signed off on an earlier attempt to fix the problem in henry's unit. freedland now acknowledges it wasn't enough. >> who dropped the ball here? >> i have to say we could have done a better job communicating with her. i think she lost trust in our ability to correct the situation. >> reporter: the nonprofit developer operating 60 apartment complexes from oakland to concord and walnut creek. mr.of the projects are built with the help -- many of the projects are built with the help of the local city. the company has received millions in grants. >> it is our mission to provide the highest service. when we fall short of that we really try to take the opportunity to learn how we can
10:34 pm
do better. >> reporter: sabo says managers hired her and her family into a different unit after they hired a lawyer. but they still haven't been compensated by all they lost. >> i don't know how they feel it's okay to sweep us under the rug. >> reporter: now saha executives refused to comment that case involving sabo and her son caleel because of the ongoing lawsuit. as for the other woman you met, henry, they've offered her credit and compensation for all the trouble she had to go through. >> what about all the violations the that the city of berkeley found. is the city going to take further action against the nonprofit. >> we did go out with inspectors the last time they came to e unit to see if these things were fixed. even though these problems appear to be fixed now. the city of berkeley says it will still charge a reinspection fee and because this nonprofit gets public dollars, they're inspected more frequently than another private
10:35 pm
operator might be. >> eric, thank you. >> if you have a tip for eric, you can call us or e-mail us. former republican house speaker dennis hastert pleaded not guilty to charges that he lied to federal investigators about paying out hush money. hastert arrived to a crush of media at the chicago federal courthouse today. he's accused of paying $3.5 million to keep someone from revealing a secret about past misconduct. that someone is yet to be identified but published reports say the payments were intended to conceal allegations of sexual misconduct decades ago when hastert was a high school teacher. still to come here, a problem with hundreds of thousands of sat exams. the mistake that means one section won't be scored. >> we talked about your wednesday forecast with that slight chance of sprinkles.
10:36 pm
as we head forward, temperatures are going to increase. how much warmer? i'll let you know. >> and pictures from a napa wildfire that closed roads and knocked out power.
10:37 pm
calfire crews have a wildfire surrounded in napa county but the fire is still
10:38 pm
smolders and crews plan the to be out there all night long. the fire started on polk. the roads reopened about 9:00 tonight and pg & e crews hope to have the roads reopened by midnight. in all about 36 acres burned. a toddler from bay point hospitalized tonight after being bitten by a rattlesnake. the 3-year-old girl was playing in her backyard when she was bitten on the foot. the child was air lifted to the hospital along with the snake which emergency responders captured and placed in a jar. >> out here we live in an area we're up against nature all the time. as it starts to warm up and those animals start to come out we want to ensure that we've cleared the weeds away from our house for the fire danger and as well for those animals especially snakes for this time of year. >> reporter: no word yet on how
10:39 pm
the little girl is doing. a section of the sat exam taken by hundreds of thousands of students will not be scored because of a printing error. the college board says some textbooks mistakingly gave students 25 minutes for one section instead of 20 minutes. the error affected about 487,000 students who took the college entrance exam on saturday june 6th. sections with the timing errors will not be counted. >> the man acaused of kidnapping a 3-year-old boy last week from a bay area library appeared in court today. 23-year-old alfonso eddington is accused of kidnapping the toddler from the milpitas library. the same man was arrested for assault. eddington punched a man in february as he crossed the street in los gatos. edington is troubled and they hoped he would get the help he needed in jail but edington served less than five days in
10:40 pm
jail. >> that doesn't give him the help he needed. it doesn't seem like anybody really said what's really going on with this kid. >> reporter: authorities say an alert vta bus driver saw edington with the boy and called police leading to his arrest. the judge today set edington's bail at $100,000. coming up here at the top, a no hitter for the giants and more live coverage for the warriors in game three. sports is ahead. and chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a few showers. he's back with more including another warm up. and the act of kindness that came just in time for these young baseball players in the south bay.
