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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. a child was air lifted after being biten by a rattlesnake. the warriors facing a must- win tomorrow night. and they're playing the cleveland cavaliers and a player went to the hospital after last night's game. mornings on 2 continues. good morning thank you for joining us wednesday morning june 10th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. good morning. steve paulson i'm going to tell you, will you need an umbrella. >> there's rain out there. >> okay. it's very humid, very much for us, this is the remains of what was hurricane blanca it went into the bay area and we have rain all over the place. i'm dancing as fast as i can to mention all of the locations, people are reporting lane. it's good coverage here, associated with a low and tomorrow it will be on the move, the heaviest cells seem
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to be over daly city, san francisco, pacifica sfo and some in hayward, san leandro and over to the north towards pleasanton, san ramon and livermore there's been some and all the way out to oakley. we've had rain, there's still moisture streaming through san leandro and oakland, and over to sfo and even to the north it looks like some of that rain is picking up from napa county to san pablo bay, not a lot, but there's rain there. upper 60s for the lows, a few 50s, some is held up because of the cloud cover. some areas really get a lot in the direction of the south others get it in the north. it's crazy, water temperatures have come up, but some sierra, nevada is heavy with rain. we have 70s and 80s with off and on and thunderstorms sal, how about that?
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>> that's unusual for june. >> no kid, you know it's unusual for you to have to worry about rainy commute now steve and everyone if you're driving. but, in the middle of summer, really summer, in june, we're looking at it here and i want to show you the traffic is going to be a little slow in some areas. the macarthur maze, you see it trying to creep around the berkeley curve, you will seem the traffic is backed up to the maze and some of the wet weather may add to your traffic times, getting into san francisco is moderate on that span in a 15 to 20-minute delay before you make it out to the bridge. this was an accident on oakland road. i'll put it out southbound. the rest of the southbound is looking good. i do want to mention northbound and it's taken awhile to get it clear, traffic will be slow but not as slow as i thought it
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would be. there's nice surprise there. 85 looks good into the west valley. 602, let's go back to the desk. >> new this morning, fire crews rush to a freemont hospital this morning, that fire at washington high school at freemont boulevard was called in just before 3:30 this morning. it turned out to be a small fire in a janitor's closet and they don't think that fire is suspicious. the flames did not spread, two classrooms may be affected by water damage and the last day of school is tomorrow. the warriors drove a tough game in cleveland. they trail 2-1 in the nba finals. alex savage here is talking about the adjustments the warriors have to make. >> quite a few adjustments certainly. the players say they really need to match the intensity of the cavaliers, they're making the little plays in a ball
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game. it was a scene last night in cleveland. warriors got off to a sluggish start in game 3, they battled and they cut a 20-point deficit down to one point in the fourth quarter. they had a chance, but they there was a strong showing by lebron james and his buddy, matthew dellavedova, they ended up being too much for the warriors to overcome. they combined for 60 points last night helping the cavs win 96-91. and he bounced back after a rough shooting performance in game 2, he underscores three of those points in the first half. he needs to come out aggressive right from the start. >> for us to win this series we have to play that way the whole game and we have the depth and challenge to do it. whether we're at home or the road. there's no excuse why for three quarters we were -- i think we were playing hard and into it
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but there are no results to show for it. you can't get any path spark. >> there's a couple of big shots down the stretch. we saw the reemergence of david lee. he helped make this a close one. he hadn't played since the western conference finals. he finished up the night with 11 points and expect to see more minutes with him moving forward. if the cavaliers were not banged up enough. matthew dellavedova was taken to the hospital after last night's game, he experienced severe cramping. while he was at the arena he underwent a treatment process that included an iv, he received more treatment and we do understand the team will be updating his status later on this afternoon. matthew dellavedova is giving the cavaliers good minutes and we'll have to wait to see what his status is for game 4 saturday night. >> thank you.
