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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 13, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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from ktvu fox two, this is the 10:00 news. >> it is a terrible tragedy. i feel for him.>> tragedy tonight, a four-year-old boy drowns in a backyard swimming
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pool. i am ken wayne. this is the second such accident in as many weeks. deborah villalon is live.>> reporter: can, we are -- ken, we are on california street. this is where the 911 call came just after four.>> oh, golly, poor baby.>> reporter: russell attorney lives -- turner lives directly behind the house. he has seen the four-year-old boy playing.>> golly, i am so sorry to hear that. rep back -- >> reporter: police wrapped up their investigation. the parents went to the hospital, then came home without their son.>> i heard their cries and moans. it's pretty terrible.>> you need a cover with the pool.
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>> reporter: police say this pool was accessible out the back door. the youngster didn't slip away, he was in the backyard alone. is mom and dad were aware of it.>> he was playing in the backyard, he was inside the house. at some point, they didn't hear the child playing. they went to check and found him floating in the pool. >> reporter: only nine days ago, a one-year-old girl drowned in a backyard pool. her mother was home but didn't realize the totter -- toddler had wandered outside. parents tried resuscitation and paramedics continued cpr. both kids have been under too long.>> i know the keep the boy out of the area. there is always someone out with him. >> reporter: not this time, not this was. the family moved in a year ago and had been renovating, possibly preoccupied by the work they were doing.>> pools
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in america that to have covers, it's one of those situations where something happens. >> reporter: the couple had a two-year-old child as well. it appears to be a tragic accident we see all too often as the weather heats off. it takes no time for water to become deadly. >> you have to watch them every second. a popular thrill ride in santa clara remained closed today after an accident yesterday that injured two. the park issued a statement saying the accident happened on flight deck roller coaster. great america says an employee was hit by one of the cars and was reported alert and talking as he was taken to a hospital. according to witnesses, the employee was hit as he tried to receive a cell phone dropped by a writer -- writer -- -- rider
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tonight, the aftermath of the shooting an explosion outside police headquarters. police say a man shot at police headquarters, got into an armored van, and led police on a chase to a nearby town. what may have motivated the violence. what may have motivated the violence. >> reporter: we're getting a closer look at the damage to police headquarters after a suspect fired shots at the building saturday morning. squad cars pierced with bullet holes, the shots narrowly missing several officers. the shots narrowly missing several officers. >> some officers say we are very lucky. i believe we are blessed. officers survived this ordeal. >> reporter: the suspect the suspect, driving an armored van, crashed head-on into a police cruiser.
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this man recorded the action on his cell phone. >> as soon as i hear a crash, i was about to step out, and i go back into the corner i was about to step out, and i go back into the corner. that's when they started shooting. when that happened, i just kind of crouched down a little bit. i just kind of crouched down a little bit. >> reporter: the suspect led police on a chase to hutchens where a standoff lasted 11 hours. local residents getting a wake- up call. >> all of a sudden, icy 30 cops -- i see 30 cops go off. it's pretty crazy. i was pretty scared i was pretty scared. i was pretty scared. >> reporter: swat snipers taking a shot at the suspect, but it's not until police sent been a robot that they confirmed he was dead. the dallas police chief saying the suspect called 911 before the ordeal the dallas police chief saying the suspect called 911 before the ordeal, blaming police for losing custody of his son. the dallas police chief saying the suspect called 911 before the ordeal, blaming police for losing custody of his son. >> we need to rethink and re- look at security measures as a result of this incident. we will be doing that. >> reporter: if there is good
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news, it's that no officers or innocent bystanders were hurt in this several hour-long ordeal. that's the latest outside dallas police headquarter -- headquarters. casey steagall. headquarters. casey steagall. an off day for the golden state warriors. they were back at work on the home court at their practice headquarters today. joe fonzi here. joe fonzi here. >> reporter: they could all use a little rest. this is uncharted territory for a generation of warrior fans in the players this is uncharted territory for a generation of warrior fans in the players. championship between the warriors and calves will go six games -- calves -- cavs--. it is down to best-of-three for the championship. the margin of error for both teams is minimal. they need to be firing on all
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cylinders. they need to be firing on all cylinders. >> whatever you have percentagewise, however you feel, you almost have to psych yourself mentally to give it all you've got for three games. we are playing for a ring. i do feel good. i think i will be pretty fresh and we will take it from there. >> we may be a little smaller, but we have heart and we will take it from there. >> we may be a little smaller, but we have heart. that's all that matters. we are going to fight we are going to fight, we're going to continue to push the basketball. we're going to play with a lot of effort we're going to scramble. sometimes that helps us a little bit more, activates their guys, make them have to do things they may not necessarily want to do. we're smaller. we have to scramble around. we're smaller. we have to scramble around. >> the longer the series wears on, the longer it favors the warriors. been again, there's only one him lebron james.
