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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 15, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the warriors are on the road for game 6 of the nba finals, and the city of oakland is now just one win away from
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its first nba championship in 40 years. >> wishing them all the luck that we can. go warriors. >> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the warriors are in cleveland for game 6 of the nba finals. if the warriors win there, you can bet fans here are going to be out partying. amber lee is at oracle arena tonight. she's been talking to city officials and they say they are ready for a celebration. >> reporter: frank, that's right. the warriors will play on the road tomorrow, but oracle arena will come alive when fans arrive here for a viewing party. at oakland's city hall, a banner proclaims loudly this is warriors ground. inside, city leaders are largely silent about plans for a victory celebration. they say they don't want to jinx the outcome. >> we will be prepared to celebrate. celebrate with golden state. that's about all i can say about that. >> reporter: the city leaders
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say if there is a win tuesday, the parade will be on friday. if the warriors win, the pa parade would be monday, a week from today. >> usually, you would get a celebratory parade within days of a victory. the warriors organization is prepared for that. >> reporter: at overland bar and grill, the owner says he's ordered four times the normal amount of food and beverage. >> tomorrow, we're going to have about a thousand buns come in. for the pulled pork sandwich and the burgers. >> reporter: paul hayward is looking forward to increased business, but is prepared for the possibility of celebrations getting out of control. >> what we're doing in lieu of boarding up the windows, and doing things that are that drastic, we decided what we're to do is just add extra security. >> reporter: oakland has a history with sports fans taking things too hard. in 2003, fans angry over the
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raiders loss in super bowl xxxvii overturned cars and took to the streets. >> we want to make it safe for everyone. >> reporter: oakland police won't go into detail, but say they've been working on a plan for weeks. they're calling on fellow law enforcement to be on standby, and every available oakland officer will be on duty. >> going to be down there. helping in this environment, for everyone to have a good time. >> reporter: the watch party here at oracle arena sold out. 17,000 tickets at $15 each. but on the secondary market they were going for a whole lot more. for fans coming out here to oracle arena tomorrow, the gates open at 4. the arena itself at 4:30 p.m. the warriors influence out of oakland international
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airport. that's steph curry getting onto a chartered flight. we also have a shot of steve kerr getting onboard the plane. we're going to hear from one of the players talking about how tough it is to close out a series. >> warriors president rick welt will be in a parade. the 58-year-old was named a celeb ready ready grand marshal for san francisco's gay pride parade. he was the highest ranking executive in professional men's sports to acknowledge he is gay. welts said it is an honor to be a grand marshal in the parade. this year's parade in san francisco will be held sunday, june 28. the former governor of florida, jeb bush, made it official today. he is attempting to become the third member of his family to become president of the united states. bush enters a crowded field of republicans, but he's considered among the front runners for the nomination. ken pritchett is here now with the announcement from bush and the reaction.
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>> jeb bush is attempting an interesting balancing act. running as an outsider, but at the same time, considered an establishment candidate, which goes along with being the son and brother of former presidents. >> i've decided i am running for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: joined 10 other candidates seeking the republican nomination. >> i will campaign as i would serve. going everywhere, speaking to everyone, keeping my word. facing the issues without flinching. and staying true to what i believe. >> i think the field's set now. i think most likely, you have three pretty clear front runners on the republican side. one pretty clear front runner on the democrat side. >> reporter: corey cook says bush joins yet to declare wisconsin governor scott walker
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and senator marco rubio as front runners. >> we're not going to clean up the mess in washington by electing the people who either helped create it, or have proven incapable of fixing it. >> reporter: the son and brother of two former presidents is an insider who can more easily raise money and build collations. yet, his campaign logo, which simply reads jeb, suggests his distancing himself from the bush name. >> the bush name carries a lot of weight in the republican primary. still, i think it's an advantage, more than a disadvantage. >> reporter: hillary clinton held a kickoff rally for her campaign in new york. it is early, but the bush/clinton contest may be underway long before. >> they're clearly eyeing each other in the general election contest. >> reporter: candidate bush plans to hit the campaign trail in early primary states
