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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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ginning with ktvu's christien kafton with how oakland is preparing. >> although the game doesn't start till 6:00 p.m. tomorrow thousands of fans will be here tomorrow night to watch the game on the big screen with their fellow warriors fans. . >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news was there as the team boarded their plane headed for ohio. they had the crowd on their feet. this morning the clean up was still underway. tomorrow's game will be shown on the big screen at the arena. facilities manager says oracle arena will be ready for the fans. >> we are expecting a full house. we will do a game day preparation like we would for a finals game and get everybody in here, great atmosphere, have the fans enjoy the building and
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the camaraderie. >> reporter: the city is working on its plan too. there are concerns a win could result in out of control celebrations. today police confirmed they have been working on a strategy for weeks. >> we anticipate large crowds, we anticipate celebrations. and we have hope for anticipation for the warriors to win. >> reporter: the city has a history with fans taking things too far. in 2003 angry over the raiders loss over turned cars and took to the streets. police are calling on law enforcement agencies to be on stand by and every available officer will be on duty. >> we understand a lot of our commercial establishments will be hosting events and parties and we want to make it safe for everyone. we will be out, we will create a safe environment. we have had multiple planning sessions. >> reporter: oakland's city
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counsel meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow night has been delayed. i had to ask about it, the city has plans for a celebration, begins with the letter "p" and rhymes with lemonade. the city has a plans for a celebration like that, maybe a moving celebration. they don't want to give details. [ talking at the same time ] >> all right. thank you. >> even though the warriors are so close to a championship, they are not there yet and the team said today they have to stay focused for game 6. ktvu's sports director mark ibanez is here now. one win to go. coach admitted last night that game could be the hardest to win. >> i am appreciative of the fact he said that. you look that way they unfold. the warriors played more than 100 games. they need an 83 victory to get
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there. yesterday, one of the thrillers, we have wilkes in the lobby, he will be with us in a bit. he said this was one of the most thrilling games he has ever witnessed. if you are a warriors fan the 4 4th quarter had it all. you have to tip your hat to the great lebron. he showed up in a big way. the fans got more than their money worth but the 83 victory is going to be rough and all the players and coach, they know it. >> come out and give their best punch. they might be tired but they can push through. we got to realize that and we got to play like its our last game of the year. if we play angry and play poised we will be in good shape. >> they believe in each other.
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we have to get on the plane tomorrow and get our mind set right. it is -- it is a long way to go. >> it will probably be the hardest game of the series. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> absolutely. human nature. think series is over. outside looking in. but on it the inside it will be war. >> all right. being up 3-2. i tell you guys, guys, the thing that drives me crazy is when they say it will be cool if they lost in cleveland so they can win it at home. no, you get a win anyway they can. [ talking at the same time ] >> i was one of those saying that -- >> drives me nuts -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> steph curry got sick last night. how is he today? >> we saw a video of him. everybody says he is fine. i was in the podium room when
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he was doing his post game interview. i did notice he isn't drinking water, anything, and when he left the room after his interview he got real nauseous. they had to sit him down. he has been playing more minutes in the final playoff games. so he was probably more tired than the average bear. but he is doing all right now. he is fine. >> i know he is on the other team but watching matthew dellavedova, i mean, the guy is playing his heart out. is it my imagination or did he look exhausted like he left everything he had on the court last night? >> he was playing better earlier in the season -- in the series but right now he looks -- he is not used to the minutes and the pressure. to be honest, he is an underdog story and you are seeing the level of play that he is accustomed to. he is a guy that does it on
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guts. all that. they are all tired. >> the nba makes them practice every single day. that is during the finals. they have to attend media events. that is not like the regular season at all. and the plaintiffs have been going on a month and a half. >> middle of june. yeah. all right. thank you. the highway patrolsies car may have been -- patrol says a car may have been pushed off a cliff. officers responded to a car on fire. sky fox 2 was over head as crews looked for victims but didn't find anyone. it is possible the car was stolen and then intentionally pushed off the cliff and set on fire. the california supreme court ruled in favor of a san jose law on affordable housing. it involves a 5-year-old law that requires set aside 15% of
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units at below market rates or pay into a fund as housing costs rise putting them out of reach for some people. the ruling forces them to solve a problem they didn't create. he says making housing afford -- they are considering all legal options. a picture released shows corrosion to the pipeline that ruptured and spilled oil on the santa barbara coast last month. he says the amount of visible corrosion and the wear inside the pipe leads him to believe the pipe burst during a pressure spike when the operator restarted pumps that earlier failed. on may 19 oil leaked out polluting beaches and killing birds and mammals along it
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santa barbara coast line. new at 5:00 p.m. water agencies in the bay area after the going to have to cut back as much as we -- water agencies in the bay area aren't going to have to cut back as much as we thought. ktvu's tom vacar is live with one of the water suppliers that got a break. . >> reporter: you will see water savings every place. from lawns to dry grass. >> reporter: initially the town's water department was ordered to cut use by 28%. one of the larger cuts ordered. >> the numbers didn't look right. >> reporter: the target now adjusted down from 28% to 20 was not a roll over by regulators but an analysis of documents proving their past water reduction programs have been working.