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game five tomorrow in oakland at 5:00. see you later. see you later. >> looking for to that were. -- looking forward to that one. you could be part of the action at oracle arena. the home -- told -- team is hosting home party. you will get a rally towel and a portion of the proceeds go to the warriors community foundation. a grass fire in vallejo grew to four alarms and damaged two's -- two homes. the chief on scene says winds sent embers onto the roots of two homes. crews crews's put the fires out quickly. you can see that firefighters were able to contain the flames to a five-acre area next to several backyards. no word on what might have spark the fire. presidential hopeful hillary clinton officially
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kicked off her campaign in new york city. the former secretary of state is striking the populist tone, ripping wall street, and vowing to fight income inequality. income inequality. >> reporter: of 2000 supporters as hillary clinton makes her first major speech in new york city. hillary saying she is running for every day americans in the middle class, the near -- need for higher paid -- pay -- pay, making college affordable, and rein and wall street. >> prosperity can't be just for ceos and hedge fund managers. democracy can be just for hedge fund chiefs and organizations. they are part of your basic bargain, too. bargain, too. >> bill clinton and daughter chelsea making their first
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appearance together as a family since hillary announced in april. the crowd braving warm temperatures at a small venue in an area set for an overflow crowd in an area set for an overflow crowd. hillary speaking about her mother's influence, champerty -- championing herself as a change her. calling republicans party of yesterday. critics point out recent polls showing a majority of the public find her untrustworthy as questions continue about her private email accounts and financial dealings with the family foundation. >> republicans twice cut taxes for the wealthiest twice cut taxes for the wealthiest, borrowed money from other countries to pay for two wars, and family incomes dropped. you know where we ended up you know where we ended up. you know where we ended up. >> reporter: clinton's speech kicked off the next phase of for campaign, headed to iowa kicked off the next phase of for campaign, headed to iowa, followed by south carolina and
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nevada. expect bigger crowds, speeches, and questions from the media. brian ennis, fox news. republican presidential hopeful jeb bush was in estonia today. he will kick off his campaign on monday. the former florida governor is on the tail end of a european tour where he met with leaders about strengthening european- american ties. bush made stops in poland and jurors many. -- germany. -- germany. six were transferred from guantanamo bay to oman. the van for him -- were in custody more than 13 years. several of the men were allegedly bodyguards for osama bin laden before 9/11. others were described as seasoned fighters who traveled to afghanistan and pakistan from military -- military activities. -- military activities. >> in 2008, the assessment on all six of these was high risk
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was high risk, likely to be associate themselves with their al qaeda brothers that was in 2008. what has changed since then? since then? >> president obama released a message, each of these six individuals was manifestly -- unanimously transferred -- approved for transfer five years ago. united states is very grateful to oman for the significant humanitarian gesture. humanitarian gesture. big -- big sur is one of them of the most beautiful spots on the west coast. how it turned into a crime scene thursday night. a popular teacher is being remembered for inspiring students. new details emerge about what an employee smuggled into help two prisoners get out. the news continues and 90
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in north bay community mourned the death of the teacher today. the fundraiser was held in his honor. the fundraiser was held in his honor. >> reporter: at a small table in front of the petaluma christian church conference put on a bake sale, raising money for the family of rich clifford in.