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starting tomorrow with a town hall event in new hampshire, and wednesday and thursday with events in iowa. lawmakers in sacramento passed a state budget today ahead of tonight's midnight deadline. it will likely see changes before the fiscal year begins on july 31. lawmakers passed a budget plan along party lines. that's about $2 billion more than governor brown proposed last month. democrats tacked on $749 million. the additional money would mostly go for childcare, healthcare, and social services. democrats say they expect the state will bring in about $3 billion more in tax revenues than the governor projected. governor brown doesn't want to increase spending in case those tax revenues fall short. that's where the democrat governor and republican lawmakers agree. >> as republicans we stand for financial responsibility. we want to make sure that
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california's economy is healthy for the long term. >> the legislature had to pass the budget by midnight, or they pay would be cut off. democrats will negotiate with the governor on the added money. the new budget has to be signed by july 31. crews put out a grass fire in loss altos hills. the crews attacked a vegetation fire on the ground. about three acres ended up burning. no word yet on what started the fire. a group of san jose parents have settled a lawsuit with the evergreen school district that claimed administrators didn't do enough to stop a teacher convicted of molesting students. kraig chandler was sentenced to 75 years in prison for molesting five students. the civil trial brought by the victim's patients against the district got underway last week. now the two sides are reached a
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deal. no details of the settlement were released. the district released a statement in part, we believe the settlement will allow the young women impacted by the actions to move forward and heal. an emotional meeting in sunnyvale tonight after parents were told on the last day of school that all of the teachers and all of the staff at west valley elementary will have to reapply for their jobs. maureen naylor was inside tonight's meeting, where even the district admits, this is not a strategy they want to use. >> frank, the district tried to explain why tonight, but couldn't, wouldn't get into specifics, citing personnel matters. when the meeting ended about a an our and a half ago, many parents left confused and shocked. the start of summer has been a stressful one for many parents who's children attend west valley elementary. inside, another school auditorium, about 250 parents and teachers listened. the tension and frustration
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advisable on their faces. >> i know some of you felt a sense of shock. >> reporter: last thursday, parents received this email. announcing the district is requiring all 29 teachers and about 15 staff need to reapply for their jobs. those who aren't interested, or are not selected will be transferred to another opening within the cupertino union school district. >> it's very disrespectful. >> reporter: according to the superintendent, the reason behind the drastic change was tension between the administration, the teachers, and parents which was making people uncomfortable. >> really taking over a lot of the culture of the school. it wasn't good and healthy. >> it would have been nice to know what the problem was. tension is a very vague thing, and we don't know what the problem is. >> reporter: the school's principal was re assigned. the new one was introduced this evening. many parents left without the answers they wanted. >> i think it's crazy. i don't think they answered any of the questions.
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i'm a parent. my kids loved west valley. they had a great year. this came as a complete shock. >> reporter: the teachers union says the staff overhaul is within contractual limits. >> the superintendent admitted she created some of the problem with hiring the administer that was there last year, and she's going to work to try to resolve the problem. >> a good community showing, if nothing else, it's going to go well because a lot of people are interested. >> reporter: the district is already interviewing the current teachers, as well as any interested ones, and it will do so until june 30, and plan to announce personnel changes shortly after that. >> maureen naylor in sunnyvale tonight. just weeks after severe weather devastated parts of texas. residents are bracing for torrential rain tomorrow. forecasters say tropical storm bill could hit the houston area with up to 10 inches of rain. the ground is still drenched
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from previous storms. the eastern half of texas is under a flood watch. some schools have already canceled classes for tomorrow. voluntary evacuation orders are in place for people in low lying areas. cool and breezy out there today. i'm going to let you know if temperatures are going to rebound as we head into this week. >> later cracking down on speed. after a teenager is killed. >> i give them the 25 sign. you know? they just honk and me and flip me off. >> the gap announces cuts and closures intended to close the gap with its retail competitors. what we've learned about who, and which stores will be affected.
