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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the man's mother. [ indiscernible ] >> good evening everyone. hello. i am frank so merville. >> and i am julie haener. >> the chief of police says the district attorney's office is now investigating. and a bay area civil rights attorney is getting involved. 47 azenith smith with the new developments -- ktvu's azenith smith with the new developments. >> reporter: 911 calls. after this cell phone video surfaced. friday police arrested the 28- year-old after he was assaulting his mother. in the video you can see 5 police officers striking a man with their batons. at one point one officer is seen repeatedly beating the suspect. witnesses describe him as running, screaming and dragging a woman into traffic. >> oh, my gosh. he threw her down. he is throwing her into traffic. >> reporter: his mother phoned police. throughout the call you can hear the mother screaming. police hollering at her son constantly whaling. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: reports reveal he
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is known to have gang ties and a criminal history was under the influence of methamphetamine. doctors diagnosed him with drug induced psychotic disorder. >> i had an emotional response to that video. i don't imagine anybody could watch it and not have an emotional response. i have been -- that is a fraction of the story. >> reporter: taseurs were unsuccessful. -- tasers were unsuccessful. he likens the case to the rodney king beating in los angeles. >> it doesn't matter what happened before hand. each individual blow, whether with a baton, a fist, whatever, the question is, whether any of those or none of them justify it. and on the video it appeared that none of them are. >> the suspect suffered a fractured leg and is in jail. the last officer hitting the
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suspect has been assigned to desk duty. the other officers are working patrol. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. the santa clara county district attorney's office cleared deputy in the killing of a woman who lunged at her. in 2013 deputies responded to a burglary. the 61-year-old rushed at them with a knife. the deputy fired, killing the woman. the district attorney found she was justified in using deadly force. new at 6:00 p.m. human remains found at home. those bones may turn out to be native american remains missing from museum. ktvu's ann rubin tells us authorities have another mystery on their hands. how they ended up in someone's backyard. >> reporter: they were there
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among the furniture and boxes. parts of two human skeletons. a neighbor called police. >> sure enough there were a couple of human heads. remains in a steel bucket. >> the homeowner surprised to see the officers said there was a good explanation. >> she said that her dad got it from a museum curator. >> reporter: the museum geared towards children took in artifacts artifacts and a such found evidence they used to have native american remains. >> the records of it bones coming to us but no record of the bones leaving us. i can only hazard a guess. >> reporter: in the records was a donor card from 1973. they were 200 to 300 years old. the donors name was the same name written on the bones. >> that was the connection for
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us. we were happy to be able to recover them and not bring the crime scene team in. huge relief for us. >> reporter: they will now bring in a team to investigate and they will try return the remains. >> to think they have been in a shed or laying in a backyard, they belong back where they were taken from. >> reporter: the resident was a volunteer here at the museum. why exactly he was given the remains and why they were never return, the mystery they may never solve. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. twitter announced the departure of the ceo today and named a temporary replacement. he is stepping down on july 1 but will remain on the board. the co-founder will fill in as
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ceo till a permanent replacement is found. the stock was 4% in after -- up 4% in trading today. consumer groups are concerned about the safety of people who have bought vehicles from used car seller car max, the biggest seller of used cars. they say they found 80 cars on lots in sacramento and oxnard that were recalled by manufacturers. 2 investigates uncovered similar problems here in the bay area. it is not illisle for them -- illegal for them to sell used cars that have been recalled but having the cars fixed wouldn't cost them a dime. >> under federal law manufacturers are required to foot the bill for any safety recalls. so car max could get the cars
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repaired for free before selling them to consumers. >> car max says if a car has been recalled it gives customers the national transportation safety board's recall report. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors approved a annual budget to improve thesults. ktvu's tom vacar is -- the system. ktvu's tom vacar is here now with more. >> reporter: in passing next year's budget they want to give riders what they want. >> they want better on time performance, more train cars in service and cleaner stations. this budget seeks to do that. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is in a transition period. trying to maintain what it has and prepare for a future of new cars and expanded routes. they will soon do a lot of hiring. >> it adds maintenance shifts over night and on the weekend to give the cars -- to get the
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cars into service. >> that is good. focus on the time that people get from a to b. is the most important thing. >> reporter: this will put 30 additional cars back on the traction. >> that will be huge because during the busiest time in the morning commute, you cannot get on. then it is busy at 10:00 p.m. at night. >> i think that would make everyone's commute easier. >> it may be more trains, it could work out. but it could mean there is more congestion. >> the cars will have more clean up crews and they will hire24 folks to wash and scrub the stations. >> that is always good to clean up where you are working.
