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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 17, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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use most for themselves. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. >> rob: take look at our star of the match from france. 46 and 47 she dropped a double. france wins it 5-06789 here is highlights from that one. congratulations and hugs continue in ottawa and montreal. this is 34 seconds in.
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>> heather: for that woman le sommer. she was monster and delie finishing off the rebound with her head. >> rob: then henry with her fourth international goal. great stride. most goals scored by france ever in a women's world cup match. to montreal. also group f. england and colombia. 15th minute. >> kelly: on the side of the wall. up and over. carney does her job keeps the ball low straight through the keeper's legs. >> rob: is that cricket or golf? 85th minute this is an interesting development. colombian keeper issued a yellow card her second in the tournament which means she will miss colombia's next match
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colombia has already progressed to the round of 16. who were they going to face. we don't know. there is a very good chance they will be taking on the u.s. monday coverage beginning 7:00 eastern on fox sports 1. so france wins group f. england advances as second place team. colombia moves on still waiting. let's take look at our bracket it is starting to fill up. the left side of this bracket it is loaded folks. germany number one in the world. france number two in the world. united states, number three in the world. china there really seems to be growing goes, underdog story that cameroon, all of those line up on left side over on right brazil in action coming up next they take on australia in moncton where they are right now. japan the winners of their group they moved on. norway-england that one brewing to be interesting round ever 16 showdown. canada will be coming our way vancouver to take on switzerland. coming up next on fox sports 1. costa rica, surprisingly in
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good for eating. different parts of the country need help fighting some really bad guys guys up to no good. first in washington d.c. the d.c. metropolitan police department released this footage
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from inside an elevator. we have two suspects in this video. these two fellas right here in the center of that elevator they don't seem to act like they know each other but they are both up to no good. >> oh, no. >> there's an older man there. he goes to walk out of the elevator just as the doors open. bald guy gets out and distracts him, blocks the man's exit from the elevator all while the man in the hat gets up very very close to this man and steals the contents of his back pocket. >> they're taking advantage of him. >> then we watch elevator as our older gentleman walks out of the elevator having no idea what just happened. police looking for both of these men in the washington d.c. area. the next video released by philadelphia police. bizarre behavior kr is cade restaurant. you see a car pulled outside and a man in a white hat walks up to the front door in the wee hours
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of the morning. it seems he uses a key to get in the front door. he's not an employee of the restaurant. police say he went in and stole one cash register drawer took it out to his waiting vehicle and comes back in and goes for the main cash register drawer. however that drawer is bolted to the counter. watch as he tries to get this drawer out. he starts creating all kinds of damage. he is completely unsuccessful gives up in his attempt. he leaves the front door unlocked. police released this footage because they need help to identify this man because they have some questions for him. this duck is under attack. that turtle has the duck by one of its webbed feet. the paddle action that sets it free. >> go free little ducky. and demolition derby meets -- >> short track racing meets county fair fun. >> wait until you see this
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on tv online on mobile it's on "right this minute." ahh, the joying of canoeing down this is in winnipeg manitoba canada and the person in the canoe alan haley and he has his friend melissa with him.
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>> oh my gosh the turtle has the bird. >> he has the duck by its webbed feet. >> oh that poor duck. >> the poor little duck is struggling. what is that turtle doing? >> trying to eat, man. saw a little toe in the water. they eat worms that look like duck toes that's what the turtle probably got confused by. >> turtles can physically not eat ducks. the ducks try to create pushes away from the turtle. alan and melissa decide let's get involved because they knew this turtle wasn't going to eat this duck. they're using the paddle to like mr. turtle let it go. not at all. >> [ bleep ]. >> finally they're able to get that duck released. >> there you go. >> and that duck didn't waste any time getting out of there. >> the duck was up the creek without a paddle. thankfully somebody else had
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one. inevitably in racing there's going to be a crash, right? rally racing around the corner scooting down the road. turned just fine but -- >> oh! >> looked like he hit the line because the car goes up in the air and down in a smoky mess here is some of the aftermath. the drivers were able to get out of the car uninjured. >> did he finish the race? >> no in thiasesi. the guy in the foreground texting on his phone, the most incredible accident. now that's rally racing. this boat trailer racing.
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big crashes are expected and encouraged. that guy has it decorated. >> like ma and pa sitting on the back. >> this is so bizarre. recipe for disaster. whoa! >> and when things start to bust apart it becomes a race full of debris. >> it's an obstacle course. >> this is a lot. sometimes you just need to watch videos, two kids eating. this first one little solomon 11 months old, solomon is the son of ryan and irene. ryan barber works at chiro in seattle, one of our favorite
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stations and we could have had their wedding reception, we covered their baby announcement. we talked about the first little solomon, and now he's eating solid food and sleeping. it's so flipping aforable your face will fall off. he takes a first mouthful looks so yummy, and then this. get me more of this! this is good. i love this. big thanks to ryan for sending the video in. they are like a part of our family now. >> do not give small children brown colored sugar. >> this next video also adorable these are twins, these two could not care less about chicken nuggets. all they want is the ketchup.