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gaps ware is apairing to be be a wearing on shoppers. they plan to announce the closure of 75 stores in north america and lay off hundreds of people. how the struggling retailer hopes to pull itself out of a sales slump. >> reporter: julie, i spoke with some of the employees as they left today. they told me they didn't see any packing boxes or pink slips today, but these cuts will go deep and a spokesman tells me that the corporate layoffs will be spread throughout the nation. since 1969, the gap has billed
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its brand on basics. >> casual clothing. or especially bank clothing. kind of your go to store. >> lots of jeans, just basic. when i go to the gap, i think classic, but cool. >> i love the gap. the windows are amazing this year. i have some old gap clothes like from 20 years ago. really amazing pieces of clothing. >> reporter: some consumers say the gap is lagging behind the times. >> i think it's changed a lot. >> basically gray, gray, gray, gray, or khaki. all khaki. >> it used to be a place it to go to get really great clothes. now it's not. >> reporter: gap officials say the cuts and store closures are intended to increase productivity and profit. the gap plans to close 140 stores, with another 35 to follow. employees wouldn't talk on camera, but some told us they
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got the word in an email from the ceo. the complete list of store closures won't be released for a few months, and the 250 corporate layoffs will be spread throughout gaps offices in north america. >> their physical footprint was huge, massive, they had all of these stores in dying malls. they had to get rid of them. >> reporter: the gap also hadn't kept up with changes in how people shop. >> if their just with staples, they'll buy them online. the reason is to be inspired by a new collection or new color. something that's only going to be there a few weeks. >> reporter: the gap spokesman says this will not affect gap's other brands such as banana republic or old navy. there is a shareholders meeting that is scheduled to be held here at the corporate headquarters tomorrow, where there will be more details on the changes.
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the state supreme court today ruled in favor of a san jose law on affordable housing. the court upheld san jose's law requiring builders to set aside 15% of their units for sale at below market rates. a building industry association had challenged the law, saying it forces developers to solve a problem that they didn't create. nearly 200 cities and counties have passed similar laws, as housing prices have skyrocketed. the building association says it's considering its legal options about what to do next. the fbi is asking the public for help in finding vandals who are deliberately cutting fiberoptic cables. the fbi says vandals have struck 10 times since last year, cutting buried cables in berkely, walnut creek, fremont, alamo, and san jose. investigators say the vandals have disabled phone and emergency communications. the most recent happened last week in walnut creek. investigators say the vandalism began last july. the fbi is now looking for any
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witnesses. if you have information, you're asked to leave a tip at, or contact the field office. despite the drought, five bay area water industries are told they can save less water than the state originally mandated. those agencies said they deserve some relief and the state agreed. >> reporter: when the state ordered benicia to cut its water use by 28%, one of the state's largest cuts, the city submitted additional data showing the town's long term conservation efforts were paying off. that convinced the state that a 20% cut in use was more appropriate. >> what it shows that about --
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benicia has saved water. they've really taken to heart and really gotten on the bandwagon to do conservation. >> i just shut the watering system off, and let it it turn brown. then i called a guy in dixon, he painted it green for me a couple of weeks ago. looks great. >> reporter: at sparkles deli, customers constantly talk about a their efforts to save water. >> how much the lakes are down and all of that stuff. it's always good to do your part. >> reporter: that helped the deli change many of its practices, especially dish washing, and produce rinsing. >> we try not to continuously run our water. try it more conservative. >> reporter: besides benicia, 49 other water agencies throughout the state received a reduction in their cuts. including four others right here in the bay area. napa's conservation target was reduced from 24 to 20% because napa showed that a spike in
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water use there came from the earthquake that ruptured many of its water mains. an act of nature, not of water hogs. san ramon dublin went from 16 to 20%, because of huge increases in their populations, not initially accounted for. that was also the case in hillsberg and discovery bay that both received 4% cuts from state mandates. ktvu fox 2 news. tracking the fog and low clouds coming in on pretty strong winds out there. we've got gusts. there's the bay bridge out there. the new span, you see the clouds coming in overhead. so tomorrow morning when we get going, you're going to see plenty of fog and low clouds. then it burns off, about the same, or maybe a little more quickly than today. tomorrow, it's going to be a lot like today. here is the current fog footprint. you already see it shooting into san ramon, and livermore valley. it will fill in a little more, but the idea is we're going to get a lot of fog in the
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livermore valley. tomorrow is lot like today. temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the 70s, and some 80s, upper 80s, maybe even a few low 90s inland. far inland, east bay valleys. right now, all the warmth is away, because of the strong winds. check out fairfield is going 37 miles an hour. almost 40 miles per hour on the gust. pretty windy for this time of night. the winds are there. they'll be a little bit less wind tomorrow night. that marks the change. things are going to change around. things start to warm up around here. this is the model forecasting, where it's going to be. that is where it is right now. i suspect we'll see more fill in around here around vallejo. it burns off. those are the 90s that show up. more of those tomorrow than today. they'll bleed into these east bay valleys. highs tomorrow, just like today. but as we head into your wednesday thursday, friday saturday, the reds and the oranges start coming west. that means a warm up.