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clean environment is a happy environment. >> i think that would help and i think it would help people feel like the organization is caring for the services and the riders. >> reporter: they will add 8 police officers and 5 community service officers to better deal with the mentally disabled and homeless folks. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. there is a new brewery in the east bay. >> after three years of planning, it opened up a new breery and -- brewery in san leandro. it opened in san francisco in 2000. since that it has grown. the company is able to bring most of its beer production back to the bay area. the first beer off the new line will be a new release. the most important thing is the jobs that will be created. >> yeah, we are looking to hire 20 new jobs, 25 this year alone. and next 3-5 years we will add 100 jobs with the production
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facility and tasting room. >> that tasting room will open by the end oof the month. -- end of the month. they will add a tree house bar and a theater for events. lost pets now found. the technology that is using facial recognition on dogs. >> that circle. over that eye. >> how the app works works and the animal shelter that is the first in northern california to use it. >> a frightening scene caught on camera. robbers opening fire on a clerk. a look at the video that could help lead to arrests. >> tracking the heat up again. numbers back into the triple digits. when and for how long. >> taking a look at the evening commute right now. the bay bridge toll plaza. heavier than usual at this hour. >> a look at the conditions on the bridge. the cars towards the camera are heading east. look goods in both directions right now on the san mateo
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gun shots. tonight we have surveillance video of the clerk running for his life after suspects pointed a gun in his face and ordered him to open a safe. the suspects walked into this food martalist month on 8 -- mart last month on 8th street. you can hear them ordering the man to open the safe. the clerk ran out the door. one of the gunman followed him and fired 4, 5 shots as the man was trying to run away. none of the shots hit the
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clerk. >> for the grace of god that story could be different. i don't think it is lost on anybody on what they intended to do. we need to get them off the streets. >> police are looking for the suspects. we are told the clerk has quit his job because of what happened. we have mosted the surveillance video on our -- posted the surveillance video on our ktvu youtube channel. a new app helping to reunite pets with their owners. it helps finds lost dogs by scanning their faces. one shelter says it really works. >> my baby. >> there you go. >> we had an ad on craigslist, put out 100 flyers. >> i didn't give up hope. we had four people looking, walking the streets. >> reporter: if you have ever
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lost a dog then you probably understand something about what she is feeling right now. >> i didn't dare get too upset because i wanted to live till i found her. >> i was worried. >> reporter: how about it? do you recognize this face? these eyes. those ears? well, someone does. scratch that, something does. it is not a dog license. >> finding rover is a facial recognition application. . >> reporter: facial recognition for dogs. and if you are wondering what it means when we talk about a dog's face, here is how it works. >> grab that circle. put it over that eye. >> the app records the geometry of a dog's features, distances between the eyes, and
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muzzle. when a lost dog comes into the pound it compares the numbers with the numbers from a photo you upload. instead of people looking for their dogs this is computers looking at dogs. and telling people who they might belong to. all you need is the right picture. >> you know, i have taken lots and lots of pictures. only thing i take pictures of are flowers and dogs. [ music ] >> reporter: as part of the animal shelter every dog sits. sits for a portrait so their mugs could be compared to all the lost dogs. it works best if you can get a picture straight on. no profiles. but that could be tricky. >> say hi.
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>> the app doesn't fetch cats. to get a picture of a dog, it does have a bark built right in. there is no charge to use the app. all it costs you is time and you will have to enter a few personal details. >> you can type in something about the dog. >> the animal shelter is the first in northern california northern california to use -- to in northern california to use finding rover but anyone can and the more users the better it works. >> my son found him in napa. no one claimed him. i put him on finding rover. i have that app for my dogs. >> reporter: it is not meant to replace a microchip. it is meant to add to it to be another solution to a terrible every day problem. >> these things are great tools to help us get dogs back to you. >> we had 600 redemptions last
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year. that is just 50%. >> reporter: more happy endings. hopefully more wagging. and less whining in wine country. >> good picture of that dog. all right. time to check the weather now. a hotter day again outside. what is going on? >> this, this, this, rain, cool, heat and now back into the heat. started today. concludes tomorrow with highs back into the triple digits. these are the highs from today. you noticed it inland. redwood city 90 degrees today. temperatures up there compared to yesterday. these 90s tomorrow are going to turn into upper 90s, low 100s. now it looks robust. inversion is released. getting deeper. that is typical. this time of day. by tomorrow we are expecting the fog.
