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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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n blocked off and large police presence. police are investigating a robbery and shooting out there. ktvu tara moriarty just got new information from police. she will have that update for us in about two minutes. we will take you back out there to the mission delores area. it is thursday, june 11th. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. we talked about it yesterday and what about today? >> it was an amazing day. i realize some locations didn't get a lot of rain but .10 bus common from the north bay to south bay. two bands went through napa county and petaluma. the other was over the east bay. it is long gone but the fog is on. there is a lot of thick fog out there. be careful. once that lifts it will be sunny and warmer today. the there goes the system. zoom! it flies out of the picture. once it does the high mid level
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clouds are gone. it won't take long this time of year for the temperatures to warm up. sal, i think traffic is looking pretty good? steve and i work together as fog brothers from time to time. let's take a look at what we have the with east shore freeway there. it was foggy earlier but now i can see a little more so the fog is moving around. right now the traffic looks
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good here. the photographic has been nice. -- the traffic has been looking nice. 5:01. back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. developing news in san francisco, a robbery victim had a gun aimed at his face. now, police have arrested two people already, but they are now looking for a third suspect. ktvu tara moriarty joins us live. you are in the mission district. police made an important discovery. what happened? >> reporter: they found a trail of blood from the scene of the crime to this area about a block away at 23rd and bartlet. this is where the suspect ran to. you can see police have it quartonned off. they did not find anyone with a gunshot wound but they are checking local hospitals to see if anyone walked in hurt.
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police happened to be doing patrols in the area. they saw the suspects running, knew something was up and also found a weapon. >> there was a semi-automatic clip. i still haven't seen the complete gun itself. it was chucked over a fence, so it is there. >> it is a gun, a very powerful gun. we are very fortunate no one was injured or killed in this situation here. >> reporter: officers believe the person who was injured that left the trail of blood could possibly be the third suspect. again, the investigation is now under way. we will keep you posted throughout the morning. live from san francisco, i am tara moriarty. back to you. >> all right, tara. we will talk to you later. the time is 5:03. in the meantime new details from police in hayward from what they are calling the biggest marijuana bust in the city's history. 13,000 marijuana plants with a
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street value of $15 million was seized last thursday when a s.w.a.t. team raided a warehouse on diablo avenue near highway 292. the police haven't told us the exact location of the warehouse but the news crusade it wasn't hard to find. -- news crews say it wasn't hard to find. a fence was smashed, there was a new padlock and the smell of marijuana is intense around the building. inside the building police found a sophisticated ventilation system and wires illegally tapped into the electrical grid. according to police this was a 24-hour, 7 day a week marijuana operation. >> from the beginning of the seedlings to packaging it for sale on the street. it is a factory. they grow it there, package it there and off it goes onto the streets. >> these three men ages 21, 22 and 28 were arrested and facing charges of felony and
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distribution. industrial parks are favorite spots for illegal indoor grow operations. it is easy to hide with few neighbors. well, in danville community outrage as police say someone sprayed graffiti on the monument nestled in the trees of oak hills park. there are four remarks about an anti- government website. the man who helped create the memorial 20 years ago calls the vandalism despicable. >> you can protest. you have the right to do that, but when you disrespect the men and women who defend this one country every single minute of the day, i have a huge problem with that. >> norths believe the vandals were at -- investigators believe the vandals were at the hemy sometimes sunday night. they are going over video for clues and $6,500 is being
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awarded for a lead. the war years are down two games to one in the series. in game three tuesday night the warriors finally got in the groove. the warriors last in the semitimes when warriors lost games two and three in memphis and bounced back to win the series. now they are dealing with lebron james, scoring more points in three games than anyone in the history of the nba finals. >> a very similar situation. a different team. you have to adjust according, but the mission is we have to win game four, go home, leave the series and take it from there. >> i am not saying hey, we will make every shot. who knows? we may or may not, but i am willing to bet if our intensity level is higher the shot will go in. >> in the meantime cleveland's
