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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  June 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. welcome back. good morning. i am pam cook. >> and i am jim plunkett. -- jim savage. no more rain, hopefully? >> i know. a lot of rainfall records yesterday, i mean a bunch. >> yes. >> at least eight around here
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and there were probably more in sacramento. you name it. there was a lot of rain around here. the system moved out but the fog is left behind. there will be a lot of low clouds and thick fog. even san jose with fog. some of it is reducing visibility. our system, i tell you it is an unusual pattern for june but we got the rain, really good rain, almost 2/3 of an inch and liver more got .33, broke the old record in 1976. in fact, what is interesting most of the rainfall broke records from 1976. suicide 60s. not the 70s we had yesterday. that is mild. we are on the drier side.
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sal, yesterday you and i were very busy. hopefully today is quiet. yes. steve. let's check out the morning commute. the traffic is not too bad if you are driving on the bay bridge into san francisco. it looks pretty good. there is very little delay at the toll plaza. looking at the commute at the toll plaza area westbound traffic is light. if you are on the nimitz freeway, the traffic is moving along very nicely between hayward and fremont. at 4:32, back to the desk. sal, we are following developing news out of san francisco where there was a shooting and robbery in the mission delores neighborhood. policing caught two suspects and are looking for possibly a third suspect. tara moriarty has more live at the scene with what happens.
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>> reporter: yes. this is basically a street robbery gone wrong. we know at least two men approached another man and demanded his wallet and other personal belongings about half a block from where we are standing at 23rd and butler. this happened around 3:00 this morning. police happened to be doing patrollings in the area and saw the robbery in progress. of the the suspect was pointing the gun in the victim's face. officers were able to chase down the suspect and they believe someone was shot. >> because of the blood trail leading from 23rd street to bartlet, there is a pool of blood. we will have to canvas the area to look for a possible victim. that is where we are at this particular time. >> reporter: officers employee there could be a third suspect that injured himself. they found a machine gun tossed near a fence neb are nearby. we will follow this -- fence nearby. we will follow this story and let you know about new
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developments. officers are at the scene conducting an investigation. this section at mission delores for half a block is locked off. we don't know how long it will be like that. live in san francisco, tara moriarty. back to you. tragedy to tell you about out of solano county. the chp say as man trying to attach his boat to his truck accidentally hit and killed his 6-year-old granddaughter. this happened yesterday morning before 9:30 close to vacaville. the chp says as the man was backing his truck up to the boat, he hit the young girl riding her bicycle bicycle at the time. the man is not facing charges. in san francisco police arrested two suspects and seized 38 gun, thousands of rounds of ammunition and home made explosives. san francisco police showed off the arsenal yesterday. chief greg sir says it started in april after robbers at a gas station and three other
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businesses. officers arrested one man in the bayview district last month. then last week they raided a home in south san francisco where they made a second arrest and found the guns and bomb making materials. >> the mere fact that he was emotionally manufacturing inside the home could have -- was police officering inside the home could have -- manufacturing inside the home could have had devastating consequences. new water restrictions will take place today. they will meet state requirements. irrigation and landscape watering will be limited to three days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and people are not allowed to use fountains. there could be up to a $500 fine for third violations. and the supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage is on everyone's mind as the lgbt
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parade gets set to take off. this year's pride parade is on sunday, june 28th. by coincidence the supreme court ruling on whether same- sex marriage ban violates the u.s. constitution is also expected at the end of the month. >> i think it is monumental in the sense it will affect a lot of people's lives and perceptions. >> i think there is some degree of anxiety. for same sex couples around the country, there is anxiety about whether family will be recognized and is the relationship seen equal. >> a lot of people know the decision is not accepted until the last days of the session, june 29th or 30th, after the parade. organizers say they hope the decision comes down before that so it is a ruling they can celebrate, be but for now it is a wait and see. ash carter announced new
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policies for the gay and lesbian troops. lgbt troops will be protected from the same policies that protect other service members. >> following years and years of gay and lesbian service members having to hide who they are, today we take pride in how they are free to serve their country openly. >> this new protection for gay and lesbian troops comes four years after the end of the military's 'don't ask, don't tell'. the rule allows gay and lesbian to serve in the military only if they hid their identity. police departments were ruled to be able to have police use body cameras. the 421-6 vote comes at the time of much needed body camera
