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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 16, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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ear-old and 10-year-old. to overcome the fear. van: him in the cage, sharks coming up with him, that's how he conquered his fear of sharks. >> i came face-to-face with the biggest great whites in the world. they were like, 10, 12, 15, 20-footers. harvey: you know the distinction here? the cage. >> nice seeing you again, bro. and the dream season is now complete. the golden state warriors are 2015 nba champions. you heard it there for the first time in 40 years. the golden state warriors have
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won the nba title. the decisive game history came on the road. and the warriors are coming home to a parade to follow. >> listen to that a sold out crowd erupts inside oracle arena and right now thousands and thousands of fans all over the bay area are celebrating tonight's win. later a community in mourning after a balcony collapses and kills six students near the uc berkeley campus. new information about what went wrong and the troubled past of the construction company that built it. oracle arena is lit by fireworks as warrior fans celebrate a victory. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener, there's a huge crowd gathered right now
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inside of oracle arena. look at that. 17,000 people watched the game last night. those fans have now moved outside and as you can see they are keeping the party going. >> we have live team coverage tonight with joe fonzi in cleveland where the warriors shine this evening. amber lee is live but first we go to jana katsuyama with that huge crowd. >> reporter: there's so much emotion here tonight. so much pride you saw it from the air. take a look at it here from ground level. fans who are just so happy it did not matter that this team was away. it doesn't matter that they were watching the game on big screens. this was an amazing night here at oracle arena. so many people that came out to watch the warriors play. and we want to show you what
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it was like inside because the warrior fans have never seen one like this before. >> reporter: it came to watch warriors history and the team did not disappointment. >> i cannot believe it. warriors are number one. >> this is the most exciting moment of my life. >> i feel fantastic, shout out oakland. we're on. >> i feel great right new. this is the city right here. >> reporter: loud and proud. 17,000 strong. dub nation put their passion into this play off game fired up from the start, this was an electrifying rock & roar watch party. a chance for the team's sixth player, their loyal fans to be part of this historic match up. >> it's very exciting. definitely what i'm expecting. >> all the fans here are experiencing it with everybody. it's a lot of fun and
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excitement in the building. >> this is part of history. i've been coming here for 20 years so i'm ready for this. >> reporter: for some fans it was their golden moment. the closest they could get to feel the nba excite -pl. the ticket price. >> $15.30. >> as soon as i saw it, i was like babe, order those we're going to go to that since we couldn't go to the real game. >> reporter: a chance to watch nba history unfold. >> i just like the excitement of all the people and it's really fun. >> we want to be here with the crowd. we want to be here with all the fans. we're going to be here for you, we're going to be here for all the players. >> reporter: and the championship banner was high above the crowd. now with the 2015 banner on the way. >> i watched it when i was 14 years old. my grandfather took me to the game and it's just so awesome to see them retake that.
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>> it feels fabulous. thank you so much warriors, we love you. >> reporter: take a look at this. we got a look inside the warriors store with a first glimpse of that championship gear. the hats and t-shirts fans were lined up and they're still lined up. the warriors store will be open until midnight. the one here well as long as the people will last. there's a shirt they have for the nba champs. boy that sounds good to say for the golden state warriors here. and this party is certainly not going any where. it's going to die down any time soon. people just so happy and so proud that game six could end like this. reporting live from oracle arena in oakland, jana katsuyama, fox 2 news. >> yeah, it's been a long wait. jana thanks very much. at least one drought is over. now to mark ibanez on tonight's
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big win. the cavs kept fighting back but the warriors held them off until the very end. >> i haven't seen a team come together like this start to finish. best record, team -- you know just fantastic start to finish. their best player win it is mvp award. one thing after the other. think about it during the season 83 wins and only 20 losses. they roll through it. now lebron james you can ask him he will tell you he's the world's greatest player but the warriors undisputably are the world's greatest team. although the warriors did give it all they had don't worry about tomorrow what tomorrow brings, it's all about tonight. curry was definitely ready to get it going in this one. steph takes it the other way and quickly the harrison barnes out of the corner, three. warriors were up 13 in the
