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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 10, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a police raid at this ordinary looking warehouse wields a huge amount of marijuana, worth on estimated $15 million. good evening, i'm frank
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somerville. >> i'm julia haener. police in hayward say it is the biggest marijuana bust in that city's history. thousands of plants worth $15 million. a s.w.a.t. team invaded the area near highway 92 at the edge of the bay. you found evidence of the raid littering the ground. >> reporter: the evidence of that raid was easy to see. hayward police didn't give a specific address. they gave the block address for this warehouse, but it was certainly easy to find. there was only one car in the parking lot, now there is another one, a private security guard guarding this location. if you look at the front door, just to the right there is a mail slot there. it was cracked halfway open. when you stood next to it, you could smell the intense odor of marijuana wafting outside. >> reporter: signs of the
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police raid at this non- descript warehouse. inside there was much more. >> for hayward, this is the largest indoor grow that we've discovered in our history. >> reporter: sergeant ryan cantral says there were marijuana plants on the tables worth $15 million. a rats nest of wires, a sophisticated ventilation system. police called this a marijuana factory. >> we're talking from the beginning of the seedlings to growing, to all the way to packaging it for sales on the street. so it's a factory. they grow it there, package it there and off it goes on the street. >> reporter: also inside, three men. mon tram of hayward, 22-year- old tony wong of alameda. all arrested on felony cultivation and distribution charges. police say industrial parks are a favorite spot for illegal indoor grow operations.
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easy to hide with few neighbors. with plenty of space, this one dwarfs what police typically find. >> when you're talking some of these grows are found in 900 square foot apartments to 2,000 square foot homes. a little bigger than a grocery store. >> police estimate a cost of about $100,000 to equip this indoor grow operation, and they say it was in operation 24/7. >> it did look like quite the operation. we have another pot bust to tell you about tonight. this one in humboldt county. the sheriff's office says the estimated street value of the plants about $7 million. agents also found piles of debris and discovered several environmental operations. now to the june rain storm.
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pretty unusual for this time of year. it also comes two years after 100-degree heat. triple digit temperatures on monday. wind on tuesday. now rain today. ktvu's ken wayne is going to show us how the rain complicated everything from the evening commute to graduation plans, but we start with our chief meteorologist bill martin. bill, this is amazing. we had more rain today than in the entire month of january. >> take it into consideration. january the dryest monday on san francisco in record. these are some record rainfalls from today. you can see here you got .17 in san rafael. you've got .26 in sfo. these are records. we've got more of them around here. most people got about a quarter of an inch. there's livermore, coming up .35, or .3 of an inch of rain. the showers lasted right through the afternoon commute. those showers will continue to kind of just sprinkle out of the area, as i go to the next image, you're going to see the most current one. a few clouds out there. we're doing that roller coaster
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thing. what's going to happen now is we're going to go back up in temperatures. rain is leaving. but temperatures are going to climb. what we're talking about then is a big heat up as we go into the next couple of days. i'll have all of that back here in a little bit. >> we'll look forward to hearing from you. now to ken wayne with how the rain made for a tough commute and some anxious graduates today. >> julie, no need for a rain jacket now. if you look up, there's actually some clear sky in berkely. if you look down on interstate 880, traffic is moving, the pavement is dry. it's a far cry from how things looked just a few hours ago. >> reporter: it was another crawl on the nimitz freeway during the evening commute. by then, the rain had stopped in much of the bay area. just a few hours before, wet roads led to a more frightening situation on highway 24 in lafayette. an 88-year-old man had to be extricated from his vehicle.
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just half a mile away, another crash with a vehicle ending up in the wet grass off the highway. >> it's been like that the entire day. going from crash to crash. >> the highway patrol was playing catch up, trying to get to a spate of crashes on bay area freeways. officers say there's an easy way to avoid these incidents. >> all we'd ask is that people just slow down. pay attention to the roadway. don't get distracted. that's how these things happen. >> reporter: the rain also made for an anxious afternoon in hayward as 392 students waited for the biggest night of their education so far. ready to walk the stage at the mount eden high school football field for graduation. with one eye toward the sky, hayward school officials didn't take any chances. >> we had tents if we needed them. we did an nti call to all of our parents and let them know, whether rain or shine, we're going to perform our graduation ceremony for our students.