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fans of matthew dellavedova packed the restaurant in walnut creek last night. they had a watch party hosted by st. mary's college, a lot of them wore warrior shirts, they loved matthew dellavedova. >> i've known him for five years, i'm excited. people are here because they either respect or love matthew dellavedova. >> he's only 24 years old, he's from australia and his number 4 jersey it was retired by st. mary's college. here's your schedule, game 4, also in cleveland. the team heads back to oakland on game 5 on sunday. if it's necessary game 6 will be back in cleveland on tuesday and if this series goes to game 7 that will be in oakland friday june 19. joe fonzi is in cleveland and
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he'll bring us a live report at 6:30. a young girl was air lifted to children's hospital after she was biten by a rattlesnake. paul chambers in eastern contra costa this morning with the entire snake encounter and a safety warning. >> the young children was playing outside and this happened just before 8:00 last night when the child got bit on the foot by a rattlesnake. >> went into the backyard, the parent pointed us to the area where the child was taken. searched the area and it took two minutes and we found the fake. i picked it up with sticks and placed it in a jar and gave to the helicopter crew to take it to the hospital. >> the toddler was taken to hospital in oakland, it's unclear how she is doing. the reason the rattlesnake was taken to hospital, the doctors wanted to confirm that was the snake that bit the young
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children. rattlesnake bites are rare, but this year they are more visible. it's a reminder to be cautious. >> we live in an area where we are up against nature all the time. as the animals come out we want to make sure we clear the weeds away from our house and for the fire danger and for those animals. >> if you're bitten by snake. the poison control center says stay calm get to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible. if you're wearing rings or watches that may contradict your blood flow, take it off so it will not reduce the swelling. time 6:08 a boy was biten by a rattlesnake and a woman's maternal instincts could have cost her her life. >> the mama bear instinct in me decided to suck the venom out because that's what bonanza
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does. >> while she took a walk with her four-year-old son on a trail, he stepped on a baby rattlesnake, it swelled and turned purple. sucking out the venom is not the thing to do because the poison can spread to you? >> the misconception is laceration between the two points and suck the venom out. you don't do that. use your wound type stuff, soap and water, wash the area, keep it clean and call 911 immediately. >> fortunately she did not -- the venom did not spread to her, and she is pregnant, and the boy is expected to make a full recovery. at&t said vandals knocked out cellphone service in the east bay, a $1,000 award
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awarded for anyone who catches the people who did it. it knocked out power to cell phones and land lines. at&t says most of the service has been restored. it is 6:09 and some young adults soon won't be able to buy a pack of cigarettes, the parts of santa clara county. >> there was a no hitter at the giants game for rookie pitcher, the same coincidence involving this, and the nba finals. >> good morning, we're looking at the east bay commute and highway 4 looks like it's slowing down on the way to concord. we'll tell you more about the troubled commutes we have. >> well, it's humid, that's for sure, we also have the rain. it looks like it will be with us off and on all the way from the north bay down to parts of the north bay. there's good rain, we'll take a closer look at that.
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and upgrade to a shiny new everything. all things mobile. all in one place. welcome back, time 6:13, the police, the salines inas police chief trying to put -- salinas police chief, police officers tried to beat a man. he they were beating a man. this looks horrific and inflammatory, but he's adding you need to know what happened before the camera started
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rolling. the 28-year-old suspect jumped on the cars and attacked his own mother. the police chief says he then resisted arrest and attacked the police officers. police officers tased him twice with no apparent affect. he was subdued but then he lashed out in the ambulance. after he was released from the hospital, he was booked for several felonies and a parole violation. some people in antioch are angry at the city from removing speed bumps where a pan was killed by a car last month. timothy hudson was killed in a hit-and-run outside his home on 11th street. concerned residents installed speed bumps in front of the home. hudson's mother was enraged when the city removed the speed bumps and blocked out the word slow the neighbors had painted.
