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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the big parade. but we join john sequacity -- sasaki. >> reporter: hoping to catch a their favorite players. now first off that plane as it taxied in that was the 2015 season most. valuable player stephen furry carrying the nba championship trophy. and it's been a whirlwind as a few of the players seemed gearly coming off the plane. front office staff members were here as a welcoming committee. curry talked with the media once he got off the plane. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> doing great. glad to be back home. >> it's nice to be back with the trophy and celebrating with our fans. can't wait for the parade. i'm ready to celebrate. >> how are you feeling?
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>> this is a life -- once in a lifetime event. this doesn't happen all the time and oakland needs a lift. we have jesus but we need some entertainment and this is it. thank you, lord jesus, we won. >> won indeed. and now the arrival was more of a party than anything else. so many people here were so happy to see the warriors and they definitely seemed happy to see all the people here welcoming them home. they wanted to get some rest after this big long drive to the championship. >> great to see them back. so, john, they didn't allow fans to go out on the tarmac. all of the people they were all warriors staff members? >> reporter: that's right. front office staff who the other day got go all the way to cleveland. the team flew them there and put them up for a night or two and got them tickets to game 3. they all got to do that so here they got to welcome them home
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as well. >> that was night. john, thank you. oakland is expecting a huge turnout for the parade on friday. and already the city is setting up barricades and a stage for that big celebration. paul chambers drove the parade route today and he joins us more with friday's festivities. paul. >> reporter: i will tell you the city of oakland will prepare for a party like none other. the golden state war champs. that sounds so great. they've built two structures right there that you can see. but also see they're getting ready to roll out the beautiful blue carpet. the warriors are the first sports team in oakland to win a championship and have apa raid since the raiders in 1981. >> the stage is being set for friday's rally. as crews prepare for the warriors championship celebration. as a team fabs and others come together and celebrate. >> it is such a great day to be
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the mayor of the city of oakland home of the world champion warriors. >> i am excited. the whole city is excited. the whole bay area is excited. >> last night the party started at orr call arena as thousands of fans watched their team on the big screen. outside the night sky was lit up with fireworks but no major problems reported out on the streets. something city officials were proud of. >> we erased any doubt that fans could celebrate in style. >> reporter: here is a look at the map. better yet we will take you along the rout which tarts at 1 citizen and broadway turn right on grand avenue to lake side and then lake mar rot and ending up right here. for fans who say this win is not just for the team but the entire community. >> you're going to see a lot of blue and gold and beautiful signage. and we're working with the warriors to make sure the
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finishing touches have a little bit of oakland style. >> something positive like this is a good thing for oakland. like we need this. i feel like this will bring oakland back to it a better light. >> reporter: now we will tell you right here at 12th and lake shore. the pa said starts at 10:00 but you can come here at 5:00 a.m. in this area to get lined up. now the part we're working on for 6 what the lady said at the very end. much needed for the area of oakland. the entire city and putting it in a positive light. i will have that part of the story coming up at 6:00. julie. >> a big boost for oakland. thanks very much. here is another look at that parade route. fans can line up as early as 5 in the morning at lake store and 12th. if you want a closer look at this map we have posted it for
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outstanding on now bart says it's providing extra services for the parade on friday to help people get where they need to go. the transit agency also posting extra bart police officers and train technicians at stations. urging earn taking bart to start early and buy a round trip ticket. and check this out. this is pretty cool. thanks to harrison barns we got a glimpse of what it was like like on the home from cleveland. he posted this video. blasting music and the championship trophy was front and center. we've got the a lot of pictures that the warriors sent out as well including this one from steph curry holding the nba finals championship. saying back to the bay with this bad boy. no better feeling on than to celebrate with your brothers and realize what we have accomplished together. we have another picture here
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from klay thompson. that's him standing next to the nba finals mvp andrew iguodala saying back to the bay cooling with the mvp. andrew sent out several pictures and this one is great. look at this. steph curry laying down right in the middle of the ail on the plane. all of the other players look sound asleep. and we have another one from andrew bo gut here. i don't know whether he's kissing or trying to take a bite out of the trophy. i was in lafayette this past weekend and out of a cafe is andrew bo gut. i'm suggestion 6'1'' and he is up to there. it's unfortunate because he didn't get to play in the the last two games at all. but still an integral part of the team and joined the trophy. and finally this picture from andrew bo gut as well showing all of the warriors stuff members right there out on the tarmac to welcome home the 2015