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>> i don't let the water run or i don't let the water run when i am rinsing myditious. >> drip -- my dishes. >> drip systems. being conserving. >> reporter: 49 other agencies have received reductions in the water they must save. including four in the bay area. >> applied for new numbers. this was a reduction. >> reporter: napa's target was reduced from 24 to 20% because they showed a spike in water use there came from an earthquake that ruptured water mains. they went from 16-12% because of a huge increase in the population. that was also the case in hills
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burg and discovery bay. they received 4% cuts. >> california i believe has gotten the message. people are getting on board. >> reporter: merced county received the largest conversation mandate from 36% to 28. when it supplied use data as opposed to estimates it got the reduction it needed. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. the fbi is asking the public for help in minding vand whose are destroying specific -- vand whose are stroying -- vandals who are destroying fiber optic line. vandals struck 10 times. in berkeley, walnut creek, fremont, alamo and san jose. the most recent incident happened monday in walnut creek. investigators say it first began last july when cables were severed in berkeley.
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the fbi is looking for witnesses. if you have information you are asked to contact the fbi office. for the first time an explanation from the man accused of abducting a boy. why he took the boy from a public library and where he was heading. >> san francisco supervisors consider a plan to hire more officers. why the city's public defender is against it. >> and two shark attacks on the same beach within an hour of each other. why the beach is open today. >> after the break i am tracking a warm up again. it will get hot around here. fire danger will come up as well. i will give you the details.
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new developments tonight in the kidnapping of a 3-year-old boy from the library. the attorney for the man snatching the child said he thought he knew the boy and suffers from schizophrenia. ktvu'ssktvu's azenith smith was in court today. >> reporter: -- ktvu's azenith smith was in court today. >> reporter: his attorney said a possible defense could be a plea of not guilty by reason of -- not guilty by reason of insanie. he is schizophrenic and -- insanity. she schizophrenic. he took the three-year-old boy from -- he is schizophrenic. he took the three-year-old boy
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from the library. he spotted the child on a bus. his attorney says he had no attention to harm the child. she also said he was having an episode and was not under medication for his mental illness at the time. >> he believed he recognized the child. he was attempting to return the child to his mother and he believes the mother and the child resided in antioch. why he got on the bus. >> we are treating it as a felony kidnapping. if we get more information about any mental illness we will evaluate at that time. >> reporter: last week we interviewed the victim in the case, the victim told me he soccer punched him -- sucker punched him in february. the victim said he knew he was
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mentally unstable and he needed help so now his attorney is getting him help. looking into getting a mental evaluation. the boy was unharmed and at this time the family has requested privacy. >> how would the sentence change if he uses an insanity plea? >> i asked that question, right now he is facing a maximum of 11 years in prison for the kidnapping charge. if he enters an insanity plea he would be committed to a hospital. the district attorney's office tells me it is premature right now and they will cross that bridge when they get there. >> azenith smith reporting in san jose, thank you. in sacramento lawmakers passed a budget an hour and a half ago hours before the deadline. the budget totals $117.5 billion. democrats are still hoping
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governor jerry brown will okay another $749 million, they want toot earmark that for child care, headquarter, welfare and hire education. governor jerry brown and republicans are reluct tonight increase spending incase revenue doesn't meet projections but democrats thinks it will be higher than his estimates. republicans are opposed to any additional spending. the governor has 12 days to sign the budget. a 12-year-old girl and a 16- year-old boy are recovering after suffering shark bites over the weekend on the same north carolina beach within an hour of each other. what is being done now to keep swimmers safe. >> reporter: not one but two shark attacks sunday, taking place a few miles away from each other off the shores of north carolina. >> went in the water. coming over with the wash. >> reporter: a 12-year-old girl losing part of her arm and