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4,000 family and friends filled the field to watch. >> rain or shine, it's going to happen. >> shine. >> you want shine. >> reporter: no shine, but no rain either. >> i was a little scared. we have all our umbrellas. i thought it was going to rain. >> reporter: it was a dry ceremony. we checked with the highway patrol to find out just how many accidents they responded to around the bay area because of this wet weather. they're still adding up the numbers. they were very busy. julie, just this unusual winter like rain storm, just a few days before the first day of summer. >> i was at a graduation ceremony in danville, we had to move inside because of all the rain. ken, thanks very much. if you can get weather, you can get weather information anytime on the ktvu fox 2 weather app. it's available for your smartphone and tablet. lightning is causing problems in trinity county. evacuations are now in effect because of a fire in the shasta
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trinity forest. the saddle fire has burned about 780 acres so far. it's the largest of several smaller fires that were sparked by lightning storms that moved through the area earlier this week. you can see the brown smoke there in the sky. fire officials say they've been able to contain many of the other fires to less than 5 acres. firefighters have been busy trying to deal with about two dozen fires in all. two firefighters are also suffered heat related injuries. a new development involving a case of arson at a marin county car dealership that we told you about last night. police in novato arrested this man today. he's accused of setting four brand new cars on fire. investigators say john allen bixler of novato targeted the novato chevrolet dealership. his arrest comes after police release surveillance video last night, showing a man lighting four chevy bolts on fire.
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the suspect also walking across the street to a chinese restaurant. two of those new cars were destroyed, and the other two were damaged. bixler has been booked into the marin county jail. a police raid on a home has led to the seizure of dozens of guns. san francisco police showed off the arsenal today. it includes assault weapons, handguns, rifles, and shotguns. police chief greg suhr said the investigation started in april after robbers hit a gas station and three other businesses across the city. officers arrested one man in the bay view district late last month. they then raided a home in south san francisco last week, where they made a second arrest and found all those guns along with homemade dynamite and a pipe bomb. >> the mere fact that he was manufacturing, or potentially manufacturing inside the home could have had devastating consequences to the neighborhood. >> reporter: police also found 5,000 rounds of ammunition. they say they've been unable to trace the guns so far.
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they think that they were meant for sale on the streets of the bay view. now to the nba finals, and tomorrow night's crucial game for the warriors who are on the road in cleveland, trailing 2 games to 1. >> scott reese is here. we don't like to say must win, but if ever there was a must win, this would probably be it. >> they dug themselves a little bit of a hole. there's no question. but remember, we've seen this before. the second round of the playoffs, the warriors took game 1 against memphis, then dropped games 2 and 3. really it's about energy more than execution. they didn't seem to have enough of it last night. they did play well in the 4th quarter. maybe they can summon a little passion in game 4. >> i'm willing to bet if our intensity level is higher, the shots go in. if you cut a little harder that shot falls. if you attack the rim a little
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harder, that shot will go down. i think everything is due to our intentionty level. if we raise our intensity level, i think that cuts out over 50% of the problems that we've had. >> you know, we tend to get so caught up in the momentum of a playoff series. you win a couple of games and think you're unbeatable. you lose a couple, and think the sky is falling. best of 7. not best of 3. let's see what happens tomorrow night. >> i think they'll play well tomorrow. i really do. >> as scott mentioned game 4 tomorrow night, tip-off at 6:00 p.m. game 5 back in oakland on sunday. if there is a game 6 it would be back in cleveland next tuesday. a key decision in a long fought battle over a picturesque bay area golf course, and the two endangered species at the center of it. >> tracking a clear area pattern, and a warming pattern. how hot is it going to get in your neighborhood tomorrow? >> to deface something like
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this to me is totally unacceptable. >> up first, a bay area war memorial vandalized, and the effort to find those who are responsible.
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new at 10:00, a $6,500 reward to find the person or persons responsible for an act of vandalism at a bay area war memorial. live in danville after talking to a man who helped create that memorial. he's calling the vandalism, despicable. >> he certainly is.