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matthew is ready to play tonight. he got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon in time to attend the media session. game four starts at 6:00 tonight. game five at oracle arena and sunday at 5:00 and if necessary game six will be in cleveland on tuesday. bart has scheduled service again between the oakland coliseum and fruitdale station and will be up and running in time for sunday's game 5. fans are encouraged to take bart to the game. service will run by 8:00 sunday morning. on saturday a bus bridge will be in place for riders who need to get between the two stations. it is for critical track maintenance. if the series goes to a game zen there could be a traffic -- seven there could be a traffic nightmare in oakland. the same night after the warriors game starts the a's
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host the angels and it is fire works night, meaning 60,000 people all trying to get to the same place. >> yikes. starting next month driving on san francisco's busy market street could get harder. next week transportation officials are expected to approve a new rule for banning drivers from turning on to market between 3rd and 8th street, part of a continuing effort to reduce traffic and improve pedestrian and bike safety. market street has the four most dangerous intersections in the city. these new rules would only apply to private vehicles, buses and taxis are exempt, but not uber and lyft cars. violators could be fined $238. protestors in oakland are claiming victory against the mayor's crackdown on nighttime demonstrations. about 100 protestors rallied in downtown oakland. there were no confrontations with police as officers
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skipped the event. the peaceful demonstration ended before 9:30 p.m. with organizers declaring victory. protestors will hold another rally tomorrow to demonstrate a 30-year-old man killed in a dispute by police last saturday. san francisco is expanding a police force because of an increase in car burglaries and auto thefts. due to retirements and slowdowns in hiring, thereto are 1,700 officers instead of the 2 how the city is supposed to have. the -- 2 how the city is pose -- 2 how the city is supposed to have. >> wow. the time is 5:09. authorities expanding their search for two escaped killers. the new lead police are pursuing and the hunt for the dangerous convicts. next, a big makeover for a bay area classroom. the reason students and teachers are excited about new desks without chairs.
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>> good morning. we are looking at a commute are traffic is doing very well. if you are driving on highway 4, so far so good, but it is getting more crowded. >> the record rain for everybody yesterday is long gone but the fog is in place. more, coming up.
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. welcome back. this is a photo of keith broomfield who died in battle last week in syria. a friend said he went to syria a few months ago to fight against isis after being inspired by something he saw on television. he is believed to be the first u.s. citizen to die fighting alongside kurdish forces against isis. people are heading to washington to push for help for first responders who worked at the world trade center site at the 9/11 terror attacks. the 9/11 health and compensation act is set to expire in october. it provides health benefits for first responders who rushed to the site of it is terrorist attack. they came from all over the country and many spent months at ground. >> they are coming down with various illnesses, respiratory diseases and various cancers. the medical expenses associated
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with cancer treatment are horrendous. >> now, the firefighters union says more than 4,000 people have been documented with cancer linked to their service at the world trade center site. the house committee will be hearing some of the stories today at the funding hearing. 5:13. new developments in the search for the two killers who escaped from a maximum security prison in up state new york. the search expanded from the new york prison to vermont. authorities are posting information at state parks and alerting campers about the two escapees, officers andrew dossi, 30, an iraq war veteran, and aliro pellerano, 38. police are checking cabins to make sure they were not forced open. -- richard matt and david sweat. >> people are checking cars and
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trunks of people passing through. people living in the area are saying lock your doors and turn on outdoor house lights. nevada police have a man in custody in connection with an arson that caused more than $100,000 in damage to the car dealership. police arrested john bixler yesterday, accused of setting four brand new cars on fire at the novato dealership on redwood road monday night. a video shows the man lighting four chevy volunteers on fire and also shows the -- volunteers on fire. the video show -- volts on fire. he was now put in jail in arson and violation of proation. and this fall a school will have standing desks. the work is under way at the elementary school, replacing the old-style desks with new elevated desks with no chairs.