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first period you're thinking they might rock this thing. cavs make a move. lebron a crazy three to beat the shot clock there. here comes cleveland at the half. and james misses but thompson up on the board to slam it down and you look at the replay, cavs down only two at the half. curry and company did not have momentum. warriors up one in the third. here comes barnes to andre iguodala. the quick step and the dunk. he had 25 his night just getting started. five minutes and the warriors up now by 10. and iggy slamming again from curry. curry this time will get it to -- by way of his miss. steph is a hero with the slam right there. and the warriors start to take demand. they're up nine but lebron fielding it. here comes cleveland again. all of a sudden their definite only seven. by the way lebron 32 points, 18 rebounds, nine assists but
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curry again ready for the counter point. three of them in fact. and barkley tell me again how you can't win a championship with jump shots. and lets lose with a three that put them up big. cavs looked befuddled on defense right here. and curry just walts right in. the families loving it and the warriors begin to party. although free throws i have to say made it very sticky down toward the end. but you see the final six count off the clock and the warriors celebrate. yeah it is their first championship since 1975. and if you haven't heard by now not a single warriors player had ever been in an nba final before. that hasn 't happened since 1992. and the chicago bulls and a little oddity as well with the
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man who won the mvp for the nba final. never before has an mvp winner taken that trophy as andre iguodala did tonight. having never started a single game during the regular season. man but was he ever in the postseason champ. we're a little bit wet. we're a little bit sweaty for a very good reason. take a look at all the people around here including green right behind me here. these people and a whole lot more just tried to weigh their way into the warriors locker room a short time ago. and the champane was flying there and it was flying for a very good reason. as you said not a single one of those veteran or young players had ever been this far and now they're nba champions. we've been talking about it all year. this team is the epitome of team play. and no better example than the guy who was the mvp of the championship series andre iguodala. didn't start a game all season
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until game four of the championship series when the warriors decided to go small. that meant andre bogut had to sit. he didn't complain. david lee had to sit during the year and they got contributions up and down the bench tonight. shawn livingston. barbosa just what this team has been about all yearlong and it resulted in a very unlikely but very deserving mvp. >> we have a team full of believers. we all go to chapel before the game. we all say god has a purpose for you, this is my purpose. i accepted it. i have great teammates. steph, i want to be just like steph when i grow up. >> for us it was fitting that the award went to andre because he sacrificed the starting role. he had never come off the bench once in his entire career. and he sacktize -- sacrificed
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himself to make it better. it set the tone, it feels full circle to me that andre received the award: it couldn't have happened to a better person. >> he saved the season for us. i always say andre is a pro's pro. he's a professional guy and it showed and that's why he's the mvp of this series and that's why we're the champions. >> reporter: another person who deserves congratulations and that's first year head coach steve kerr who had some guts to make changes. the guys all bought in and it worked out. now they're champions. this is going to go on for quite a while tonight. we'll be back a little later on in sports until then reporting live from cleveland joe fonzi, mark, back to you. >> you got it we'll talk to you later. steve kerr wining in his first year. yeah this is pretty much what i do as an nba coach. pat riley was the last to do it
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in his rookie year as coach back in 92. man it's right up there when you think about the total records and the way they swept through the play offs in fine fashion. right up there with something the chicago bulls accomplished and great laker teams as well. >> i love how they share all the credit. they helped each other. >> yeah team work all way. every way. we'll see you a little later in sports. all around the bay area. warrior fans are celebrating tonight's victory. in oakland we heard reports of side shows and crowds blocking streets and the 12th street b.a.r.t. station is closed right now. but police say so far people are having fun and generally the celebration is peaceful. now we head to san francisco and amber lee. amber, what are the celebrations like over there? >> we're on king street across from at&t park behind me. you can see very rowdy fans
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enjoying the victory. also there's officers overseeing the area. so far the celebrations have been peaceful but police are trying to clear the scene. we want to show you fan reaction right when the game ended. the thrill when chills go hand in hand. hundreds of fans stayed well past the final buzzerd. savoring every moment of the victory. the first in 40 years. >> oh my god, this is a wonderful win.
