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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 16, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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one of the balconies broke and at least ten people fell from the second or third floor. >> a 21st birthday party comes to a tragic end after a balcony clamses in berkeley. five people -- collapses in berkeley. five people died. several others hurt. what we're learning about the victims this morning. you are looking at live pictures from the scene of that deadly balcony collapse in
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berkeley. it's a story we've been following since 4:00 this morning. in two minutes, tam will have more from a man who help -- tara morey artie will have more. it's tuesday june 16th. i'm corey campbell. let's talk about weather and traffic and get you moving this morning. steve, how does it look? >> warmer inland today. cool down yesterday. there's still plenty fog out there. it's still over the bay. it should burn off, the june gloom. the delta breeze is taking a tumble. some areas already have the blue skies. evelyn ortiz in campbell. skies are warriors blue with a splash of fog here and there. go, dub nation! very well done. we have a lot of low clouds and fog around. but yesterday was a big push.
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a lot of 50s, low to mid. 52 alamo. west at 14. keep an eye on it. yesterday it was 28. gusts to 35. today it's cut in half. that's a screaming message it will be warmer inland. upper 80s, 90s. some fog it's on the cool side. it will be nice for some. gray for others. but warmer inland with upper 80s to near 90s for some. 60s and 70s by the water. 7:02. and sal with your traffic. have -- we have an accident in the emeryville/berkeley area. reported eastbound 80 near powell street. you can see the traffic is slow coming down here on eastbound 80 in an area where we normally don't have any traffic. and that's because of this crash involving a -- according to the chp, a big rig tanker and a -- a toyota, blue toyota. i'm reading it off the screen here. this is also noteworthy because the two people involved in the
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accident are on the right-hand shoulder yelling at each other right knew. chp is on the way. it doesn't look like anyone is injured that seriously. but we'll get to the bottom of this as -- that's never good, is it? westbound 80 might be affected. we'll have joe swing the camera around and look at it from that view in a minute. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, right now, it's backed up all the way out to the macarthur maze. the lights are on. if you are -- okay. now we're -- i'm just gonna do this, instead of usingthe maps -- there you go. here it is. we went to the other side of this building that our camera is on. it's completely clear. we've determined that the accident is eastbound 80 right at powell street. we'll get back to you with more. 7:03. back to the desk. >> all right. thank you, sal. a celebration turned deadly in berkeley where a 4th floor balcony apparently packed with people collapsed. emergency responders rushed to
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the scene at 12:30. five people were killed. eight others injured. it happened at the library gardens apartment building next to berkeley high school and just a few weeks from the uc campus. tara is learning that many of the victims were from ireland. good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning. we spoke to a cabdriver who actually helped give some of the friends rides to the hospital and he said they were quitetra -- quite traumatized and going through the list of those missing. other girls, other women. obviously a difficult morning. when you take a look at the balcony, it hilt us in the pit of your stomach. there were 13 people on the balcony when it collapsed. it's upside down resting on the balcony below it. there was a birthday party going on here. we're told that a group of
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college-aged students, mostly from ireland were celebrating a 21st birthday party. we've been speaking with news agencies back in ireland. they tell me some of the victims may be -- we do know this happened around 12:45. five dead. eight injuries. some injures so serious, they are considered life- threatening. we're not far from the campus. we spoke to a man who gave the victims' friends rides to the hospital. >> they are all in the emergency room comforting each other. cell phones are going back and forth. they are trying to call people in the other country, or at least back home. nobody knows anything. one kid got really upset and had to be escorted out of the hospital. nobody was telling him anything. why can't you he had us -- why can't you help us? there's no information at highland. >> reporter: all of the victims are scattered at eden,
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children's of oakland, this apartment is near shaddock. according to the website, the building was built in 2006. it has 176 units. it's not a particularly old building. we understand the people who live in the unit below where the balcony fell, they weren't home. inspectors are out here not only from the police department. from the city they will be able to look at the structural integrity of this building. you can see all of the debris sort of on the street there and that is where all of the bodies were that have been removed by the coroner. you can see the tree has fallen so you can just sort of see the impact of what this was like earlier this morning. of course, we'll be here throughout the morning and bring you more live updates. back to you guys. >> such a horrible scene out there. tara, thank you. 7:06. well, the battle over gun rights means another showdown in a courtroom today in
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sacramento. the 9th circuit court of appeals will hear challenges for local laws for concealed weapons in san diego and yolo counties. in those two counties, the sheriff requires those to prove they were in exceptional danger to obtain a concealed weapons permit. well, the fik wants your help -- fbi wants your help. they want to the catch the vandals cutting fiberoptic cables. they've done it ten times since last year. cutting cables in berkeley, wul, fremont, alamo and san jose. the attacks knocked out cell phone service as well as emergency communications. now, latest attack by the vandals was last week in walnut creek. but the vandalism started last july when cables were cut in berkeley. the fbi is looking for wednesday witnesses. if witnesses -- looking for
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witnesses. leave a tip for them if you have information. the warriors have had a history-making year but tonight they hope to make their mark in nba history by defeating the cavaliers and winning the nba championship. brian flores is live in san francisco this morning with the man who is the warriors' main cheerleader at oracle arena. >> reporter: he was gonna be here, tori. he left. >> okay. >> reporter: but you know -- dub nation, we're getting ready. we'll talk about that in a moment. but there's this guy that keeps on trying to pester me for the microphone. >> good morning, bay area! dub collision, get ready for game 6! it's about to go down! what's up? [laughter] >> reporter: how are you doing? he's actually here. he's a warriors' hype man.
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>> this is lightning in a bottle. we're one game away and we can taste it. we can feel it. woke up early this morning -- week up this morning. thank you for opportunitying into "mornings on 2." it will be a great celebration. >> reporter: you have an interesting job that i would like to try out. you are in front of 20,000 screaming fans every night. to you get nervous? what do -- >> i've been doing it for the past 12 years. we have the best fans in the nba. it's likeny rock star performer or musician. they go on stage. . they feel the crowd and the energy and take it to the next level. that's how i feel each night at oracle arena. >> reporter: this year has to feel different than previous years. >> this year by far, magical season. i mean, from the start of the
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season, steph curry, this is just one win away. this is just -- we're at the end now. we've gotta make this happen. we're so excited. it comes down to town. >> reporter: all right. frank is not used to having the microphone pointed at him. he likes to grab the microphone. >> all right, dub nation! bay area! this is the big moment. ! this is our time! it's time no matter where you are, make some noise! warriors, all the way! >> reporter: that's it. >> thank you. >> reporter: you are welcome. getting ready for game 6 tonight. we're gone bring it back home. >> brian, will he be there tonight at oracle arena? >> reporter: frank, are you gonna be there? >> oh, yeah. i'm gonna be here. >> gotta rest your voice. >> i'm just gonna keep going until the party ends.
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hopefully we'll close it out tonight. >> make some noise. >> reporter: my man. your buddy, too. look at these kicks. >> i want some. >> great. >> i want them. >> and the glasses, too. >> love the shades. >> all right. >> reporter: everything. looking good. >> thank you. we'll check back with you later. 7:11. still ahead -- teachers and staff at a school. , they've been told they have to reapply for their jobs. coming up what the school district is explaining about this and why some parents are saying we don't know what's going on. but first, reducing traffic on market street in san francisco by 50%. could become a reality today. a look at the plan by the city transportation officials and what will be banned. we'd like to reduce traffic right now on the east shore freeway heading east toward berkeley. there is a crash that's slowing things down. we'll tell you what's going on here and how long you can expect to wait in this backup.
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well, yesterday was a cooldown. we had a bigger fog bank and a roaring sea breeze. we'll show you the slightly warmer tuesday temps coming up.
