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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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they gear up for tonight's game in cleveland. good afternoon i'm tori campbell we are in cleveland with what
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the warriors plan to do to come home with a win. >> it's a sports fan dream cay in cleveland. the indians playing an afternoon game and cavs playing in the afternoon in the nba finals. >> after near lay 20 point deficit the warriors are hoping to dictate a pace tonight more helpful to their play of the. >> you know, we did put ourselves in a great position to win. we have to play the same way we did. >> it was the player movement, ball movement and energy. if we play like that i think we are the better team in this series. once again, we have to be like that consistently. >> there's a sense of urgency.
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that's a good thing. i think we'll be better. >> reporter: the warriors will have to overcome a noisy and hostile arena. golden state fans will be in the vast minority but they can be found here. >> just tell me how this came about. i'm guessing that you didn't just find those clothes in the closet. >> it was actually spontaneous. he lined up jackets and matching pants. we are trying to show some true color back at home. >> you'll see us in game five, hopefully not 7. >> you may have started a fashion trend here. >> we want to see kanye west in this as well. come on, kanye, this is the way it is going to be. >> reporter: on sunday the warriors will be back in an arena. they hope to have it tied 2-2
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rather than down 3-1. ktvu fox 2. today cavaliers guard says he is recovered and ready for tonight's game. he was hospitalized following tuesday's game 3 in which he scored 20 points. he is not concerned about cramping. he says he has been adding fluids, eating properly and getting massages to repair. >> and there are plenty of place to catch the game tonight. [cheers and applause] the warriors have partnered with several bars and restaurants to hold official warriors watch parties includes tribune tavern and napkins bar and grill. a portion of the proceeds goes to the warriors community foundation which works with bay area youth.
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again, tip off game four 6:00 tonight. game 5:00 on sunday at 5:00. if necessary game six would be in cleveland on tuesday. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the warriors and you can head to any time for a complete list of watch parties as well as stories on warriors fans and we'll have sound with the players after the game. the city of san francisco is considering expanding the police force because of car burglaries and auto thefts. right now due to slow down in hiring there are 1700 officers down from the 2000 officers the city is supposed to have. there is now a proposal to raise the number of police to at least 2200. the extra officer would cost an additional $40 million in salary alone. protesters in oakland are claiming victory after the major cracked down on nighttime demonstrations. last night about 100 protesters
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rallied in downtown oakland. the chronical reports no confrontations with police as officer skipped the event. the demonstration ended just before 9:30 p.m. with organizers declaring victory. they will hold another rally tomorrow to demonstrate against the deadly shooting of a man during a dispute saturday. they search for whoever vandalized a war memorial. there are several cameras where the memorial is located. city crews were busy trying to remove graffiti left behind on sunday night. in one case the vandals made reference to an anti government web site. they also wrote the phrase let's get high. one of the men who helped create the all wars memorial 20 years ago is disgusted by this act of vandalism. >> if you have got a bone to pick about its policy you can protest. you the right to do that.
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when you disrespect the men and women who defend this country every minute of the day i have a huge problem with that. >> the town are offering a $6500 reward for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. nevada police now have a man in custody in connection with an arson that caused more than $100,000 in damage at a car dealership. they arrested bixler yesterday. he is accused of setting four cars on fire monday night his arrest comes after police released surveillance video showing a man lighting four chevy volts on fire. the video also shows the suspect walking across the street. two of those new cars were destroyed. the other two were damaged. bixler was booked on violating the terms of his probation. police searching for the
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chiefs responsible for stealing packages from the front door of several homes. take a look at this home surveillance video. it shows someone stealing a package from a home. police say the thief was driving a dark colored honda civic. about a month before that it was stolen in the same neighborhood. free -- they say all three thefts seem to be related. if you have any information on these cases you're asked to contact the fremont police department. teenagers are in custody after they attacked and robbed four golfers in pebble beach. police say the golfers were playing around when two people approached them and demanded money. one of the golfers suffered a small cut on the ear. an 18 and 15-year-old stole
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several hundred dollars in golf equipment but were later caught in pacific grove. multiple law ebb forcement agencies looking for the men who escaped from prison last weekend. investigators are focused on a site in up state new york where blood hounds picked up a scent of convicted murders. there are also details from a cab driver who may have picked up the pair. >> reporter: the search for two escaped killers far expanding. he claimed he picked them off at 30th street train station. he continued working before call authorities. a tip indicated the two might have fled to vermont. >> we have been working secondary roads, major crossings, ferry, just keeping
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an eye out for auspicious vehicles and people. >> matt and sweat on the run for near lay week after breaking out of prison. a former accomplice says she extremely dangerous. >> there's no telling what his mind set is and what he will or might do next. >> reporter: they left behind a note reading have a nice day. authorities are trying to figure out how they were able to break out and are questioning press employee joyce mitchell. >> we are working through everybody we have been going through the last few days. we have more on how power tools were acquired. >> reporter: they are offering a reward for information leading to the capture of the two fugitives. david lee miller, fox news.