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nba champion golden state warriors. >> that is one being trophy. warriors fans celebrated in the streets of oakland last night pep and for the most part it was a peaceful party. the crowd gathered at several location sometimes blocking traffic and dancing in the streets. one man jumped from a traffic light to the cheering crowd below. oakland police say they arrested only two people and listing 8 viations. no repeat of the violence or vandalism during recent protests. right now checking in with bill martin. he was the weather on friday for the big parade. >> and friday the weather is going to be right it's going to be warm out there. >> hey, bill, we have to get a mike on you. we're going to interrupt you for a second. all right, we want to go onto parade coverage. we're going to have live team
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parade coverage of course on friday right here on ktvu fox 2 and streaming it on and on our ktvu app. and we want to go to noel walker. we have a change of pace here a much different turn in the news tonight. learning more about the six students who died in berkeley when the balcony they were on collapsed. their families arriving from ireland. outside the apartment complex where they are examing what's left of the boll conny. >> reporter: the street in front of that apartment is closed. they have heavy equipment out there. ly take a step back so you can see what's happening right now. they've been going up and down in the green basket to in the that red tagged balcony and now beginning the process of cutting it down. if you see right above it you can see the jagged teeth sticking out of the building. that is where the balcony fell.
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all of this is the backdrop for people dropping off flowers and saying prayers for those who died here. in this block of berkeley the irish black reigned. >> i feel so bad for them. everybody does. >> reporter: it's as if the nation draped in orange, white and green. >> just tragic because they were so young. >> reporter: is collectively catching its breath. >> they were just having a good time. just relaxing. it could have happened to anybody. >> reporter: six people were died and seven were injured when a balcony broke and they fell five stories. today inspectors took photos of the remaining red tagged balconies. then began removing those balconies. so what happened here tuesday can't happen again. >> i'm very sad. i'm not surprised, though. >> reporter: laura gomez says she lived here in 2010. >> they rent to students and
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especially during the summers to put them in apartments. and, you know, nothing like this happened. >> reporter: there are many who felt compelled to visit this place. >> i just feel -- >> reporter: this woman now owen who just finished his third year at dublin institution of technology. olivia burke was about to finish her degree. her cushion sin the only u.s. citizen who a standout soccer player who studied biology at sonoma state. lorkim miller studied medicine. nick lie shooter had been to ghana to help primary school students learn english. imar walsh was a medical students described as smart and beautiful with much to offer. >> especially when they're young and they have their whole life ahead of them it's very
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tragic. i feel this whole community is mourning right now. >> reporter: you see people still coming by here all day long to say some prayers and leave some flowers for those who died. there is a special memorial mass that's going to be happening tonight in oakland at our cathedral of the christ the light. that's in oakland. the mass is starting at 7:00. >> all right, noel walker in berkeley. thank you. federal agents say they have broken up a marijuana pipeline that operated between san francisco and charlotte, north carolina. court documents say the ring moved at least 400 kilos of marijuana and did it over a span of six months. couriers who made at least 47 trips arriving one day and returning the next. couriers usually checks two suitcases each time. at least six people have been named in this criminal complaint. accused transporting marijuana and money laundering. >> president obama scheduled to visit san francisco this friday. coming to address the national
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conference of mayors at the hilton hotel. the president also plans to attend two democratic fundraisers both of which are being held in san francisco. president obama is set to arrive at fso at 12:50 in the afternoon. the white house says he will stay overnight in the city and take off from sfu at 9:40 on saturday morning. just ahead here a $100 million fine for at&t. why the fcc saying at&t misled customers and didn't give them what they paid for. why the bay area chain is cutting down all of its cafes and what's happening now to its flows. and from laundry to your landscape. finding ways to recycle water during this drought. and it warmed up there today fog along the coast right now. but looking for temperatures the next 24 hours to turn back down. how much cooler in your
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neighborhood tomorrow.