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it's so awesome. oh my god. >> dubs all day. >> i'm so glad i don't have to do this again. until next year. warriors next year too. >> reporter: a long awaited show down, the alcohol flowed as the action on the big screens captured the attention of fans. every seat filled. >> you're holding your breath just waiting to see that that last point from curry or from thompson. >> it's been nerve wracking. >> a heart attack, a heart attack. but it's fun and the atmosphere here is amazing. >> reporter: everybody had to say something about lebron saying he's the best player in the world. >> teams win championships not individuals. >> we've been a party all night. warriors, dub. >> reporter: we have a question for these fans. are you guys going to the
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parade? you can see how happy they are. and those that are here plan to move to other areas where large crowds have developed. we're live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> lovely celebration. the parade starts friday at 10:00 in the morning. here's a look at the rout highlighted in blue. the parade will begin on broadway and 11th street. it ends at the kaiser convention center. the roads highlighted there in yellow are the streets that will be closed starting at 8:00 p.m. on thursday night. a father is placed in handcuffs after his 4-year-old daughter is shot. her condition tonight and what we learned about how she was wounded. tracking a bit of a warm up in your neighborhood tomorrow. i'll let you know how hot it's going to get and how long the
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heat is going to stick around. >> a balcony collapse here in berkeley has the nation of ireland grieving. tonight how it happened and the outpouring of support. >> plus new information about the contractor that built that complex and past allegations of poorly constructed balconies. ♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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a tragedy today touching hearts from berkeley to ireland. it happened during a 21st birthday party celebration. five of the six who died were visitors from ireland. we get new developments now from noelle walker she's in berkeley outside that apartment complex which is right next to the library there in berkeley. people tonight noelle are wondering how could this happen. >> reporter: yes, they are. kindred street is still blocked off tonight. there were 13 people on that balcony when it broke and they fell five stories. if i take a step back you can
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see that people continue to come here tonight dropping off flowers and lighting candles. there are 500 students irish students on visas tonight the council general says there's almost no one in his small country who isn't touchedded by what happened here today. >> a single bag pipe, a company two weak, an irish flag and countless prayers. >> this has been a very tragic day for ireland. e don't think there's a family in ireland that hasn't been touched by the tragedy that happened here. >> medic two for medical emergency. >> reporter: at 12:41 this morning. >> 2020. >> reporter: a balcony at the library gardens apartment in berkeley. >> i'll be advising that one of the balconies broke. >> reporter: collapsed. >> i had no idea what that was. just things falling down.
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>> we have three patients on the ground. >> reporter: seven people were injured after falling five stories. six people died, five are irish students here on visas for a work and cultural program. one of their cousins 22-year- old ashley donoho of rohnert park is dead. >> it's shocking, it's really shocking. >> reporter: there's a deep sense of country among the irish here. >> i've been messaging people here and they haven't replied and i'm starting to get scared. >> reporter: and a deep sense of loss. >> my heart is breaking. absolutely breaking. >> reporter: how did a balcony break on a relatively new building that was finished in 2007. tonight that broken balcony was removed. the remaining balconies red tagged. over the next few days, the developers will be inspecting them. >> some of the wood is falling down in pieces there. >> reporter: trying to decide if wood rot, balcony design,
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the number of people on it or some combination of those caused the balcony to fail. >> we're going to be sending some of our brighters and our best back home to their families and not as we would wish. tonight the consulate says that many jumped in to help to save lives. >> noelle walker in oakland tonight. noelle thank you. one family lost two young lives. ashley donohue and her cousin 21-year-old olivia burke of ireland were both killed. we spoke on the phone with
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george donhoe who said today is the worse day of his life. he says he feels deeply for the families of the other victims who have also lost their children. half an hour before the collapse, berkeley police received a complaint about noise from the apartment but officers didn't respond because of another call minutes later of -t shots fired. police say it wouldn't have changed the outcome. >> a noise complaint when there's no other information. the officers are not going to go do an inspection. they're not going to inspect the building. they're not going to do a search: they're going to be very friendly and ask people to conform to the noise -- >> this is not the first time questions have been raised about it work on baa colonies.