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he lived in petaluma and died after his car crashed off a cliff north of jenner last friday. north of jenner last friday. >> i cannot imagine being in that position. i know how much he means to them. >> reporter: many stop by to show support. he was a well-known teacher, coach, and parent who touched many lives. >> we have three children he was a well-known teacher, coach, and parent who touched many lives. >> we have three children, and it's a difficult time he was a well-known teacher, coach, and parent who touched many lives. >> we have three children, and it's a difficult time. we just want to be supportive of their family. >> in little league in basketball, how he treated kids equally. i really my -- admired that. >> the outpouring extended beyond petaluma. is obvious how much collodion -- colleton -- collodion --
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collodion -- -- kolodin sunny though police say a missing boy has been found after being kidnapped i his mother. this is trinnian gonzalez. hhe was found about half an hour ago. he was taken from the grandmother's home. the mother was arrested, the baby was taken to the hospital to be checked out. the hospital to be checked out. the pittsburgh city council is considering a plan to raise water rates and impose fines for high water usage. water rates would go up around 4% water rates would go up around 4%. most -- officials say the higher rate would meet the 25% reduction in water usage. the plan calls for fines between $25 calls for fines
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between $25-$1000 for excessive water use. council is set to take up the issue next week council is set to take up the issue next week. petaluma police have seen a spike in catalytic converter thefts. 15 vehicle owners in petaluma had their converter stolen in the past week. they happened overnight. snow much county sheriff's office says there was also a rash of thefts in march. the thieves target suvs and pickups because they are high off the ground making it easier to steal the parts. a fatality shutdown and east bay freeway. -- and east bay freeway. a man jumped off an overpass, prompting officers to close all the lanes. the freeway eventually reopened about two hours later. a man jumped off an overpass, prompting officers to close all the lanes. the freeway eventually reopened about two hours later. four people facing charges in connection with a multimillion dollar marijuana post -- bus.
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the coast guard followed a boat with thousands of pounds of marijuana. they recovered $18 million worth of marijuana. the people arrested were found in a van not far from the beach where the pot was discovered. three were in their 20s and one was a teenager. the north be festival weekend kick -- beach festival weekend kicked off in san francisco. organizers say in addition to live music and poetry organizers say in addition to live music and poetry, there are more than 100 organizers say in addition to live music and poetry, there are more than 150 booths with arts, crafts, and food organizers say in addition to live music and poetry, there are more than 150 booths with arts, crafts, and food. people we talked to said north beach was the place to be. >> great food, great background, the weather is nice, a little new be out. find a bistro to sit down outer go to washington square -- out or go to washington square. -- out or go to washington
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square. >> the north beach festival continues tomorrow. she claimed to be black for years. her parents say she is really white. the changes the parents say they have seen through the years. what has neighbors that up as fires spark in their yards. that up as fires spark in their yards. cooler across the bay area. already fog pushing back pushing back. coming up, temperature change in sunday's forecast and the timing of our next warming trend.
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the u.s. forest service says a wildfire in trinity county has spread to 1500 acres. it was sparked by lightning in the shasta trinity national forest between eureka and reading. winds are a problem, and the fire continued to advance. it is only 15% contained.
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the sheriff's office has ordered managed -- mandatory evacuations. no word of injuries or damage. some northern california firefighters say the conditions are more likely to summer currently rather than late spring. some of the fires they have been called to shouldn't be happening. people who lived in this neighborhood are not happy about it. >> reporter: when the grass burned yesterday, the fire raced across the property to the neighbors land. >> we are lucky it only came as far as it did. >> reporter: another neighbor pulled out a garden hose.>> we aimed at the flames and got it. when the firemen got over there, they could knock it down. >> reporter: they say it was because of the weedeater being used by someone in and unoccupied home. >> they had no water condo hoses to try to put it out. >> reporter: michelle item says
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her agency responded to five fires yesterday. this was one of two that were started by mowing. this we started at a home in rio linda. >> the best times to row -- mo are the early morning hours. if the grass is up to your knees, that needs to be handled, but it needs to be handled in the early hours of the day. >> reporter: yesterday the high temperature was 106.>> the mid- , hot part of the day, with no water around, it could have been prevented. after three weeks of cleaning and care, a dozen brown pelicans were released into the wild today. the pipeline spill was over $100,000 of crude oil. -- 100,000 gallons of crude
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oil. the 10 pelicans are the first of those rescued to be returned to the wild. the fallout continues for the naacp leader who claimed to be black. what her mom says about her transition. next, a prison employee arrested and charged after helping two prisoners escaped. what she is accused of smuggling into the prison.