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transparency for police work and false allegations. several police agencies across the nation, including here in the bay area are already using body camera, though some are grappling with who should have access to the video. and today the victims of the german plane crash will have a press conference coming as the remains of the victims are now being returned to families. you will remember back on march 24th the co-pilot of that plane intentionally crashed it in the french alps. all 150 people on board were killed. the first burial of a german wings passenger is set for tomorrow. the ex-girlfriend of james holmes testified at his trial saying she ended the relationship five months before prosecutors say he opened fire inside a colorado movie theater. she said she met holmes in 2011 at a graduate school out
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outside of denver. she says he liked her more than she liked him so she broke things off. she said he was quiet and awkward in public. >> he would make a joke and people either wouldn't laugh it or they would be forced to laugh. >> she said holmes sent her messages saying he wanted to kill people but she didn't think he was serious. he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. a key decision in a long fought battle over a picturesque bay area golf course. here in 15 minutes, what a frog and snake have to do with the this controversy. >> but first, two women go toe- to-toe inside a busy wal-mart. after the break, the alleged racist remark that sparked the sight and the footable now seen by millions. >> woe all right. east bay traffic, you can see
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southbound 680 as you drive past mission is doing very well. nothing rough about the commute as you head down to the south bay. steve? >> mother nature gave us a 1-2 punch yesterday not only with cloud cover but rain. we will have an update on today's forecast, coming right up.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. 4:42. pretty incredible video showing two women fighting inside a wal-mart and it has gone viral. amber stevenson, one of the women in the video say she heard rebecca mills call an employee the n-word. stevenson said she was supporting the employee the woman has been banned from the
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store and prosecutors are determining what, if any charges, will be filed in the case. the video has 4.8 million views. san francisco's police chief now says hundreds of rape evidence kit will be processed before the end of the year. just last month the chief said the crime lab is too maxed out to go through all of them. he refused to team up with the district attorney to apply for millions of dollars in grants to pay for the testing. now, though, officials have gone through the evidence room and found 437 kits that have not been tested. the chief says that paints a different picture. >> it wasn't a question of being able to do it. it was a question of not knowing what we had and when we would be able to go forward in a week ago he didn't think it was possible and this week he does. i am very, very pleased that he rethought the whole process and is stepping up. >> the kits will now be processed and dna results
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placed in the data bank that could help to identify suspects in other crimes. california's secretary of state is hoping people can vote in up coming elections. a bill was increased calling for every california voter to get a ballot that can be dropped off at a new network of early voting centers. voters could cast a ballot op election day or the -- on election day or in the ten days leading up to it. well, the south san francisco fire department responds to about 7,000 calls a year. but the call they got this week is one they will not forget. ktvu has more on how firefighters helped make a very special delivery. >> reporter: when a call comes in, firefighters prepare for
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the worst. but every once in a while there is an assignment that comes with a happy ending. >> this is a special call for that family. we are really pleased to be a part of it. >> reporter: that special day started early monday morning when a healthy seven pound baby away was born in the back of this ambulance on highway 101. >> what city he was born in, we are not sure if it was san bruno or burlington. >> reporter: but what matters to the firefighters was a smooth delivery. it was 3:45 monday morning when a dad called 9-1-1 when he realized they would not be making it to the hospital on their own. >> they realized she was coming. >> reporter: and she were right. baby arrived 15 minutes on the way to the hospital. firefighters in the ambulance are all trained paramedics and took action when they realized the umbilical cord was wrapped
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around the baby's neck. >> every first responder we have is or has been a paramedic. >> the fact that every firefighter is trained in medical rescues also helps. >> reporter: firefighters are planning a reunion at the fire station next week with mom and dad where they will give a little one toys and an honorary uniform. alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it -- allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it is so cute. it is exciting how cute that little one is. >> yes. 4:46 is the time. sal? >> it is early, but how is it looking? >> it is looking pretty good. not too bad at all. as a matter of fact, let me show you some things here. come with me as we take this traffic journey. the traffic here looks good. the bay bridge toll plaza has
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problems getting on into san francisco. we are also looking at a commute that is dog very well in the east bay right now. 880 north and southbound is moving along nicely here at the coliseum area. further south between hayward and fremont it is nice. 580 through dublin also looks good. we have a wide open slate right now for the morning commute. for today's weather, here is steve. sal, do you know who christopher lee is. >> no. am i the only one. >> a very famous british actor. he was in "the man with the golden gun," the "dracula" movies. >> you will know more about him when you google him. >> i bet. well, what is interesting most of the rainfall records were set in 1976. san francisco not a drop of rain in january.