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suffering a leg injury. 90 minutes later a 16-year-old boy losing his left arm. they had been swimming in waist deep water. >> reporter: it is not clear if the same shark attacked both victims. a 7-foot shark was spotted nearby. both kids are in good condition after undergoing surgery. >> the keys to the success yesterday was the fact our bystanders on the beach with the patients did very quick first aid. >> reporter: all this after a 13-year-old girl also receiving small cuts on her foot from a shark bite last thursday. such attacks are rare. there were just 72 shark attacks around the world last year. >> not important to close the
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beaches but for people to exercise caution. don't swim out too far. >> the beaches are open today. authorities are using boats and helicopters to patrol the waters and warn swimmers if additional sharks move into the area but there are no life guards. in atlanta, fox news. back here in the bay area, a cool, mild day bottlings about to heat up. -- but things are about to heat up. >> temperatures are cooling down a little bit this afternoon. then they will come right back up as we move into the 5 day period with numbers by the end of the week, mid-90s in the inland valleys. fog is a constant. something going out in the texas area. getting hammered with storms. right? we talked about all that activity a few weeks ago. what is happening now, this is a tropical depression that
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could -- close to becoming a tropical storm. not that unusual. what is usual is its track. it will go like this, it will drop a lot of rain in this area. you have already got saturated ground, swelling creeks and rivers and you will get 8 more inches of rain. flooding into st. louis and chicago as well. they can't buy a break. this would occur between the next -- through thursday as the system moves over the high pressure over atlanta. they are going to get hammered again. texas is taking the brunt of us. for us, we are stable. current fog, you can see the fog right there. right? you can see that same bite of cool air. you can almost trace it. inland. the cooler flow you have temperatures that are warmer. that is how it will go.
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it will be warmer next couple days. fairfield 35 miles per hour right now. significant wind speeds there. a low pressure tee the north -- to the north. breezy day tomorrow. windier than you expect. the fog for tomorrow morning, looks like what i just showed you. tomorrow morning it wants to dip into livermore valley. temperatures come up and the real warming occurs into your wednesday and thursday. the 90s tomorrow. east of the area. 80s. the warmer air. into the next few days the oranges and reds coming towards the coast. coast consistent can fog, though -- consistent with fog, though. tomorrow like today. a breeze. gusts up to 35 miles per hour. your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, there you go. upper 80s, low 90s tomorrow in
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the hot spots and then mid-90s and upper 90s into the bay area weekend. so fire danger becomes something we will be thinking about. no rain or drizzle this week. just more very warm weather. especially towards the weekend. >> thank you. 10 days on the run. still no sign of two killers who broke out of prison. where the search is focused and the woman accused of helping them back in court. >> at 6:00 p.m. calling for action against an officer who shot and killed an unarmed man. the evidence they say the district attorney's office won't look at.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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10 days since two convicted murderers escaped from maximum security facility in new york and the search turned up no new leads. and the prison worker arrested for helping them made her second court appearance today. more on the case against joyce mitchell and the search. >> reporter: joyce mitchell appearing in court this morning. the 51-year-old accused of helping two convicts escape from the correctional facility. facing a felony charge. >> we waved the preliminary. the judge no longer has jurisdiction. it will go up to a higher court. >> reporter: joyce mitchell gave richard matt and david
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sweat tools. she was planning on picking them up and fleeing with them after they broke out of prison but changed her mind. the district attorney says they were hoping to drive to a wooded area. >> it is potential there will bedential criminal charges involving joyce mitchell. . >> reporter: hundreds of law enforcement officers are taking part in the man hunt. they are focusing on the woods near the prison but new york governor said they could be in mexico by now. he is calling on the inspector general to investigate all factors. >> if an employee was facilitating or anaplas an -- or an accomplice they will be fully prosecuted. fox news. still ahead tonight, a plan
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to hire more police officers in san francisco. the leader who says there is a better way to reduce crime and it doesn't mean hiring more officers. >> and oakland police roll out a new initiative. >> and meet the engineers creating an underwater world. >> the game they are building and the meaning behind its unique name.