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he is disgusted by what happened here. 20 years ago, the community came together to build what's called the all wars memorial. it's just up the hill here. now that community is coming together. offering cash to catch the culprits. >> pray that our heavenly father. >> reporter: reading president abraham lincoln's words to a grieving mom, david bearing is reminded of the human cost of war. >> now why you build a memorial like this. it's out of respect. >> reporter: a recent act of vandalism disrespected the sacrifice of war heros. >> but to deface something like this to me is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: a website critical of the government scrawled in at least four different spots. >> this is over here where black spray paint was put onto
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the marble seat. >> reporter: park maintenance views discovered the graffiti monday. >> our investigative team will look into what they can get off those cameras. >> reporter: surveillance footage may help reveal peace. a special spot that bearing says should rise above politics. >> if you've got a bone to pick with the united states government about its policy. you can protest, you have the right to do that. when you disrespect the men and women who defend this country every single minute of the day, i have a huge problem with that. >> reporter: now the vandals got a little sloppy. police showed me footprints that were left behind here. frank, they don't know if that was some sort of teenage prank or something more malicious. there was had a reference to an anti-government website. but regardless, they just want them caught. >> you could still see remnants of the graffiti, do they think they can get that up? >> reporter: that's what
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they're hoping to be able to do, frank. as you can see there, some of it is still visible. and right around where the flag pole is. they're hoping continued efforts by the maintenance crews will eventually remove it all. >> heather holmes in danville tonight. now to fremont where police are asking for help in solving several package thefts in the past two months. take a look at this home surveillance video. it shows someone stealing a package on june 1 from a home on fresia court. police say the thief was driving a dark colored honda civic coupe. a month before that, someone took a package from a porch in the same neighborhood. two days earlier, fremont police say the person in this photo took a package from a home on gannon terrace. investigators say several people may be involved. it you have any information on this case fremont police would like to hear from you. the case against a woman driver involved in a head-on crash on the bay bridge has been delayed now for at least a
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month. police say 33-year-old karrie lyn morgan drove the wrong way on the bridge. the crash happened last november. morguen appeared in court in napa today on an unrelated drug charge and was declared incompetent, and ordered to undergo treatment. prosecutors say toxicology reports show morgan was under the influence of methamphetamine and marijuana at the time of the crash. the san francisco crime lab has a backlog of hundreds of rape evidence kits. police chief greg suhr recently said the lab was quote too maxed out to process all of them. rob ross spoke with the chief today. he now says all of that has changed. >> reporter: in a sudden shift from previous statements, san francisco police chief greg suhr now says the backlog of older rape kits will be tested, and that could lead to arrests and some sexual assault cases. >> we will be able to clear the
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entire backlog and be one of the only major cities in the country to have done so. >> reporter: last year they said they were too maxed out to take on the backlog of rape kits that date back to 2003. since then, the kits have been hand counted. why the change? >> it wasn't a question of not being able to do it. it was a question of not knowing what we had, and when we'd be able to do it. >> reporter: he also raised high bros when he applied for millions of dollars in grants to pay for the testing. gascon says that is now water under the bridge. >> a week ago, he didn't think it was possible. he did this week and i'm very, very pleased that he rethought the whole process. >> reporter: it could lead to links to other crimes. in many cases, the statute of
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limitations has run out. >> some of them can be prosecuted. others may not be prosecuted, but at least we know who they are. >> reporter: the police chief and the district attorney says it will mean justice for the rapist, and the rape victim. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. the price to clean up the oil spill in santa barbara county is now $62 million rising. the pipeline company that is footing the bill says crews are making good progress, but only 75% of the beaches are clean. costs are running about $3 million a day. it has now been three weeks since a ruptured pipeline spilled about 100,000 gallons of oil along the beach. showers out there today. record rainfall for the month of june in many low cases -- locations or for this day in june. high pressure is building back in as this low is going like this, but the whole thing is moving out. so you kind of see it working
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its way south and east. that's moving out of the area. so less humidity as we head into the next 24 hours. more sunshine tomorrow. high pressure builds back in. the temperatures go up. no rain out there now. it's dry. the first time it's been dry all day for much of the bay area. still muggy in the inland valleys. fairfield 67. humidities are up there. takes a while for the moist air. the high pressure is comblessing the marine layer. as the air sinks it warms. this is the pattern we're under. so today, santa rosa got up to 80 tomorrow. they make 86. san francisco goes up to 72. look at livermore, they pop right back to 90 degrees tomorrow for a daytime high. temperatures tomorrow, significantly warmer than they were today. that sort of sets the stage for this warm up that's going to continue as we head into the bay area weekend. so when i get back, we'll be talking about temperatures in the next 48 hours that will be
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reaching into the mid-90s, maybe even upper 90s. >> we'll see you then, thank you, bill. the rainbow flags are up for gay pride month in san francisco. why this year's festivities in the city are carrying special significance. plus -- >> this historic bay area golf course is at the center of a long legal battle. the latest developments and what its future may hold.
