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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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. the death toll rises now, six people are dead after a balcony collapses in berkeley during a 21st birthday party. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. the collapse happened at the library gardens apartment building on kitridge street in the heart of downtown berkeley, near berkeley high school. this is what we know right now. 13 people were on the balcony when it collapsed. six people have died, seven
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were seriously hurt. all of the dead were students in the u.s. on temporary visas. with team coverage, we start at the scene with. >> reporter: we understand the victims were in their early 20s and from the south of dublin. one of them was from galway. -- and as we look behind, you can see this balcony where why it came off of the building and landed on top of the balcony below it. the crews are trying to remove both of those balconies so they don't pose a risk to anyone else. people have been dropping off flowers here this morning, irish and americans, saddened by the horrific tragedy. and about 12:40 this morning, more than a dozen partygoers celebrating someone's 21st birthday pledgeeted to the sidewalk when the street and
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balcony gave way. >> reporter: we're a few blocks from the uc berkeley campus. >> and this is awful, you know. i don't. i am real -- i know a lot of -- that live in the state and need a place to state or, you know, yeah, so we wanted to come up and -- and show our condolences. >> reporter: four people died here on the scene. two later at the hospital. the other victims are being treated at eden highland and children's hospital in oakland. the city inspectors red tagged all of the balconies at the pardon me. the police and city have launched a full investigation and joining me now is alex safe age. he's live at highland hospital where we why under stand a lot of the victims went. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. the victims who survived this morning's collapse areing being treated at various hospitals around the east bay, after suffering what we described as
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life-threat isenning injuries from the fourth story fall. in oakland at the hospital, there were a total of three patients who were brought here. a spokesperson came out and talked a short time ago, but she could not offer many details about the victims. >> and i can confirm we received three victims in their early 20s from the incident this morning. one male and two female. i don't have conditioned details. we have had the situations before where a trauma center, we're prepared to deal with the situations. >> reporter: along with the three patients who came here, there were four am haves also taken to eden medical center in the valley and that hospital is not releasing the conditions. two men who fell from the balcony this morning and at last check, one of the men was in critical condition. the other listed in serious condition. all of these patients were among the 13 people up on that small balcony of the berkeley
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apartment building this morning when it came crashing down during the 21st birthday celebration. and from tara, a total of six people died from the injuries. we understand that ireland's foreign affairs minister is working now to reach all of the victims' families, and we're hoping to get updated information on the conditions of the survivors of the collapse this afternoon. >> alex and tara, thank you. the irish consulate have gotten hundreds of calls to their crisis hotline. they're heading to berkeley this afternoon. ktvu fox 2s salcastaed ina is live at the scene to -- salcastaneda has more on how to help. >> reporter: i had a conversation with the irish counsel general this morning, and he told me that he was going to come out and look at this. you can see for yourself. it's quite a sight to see. it's going to come out and look at the scene and visit here.
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we visited the office today in san francisco. they didn't want to speak to bus but that they would be offering assistance to students in the way of greek counseling and for those displaced. phillip grant told me he's planning to deliver a wreath to this location this afternoon. he also plans to meet with the students. earlier today, irish foreign minister charlie flanagan sent out a statement via twitter saying his heart goes out to the families and loved ones of those deceased and injured in this appalling accident. he asked all the irish students here in the bay area and there are a lot, to call home and well the their families know they're okay. one told bus the program that brings so many young people here to the bay area. >> and -- you can go through an agency in order to get it and you have to -- and you have to keep the activities like
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baseball games and a basketball game and that kind of thing. so, at the moment -- [ indiscernible ] and i think the top here. >> reporter: and this is quite a scene. not only is it shocking to look at that in person, to see the people were standing there, but this is a trap that international media attention. the networks are here. the network crews and some from out of the country showed up here. and this is, obviously, a big news story and because it has the international connection. again, the irish council general is -- counsel general is set to come out here and he's going to visit. >> reporter: thank you, sal. i want to mention, there are other balcony collapses in the bay area. and the district of second -- injuring three people on
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january 15th. there was a group on the bal coppy on vienna street take -- balcony on vienna street taking a picture when the railing gave way and they dropped 20 feet to the concrete below. three had head injuries and another had a broken hip. the building inspection afterwards said the railing was rotten. in september of last year, 10 people were injured in a deck collapse at a east oakland home. the deck gave way sending 12 people to the ground. some of the family member his to be pulled from the wreckage. while there were injuries, everyone survived. the deadliest pop or balcony collapse was in chicago on june 29th, 2003. an overloaded balcony came crashing down and 13 people were killed. another 57 were injured. in the aftermath, the investigation found a large errors in construction that resulted in a collapse.