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some of san francisco's officials say the number of police officers on the streets is failing failing to keep base the growing population and crime. ktvu's rob roth is live at city hall where two supervisors are calling for an expansion of the police force. rob? >> reporter: here at city hall some say it is simple. the population keeps going up and the number of police officers keep going down and many say that trend has to change. >> reporter: this woman lived much of her life in the bay view district, one of the highest crime areas. >> my house has been broken into 9 times. >> walking on the beat, riding bikes, trying to get people to
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stop the violence. the crime. yeah. it would. >> reporter: this afternoon they held a hearing on a proposal to increase police staffing levels that would add 500 more officers over the next few years and keep up with san francisco's 12% population rise over the past decade. >> we need more police officers. our population will continue to grow. this will put us on record saying we don't have enough officers today. >> reporter: san francisco has 1700 officers. less than what they call for. a study shows san francisco has half the number of cops as chicago. crimes are way up. >> there is nowhere in san francisco where they don't want to see more officers on foot, walking around. connecting. >> reporter: he says more cops doesn't mean less crime. and the money would be better spent on -- >> body cameras. surveillance cameras. and good social programs that are going to keep people from
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committing crimes. >> reporter: some residents are concerned more about the quality of the officer. not the quantity. >> not just getting more -- you know, bullies out here. that would be not okay. >> reporter: the proposal is expected to go to the full board next week. >> all right. rob roth reporting live in san francisco, thank you. construction began today to replace the oakville cross road bridge. the earthquake opened up existing contraction on the bridge and it was closed down the next day. the bridge goes over the napa river between highway 29 and the trail. today crews cleared away brush. demolition is expected within the next three weeks. the new bridge will be in place by happy new year's. more people are -- new year's day. more people are showing support for the safer soccer
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campaign. new supporters including stars of the 1999 women's world cup champion team. the campaign began last year to raise awareness of players hitting the ball. >> no one thinks it is a good idea to hit children in the head. but in sports we accept it out of faith that someone researched the issue and established it as safe. >> exerts pay middle school soccer players suffer 30,000 concussions a year from attempting to hit the ball with their head. few former warriors players who know what steph curry and the rest of the team are thinking right now as they are one win away from the nba championship. but one of them is jamal wilkes. he was on the championship team and won three championships with the lakers. we were talking, you were at the game last night.
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what was that like for you? >> very exciting. brought back a lot of memories. the energy level from the fans and the excitement. felt like the roof was going to -- roof was going to start rising. a great win for the warriors. >> how does that compare to the 1975 championship? the arena booked the ice follies, so you played it in the copals. what was that -- cow palace, what was that like? >> we were expected to be mediocre in the pre-season. we got into this mind set of us versus them. i think that chicago series before the bullets, it was a 7 game grueling series and it prepared us. the bulls may have been complaisant but not being able to play at home underscored the us versus them attitude that we
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had. >> now as the series heads back to cleveland, what would you tell this warriors team? >> i imagine they are pinching themselves. when you are in a championship series, you know, you are like pinching yourself and they are saying -- trying to wrap their head around it and saying my advice would be we don't want to see a game 7. nice to win it at home but if you can do it in 6 let's take care of it. >> give me one line to describe steph curry and one line to describe matthew dellavedova. >> steph curry, brilliant. matthew dellavedova, brilliant. in a different way. he is not physically as gifted or talented but for the abilities he has he is very effective. and he is very smart.
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>> do you see similarities between your 1975 team on the warriors and this team? >> i do. coach played 9 or 10 10 guys and we got contributions from 9 or 10 days to. we were unselfish. we had a marquee player. rick berry. steph curry. the difference is, though, the warriors are coming off a historic season, best record in the nba and the expectations are higher than they were for us. >> let's talk about your book. memoirs of the original smooth as silk. how important is it for young people to understand it is okay to fail. >> thank you. yeah. i wrote the book to give back love to the fans and to give a peak to play not just one dynasty, but show time lakers and the warriors championship.
5:37 pm
i am a parent too. i raised three children. i wanted to share the lessons i felt -- i tried to convey to my children through had book. that is one of them. you can fail without being a failure and responsible decision making. i grew up in a small town. you don't think of it as an urban area it but there -- but there was temptation of drug and violence. i made a decision and stuck with it. i appreciate you bringing up the youth because i wanted to encourage young people and their parents. >> all right. the book is called memoirs of the original smooth as silk. thank you for being us today. >> thank you for having me. >> go warriors. >> go dubs. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. ahead tonight, a big
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announcement from the naacp leader whose parents say she has been pretending to be black and why gap is closing stores and cutting jobs.
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♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app.