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>> maybe if we had speed bumps something would have been done. >> i understand the liability. you could have waited until the family was there. >> they're examining speeding and congestion by installing a traffic monitoring device. young baseball players in the south bay were able to hit the ball field last night thanks to the generosity of many others. that game almost didn't happen, thieves last month stole the copper wiring at the baseball field that helps power the scoreboard and the lights. when san jose base cupertino electric heard about the crime they offered to repair the lights for free. it's the same company that stole the lighting system at levi stadium. >> usually, we have the lights on and all that stuff and it gives us a full feeling like we're playing in the big leagues almost. later on today an electric trig will go pack to the ball
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field and repair the broken lights absolutely free. >> that's good news for sports fan last night. giants countries heston threw a no hitter. >> got him, he's thrown a no hitter. >> the 27-year-old led the giants. and heals the first giants rookie in 103 years to throw a no hitter. >> that was an exciting moment, something i'll remember forever. i wasn't sure where to go after that last throw. i didn't know whether i was going to get busted or hugged. just to be a part of it and it was fun and i am blessed. and he provided offense giving two hits, the first two major league rbis and they threw four no hitters in the past four years. this took place during game 3
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of the nba finals and a weird coincidence, the last time it hosted game 3 of the finals was june 12th 2007 and no hitter that day by justin. time 6:17, you're watching the east shore, how is our commute. >> that's new accident reported westbound 80 on the east shore freeway somewhere in the vicinity of university avenue. there's a motorcycle down and you can tell the traffic is a little slow here and then there's a big sod and break in the action here. we're thinking that the action is somewhere around here, medics are on the way, reported as a motorcycle crash, west 80 at university, first report, we're not sure, she's not even there yet, the medics are on wait, we'll let you know what happens, i see flashing lights out here. the motorcycle is okay.
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we'll let you know what's happening coming up. >> let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. there are no major problems as you drive through. >> highway 37 and lakeville, there's a crash here, this was a truck accident. traffic is going to be slow this morning, extra slow over novato and approaching lakeville. 6:18 let's go to steve in the weather center. >> let's get to it. we have rain out there. we couldn't get a drop in january it's here now. it's crazy. it's muggy humid. there are two lines, one from the east bay from livermore hayward san leandro and san lorenzo. and right to san pablo and over to san bruno bay view. it looks like it's south of the city here. pacifica has been reporting rain, some of the rain has
6:19 am
stopped, and the ground is wet. south san francisco it's wet. chris richardson says it's pouring and no thunder yet, heavy downpours, no thunder yet. dublin, pleasanton and san ramon and danville, no rain in walnut creek, san leandro and union city had good rain earlier. daly city to the north of that it's light. i had a couple of lights in mill valley. and walking to glenn park bart, and we had light rain and sprinkling as well. some of the roads are the wet side. you don't want to forget the north bay. things are picking up, back towards marin county. not all is reaching the ground, the pavement is dry and it will pick up in the rain, to the north not as heavy but there is still some wrapping back around, a good line there
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coming out and yonkville and maybe santa rosa, very mild and muggy and humid today. the source of this moisture up in sierra, nevada, we had a flash flood watch and northeast california. the possibility of heavy downpours, the moisture tense to stream up. this might be a few breaks in santa clara valuely. those breaks will make you feel like you're in hawaii or something, the humidity factor is extremely high. the low will move towards southern california. and it will send bands to a lot of clouds in some rain and the possibility of thunderstorms later. there's a break in the clouds, an unusual pattern for us, 80s on the temperatures. you might go to 88, 60s, 70s and 80s, a humidity factor,
6:21 am
extremely high, cloudy, possible thunderstorms erin and by thursday night and it's gone. still warm on saturday and next week looking much cooler. >> thank you. >> any time. 6:20 is your time. the problem with the s.a.t.s taken by hundreds of thousands of students and an error that wipes out their score for an entire section of the exam. >> and sightings from those new york prison escape ease, and a prison employee who may have changed her mind about helping those men.