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the building's owner blamed overcrowding. we'll have continuing coverage on the story throughout the day. for realtime updates, turn to our ktvu news app. and the golden state warriors are one gape away from win -- game away from wing the series. you can bet there will be celebrations on south sides of the bay. this morning, they announced -- and he said he thinks that this warrior's team is the best ever. >> and you didn't know the seasons and this is magical. this is something if i ever witnessed this in my lifetime, really, and first off, 37 points in the quarter and basically speeding -- basically speeding and just the best season ever in terms of when. >> the lawyers are holding a
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soldout watch party at the oracle arena and barrings and restaurants from around the bay area are expected to be busy. the oakland police department will have every available officer on duty and they're asking police departments in neighboring cities to be prepared for celebrations. and the san francisco mta is going to introduce a plan that will deuce traffic on market street up to 50%. the plan would ban private vehicles from turning on to market street between third and eighth street. the mta said four of the most dangerous intersections are on that stretch of market. and not uber and lift. the ride-sharing services started an online petition, though, to be exempt from that ban. violators could face a 248 fine. >> the republican list of candidates running for president is getting longer. a day after jeb bush announced
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his candidacy, donald trump announced he's running. he launched his bid this morning at one of the trump towers in new york and he said america needs a leader who will create jobs, honor our vets, protect our borders and make america great. >> ladies and gentlemen i am officially running the president of the united states -- i am officially running for president of the united states and we're going to make our country great again! >> the 12th goop goop contender to -- gop contender to jump into the race, and has expressed running before but pulled out. today, his network, he said, is $9 billion. the first time, we're hearing from a woman accused of misrepresenting her race. rachael dolezal said she identifies as black, even though she has white parents.
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this morning in an interview on nbc, she began to identify with the black culture when she was five years old. when asked about altering her appearance, she said, quote, this is not a freak birth of the nation mockery black face performance and said her looks have to be accepted as a parent of black children. the uproar began last week after parents gave photos of her as a girl with fair skin and straight blonde hair. she began to lie about her race after they adopted four black children. >> and we spoke to the press about rachael's ethnicity and that it was because she was under investigation from law enforcement in spokane for these, for claims that she had hate crime mail in the naacp mailbox. >> that hate mail investigation has been dropped. dolezal stepped down as president of the naacp's
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chapter in spokane, washington, yesterday. and ahead, a major league baseball team reportedly hacked into the network of the rival. what information is there for them to be after. >> and the ingredient the fda is banning from food because it's a threat to public health. >> and a surprise for a local voter. check it out. a bear running straight for him.
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. the st. louis cardinals are being accused of hacking another major league baseball team. the hack is believed to be the first-of-its-kind between professional sports teams. the fbi and the justice department are investigating the cardinals front office. according to "the new york times," the team's employees hacked the houston astros data
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base after the 2011 season. they went after stored information on internal discussions about trades, statistics and more. the cardinals say they are fully cooperating with federal investigators. and in new york state, hundreds of officers are scouring a highway leading from the prison where two convicted killers escaped 11 days ago. investigators believe the men are still in the area, even though there have been no confirmed sightings. peter deucey has more on the latest court appearance by the prison employee who allegedly helped the pair to escape. >> reporter: it's been more than a week since richard matt and david sweat escaped from an upstate new york maximum security prison, prompting a massive response by state and federal officials who continue to so much the area not far from the facility. while there have been no solid leads since the two escaped, residents remain on edge even though nobody knows if the two are here or if they have left the area. >> even though now, a lot more people are starting to think
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they left the area. i don't know. for some reason, there is a reason for law enforcement to have a good reason to do it or they wouldn't be doing it. >> reporter: the woman at the center of the investigation, joyce mitchell, waived a preliminary hearing in a new york courtroom on monday sending her case to county court. mitchell is facing felony and misdemeanor charges related to the escape and could face more than seven years in jail if convicted. prosecutors say the investigation into how they managed to escape more than a week ago and stay on the -- stay on the up is far from over. >> and no one sells -- at this point in time. >> do you think they left? >> it's possible. i have been saying the last few days based on our investigation, there are additional other people that may be arrested. >> reporter: meanwhile, the district attorney is refusing to comment on reports that there is an agreement between joyce mitchell and the two counsel victs to physical -- two convicts to physically harm