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we have an update in the search for the man with alzheimer's in south bay. police say richard moral has been found. he is safe. he went missing from his home in san jose about 6:30 last night. police are not telling us any more about how he was found but we do know he's been found and he is safe. >> that's good news. >> yes. 7:14. happening today -- san francisco transportation officials are expected to approve a plan that would reduce traffic on market street by up to 50%. private vehicles would be banned from turning onto market street between third and 8th
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street. buses and taxis would be exempt but not uber and lift. four of the most dangerous intersections are on that stretch of market. in two years, there were 162 injury accidents on market street. the transit agency says the no- turn plan would divert about 30 to 50% of traffic. violaters could face a $238 fine. luxury shuttle service, leap transit is said to be auctioning off three of the four buses a couple of months after it launched it business in san francisco. the company stopped operations last month after state regulators said it was operating without proper permits and issued a cease and desist letter. now, three of the buses appear to be listed in a catalogue by a commercial liquid -- liquidator. "the game of throne"s qt
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set a record. the series has lock faced issues with piracy including an incident this year where four episodes were leaked online. hbo is trying to prevent illegal downloading. >> i heard so many people talking about that. >> so i have. a lot of people talking about the problem, sal, you just mentioned on 80. >> that's right. right near powell street. there is an accident. it doesn't look like a serious injury. but it's there. it's causing slow traffic now on eastbound 880 as you drive through. obviously, this is the commute direction going that way around to the bay bridge. but if you are driving the
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other way, coming off the bay bridge, you will notice it. this is the unusual backup that always gets people upset because they are not counting on this being there. once you get past powell street, it does get much better. so this little stretch is going to be slow and again, we'll keep an eye on it for you. let's go to the bay bridge. you can see traffic there is backed up as you drive through. there are no major problems. i want to talk about the east bay now because we have some slow traffic building up here on southbound 880 after 238. it does get busy after 92 and head down toward the fremont area. 7:17. let's go to steve with today's forecast. >> thank you, sal. we had a cooldown on monday. there was a rather strong delta breeze and a lot of low clouds and fog. and temperatures stayed on the cool side for many. 50s, 60s by the water. 70s and any -- in many locations that are usually in the 80s or warmer. william tweety would like a do over from vallejo. currently, 55. patchy fog, sun mix.
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these were the temps yesterday. santa rosa, 78. palo alto, 72. livermore, 76. san jose, 73. today, 82. 76, 85 and 78. we will be up abouting it up. san jose, 78, 54. average is 82, 56. record high was not that long ago of 98 in 2012. tropical storm bill making landfall on the texas gulf coast. this will give tremendous amounts of rain in areas that don't need it once it starts to appear toward houston, dallas and into oklahoma city over the next 4 hours. we also have a hurricane that will be decreasing the it's on the border line of hurricane tropical storm, carlos continues to move parallel to the coast of mexico between cabo and the coast. it could move in on the coast or continue to move up towards baja. we'll keep an eye on that. fog is with us. it will be burning off sooner. 50s on the temps. 49 santa rosa, but temps are close here within a few degrees. all over the place but the
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delta breeze is coming down, down, down, down. it's only 12 now. yesterday was 28 to 30 miles an hour. so that equals warmer temps. higher clouds, sneaking you. active subtropical branch. some fog, sunny, warmer inland. the breeze is there but not like yesterday. 60s, 70s, 80s and then you get far enough inland, 90s. petaluma, 80. low 90s antioch, brentwood, 80s for areas in the 70s. concord and livermore but 60s, 70s coast and bay. 70s and 80s. gilroy, 90 degrees. cupertino, 80. 60s on the coast. 70s on the peninsula. palo alto at 76. it does look like a little warmer and warming up over the weekend. >> especially saturday. >> especially saturday. >> is that okay, tori? >> we'll see. thank you, steve. a crackdown on speeding
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drivers in the north bay. the call for change by residents themselves after a teenager is killed. but first, where cursing in public could get you in trouble. who is tracking down on profanity and how much it could cost you.
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7:22. a grass fire in the los altos hills bushed dangerously close to homes. the flames were reported before 5:00 last night alongside
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interstate 280 near magdalena avenue. crews from the santa clara county fire department attacked the grass fire on the ground and calfire made waterdrops from the air. about three acres burned. there's no word on what started the fire. california may be in an exceptionallal drought but that will not stop the fireworks in 4th of july. the contra costa times reports that most venues will have fireworks shows. this despite very dry conditions. the paper reports that pyro spectaculars puts 0 be a majority of the shows here in the bay area. they had only one cancellation in northern california. that was in cupertino. that was after it needed to provide 100,000 gallons of water to prep for the show. 7:23. the application by a marin county movie theater for a liquor license, it's causing a controversy. the owner of the fairfax theater wants to serve beer and wine to boost their business. now according to the marin i.j., some of the people in
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fairfax are concerned. there are 33 businesses with liquor witness licenses in a town that has about 7500 people. there will be a community meeting scheduled for tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. it will be at the women's club. well, they are cracking down on people cursing in arlington, virginia. if you do it, it will could. it will cost you. the police are stepping up to have bar patrons to watch their language after they've been drinking. the fine is $250. some people who live in the city, are not happy about this. >> freedom of expression. stop putting a blank on what we're supposed to say. i don't like it. >> i'm usually here for happy hour but i don't usually see people getting that wasted. >> last year, they made 664 arrests for drunken people cursing in public. that's when the penalty was still $100. 7:4. in soccer, team usa plays
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nigeria today in the women's world cup. after scoring three goals in their opening match against australia, the team was shut out against sweden. the u.s. did not clinch a spot in the knockout round but the women hope to get back on track in vancouver. you can watch the match right here. our coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. we also have complete women's world cup coverage at including a schedule of the games, just click on women's world cup on the home page. 7:25. it's planned to protect your heart health. what food processing companies have to do by the year 2018 and the big-named companies that have already started. >> reporter: a major investigation going on this morning in downtown berkeley after a deadly apartment balcony collapse early this morning. five people were killed here. eight others were critically injured when the balcony gave way during a party. we'll tell you what we're learning about the young
7:26 am
victims -- coming up. good morning. we're looking at a commute that's going to be busy in some areas. still a little bit busy on 80 eastbound because of a crash near ashby avenue. still a lot of fog. coast and bay. but inland far less and a much weaker delta breeze. it will be warmer inland. we will tell you how much -- coming up.
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good morning. we're continuing to follow that breaking news out of berkeley. you see it here. a deadly balcony collapse. it claimed the lives of several young adults visiting from ireland. in two minutes we'll check in with alex savidge who has reaction from neighbors. welcome to "mornings on 2," once again. i'm tori campbell. let's check weather and traffic. warming up a little bit? >> inland. coast and bay, maybe a few degrees warmer. high pressure is building in and there's still plenty of fog to go around. by the coast, around the bay, a lot of gray but inland, some areas had fog yesterday. not today and the delta breeze is kind of the key. it's decreasing rapidly. 50s for some. upper 40s for a few. but mainly mid-50s. i expect next hour to see some 60s popping up here pretty quick. it won't take long. yesterday was about 25 gusts to 32. today, fairfield, travis, only 12. still out of the west. it's about half of what it was.
