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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. the 40 year wait is over, did you jump around with them. >> congratulations to the golden state warriors, they are the nba champions. good morning. i'm tired from staying up late. >> it was worth it. thank you for johning -- joining us. let's get your day started with the weather and traffic. title winning, weather report with the steph curry of weather people. >> i can't live up to that. they were amazing. it was fun to watch. we all have to respect today. heps the colors. >> do you have yellow.
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>> i might. >> it looks purple to me. >> we have low clouds, the delta breeze the stronger. it was spot on for coast and bay. there's fog there, may it could be, we'll see if the breeze continues to hold. why not start with oakland on a wednesday morning. start off overcast, beautiful 70 degrees in downtown oakland. 50s on the temps, 60s and upper 40 for santa rosa and 48. cool for some, mild for others. yesterday at this time it was 14, that's a huge difference. we'll see if that holds. overall lots of sunshine, that's about the only fly in the ointment, mostly sunny and warm, hot inland. if you're far enough away you
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get the sun. i saw the best tearjerker. >> i was at my book club, missed the whole thing. >> no one believes us. let's look at the morning commute. go warriors. bay bridge toll plaza looks good coming into san francisco. last night on twitter people saying the parade should go from oakland into san francisco, that's not what's happening. we'll give you the parade root coming up. the commute on 880 in oakland, traffic is moving well in front of oracle arena. and as we hook at the -- look at the maps traffic is moving
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well. 4:two, let's go -- 4:02. the warriors are the nba champions. >> curry pass, iguodala, it's a 10-point lead. >> 105-97 the game 6 was a fitting win. steph curry making it look easy. they hit critical free throw and the bench made huge contribution. this marks their 83rd win of the season
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[indiscernible] >> when you believe more in the team than yourself it goes a long way. everyone can say they did that. i love it. what a team, they stayed overnight in cleveland to celebrate. all their families were there. they are set to fly back in a few hours. >> the turning point was putting iguodala into the starting lineup and he was voted the mvp of the fines. >> this is my purpose, i have great teammates. i want to be like steph when i grow up. >> iguodala didn't start a game until game four of the times -- finals. last night he had 25 points.
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five boards and 5 assists. a watch party turned into a victory celebration. [cheering] >> amazing. 17,000 fans jammed is arena to be part of the win. confetti reining -- raining down. >> i cannot believe it. it feels fabulous. warriors, we love you! >> it doesn't get better than this. >> it doesn't. warriors championship caps shirts went on sale immediately. there was a limit of five per customer.
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i think we'll see a lot of that gear this morning. >> fans spilled on the streets to celebrate the warriors championship. there were a few incidents of fans blocking traffic. one man climbed a traffic pole. police reported heavy congestion, officers fanned out throughout the city to cheap crowds in check. there have been no reports of serious damage or vandalism. and in san francisco fans launched bottle rockets in celebration. and while they blocked traffic officers were standing close by to make sure the celebration did not get out of hand.
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there's no word of any number of arrests. fans getting their hands on the championship gear but most is set to go on sale this morning. we visited a shop in union city. it says the final champion. it has the championship trophy and the warriors logo. workers have been printing the shirts all night. >> we watched the game until we knew they were going to win. this went to the wire. we didn't get started too early. >> they printed 15,000 of the shirts that will go on sale today. >> i want one. oakland will have a parade for the champs friday at 10:00 in the morning. here's a look at the route. begins on broadway at 11th
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street. some streets including 11th between prod way and hug hug -- dig kick -- martin luther king, jr. will be closed. you can find the parade route, streets that will be closed and warriors championship stories and photographs on connect we're following a developing story in oakland of a deadly early morning crash on 98th avenue nearest treat. one killed and another -- near epp street. it occurred in the area of overnight side show. to the balcony collapse in berkeley that left six people dead.
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five were students from ireland. bagpipes played and the mayor laid two wreaths at the site of the accident. 13 people were on the balcony. in addition to those killed seven others were injured. >> this has been a tragic day for ireland. i don't think the family in ireland that has not felt this. relatives of those killed are flying into the bay area. one family lost two young women in the collapse. we spoke on the phone with
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george donahoe. he said his daughter was a fine vibrant woman and he feels deeply for the families of the other victims. >> 30 minutes before the collapse the police received a noise complaint but they did not respond because of another call of shots fired. >> a noise complaint the officers aren't going to inspect the building, they will be cordial and ask people to comply with the noiseord nance. >> the -- ordinance. >> it is about a block off haddock, the building is new, construction was completed in 2007. >> we looked into the company that built the complex, this is
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not the first time questions have been raised about the balconies, a suit alleged that breezeways and balconies were not in compliance with codes. >> construction projects many times the developer and the construction companies disagree. >> should people and troubled that balconies are mentioned in the lawsuit? >> not at all. inspectors will determine if water contributed to the collapse. the season continues in oakland for a -- the search for a gunman who shot and injured a
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4-year-old girl. danville police need your help cracking a sand lynch -- vandalism case. the commute is going to be okay in san jose. northbound 280 getting up to 217. . coast and bay running with low clouds, 60s and 70s inland. we start off similar, santa rosa 48, today 48.