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a. it is now coming up on 6:24, welcome back, a man accused of abducting a three- year-old boy is scheduled to return to court for a plea hearing next month. 23-year-old alfonso appeared in a santa clara court yesterday on one felony count of kidnapping. he's accused of taking the toddler from the can children's section of the library, and he was arrested for assault. the victim in that incident said he was crossing the street and for some reason he punched him. he needed to get help in jail
6:25 am
and he only served five days behind bars, he is troubled. >> that doesn't give him a chance to get the help he needed. it doesn't seem like anyone said what's really going on with this kid, police say an alert valley transportation authority officer called and he noticed the boy. the bail out of jail is $100,000. state lawmakers have advanced a bill that would require vaccinations for school kids. it was a 12-6 vote and the health committee approved the legislation. this goes for final approval. the bill would eliminate the personal belief for children attending school except for medical reasons. it requires all children of school age to be vaccinated or to be home schooled. supporters say the bill will make for a healthier community.
6:26 am
critics argue that parents should have the freedom to choose. >> people want to vaccinate, that's their choice. if people don't want to vaccinate, who owns your kid? do your parents own your kid or the government. >> now, critics say they're looking at their legal options to challenge this bill, if it wins final approval and if it's past had passed and signed by the governor, the law will take affect january 2016. >> hundreds of people who had a printing error in the s.a.t., some were given 25 minutes for one section instead of 5, it affected 4,087 students who took it last saturday. there are enough sections to provide overall valid scores. they crawled into a tight spot yesterday to rescue something very small. take a look at this photo this
6:27 am
is from the department's instagram. he made his way into a drain and when he comes out. this is what he had in his arms. >> aw! >> it's a tiny black kitten that became stuck inside the drain. they're not clear how long it had been down there. the kitten is just fine. it's not the fire department's first animal rescue. last month they rescued a bunch of baby ducklings, do you remember that? >> it's nice that they have time to do that. what the warriors have to do and tie the seer which is the cavaliers. >> new rules affecting smokers coming up.
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. good morning, welcome back, thanks for joining us here on mornings on 2, it's wednesday june 10th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook, good morning. i'm getting a text to from my daughter, she needs to know how to dress. where is the rain going to be. >> it's very muggy, i would say, i would not do too many layers. >> our parking lot is wet and raining right now out our door, i wanted people to say how could you forget castro valley. >> of course, the lovely town of castro valley. believe me there are so many reports coming in, i'm not forgetting everybody, i'm trying to get everyone in there. we have a lot going on. pam, are you all right. did you drop your watch there? all right. we do have the rain, two bands
6:31 am
one in the north and one from about, it looks like around san ramon and hayward, san lorenzo and san leandro, san bruno, bay view, san mateo and james says awesome, i have a little moisture and rain, san mateo as well. you can see that line, it looks like it's training a little bit. it continues to enhance, it hasn't stopped. it might let up a little pit. this is back over to san leandro. it enhances once it goes over to sfo, san francisco and also to the north we're seeing rain pick up from napa county san pablo bay and marin county, i'm not getting reports of any rain yet. vallejo we have rain there, to the north hit and miss, there are 60s on the temperatures,
6:32 am
very muggy, the moisture will continue to roll in off the sacramento area and off to the sierra as well. the lowest and that's driving the moisture, muggy, humid rain and possible thunderstorms, and you can get a break in the clouds, it will feel like a break in the islands, 60s, 70s and 80s. >> there is a big accident i'm not sure if it's related to the wetness on the roads, it leads to more crashes when there is wetness on the road. there is a crash on the east freeway here when you come up to university avenue. you will see the traffic is affected by this crash here. look at the slow traffic cuing up. it's reported as a motorcycle accident in the left lane and traffic is going to be very slow now coming in through richmond, motorcyclist in the left lane, the chp arrived a few minutes ago, it looks like
6:33 am
there are injuries, it doesn't look like from what i'm reading, it doesn't look like any more than injuries, you worry about these people and life-threatening injuries, but it doesn't look like life- threatening injuries. if that crash holds people back you might see temporary lull in this traffic here. traffic will be busy. we have slow traffic this morning coming out of 238 and heading down into union city and then it gets better for that trip into freemont. 6:33, let go back to the desk. >> well, the golden state warriors are focused on game 4 as they lost their second straight game to the cavaliers. they made a late run, they couldn't stop lebron james and the cavaliers. you're in cleveland and even the rock and roll hall of fame joe is getting in on the nba