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i am sure it will happen. the fog will be below the towers, the golden gate bridge. you see the bridge. that tells you it will be a warm day tomorrow. hot inland. warm to hot around the bay. san francisco 74 degrees tomorrow. look at santa rosa, 95. livermore, 100. after reaching 106 on monday. thunderstorms in the foothills. mountains. that is continuing. if you look east right now, antioch, walnut creek, anywhere where you can see the thunder caps. they are big. west slope. warm inland. these are the temperatures. san jose tomorrow, hot, 91 degrees. you heat the concrete up, 3:00 p.m. it will feel like 98 degrees. much warmer. hotter in the urban centers. hot day tomorrow. especially inland. high pressure does what it
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does. sinks the air. creates a higher fire danger. you knew that. increases temperatures. as we head into friday, tomorrow, along the coast, mid- 60s. 80s to maybe a couple upper 80s around the bay. redwood city. places like that. inland 100 degrees there. specific temperatures 100 clear lake. 100 vacaville. 99 fairfield. vacaville would u could be 101. -- could go 101 tomorrow. not as hot as monday but a warm day. june. here we go. 90 milpitas. 91 san jose. notice how long the days are getting. long, long days. solstice days get shorter. warm to hot on friday. hottest day for the next few
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days. the weekend, things cool down but saturday is warm inland and sunday you will notice it, more cooling. >> do you think it will be hotter? >> yeah. feels like the pattern is adjusting. more typical. >> all right. thank you. a water park, check this out. outside of sacramento. added a popular attraction. a huge inflatable fluting obstacle course -- floating obstacle course. both for kids and adults. it is the largest floating park in the nation. >> interconnected obstacles. runways. think american ninja warrior. wipe out on the water. >> cost $15 for a 45 minute session. safety rules include wearing a life vest.
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do you want to try that? >> i would love to go up there. well, coming up here, germany and norway face-off in the world cup and the rangers and the a's went head to head today at the coliseum. it wasn't even close. scott reiss is up next with sports. working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. are you there? >> i believe i am. what experts are saying about the chances that el nino will bring us rain. also get ready to get jealous. learning more about kim kardashian's birthday gift for her husband. p.m. on tv 36 .
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there is not much left of candlestick park. so strange looking at it. sky fox 2 flew over the former home of the 49ers and giants this morning. only two small sections remain. demolition crews have been taking it apart since february. a mall, homes and a hotel are planned for the site with construction starting in 2017. >> so many memories. scott is here now with sports. talking baseball. a's have a streak. >> they are toying with us a little bit. are they teasing us again or have they turned it around? that is the question. they rediscovered their mojo last two games. yesterday their first walk off win of the season. today, the robber game against texas. cashmere 8 inningsf one hit baseball -- innings of one hit
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baseball. look at billy burns. a tremendous grab. can't do it much better. cashmere appreciates the effort. in the 8th. center field. there is that man again. going back. having a defensive day. he has been a revelation for the a's. bottom 8. the bats come alive. two run shot. 8th of the year. five batters later. josh redick gets it. a three run shot. a's score 6 in the 8th and they win it 7-0. >> the giants have done a lot of good things, sweeping the mets in new york not one of them. they hadn't done that since 2002. one win away from making it happen. they get to jon niese in the first inning. nobody out. i like my odds.
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he finds a hole. 1-0 giants. 3-2 mets in the 6th. crawford, he will be an all star. 9th home run. 40 rbis. 4-4 in the 7th. >> the u.s. women's soccer team tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. right here on ktvu. today the number two ranked team germany getting all it could handle from norway. ottawa. 51 minute 1-0 germans. how about that effort? you are bending it big time. up and over the wall and into the upper left corner of the goal. 1-1 draw. both teams in good position to advance. we look forward to the u.s. and sweden tomorrow. and yeah, a baseball game going on in cleveland. coverage tonight. warriors-cavs, game four. >> thank you.
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tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news an education program ordered out of its home, the call for the landlord to rethink the eviction order. that story at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you for making ktvu ch annel 2 news your choice for news. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. thank you for joining us tonight. goodnight. >> good night. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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