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you may have to go somewhere else if r the chai lata. the owner announced it is closing all of its bay area locations including the cafe in downtown palo alto. she's been talking with employees to say they're stunned by the news. >> reporter: it's a popular spot here on university avenue. this is one of 23 locations that will be shutting down. starbucks says it doesn't see the source has part of its long term vision. nestled in a prime downtown location known for its french inspired decor and quaint atmosphere the baker rea favorite for low calls.
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>> i was just telling somebody yesterday when i had a meeting over here it's really awesome that, you know, there are places like this. >> reporter: but come three months this place will be gone. the owner, starbucks, announced it's closing all 23 locations in the bay area and two manufacturing facilities. this comes as the coffee giant has seen strong growth in food sales. >> i'm really, really surprised. it's popular as you can see the lines now. so i mean it's always full. >> and when it comes to restaurants that's too bad. >> always want to do in this country. >> reporter: starbucks bought the chain for $100 million back in 2012 to spruce up its men. since then pace res and sandwiches have been sold in starbucks shops. that won't change. what's unclear is what will happen to the employees. according to a statement on the stark buck website, all
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partners who work in these locations are being treated with the utmost care." patrons hope starbucks will reconsider. but if not they hope it stays local. >> we have an issue of retail sometimes being displaced by office. hopefully that won't happen here. and maybe it will be an opportunity for another hopefully local company to start a cafe on university avenue. that would be the the best outcome. >> reporter: an employee tells me this place will close on september 25th. it's unclear what will take its spot. julie. >> all right, thank you very much. the fcc hit at&t with a record $100 million fine today. the federal communications commission says the company offered consumers unlimited data and then slowed their internet speeds after they hit a certain amount. it's not unusual for phone companies to slow speeds on a network but once the congestion
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ends speeds return to normal. the fcc says at&t would slow speeds until the customer's next billing cycle even when there was no congestion. at&t says it's going to fight the fine. state regulators issued a ruling today saying éber drivers are employees and not independent contractors. the ruling by the california labor commission is the result after lawsuit by a driver who says éber owed here for the use of her car, tolls and expenses. ewer says it's merely a flat form -- platform for people trying to find rides. éber could be forced to change its business model and pay for employee benefits. talk about the weather now and specifically that warriors parade set for 10:00 friday morning. the weather has just been beautiful. and it sounds like it's going to be great although i imagine it's going to be a little hot. >> it's going to be warm. but it's oakland. it will be in the mid-70s in
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oakland. >> not as bad as i thought. >> no, but it will be hot in the value lease. we saw temperatures today really get up there. let's take a peek you're looking at that parade route right now. you can see we've got temperatures at 10:00 a.m. just 60 degrees. so starting off in the morning time parade 60 degrees. and at 1:00 that's the time the parade is ending at 70 degrees. really quite pleasant for the parade on friday. that's going to be fun. fog offshore. you see the fog lickerring there. and you see it pushing inland tonight. temperatures came up today. you felt it. temperatures dip down tomorrow and then ramp back up on friday. you see in san francisco and the golden gate bridge area. tomorrow at this time you're going to see more greens and yellows in here. a little bit more of a sea
5:20 pm
breeze tomorrow. that's the deal. and it gets cut off the entrees essentially. and a warmer day on friday, saturday and then sunday cools off a little bit. so the fog forecast for the morning. and so there's a little bit more of it than there was this morning. and there are the highs tomorrow. you see the cool push of air. the greens and yellows pushing inland there. take a peek at the thursday forecast your your san francisco 64 degrees and daytime high for san francisco tomorrow slightly cooler and then the fog right along the coast here. there it is. and what you're looking at is this thursday more onshore flows. sending the air quality south a little bit. 90 in accville tomorrow. this time of year june and you
5:21 pm
would probablyfect 93 or 94. 85 in gillroy. 62 in passive cabrera. a nice liking day for your thursday by slightly cooler. friday it comes back up. saturday looks to be the warmest day on the weekend. sunday is the official first day of summer. summer solstice longest day of the year. >> friday morning that just sounds fantastic. i was thinking it was going to be a little hotter. >> and you get more over the hill in the valley and it will be hot. >> sounds like it will be perfect. thank you. they've been on the run now for nearly two weeks and the fbi says the convicted killers may have changed their appearance. look at these new pictures they show what they might look like now. and a bay area non-profit that uses animals to help people now needs help of its own. >> it's just like one more hurdle. >> the mover that cost the
5:22 pm
group tens of thousands dollars more than they anticipated.