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eric rasmussen from 2 investigates joins us now. >> reporter: segway construction was sued by the owners alleging it failed to design balconies in compliance with local and state code. segway says it will now likely have to answer more questions from investigators in berkeley. >> reporter: some are already asking if jagged wood exposed after a deadly collapse of a balcony shows signs of decay. inspectors may need days to know for sure. but the company that finished building these apartments in 2007 is already doing damage control. >> something like this is never occurred in the past. this is really an anomaly. it's a terrible tragedy. sam singer was hired to answer questions to a collapse. the construction company paid more than $2,000 in fines from
10:23 pm
a dozen cal osha violations in 2006. maybe more troubling is a company part of the north park apartmentville raj. failing to design breeze ways and balconies to local and state code. it went on to say that the damage was water penetration that had to be repaired. >> if a company is suing them that means they found something at fault with them which means they were not building them correctly. >> meantime the developer and the construction company disagrees. he can't put too much weight on a lawsuit or any particular lawsuit. >> reporter: should people be troubled that specifically balconies are mentioned in that lawsuit? >> not at all. >> reporter: many question whether the balcony here was
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well constructed. the maximum they could hold about one person per 6-foot. that means six people could be on the balcony with in trouble. >> we were really pushing that balcony to the limits. >> reporter: segway says it's cooperating with investigators. those investigators going to be taking a very up close look at the pieces of that balcony to see what kind of condition it was in. >> your heart just breaks for all of those families and friends. at we have posted an interactive map of the bay area projects that segway construction has worked on. they include from rehab centers
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to senior complexes. highs tomorrow are going to be about the same as today. not as much wind as we've been seeing. so i'm showing you the flags. the warriors win tonight. we heard about that from mark ibanez. it was howling at this hour. winds have died down. high pressure is building in. we're going to warm up. we have five along the coast. just heating up now. folks at ocean beach saw the heating. temperatures are going to start to climb back up again. we're going to see temperatures into the mid-90s. tomorrow much like today. the new transit rules or rather traffic rule that is will impact drivers. >> the shooting that sent a 4- year-old girl in the hospital and landed her father in handcuffs. more live pictures from sky fox in oakland tonight. this is the crowd that has gathered at 14th and broadway
10:26 pm
right now. it appears to be peaceful although it is blocking the intersection. more live coverage ahead. well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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police in oakland are searching for a gunman who opened fire in east oakland wounding a 4-year-old girl and sending her to the hospital. ktvu's john sasaki is live now with the girl's condition. this may have been related to an incident involving a paint ball gun. >> reporter: there was a paint ball gun at the scene. and a paint gun led to a shooting with a real gun. family arrived clearly heartbroken. the man wearing the tank top told us the little girl was her
10:29 pm
child. >> obviously something place here. we know there was an incident that took place here. >> reporter: police are saying little about what happened here. >> we have pieces. we believe she was in the car. but we're still trying to work that out. >> reporter: sources tell us the girl and his daughter were in the car when they shot at someone with a paint gun. >> we did receive information that there was some vehicles involved in paint ball shooting out paint ball guns so that's another thing we're looking at. that's another scenario that may fit into this. >> reporter: that paint ball shooting led to someone else opening fire with a real gun. we saw the man being taken into custody at the hospital but it's unclear what the charges will be. >> it's just upsetting and that we all should be really upset
10:30 pm
about. and do something about. i'm talking about the community. i'm talking about the city. the police department. >> reporter: at last report the girl was in stable condition at the hospital and she is expected to survive this horrifying ordeal. julie. >> john, thank you. san jose police are asking for help the public's help in finding two boys who ran away and are believed to be in san francisco. police say 11-year-old andres martinez on the left and his best friend 12-year-old nicola oliv era left home yesterday morning. nicola's father says he has spoken to friends of the boys who said they left to san francisco with $100, and planned to stay at a hotel. police have not said how they traveled to san francisco from san jose. anyone with information is asked to call police. starting in august. traffic restrictions will go into place on market street in san francisco. the city's municipal transportation agency has now formalized a plan on private vehicles turning into market street between third and eighth
10:31 pm
street. the mta says that stretch of market includes four of the most dangerous intersections in the city. buses and taxis will still be allowed but not uber and lyft. violators face a fine. the nba finals just finished 90 minutes ago but the warriors championship t-shirts are already being printed. >> that's right, take a look. this is proof the warriors are nba champions. we're going to take you inside this bay area business that as we speak is busy printing the t- shirts headed for stores. and here is a live look at oracle arena where 17,000 people watched tonight's game and just about every one of them was a warriors fan.
