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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the golden state warriors are 2015 nba champions. >> they did it. after 40 years the golden state warriors are on top of the nba. >> there are fans that stuck with it and look at where we are now. >> david lee said it. we have team coverage for you from the game to the celebrations to the championship gear and of course the championship parade. mornings on 2 continues. we are going to focus on the warriors today. just a bit. you are looking at the tower in downtown oakland. it is alternating between blue and gold. very nice. our ktvu tower it mating between blue and gold in honor of the warriors. it is wednesday, june 17th i'm
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pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. steve paulson knows all about this. >> same as yesterday. so coast a lot of fog over there. 60s and 70s inland. 80s and 90s. there is a little bit more of a breeze so i don't think we will warm up anymore than we did last night. kind of just subtle changes day- to-day and a few high clouds. and temperatures are in the 50s or 60s. one 60 that is at brentwood. a lot of low 50s to mid 50s. everyone is pretty close. west, southwest at 21. west. so there is a little component of slightly stronger. a few high clouds continue to ramp up from the west. there they are not a big deal. but there might be enough to take off a degree or two. it will be hot well inland but 80s and 90s for some. 60s and 70s for others.
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sal four years ago i was at the cow palace where the warriors won. >> 40 years ago. >> i thought you said four years ago. it was absolutely 40 years ago. we're all very happy and we're not on much sleep. let's take a look at the commute here. the traffic does look pretty good as you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is not bad commute at all. obviously it's light getting into san francisco at this time. hopefully it will stay this way. moving along and taking a look at the next live picture. traffic is moving well and right in front of the oracle arena. and oakland no major problems. if you're on 580 some slowing already. we have stop and go traffic on 580 just after 205. let's go back to the desk. 40 year drought is over. the golden state warriors are your 2015 nba champions.
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>> yeah that was one of my favorites. 105-97 win in game six. of course steph he just makes it easy. he and andre iguodala led the warriors with 25 points each. they also hit critical free throws in the closing seconds. once again the warriors bench made huge contributions. scored eight straight points in the third quarter. the warriors nba title. marks their 83rd win of the season. only michael jordan chicago bulls won more games. >> that's when it all sinks in this is real. >> when you believe more in the team than yourself it goes a long way.
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>> yeah what a team. stayed over night in cleveland to celebrate with tear families. he was named the mvp of the nba finals. >> he has a way for you. a purpose for you. this is my purpose. i accepted it. i wanted to be just like steph when i grew up. >> who doesn't? iguodala did not start a single game until game four of the finals. last night in game six he had 25 points and five rebounds and five assists. not bad. for iguodala it was his first nba title after 11 years in the league. the warriors celebration it stretches from cleveland all the way back here to the bay area. fans you'll have a chance to honor the dubs with a victory parade friday. ktvu fox 2 tara moriarty is
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live in oakland. fans have waited for this day to come 40 years tara. >> reporter: you bet they have. city hall is in blue and gold. they will be arriving back here in the bay area a little bit later this afternoon. last night celebrations they pretty much stayed under control. there were a few fans tying up traffic last night. police did report heavy congestion. some revelers jumped on top of buses but officers were visible. for now no reports of any serious damage or vandalism. in san francisco fans launched bottle rockets and in the
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mission district large crowds gathered while some did block traffic, officers were standing by to keep celebrations in check. no word yet of any arrests in san francisco or oakland for that matter. there is a parade planned for our national champs it starts at 10:00. this is a look at the parade route highlighted with arrows and some streets between broadway and martin luther king junior will be closed so be aware of that. fans can line up as early as 5:00 in the morning at lake shore and 12th and bart and ac transit will be offering exfederal service to oakland in case you want to use that as an option. that would be highly recommended. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty back to you. during last nights game a watch party inside oracle arena it became a victory celebration. see what i mean. 17,000 fans jammed into the arena just to be a part of bay
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area sports history. once the game ended in cleveland the confetti rained down on oracle. long suffering warrior fans waited years and in some cases all their lives for this moment. >> i waited for this forever. i cannot believe it. >> it feels fabulous. thank you so much warriors we love you. >> it doesn't get better than this. ever. >> i'm done, pam. that is it. right after the victory warriors championship caps and shirts immediately went on sale. and because of the high demand there was a limit five to a customer. the warriors store at westfield in san francisco center it stayed open until midnight to handle all the fans that wanted to buy warriors championship gear. that store reopens at 8:00. >> yeah the t-shirts and caps claiming them as champions are going on sale. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is in union city. the store that will open early.