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new at 10:00, a key decision years in the making involves a battle over sharp park golf course and two invasive species. a reservation project can finally get underway.
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>> i love it out here. >> reporter: sharp park golf course's fairways attract many people. golfers say this 83-year-old course offers in a stoolinga and beauty. designed by alister mckenzie. for years they have kept its future in limbo. >> when you have a historic resource, you don't cast it aside, you preserve it. >> reporter: now more than eight decades later, supporters say much needed preservation and renovation work can finally get started. that's because in recent months, two judges dismissed two challenges, and the coastal commission cleared the way for renovation work, which will include improving the drainage system, and installing new drought tolerant turf. >> it's literally as if you
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found an old work of art that had been left out in the rain and you brought it in and said you want to restore it. >> reporter: brent plater is with the wild equity institute. he says it damages the habitat of the red legged frog. [ no audio ] the golfs or closed. >> the larger question about the future of sharp park is still very much alive and we will prevail on that. >> reporter: he says his group may challenge the court rulings. golfers say the course and wildlife can coexist. >> now we can show the environmentalists and everyone that we are ready to do the right thing, and we want to. >> reporter: environmentalists say they'd like the golf course to be transformed into a general park for greater public access. both sides acknowledge that the recent court decisions are only a first step. in pacifica, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news.
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california's economy is growing and now has the seventh ladies largest economy in the world. the state's gpd hit $2.3 trillion in 2014. that was enough to edge past brazil into seventh place. california had slipped in the rankings since 2002, and bottomed out at 9th place in 2010. growth in agriculture, tech, and manufacturing have led to the recovery since then. some economists worry that housing prices may limit growth. democrats in sacramento are hoping to make it easier for people to vote. they have joined with alex padilla and introduced a bill that would allow voters to cast a boat on election day or ten days up to. a ballot would also be mailed to every voter. the bill is modeled after a system in place in colorado
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that has led to greater voter participation there. please help. stop sending me money. >> a new twist on tax fraud. why a bay area man keeps getting large refund checks from the irs. >> a man at the center of a u.s. supreme court case comes to san francisco. how the case could impact san francisco pride celebrations.
10:28 pm
my name is julia grinberg. i work in energy efficiency for pg&e here in san francisco. my job is to help my customers save money, save energy and save the environment. when it comes to renewable energy, pg&e is absolutely committed to creating a clean energy future. one out of every four solar rooftops in america is in our service area. it's wonderful to work in the city where i live and help my neighbors and i feel like the work that i do reflects that every single day. together, we're building a better california.