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. a woman under fire for potion as black resigned from her post of the spokane chapter of the naacp.
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rachel dolezal's parents told reporters that their daughter is actually white and has been pretending for years she is black. over the weekend she said she would address the claims at meeting this evening but the meeting has been canceled. today rachel dolezal released a statement that reads: it is with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justest and the naacp that i step aside. rachel dolezal said she would continue to fight for human rights. former florida governor jeb bush made his announcement today, he is running for president. he kicked off his campaign in miami. she the 11th -- he is the 11 11th republican to enter the speech. >> the question for me is, what am i going to do about it and i decided i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> many people noticed his lego
5:42 pm
that just features his first name. no mention of his father or brother. part of san francisco's great highway is shut down for a few days to move thousands of tons of sand at ocean beach. the southbound lanes were closed today so crews could move the sand. they are trying to reduce the chance the wind will blow sand on the road. they are repositioning the sand back on to the beach. >> we know the roads will be shut down throughout the year. particularly in the windy months in the spring is when it gets shut down because sand is on the roadway. we have to do that for safety purposes. >> the southbound lanes will remain closed for 5 days while that sand is being moved. initiative to give families touched by violent crime closure. >> a day doesn't go by that i don't think about her. >> how police are stepping up
5:43 pm
their efforts to solve cold cases. and a plan to get from los angeles to san francisco in half hour. how he is asking for help to make the hyperloop a reality. >> tracking the warm up. courts back into the mid-90 -- temperatures back into the mid- 90s. i will have the specifics.
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oakland police are trying to heat up cold cases with a new campaign to get the victim's faces in front of the
5:46 pm
public. they are using high tech advertising to spotlight unsolved homicides in the city. ktvu's noelle walker with the plan to try help families of the victims find peace. >> reporter: police are using fbi funding to highlight cold cases on a billboard and posts twice a year and they are setting up a website for unsolved murders. some of the cases that were highlighted today happened last year, others a decade ago. the thing they have in common is no one has been arrested. >> reporter: they speak for those who can't. >> i am here for my son. >> he was murdered july, 2010. >> reporter: they are parents of oakland murder victims. >> please, we have to stop this. >> reporter: today oakland police announced a new
5:47 pm
initiative, unveiling posters, highlighting unsolved murders. oakland's 46th homicide victim last year. >> that is not just a number. not 46. somebody's sister, somebody's daughter, somebody's friend. >> a human being. a sweet human being who had a lot of knowledge; you know, who was going somewhere in life. >> she was shot july 10 last year. police know there are witnesses. >> tipping point. what if that was my child that was just getting something to eat? >> the posters show a few of the cold cases. the families are hoping time brings information. >> i am just asking, pleading, begging with someone, if you know something, please come forward. >> maybe we could bring the families peace. right? the person who took their loved one is being held accountable
5:48 pm
for their actions. >> reporter: they are parents who can't get their children back. >> it is not over for us. not over. can't be over. >> reporter: there they can get is justice with a little help. >> please give us a hand. we need your help. thank you so much. >> reporter: we asked how many cold cases they have and he said too many. so often people are afraid to come forward when they see something like this. he is hoping the passage of time will give them courage to say something. >> thank you. oakland began a pot hole blitz today to fix the crumbling roads. they have 1900 miles of roads that need $430 million in repairs. officials don't have that kind of money so crews are patching minor issues. residents are encouraged to report any pavement problems during the blitz. oakland ranked near the bottom
5:49 pm
of a 2013 pavement index. china began operating non- stop between beijing and san jose. a salute marked the occasion this morning in san jose. the airline operates out of three other u.s. airports in seattle, boston and chicago. san jose mayor said the addition of the non-stop flight is a boom to the county. >> we are so grateful to have a counsel that is laser focused on economic development and growing the airport. >> service on the boeing dream liner is scheduled 5 times per weekend. all right. cooler in the bay area today. a warm up is heading our way. back to bill in the weather center to find out when it will get here. >> tomorrow wind like we had
5:50 pm
today. temperatures similar. beyond that, wednesday and thursday, temperatures warm up. back into the mid-90s. upper 90s. feels like summer. we are right there. right? around the corner. a look outside. san jose. what you are picking up here, you see the afternoon and morning commute in the air here. into the warmer weather pattern the air will be sinking more and trapping the pollutants. air quality, i don't think we will see spare the air situation but air quality will go to the moderate range. we have been clean for a while. this pattern has been good for air quality. now the commutes will get caught up in the atmosphere and you will notice it more as you are right now. there is fog already pushing across here. you can see it. hayward. castro valley. areas like that. the fog gets into livermore