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the school tested the standing desks in the 4th grade desk and the teachers and students like it. >> i can concentrate much better and i don't talk as much. i don't know why. it seems to happen. >> i think he is adorable. i like the idea. >> the gives were given an option. you can grab a stool if you want. the desks are on wheels for easy movement and have a fidget bar -- . >> i love that. >> the kids can rest their feet on. >> and they can wiggle their feet because they do that. hopefully we will do a follow- up story and see how the kids do on their tests and everything. sal was standing during traffic. were you able to focus? i tell you, standing up does feel good sometimes. in fact, i can stand over there and it feels great. >> you feel a little more alert, right? >> exactly. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the commute. as you are driving to the bay
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bridge toll plaza, i want to say that traffic is not that bad. at the toll plaza westbound through the pay gates there are no big delays. 5:30 is when we sue the traffic. a lot of schools are coming to an end here and we are hoping to get a little break with the bay area traffic when that happens. 880 north and southbound the traffic is moving along well. now that school is coming to an end -- i should clarify, the school year is coming to an end -- we want schools to stay right where they are. southbound 680 between concord and walnut creek looking good. no trouble on 24 or on the other side of the tunnel. 5:17. steve, you stand up a lot. >> i do, sal. >> i notice you have been tweeting out more than just traffic information. i guess there is food in the newsroom? >> one of our photographers is 35 today and brought donut holes. dave clark brought in coffee
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cake, so there you go. >> maybe i will have to run instead of stand here! thank you, sal! yesterday was an amazing day for rainfall totals. some were impressive and record setting. take a look at these record numbers... black diamond at 1,600 feet, the east bay really took the brunt of this. there was good rain in castro valley, hayward hills over to millbrae and dale city and american canyon. san francisco could not get one drop of rain in january, yet in june they picked up .10. i know. there goes the system. it is moving out of the picture. it is not even in the sierra right now. the bi-product of the moisture is a lot of low clouds and fog. temperatures are on the mild
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side, but about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago, 40s to 60s. 40s in truckee, 50s and 60s in the interior. it take as turn in las vegas, heading to the four corners. it is gone and the high pressure builds in for a couple of days. thick fog in the morning. 80s and a few 90s will pop up. it won't take long today. maybe a little on the muggy, humid side. not as bad as yesterday. 80s and 90s inland, 60s and 70s around the bay. upper 80s and 90s and temperatures will rebound quickly here not only today but into tomorrow. the warm up friday and it starts a little cooler trend saturday, then more so sunday and monday. >> not as humid and muggy everybody is talking about the tropical feeling. >> it will be muggy today, but not as bad. >> thank you, steve. dozens of guns and
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explosives seized in san francisco. in 15 minute, the robbery that led up to the discovery and what the thieves were intending to do with the gun. >> please help. stop sending me money. >> why a bay area man keeps getting huge refund checks from the irs he does not want. ♪ we came in station wagons, campers, on planes to see what walt had built. ♪ forever young ♪ and what we found was a place that was always growing,
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but never grew old. ♪ forever young ♪ and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making. the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you stay ♪ with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young.
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. good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. take a look at this home surveillance video. police want your help. police say the thieves breaking into this home's porch stealing a package says they stole packages from other porches in the following week. investigators say all three thefts seem to be related and several people may be involved. if you have any information, call the fremont police department. an incredible story. a bay area man is asking the irs for help after he received three large tax refund checks. dave grant said he hadn't even filed his tax return yet when he received a refund for more than $74,000. he called the irs and returned
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the check. a few weeks later he received another check for $4,800. he suspects the thieves performed identity tax and that some of the check went to them and the rest to him. a few days ago he received yet a third check, this time for $36,000. he called the irs again and officials told him they can't do anything until he files the actual tax return. he says he can't do that until he received requires forms and that won't be until this fall and is worried by that time the trail of the thieves will be cold. in a couple of hours the city of san leandro welcomes another craft brewery. the ribbon cutting will be at 10:30 this morning. the brewly is at the industrial park in williams street. it is a $30 million facility
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and will become the company's new world headquarters. it is a pretty big deal for the city. it will bring 100 new jobs and extra revenue. this will be the third major craft brewery in san leandro. well, under-aged drinking and binge drinking rates among minors have gone down around the country. underaged drinking among 12 to 20-year-olds fell over 6%. binge drinking in the same age group dropped 5.1%. it is credited at drinking awareness at the federal and state levels. at the same time, alcohol is till the primary drug for young people. people looking forward to the new "fifty shades of grey" book will have to wait a little longer because someone stole the man script.