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janine. >> reporter: yes pam we are here at sports authority in union city. it opens up at 7:00 a.m.. we are expecting a lot of warriors fans to be here. there are a lot of unpacked boxes here and we're assuming they were the nba champion shirts that were inside. the gray ones. and we know that fans are going to want to get their hands on those t-shirts and hats and hoodies and all the other memorabilia inside. we did visit a t-shirt printing shop in union city last night and got a look at one of the designs just as they came off the presses. it says the finals champions with a championship trophy and of course the warriors logo. employees have been working all night printing them. we're told they will crank out around 15,000 of them >> we have them watch the game and tell them if they are going to win head on in. and so this one kind of went down to the wire. so we didn't get started too early.
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>> reporter: and take a look at the official adidas locker room gear. these are the pictures the nba released for the hat that retails for $29.95 and this is the official shirt that is selling for $23.95. both of them are available at the nba's online store but sports authority will be selling locker room gear as well and it's while supplies last. when the giants won the series we were at a sportings gear store and people arrived before the store even opened. so we expect the same thing. >> i think that will be happening everywhere. i want to get my hands on some stuff for sure. thank you janine. we have more on the warriors online as well. you can find the parade route streets that will be closed all on our website at we also have other stories we're following. a developing story.
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this in oakland. a deadly early morning crash just before 1:00 this morning a car crashed into a tree on 98th avenue. one person was killed. another person is in critical condition. two other people listed right now as in stable condition. be police haven't yet connected that car crash to a side show but they say the crash did occur in an area of over night side shows. it is 5:10. and the search continues in oakland for a gunman who shot and injured a four-year-old girl. up next how a paint ball gun may be connected to the shooting. >> but first the grief and questions they continue in berkeley after that balcony collapse killed six people. the latest on the investigation and what we're learning about the victims. >> east bay commute as we take a look at interstate 80 westbound. find out where the slow spots are and what commutes are beginning to fill up. >> sometimes you can go for a
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stretch there where really not much happens. just subtle day-to-day changes. 60s and 70s by the coast although we are starting off santa rosa a little cooler at 48.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. now to berkeley. yesterday's tragic balcony collapse where six young people died. five of them were students from ireland. bag pipes were playing as berkeley's mayor and the counsel general of ireland laid wreaths. authorities say 13 people were on that apartment balcony. they were celebrating at a birthday party when the balcony suddenly collapsed. six people on the balcony were killed, seven others were injured in the fall.
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>> it has been a tragic day for ireland opinion i don't think there is a family in ireland that hasn't been touched by the tragedy that happened here. one family lost two young women in that balcony collapse. 22-year-old ashley donohoe of rohnert park. we talked to george donohoe. he told us it was the worst day of his life. he said his daughter ashley was a fine vibrant woman. about 30 minutes before that balcony collapse berkeley police received a complaint about noise from the apartment. but officer did not respond thanks to another car minutes later of shots fired. but police say that would not
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have changed the outcome. >> a noise complaint where there is no other information. >> the library gardens apartment building has 177 apartments. it's unquiet rich street. right near the uc berkeley campus. the building is relatively new. construction completed in 2007. over the next few days the property owner and structural engineers will try to determine the exact cause of that sent and inspect the remaining balconies as well for safety. oakland police searching for a gunman that fired shots that injured a four-year-old girl in east oakland. a sheriffs deputy drove the little girl to the hospital and within minutes her distraught family arrived. that shooting happened yesterday afternoon at 81st avenue. police are still trying to
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determine exactly what happened but reportedly the girl and her father they were in a silver suv when the father shot at someone with a paint ball gun. then we are told someone fired back with a real gun hitting that little girl in the chest. >> this is one of the incidents that it's upsetting and that we all should be really upset about i'm talking about the city and the police department. >> that little girl is expected to recoffer. her father was taken into custody outside the hospital but we don't know what charges he may possibly be facing. a four-year-old in santa rosa reportedly found a loaded gun on a sidewalk as deputies were investigating a fight. the child's mother saw the child nearly pick up that gun monday night. deputies were trying to stop a suspected gang fight involving six people near moreland avenue. five of them were arrested.