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the first time ever. nothing. and yet we get 11 inches in june, on the 10th. amazing. some of the rain totals, you get an idea here. i will step out of the way. black diamond at 1,600 feet, kind of on the backside of mount diablo. you can take the trails and head to the old diamond mines, incredible amounts. you get the idea? the heaviest concentration of rain in that area. sfo .26. oakland airport .18. downtown .16 was a record. san rafael .17 a record. richmond, mount view and i think this were at least ten. reno airport set one, as well, a third of an inch around. you can see it was an impress
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system that was once hurricane blanca that came through here and gave us all that rain. much cooler this morning. 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. santa rosa is 7 degrees cooler because we lost the cloud cover. still plenty of fog. not much of a breeze, though. 6 o0s through the inter -- 60s through the interior. we are seeing a turn in nevada out of the picture. the rape moves east en-- rain moves east and there is thick fog out there. the moisture content is very high. the humidity folk or the is not as high but muggy out -- humidity factor is not as high but it is still muggy out there. sunny and warmer, 80s and 90s for inland highs. won't take long to rebound this time of year. the days are long. 60s and 70s for others.
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a gradual cooling trend will start maybe inland saturday, no doubt on sunday and monday. >> thank you. a nice weekend shaping up. a bay area man was half way through a bike ride for a cause chose to his heart. eric mcintyre's wife, liz, is fighting pancreatic cancer. he arranged a ride from new orleans to portland, raising money for the cancer foundation. his hometown of danville is sending him off on the second half of his journey in style. >> we wish him well. >> yes, we do. and her. firefighters and police officers all across the country taking on washington, d.c. coming up here in 25 minute, what this has to do with 9/11 and those who responded at ground zero. >> plus a truck accident on an
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interstate killed a shark. where the animal was headed and how it happened. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. 4:53 right now. acura is recalling two models of an suv for a problem with a safety system. this recall involving acura mdx and rlx vehicles for the 2014 and 2015 model years. acura says the emergency
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braking system uses radar to scan in front of the suvs. if it sees something the vehicle may hit, it automatically applies the brakes but the emergency braking system is misreading guardrails and sensors on the side of the road and slowing down the car, increasing the risk of a collision. the problem will be fixed. google is lawn muching a new project focused -- launching a new project focusing on helping people with city life. it studies issues such as lowering the cost of living, increasing energy use and transportation and will review numbers to make progress in the area. the ceo of sidewalk labs, the mayor of economic development and rebuilding for the city of new york, will head up the project. something positive will come up from the 1999 earthquake. san francisco will dedicate a new building that offers
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affordable housing. we were there for the ground breaking in september of 2013. the apartments will be located on city land which was originally a ramp to the embarcadero freeway demolished because of the quake. it will afford housing to low income families. well, renovations wrenn preservation project will be getting under way. the san francisco supreme court judges threw out two challenges and renovation work will begin at the 83-year-old golf course in pacifica. they will improve a drainage system, installing new drought-tolerant turf and a new frog pond. >> literally as if you found an old work of art left out in the rain and brought it in and said you want to restore it. >> alarminger question about the future of -- a larger question about the future of
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shark park is still very -- sharp park is still very much alive well, this is sort of an unusual situation. a shark was killed after being involved in a traffic accident in florida. here is the scene from last night's crash near edgewater, florida. the state highway patrol says one of five sharks transported from florida to a new york aquarium died when the truck carrying the sharks drove off the road on i-95. the other sharks on board being transported are okay and no people were hurt in the accident. >> very bizarre. all right. coming up in our 5:00 hour, a marijuana raid in the east bay. >> for hayward, this is the largest indoor set up in
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history. >> the elaborate set up and what news crews found when they went looking for it. >> and strict new rules for drivers that could cut traffic in half by later on this summer. >> we are looking at a commute this morning where traffic is looking good in most areas as we take a live look at highway 24. it looks good in the tunnel. >> no rain today but today is one for the books. maybe you are walking in the rain!
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. we are live in san francisco where police caught three suspects after a box robbery. we will tell you why they believe there could be a third suspect. >> and outrage after vandalism of a war memorial in the east bay. >> to deface something like this to me is totally unacceptable. >> the clues police are looking at trying to track down who did it . good morning. we are live in san francisco's mission district. you can see street recognition blocked off and large police
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presence. police are investigating a robbery and shooting out there. ktvu tara moriarty just got new information from police. she will have that update for us in about two minutes. we will take you back out there to the mission delores area. it is thursday, june 11th. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. we talked about it yesterday and what about today? >> it was an amazing day. i realize some locations didn't get a lot of rain but .10 bus common from the north bay to south bay. two bands went through napa county and petaluma. the other was over the east bay. it is long gone but the fog is on. there is a lot of thick fog out there. be careful. once that lifts it will be sunny and warmer today. the there goes the system. zoom! it flies out of the picture. once it does the high mid level


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