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new at 10:00, a celebration tonight and kickoff for this year's annual gay pride celebration in san francisco. this year's festivities come as the nation awaits a key u.s. supreme court ruling on same- sex marriage. jana katsuyama tells us pride 2015 could be significant for
10:30 pm
gay rights activists. >> reporter: lined with rainbow flags. the colors of pride. a crowd came together to celebrate with a kickoff party. what's most likely the color of this year's event is a decision from washington. >> we're definitely going to wait until the supreme court decision to decide how we feel about pride. >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court ruling will decide whether state same-sex marriage bans violate the constitution. today, the man in that supreme court case spoke at san francisco's city hall about his journey. he flew with his partner of 20 years to maryland so they could get married before john died of als three months later. >> i fight for my husband john. i fight for lila alcorn. i fight for harvey milk and those who have gone before me and those who will follow in our footsteps. >> reporter: it could determine whether this year's pride
10:31 pm
becomes a celebration or a call to action. >> i think that it's monumental in the sense that it will like affect a lot of people's lives and perceptions. >> the community is trying to band together. there's a greater, a greater sense of community. >> i think there's some degree of anxiety. and i think for same sex couples around the country and for families there's a lot of anxiety about are our families going to be recognized, and our relationships seen as equal. >> pride weekend is full of events, including a san francisco giants game. the giants are hosting lgbt night at at&t park on friday june 26. that includes a pregame party and a t-shirt. saturday june 27 is the sf dike march. then sunday, the 45th annual pride parade. gates open at 9:30. the parade begins at 10:30. east bay mud customers will see higher water bills starting
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july 31. the temporary surcharge that averages 25% is going to be imposed. also, customers who use excessive water will face penalties. then there's also an 8% permanent rate increase for delayed pipeline repairs that's not related to the drought. the utility is hoping that the water rate hikes will encourage people to conserve. the goal is to cut water use by 20% from the 2013 amount. east bay mud serves 1.3 million customers in alameda and contra costa counties. a bay area man says he's getting checks from the irs that have added up to more than $100,000 all for a tax return that he never filed. ktvu's ann reuben tells us what's going on. >> reporter: dave rand was more than a little surprised when this tax refund showed up in the mail. the check made out to him was for $74,000. odd, since he hadn't actually filed his tax return yet. apparently someone else had
10:33 pm
fraudulently. >> i was shocked. and contacted the irs immediately, returned the check, and i thought that would be the end of it. >> reporter: it wasn't. another check, this one for nearly $4,800 arrived a few weeks later. rand suspects the thieves only got part of the fraudulent fund in his account. the rest was mailed to him. >> okay, is this the last check? so i again contacted the irs and let them know. they assured me they'd received all of my documentation. and we'd probably be done. >> reporter: they weren't done. the money kept coming. >> i received another $36,000 check. just a few days ago. >> reporter: while rand's case seems unusual, identity theft is not. they announced a computer breach effecting more than 100,000 taxpayers. a spokesman says while he can't comment on rand's case, preventing fraudulent returns is a priority. >> we're doing the best we can to protect and use our filters.
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>> reporter: between 2011 and 2014, the irs says it stopped 19 million suspicious returns. this year it apparently did not catch dave rand's. >> the irs says we're not going to take any action until you file your tax return. i can't file my tax return until the fall when i get my k1's. >> reporter: they worry the thieves trail will be cold by then. his message to the irs? >> please help. stop sending me money. >> reporter: rand says he returned all three checks. but that he has no way of knowing how much money the thief may have gotten away with. in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news. a chp officer who saved the life of a distraught man on the bay bridge was given a special award today. the golden gate division presented car low jimenez with an achievement award. he responded to a call about a man who was about to jump from the bridge railing. when it appeared the man would
10:35 pm
fall, jimenez grabbed the man in a bear hug and wrestled him off the railing. he was called a true hero who risked his own life to save another. why students and teachers are both excited about new desks without chairs. >> we talk about your forecast for tomorrow. how about the next couple of days, as we head towards the weekend it's going to really heat up around here. i'll have the specifics on how hot. >> up first, authorities step up their search for two escaped killers, and now they're also talking to a prison employee who may have helped them.
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authorities say two convicted killers who escape from a maximum security prison may have crossed the border from new york to vermont. we are also learning details about the prison employee who may have helped them escape. joyce mitchell supervised the men in the prison tayloring shop. investigators say mitchell may have planned to pick up the inmates after their escape only to change her mind at the last minute. the two men escaped from clinton correctional facility in upstate new york on saturday. since then, hundreds of law enforcement agents have been searching door-to-door in small towns near the prison. officials say richard matt, and david sweat used power tools to break out of their cells. many people who live in neighboring communities are on
10:39 pm
edge. >> we locked the door, and like everybody else, we're locked at loaded. because they're not going to worry about whether the door is locked or not. they'll come in. >> the prison employee is described as a person of interest in this case. she has not been arrested or charged in connection with the escape. police say she is cooperating with investigators. the u.s. is sending an additional 450 u.s. troops to iraq to train iraqi fighters. they'll be focusing on training the sunnies to help fight isis. the white house says this is a response to recent set backs against isis, it also comes after iraq's prime minister asked for more help. the number of training sights in iraq would increase from 4 to 5. >> part of my discussion was how do we make sure that we get more recruits in. a big part of that answer is our outreach to sunni tribes.