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water temps are on the cool side. still running cool to very warm in the bay. a lot of fog. that's going to burn off a little sooner today. some fog cooler lows but sunny and nice, mild to warm. it will be hot for some. there will be 90s. a lot of 80s inland. 60s, 70s, coast and bay. 80 in emeryville. that's cleared up a little bit. we've had a couple of other things pop up. good morning. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and start there. it's been kind of heavy there coming into the city. but things are improving if you have to get in and you want to use the 880 ramp down to the bay bridge toll plaza. that would be pretty good for you. in fact, the bay bridge is one of the better bridges crossing the bay. i will explain in a moment. let's take a look at 880 -- look at 880. dumbarton bridge, do you use the dumbarton bridge? you might want to reconsider that because there's a crash eastbound 84 at university. it's affecting traffic on the dumbarton bridge heading all the way across. this is an unexpected delay for
7:31 am
you. you need to give yourself plenty of extra time if you use the dumbarton bridge. even the san mateo bridge might be a better call for you right now. it is going to be a little bit slow. but at this point, it's much better. breaking news out of berkeley, five people are dead. eight others seriously hurt after a fought-floor apartment balcony collapsed. cute fox 2 reporter alex savidge is live at the scene with -- ktvu fox 2 reporter alex savidge is live at the scene. such a sad story. >> reporter: a tough one in berkeley. good morning to you. officials in ireland do confirm that all five of the people killed in this morning's collapse were students, college students from ireland who were here in the u.s. on temporary visas. we understand from neighbors that what was happening was a 21st birthday party inside this fourth floor apartment building where the balcony collapsed at about 12:30 this morning.
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these are the library gardens apartments in downtown berkeley, just about a block off shaddock avenue. now, we did hear from one person who lives in this building. they told us they called police and building security about an hour or so before this collapse to complain about this party that was taking place in this unit, what was described as a very loud, out of control party. police are investigating what the young victims were doing before the collapse. how many people may have been on the balcony before it gave way. we're also hearing police radio calls. >> 2020 kittridge street, 2020 kittridge street. one of the balconies break and at least ten people fell from the second or third floor. >> reporter: when police got here, they found that fourth floor balcony had toppled on the balcony below it on the
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third floor. a total of five people were killed. four of them died at the scene. one of them died at the hospital. eight other people were injured. we're told some of them have life-threatening injuries. ireland's foreign affairs department is trying to reach all of the victims' families and this morning, the department sent out a tweet we want to show you. it says if you are on a j 1 in berkeley, california police contact your family and friends to let them know if you are safe. again, a number of these students were here on temporary visas this morning. there was also a statement put out by ireland's foreign affairs minister. it says my heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the deceased an those who have been injured in this appalling accident. another one of the very surprising things about this is just how new this building is. this building -- this apartment complex, this building was built about ten years ago. so not an old structure by any stretch. later on this morning, the building inspector will be out here to take a closer look and try to figure out what caused
7:34 am
this collapse. >> that will be very interesting to hear what the inspector has to say. thank you, alex. 7:33. a south bay school district forcing teachers and staff at a troubled elementary school to reapply for their jobs and some of them may not get their jobs back. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega joining us live. you are in sunnyvale to tell us what's happening and what's next. janine? >> reporter: dave, this news really took parents offguard. they say their kids love coming here to west valley elementary school but now the school may get a complete overhaul. hundreds of concerned parents and teachers attended a meeting last night held by the superintendent of the cupertino union school district to discuss the shakeup at the elementary school. the district is requiring all 29 teachers and about 15 staff members at west valley. they need to reapply for the jobs. the superintendent explained the drastic change was needed because of tension between the administration and teachers and
7:35 am
parents. it was becoming a very unhealthy culture. parents and the teachers union reacted to how the district is handling the situation. >> i just -- it's very disrespectful. these are the people who take care of our kids. they work so hard. they were told on the last day of school. >> we feel that just -- moving the principal and working with the teachers and -- throughout the year would have been a better process than doing what they are going through right now. >> reporter: the school's principal has already been reassigned and the up in one was introduce -- and the new one was introduced. those not interested in reapplying will be transferred. they plant to interview current and new teachers through june 30th and will announce personnel changes soon after but there's still some confusion among the parents. they would like more
7:36 am
information exactly to what happened or what caused the tension but the district is saying because it's a personnel matter they can't release more details. >> very interesting. all right, janine de la vega. thank you. san francisco is a step closer to increasing its police force. there's a proposal to add 500 more officers to the police department. a board of supervisors' committee voted 2-1 to approve the resolution. the proposal is in response to a study that showed the city's population increased 12% between 200 had and 2014 but the size of the police department shrank 3%. oakland police are -- they are pushing to clear unsolved homicide cases and they are using old-fashioned advertising. the new plan to solve cold cases, it involves put up posters and billboards all over the city highlighting unsolved homicides. they will have the headline do
7:37 am
you know who killed me? these posters show a couple of oakland's old cases. the police and family members of some of the victims they unveiled them yesterday in the fruitvale neighborhood near the spot of oakland's 46th homicide last year. the families hope witnesses will come forward. >> i'm just asking pleading, begging with someone if you know something, please come forward. >> and then maybe we can bring these families a little bit of peace to know that the person who took their loved one is being held accountable for their actions. >> oakland police wouldn't tell us how many cold cases they have but say there are too many. they have funding from the fbi so they are setting up a website where these posters can be seen. 7:37. some people living near san pedro elementary school in san rafael are demanding safety improvements along a nearby section of road where a young teenaged jogger was hit and
7:38 am
killed. 17-year-old ora was hit june 2nd when she darted onto point san pay yeah road to avoid a fallen treen. she was taken off life support four days later. teachers, parents and students who live and work in the area say speeding has been a problem for a long time. >> it's dangerous. it's been for all these years, it has not gotten better. >> this rubs along the bay connecting downtown with east san ralph family neighborhoods near the school there are two lanes in each direction with no stops. something residents believe encourages speeding. there is a pedestrian tunnel below that section of the road but many people refuse to use it because they feel it's not safe. 7:38. donald trump will make what he calls a major announcement this morning about his plans to run for the white house. >> stay tuned on all social media. we'll be all over the place. everybody wants to watch, make
7:39 am
america great again. >> donald trump. he has explored running for president before but he always pulled out when it came time to talk about and disclose his financial information. this time around he says he's ready and, in fact, he will reveal details on his personal finances in his announcement this morning. according to a source, those details will include that he has a net worth of $9 billion. done and trump will -- dorn ald trump will -- donald trump will join a crowded field of republicans. >> with jeb bush joining, there are 11 now. can you feel it? warriors' fever heating up the bay area. in 23 minutes we're live with how dub nation is preparing for what could be a historic night. and next -- the pope's latest initiative came out of the vatican before it was supposed to. who the pope supports that's being seen as controversial by some. we're looking at the commute in the east bay and
7:40 am
take a look at highway 24. it's a little bit slow in la fail yet -- la fayette as you drive west between walnut creek and oakland. decent cooldown on monday. very foggy for some. there are signs inland temps will bump up today. we'll show you by how much.
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welcome back. our time is 7:42. the california supreme court says cities and counties can force developers to include affordable housing and new developments. this is a followup to the story we brought you yesterday. the court statement means developers can be forced to sell some of their homes at below market prices. the supreme court says california has an affordable
7:43 am
housing crisis. the ruling is -- it came in a challenge to a san jose ordinance that passed five years ago. some south bay residents will now need to save even more water. the san jose water company is asking its customers, save 30% of their 2013 water usage. now, this will affect people living in los gatos, saratoga, and parts of san jose and campbell. for those who use too much water, they will see a drought surcharge which could be as much as $10 a bill. most of this surrounds outdoor watering. right now customers can water their lawns two days a week for up to 15 minutes. 7:43. bay area scientists are looking to the amazon to get a better understanding of california's drought. researchers at lawrence berkeley national lab are studying hundreds of species of trees and how climate change has affected them. the amazon has experienced two megadroughts in the past
7:44 am
decade. and this $100 million study should help scientists understand what could happen to california's vegetation. it could also help them better predict the global impact of climate change. and new this morning, pope francis is taking on climate change. a 192-page document written by the pope was leaked recently. and in it, he warns that the world could see entire ecosystems destroyed. he also says climate change is mostly a manmade problem. the pope supports scientists and has received some backlash. the vatican condemned the leak and says it's not the final version the schedule released for the document is thursday. researchers at harvard say the daughters of working women, they are more successful when they get into the work force. they found that u.s. girls who have working mothers earn 23% more than the daughters of stay- at-home moms. they also found the grown sons of working mothers, they spend
7:45 am
7.5 more hours on child care each than their peers who did not have mothers who worked. researchers believe the differences stem from seeing their parents break out of traditional roles. 7:44. a san francisco fixture is dropping in popularity and also market share. pam cook is in the studio with the big announcement from the gap that it's cutting jobs and closing stores. >> the annual investor meeting is today. so shareholders and employees are expected to learn more about the fate of the company. executives set to provide an overview of its strategy going forward. part of that strategy, though, the plan to close 175 stores and cut hundreds of jobs. now, gap's ceo says the retail industry is that of pivotal point -- is at a pivotal point where digital experiences are redefining how customers shop.