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the manuscript to the sequel was discovered missing. it was due to be released one week from today. police are investigating. well, a 9-1-1 call with a happy ending. >> we are not sure what city the baby was born in. >> in 17 minute, the call south san francisco firefighters will never forget. >> also, a death investigation on the san jose state university campus. the disturbing discovery at a parking garage that prompted it. >> good morning. we are looking at a decent commute this morning. so far not a long going on. the east shore freeway looks good. we will tell you more about the east bay commute when we come back. >> a lot of rain and thunderstorms from yesterday. record setting rain has moved off but the fog is here. some will be thick but it will be warmer. we will show you how much warmer, coming up.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. we have more with ktvu janine de la vega about a troubling event that prompted an investigation.
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good morning. it is thursday, june 11th. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. it is friday-eve as our good friend brian flores likes to call it. what are we in for for the weekend? >> a warm saturday, cooler sunday. >> not super warm? >> well, a little muggy. yesterday was a record-setting day. a weird pattern. we could not buy a drop of rain in january but we had record rain in many locations yesterday. some fog is around now and some is thick. san francisco is the driest january. june 10th we picked up .11 inches. i know, things are topsy- turvy. nothing seems normal anywhere. people picked up a quarter inch to over half an inch in some places. fog is thick in some places, reducing vict. the lows are cooler, 40 -- visibility. the lows are cooler in the 40s
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to 6 os depending on -- 60s depending on where you are. it will be sunny and mostly sunny and warmer inland. the highs will start to warm up and we will rebound pretty fast. >> sal, what do you have for us here at 5:30? we have traffic getting busier out there. good morning, steve. let's see what we have now starting off with the bay bridge toll plaza. in are cars are hoping up here at the toll plaza and in a few minutes the metering lights should go on. it is about a 5 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. no problems on that span. also the morning commute looks good in walnut creek, southbound 680 from concord to walnut creek. on highway 24 it looks good there, as well. in san jose, 28 o0 from downtown into the valley -- 280 from downtown into the valley looks good. this morning san jose police are investigating the discovery of a body at san jose
5:32 am
state. we have ktvu janine de la vega there talking with police. what are they able to tell you so far, janine? >> reporter: well, ma'am pam, they haven't said to much. police are calling it a death investigation, however, at this point. the body has been taken away by the coroner. it was taking in this parking garage at 10th and san fernando. police say students called them just ; 9:00 after seeing a woman on the ground in the garage. officers aren't revealing any detail, if any weapons were found or how they believe she died. the scene was roped off overnight as they investigated. the coroner is examining the body and in the process of reaching out to relatives. until then we won't know if this was a student or a visitor, or even the age of the person. we know the garage is attached to the student service center. we are told a captain is
5:33 am
expected to be in later this morning, so we are hoping to get some more answers on this investigation as the morning depose on. pam? >> a lot of question -- morning goes on. pam? >> a lot of questions. thank you, janine. 5:32. we want to update you on a developing story we have been covering in san francisco of a violent armed robbery overnight. police blocked off the intersection of 23rd street and bartlet in the mission district. this is a live picture in the area. officers are continuing to search for a possible third suspect in the robbery. investigators found a trail of blood from the initial crime scene to the intersection which is adjust about a block away. officers tell us at least two men approached the victim at 3:00 this morning. they pointed a gun at him and demanded his wallet, phone and other valuables. police happen to be patrolling the area, spotted the suspect and chased him down. officers discovered a semi- automatic weapon during the
5:34 am
pursuit and a third suspect may be on the loose. a tragedy in solano county. the chp say as man trying to attach his boat to his truck accidentally hit and killed his 6-year-old granddaughter. it happened yesterday morning before 9:30 near vacaville. the chp says the man was backing up willies truck to the boat and -- up his truck to the boat and hit the little girl on her bicycle. the man is not facing charges. today a water restriction will take affect in vallejo. they meet the state requirements. irrigation and landscaping will be limited three days a week from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. drinking water will not be allowd in fountains. penalties could be the a first time violation of $300 to $500 for a third time violation. the up coming supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage is on everybody's mind. there was a kick-off party for sf pride's 45th year on the
5:35 am
rooftop of the san francisco lgbt center last night. this year's pride parade is on sunday, june 28th. by coincidence the u.s. supreme court ruled on whether same-sex marriage bans are violating the u.s. constitution is also expected at the eastbound of this month. >> i think it is monument -- at the end of this month. >> i think it is monument tall. it will affect people's minds and perceptions for a lot of same sex couples and family, there is a lot of worry about whether the family will be recognized and seen as equal. >> the supreme court decision is not expected until the last days of the summer session, from june 29th to 30th, after the gay pride parade. organizers say the decision comes down before that and that it is a ruling they can celebrate, but for right now it is wait and see. defense secretary ash