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higher fire danger, and lessoned air quality. we'll talk about the long range forecast, which includes some heat. flowers where a teenager was struck and killed by a car. at 10:30, the deadly accident that reignited a call for drivers to slow down. >> if you know something, please come forward. >> a mother's plea in a killing gone cold, as police unveil a new effort to close unsolved cases.
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oakland police today announced a new push to try to solve cold case killings. this new campaign a using old fashioned advertising. >> i'm the father of of ailana dominguez. >> they speak for those who can't. >> he was murdered july 19, 2010. >> reporter: they are parents
10:25 pm
of oakland murder victims. >> please, we've got to stop this. >> reporter: today, oakland police announced a new initiative to crack cold cases. unveiling posters, highlighting unsolved murders, like ailana dominguez, oakland's 45th homicide victim last year. >> it's not just a number. it's somebody's sister, somebody's daughter, somebody's friend. >> she's a human being. a very sweet human being who had a lot of knowledge. who was going somewhere in life. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was shot july 10 last year at a wendy's drive through. police know there are witnesses. >> the tipping point where people have to say enough is enough, is when you just say, you know what? what if that was my child just getting something to eat at wendy's. >> reporter: the families are hoping time brings information. >> i'm just asking, pleading,
10:26 pm
begging with someone, if you know something please come forward. >> then maybe we can bring these families just a little bit of peace. right? to know that the person who took their loved one is being held accountable for their actions. >> reporter: they are parents who can't get their children back. >> it's not over for us. it's not over. can't be over. >> reporter: all they can get is justice. with a little help. >> so, come on, and please give us a hand. we'll need your help, thank you so much. >> reporter: we asked how many cold cases opd has. the lieutenant said too many. they're hoping this campaign will help. noel walker, ktvu, fox 2 news. police in hayward say they caught three men who robbed a business at gunpoint today. sky fox was overhead as police searched a neighborhood near west whiten avenue, and white drive. the third suspect stood watch outside. they stole laptops, as well as money and a cell phone from an employee. police identified two of the
10:27 pm
suspects as david jones and brandon comings. both 19 of hayward. a santa cruz couple has been reunited with their dog. they found the car an the man suspected of stealing it. officers soon discovered little abby in the backseat. this picture was taken right after the owners came to pick hire her up at the police station. this is eric in the back of the police car. authorities haven't said what charges he faces. two shark attacks just 90 minutes apart. at 10:45, what authorities are doing now, and why they aren't closing the beach. >> in marin, a call to make a busy road safer. that after a teenage jogger is hit and killed. the unforeseen circumstance that center into the street.
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new at 10:00, drivers speed past a roadside memorial of flowers and signs where a 17- year-old girl was struck by a minivan in san rafael. her death has reignited calls for change on the road. some residents are demanding safety improvements. >> reporter: julie it will be two weeks tomorrow. the teenage girl was out for an evening run about 7:00 p.m., and you can see there's still a growing shrine there where she was struck. >> yard stick isn't going to do it. >> reporter: the sign reads enough. put in a stoplight. >> here comes one fast. >> reporter: from two women long irritated about speed here.