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youth baseball players hit the field thanks to the generosity of others. the game almost didn't happen because of thieves. they went straight for the electrical box cutting wires that lit the field at night. >> maureen naylor has more on the good samaritans came through. >> reporter: and today the team expressed gratitude for a game that almost didn't happen. >> reporter: usually a game of 11 and 12-year-olds under the lights don't make the news. >> last year we didn't win a game. so this year to be in the championship game it's a big deal. >> reporter: on one side a team looking for redemption.
10:44 pm
on the other, a team with an unbeaten season. >> reporter: the they are these electricians. you see something special happened after what the team calls an unfortunate situation in this field of dreams behind a field of weeds. thieves cut this hole in the fence and stole cooper wiring out of two electrical boxes. >> see this is the first box they broke into. >> reporter: cutting electricity to the lights in right field and the scoreboard. when san jose based cupertino electric heard about the theft they offered their services for free. the same team that outfitted levi's stadium worked all day on this field.
10:45 pm
so tonight for the championship game, the lights in right field would be on. >> usually right before the sun sets they usually have the lights on and all this stuff. it gives us a feeling that we're playing in the big leagues almost. >> reporter: and cupertino electric noticed a few individual lights were out. so the foreman is planning to come back tomorrow to get those up and running for free. >> how great is that. that's fantastic. maureen naylor reporting live for us tonight. maureen, thank you. and a big difference from the temperatures we had yesterday. remember that 109 in gilroy. that 106 in livermore. these were the highs from today. certainly cooler and you notice it right away. strong on shore flow. a lot of clouds out there from the sub tropics and temperatures that were a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. so livermore, 106 yesterday just 90 degrees today so 17 degrees cooler. live camera shot there's
10:46 pm
oakland. you see the flag. first thing i always look at is the flags. they're straight. they're hanging down. the winds that were blowing earlier pretty strong. we had gusts up to 40 miles per hour above near the delta up near fairfield have died down. here's all the moisture and it's all coming north. you see the scattered showers around here. getting reports now of scattered showers around the napa area. concerns for fires throughout this hour. the last thing you need now is lightning strikes. wake up tomorrow morning it's cloudy. as it was this afternoon. and then it slowly kind of clears but late in the day. it's going to be mostly cloudy most of the day. by late in the day it clears and highs these are the 80s. those oranges and mostly tomorrow it's going to be 70s and 80s so a cooler day tomorrow obviously or a slightly cooler day tomorrow.
10:47 pm
that chance of a shower still lingers. some activity down here around san jose. maybe a thundershower. it's the kind of night that you could wake up and hear a little thunder bump. then look at ukiah around noon, 2:00 tomorrow that's up around clear lake area. they've been having thunderstorms tonight. they could see more. this is a concern for showers. and then these are going off. again lightning strikes a big concern just because it's that time of year. look at this it's 7:00. the east side that's over the reno area. they're going to get hammered if that transpires, that's a big system. and then there's all the cloud, the fog that you would expect for this time of year around the coast. there's the entire day for thursday with the fog lingering at the coast. so thursday is your day. highs tomorrow 80 in antioch. 83 in livermore. those are the hot spots. 86 in gilroy.
10:48 pm
along the coast you have mid- 60s. five day forecast with the area weekend in view. right there you have plenty of clouds tomorrow like you mentioned but then we're out of here. >> something to think about, lightning and thunder. >> and a danger because of how dry it is. >> yeah, you start to see those greens turn yellow fast. and i don't know if that's absolutely true but game three is sure crucial. >> it is absolutely true. the warriors will tell you it means absolutely nothing because every series is different and we hope that is correct. apparently someone forget to tell the cavs they weren't supposed to win after they lost several players. and james going to work. you know you have to stop ball with number 23 has it.