5:36 am
carter announced new protections for gay and lesbian members of the military. he announced it at the pentagon lgbt pride event. gay and lesbian troops for the first time will be protected from discrimination by the same equal opportunity that protects over service members. >> following years and years of gay and lesbian service members having to hide who they are, today we take pride in how they are free to serve their country openly. [ applause ] >> the new protection for gay and lesbian troops comes four years after the end of the military 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. the rule allowed gays and lesbians to serve in the military only if they hid their sexual orientation. a few months investigation into a series of robberies in san francisco led police to arrest two suspects and seize 38 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition and home made explosives. san francisco police showed off
5:37 am
the arsenal yesterday. it startd in april after robbers hit a gas station and three other businesses. officers arrested one man in the bayview district last month and last week raided a home in south san francisco where they made a second arrest and found the guns and bomb making materials. >> the mere fact that he was potentially manufacturing inside the home could have had devastating consequences to the neighborhood. >> police say the weapons were meant to be trafficked in the area, they believe. a resolution was passed urging state and local police departments to use body cameras. yesterday's 421-6 vote comes in the wake of several high profile police shootings. lawmakers believe it can bring much needed transparency in police work and protect officers from false allegations. some are grappling with who
5:38 am
should have access to is video. french investigators are meeting with the family members of the victims of the germanwings plane crash. the meetings will be in paris. there will be a news conference affidavits as the remains of the victims are being returned to the families. on march 24th the co-pilot of the plane intentionally crashed the plane into the french alps. all 150 people on board were killed. the first burial of a germanwings passenger is scheduled for tomorrow. in this country in colorado the ex-girlfriend of james holmes testified at his trial saying she ended their relationship five months before he is accused of hoping fire inside the colorado movie theater. she said she met holmes in 2011 at a dramatic school outside of denver. she says he -- grant school outside of denver. she says he -- graduate school outside of denver. she says he liked her more than she liked him so she broke
5:39 am
things off. she said he was quiet and awkward in public. >> he would make a joke and people would not laugh at it or be forced to laugh. >> reporter: holmes sent his girlfriend messages saying he wanted to gill people but she didn't -- kill people but she didn't think he was serious. he has entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. at 5:39, hayward police call it the biggest marijuana bust in city history. >> the raid that uncovered $15 million worth of medical marijuana plants. >> plus, troubling cell phone video showing two women and a child fighting in a wal-mart. up next the comments that reportly sparked this probrawl. >> wow let's talk about highway 101 northbound. it will be moving along well as you drive town the 280 interchange, then it slows down a little getting up to
5:40 am
880. >> yesterday's rain is gone but the fog is left behind and some of it is very thick. we will talk about that and here is another look at the rain records yesterday on the right and photos on the left. there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life! shop
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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. welcome back. it is 5:42. take a look at this video that has gone viral. a video of two women and a child fighting in the wal-mart. amber stevenson said she started fighting after she heard rebecca mills call a store employee the n-word. the woman said she was standing up for the store employee. the video shows steven czann's son hitting and kicking the other woman. stevenson and mills have been
5:43 am
banned from wal-mart. it is up to prosecutors to decide if charge will be filed. the video posted on youtube has more than 4.8 million views. san francisco's police chief now says hundreds of evidence kits will be processed before the end of the year. just last month the crime lab was quote too maxed out to go through all the rape trips and refused to team up with the district attorney to apply for millions of dollars in grants to pay for testing. now officials went through the edwards room and found 437 kits have not been tested. chief sir said that changed the overall picture. >> it wasn't a question of not being able to do it but not knowing what we had and when we would be able to go forward. >> a little over a week ago he didn't think it was possible and he does now. i am pleased he re-thought the process and is stepping up. >> the kits will with processed and dna information placed in a
5:44 am
data bank that could help identify suspects. the california secretary of state hopes to make it a lot easier for people to vote in up coming elections. a ballot could be mailed to every california voter that could be dropped off at a new network of early voting centers. voters will be able to cast a ballot on election day or in the ten days leading up to election day. this bill is backed by a group of senate and assembly democrats and it is modeled after a system in colorado which has led to greater voter participation. evacuations are in affect because of a fire in the chias the trinity national forest. the fire burned about 750-acres and is the largest of several smaller fires sparked by lightning strikes from storms that moved through the area earlier this week.