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hundreds of people
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streaming into downtown oakland to celebrate the warriors nba championship. this is what it looked like a little earlier on broad street. folks out celebrating, taking a lot of pictures and waving their warriors flags. now the brand new championship t-shirts are being printed. >> maureen naylor is live at a print shop to show us what's hot off the press, maureen. >> you ready? take a look. this is what warriors fans have been waiting 40 years to see. these are one of several championship t-shirts being made you see champions. it has the trophy on there. and these are currently being made. this is the final product i want to show you how they're made. these are the printers that are currently going i like this one right here because you see the warriors blue ink being painted on. this here at studio probo4 is one of five printers currently going right now. they have six colors printed on each shirt. as we walk around and show you this work all started as soon as the warriors won.
10:35 pm
the celebrations began and so did the work here. 30 employees were called in to make these shirts and as you come around here i always like this one because you see the warriors yellow paint. after they go off the printer. this is the drier. and i like it because you see all this line of shirts. all going to the store so you can buy them. this is a wholesaler so you will have to wait until they hit the stores. this is the final product and the reason you know, see that little sticker there, nba certified so you know that is official. they'll be here throughout the night and expect to make more than 13,000 of these shirts in the next few hours. they are a little different. they're the new ones different than what you saw the warriors wearing, those gray ones after the win. but very excited for the workers here wearing their warriors gear. >> do you know how much they're
10:36 pm
going for? how much a t-shirt. >> i don't at this point. i know in the past they've been in the $20 range but don't quote me on that. at this point no. julie that's what's kind of funny too. you won't see any price tags and i can't show you on tv but i have seen the mistakes -- this is a science to get exactly this right. i've seen the ones they were working on different color blue shirts. different color. so it's interesting to see the behind the scenes before they end up in stores. and an oakland mural painted in honor of the warriors now takes a new meaning. the artist steve mass said if the warriors won they would add a trophy and would allow people then from the community to come sign the mural. we want to show you a live picture from downtown oakland. you can see the police are out
10:37 pm
in force. they just want to make sure that everything stays in place. that things don't get out of hand. they don't want people to take it too far. we showed you those pictures of all the folks on 14th and broadway where they had closed down the intersections they were out celebrating the warriors win. this looks like broadway as well. and again police out. don't see a lot of people out celebrating at least right here. but take our word for it, there are a lot of people out in oakland celebrating tonight. a bus driver was honored for his part in the rescue of a toddler kidnapped. he spotted the 3-year-old boy and the suspect on his bus after seeing a message from dispatchers on june 5th. he alerted police and then slowly drove the bus to where
10:38 pm
law enforcement could take make an arrest. and thompson accepted the award for everyone involved. >> we got him home safe with his parents within an hour and a half. >> reporter: police arrested 23- year-old alfonso edington who said he thought he knew the child. edington's attorney said he also suffers from schizophrenia. real estate developer and tv celebrity donald trump has joined the crowded field of republicans competing for the presidential nomination. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am officially running for president of the united states. >> reporter: trump is the 12th republican in the running. he made the announcement at the trump towers in midtown
10:39 pm
manhattan. he said america needs a true leader and he promised as president he will create jobs. >> i will bring back our jobs from china, in mexico, from japan, from so many places. i will bring back our jobs and i will bring back our money. >> reporter: trump also vowed to repeal obama care and replace it with something he says will be better for everyone and less expensive. a stunning development today involving two major league baseball teams. a federal investigation is under way into whether the st. louis cardinals hacked into the private computer system of the houston astros. the cardinals did it to get information about the players, possible trade and scouting reports. both teams say they're cooperating with the investigation. such a case is a first for professional sports. and the news took the cardinals manager by surprise. >> we don't know any more than anybody else. and just kind of waiting to hear. we heard from the front office that this is something that's going to be addressed soon.