10:31 pm
>> he's going faster. he's going to pass that white car. >> it's dangerous. and it has been for all these years. it hasn't gotten any better. >> reporter: point san pedro road runs down the bay. two lanes each direction, in stop. 17-year-old ora machado was running on a sidewalk. a dead tree had fallen into her path. so she darted out into the traffic lane and was hit by a minivan that threw her some 60 feet. she hit her head and was taken off life support four days later. >> we knew a couple of people that knew her. so we thought we would just come down and bring some flowers. >> reporter: chalked messages from friends and loved ones. two women on a run made a point of bringing bouquet. >> she's way too young. and senseless, and we just want today share with her, that's
10:32 pm
all. >> reporter: teachers at san pedro elementary packing up their rooms for the summer wonder if speed or inattention keep the children from avoiding machado. >> when i see dangerous things every day here, every day, and then that happens, what am i supposed to think? >> reporter: a 69-year-old man driving the van hasn't been cited. critics want more enforcement of the 35 mile-per-hour limit. >> that guy did not slow down. he saw us. >> reporter: also speed zone, stop signs or a light. >> it's just awful. this never should have happened. this never should have happened. >> reporter: ora machado was on the track team and going into her senior year at san rafael high. her dad told me she was an incredible ardour artist, friend to all, and she loved
10:33 pm
running, that it felt like flying. there was a memorial this evening for a homeless man who was hit and killed by a car at san francisco. it included a call for more action to try to improve pedestrian safety. more than a dozen people gathered on 5th street, between harrison and bryant in the south of market neighborhood. a year ago today, wilbert williams was hit nearby as he was sleeping in a tent near the interstate 80 offramp. >> in a collision between a pedestrian and a bike rider and a car, the person on foot and the person on the bike is always going to lose. we need to take this into account when we're thinking about our city streets, and save lives. >> the san francisco bicycle coalition and the group vision zero say caltrans isn't doing enough to make city streets safer for pedestrians and bike riders. looking for information for
10:34 pm
people who may have the death of a man on mount shasta. michael murphy was climbing shasta when he fell about 400 people last thursday. he was still alive when he was found at an elevation of about 10,000 feet. a doctor on the scene tried to help, but murphy died before he could be airlifted to a hospital. in santa clara, a roller coaster that hit and injured an employee at six flags great america last friday is still closed tonight as investigators try to figure out what happened. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us, there are actually two investigations now underway. >> reporter: at 102 feet tall, the red metal flame of flight deck is one of the most advisable structures at great america amusement park. it's also a top attraction. dozens of people have documented their experience with the ride on youtube. the inverted coasters twists and turns top 50 miles per hour. >> it's really fast, and it
10:35 pm
goes upside down twice. >> really thrilling. >> reporter: normally, the ride thrills thousands of passengers a day, but not since friday night. >> a sign, this attraction it closed today. >> reporter: closed by a dual investigation by cal osha. two teams of investigators inspecting the ride are today are looking into both workers safety conditions and the safety of riders. first responders say the man suffered a traumatic injury. >> we don't have specifics on how he was doing. we know that it's a series situation. >> reporter: the incident also broke a patrons hand. julian sum says the investigation into how it happened, and who is at fault could take months. >> there's also going to be interviews with witnesses. most of the witnesses are going to be employees. it will be interviews with patrons if they're available, and so it's a combination of the people part of it, and the equipment part of it. >> reporter: also on friday, cal osha investigators were
10:36 pm
called to a roller coaster on magic mountain. a 10-year-old girl lost consciousness and ultimately died. the investigators concluded that what happened to the child had nothing to do with the ride. allie rasmus, ktvu, fox 2 news. a woman underfire for allegedly posing as african american resigned today as president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington. rachel dolezal released a statement that said i step aside from the presidency. dolezal's parents said last week their daughter is actually white and has been posing as a black woman for years. over the weekend, dolezal said she would address those claims at a meeting scheduled for this evening. that meeting was then canceled. they promised a better bus ride, but quickly suspended their service. the latest evidence that a private shuttle company in san francisco is done for good. >> so we talked about the warm up tomorrow, but as we move through the rest of this week,
10:37 pm
we're talking about significant heat, especially in the inland bay valleys. i'll show you the warmest cities and when heat should break. >> first, a prison official faces a judge. why the charges could include crimes that haven't even happened yet.