7:46 am
he promises online channels but customers say the gap is missing the mark. >> there used to be a place to go to get good clothes, you knew you would find something great at the gap. >> everything is the same color, gray, gray, gray, khaki, all khaki. >> well, at the gap corporate headquarters, employees would not talk on camera but any say they got the word in an e-mail from a ceo. a gap spokesman said the complete list of store closures won't be released for a few months and that the 250 corporate layoffs will be spread throughout the offices in north america, not just san francisco. it's more successful -- the more successful brands are not affected by the cuts at this point. on the news, gap's stock is up a little bit at this hour. but we're likely to see more movement after that shareholder meeting today depending upon what they say. >> thank you. 7:46.
7:47 am
well, a boater on folsom lake got a big surprise. he saw a furry animal swimming nearby. it was not a dog. it was not a coyote. it was a bear. the boater was relaxing, reading a book and you saw this. there's a bear straight toward his boat. he scrambled. grabbed his cell phone, took a couple of pictures of it. this is a 180-pound bear, swam within three feet of the boat where he turned back and headed toward shore. 7:47. let's check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. not much relaxing. now are things on 4? >> a little bit slow. good morning. we're looking at a live picture of highway 24 westbound as you drive up to the tunnel. you will see slow traffic here in la fayette and also in orinda, kind of a late-morning crowd. 680 nearby is slow.
7:48 am
i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza which is improving a little bit. if you are approaching from 880, it should be a decent commute for you. i will tell you what's not a very good bridge crossing is the dumbarton bridge. first of all, it will taking you longer to get there if you are coming from hayward. it's very slow on 880 but the crossing itself has been damaged by a crash. 84 at university which is on the east palo alto side of the bridge. you might want to think about using the san mateo bridge instead as an alternate route. 7:48. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you. and looks like warmer temps inland. upper 80s and 90s. near the coast and bay, kind of a tall order here. there's plenty of low clouds, fog. doesn't look like that's going anywhere any time soon but the coverage of it is decreasing for the inland areas? they will bump up. antonio our observer, currently 52 with a 7-mile-an-hour wind. and cloudy skies in dc. looks like another gray day.
7:49 am
very low 60s. san francisco, 59 yesterday. we'll go 63 today. bump it up a little bit. i think there will be a slight warmup here. same for downtown oakland which was a cool 63 yesterday. i went 70 today. a little high. 60s, 70s. i think the fog burns off sooner. there is still a lot of fog. it will be back tonight and tomorrow. but high pressure is nosing in for a day or two. 50 is on the -- 50s on the temps. joe shoemaker near kentwood highway 12, sent me an e-mail, 46. if you are up near there, there's a little chill there. 46. thank you, joe. west at 12 at travis, yesterday at 6:00 a.m., 29, 28, gusts to 32. today it's only 12. that's a sure sign they will warm up. water temps came down 1, 2 degrees. it's on the cool side. record-setting heat. atlanta is already 86. that humidity. the big story continues to be
7:50 am
tropical storm bill which will move in. i will show you that in a second. but cleveland had some lane. it looks like they are on the dry, cool side. all of that will be ending. but here comes bill moving in about ready to make landfall. it will produce swath of heavy rain. it will go up to dallas/fort worth, recur fn through the great lakes and then -- recurve through the great lakes and it turns extra tropical. it will turn into a low. but it will be a lot of rain. for us, we have a lot of fog. i just want to -- we're right here. right there. that's us. a lot going on in the subtropical branch. maybe some high clouds streaming in. just doing that for my own interest. it seems to be active. some fog, cool, sunny and nice. that means 60s, 70s, 80ss to 90s -- 80s to 90s. san raffle fell, 80. 87 fairfield. vacaville, 90. same for antioch, brentwood, oakley. concord, livermore, after 70s
7:51 am
yesterday. downtown oakland, 70. upper 70s to low 80s. san jose area, santa clara valley upper 80s to near 90 for gilroy. 60s on the coast and san bruno is in there. millbrae, 73. burlingame, enmenlo park in there -- menlo park in there as well. it looks like a warmup especially away from the coast, friday into saturday. >> i know you are a hockey fan. i watched game 6 last night, in chicago. it was rocking. what i found was so interesting is that the stanley cup trophy was late to show up to the game. >> there were severe thunderstorms. >> wow. >> and they were late getting the cup there and they had to have a police escort. the players were milling about on the ice for 15 minutes. >> come on. [laughter] >> that's like one of the classic trophies in all of sports. it's gorgeous. >> very good knowledge, tori.
7:52 am
i'm impressed. >> hopefully there will be a game 6 victory tonight in another sport. thank you. nine minutes before 8:00. a showdown in san francisco. in 22 minute, the legal arguments being -- 2 minutes, the legal arguments being heard about concealed weapons. details about vandalism on the campus of stanford back in april. police have a suspect. we have the details ahead.
7:53 am
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police have issued and arrest warrant for the man suspected of spraying anti- semitic graffiti at stanford university. swastikas and other graffiti were painted on two student residences on fraternity row. police are not releasing information about the suspect but say it appears he does not have any direct ties to the university. the case is being investigated as a hate crime. 7:55. the naacp leader who is accused of lying about her race says she started identifying herself as african-american when she was 5 years old. rachel dolezal told nbc news that as a child, she drew self- portraits with a brown crayon. she resigned as the naacp chapter president in spokane, washington after it was revealed she was actually a white woman posing as as an african-american for more than a decade. her parents say she began to
7:56 am
lie about her race after they adopted four african-american children. they say they haven't had contact with her in years. the city of spokane is investigating whether she lied about her ethnicity when she applied to been the police report. apparently on an application form she checked boxes identifying herself at white, black, and native-american. the fda says some processed food post health risks that contribute to heart disease. so the government will ban artificial transfapts. companies will have until june 2018 to remove transfats from products or possibly get a specific waiver. the food industry has used partially hydrogenated oils for decades in products, ranging from piecrusts to microwave popcorn to coffee creamers but companies recently started phasing them out. 7:56. could it be the end of the line
7:57 am
for the company called leap? about 22 minutes, what's happening with san francisco's luxury shuttle service and why it's in trouble with the state. we're live in berkeley, where an apartment balcony collapses, killing five people, injuring eight. we have just received an update. another person may succumb to their injuries. more straight ahead. we're looking at a commute not good on the dumbarton bridge. people are taking the san mateo bridge. that will be crowded. we will give you an update on this -- coming up. cooler on monday but it does look warmer inland today. we'll explain why. but there's still plenty of fog out there. what about the coast and bay? that's coming up.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
we saw all of these ambulances, run after another coming here. we thought something serious might be happening. >> something very serious. five people were killed in berkeley early morning in berkeley. a balcony collapsed at an apartment building in berkeley. tara moriarty has been out there since 4:00 this morning, when we went on the air. mum in two minutes, tara -- coming up in two minutes, tara will have reaction to this still breaking news. good morning. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2." tuesday, june 16th. i'm dave clark. >> want to check weather and traffic and steve joins us now. a little warmer inland. but still cold on the coast. >> not much of a change.