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one of them an 18-year-old man- year-old man was linked to the gun. starting in august it will be harder to drive down san francisco's very busy market street. the city's transportation agency approved a ban on private vehicles turning on to market between third and eighth streets. the mta says that particular stretch of market includes four of the most dangerous intersections in san francisco. buses and taxis will still be able to go through there. and violators you could be fined $238. i want to check back in with sal for a look at traffic. >> we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing very well. there is not a lot going on. this is a look at golden gate bridge. but it's not really slowing traffic here. i do want to let you know we have a camera in san francisco
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that is fogged in. let's move along to the east bay now. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. not a big delay right now. usually 5:30 is when we see more cars collecting at the toll plaza. livermore to hayward to castro valley that whole area 680 to san ramon all looking good at the moment expect for a little slowing on the altamont pass. we do have some fog coast and bay. a little bit inland, not that much. it looks like a little bit stronger breeze. just subtle changes day-to-day here. there will be a little mix of higher clouds coming in today up from the hawaiian islands expect for that fog there we start off with 59. 48. slightly stronger delta breeze. was down to 12-14 yesterday at this time. it was a component of a
5:19 am
westerly breeze. 30s in the mountains. 60s and 70s in the valleys. water temps outside have dipped a little bit. bodega it's still 51. big news continues to be the heat and the southeast. but it was tropical storm now tropical depression bill which is near waco on its way to dallas fort worth and up toward oklahoma city and tulsa. there has been four or five. some reports closing in on six inches of rain. the tail end still producing big boomers. otherwise for us we have hard any issues expect for fog. typical june pattern though which means night and morning fog. 50s and 60s by the coast. some of that fog moves a little bit further inland so we end up
5:20 am
with 90s to near 80s around the bay and in60s and 70s closer to the water. morning fog fair. a few high clouds. a little on the warm side for others. nice for others. june gloom near the coast for some. anywhere from 65 to 97 in clear lake. 85 santa rosa. novato 82. 84 for napa. hot out toward antioch and brentwood and even livermore. upper 80s to near 90 for morgan hill to gilroy. too much fog on the coast. near 80 redwood city. 78 fall low al toe. palo alto. a little warmup friday and saturday. >> how does it feel outside to you p? >> the same as it did the last couple of mornings. >> and then it warms up by the afternoon. >> and then it warms up in the afternoon unless you are near the coast. boy a high-tech scandal
5:21 am
rocking major league baseball. the first of its kind allegations and its target is focused on the st. louis cardinals. why retaliation may have been a motive. >> and then warriors fever spreading across the bay area. i will show you how fans show their blue and gold title. female announcer: looking for the hottest deal on a new mattress? then don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! right now at sleep train save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and serta icomfort. big savings and interest-free financing? these deals aren't just hot, they're explosive! don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the san diego sheriff is standing by his deputy who was caught on camera tasing a 13- year-old boy. on monday the deputy was responding to an area known as a hang out for skate borders looking for a teenager who had been reported missing by his mother. when he asked the boy to get in the car he refused and even ended up biting the deputy. >> what we have is an outover control juvenile who could have prevented this whole ordeal by obeying the commands of the deputy so he could be returned home. >> now the teenager faces charges of resisting arrest and assault on a police officer. the deputy will not be placed on administrative leave. major league baseball rocked by allegations of corporate espionage. the fbi now investigating
5:25 am
charges the st. louis cardinals hacked into a computer data base belonging to the houston astros in order to get info on players, possible trades, and also scouting reports. both teams are cooperating with the investigation. the baseball commissioner says subpoenas have been issued but he wouldn't elaborate any further. the cardinals manager who once played with the giants says it's just a waiting game now. >> we'll wait to get all the information before we make more of a statement because we have no clue what is going on here. we all just focus on what we do and that is play baseball. >> and investigators believe the hacking was to avenge the departure of a cardinals executive who left the team in 2011 to become the general manager of the houston astros. the women's world cup the united states has won its group. abbywoman back scored late in the first half against nigeria. it turned out to be the only goal of the game.