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
it's been ten days now, and there is still no sign of those two convicted murderers who escaped from a prison in upstate new york. authorities escorted joyce mitchell to court today. she's accused of helping those two prisoners escape. and there are reports at one point, she wanted them to kill her husband. a legal analyst says if mitchell is found responsible for helping them, she could be
10:40 pm
held liable for any crimes they commit while on the loose. >> there's additional other people that may be arrested based on the information that we continue to receive on a daily basis. >> the search is said to be costing taxpayers $1 million a day. according to some reports, the trail has gone cold. the sheriff of clinton county, new york, says the escapees could still be in the woods nearby, or they could be long gone. san francisco police are investigating the suspicious death of an elderly man at a residential care home. they found a 78-year-old man dead. police say it appears he suffered stab wounds. the medical examiner's office is trying to determine the cause of death, and locate his family. his name has not been released. investigators say a car found at the bottom of a steep embankment may have been deliberately pushed off a cliff. the car was discovered on fire at about 9:00 this morning. the highway patrol looked
10:41 pm
inside the car, and in the surrounding area, for any victims, but nobody was found. investigators say it is possible the car had been stolen, and intentionally pushed off the cliff and set on fire. the work to replace a quake damaged bridge in napa valley began with crews clearing away brush. a quick opened up existing cracks on the oakville cross bridge. it was closed down the next day. the 100-year-old bridge spans the napa river between highway 29 and silverado trail. crews are now preparing for demolition within the next three weeks. they hope to finish construction on a new bridge by the end of the year. luxury shuttle service, leap transit is said to be auctioning off three of its four businesses. the company stopped operations last month after state regulators said it was operating without proper permits and documentation, and issued a cease and desist letter. now three buses appear to be
10:42 pm
listed in a catalog for an upcoming auction in vallejo. the dow fell 107, nasdaq was down 21 and the s & p dropped 9. analysts blame a set back in bailout talks between greece and competitors in europe. mark ibanez hears from one player on why that last win can be the toughest. >> bill martin is tracking warmer weather. he will detail the changing forecast. >> up first, two children bitten on a north carolina beach. the precautions being taken even as that beach remains open.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
we have some breaking news right now, drivers leaving san francisco are facing delays at this hour. you can see all the flashing lights in this live picture
10:45 pm
from our camera in downtown san francisco and you can see the backup. there was a crash just before yerba buena island and an suv was overturned. again, traffic sneaking by, but there is already a big backup as a result of this accident on the lower deck of the bay bridge heading toward the east bay. 12-year-old girl and a 16- year-old boy are recovering tonight after suffering serious shark bites over the weekend. the attacks happened less than 90 minutes apart on the same north carolina beach. as jonathan sarey reports, officials decided get closing it to swimmers. >> not one, but two shark attacks off the shores of north carolina. >> blood in the water. coming over with the whitewash. >> reporter: a 12-year-old girl from ashboro losing part of her arm. less than 90 minutes, a 16-year- old boy losing his left arm.
10:46 pm
they had been swimming in waist deep water. >> okay. ma'am, i need for you to calm down, i'm having a hard time hearing you. >> reporter: it's not clear if the same shark attacked both victims. a 7-foot shark was spotted nearby. both kids are now in good condition after undergoing surgery at newhanover regional medical center in wilmington. >> the keys to the success yesterday was the fact that our bistanders that were on the beach with both of these patients did very quick first aid. >> reporter: all this after a 13-year-old girl also receiving small cuts on her foot from a shark bite last thursday in nearby ocean aisle beach. there were 72 unprovoked shark attacks around the world last year. >> certainly, for people to exercise some caution.
10:47 pm
where were -- >> reporter: the beaches on oak island are open today. there are no lifeguards on these beaches. authorities are warning swimmers to exercise caution. tracking the warm up, that's headed our way, but not necessarily tomorrow. and certainly not so much today either. these are the highs recorded from today. you may have been a little bit cooler in your house than you were today. tomorrow, we point he's, these inland temperatures are going to be mid-80s, maybe even upper 80s. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. you'll see, we're not going to sit on it too long. going blue and gold. our tower for the warriors. the winds have died down, at least in oakland, you see the flag hanging in there. we are seeing strong winds up there in the delta.