6:34 am
action. >> reporter: yeah, it is the folks in cleveland today undoubtedly reveling in that big win last night. we want to distract ourselves a little bit in addition to the cavaliers, the rock and roll hall of games that cleveland is most famous for. we might as well just hang out here at the rock and roll hall of fame this morning. the hall is celebrating its 20th anniversary exist as a business, but there has been a rock and roll hall of fame for 30 years. you can think of all of the most iconic names, ray charles, buddy holly, james brown, elvis presley, gerry lee lewis, they're celebrating their 20th anniversary and received their 10,000th visitor this year. it's also a little bit interesting or ironic whatever you want to call it that the hall just right now happens to be having a display of
6:35 am
musicians, beknow how influential that era was in the '60s. this is an exhibit that features, jefferson airplane, quick mess sergers advice, and -- service and janice joplin and here's some from the quicksilver messenger service. we'll talk about this exhibit that features musicians from san francisco. but, we have to talk about a basketball last night that involved the warriors and the warriors had a disaster us -- disastrous third quarter. they went on a furious rally, testify curry who held down the first half. he was one in six in the field, he got hot the way that steph can, the warrior 7 times in the
6:36 am
fourth corner got it down to a one possession game. the cavs had an answer. lebron james, he ended up with 40 points. he took a slam dunk on a feed from matthew dellavedova. they got the cavs more comfortable at that point and matthew dellavedova was a big star as well. he was a costarring role, he ended up with 20, steph tried to foul him. he was able to get to the play and add more padding to the cavs, they won the game 2-1 in the series. the warriors were left to explain what comes next. >> you want to show some fight and i thought in the third quarter we were hang our heads a little pit and it was good to see us bring the fight to the game and that's how we have to
6:37 am
play the whole way through. >> it's not going our way, i have to find different ways to get us going, so, i like that challenge, because you know, this is going to be a hard fought series. >> all is not lost for the warriors, they trailed memphis 2-1 on the road in a similar circumstance, that makes thursday's game that much bigger. more on the san francisco stuff here in the rock and roll hall of fame. if you take a look at this janice joplin earlier, here's a pair of her spectacles and now, you can listen to santana, you have to change your evil ways lady. >> here's a poster from one of their concerts. and just to show the folks in cleveland have a sense of humor, i can't show you the grateful dead poster behind you
6:38 am
on this week when san francisco musicians are being featured, take a look at who they have in the display case. that's a good sense of humor here, the guy who went for 40 points last night, the warriors are trying to figure out what to do about him, but it's 2-1, we'll be back with more from the rock and roll hall of fail an hour from now. it's fantastic, i'm going to walk around and enjoy it until then. >> i envy you joe. joe fonzi. we'll talk to you later. game 4 is tomorrow, also in cleveland, the teams head back to oakland for game 5 on sunday and if necessary game 6 back on tuesday and game 7 that would be in oakland friday june 19th. a measure to keep tobacco out of the hands of teenagers is passed in the south bay.
6:39 am
what affect it could have in santa clara county. >> this passed unanimously, the board of supervisors raised the legal age to raise tobacco products from 18 to 21. here we're at a convenience store, this is going to affect a lot of them when the new rules go into effect. this change was prompted by health concerns. it's studied by the institute of medicine, increasing the aiming of tobacco products, smoking related deaths by 10%. they must post new signs, the minimum age to buy is 21 and anyone who violates it will be find. retailers will be required to check id, we spoke to a smoker this morning to get his thoughts. >> i think kids are going to smoke whether they're 21, 18, 15, 13, i don't think it will take an effect. i hope it does. i hope it passes and it does
6:40 am
help because smoking, you do die from smoking, so -- >> the public health office is applauding the decision and calling santa clara a national leader in helping residents to refrain from tobacco. it goes into effect of january 1st 2016 and does not apply to incorporated cities within the county. thank you for that update. interesting. >> yeah. here's a question what would you do if your four-year- old was biten by a rattlesnake? >> mama bear instinct in me decided to suck the venom out. >> yikes! >> coming up in 25 minutes we'll tell you what the expert says about that mom's actions and we'll tell you how that little boy is doing this morning.