5:26 am
it was wombac's 14th goal ever in world play. that does boost the u.s. into the elimination round. but group play continues for other teams. we are not going to have a newscast at noon today so you can see the match between mexico and france. they are in group s. coverage of that game starts right at noon. >> i got it. thank you. >> a lot of great sports coverage. did you hear this? upscale bay area bakery cafes will soon close their doors, go out of business. up next when customers will bid at you to la boulange. >> janine is outside. >> we're live in union city where warriors nba champion gear has been printing all night so fans can get their hands on it this morning. we'll show you what it looks
5:27 am
like. >> right now it's getting a little bit more crowded in some areas as we see the bay bridge looks pretty good coming into san francisco. we'll tell you a little bit more coming up. >> if you like the fog, then stay near the coast around the bay. if you like warm to hot conditions, go inland. 48 in santa rosa. one of the coolest.
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>> i can't even put it to words. >> yeah very good wednesday morning for dub nation for the golden state warriors. we're celebrating the warriors first nba title in 40 years. wow. mark it on your calendar. it's wednesday, june 17th i'm dave clark. >> what a team. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook and it is 5:30. >> you're right. >> yes. four hours of sleep after celebrating. steve, you're probably about the same. >> you know after the black hawks won stanley cup and the warriors last night, the first question is how do you feel? how do you think i feel? >> pretty good. pretty good. >> surreal. >> yeah. >> well, i think we have a winning forecast here if you will for the golden state. there you go. some low clouds around. lots of low clouds around. it will burn back really not much change. i've looked out 10-15 days and
5:31 am
expect for just day-to-day change there is is no extreme one way or another. let's focus on hawaiian island. we will go 54 for a low overcast. overall 50s on most of the temps. santa rosa 48. 50s all over. a few upper 50s. high clouds kind of heading toward us so maybe partly cloudies. a component of an on shore breeze all the way to livermore and hayward. north or northwest. it looks like it's stuck in the patterns. the higher clouds extend all the way to the hawaiian islands. morning fog, a few high clouds. fair. cool to nice to mild to warm to hot. upper 80s to 90s for some. 60s closer to the coast and 70s around the bay. all right sal a very good morning to you. it's 5:31. >> that is right. and you know it's not too bad out there. let's start off with the east shore freeway and the drive between the carquinez bridge
5:32 am
and the mccarthur maze. it's not bad. 17 minute drive. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza more people have shown up now. it looks like they have already a pretty big backup get into the city. so it looks like they may have turned the metering lights on just a little bit early on the upper deck. let's move along and take a look at the commute on highway 37 it still looks pretty good. 5:32 let's go back to the desk. the golden state warriors they are waking up today. national champions. >> they ended a 40 year drought last night. they won the title in cleveland. >> curry got it. >> see that is how you get iggy with it. andre iguodala was the sixth man but this morning andre is the nba final mvp. he had 25 points last night so did steph curry. the warriors win the title with
5:33 am
a 105-97 win over cleveland game six. each player reiterated this entire record breaking season has been a complete team effort. >> we sacrificed so much all year. we all work hard and we all have a competitive edge. so we want to win. so man this is all because of that. this is because of all of that. it's forever. no matter what happens, the big one career. we all have this moment forever. we will come back 40 years from now and we will be honors at the game because of what we achieved this year. that is special. we have a bond that can never be broken. >> that is awesome. hopefully they win again. the warriors nba title marks their 83rd within of the season. only two of michael jordan's chicago bulls teams won. >> for the cavalier lebron james averaged 36 points. 13 rebounds. nine assist in the finals. he became the first player in nba history to lead his team in
5:34 am
scoring, rebounding and assists for the nba finals. however, it's just one than not to end cleveland's drought. reporters asked lebron james what went wrong? >> i had a lot of play off runs. been on both ends and i know one thing you've got to have during the play off run you have to be healthy. you have to be healthy, you have to be playing great at the right time. you have to have a little luck. and we weren't playing great, we had no luck, and we weren't healthy. >> that says it all. lebron ended that when you fall short it hurts, it eats at you. you can see it certainly is. the warriors win thrilled all the warriors fans including the thousand that went to oracle arena. a lot of them will be looking for souvenirs to remind them forever of the first nba title