5:45 am
two firefighters in the shasta area suffered heat related injuries. here are some of the pictures... san francisco firefighter will be reunited next week with a baby and parents they helped birth in an ambulance. the parents called 9-1-1 when they realized they would not make it to the hospital on their own so the firefighters picked them up but it still wasn't fast enough for frank mendes, jr. look at him, he arrived about 15 minutes into the ride to the hospital. he was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck but they are trained paramedics so they knew what do about it. >> it is a special day for the family. we are pleased to be a part of it. >> the firefighters have a few gifts for baby frank, that little shirt there.
5:46 am
and they will give him toys and an honorary uniform. baby frank is on the fast track to becoming a firefighter since he already has experience with a plans, you know? >> thank -- with an ambulance, you know? >> thank god they were right there. i am sure it was scary for the parents. >> i am sure! well, we have good news today, pam and dave. >> what is the news? >> we don't have a lot of traffic conditions. yesterday we had a lot of rain but today the weather will be better for the commute. in general we are doing much better today than yesterday. take a look at i-88. there is a lot of fog but it is better than wet roads. the mothering lights are on on the bay bridge -- metering lights are on the bay bridge toll plaza, about 15 minutes before you make it onto the bridge but the roads are mostly
5:47 am
dry. from concord to walnut creek yesterday at this time we had a lot of slow traffic. today it is taking its time from the venetia bridge to the walnut creek interchange. >> better than traffic jams. >> that is right. >> we are doing bay area groups. >> very nice >> i made a recommendation on twitter is there i saw that. a lot of people are already. there is lots to choose from. >> yes. >> mine was 8:05! i am way back there. we have a lot of low clouds and fog. the rain is gone. the record-setting rain. looking down at dave and pam's yacht there -- . >> that is mine? yes, right. >> sure [ laughing ] >> some of the rain -- these are records. i mean there were eight. sfo .26. oakland .18 at the airport.
5:48 am
downtown .16. san rafael .17. san jose had a record. there were impressive numbers, let alone we could not get any rain in january, yet san francisco yesterday had .11. a dry january and a wetter june. amazing patterns here that are now moving off. in clear lake 5:30. clear and cool as we await the sunrise. it won't take long to warm up, however. our system has flown out of the picture in the four corners and leaving behind low clouds and fog. the lows are cooler. instead of mid 70s in san jose yesterday, we are seeing more 50s and 60s. novato is 48. water temps came up a little bit and a south wind in advance of the system yesterday. we will see if they drop over the next couple of days. it is getting very warm here in the nation's midsection. the line is near chicago and
5:49 am
coming into omaha, minneapolis and kansas city, that seems to be the main focus. our lows move into the four corners. once it crosses the rockies, it will probably cause severe weather issues. yesterday was unbelievably warm due to the cloud cover. that has moved off and the low clouds are reducing visibility with fog. high pressure builds in. thick morning fog, plenty to go around. sunny and warmer, mostly sunny. cooler lows and warmer afternoon highs away from the coast. 80s to near 90s. clear lake 97 or 98. low 90s in and i don't care, oakley and livermore, as well. warm to hot on friday. then we level off and start a cooler trend on the weekend and early next week. >> all right, steve. we got it. >> thank you. the time is 5:49. a bay area man is half way through a cross country bike ride. he is doing it for a cause
5:50 am
close to his heart. eric mcintyre's wife, liz, is battling pancreatic cancer so he launched a 7,200 bike ride from new orleans to polarize, raising money for the cancer -- portland, raising money for the cancer foundation. he will be sent off on the second half of his journey in style this morning, starting at pete's coffee. i wish him well. >> yes, both of them. it is a crucial game 4 for the warriors. in 20 minutes we will hear from steph curry on what the team needs to do to make sure they win tonight. >> also, a shark killed on the highway in florida. up next, what it was doing there in the first place.