8:01 am
there's a lot of fog there. it looks like it's not going anywhere the next couple of days. inland temps in the 70s for many yesterday. for many. they will bump up today. santa rosa yesterday, 78. palo alto, 72. livermore, 76. that is cool for livermore. san jose, 73. today, 82, 76, 85 and 78. east san jose will be about 82, 83. still plenty of fog to deal with. coast and bay will have that. upper 50s to near 60. these are running warmer than yesterday. still a lot of 50s being held in check by that fog. but the delta breeze has been cut by two-third, it was much, much stronger yesterday. about 28, 30 miles an hour. it's not as bad today. the fog by the coast leaves temperatures there. a little cooler on the lows, warmer on the afternoon highs. 80s to 90s. 60, 70s by the water. a couple of issues. sal, where would you loo like to start? >> good morning. san mateo bridge traffic is
8:02 am
going to be busier. people are going to be avoiding the dumbarton bridge where we had some action there. una crash on -- a crash on university. when you get to 101, it will be slow heading downg the bayshore -- down the bayshore freeway into the south bay. i want to mention, the dumbarton bridge shows no sign of improvement here. it's backed up solid from the nimitz freeway and it's a horrible drive over to the peninsula. highway 101 is no picnic. northbound 101 at tully in san jose, there is a crash there as well. traffic is going to be slow from before the capitol expressway and the south bay. we were expecting it to be lighter but it's not lighter in san jose. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, that's not too bad. it's about a 10, 15-minute wait. once you get on the bridge. it's a normal drive into san francisco. 8:02. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a celebration turned deadly
8:03 am
in berkeley when a fourth floor balcony apparently packed with people collapsed. emergency responders rushed to the scene. just after 12:30 this morning. five people were killed. eight others injured. it happened at the library gardens apartment building. that's next to berkeley high school. a few blocks from the uc campus. tara moriarty has new information for us on the victims. good morning, tara. >> well, good morning. i just received an update from someone in law enforcement and they tell me that they do expect another victim to succumb to their injuries. bringing the total number of dead to six. now. >> this is has been a very difficult morning we know of the five confirmed dead, three are women. one is a man and another unknown. if you take a look, you can see the balcony on the fourth story, how it short of sell off where the french doors are, handed upside down on top of
8:04 am
the balcony below. we understand that a group of college-aged students most of them from ireland, they were celebrating a 21st birthday. this happened around 12:45 this morning. eight people are in seer yours condition. one -- serious condition. one of them is undergoing brain surgery. we spoke to a man who gave some of the victims' friends rides to the hospital earlier this morning. >> they didn't know anything. they were just talking amongst themselves about who was on the balcony and how was this person and that one had a broken leg and some people had blood on their knees. some had no shoes. pretty bad state. >> all of the victims are scattered at area hospitals. eden, children of oakland and highland memorial. we're not far from berkeley high school and the campus. this apartment locate is on kit bridge near shattuck. this building was built in 2006. it's not a very old building. we understand that the people who live in the unit below were
8:05 am
not home at the time of the accident. back here live, this is quite a media event. you can see all of the different news organizations and we've seen receiving phone calls all morning long from news agencies in england, ireland, french media is on top of this. this is definitely, you know, an event, a worldwide event. if you take a look over here, you can see that the coroner has left the scene. probably about a half-hour ago. all of the bodies have been removed. there were four of them here and then there was one person who died when they arrived at the hospital. again, law enforcement tells me that they do expect one more person to succumb to their injuries. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. back to you. >> and tara, have you heard -- are the majority of victims here women. it was a birthday party for a young irish women? >> reporter: you know, i can't say. all i know of the dead, three of them were women. one was a man. the other was unknown.
8:06 am
just from the dead, it would be that, you know, there were more women than there were men but as far as the breakdown of the actual actual party, i don't know. we were hearing reports that they are possibly from a school in dublin. we're trying torque would with the -- trying would work with the irish media to find out. a lot of the irish come here to have fun, take classes, this is not the way they wanted their summer to start. >> certainly not. such a tragedy. >> all right. thank you, tara. well, the fbi the whats your help to catch the vandals who are cutting fiberoptic cables and disrupting phone service. they've done it ten times since last year. cutting tables in berkeley, walnut creek, fremont, alamo and san jose. the attacks knocked out cell phone service as well pass emergency communications. the latest attack by the vandals recall last week in
8:07 am
walnut creek. the investigators say the vandalism started last july when cables were cut in berkeley. so the fbi is looking for witnesses and if you have any information leave a tip at happening today, san francisco transportation officials are expected to approve a plan that would reduce traffic on market street up to 50%. private vehicles would be banned from turning onto market street between third and 8th street. buses and taxis would be exempt but not uber and lyft. foreof the most dangerous intersections are on that stretch of market. in two years, there were 162 injury accidents on market street. the transit agency says the no- turn plan would divert 30% to 50% traffic. violaters face a $238 fine. luxury shuttle service leap
8:08 am
transit is said to be auctioning off three of the four buses a couple of months after it launched its business in san francisco. the company stopped operations last month after state regulators said it was operating without proper permits and documentation and issued a cease and desist letter. three of the buses are in a catalogue. the wars, they've already had a history-making year. you know that. but tonight they could make a new mark on nba history by beating the cleveland cavaliers and winning the nba championship. ktvu fox 2's brian flores has more on the warriors fans getting ready for what could be a magical night. >> reporter: it could be. good morning to you. good morning, everybody. we're getting ready for game 6 tonight. i can't even remember what i had for breakfast, all i've
8:09 am
been thinking about is possibly a warriors' championship. if you have ever been to a warriors' game, you know about the p.a. announcer. we spoke to him 30 minutes ago, he's what he had -- here's what he had to say -- >> what's happening, bay area! frank here. your golden state warriors' hype man. we're getting ready for game 6 of the nba finals. it's all or nothing. all on the line right now. i know dub nation is ready to go. whether you are at home, if you are a the viewing party -- if you are at the viewing party, whatever it may be, get up on your feet and make some noise! woot woot! >> reporter: if that doesn't get you hyped up, i don't know what will. we spoke with frank who got us ready foyer the game. he also showed us his gear all the way down to the shoes. gets the read revved up. he will be at the soldout watch party. he says this season and the team is the best ever.
8:10 am
>> i've been there for 12 seasons. this is magical. this is something that -- i don't know if i will ever witness this in my lifetime. first off, cla thopson, 37 -- klay thompson, 37 points. steph curry, the best season ever. >> if the dubs win, there will be celebrations. all available officers will be on duty. they are also asking for neighboring police officers to be prepared. we talked to the owner of overland bar and grill. he has ordered four times the amount of food and beverage for tonight. city officials did not provide much detail on a possible parade only to say if the dubs win tonight, the parade would take place on friday. if it goes to game 7 if they win on that game, then a parade would take place on monday.
8:11 am
frank wanted to say one more time. >> this is our house! oracle arena! dub nation! make some noise! >> reporter: he was one to be with. tonight's watchwa party is sold out. we've seen people reselling their tickets for much more. the games open at 4:00. the parking lot opens at 4:00. but a lot of people thousands getting ready for game 6 tonight. back to you. >> they also have to get ready in case there's problems on the streets. you know, either tonight or i think -- if there is a game 7 either way. win or lose for the warriors. i know that there are -- i know that police and oakland folks are getting prepared for it. >> the warriors' president has been here on studio with us. he will be in the parade. he was named the celebrity grand marshal for san francisco's gay pride parade. four years ago, he became the
8:12 am
highest-ranking executive in professional men's sports to publicly acknowledge he's gay. he said it's a personal honor to be a grand marshal in the parade. he also said it's a reflection of how far gays have come in professional sports. this year's pride parade in san francisco will be sunday, june 28th. 8:11. they say age ain't nothing but a number. warriors' assistant coach proves it to be true. ♪ [ cheers ] >> that was coach jentry dunking a basketball with a little help from the wall. not bad. it was not his first try. but he did it and the team loved it. the dubs are enjoying their last few days with jentry who will be the pelicans' new coach after the finals are over. the coaches that, you know, steve kerr has been phenomenal.