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police in upstate new york are expanding the area where they're searching for two escaped murderers. broke out of a maximum security prison back on june 6th know showing pictures how they may look now. and you can see the difference for yourself. >> reporter: authorities picking up the roadblocks set up around the clinton correctional facility. officials here taking a new
5:25 pm
approach in their search for the missing convicts. the change comes after extensive efforts in a 16 square mile area near the prison. >> this is no hard evidence that they are outside the area. that being said i can not rule that out. but we're going under what i think is the logical belief they can be anywhere. >> david sweat and richard matt on the run since june 6th authoritying saying they may now look different releasing these time progression photos of what their appearance could be after 10 days. >> if you think something is even remotely suspicious contact us. any little piece of information could be significant and help break the case wide open. >> reporter: prison employee joyce mitchell is accused of theming them break out of the facility. she was said to given them tools and planned on acting as their getaway driver. also a plot to kill mitchell's husband after the escape.
5:26 pm
lyle mitchell meeting with investigators today after visiting his wife in jail yesterday. >> we had no information whatsoever that he had prior knowledge of this case or that he participated or actively assisted in the escape. >> reporter: the sheriff says mitchell is aware of what's happening in the case and making sure she stays safe and secure while in their custody. peter doucy, fox news. ordering initial wide inspections of transit town el pasos following a deadly incident in washington, d.c. a passenger died last january when smoke filled a train tunnel el paso in washington, d.c.'s metro system. an investigate found ventilation fans didn't work properly. the new inspections involved 25 cases. they told us they're working to find out what they have to do.
5:27 pm
a major recall has been announced involving millions of cars with possible air bag problems. and until today there have been very few details for team to know if their cars could be in trouble. the easy way to show you if your air bags need to be replaced. and we hear from a 16-year- old who was attacked from a shark. a quite a spect call. >> how he is determined to live a normal life even though he ended up losing his arm. and the engineer who got an upclose look at the balcony that collapsed in berkeley killing 6 young people. what he says may have caused that balcony to give way.
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a memorial for the six people killed in that deadly balcony collapse in tuberculosisly about 90 minutes away. being held at oakland's cathedral christ's the light. and taken down because of safety concerns. many saying it was a combination of dry rot, water damage and the weight of more than a dozen people that may have led to that balcony collapsing. tom is out there after speaking with one of the engineers who assessed the damage. >> reporter: frank, let's just take a look you are the up here you see the balcony that has
5:31 pm
not collapse they cut supports in there in the readiness to tear the whole thing down. and they want to make sure they know what's going on. investigates are underway and they're all backed by hard science that will be decisive. the collapsed balcony now gone crews are removing the lower balcony upon which it fell. president of the structural i thinking nears association of california told us yesterday he got an up close and personal look at the damage. >> the engineers who were examining that, that the wood at the interface between the building and where the balcony was, was coming off quite easily in their hans. indicates a deterioration in the structural material of the wood that supports the balcony. >> a structural engineer and professor that studies the causes of accidents.