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. welcome back. >> in an auto recall, acura recalling two models of an suv that has a problem with the safety system, involving the acura ndx and rls. the emergency braking system uses radar to scan in front of the suvs. if it sees something the vehicle may hit it automatically applies the brakes but it is missing guardrails and sensors on the side of the road and slowing
5:54 am
down the car, increasing the risk of a collision and dealers will update software to fix the problem. google is launching a new project looking into technologies to improve city life. the sidewalk lab will improve issues such as the cost of living, energy use and transportation. they will make sure progress is happening in these areas. the ceo of the sidewalk lab will work with the economic mayor of the city of new york for economic rebuilding. something positive will come out more than half a century later after the loma pr ex-ama earthquake. a group of apartments will be built on the site, after the freeway was demolished in 1991 after the earthquake.
5:55 am
it affords housing to low income families. golfers were attacked at robbed after playing a round at the links of spanish bay after two people approached them and demanded money. it was a brief scuffle and one person suffered a cut on his ear. an 18 and 15-year-old stole hundreds of dollars in golf equipment and captured later in nearby pacific grove. and a court decision involving sharp park golf course and two endangered species means a renovation rocky mount project can now get under way. the judge threw out two challenges and the way is leared for renovation work to gibb. the 83-year-old golf course in pacifica is owned by the city of san francisco. the work includes improving the drainage system, installing new drought tolerant turf and also a new frog pond. >> literally as if he found an
5:56 am
old work of art that was left out in the rain, you brought it in and said you want to restore it. >> the larger question about the future of sharp park is very much alive and we will prevail on that. >> environmentalists say sharp park is damaging the wildlife habitat of the san francisco gardner snake and the red legged frog. they want to shut down the golf course and may appeal the court rulings. a shark was killed after being involved in a traffic accident in florida. this is a scene from the crash last night in he onlywater, florida. one of the five sharks being transported to florida from an aquarium in new york died after the truck went off the road and an accident occurred. the other sharks and people were not hurt. an early morning robbery that is being investigated and
5:57 am
how one of the suspects ended up hurting himself, coming up. >> plus, outrage after an east bay war memorial was vandalized. the clues police are now looking at and the reward being offered this morning. >> and we have dense fog out there. you may have to drive through it. right now the east bay commute looks okay here on i-880. >> our rain from yesterday is gone, but sunrise shows fog and mostly sunny skies. if you are away from the coast, it will warm up pretty fast. we
5:58 am
. we are live in san
5:59 am
francisco after a robber shoots himself in the leg after stealing a man's cell phone and wallet. now, why police believe he may not have acted alone. >> and the biggest marijuana bust in the city's history. the raid and detail, coming up on mornings on 2. we are live near 23rd and bartlet streets in the san francisco mission district. we have been following this story all morning long. police you can see are still on the scene. the streets are blocked off. this is after an early morning armed robbery. very scary out there. ktvu tara moriarty is there, as well. in two minutes she will have more on the search happening right now and how one of the suspects actually ended up in the hospital. we will tell you what happened in just a moment. thank you for joining us. it is thursday morning, june 11th. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. steve paulson and i were talking about one of the great hollywood actor, christopher
6:00 am
lee. >> i had to google him, but he did a ton of stuff. star wars and -- . >> james bond movies. >> "golden gun." >> yes. >> and "dracula." >> yes. >> he was how old? >> 93. >> 93. good life! the fog is back and the rain is gone from yesterday. impressive totals. really thick fog out there. sal will touch on


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