5:35 am
in 40 years. >> yeah quite a scene inside. and outside so happy. janine de la vega is at a sporting goods store in union city. official gear goes on sale in 90 minutes. they are opening up early. >> reporter: yes, they are. and there is already one fan waiting in the parking lot. she is too shy to go on camera but she was here last night, it was packed and the reason whooshes back here this morning is because they sold out of hats so she was hoping to get one this morning when they restocked. you can see there is a lot of blue and gold displayed in that gray nba championship sitting on that table right there. that fan we spoke with showed us the shirts she bought last night and as soon as the game ended she headed over here to the sports authority to buy what she could. there is also a printing shop in union city that was cranking out lots of shirts all night. we got a look at one of the descience. here it says the final
5:36 am
champions with a championship trophy and the warriors logo. that shot is making 13,000 of those shirts so they are keeping busy. we caught up with another fan. here's what he had to say. >> to say world champions is critical. giants, raiders, niners, warriors again. what can i say? >> reporter: this is the official shirt selling for 23.95. both available at the nba's online store sports authority will be selling locker room gear as well all while supplies last. sports authority is opening up at 7:00 a.m.. that is hours earlier than normal to accommodate all the fans that want to get their hands on the gear. again we will be seeing a lot of blue and gold out here. pam. >> yes we will and all over the bay area.
5:37 am
thank you janine. it is 5:37. it's a safe bet all of today's bay area newspapers also will be collectors items featuring the blue and gold. here is one. the front page has the phrase golden moment. the front picture jubilant. here's the front page of the cleveland plain dealer. chose a dejected lebron james heading to the bench after the game. the headline reads not enough grit. >> oakland meantime is planning a big victory parade for the nba champs. the parade begins 10:00 a.m. friday morning. take a look. here's the route. it's highlighted with arrows. it begins on broadway at 11th and oakland. it ends at the kyle kaiser -- at the kaiser convention center. some roads will be closed thursday night. you fans can start lining up for the rally at 5:00 a.m.
5:38 am
friday morning. bart and ac transit will offer extra service to the victory parade. while we all wanted to see the adorable riley curry she spent most of the game sleeping on her mom's shoulder but she got up just in time to celebrate her dad's big win. cameras captured this moment. the whole curry family jumping up and down. and that by the way is steph's wife holding riley. his parents, his sister also in the background. dad of course nba star as well. two-year-old riley also made an appearance with her dad on the podium. she is tired. she was sporting an over size championship t-shirt. she did not make an appearance at the post game press conference. now we have more. you want more, more warriors coverage go to our website. we just posted the parade route. streets that will be closed and a warriors championship photo gallery all on
5:39 am
>> and steph was tweeting this morning too. >> it was a great tweet. meantime police in danville are searching for two people who may be linked to the vandalism at the all wars memorial. you can see them on the surveillance video. they are walking in the direction of the memorial 3:30 a.m. june 8th the day the memorial was vandalized. the picture is obviously fuzzy but you can see two people on the left. one is wearing a white t-shirt with dark pants and the other is wearing a dark t-shirt with light colored pants. now the crews have been out there. they cleaned up the spray paint but you could still see some of the damage. there is a $6500 reward for those that see this.
5:40 am
he founded lumpy's diners in antioch and pittsburg and in brentwood. friends have set up a go fund me page to help his widow and their two young boys. it is already raised more than $20,000. the cause of his death was not immediately released. time is 5:40. many homeowners in contra costa county will get official notices telling you your property taxes are going up. gus kramer says some property owners are already panicking. some are being notified by their mortgage holders that their current payments don't cover their loan payment, property taxes and insurance cost. kramer says he's getting several calls a day. he wants to let people know early that property values around the county are going up. higher home values mean higher property taxes. 5:41 is the time. we're following a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley as the investigation continues and coming up at 6:00, what we
5:41 am
found out about the construction company that built that apartment complex. >> i saw it biting up my left arm. >> we're hearing from one of those teenagers attacked by a shark in north carolina. up next what he says about the fight that is ahead of him.