10:49 pm
the jam puts cleveland up by seven. final seconds of the first half got to find james jones. they do not and he buries the triple. seven point lead for cleveland at the break. third quarter, matthew dellavedova the steal back the other way. lebron. why not. lead up to 11. it balloons to 20 at one point. but the warriors open the fourth quarter on a 15-3 run. steph fancy ball work and the reverse. we have a ball game. klay thompson trying to bring the warriors even closer. he gets them at the threat. rebound cavs. lebron starts to break and lebron finishes the break. with short. 20 points, 12 rebounds and eight assists for the kid. he was magnificent again. the cavs up by five. but the dubs have another run in them. curry three ball got it. he had 24 of his 27 after
10:50 pm
halftime. it's 81-80. but the cavs answer. dellavedova is phenomenal. looks like curry in that play. throws it up with reckless reckless abandon and the foul. lebron steals and that is that. the cavs win game three. 96-91 and they do indeed take a 2-1 series lead. our sports director mark ibanez still camped out at the q which appears to have quieted down after a ruckus night at the arena. even postgame, a lot going on tonight. >> i can tell you i've never been at a basketball court at 1:50 a.m. in the morning. but we're working on a story that might have some legs actually. some developing news. we talked all about matthew dellavedova earlier in the program. about how he was all over the court. we saw some highlights with him. but he was not available. we did not hear from matthew
10:51 pm
dellavedova there was a report that the reason for him not showing up at the postgame press conference is because he was suffering from some cramps then another writer told me that he was actually taken away in an ambulance and yet another writer was working on an angle where he might have an issue with his achilles tendon. nothing is confirmed and right now we're going to have to go with the fact that basically he has some leg cramps until we hear more. but he was not available to speak to the media afterward. meantime a guy that was available to speak to the media and may play a bigger role in this series. in fact, his first role at all comes tonight. and that's david lee. he's been basically invisible for the warriors throughout much of the play offs. but tonight he came in and the warriors actually made a nice run with him in there. his presence down underneath the basket seemed to free curry up a little bit.
10:52 pm
tonight david lee talked about his performance and the play offs going forward. >> i have confident in myself. my teammates have confident in me and my job is to be ready when my number is called. my biggest concern was to go out there and play as hard as i can. bring some toughness and just really be as active as possible and aggressive. i felt that's what we really needed when i got in the game. and i just tried to do that to the best of my ability and have things go my way. >> you will see more of david lee. he played really well. but no, it was good. i mean, you know you want to show some fight. and i thought in the third quarter we were hanging our heads a little bit. and it was good to see us bring the fight to the game and that's how we have to play the whole way through. >> reporter: all right i understand we have big time san francisco giant news to talk about as well. so we will wrap it up here in cleveland as the warriors get back at it on thursday evening.
10:53 pm
scott. >> mark, we do in fact, have huge giant news. that will certainly be our lead on any other night. we'll get to that right after this.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
history in new york. hunter pence still out of the line up but they didn't need
10:56 pm
him because they had this guy. heston. giants lead the mets 2-0. in the seventh of geez, joe paic the brooklyn kid going yard. a lot of friends and family in the house. heston was the story. he was masterful. the mets couldn't touch him. didn't allow a single hit through 8 innings here in the ninth. last chance for new york, ruben tejada that my friend is a no hitter. the 17th in giant history. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> we'll see you later. >> good night.
10:57 pm
♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
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10:59 pm
jay: come on, let's go. we're gonna need a little extra time at airport security, 'cause i'm pretty sure they're gonna want to pat you down. manny's with his father for the weekend, so jay and i are flying to vegas. i'm a little torn because i want alone time with gloria, but i also like rubbing manny's head for good luck.
11:00 pm
i just need to send this e-mail to claire why i'm not working on the bake sale next week but i can't say the real reason. why not? because she drives me crazy when she's in charge of these things. okay. we got a flight to catch so let me help you out here. you tell me what you want to say to her, and i'll help you find a nice way to say it. i want to say... i can't work on the bake sale because you're a bossy control freak that looks down on my cupcakes even though your lemon squares were very dry.


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