10:40 pm
wall street rallied today for the best day in more than a month. the dow rose 236 points and is now back on the plus side for the year. nasdaq was up 62, and the s & p added 25. positive news on greece's debt crisis helped move the markets. business keeps getting better for netflix. stock prices rose at a new high, and it is up 17% in the past month. the streaming video service is also planning a stock split. classrooms at a school in san rafael are going to look a lot different come this fall. they'll all have standing desks. work is underway to take out all the old style desks and replace them with disks that
10:41 pm
don't have chairs. >> you can concentrate much better, and i don't talk as much. i don't know why. it just seems to happen. >> the kids are given the option of grabbing a stool if they want one. the desks are on wheels for easy movement. they also have what's called a fidget bar. you see it there for kids to rest their fidgeting feet on. >> we could use a fidget bar here. >> i could sometimes. >> they're talking in the classroom. the giants and a's both in action tonight, and both pick up a w. scott reese has the highlights, plus the latest on matthew dellivadova. >> up first, a baby boy delivered on highway 101. the firefighter who took action and when they realized the newborn's neck was wrapped in his umbilical cord.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
the south san francisco fire department says it responds to seven thousand calls a year. but the call they got this week, it is one they're never going to forget. allie rasmus tells us, it led firefighters to a busy highway. once they got there, they helped deliver a baby. >> reporter: when a call comes in, firefighters prepare for the worst. but every once in a while, their assignment comes can a happy ending. >> this is a special call, and it's a special day for that family. we're really pleased we were a part of it. >> reporter: that special day started early monday morning, when a healthy 7-pound baby boy was born right in the back of this ambulance on highway 101. >> we're not sure either millbrae, san bruno, or burlingame. >> you can put on the birth
10:45 pm
certificate, highway 101. >> reporter: what matters is that the delivery went smoothly. the baby's mom and dad called 911 when they realized they wouldn't be able to make it to the hospital on their own. baby frank mendez jr. arrived on the road 15 minutes into their trip to the hospital. lang and the other firefighters in the ambulance are all trained paramedics. they took action when they realized the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. >> every first responder we have either is, or has been a paramedic in their career. >> reporter: the fact that every firefighter in the ambulance that day is a parent also helped. >> the three kids, you know. you're used to seeing the whole process. >> reporter: firefighters are planning a reunion with mom and baby at the fire station next week, where they will give this little guy some toys and an honorary uniform.
10:46 pm
>> he already got his ambulance experience. >> reporter: allie rasmus, ktvu, fox 2 news. rattlesnakes are on the move in the bay area. experts say we may see more of them in the summer because of the drought. a 2-year-old girl from bay point was airlifted to the hospital last night after a rattlesnake bit her on the foot in the backyard. she is in stable condition this afternoon. experts say the drought is bringing out more rodents in search of food and water, and rattlesnakes will be right behind them. >> the big problem is kids littering. rats ground, ground squirrels, mice, like the food. bees, yellow jackets. flies like this food sitting around. it attracts lizards too. >> reporter: rattlers also like the heat. this snake was sunning itself yesterday. experts say rattlesnakes usually only strike if they're threatened. >> we talked a lot about how
10:47 pm
dry january was, and now becomes drier than we saw in june. today's rainfall blows january away, because it was dry. about .11 of an inch in san francisco today. but other cities, as we showed you earlier broke some records out there. and we're going to dry out now. we're going to see more sunshine tomorrow, and temperatures are going to warm up. outside, you got a shot there in oakland. you can see the cloud cover. the clouds are clearing rapidly. it's going to be mild and warm outside. there you see the showers working their way out of the area. it was kind of a wet, drippy day all day. those showers now ending. we saw some activity up around east dubuque county. we set up with a warmer pattern. not just a little bit warmer, but tomorrow, mostly sunny, and a lot warmer. highs in the hot spots are going to make it into the upper 80s, low 90s. by friday, we're looking at
10:48 pm
temperatures in the upper 90s, lower 90s. then here we go. tomorrow morning, there's the fog. you see no high clouds much watch the fog get suppressed here by tomorrow afternoon. watch this. that's the high pressure ridge. they're pushing this down. also compressing the marine layer. it's going to be warmer. you don't have to show me anything else. watch what happens on friday. there's friday morning. the fog builds back in. watch the fog tomorrow afternoon. see how suppressed it gets? you know friday is going to be a warmer day because the high pressure will be stronger. this is the model. a computer model. this low pressure center as it moves out of the area, no winds really with it. just a light cloud cover that's clearing rapidly. the high comes back, then temperatures increase rapidly thursday into friday. friday is going to be the warmest day on your bay area weekend. the forecast highs tomorrow, you got 86 in napa.