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a prison worker pleaded not guilty to helping two prisoners escape from a maximum security prison in new york. joyce mitchell is charged with felonies and a misdemeanor. investigators accused her of the friending the inmates. she apparently got cold feet and didn't pick them up.
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how those prisoners got out. >> reporter: they used hack saws, chisels, and drill bits provided allegedly by joyce mitchell. she could go from prison employee to prison resident in a matter of months. we saw mrs. mitchell in court to face charges of being an accomplice by bringing contraband in. the complaint alleges she provided some of the tools well over a month before richard matt and david sweat were in the wind. she pled not guilty. it could mean seven years behind bar for errors -- bars for her. authorities are interested in whether her husband helped. as for the manhunt, no productive leads lately. police are confident they are in a concentrated area close to the prison.
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they are candid, saying no confirmed sightings of either man yet. one full week after the guards were surprised to see their cells were empty. they assume these two are tired and went and called, but the trail has also gone cold. we get a sense these two fugitive murderers could be anywhere every time we pass through a checkpoint. officers clutch their weapons tight as they politely ask us to pop the trunk as though they are expecting a prisoner to pop out. in danny moore, -- data moore -- danny moore -- the associated press is reporting a figure close to 14 a figure close to 14 million records being hacked. a security expert says it could
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be more than just south of computers. >> it is fairly easy to break into the cameras or connected systems and watch and gather whatever it is you want to see or detect patterns as to when you're home or not. officials are confident the attack came from china, something the chinese government denies. a woman member of the naacp's says she will address the controversy about her race on monday. she is the president of the spokane chapter of the naacp. yesterday, she told reporters she consider herself black. her parents say she is white. >> she has taken to falsely representing who she is.
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she has distanced herself from us and wants no communication. she does not want us to show up in her circles because shoe -- we would show the truth that she is not who she says she is. that has been progressive, and gradually, she has completely cut herself off from us.>> the naacp has issued a statement saying they respect her privacy. they also say racial criteria the -- racial identity is not criteria for an doubly acp -- naacp membership.>> she undermines the whole thing.>> question of doubt -- questions about her race follow a report she made about receiving hate mail. an investigation concluded the mail was never process.
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she has filed at least three reports alleging hate crimes. in one, she told police she found what she believed was a noose hanging outside her home. a first for san francisco as the get baked sale opened its doors, opening -- offering miracle -- medical marijuana edibles. the treats include pancakes, ice cream sandwiches, and cookies. organizers say they held the event with high hopes.>> we think it is going to be legal in 2016. people need to know it is just like a beer festival or any other type of convention. people want to enjoy themselves.>> organizers say they worked with the police department and department of health to make sure the edibles sale was held in accordance with california law.
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for those who feel rushing into a big decision is foolish, a story of a couple who shares that sentiment. [ applause ] >> that is 103-year-old george kirby and 91-year-old doreen lucky of hastings, england, got married today. they had lived together for 30 years. this year, kirby's son encouraged his father to make an honest woman of doreen. he popped the question. he didn't get down on one of the, because, this is what he said, he wasn't sure he could get back up again. do you feel it out there? a little cooler today than yesterday. market von is is next with details. -- marquee bond as -- mark i bond as -- marquee bond is --
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marquee bondus -- mark ibanez has details coming up.