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the music world is paying tribute to jazz pioneer ornette coleman. he is known as the inventor of free jazz. we found this performance on you tube. komen received the award and prize among other honors. he passed away of cardiac arrest at the age of 85. ron moody has died. he was 91 years old. he is best known if the movie oliver which he received an oscar nomination. it lead to a character actor on tv. his wife says he was singing until the end. who was accidentally shot after robbers stole a wallet and cell phone.
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mark will have a look ahead to the weekend forecast coming up. the size of carry-on bags on airplanes could be getting smaller, the reason behind the recommendation.
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a two month investigation into a series of robberies. officers arrested one man in the bay view district last month and last week they raided a home in south san francisco where they found the guns and bomb making materials. >> the mere fact that he was manufacturing inside the home could have had devastating consequences to the neighborhood. >> they believe the weapons were ma meant to be trafficked in the area. san francisco police investigate ago violent rob rhode island up to three men robbed a man at gunpoint at 23rd and valencia streets. they stole his wallet, cell phone and other personal items. one of the suspects accidentally shot himself in the leg during the hold up.
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two of them were caught. a semi automatic machine gun was found dumped near by. the suspect with the gunshot wound is being treated at s. f. general. hayward police calling this the biggest marijuana bust in history. they raided a house near highway 92 and seized 13,000 marijuana plants with a street value of $15 million. our crews spotted this building where outdoor security cameras were ripped off the wall mounts. a fence was smashed in. inside the building police officers say they found a sophisticated ventilation system and wire that is illegally tapped into the electrical grid. according to police this marijuana factory operated 24 / 7. >> from the beginning all the way to packaging it. so it's a factory. they grow it, package it there
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and off it goes onto the street. >> these three men ages 21, 22 and 28 face charges of felony cultivation and distribution. industrial parks are a favorite spot for indoor illegal grow operations because it's easy to hide with few navy base. california has the 7th largest economy in the world. the gdp hit 2.3 trillion. california slipped in the rankings since 2002 and bottom out at ninety in 2010. growth and agriculture lead since then. housing prices may limit growth. starting today new water
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restrictions go into effec in vallejo. watering limited between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. and drinking water no longer allowed in fountains. they range from warning notices to $500 fines for a third violation. there seems to be some frustration with new recommendation to reduce the sides of carry on bags that you're allowed to bring on airplanes. it would reduce the size of bags allowed in overhead compartments by a half inch. according to the airlines trade group the international transport association bags could be no larger than 21.5 inches tall by 13.5 inches wide. bags larger than that would have to be checked which typically cost $25 each way. >> i think that's a bad idea. i think they either need to get rid of those extra fees or reduce airline ticket prices or
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compensate in some other way. >> the airlines say the smaller bags will free up space in the often packed overhead bins and reduce fuel costs. at this point it's just a suggestion for fuel lines. a fire in the shasta trinity national forest. it is the largest of several smaller fire that is were sparked by lightning strikes. here are pictures near the fire. you can see brown smoke shooting into the sky. fire officials say they have been able to contain many of the other fire to less than 5 acres. two firefighters did suffer heat related injuries. mark joins us with the rains over and another warm up on the way. >> a few neighborhoods could be right around 100 degrees. today we begin to warm things back up. you have heard that fire story.