10:49 pm
90 in vacaville. 90 in brentwood. 90 in livermore. the temperatures are going to continue to be on the warm side. morgan hill, 88. almost 90 in gilroy. five-day forecast coming up, tomorrow warmer like these temperatures. friday warmer still. actually it's called hot in the inland bay. the numbers that could easily reach into the mid-90s, or upper 90s. it cools down a little for the bay area weekend. i fear fire danger comes back, as we get into saturday, we'll be talking about it more. >> who would have believed you if you said june's going to have more rain than january. >> it just kept coming. >> great for lawns, great for plants. >> thanks bill. the curtain will soon be going back up at san jose repertoire theater. they have voted to let san jose state start managing the downtown theater. the university plans to use it for professional theater companies. this news comes about a year
10:50 pm
after the theater filed for bankruptcy. scott joins us now with sports. some late game drama for the a's. >> yeah, they gave us a little excitement tonight. the a, they're just toying with us now. last week's four game win streak, evoked visions of a midseason joyride. then they lost four straight, and once again, no joy in mudville, or oakland as the case may be. trying to get well tonight against the rangers. texas led this game 4-1 at this point. the a's claw back. in the 8th, it's 4-3. billy butler finds a hole. it's 4-4. runners at the corners. josh reddick. sam fold is just too fast. that's it. the a's, believe it or not get their first walkoff win of the season on june 10. you know what that means. it's a special, not just a pie, it's the pie and the gatorade tonight. 5-4 your final. nothing like rising to the
10:51 pm
occasion under the bright lights of the big city. last night in new york, a no hitter from chris heston, and a homer from joe panik. tonight, they shined once again. citi field, heston, a well deserved night off. panik picking up where he left off. owning the mets. two run shot. 2-0 san francisco. 6th inning, it's 4-2 new york. but the killer p's go to work. posey knocking in panik and pagan. big game by buster. tim hudson wasn't great, but got enough support to stay in there. brandon belt, off of the previously unhittable matt harvey, who just didn't have it tonight. two run shot for bell. the giants get 5 in the 6th, and win it 8-5. just ahead, another nail biter in the stanley cup
10:52 pm
finals. and the latest on deli's dehydration. plus, how he feels about playing against himself. sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter.
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deli was downright dehydrated after last night's game. matthew dellavedova threw his
10:55 pm
body around the floor with reckless abandon in game it 3 against the warriors. he also threw in a bunch of shots, going for 20 points. deli was released from the hospital in time for today's media session which turned out to be quite entertaining. >> king james, the australian government has the power to knight citizens of our country. would you endorse sir dellavedova? >> that's pretty cool, whatever is in favor of good for deli i'm all for it. so whatever that guy wants or need, i'm all for. >> are you an annoying player? >> am i annoying player? well i've never played against myself. but -- >> would you find yourself annoying? >> yes. i think i would. you think your job comes
10:56 pm
with pressure. how about being a rookie goalie making your first career start on the road in game 4 of the stanley cup finals. 3rd period, 1-1. brandon saad beats him. his 8th of the playoffs. it's 2-1 blackhawks. final seconds, the lightning coming back with a flurry. looking for the equalizer. a bunch of chances, none better than there. steven stamkos on the doorstep can't get it to go. the hawks hang on and win 2-1. the series is tied. the u.s. men's soccer team is developing quite the flair for the dramatic. for the second time in six days they scored a game winning goal in the final 3:00 of regulation. a friendly against germany. bobby wood scored the game winner against the netherlands on friday. does the deed again today. their first ever victory on german soil. >> really. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us
10:57 pm
tonight. our next newscast, morning on 2. beginning at 4:00 tomorrow morning. have a great night. >> good night.
10:58 pm
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