6:41 am
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. welcome back to mornings on 2, san francisco supervisors say they need more time before they vote on rules for home sharing services for b and b, they want to figure out when a host can rent all or part of a home. that can be one part of the legislation. >> they say short term rentals are taking away from long term
6:44 am
renting for people. >> there are tougher laws coming for suingery drinks. they're going to require warning labels on soft drink ads. it contributes to obesity diabetes and tooth decay. >> we really need to do what we did with cigarettes and try to take a bunch of different approaches to reduce consumes. >> there's no need what we need to do, but it's not the right way to go about it. >> we ban sugary democratic ads including bus stops and city money can't be used to buy drinks that have added sugar. it's being targeted unfairly. they're going to look at what legal measures they can take to overturn these new laws.
6:45 am
the board is expected to board final approval. >> and today the berkeley city council is where some of the soda tax money should go. they're expected to give soda tax funds at the school garden programs. >> they're learning how to grow food and develop healthy eating habits. it's what they wanted when they came up with the soda tax idea. >> we providedded them with more opportunities of where their food comes from, and the more frequency, the better habits we're able to build in. >> the money comes from measure d which adds a penny on to sugary drinks. it will raised 1.2 million and they suggest that a quarter million dollars go to the school garden program. let's check in with tori
6:46 am
campbell coming up. >> coming up in our next hour, a lot of critics from those soda taxs and warnings say there is plenty of other unhealthy food out there which is true. what they plan to do with another nutrition villain, high sodium. stay is ain't so, decades together, marblingage and homer simpson are legally separating, it will happen in september. we'll tell you what has driven the main characters apart. those are some of the stories we're working on in the next hour on mornings on 2, back to you in the studio. >> see you they. a san francisco woman faces eviction this morning. this is more than a landlord and tenant dispute. this is a rallying point for people in the city. tara moriarty joins produces the mission district neighborhood. this woman is getting support from her neighbors. >> this has been quite the
6:47 am
spectacle since 6:00 this morning. there was an early wakeup call. this is here at 21st. they're angry that a woman who is vulnerable someone who struggles with mental illness is set to be affected this morning. >> neighbors say rebecca did not have the legal resources to file paperwork on time to buy herself time to find a place to live. she's lived here for 25 years. sheriff's deputies would be kicking her out sometime after 6:00 this morning. it was fought by a google employee for $1.4 million. the attempt to evict her is a bad example of the ellis act, it allows landlords to exit the
6:48 am
rental business. >> there's an eviction epidemic happening, the market is so crazy landlords and speculators will find ways to get out of their homes so they can flip their homes and sell them for millions. neighborhoods are being wiped out and turned into wealthy practice had playgrounds. >> it's unclear when the eviction could take place. it could change the department's analysis of the situation. we know rebecca is not here this morning. we didn't want to be on camera they took her dog for a walk. the police officer pulled up here because part of the tenants are trickling out on to the street. i don't know if it's a safety concern here, but they're on bullet horn and making their message loud and clear, no word on how long it intends to be here. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty, back to you.