5:32 pm
>> you have dry rot and it loses its strength. water may seem on right now but the protocol is to have labs examine everything relevant. that is if the balcony was overleaded with people. dry rot, water intrusion or pest intrusion. additionally were there any defective materials, poor workmanship, proper inspections. >> usually it takes a combination of three or four things happening simultaneous. >> in the meantime there will be additional investigations by other government agencies and verifying test results, insurance companies as well as plaintiffs and defendants' lawyers. but this is hardly the only balcony be a problem. >> unfortunately the past few years in my sphenes we have experienced quite a number of these boll canny failure --
5:33 pm
balcony failiers. >> reporter: saying there's such an abundance of evidence investigators can come to solid conclusions in a few weeks. but i guarantee you a lots of other balconies will be looked at. >> all right, tom, thank you. congress heard from amazon today on a plan to provide 30 minute package deliveries by unmanned drones. amazon's vice president told a housing committee it's using for drones and needs to work more quickly on regulations. severely limit their use saying more reach is needed. amazon is also working on other delivery methods including a crowd sourcing app called "on my way." new developments now in the massive takata air bag defect.
5:34 pm
it's now been blamed for 7 deaths and 100 injuries worldwide. now the national highway traffic safety administration says the vin numbers of all the recalled cars are loaded into its search system and that list had not been complete until now. some 34 million vehicles made by 11 different manufacturers are part of this recall. fresh off the nba finals oakland arena or rather oracle arena is being prepped for a title fight this weekend. andre ward taking an paul smith this weekend. we were there for the prefight hype today. ward is the current middle. weight champ. he hasn't fought in 19 months but he says he is ready and raring to get back into the ring. >> i want a knockout in this fight. it's not going to be easy because my opponent is very durable and tough. that's what the fans want to
5:35 pm
see. some warriors fans were up at the crack of dawn today to get their hands on nba championship gear. showing us now so many people showed up stores inned up running out of the some of the hottest' hems. >> reporter: the celebrating continues today as donees was warriors fans stepped out in their blue and gold. some came and waited for more than an hour before the doors in sports authority in union city opened. >> i tried to buy hats last night online and by the time i put it in my cart to pay for it said sold out. i had to go everywhere and i found it on the nba store. >> reporter: once inside people started snapping up items special the official locker room shirts that sell for $26. the store opens at 7:00 a.m. two hours earlier than normal because the staff knows demand is high. >> i've been raised in oakland all of my life, man, and i'm
5:36 pm
just so happy to know that the warriors won the finals, man. who would have ever thought a small franchise team like that pulled off a big game like that. >> reporter: and money didn't seem to matter as we watched fans stock up. but soon shirts started running out. >> i got a couple of shirts for my family. i spent a bit too much but it's good. >> reporter: and the most wanted item nowhere to be found. the store had sold out last night. a lot of patient warriors fans waiting in line for the next delivery. but considering it took 40 years for the team to capture the nba championship title they say it's worth the wait. >> that shirt looks pretty good there. ahead here changes at the yosemite. the $2 billion contract and why the park says you won't even notice a difference. also a man attacked and killed by a tiger escaped by a
5:37 pm
zoo. and inside the pixar studio. what it took to create their newest animated movie called "in the out."
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
police say a deadly car crash in oakland may have been connected to a street race. one man was killed and three others in the hospital after their car slammed into a tree on 98th avenue near e street.
5:40 pm
it happened just after midnight. the passenger sitting in the front seat was killed. the driver suffered critical injuries. two other passengers were taken to the hospital. rachel dolezal may have told the world in her mind she's black, but a legal document from ten years ago shows she knew others. a custody battle with her ex- husband claiming her husband hit their son. and in they are aft saying her son is a child of blended ethnic decent and her ex- husband was black. dolezal just resigned as the head of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington after a report found she and others acted inappropriately. state lawmakers are moving ahead with the bill to ban the use of the term redskins for a school mascot in california. passing the bill today. native americans testified the redskin mascot is hurtful and
5:41 pm
racist and promotes discrimination against native americans. the bill would mandate schools to remove the term redskins from any athletic gear, newspapers or teaching materials. the bill now heads to the appropriations committee. now to capitol hit hash ton carter testified today saying the pentagon forming a clear strange to defeat isis in iraq and syria. confident by how the u.s. has degraded isis capabilities so far. an iraq' led ground offensive is part of a larger campaign. >> it's a work in progress. severely degraded when four divisions dissolved. fight on their own instead of relying on the u.s. entirely.