10:48 pm
there is that fog footprint. here we go with the winds, pretty significant. 37 mile-an-hour gusts in fairfield. that's big. and that's interesting. that south wind and 20 mile-an- hour gust in concord out of the south. there's a little bit of a low pressure in the area that's creating a bit of a southerly flow. the microclimates tomorrow, just like today, but a little bit warmer, once you get over the east bay hills. so actually a lot warmer. you're going to be upper 80s, an even low 90s. this these start coming our way, you're going see mid-it to upper 80s and warmer spots. a warmer pattern is around the corner. it's not necessarily tomorrow. significant warming as that high builds in, as we move toward the middle end of this week. that will put us back into very cool coasts. 80s around the bay. then you're back into the 90s. mid-90s, maybe even a little bit higher as we head into your thursday and friday. we'll track that for you. the idea being warmer weather,
10:49 pm
increased fire danger, the whole bit. tomorrow, maybe 90 in vacaville. maybe 90 in fairfield. i might have popped a little high on these numbers, but it is because we are warming. we will notice significant warm beyond that. 86 in pittsburg. thursday, friday, warmer as well. along the coast, the fog just lives there and temperatures stay in the upper 50s, and low 60s. there's the temperatures coming up, as we get down here in this period, we may see upper 90s, as we get towards saturday and sunday, maybe a couple of low 100s. we'll track that for you. that, of course would be, and it's that time of the year. that would be fire danger would become something we would be talking about. some southern california beaches have taken on a red hue
10:50 pm
from thousands of tiny crabs. these are pictures showing the coast in san diego, last week. marine experts say the tiny crabs normally live off of mexico's baja peninsula, but now they're headed north because of warmer ocean water. we've been focusing on the nba finals because the warriors are in them. but the stanley cup finals were this week as well, and we have a new stanley cup champion. >> it's a sad night for you, hockey season is over. don't worry, it starts next week. short off-season. the black hawks have similarities to the giants. before tonight, chicago had always clutched out on the road, just like the giants. last time, they clinched it on chicago ice, you could buy a car for $1,700 or so. 1938. a new day in second city. as of tonight, tampa bay trying to force a game 7. not going to
10:51 pm
happen. the series mvp, duncan keith, absolute ironman. the conn smythe winner overall getting his own rebound. hawks goalie, corey crawford, 25 saves for the shutout as they celebrate that number 3 cup. even the commissioner called it a dynasty as of tonight. tampa bay limited to only 10 goals in the series. they were the nhl's highest scoring team. sometimes when a team fires their manager, as the padres did today, the team gets a short burst. dave roberts, former giant outfielder is his replacement. didn't go too well. three run third for the a's. brett lowry starting to come on with the battle a bit. 4-1 oakland. but in the 8th, it's the big swat off the bat of steve bo.
10:52 pm
playing just well enough to get himself traded out of oakland. the grand slam. 3 hits, and 5 rbi's. jesse han winds up with the victory. what on earth is going on with the giants? they set a record tonight that they wanted no part of at at&t. continuing to disappoint the home fans. good pitching, defense is nice. but you've got to hit the ball. sports part 2 next.
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wow, it's getting ugly. in fact, historically ugly for the giants. never in the history of the san francisco giants have they lost nine straight home games. this team looks completely mummified. the biggest highlight of the night, tom willis, you don't know him, google the name. incredibly inspiring. no arm, throws a great first pitch tonight. mariners were up 1-0. nori aoki. shows you how the giants are not hitting. even that little nubber actually drives in a run for their only real highlight of the night. it's 1-1. example of poor play here. austin jackson, a little pop up, right center, jared parker got to call for that ball. instead, he leaves it for joe
10:56 pm
panik. alertly gets the out at second, but a run comes in. 9 straight losses at at&t. the warriors victorious an amazing 82 times this season with only 20 losses, but that last one needed for a complete job well done. and it may be the toughest one. the warriors have dominated the 4th quarter in three straight games. yesterday's game 5 victory, leading the warrior fans with an all-time memory, only to be surfaced possibly tomorrow night. >> it will be probably be the hardest game of the series. >> is that easier said than done? >> absolutely, it's human nature to see you're up 3-2. on the outside looking in, that's what it looks like. but on the inside, it's going to be war. team u.s.a., 5:00 tomorrow for the women's world cup, facing nigeria. you'll see it right here on channel 2 at 5:00. >> that guy with no arms was
10:57 pm
unbelievable. >> threw a strike. >> amazing. >> thank you for joining us. our coverage continues on have a great night, everyone, see you.
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