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fire danger increasing with temperatures topping 100 degrees across northern california. right now we do have fair skies. mostly clear skies except with the exception of fog hugging a good portion of the bay area coastline. most of the region in the clear. there we go with that fog bank coming a bit closer here. this is lower visibility here. this is out towards the sunset. we also have the fog. as we move the maps closer to downtown san francisco a little bit of hazy sunshine. updated numbers for the 12:00 hour you can see where we are headed. they will reach the lower 90s. right now warming into the lower 80s. currently 73 degrees. san francisco 64. you can see where that fog is only in the upper 50s at last check. what is happening? we have a layer of warm air.
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we have the dense fog near the immediate coastline. it is that typical summer weather pattern. this area of low pressure helped produce the rain showers we had yesterday. it is moving out to the east. as a result today we'll be completely dry. low 60s to lower 90s. high pressure will be the source of more warming over the next few days. by tomorrow temperatures inland around 98 to 99 degrees. there's a chance we have a few neighborhoods. it is right around 100 degrees for the friday forecast. we'll cool things off into the weekend. saturday still pretty warm. cooler temperatures to the rescue on sunday and into next week. forecast time for this afternoon, we are warming up these numbers. lower 90s wards fairfield and antioch.
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santa rosa 79. near ocean beach the readings only in the 60s this afternoon. warm numbers from pleasanton. here is a look ahead. getting ready for another warm up out there. drink lots of water out there. temperatures back up into the mid-to upper 90s. a few neighborhoods could be right around 100 degrees just for reference point ready. it is 107 for friday. dangerous heat. >> crazy hot. >> yeah. but cooling sunday into monday. >> and steve had his bookends that said heat on the week. >> i can't remember a week where we start off with heat advisories. >> and the rain. that was significant rain. >> yeah. >> it's warming back up by the weekend. >> all right. thank you, mark. starting next month driving on market street could get more
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difficult. city transportation officials are expected to approve a new rule from turning on between 3rd and 8th street. they are part of an ongoing effort. they say market street has the city's four most dangerous intersections. the new rules would only apply to private vehicles, buses and taxis could be exempt but not uber and lift cars. they could face a $238 fine. we are learning new details about whole foods new stores, what the new chain of smaller locations will be called.
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americans ramp up spending on autos, building materials
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and clothing. average long term mortgage rates jumped to 4.04%. right now the dow is up 57 and the nasdaq is up 7 and the s&p is up 5. a change in leadership is come to go 21st century fox, the parent company to fox tv. rupert mur doch is plan to go give control to his sons. one will serve as coexecutive chairman. he will continue to serve as executive chairman and controlling shareholder of the company. hole foods revealed the name of the new small sized grocery store spin off. it will be called 365 by whole foods market. the company says it plans to open 5 to 10 of the smaller stores. they say they are going after younger shoppers who shop at
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trader joe's. classrooms will look a lot different this fall. they will all have standing desks. work is underway to replace the old desks with taller ones. they were a hit when tested in a fourth grade class. >> i can concentrate and i don't talk as much. i don't know why it seems to happen. >> the desks are on wheels and have what is called aty jet bar. they are also given the option of a stool if they want one. you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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. up next on "eco company." >> marine creatures revealed? checking the shoreline at low tide. >> actually can see it attaching to me right now. >> these guys are getting a lesson on a delicate eco system.
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then going bird watching. but these aren't just any birds. >> five feet tall. seven-food wing span. >> it's the sand hill crane, and they have been around for over 40 million years. >> plus developing a new wonder nut? could this be the new source for biofuel? >> we really believe that this will affect the world in a positive way. >> making a hybrid hazelnut as the crop of the future. and you'll see a student video from the planet connect team vid


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