8:13 am
mix of veterans and young guys. >> jenrry is a very seasoned guy. a lot of people love him, too. they are really hamby about this new thing for him. he will be missed but he did a great job. boy, a big announcement from gap. mum at -- coming up at 8:30, what it means for 200 gap stores. san francisco's mayor putting muni in the spotlight after the break, the plans in the works to help ease your commute. and that south bay commute, you can see it, it's going to be okay if you are driving on 280. it's a little bit slow on 101. a little bit slow here too at 17. we'll break it down for you. still some fog out there. nothing compared to monday. it will be warmer inland. we'll show you how much.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
welcome back. the yev grieb school district in san jose, they will pay $15 million as part of a settlement in a lawsuit accusing officials of not doing enough to stop a teacher who was convicted of molesting stuts. craig chandler, a former whalely elementary schoolteacher was sentenced to 75 yooers in prison for molesting -- years in prison for molesting five young chills. the victims' parents brought a civil lawsuit against the school district. one of the family's lawyers
8:17 am
says the district received sexual harassment complaints about him within a year after he was hired. now the school district released a statement that said in part, we believe the settlement will allow the young women impacted by this man's actions to move forward and heal. 8:16. another courtroom showdown over gun rights is happening today in san francisco. the 9th circuit court of appeals will hear challenges to local concealed weapons laws in san diego and yolo counties. in those two counties, the sheriffs required individuals to prove they were in exceptional danger in order to obtain a concealed weaponnens permit. last year a three-judge panel found the restrictions violated the second amendment. other courts have upheld such laws. happening today, san francisco mayor ed lee is putting his focus on muni again. the mayor will tour a full- scale model of the next generation light rail vehicles. muni plans to add more than 200
8:18 am
new light rail cars to its fleet before the end of next year. the trains are also designed to carry bicycles. the mayor is one of several city leaders taking part in the muni challenge promising to ride muni for the first 22 days this month so they can get a better idea of what it is like to use the transit system on a daily basis. 8:18. hey, sal, you are seeing challenges on our commute this morning all over the place. >> yeah. got that kind of later in the -- got bade later in the commute -- got bad later in the commute. the traffic will be busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's improving. in fact, that's the best bridge to cross the bay which is slightly unusual. the san mateo bridge is busy. the dumbarton bridge i would advise not using it. we had trouble there. let's take a look at some of the other commutes we have. this is 880, it's beginning to get slow past the coliseum driving north. 88 is vo head -- 880 is slow
8:19 am
heading south. southbound 880 is slow out of hayward heading down into fremont. the dumbarton bridge is not good and 237 is also pretty slow on the way to sunnyvale. let's go to steve in the forecast. all right, sal. a couple of things going on. one of them is tropical storm bill, which is making landfall, if not near port o'conner pretty close. flooding has begun along the texas gulf coast. some of the feeder bands working their way in. it will be raining for many here. some of this will be extremely heavy rain as it moves up toward dallas/fort worth, probably to the east of oklahoma city right toward st. louis and eventually toward indianapolis. we still have heart attack carlos off the coast of mexico -- we still have hurricane carlos off the coast of mexico. it will maintain strength and head into the sea of cortez or go parallel toward the end of the week. keep an eye on that. i don't think it will take the same path as plaun cau did
8:20 am
which gave us rain last wednesday -- as blanca did, gave us lane last wednesday. had a few 40s up in the north bay this morning. the delta breeze is the key. yesterday 25. gusts to 30. today it's only 12. had 30s up in truckee. 60s, 70s through the valley. 50s up and down the coast. water temps did cool off 1, 2 degrees in the last 24 hours. around 57, 58 monterey and half moon bay. now 56, 55. it's already spokein' hot down in the southeast. georgia and south carolina, north carolina looking for record heat today. 88 in atlanta. 91 in washington. the key is tropical storm bill which will be playing into a lot of rain as it moves into the texas coast and eventually it will head to the northeast over the next few days.
8:21 am
for us, fog gives way to sunshine. higher clouds might come in. if they do, now you know where they are from. a little warmer for inland temps. about the same to a slight warmup for those that are near the coast and bay. yesterday its what was held down. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. you are far enough away, you will get the 90s. if you are closer to the coast, you will get the 60s. 91 in brentwood. 80s for many that were in the 70s yesterday for the east bay. same for san jose, santa clara valley, 70s, 80s to near 90 for gilroy. but 60s on the coast. 67 san bruno. 70s, upper 70s for some. about the same, a little warmer. a little cooldown on thursday. we're kind of about average. >> yesterday was below? >> not much change. day to day. 8:21. you heard steve, rain from tropical storm bill, it's now falling in the houston, texas
8:22 am
area. in fact, just the leading edge of the storm is over the gulf coast. it's expected to fully move onshore as this day moves on. forecasters say this could drop as much as 8 inches of rain in the next couple of days. in this particular part of texas still recovering from all of the flooding that happened over the memorial day weekend. >> that's right. 8:22. teachers and staff at a south bay school told they all need to reapply for their jobs. in 21 minutes, why the school is leaving parents in the dark over why this is happening. watch your mouth. we are where cursing in public could get you into trouble. who is cracking down on profanity and how much it could cost you.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
the grass fire in the los altos hills burned dangerously close to holes. the flames were reported just before 5:00 last night along 280 near magdalena avenue. crews from the santa clara fire department attacked the grass fire on the ground and calfire made waterdrps from the air. about three acres burned. no word on what started the fire. california may be in an exceptional drought but that will not stop the fireworks this 4th of july. most venues will have fireworks shows, the contra costa times
8:26 am
reports. the pyro spectaculars puts on a majority of the shows in the bay area. they've had only one cancellation in northern california which was cupertino. that was after the city was told it would need to provide 100,000 gallons of water to prep for the show. >> that's a lot of water. >> yes, it is. they are cauking down on cursing in public in arlington, virginia. if you do it, it will cost you. police are pushing bar patrons to watch their mouth after they've been drinking. the penalty has been raised for public intoxication and profanity to $250. some of the people there don't like it. >> freedom is expression. stop putting a blank on what we're supposed to say. i don't like it. >> usually here for happy hare but i don't see people getting that wasted. >> last year, arlington county police made 664 arrests for drunken people cursing in public. that's when the penalty was
8:27 am
still $100. still ahead, a plan plan to leaf up the police department. after the break, the reason some city leaders say extra police are needed. investigators here in berkeley trying to figure out what caused a balcony at this apartment complex to give way early this morning during a birthday party leaving five people dead. eight others critically hurt. we'll tell you what we're learning about the young victims in this case -- coming up. and on the east bay commute, we do have a lot of slow traffic still remaining. highway 24 is a little bit slow now in rafeh yet and orinda. orinda -- in la fayette and orinda. (engines revving) listen up. ready. ready. (engines revving) steady. (engines revving) go! ♪ ♪
8:28 am
♪ ♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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8:30 am
welcome back. thank you for joining us. these are live pictures. we're back at the scene of our breaking news. a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. five people visiting from ireland died this morning. several others were hurt. coming up in two minutes, ktvu's alex savidge, who has been out there all morning, he will let you hear the police radio calls from this morning and also bring you reaction from ireland's foreign affairs office to this tragedy in berkeley. it's tuesday, it's june 16th. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. steve paulson has the latest from the forecast. >> warm inland. coast and pay, still dealing with plenty of low clouds and fog. that should burn off sooner as well. we had a little dip in the jet stream. that allowed cooler weather to make it all the way out to the delta. there's still plenty of fog. inland areas that had fog
8:31 am
yesterday don't today. there will be plenty of low clouds and fog not only after after it burns off today but i think most of the weekthe inland emits will come up. 50s, come -- week. the inland temps will come up this week. the breeze is 1, 14. yesterday, it was around 21, 30. that's a big difference to see that much of a decrease. yet, coast and bay. a lot of that june gloom. a lot of high clouds. southern part of the branch coming up from hawaii. some fog, pretty thick for spots. it will burn off for those away from the coast. 80s and 90s for some. 60s, 70s, by the water. all right, sal. been pretty busy here. what's front and center here? >> the dumbarton bridge is not good. want to remind you about that. we'll talk about that in just a moment. but right off the top, if you are going to the dumbarton bridge, probably not a good idea to use that. but i also want to show you slow traffic on 880.