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. police are searching for a gunman who opened fire in east oakland and injured a four-year- old girl. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon. police are trying to piece together what happened but sources tell us the girl and her father were in a silver suv when the father shot at someone with a paintball gun and someone fired back with a real gun. >> it is upsetting and we should be upset about and do something about. i'm talking about the community, i'm talking about the city, the police department. >> the girl is expected to recover, her father was taken
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into custody outside the hospital. police are asking for help to find two boys who ran away and are believed to be in san francisco. andre martinez left home monday morning. nicolas father said friends said they left for san francisco with $100. police have not said how they traveled. anyone with information is asked to call police. in august it will be more difficult to drive down market street. a ban on private vehicles turning on to market between third and 8th. that includes four of the most difficult intersections in the city. buses and taxis will be allowed but not uber and lyft. this is a model of the new
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generation of new light rail cars. san francisco mayor was among those checking out the new car yesterday. they will add more than 200 light rail cars. they will fit 20 more people and designed to carry bicycle. it is 4:15. >> it is? >> yes it is. when i was in high school a tv reporter popped a mic in my face and said how do you like the muni ltv. >> i was riding home minding my business. >> and what did you say. >> i was so nerdy, i had braces, i think they're groovy. >> i had a mouth full of braces and studderring.
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>> -- stuttering. >> we need to dig that up. >> let's go out and take a look at the commute. traffic is moving well as you drive on the bay bridge approach, no problems. no problems in oakland past the coliseum, i'm happy about this, no major problems during the celebration in oakland and san francisco last night. pretty well behaved and everything is back open and things are doing well. south bay is off to a good start. let's go to steve in the weather center. a pattern where we're stuck if you're by the coast dealing with a fog bank, maybe not to the north, san mateo, not so much on the marin, it filled in
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yesterday, there's a little bit of a breeze, san francisco, tough to get out of the upper 50s and 60s. some areas may be cooler, some areas warmer, you know the drill. 50s and 60s, 62 in brentwood, 48 santa rosa. 53 is popular in the north bay, and 55, southwest 21, that's stronger than yesterday, 30s in the mountains. gifts up and -- 50s up and down in the coast. that cold water helps the fog formation. the record highs yesterday in the southeast, it was tropical storm bill which punched in on the gulf coast.
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40 to 66 miles an hour and right now over dallas-fort worth. look at the thunderstorm errupting behind that. this whole swath of moisture is heading toward st. louis and the great lakes. for us we have a few high clouds and the source of those reactive. it will be mostly sunny but some of the higher clouds in the mix. hot inland, upper 90s. kind of a pattern, one day it warms up, next day it cools down. >> should be nice for the parade coming up here. >> i think it will be beautiful. there won't be any rain.
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happening today the report card on the conditions at hundreds of california beaches will be released. the group heal the pay assign -- bay assigns a letter grade on the beaches and the top 10 with the worst conditions, four of those 10 beaches are in northern california this year. the report will be released at 10:00 this morning. bidding adieu to a bay area favorite. the chain of cafes shutting down in a matter of months. >> the st. louis cardinals accused of hacking into a rivals database. >> i'm so proud of these guys, something to tell my grandkids.
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. welcome back, new york state police are expanding the search for two escape prisoners. 800 officers are taking part in the search, but there's a grows sense the men may be long gone.
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>> once they got the sniff of freedom, they didn't go on a hope that machine would pick them up, they had to have manage more lap rat -- elaborately. we're learning more about joyce mitchel, she had sexual relationship with both men and plotted to kill her husband. she's in jail. the sheriff said her husband visited her yesterday. >> the l.a. coroner revealed the death of andrew getty, the report said he died from an ulcer related hemorrhage. he had a toxic level of methamphetamine in his body. getty explained of stomach pain for two months.
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major league baseball is rocked by allegations of espionage, the cardinals hacked into a database. both teams are cooperating with the investigation. baseball commissioner said subpoenas have been issued. cardinals manager said it's a waiting game now. >> we can get all the information before we make a statement, we don't have a clue what's going on. we'll focus on playing baseball. >> investigators believe the hacking was to avenge the departure of an executive to become the astros general manager. if this is truitt will be the first -- true, it will be the first case of one hacking the
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other. >> the u.s. womens soccer team won their group. it was the only goal of the game. wambach's 14th goal. the u.s. finished with a record of two wins, zero losses and one tie. group play continues for other teams. we'll not have a newscast at noon so you can see the match between mexico and france. coverage of the game starts at noon. a little basketball team in the bay area, and many can't believe it. everybody feels like that. we'll show you how fans celebrated the team's first nba title in 40 years.
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warriors. live at oracle arena this morning. it was rocking last night even with the team all the way in cleveland, ohio. our warriors championship coverage. they are champions. can you believe that? it continues in just a couple minutes with more game highlights. details on the victory parade set to happen in just two days and for us warrior fans it is great a morning. welcome back here to morning on 2 i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. great morning, great season, great basketball. really fun to watch. >> and great weather man. >> and a great weather man. >> who came in? [ laughter ] >> good day for all of those


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