5:42 pm
and escaped tiger mauled man today in the republic of georgia. killed a man inside of a warehouse after severe flooding allowed wild animals to escape from the city's zoo. the city has been overrun by zoo animals since weekend floods that killed at least 19 people in that country. the zoo lost about half of its animals including tigers, lions, bears and wolves. tonight we hear from a teenager attacked by a shark. >> i didn't see it coming. >> he's so calm. his determination to live a normal life. also the system to recycle water in your home that you can install yourself. how it works and how much it costs. and we're tracking that cooldown that's headed our way. really heated up today. warmer as we move towards the end of the week. i will dial in the specifics.
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
a 16-year-old boy is speaking out from the hospital after losing his left arm in a shark attack. everyone i didn't see it coming. like i said i felt it on my leg and then i saw it once it had attacked my arm. >> hunter saying he was in fairly shallow water when he felt the start bite him. his cushion sin helped him get to shore and he wants to fight to live a normal life despite
5:46 pm
losing his dominant hand. >> i can try to live my life the way i was and make an effort to do that even though i don't have an arm or i can just let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down and ruin ruen -- ruin it in a way. >> a 12-year-old girl was attacked about 90 minutes before hunter was attacked. fit bit is expecting a healthy debut on wall street tomorrow. looking to race $600 million in an initial public offering. the company raised the number of shares hitting the market to $34 million selling between $17- $19 a share. they keep track of physical activity and health data. the company will trade under the ticker fit. a new company has been
5:47 pm
chosen to run the hotels, restaurants and more at owe seem tee national park. airpark has been offered a 15 year contract deal valued at $2 billion. the change would happen next year on march 1st. a spokesperson says they don't expect any major changes oning the hotel, shops and camp sites. new at 5 it's taken five years to get pixar's latest animation creation into the theaters. "inside out" will hit the big screens on friday. it's a peek into the minds and emotions of a young girl. getting an inside look at the new film from pixar headquarters. >> reporter: inside out is pixar's latest creation. taking you inside the brain of an 11-year-old girl. >> it's so different from any story premise.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: rye lie just moved to san francisco from the midwest and isn't sure how to feel about it. >> fine, i guess. >> that's how we meet joy, fear, anger dust and sadness. main characters are the emotions inside her head. >> reporter: gary brew inis the effects supervisor. we have a town that's made out of clouds. we have a floating island that is born from light emitting energy. we have a train and a train track system where they're generating themselves magically. >> reporter: to get an inside look at inside out we went inside pixar's studios. and we sat down with production manager david murray to talk about five years it took to create it. >> i actually started the job when i came back from maternity leave when i had my first child and had my second child in the middle of it. her second child is the voice
5:49 pm
of baby rye lie. -- riley. >> just what is the story we're telling and the ride that we're going to take you on. and we've met that challenge on this for sure. >> and we couldn't do a story on pixar without giving you a look around the closed campus. saying the pool, and courts are all part of the pixar world. >> it's also a culture where we encourage fun and taking care of yourself and exercise and family comes first. >> reporter: play hard but work hard in getting inside out to theaters have taken autism hundreds. >> and it can build up for years and years you just want people seeing what you're seeing. >> reporter: but after all of these years. >> the movie will be out to the world. >> reporter: and you done have to take a peek in the head to know how that feels. ktvu, fox 2 news. >> they have a pool? >> that's so cool. >> wow, pool, soccer field.