8:32 am
it's slow past the coliseum. it continues to slow all the way up into downtown oakland. now, we're also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, which not too bad. as far as bay bridge toll plaza commutes go, this is about a 10, 15-minute delay. then you get on the bridge. san mateo bridge is also not too bad if you are driving on westbound 92, but you will see some slow traffic on highway 101 heading south. the dumbarton bridge is not doing well. we had earlier issues there on the east palo alto side. that's still not good. i would avoid it if i were you. 237 if you are in between the two, you might want to think about 237 instead. now at 8:3 2. back to the desk. continuing coverage of the breaking news from berkeley. five people are dead, eight others were hurt. and in the hospital. after an apartment apartment building balcony collapsed early this morning. alex savidge joining us live at the scene. we know many of the victims were from ireland visiting and that the irish government is involved in helping the
8:33 am
families of the victims. alex? >> reporter: right. good morning to you. the irish government is trying to reach all of the victims' family members right now to let them know what's taken place. obviously, that's a difficult process at this point. we do understand this balcony collapsed right in the middle of a 21st birthday celebration takes place in morning at an apartment on the north floor of this building here in -- here in downtown berkeley. you can clearly tell which unit we're talking about. it's the one where the balcony is gone. it collapsed and toppled down onto the balcony just below it. now, neighbors tell us there was a party going on. at the library gardens apartments here. it's a block off shattuck avenue on kittridge street. we've seen some young people showing up dropping off flowers here at this scene. police are exactly what they were doing before the collapse and are trying to figure out why the balcony gave way. we did speak to someone person
8:34 am
who lives in the building and said they called police and security about an hour before the balcony collapsed to complain about how loud the party was happening at that unit. we're also hearing the police radio calls from this morning. >> 2020 kittridge street, 2020 kittridge street. saying one of the balconies broke and at least ten people fell from the second or third floor. >> reporter: you can imagine the scene officers found when they got here. this was at 12:30 in the morning. police found that fourth floor balcony had come down on top of the third floor. a total of four victims were pronounced dead here at this scene. a fourth person died later at the hospital. and there were eight other people injured in this collapse. some of those people we've been told do have life-threatening injuries. the irish foreign affairs department is now trying to reach the victim'ses' family --
8:35 am
victims' family victims. if you were on a j-1 in berkeley, california, please contact your family and friends to let them know you are safe. ireland's foreign affairs midge stir put out a statement as well that says my heart goes out to the families and the loved ones of the deceased and those who have been injured in this appalling accident. and really the surprising part about all of this is, as you can clearly see, this is not an old building, it's less than ten years old so building inspectors will be in here taking a closer look at the balcony trying to figure out what caused this to collapse. >> yeah, alex savidge in berkeley, thank you. we'll talk to you later. 8:35. meantime, san francisco moves a step closer to adding more police officers. there is a proposal to add 500 more police officers. the board of supervisors committee voted 2-1 to approve the resolution. this proposal is a re-- is in response to a study that showed san francisco's population
8:36 am
increased 12% between 2004 and 2014. however, the size of the police department shrank by 3%. the full board of supervisors is expected to vote on this plan in the next couple of, with. san francisco-based gap has announced it is closing more than 170 stores and eliminating hundreds of jobs. the gap plans to close 140 stores by the end of this fiscal year with another 35 to follow. a meeting will be held today about the cuts. gap officials say the cuts and store closures are intended to increase productivity and profits for the brand that built its reputation on khakis and other wardrobe basics. >> love the gap. the windows are amazing this year. i have some great old gap clothes like from 20 years ago. really amazing pieces of clothing. >> a gap spokesman says the complete list of store closures will not be released for a few
8:37 am
months and the 250 corporate layoffs will be spread throughout gap's offices in north america. the cuts do not affect the other lines, old navy and banana republic or the outlet. 8:36. lawmakers in san francisco passed a state budget last night eight midnight deadline. it will probably be changed before the fiscal year begins july 1st. laulmakers passed the $117.5 billion budget plan along party lines. it's about $2 billion more than governor brown proposed last month. democrats added on $749 million. that extra money would most lie go for child care, healthcare and social services. democrats expect the state will bring in about $3 billion more in tax revenues than the governor projected. governor brown doesn't want to increase spending in case the tax revenues fall short. but that's where the democratic governor and republican
8:38 am
lawmakers agree. >> it is an interesting place to be but as republicans, we stand for financial responsibility. we want to make sure that california's economy is healthy for the long-term. >> well, the legislature had to pass the budget by midnight or their pay would be cut off. democrats are gonna negotiate with the governor about this added money. the new budget has to be signed by july 1st. the thought that the golden state warriors could be nba champions in just a matter of hours is completely overwhelming fans here in the bay area. ktvu's sports anchor joe fonzi is in cleveland and joins us with the buildup to game 6. i think both teams agree this is a must-win. both teams want to win badly tonight. >> reporter: well, you are right, tori. in the case of the be cavs, they have to -- in the case of the cavs, they have to win or
8:39 am
it's over. the sports cliche, must-win situation certainly does apply tonight to the cleveland cavaliers. >> what's the sense there in cleveland? are fans convinced the cavs will win and force a game 7? they have lebron james. >> they do have lebron james and there's nobody else in the leak like lebron james. i don't recall a time where i've seen a team where every possession runs through one man. lebron james either starblths things or finishes things. shoots from the outside drive. he had 40 points again the other day on sunday. lebron james isle like no one else in the league but the warriors have found a good way to counter what the cavaliers have done when they won in games 2 and 3 and that's go small. to answer your question about the folks in cleveland, as we walked out university arena after game 3 -- walked out of the arena after game 3, there was a crazy sense of confidence
8:40 am
in the city that's so desperate for a won. they haven't won anything since 1965 when the cleveland browns won their last championship here. it's been a heartbreak for them. they were feeling pretty confident then but they are still stuck on the same number. warriors have won two since then. now there is the kind of feeling of almost desperate hope, kind of despair -- i'm hearing so much conversation about -- well, we've got lebron. they don't say they have much else. >> dave clark pointed out two of the cavs' best players, kevin love and kyrie irving are out. that's putting more pressure on lebron james. >> reporter: yes, it is. that's the -- that's a pretty well-documented storyline. his supporting cast has been injured and it's kind of -- he doesn't like to take as many
8:41 am
shots as he's been taking and having the whole offense revolve around him. he's a little bit more of an assist guy than he's had to be in the series but they've said, we need to all get on your back and we need you to carry us and that's the way the dynamic of this series, the way it's developed because of those injuries. >> all right. joe fonzi live in cleveland and he will have a wrapup of the game later tonight here on ktvu. thank you, joe. now back to my lovely co- anchor, dave. >> thank you, lovely tor . the former naacp leader, the one accused of lying about her race, spoke publicly for the first time. up next, what she revealed about her childhood. >> reporter: we're live in sunnyvale, where an emotional school meeting left some parents confused. we'll tell you about some drastic changes and the reasons behind it. good morning. we are looking at the san mateo bridge and suddenly, everyone has realized that this is the better bridge to take. you know what that means, that means it's not the better
8:42 am
bridge to take as you head to the peninsula. we'll break it all down for you and tell you what happened and why it's so slow. fog out there. but not as much as yesterday. inland temps will warm up. we'll talk about that and also what sunny gray and i have in common. mmmm yoplait hello, everybody. milk cow here with an important announcement about how yoplait original now has 25% less of the sugar. less sugar?? yes. but don't worry it still tastes good. oh that is great news, milk cow. enjoy! i will. mmmmmmmm! it tastes good! i know.