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cooler across the entire bay area. we cooled things off from yesterday's readings. we had the heat advisory on monday, remember that? we had rain on wednesday, then a temperature spike inland yesterday. temperatures from this afternoon, still some 90s to report. the coast hasn't really warmed up too much. sunshine as well. readings only in the 60s. speaking of the fog, it is expanding near the coast near santa cruz, pacifica, and a few patches moving into the bay. patchy fog for oakland, towards berkeley as well. the fog shoots across the bay
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heading towards the east bay. as far as the current numbers, showing use of 60s ann livermore -- ann livermore -- in livermore. a southwesterly wind towards fairfield. cooler conditions out there. winds are sustained out of the south wiest -- southwest at 28 miles an hour. this camera shows the bay bridge. forecast headlines for tonight. fog developing, breezy. for tomorrow, morning clouds, skies becoming partly cloudy, patchy fog near the coastline. the extended forecast, a minor warming trend expected over the next few days. livermore yesterday, 101. we are not talking about any major heat out there. temperatures could meet the upper 80s throughout the
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afternoon hours. what is happening right now, typically -- and onshore breeze will help cool assault. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow, lots of 50s out there , overcast for pacifica, san francisco, oakland, hayward. partly cloudy skies will inland. san francisco for the northeast festival tomorrow. lots of clouds, want to bundle up. on track to reach the 60s, scattered low clouds. always a fun event. tomorrow, kind of bundle up out there. here is an update on hurricane carlos spinning in the eastern pacific. winds of 85 miles per hour. it could strengthen into a category two. keep an eye on portable are to -- puerto vallarta.
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it was cooler today in the bay area. we have the fog belting right now. we also have this area of low pressure moving in from the north. here is our forecast model, show you this. overcast tomorrow morning with partly to mostly cloudy skies. patchy fog in san francisco for the afternoon. really not much in the way -- vacaville can, 80 --, 89. said has oh -- san jose in the upper 80s. san francisco keeping it cool. here is a look at your five day forecast. cooler temperatures into monday. a little bit of a bump in the numbers for -- through thursday. no major heat in the forecast. it's nice to have that refreshing fog cool assault.
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err natures ac kicking in. -- >> natures ac kicking in. you come into contact with animals every now and then, but you never expect to see a bear in the cab of the truck. birds used to be something dave masters captured with photography, but lately tears have been using his bird bath. security cameras have been capturing more and more encounters like that. it is hard for him to believe that a bear was hanging out in his truck. he usually puts the food away so the bear isn't attracted to get inside their. bears will be bears. the giants look to avoid a straight -- another loss. we will hear from both the warriors and the cavs. sports wrap is next.
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welcome to sports rap. two questions for the giants. why do they hit like the 1927 yankees on the road and then back goes silent at home? was with the diamondbacks? real baseball, real grass, real sunshine today. first innings, a real struggle for the starter. he gave up a single wall to david peralta. one-zero. the problems were just beginning. him four batters -- four
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batters walked. him webster in the diamondbacks get something going the six. him -- six him. him him -- six --him -- sixth him. to the south we go with the dodgers and padres, tied one- one in the eighth. upton hits one deep, a two-one when. echaveste giants 2 1/2 games -- that keeps the giants 2 1/2 games behind. behind. albert pool in the first
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inning pool in the first inning. that will not stay in the ballpark. career home run -- his 18th home run of the year. funny of time to strike back. cj wilson had other ideas. one of eight strikeouts for wilson on the night. in the sixth, a shot up the middle that wilson snags with his bare hand. not usually the best idea for a picture -- picture -- -- pitcher , but it works out. two relievers finish the job. the a's fall 14 games under 500 to wrap up the series in anaheim tomorrow.
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in the american league's west in the american league's west, morrison, a three run shot in the american league's west, morrison, a three run shot, part of the five-run inning for seattle. morrison ripped a two run shot in the third. eight homers for morrison eight homers for morrison. houston's lead in the division out a game and a half over texas. out a game and a half over texas. the adjustments and counter investments that is the nba finals continue -- counter adjustments that is the nba finals continue. both teams had light practices today in oakland. there is a reason steph curry is this great shooter. he never stopped practicing.


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