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magnolia and georgia. >> she's feeding her sister. oh my god these are going to be the most sincere kind of sisters on the planet. >> yum, yum, yum, oh good job. >> adrenalin junkie twin brothers their bold attempt to break a high flying world record on the next "right this minute." and still to come a diy project that calls for fun in the son. i don't have kids but -- >> a simple task that will leave you wanting to t good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank somerville and we have breaking news right now. we'll take you live to oakland international airport. the warriors, the world
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champion golden state warriors, have just arrived at the airport, their delta charter flight right there, the end of a magical season. there are people on hand. you can hear some of the cheering in the background. what a season for the warriors. they finally beat the cleveland cavaliers last night to take the series four games to two, just the end of a spectacular season. first-year coach taking them all the way to the finals, the first championship for the warriors since 1975. the players should be coming down momentarily. john, where are you? >> i'm directly across from the plane right now. i see the gangway there and this is not a difficult scene
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at the airport. not really where you would expect to see 100 or people or so dressed all the same, cheering. steph curry, the nba mvp, guys really pausing here and we'll get a chance to see how they feel the day after. they had a long night there in cleveland, i'm sure. today they come back on this charter flight back to oakland and they are getting a lot of cheers here. many are on the tarmac and there are people in the cross street here and ready to cheer them on as well. there's klay thompson and looks like deshawn livingston. >> john, they didn't actually let the fans on to the tarmac?
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that's all warriors staff? >> that's all warriors staff. it's hard to see from where we're standing here but there was a trailer here. >> that looks like iguodala, the mvp of the series here. what a great story for him, didn't even start a game during the season then takes the mvp trophy for the finals. >> that's right. we're going to move over so you can see over there. they are loving every minute of it. trophies here, not bad having two mvps on the team, one from the season and one from the finals. >> do you think they're going to talk at all? is there an area to stop and
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tacoer are they going to get to their cars? >> my understanding is a couple might stop and talk, at least come over and talk to us. >> the parade is going to start friday morning. hasn't been a parade in oakland since 1981 when the raiders won the super bowl. the 1989 series when the a's won, there was no parade because it followed the earthquake. this is going to be the first time since 1981 there's been a parade in downtown oakland and that's going to be something. >> looks like curry may be back out to talk to us. >> that's a good looking trophy. >> reporter: he's standing right in front of us. i can only imagine he's taking
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all this in, too, taking video, enjoying all the staff here. so happy for him and for the team. >> when you think about how far the warriors have come, just a couple years ago, everyone was booing the trade for ellis, their superstar. look what that did, opened the door for steph curry and this is the result. the warriors are now a destination team for people to play. before, no one wanted to come to the warriors and now i presume everyone will want to come to the warriors because they're a great organization and now the world champs. >> reporter: looks like steph is going to talk here if we can get in front of him. >> hopefully he'll talk here. we'll see if we can hear what he's saying. >> i can't wait for the parade.
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>> when did you realize. [ question by media unheard ] >> we just stuck to who we are. >> it's a little tough to hear steph curry there, getting drowned out by the crowd noise. but he couldn't be happier and we couldn't be happier for the team. seems lake a great bunch of guys, great organization, and first time they had a championship in 40 years. i remember that team so well and it was fantastic. the thing, you have probably heard by now, but back in 1975, the warriors never -- no one thought they would make it to the finals. so the oakland coliseum they played out of booked the finals. when they came around, the warriors ended up playing at
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the cow house. yesterday when they beat the cavaliers, they opened up the oakland arena for people to come and watch. 17,000 people showed up at the okay land arena watching the game on the big screen. that's how popular the warriors are, how big this victory is. look how happy steph was holding that trophy. let's see if we can hear now. we still can't. but again, live coverage as the warriors, the 2015 world champion golden state warriors arrived back at oakland international airport. the parade is going to be friday morning beginning at 10:00 a.m. through the streets of downtown oakland. our coverage begins at 4:00 a.m. we'll go right on through and then carry the entire parade live. we hope you can join us then. it's going to be a spectacular day for oakland. that's it for now.
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>> this person is a friend of our show a magician a prankster. he plays mind games and this might be his best youtube video yet. >> ancient techniques of chiropractic mind and body. >> random stranger he's going to start adjusting, what? >> can you read that to yourself? >> he hands them a note card breathing technique, i need to you read this to yourself. are youettik hurting? >> oh my godness. >> you hear that. >> two, three. cracking sound and these people
3:28 pm
are like falling over passing out. they can't breathe anymore. >> i think i did it wrong. >> what device is he using to make that noise? >> you want to see the setup? how is he doing this? >> a little right here the breathing technique says go along. >> you want to see the note here it is. >> it is in your mind. >> this is quite fun yu. >> are you okay? dude, what happened? >> plastic cup guy.
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>> that's a good one. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute" everybody. thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time.
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a man starts hitting a suspected shoplifter. >> a slap to the face. the guy finally is about to leave. >> the surprising twist on who ends up being charged in this store smack fest. a scary accident at a gas station. >> no! >> whoa, whoa whoa! >> find out the condition of the motorcycle rider and the shocking conclusion of the police investigation. this fox is caught in tree branches. >> i want to get him out and hug him and pet him and hold him and kiss hi


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