6:49 am
>> we can see the streets are wet out there. >> sal is watching our commute, a lot of our streets are wet this morning. >> it's going to impact the commute, you're going to need extra time, as if it's a rainy day in january, you should give yourself an extra five or ten minutes if you can this morning. i want to mention we had an injury crash involving a motorcycle on westbound 80, coming out to pasco university. you can see traffic is very slow getting down to berkeley area because of that earlier incident which has been removed completely from the freeway. the injuries were said to not be life-threatening and let's go to the favorites toll plaza. that's a backup as you drive through. i want to mention the east bay commute, the heaviest traffic is here between hayward and south. let's go to steve for the
6:50 am
weather center. >> reporter: she's in richmond, petaluma 13/100, napa 11/100ths, sfo, .08 and livermore .07. and you have heavy rain in daly city. >> it's pouring. >> bay view and pacific. there's a lot of reports, south san francisco and sfo, san lorenzo, san leandro, san ramon, on the grade and part of marin county, two bands, one stretching from hayward to sfo and south san francisco and along the san mateo coast and i mentioned how muggy and humid it is, and steve for those of you who have never been to hawaii it feels like hawaii close your eyes and imagine you're at the beach. >> that he is true.
6:51 am
it will let up a little bit. around san leandro and hayward it looks to be one line. the heaviest is around south san francisco daly city and pacifica and to the north, napa has had 11/100ths. petaluma has picked up a 10th of an inch of rain. and some is inning over to novato as well. some of that continues to stream down, moving to lake county and here and maybe later when things pick up and in lake county, it's 6:51, high today 82 to 85. 60s on the temperatures, extremely warm on the lows. we'll see if the temperatures go down. but, we'll see there's tremendous moisture over what remains of the hurricane blanca, it's rotating around to
6:52 am
the southwest of us. it will take the turn and start to move somewhere around central california andend up in las vegas by tomorrow, but until it does that we're in life for a lot of cloud cover. it's raining, we had rain in june, not one drop in january, we got rain in june. did something happen to us? thunderstorms are possible later today. 80s on the temperatures, if you can break through that cloud cover, it will go to 88 annual go oh, my gosh, it's muggy and humid. we'll say that anyway, so rain smells great. people are telling me. >> it does. >> it smells great, a cooling trend kicks in on sunday. >> it feels like there is no more normal. what is normal, now, for weather? >> if we had the time i would tell you something, but i don't think we do. i was looking back at weather records back to 1896 you wouldn't know that there was
6:53 am
anything different, 102, 104, 86. the lows seems to be warmer, that's the one thing is warmer. >> that's because we have cement and asphalt and back then it was dirt. >> good point. three jurors in the colorado theatre shooting trial, misconduct. we'll tell you what they did during their personal time led to their dismissal.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back wednesday morning, 6:55, the manhunt continues this morning for two men who escaped the maximum security prison in new york, they have been scouring the add ran dock foothills. investigators say they're following all the tips coming in about the fugitives and investigators think a woman who worked at the prison planned to pick the men up at the escape, they changed their mind at the last minute. three jurors in the aurora movie theatre trial have been discussed for misconduct. one received news reports about the case. that person shared the information with the other two, the gabling has repeatedly told jurors that they cannot read or listen to any news reports
6:57 am
about the case, alternates will take the place of those dismissed jurors. the jury is deciding fate of james holmes and he's accused of opening fire inside a movie theatre killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. >> the santa clara county board of supervisors, they gave an approval of an ordinance to fine property owners who use or allow people in on the property. it's expected to be finalized in time for the fourth of july. it's one more tool they have to reduce the threat of fires. the fines will start at $350 and fireworks are illegal in santa clara conclude. coming up in our next hour, a scary story, two incidents of children being biten by rattlesnake. one happened in the east bay last night. what that child is doing and the reason that it should serve as an important reminder for
6:58 am
parents. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. >> reporter: tense moments for
7:00 am
an east bay family as their child is airlifted to a hospital after being bitten by a rattlesnake. well, except for december, hard pressed to say during the winter months it's raining out there. but in june, it's raining out there. we'll take a look at it. another disappointing loss for the warriors. what we're learning about why a star player with the cavs was rushed to the hospital after the game. 7:00. we're live in the east bay where a little girl was bitten by a rattlesnake while playing in her backyard. she had to be airlifted to the hospital. paul chambers has been there live all morning. mum in minutes, he will tell us -- coming up in minutes, he will tell us what experts say needs to be done to avoid a repeat situation. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's wednesday, june 10th. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather. boy do we have things to talk


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