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the school district told all teachers to reapply for jobs with no guarantee they will be hired. janine, what's the reason for this and what's next for the school? >> reporter: well, district officials, tori, they said that they couldn't get into specifics but they did hint that it was waus there was a strained relationship between the administration here and the teachers. hundreds of concerned parents and teachers packed a meeting last night held by the superintendent of the cupertino union school district. they received an e-mail requiring all 2-r9 teachers and 15 teachers they need to reapply for their jobs. those not interested or not selected will be transferred to another opening within the district. the superintendent explained the drastic change was needed
8:46 am
because of tension between the administration and teachers and parents. >> i think continuing to meditate some of the things that are culturally going on, we don't feel we can do that. and we don't want it to impact the kids. one way we -- the only way to figure out to do it is to do a restart for the school. >> i think it's crazy. zwrnkt the school's principal has -- >> reporter: the school's principal has been reassigned. the district plans to introduce current and new teachers through june 30th and will announce personnel changes soon of a but this whole situation has still left some parents with an unsettling feeling because they don't know who is staying and who is leaving.
8:47 am
>> thank you. let's bring sal back. i saw that mess on the san mateo bridge, sal. you are following on the -- following the commute. >> reporter: it's slow because people are avoiding the dumbarton bridge. let's go to the san mateo bridge and talk about that, the traffic is going to be busy this morning as you drive out there. people have been avoiding the dumbarton bridge. i can show you that hon a a -- that on the map. that's slow because of earlier problems. you may want to use the bay bridge. it's not that bad at the toll plaza. a little bit of a delay. i would use that if i could. let's go to steve in the weather center. all right, sal. thank you. well, we'll get right to it. it will be warmer inland. yesterday there was a rather strong delta breeze. it's been cut in half. 80s and 90s for the inland areas. yet still 60s and os by the coast. mr. c sent me this. he said the sunny gray nome
8:48 am
looks a lot like steve paulson on channel channel -- on channel 2. [ applause ] >> thank you, i needed the laugh. coast is not getting in on the warmup. san francisco, only 59 yesterday. we'll go 63 today. that's, you know, only a couple of degrees warmer. oakland which was a cool 63 yesterday. i went 70. i think that will burn off sooner. that's downtown airport. probably closer to 67, 68. not much in the way of inland. could be a few high clouds. temperatures warming up fast. some areas pushing low, mid- 60s. a lot of 50s, though. not much of a breeze. that's really the key. much stronger yesterday. it's 93 in washington, d.c. it's 69 in new york city. what is going on? well, it's easy. there's clouds and rain in new york and in washington, sunny. south of that, they will have record highs down in south carolina and also georgia. tropical storm bill making
8:49 am
landfall. port o'conner texas, there will be heavy rain out of that. for you, a lot of heavy -- for us, a lot of heavy sunshine. not much by the coast. some fog, cool, sunny, nice. 80s to 90s through the ininterior -- interior. 60s, 70s coast and bay. temperatures will stay on the warm side away from the coast on wednesday. cooldown on thursday. signs of a warmup friday, and saturday. tori and dave? >> thank you. alameda county has a $65 million guth gap -- budget gap. they have to close it. how do you close a gap like that and who will feel the pain? joining me now in the studio is a good friend, alameda county super, keith carson. that's the question. there is a gap. >> yes. >> how do you close to it? >> we have to continue to serve the people of alameda county. we have to provide healthcare for those who don't have hek healthcare -- healthcare. take care of the seniors,
8:50 am
that's our responsibility, also public safety. we'll have to reorganize how we deliver services. that means longer waits at some of the community clinics. it may take more time for police in the unincorporated area to take care of crime out there. we'll have to reorganize how we deliver services to people. people will have to continue too wait longer for thes of ises. much-needed services, for the people who come to us when they have no place to go. people say the state is make making money, taking in revenue. why can't you tap in the rainy day fund. >> we know the state having excess capital is only a short time period. we'll be back in a recession. we're still reeling from the recession from 2008. that means thatter is a poverty gap in the state of california unlike across the country. and we have over 50 neighborhoods right in alameda county where people have are -- 25% of our population are living at or below the poverty
8:51 am
level. we have seniors who were struggling. we have a lot of homeless individuals who were here. crime unfortunately is still in our community and we have to co less and work with other local government like our local law enforcement as well in order to address it. >> i wish you success with this. we don't have a whole lot of time. i know there will be public hearings about this. people can talk about this. we've been hosting public hearings. we formally start -- a lot of the individuals who will feel the pain come and help us to make the decision. keep in mind, we still have responsibility in dollars to save for our retirement for the employees there. we still have a $16 million bill for building a new hospital public hospital, meet our seismic requirement. we have outstanding debt on the coliseum we own. we have to pay our creditors as well as provide these services.
8:52 am
and so we have to deal with that on next week when we make a decision on how to close that $65 million gap. it's been almost $700 million since the recession that we've had to eliminate from local government and still try to provide those services. >> we'll follow this. we'll talk some more. i appreciate you coming in this morning to give us an idea. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> tori, back to you. we have breaking news now. just into the ktvu newsroom, the alameda county coroner has confirmed a sixth person has died as a result of the balcony collapse in berkeley. we'll continue to follow this story throughout the day and at we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
we're following developing news. just into the newsroom, the new york times reports the st. louis cardinals are being investigated by the fbi for reportedly hacking into the network of their formal rivals, the houston astros. the paper says the cardinals
8:55 am
did so to steel closely guarded info about player person. the attack represents the first known case of corporate espionage in which a professional sports team hassing ad the network of another team. stay tuned to ktvu on air and online for more on this developing story. the naacp leader accused of lying about her case said she started to identify as african- american when she was 5. >> choil said as a child she drew self-portraits -- rachel dolezal said as a child she drew self-portraits with a brown crayon. her parents say she began to lie about her race after they adopted four african-american children. >> asked us not to come to the spokane area when our grandson, her son franklin had awards
8:56 am
ceremonies or sports events. >> now, the city of spokane also is investigating whether rachel dolezal lied about her ethnicity when she applied to be on the police force. check in on traffic right now. >> if you are trying to go et across the bay, let me help you out. the bay bridge, what you are seeing is probably the best way for you to do that. if you are driving west across to the peninsula, not too bad. in -- you have seen this before. maybe it's eight to ten minutes here. the other bridges are not that good. the san mateo bridge is very slow because the dumbarton bridge took a hit. look at this commute. it's slow crawling along to a crowded highway 101. so using the ammunition, call your boss and say, i'm gonna be late and maybe send them a clip of this -- screen shot of this and say yep, this is legit.
8:57 am
>> say sal told them. >> and the weather. cote and bay, warm inland, 80s and 90s. that -- coast and bay, warm inland, 80s, 90s. >> go, warriors! shout out from frank. >> you are watching "mornings on 2"! that's right oakland's ktvu channel 2 news jack london square, the golden state warriors, the best coverage, the best hype and everything warriors, "mornings on 2,"! ♪
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