10:40 pm
>> reporter: the one link between the two teams is the current astros general manager who used to work for the cardinals. he reported last year that his team's computer system had been hacked. the new york times says the fbi tracked the hacking to a home where cardinal officials had lived. authorities are trying to identify a woman who's body was found at alameda's crown beach. someone noticed the body floating in the water around 12:30 this afternoon. authorities now need help identifying her. the woman is described as elderly. asian with short gray hair and about 5'tall about 100 pounds. she was wearing gray pants and black slip on shoes. if you have any information, call east bay regional park police. this is the imagine from that video it's really fuzzy but you can see, two individuals that are on the
10:41 pm
left. one is wearing a white t-shirt with dark pants while the other is wearing a dark t-shirt with light pants. crews cleaned up the spray payment but -- paint but you can still see the damage. there's a reward being offered in this case. we haven't taken you inside the warriors locker room yet but we will coming up. stick around, we're going back to cleveland for a live report on a champane celebration with the new nba champs. >> champane bath. and chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather. from frosting to cookies to crisco the foods that will have to change some of their ingredients because of a new fda requirement and why bay area restaurants think it could impact their business.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
another live picture now of the nba celebration going on in
10:44 pm
oakland. this picture is being taken from 18th and telegraph. that's in oakland's uptown area right across the street from the fox theater. warrior fans celebrating tonight. oh my gosh look at that. >> somebody just jumped off. >> looks like one of those things where he gets caught in the big celebration. a lot of restaurants, a lot of bars. right in the fox theater building there. so keep in mind they're in the street blocking traffic. again, so far from what we understand things have been pretty peaceful but a lot of folks out enjoying the warriors first nba championship in 40 years. more coverage coming up. the fda is giving food manufacturers three years to stop using transfats. the order could impact recipes for a lot of every day snack foods. in many cases restaurant menus.
10:45 pm
allie rasmus is joining us now with the latest. >> reporter: there's transfats in everything from coffee creamers to microwaved popcorns, and even the frozen food. and we talked to several people who said they're glad these transfats will be phased out. >> reporter: workers start ingredients to bake in the morning. they use everything from corn kernels to chocolate sprinkles for their sweet -- >> chocolate cup cakes. >> reporter: and savory cup cakes but one ingredient you will never find in their food. >> we never use any transfats, we don't use anything artificial. a cup of margarine has transfat. >> reporter: the fda is reclassifying hydrogenated oils. >> the ban which will eliminate
10:46 pm
rather than just reduce the use of transfats is a really good thing for public health. >> reporter: the fda says a transfat ban could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths from heart disease every year. >> maybe not told what they should eat but they should at least be educated. >> reporter: barbacola does not cook with hydroginated oils but knows many fast food places that still do. >> there's certainly going to be a an impact. there's fast food restaurants, donut shops and there's a lot of folks that are using that because it's so inexpensive. >> reporter: but carpen agrees with the new fda mandate and say there's more than value when keeping just money in mind. >> if you can cook it without transfats and it can taste good and going to be good for you why not. >> it was almost 10 years ago when the fda started requiring food manufacturers to label
10:47 pm
transfats on nutrition labels. since then there's been a lot of information on transfats and because of that a lot of manufacturers have removed transfats from their products. tracking the weather out there. daytime highs today. we are up there. we got a 93 in fairfield. i think highs tomorrow will be very similar to what we're showing you here. 90 in livermore. highs tomorrow right about there. there's a live shot of oracle. you can see the lights lit up out there. a lot of folks enjoying a special night of celebration. it kind of went away tonight. you saw the sunset in the avenue. the fog is going to push inland but not massively. it's going to be a lot like this morning. early burn off. because the high pressure is a powerful sinking air. the pattern is going northerly and that allows the fog to burn
10:48 pm
off quicker. tomorrow's high forecast. the reds 90s coming this way. a little warmer about the same. kind of right if there. as we go into as we go into the five day. things start to warm a little further. there's san francisco, 65 degrees for daytime highs tomorrow. which is what you would expect. cloudy in the morning. san jose gets up to 79 degrees tomorrow. the rest of the city is 90 in vacaville. 90 in fairfield. 94 in the clear lake area. 86 in danville. air quality is good with the air pattern. winds not as busterly as they have been. i showed you a 39-mile an hour gust in fairfield at this time. but that's not happening. less wind. slightly cooler on thursday. that's in the warm spot but it pops back up the temperatures. it could easily by 95 and 96 in the warmer spots. there's the five day forecast with the weekend in view and there's the green and gold coming into the city.