5:42 am
female announcer: don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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new york state police are expanding the search now for those two escaped prisoner. authorities have been focusing on the area near the prison where they broke out. more than 800 local state and federal officers are searching for them but frustration is growing. there is a growing sense those men may be long gone. >> once they got the sniff of freedom coming out of that manhole cover, they didn't go
5:44 am
on a hope that somebody would just pick them up and move them off to freedom. they had to have something a little bit more elaborate to continue them into days to be able to get out. >> we're also learning more about joyce mitchell. she is the prison employee accused of helping them break out of prison. she is accused of plotting with them to kill her husband after they escaped. she is now in jail. her husband by the way visited her yesterday. a 16-year-old boy is speaking out from the hospital after losing his left arm in a shark attack. hunter says he was playing in fairly shallow water in oak island sunday when he felt the shark bite him. his cousin helped get him to shore. the teenager 51s he intends to fight to live a normal life despite the loss of his dominant happened. >> i can try to live my life the way it was and make an effort to do that even though i don't have an arm or i can just
5:45 am
let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down and ruin it in a way. >> a 12-year-old girl was attacked bay shark as well. also lost part of her arm at the same beach just about 90 minutes earlier. her family has released a statement asking for privacy. time is 5:45. a santa barbara surfer says he has solved a sticky problem. 22-year-old john harmon here says tons of tar washes up on california beaches every year. he doesn't like it and it really bothers him when he saw mothers using gasoline to get that tar off of their children. he came up with oil slick beach tar remover. >> the base of the product is a citrus oil and i mix that with other food oils and that is my
5:46 am
secret blend. >> he says you can spray it on a towel and rub that towel on your skin and that tar is gone. right now he is making it in his kitchen but he is hoping it becomes popular enough they can expand to a separate location. >> my old man pulled out gasoline. i love the smell of gasoline. >> don't use gasoline on the kids. olive oil it worked for us. >> i see. now the gasoline explains a lot of things that are wrong with me later in life. >> it does have an impact. [ laughter ] >> thank you, dave. let's take a look at what we have now if i can keep it together on this traffic update. i think i can tell you it's not all that bad but we do have a little bit of a backup at the toll plaza. the metering lights went on just a little bit early and we have a 20 minute delay before you get into san francisco.
5:47 am
let's switch it now and take a look at the san mateo bridge. that is actually doing very well on westbound 92 all the way out to the high-rise. 580 westbound a lot of slow traffic on the altamont pass coming in from 205. a lot of stop and go traffic but by the time you get to livermore it does look good and the drive from dublin into castro valley and hayward still at the speed limit for most of that drive. let's go to steve in the weather center. my dad it was tore pin tine. temperatures coast and bay are slightly below normal. inland they are above. the higher clouds will be on the increase today. there is a slightly stronger delta breeze as well. not howling. san francisco 53. we will go 64 for a high. 57 is actually average for this time of year. oakland is pretty close.
5:48 am
san jose 81 today. 53 average. so slightly below on the high. a little bit below on the low which is not something we see too often. the record high 99. and 40 back in 1902 is the record low for san jose. won't get close to that but they are running a little below average. 40s and 50s. over all though west, southwest at 18. that is stronger than yesterday. we'll see if it holds. it really fell apart yesterday afternoon or around 8:00 to 9:00. 51, 53. holding steady. half-moon bay and monterey at 55. 50s and 60s and 70s in the valley. 32 up in truckee. another blazing hot one southeast. remains of what was tropical storm bill now tropical depression bill. still over waco on its way to dallas. it's at dallas fort worth so any travel plans will be major delays. just brushing by oklahoma city
5:49 am
tulsa. the tail on that is still producing big thunderstorm complexes on the gulf coast so san antonio and austin and houston in the mix there. there's been between 5-7 inches of rain. for us we do have the higher clouds streaking in here. coming up from the hawaiian islands. west, southwest we can see those right there. it looks like we are in line for a couple days there. it's typical june pattern. a little cooler by the coast and bay. slightly below average but then a bit inland. 50s and 60s by the coast. 60s and 70s maybe some low 80s bay side but then a lot of 90s well enough inland. morning fog fair. and cool to hot depending on how far inland you are. so 97 up in clearlake. a lot of high clouds will drift over us. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. some areas pushing about 5 degrees above average for this time of year but others if you're by the watt tear is where the cool is.