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her husband. peter deucey, new york, fox news. the fda announced this morning that food companies must stop using artificial transfat within three years. that i ruled it's a threat to public health. transfat is even called partially hydrated oils and is used to improve the shelf life or flavor of processed food. the food industry has used partially hydrogenated oils for decades in products from pie crusts and popcorn and coffee creamers. some companies have recently started to phase them out, like kraft and killologies. -- kelloggs. happy tuesday afternoon, everybody. before we get to our weather, we're standing in front of tropical storm bill. that formed fast in the gulf coast and moving inland in the gulf coast of texas. and into port o'connor, texas, spreading heavy rain around san antonio and into alton and -- alston and moving to dallas, fort worth, and to the east of
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oklahoma city. some amounts, maybe along's fine line to the east and west of it. this is not only going to play in the weather in texas but saint louse and kansas city and over the great lakes the next three, five days and it moves in and it will turn extra tropical. hurricane carlos is going off of the mexico coast and longs like it's going to take a path similar, just paralocal along the coast and move into the sea of cortez. that doesn't look like will take a path that blanka did when blank -- blanca went into baja and got tapped into an area of low pressure and this doesn't look like anything similar happened and we'll keep an eye on it. it's going parallel to the coast of mexico. fog this morning and not as much inndla, burning off sooner, the sea breeze collapsed into the delta. by the coast, there is dealing with the fog and it's nots d ishes -- disappearing any time
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soon. france finished off at 63 and burning off sooner. yesterday was he cloud keeping the 50s and 60s and the sunshine later, a high of 70 degrees and near average. sapp jose remember warming up. the average is 82, 56. the low was 54, the record in 2012 was 98 degrees. looks good this morning and the temperatures rebounded fast from the 50s to 60s and they're in the 70s and 80s for some. the key is a delta breeze yesterday, 20, 30 miles per hour by 9, ten in the morning and went less than 10, a sure sign that everything is warming up. and they're not cold but they came down a bit and that is going to allow temperatures to stay cool with the fog on the coast. inland temps on the way out. and the only thing might be a lot of quads come the hawaiian island. there is plenty there. they can move over us and
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overall who, for the morning and cool by parts of the coast, looks better. nice to mild to warm to hot. for some, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s for some, rebounding a good seven, 8 degrees compared to yesterday for some, around concord and livermore. today, it's all in the 80s. the santa clara valley, upper 80s for some, and 60s on the coast. seventys for many on the peninsula and could be an isolated 80 or so and looks like temperatures continue inland and warm up. not a lot or a heat wave. on thursday and friday into saturday, it will cool down again on sunday. and quite a surprise for a boater on folsom lake. it was a bear swimming nearby. the boater said he was relaxing and he looked up and saw the bear swimming straight for his boat. the bear scrambled and took pictures of it. he said the bare swam three feet toward the shore before
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. major stock epkexes veered -- indexes veered higher. fox coming off of two days of loss -- stocks coming off two days of losses. staples were the biggest gainers. the dow is up 107; the nasdaq
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up 26 and the s&p up 11. in soccer, team us applies nigeria today. right now, the u.s. is in first place in the group and if they beat nigeria, they will secure the first-place spot that will help them in the next round. watch today's match on ktvu fox 2. the coverage begins at 4. and we have complete woman's world cup coverage on our website. and just click on women's world cup on the home page. and despite a crippling labor dispute, the port of oakland is bouncing back and may was the busiest month in four years. the port handled nearly a quarter of a million cargo containers. we have a call earlier this year that the work came to a crawl as port operators and a worker's union disagreed on a contract. and chp confirmed a car found in an embankment in
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castro valley was stolen. and officers reported to a call yesterday morning. the chb said -- chp said it's not uncommon for thieves to dispose of cars in the area. the crews look for victims but nobody was found. the car had been reported stolen yesterday in hayward. >> and happening today, the san francisco mayor is putting his focus on a full-scale model of the next generation light-rail vehicles. they plan to add more than 200 new light-rail cars to the fleet before the end of next year. the new trains are designed to carry bicycles and passengers than ever before. >> and those vehicles will be allowed to carry more than 20- plus more persons. ride smoother and have a better experience and because they new, certainly the maintenance of them and the costs of
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maintaining the current ones will be decreased by that much. >> the public can look at the model on display across from the ferry building in san francisco until 4 this afternoon. before we go, we would like to recap a developing news in berkeley we brought you at the top of the newscast. six people are confirmed dead and that is after a balcony crowded with people at a party collapsed at an apartment complex on kitridge street this morning at 12:30 this morning. all those killed are irish in their early 20s in the u.s. on student visas. we'll follow developments in the story all day online and on our later newscasts. >> and thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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