10:49 pm
everything is just lit up. all the buildings, it's really neat. >> on top of our building. changing colors from blue to gold. >> it's amazing. championship coverage continues now with mark. >> a couple of championships within a calendar year. these play offs started two months ago. april15th was the last regular season game. it takes a long time. >> they must be so tired. >> they're tired and you know what warrior fans you know you were thinking like i was. there'll be plenty of time to practice free throws. it made it a very tight ball game going into the last moments. but the warriors prevail. no matter what the west coast media says, all their whining about lebron james. but the warriors get off to a nice start. the cavs turn the ball over 19
10:50 pm
times. beautiful there on the three for harrison barnes. and the warriors continue to play very well in the first half but lebron hit an amazing three. and they close in later lebron at the end of the half will miss the lay up. tristan thompson up. and the warriors leading by two as they were up by 13. warriors come right back. andre iguodala with a beautiful move right there. quick step and a dunk and he's just getting started. watch steph find a beautiful step to the bucket. now later on with if warriors seemingly in control. the cavs make a move again. of course it's lebron. 32 points, 18 rebounds. nine assists they're down by only seven. but curry again, yes you can win a championship on jump
10:51 pm
shooting. beautifully done there. and thompson chimes in. that was a big three to put the warriors in control in the third quarter. late going they look befuddled on defense. and steph just rolls right in. the warriors had major troubleshooting free throws but they wind up winning their first championship in 40 years. kerr in his first season as head coach. wind up winning it and there it is the coveted nba trophy just a night after the stanley cup was won in chicago. tonight it's cleveland the happening place. and our joe fonzi was right there and was definitely in the locker room. looking a little soak no doubt. as they approach 2:00 a.m. in cleveland. soaked and a little tired. what's going on? what was the scene there, joe? >> reporter: mark you said it.
10:52 pm
this is the fist -- this is the first time the bay area has experienced this here. and this is a team that did the same. you know this is a league where people complain that i didn't get my touches, i didn't get my minutes. you've never heard any of that from this warriors team. nothing better exemplifies that. andre iguodala a guy who didn't even start until game four. and sean livingston was a big contributor. they played the epitome of team ball and now they're nba champions. >> i've seen this on tv so many times, dream about what this would be like. and when the moment comes, the moment champane is falling on my face that's when it all sinks in, this is real. >> this may be a lesson for
10:53 pm
life when you think of where this franchise was when you got here. >> the bay area stuck with us the whole time. look at where we are now and the turn around is incredible. >> andre sacrificed. david lee has sacrificed their willingness to accept roles and keep pushing really was the key to the whole thing. >> enjoying the moment. just celebrating with your teammates. those are the things you remember most. this has been a long ride. it's a great season. and we're just going to enjoy the moment. >> no matter what happens you will call these guys nba champions for the rest of their career. it was wet in there. i don't have one of those hat, i don't have one of those t- shirts but one of the trainers handed me this. so i do have a very good souvenir from tonight's game. no matter what. so i have this from no matter what happens after this. that's live in cleveland, joe
10:54 pm
fonzi, mark back to you. >> use it on your hair a little bit. thanks joe. appreciate it. safe travels back. there were other winners in the bay area to talk about as well. what a day in sports, sports bay. san francisco giants back on the beat. as were the a's and we have women's usa world cup soccer to talk about. coming right back.
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there were some other things to talk about aside from the warriors. we'll talk plenty about them for the next few months but the giants finally get off this deal at at&t park where they hadn 't won in nine consecutive games but they had to call the duff man to do it. don't even think about the other guy anymore. duffy doing it all. tim lincecum the win 7-3. the giants take care of the mariners 6-2. the oakland a's also playing better ball of late. and actually helped the giants out a little bit. beating the san diego padres. didn't come easy however. tied ball game top of the ninth. up the spine of the diamond by eric sogard with the game
10:58 pm
deciding run 6-5. goals are always hard to come by in soccer. usa however getting the only one they needed. and they are victorious going up against team nigeria today. team usa has had trouble putting their offense on track. but they will take this one. abbie whomback with the left food. team usa victorious 1-0. that's the sporting life. warriors are champs. >> what a great night. >> absolutely. >> bring on the parade. >> friday i guess right. in oakland. >> thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast mornings on 2 will be here tomorrow morning. we'll have much more on the celebration still under way. when will the team come home and that parade scheduled for friday. see you later everyone. >> good night.
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