5:50 am
upper 80s to near 90s santa clara valley. 60s on the coast. 60s and 70s and 80s near the peninsula or south san francisco. a little cooler thursday. warmest day will be sad and a cooler pattern sunday. >> the time of year where you can travel a few miles and get 30-degree temperature. this is one of my favorite stories of the day. do you hate walking behind people who are texting? one university has come up with a way to fix the problem. a texting lane. take a look at this photo provided by utah valley university. there are three lanes on the staircase. one for walking, one for running, and one for texting. the school plans to expand the texting lanes throughout the campus. university officials admit most students are not obeying the lanes at this point but they do like the idea. it might catch on. >> interesting. >> i like it. >> i wasn't paying attention. i was still texting. muni showing off its new
5:51 am
light rail cars. coming up at 6:15 when these cars will be in service and what you passengers can expect. >> plus the governor strikes back carving billions from his state budget proposal. the new compromised budget with lawmakers and the three specific areas set to receive more funding.
5:52 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. in sacramento governor brown reached a new budget agreement with state lawmakers. the governor appeared with legislative leaders at a news conference yesterday to announce the latest budget compromise. it cuts $2 billion from the budget plan passed by lawmakers on monday and more in line with the governors original budget proposal. it includes money for preschool, child care, and health insurance for children for undocumented immigrants. >> i would say this is a collaborative pyrolizes that has certain ups and downs as it proceeds but right now we are on the same path and that is good. we did have some differences. >> the legislature will have to vote again on the new budget deal followed by the governors signature by a july 1st deadline. this is a shock for some people. starbucks will shut down all 23 of the upscale bakery cafes by
5:55 am
the end of september. i like their food. three years ago starbucks paid $100 million to buy la boulange and started offering its baked products at star buck stores. starbucks says it will try to offer jobs at its coffee stores to all of the current la boulange workers. what is being called a ground breaking homeless shell her open in san francisco today. jazzy's is said to be the first in the country specifically for lgbt adults who are homeless. the 24 bed shelter in the mission district is named after bay area transgender activist jazzy collins who died in 2013. tonight the oakland a's will hold a special event for the gay community. fans can buy special tickets to take part in the festivities. they will receive an oakland a's pride wristband and a field level ticket for the padres.
5:56 am
he played for both the oakland a's and the l.a. dodgers during his career. a member of his family will actually throw out the first pitch. part of the proceeds from tonight's event will benefit local aids charities. one-time a's star jose con psycho enjoying his -- jose con psycho enjoying his return to baseball. canseco played 17 seasons in the majors. won the most valuable player award with the a's in 1988. >> he was something to see. time is 5:56. fans all over the bay area are celebrating the warriors big victory. coming up in our 6:00 hour,
5:57 am
more details on that huge watch party that went down inside oracle arena. >> a vta bus driver is honored for helping to rush a young child to his home. coming up in 15 minutes the ceremony at a south by council meeting and how the celebration will continue.
5:58 am
5:59 am
just drinking in the picture. >> that is a great set up. >> for the first time in 40 years the golden state warriors are nba champions. they got their hands on the trophy after beating the cavaliers 105-97 the warriors are bringing that trophy back here to the bay area and now the preparation starts for a celebration to be held this friday until downtown oakland. mornings on 2 continues. we could talk about them all morning. these are live pictures of
6:00 am
oracle. no matter what that is all we do is win, win, win. true nickname roaracle. in just a couple of minutes we will have team coverage. >> we may have to dance this morning. >> we have seen you. >> i can't do anything. >> you stopped when we came back on the air. thank you for joining us and waking up even though you are


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