5:51 pm
valley tonight. when it does it will burn back more quickly tomorrow. a slight bit more quickly. and then temperatures warm. and then tomorrow like today for highs. into wednesday and thursday temperatures come up. you can see where the heat is. reds, 80s and 90s. central valley away from the is a breeze -- from the sea breeze. it is pushing cool, moist air, the grown, into these areas. this is all you need to know about the bay area. temperatures represented by color. you can tell by looking at the map. that looks like a early summer pattern. tomorrow, 80s where there were 70s today. 90s where there were 80s today. warmest spots, brentwood 92 tomorrow. if i got 90 at the airport, antioch, it is easy to find 95
5:52 pm
somewhere else. right? just because i say 89 livermore today, that doesn't mean -- [ indiscernible ] >> 62 for lunchtime temperature in oakland tomorrow. 69 for a day time high in oakland. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. there it is. right? fog at the coast. cool at the coast. warming up of temperatures into saturday and sunday. temperatures 97. we could see -- 97 antioch, you could see 100 -- [ indiscernible ] [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. ahead here, inside a basement in berkeley. a team of designericize creating a whole new world -- skiesers is creating a whole --
5:53 pm
designers are creating a whole new world. >> also new developments on a roller coaster accident that injured a worker at california's great america as we ask about the safety of park rides.
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elon musk is looking for good ideas for his system. the man behind tesla and space
5:56 pm
x says she launching a design -- he is launching a design competition for the hyper loop. he says he plans to build a one mile test track in los angeles county. he figures that this hyper loop could carry passengers between los angeles and san francisco in a half hour. the gap plans to announce 175 stores in the united states. the gap plans to eliminate 250 jobs from headquarters in san francisco. after several quarrelers of falling sales -- quarters of falling sales the move is needed to get the company back on track. they declined to say how many employees will lose their job. they have 141,000 full and part time employees world wide. in tonight's made in the bay, a peak into a world that is a computer game where earth flooded and everyone is forced to live underwater. ktvu fox 2 news claudine wong
5:57 pm
has a sneak peak. [ music ] >> reporter: welcome. >> it takes us far into the future, under water, where civilizations are trying to survive. >> it will take me down. >> it manes what remains after a flood. >> reporter: that is the basis for this new game created by these four guys. [ music ] >> reporter: look around and you will see the brain storming that happened. >> i like underwater stuff. since i was a kid. >> reporter: a labor of love and the latest creation. >> i am the founder and the lead artist here. >> reporter: he started the company three years ago. >> when i met jacob is when things picked up.
5:58 pm
>> i do all the planning. >> reporter: they were joined by gill. and patrick. >> we want to create games that take you to a different place. something you haven't seen before. >> reporter: it is designed to be fun and challenging and visually stunning. not surprising when you consider all four graduated from the academy of art university in san francisco. the group has published one other game but now -- >> i haven't seen many games like it. >> i am the secretary here but i am more like emotional support. >> the group launched a kick starter campaign with a goal of raising $40,000. >> as far as the game, this game goes, it will dictate the future of the company. >> reporter: it is little, the
5:59 pm
question is, how big will they be? in berkeley, claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. >> if you want to submit ideas you have for products made in the bay, go to our website and click in the made in the bay tab. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> dozens of teachers, and staff terminated from a elementary school and all of them told they will have to reapply to get their jobs back or be transferred to different schools. >> been in the district for 28 years. you know? never seen anything like this. >> i have been physically ill and so upset and hurt. >> good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> workers at west valley elementary school are blaming a lack of leadership and now they are fighting to get their jobs back. new at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's ann rubin live with the
6:00 pm
controversy. >> reporter: there is a meeting tonight that is just about to get underway. a chance for everyone here to meet the new principal and to hear about the vision for how to fix the problems that west valley elementary school next year. >> reporter: they were notified one hour after school let out for the summer. everyone at west valley elementary school would be asked to reapply for their jobs. >> i have been physically ill and upset and hurt. >> she had been a teacher for 17 years. >> to have the district come in and basically say every teacher at that school isn't doing their job or isn't doing what they need to do is really insulting. hard for all of us to take. >> the trouble range from a lack of leadership to a lack of communication to


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