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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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vandalism of a war memorial in the east bay. >> a jor traffic change on market street. the new rules that could cut traffic by half later this summer. . >> good morning, it is thursday, friday eave. we're almost there. good morning to you. showers yesterday, the weather has been an adventure, you never know what you will get. >> we got rain all day too. up to bun 100-degrees. >> on monday. >> now back to the warm stuff. >> have you been listening or what? >> amazing day yesterday.
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rainfall records. there were hefty totals, even up in the north pay as well, the blanket of fog left behind. this was leftover hurricane blanca. there's a lot of fog out there. not inland, at least not yet, 60s, much cooler on the temps, 40s, 50s, 60s. not much of a breeze, high pressure will build in, there goes the low, it is on its way out. drying takes place behind that. sunny and warmer, mostly sunny, 80s and 90s inland, cooler lows, highs, 80s, 90s, 60s, and 70s. what a day yesterday.
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>> that's a big spread. 63 in 1 spot, drive 40 minutes, 90 degrees. that's the bay area. >> i was at a weather conference and i presented that. how can you miss that. i said come out to the bay area in june or july. >> right now we don't have anything nearly as excited in the traffic world. let's go to the east shore freeway. it looks good. the traffic here is looking good, no problems here, 580 or 80, we had an earlier chase on 580, in case you heard the sirens that's taken care of. and if you're driving this morning on highway 37 or in the
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north bay or east bay the traffic is moving well. 580 is a nice commute livermore to dublin. police in hayward are revealing details of the biggest marijuana bust in city history. a s.w.a.t. team raided a warehouse on thursday and officers seized marijuana plants. there was a mashed fence about a padlock and tense order of p.m. inside the -- marijuana. inside was a ventilation system and wires that illegally tapped into the grid. it was a 24 hour seven day a
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week marijuana factory. from growing it to paneling it. it's a -- packaging it. police say industrial parks are a favorite spot for illegal indoor grow operations. >> an act of vandalism at a war memorial has sparked out rage. someone sprayed graffiti at oak park. there's references to an antigovernment web site. the man who helped create the memorial called it despicable. >> if you have a bone to pick with the government about the
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policy you can protect. when you disrespect the men and women who defend the country i have a huge problem with that. >> investigators believe the vandals were at the memorial sunday night. police are going over video for clues. the town of danville and private donors are offering a reward. the warriors are down 2-1 in the series with the cavs. tuesday night the warriors got into a groove in the 4th quarter but they could not overcome their mistakes. this is reminiscent of the semifinals when the warriors lost games two and 3 to the grizzlies and came back to win the series, that's when the fans need to focus on.
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lebron scored more points in 3 games than anyone in finals history. >> a similar situation, a different game, you have to adjust, we have to win game four, go home with an even series and take it from there. >> shots may fall, they may not, the higher the intents tee level the shots go in. >> to the cavaliers injury report, their guard matthew says he's ready to go tonight, he cramped up after tuesday night's game and had to be taken to the hospital, he was released yesterday. tip-off for game four 6:00 tonight, game 5 will be in oakland on sunday, if necessary
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a game six would be tuesday in cleveland. bart will suspend service between oakland coliseum and frutevale. fans are encouraged to take bart to the game. on saturday, a bus bridge will be in place for riders that need to get between the two stations. if the series goes to game 7 there would be a thereafter nightmare. it would be june 19ed. just after the warriors game start the a's will host the angels. starting next month thereafter on market street -- traffic on market street will be more difficult. a new rule that would ban
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drivers from turning on to market from third to 8th street. city officials say market street has the four most dangerous intersections. these new rules would only apply to private vehicles, buses, taxis would be exempt but not uber or lyft. drivers could face a $238 fine. 100 protesters rallied in oakland, no confrontations with police as officers skipped the event. the demonstration ended just before 9:30. protesters will hold another rally to demonstrate against a shooting of a 38-year-old man. the city of san francisco is
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considering expanding the police force because of the car burglary and auto theft due to retirement and slow down in hiring there's 1700 officers down from 2000. there's a retisolution to raise the number of police to 2200. a rough day on the links for four golfers in pebble beach. they were playing at spanish bay when two people approached them and demanded money. one golfer got a cut on the ear. two suspects stole several hundred dollars in golf equipment. >> that's unusual. >> strange place for that to happen. 4:09 is the time. authorities stepped up their
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search for escaped killers. >> coming up next a big makeover for a bay area classroom, students and teachers are excited about the new desks that are coming without chairs. we're looking at the east bay commute. traffic is looking good on 880. we'll tell you more coming up. i was excited by yesterday's rain, but that was yesterday. it's looking warmer.
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. welcome back, the time is 4:12. an american man has died fighting in syria. 36-year-old keith broomfield died in a battle in a syrian villiago. he went to syria to fight against isis. he's believed to be the first u.s. citizen fighting against kurdish forces against isis. the search has stretched from the facility to vermont. authorities have been posting information at state parks and
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alerting campers about the escapees. >> it's been in the back of my mind, we've had people approach us we don't know borrowing an egg or whatever. that's what you do in a campground. >> overnight police shut down a state highway near the prison. officers are checking the trunks of people passing through. lock your doors, turn on exterior light. nevada police have a man in custody in connection with an arson case that cost $100,000 in damage at a car leadership. the police arrested bixler yesterday. he set cars on fire on monday night. this comes after police put out this video. the video shows that suspect
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walking across the street. two of the new cars were destroyed, two damaged. he was booked into jail. evacuations in effect because of a fire in the shasta trinity national forest. it has burned 750-acres, the largest of several smaller fires sparked by lightning strikes. here are pictures of the fire, you can see brown smoke in the sky. fire officials have contained many of the fires to less than 5-acres. instead of heading to their classrooms some students are staging a rally. shasta is holding the last day of class at the former serra monty high school. it has been pushing the
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jefferson union high school to allow it to move to that site. the campus is the school district office. if the district fails a permanent larger campus 300 students will be displaced. classes in san rafael will have standing desks. work is underway to replate the old desks with elevated desks that do not have chairs. teachers and students like it. >> you can concentrate better and i don't talk as much. i don't know why, it seems to happen. >> the kids are given the option of grabbing a stool if they want one. the desks are on wheels and
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they have that. a digit bar, so kids can rest their feet if they want to. >> the if i'meting -- fidgeting. your wife is a teacher. constantly, four legs down. one kid goes backwards. it seems like a good idea. >> how do you fall asleep though? >> do they make students write sentencing? >> yes. >> like i will not talk out of turn. >> when they get into trouble? >> yeah. >> is that something that only i maybe i. >> never had to do. >> i am wondering, maybe you can hit us up on twitter. if you remember having to write sentences on the chalkboard.
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>> and right there you are dating yourself. they don't have those any more. they have white boards. good morning, not a lot of traffic going on, traffic is doing okay, if you're on highway 24, it looks good as you drive over highway 24, it is not a bad drive, it looks good all the way up to the tunnel. this morning we're looking at highway 4 westbound through antioch to concord, it is moving nicely. on to nail it freeway -- nimitz freeway it looks good. this is 280 in san jose, that traffic looks good. it's a little foggy but traffic is looking good. steve i am standing.
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>> something now or is it new. >> i think i can go as far back. there he is. are you going to do that next hour? on monday we had blazing hot temperature and clouds up on tuesday, yesterday is rain. amazing rain. we couldn't find a drop of rain for january for san francisco the first time ever since 1849, what happens, by get a wet june. there were a lot of record rainfall amounts and hefty totals. you know where black diamond is, they are .6.
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fog. our system flown out of the picture and took the moisture with it. 40s, 50, 60. livermore is 7-degrees cooler. and san jose a 10 it's on the muggy side. not much of a breeze, see if that picks up. water temps have warmed up. this is a little bit influenced by what we had in the system. 60s in the interior, there goes the low, it flying out of the picture some of the fog is right on the deck.
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the rain moves off to the west and it's gone. looks like a cooling trend on the weekend. thick morning fog, 80s and 90s inland. cooler lows, 80s and 90s. it will be on the muggy side. 60s, 70s and 80s, temperature yesterday held down by the clouds and rain, warm to hot on friday and cooling trend takes us into the weekend. >> 4:21 is the time, worries about weather dam ended -- dam ended the -- dampened the spirits of graduates. >> we had tents, we did a call
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to the parents and let them know we would have the graduation ceremony. >> the rain passed by the time the diplomas were passed out. all the um bellas -- umbrellas were not needed. >> didn't get rained out. dozens of guns and explosives, thieves in san francisco coming up in 15 minutes. the suspects were intending to do with those guns. >> police help, stop sending me money. >> a bay area man gets refund checks from the irs he doesn't want.
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welcome back, it's 4:25, police are asking for help in solving package thefts. look at this home surveillance video. this is from a home, the thief was driving a dark colored honda civic. the person in this photo took a package from a
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home on gannon terrace. all the thefts seem to be related. if you have information contact police. a man received three large tax refund. he has not filed his tax return when he received a refund for $74,000. he returned the money. he received another check. he believed it was i.d. theft. >> again contacted the irs. they assured they received my information. and that we would be done. a few days ago he received another check for $36,000. he called the irs. the officials cannot do anything until he filed the tax
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return. he cannot do that until he gets forms. by that time the trail of the i.d. thieves will be cold. drinking among minors are dropping. underage drinking among 12 to 20-year-old fell six percentage. binge drinking declined. experts attribute this to reducing levels. alcohol is the primary drug used by young people. people looking forward to the new 50 shades of gray book may have to wait. someone stole the manuscript. it is missing. they fear someone will leak the book online. it was tcu -- due to be
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released next week. developing news coming out of san francisco, a large police presence, a street blocked off. we're heading to that scene. a 911 emergency with a happy ending. >> we're not sure it's mill bridge san bruno. coming up the call south san francisco firefighters will never forget.
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. welcome back. good morning. i am pam cook. >> and i am jim plunkett. -- jim savage. no more rain, hopefully? >> i know. a lot of rainfall records yesterday, i mean a bunch. >> y


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