5:50 pm
wow. >> you could really use a pool for weather like we're having now. let's go back to bill in the weather center. yeah, especially inland it's pretty hot. numbers that went from the 80s yesterday into the mid-90s today. it's hot inland. temperatures are going to trend down tomorrow. we talked about that. take a peek what we have outside. and it was 96 in annyoc. 93 in fair field and temperatures as he wed into tomorrow are going to cool slightly. there's the forecast highs for tomorrow coming up in just a minute. here is the fog. pretty deep marine layer and it's going to get deeper tonight. a little bit more of an onshore push tomorrow. it's not going to be major cooling tomorrow just cooler. be a nice, milder day. and after that temperatures ramp back up. there is where the fog is now.
5:51 pm
in the avenues and golden gate bridge. it's so easy to see that bite. when the on shore flow gets shut off there's the yellows and red. the climates for tomorrow cooler than today. but still nice. today was warm and hot inland. nice tomorrow. instead of upper 80s and low 90s in walnut creek you're going to be in the mid-80s something like that. if you go out to brentwood east to liver moore valley you will get yourself in the upper 80s and low 90s. san jose tomorrow you start off mostly sunny. lunch time at 70. four o'clock here to coming up on 80 degrees. the computer model just suggests tomorrow is this cooling day and just increased on shore flow. and then on friday and saturday that all goings away and --
5:52 pm
goes away and trending up friday and saturday and sunday they come back down. the pattern has been repeating itself really for a couple of weeks now. it will continue warmer for the bay area saturday. 84 in napa tomorrow. this is the cooler day. still looks pretty warm to me. 85 in gillroy and along the coast. that's the bay area thursday. here is the bay area friday which is a warmer day. and there is the saturday which will be the warmest day of the week. and father's day in the summer solstice is on sunday. and that's going to be slightly cooler and then a little warmer next week. and easy going weather. fire danger probably a little more as we head into the next couple of days. >> longer days, though. >> that's right. still ahead tonight the system that lets you recycle water from your laundry. >> i am not mechanical at all.
5:53 pm
>> the different gray water systems out there. and in minutes new at 6 a bay area teenager finds $15,000 during his third day on the job and he returned it. >> my best friend jesse is like i would have bought a car with that. i said yeah, no. >> what the money was for and how that teen is now being rewarded.
5:54 pm
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two best friends who went missing on mondays have been found safe and sound. 11-year-old andre martinez and 12-year-old nick louse all vera were last seen monday morning in san jose. police say the two left their home and went to san francisco. nicholas's stepfather was in contact with the boy's friends and told they were in the city with at least $100 in cash. the boys refused to come home. this afternoon they were found and reunited with their families. san francisco celebrating the 100th anniversary of city hall this week. preparations were underway for the seven tennuation celebration. it will include plenty of live entertainment and two new lighting installations. one will allow a limitness number of lighting combinations on the facade of the building. it was rebuilt after the' 06
5:57 pm
earthquake. everything is set to begin 6:00 friday night. a load of laundry uses 15- 20-gallons of water. the average shower, 25-gallons. now with the drought many homeowners looking at ways to reuse the water going down the drains. >> reporter: when phyllis does the laundry. >> four loads a week. >> reporter: a mundane chore becomes a water-saving tool. >> concerned about how can we save water? >> reporter: she's doing her part with a system called laundry to landscape. she and a group of 20 volunteers from the berkeley ecology center built in a director brandon diverts the water out to a pipe in her yard connected to a drip irrigation system. >> it has a speck et that you can control the flow here. >> reporter: she did have a switch to abide grades you believe laundry detergent but
5:58 pm
overall it was easy. laundry to landscape is one of the simplest projects a person can do. it cost her an $500. a contract with dig cooperative. >> it's an ecodesigned build based out of oakland. >> reporter: his company installed advances irrigation systems that goes from showers and sinks to the garden. >> people want to know what they can do at their home. each home is different. >> reporter: you do need a permit. the cost can range from $5- $20,000. phil les is happy with her option. >> everything we do impacts the bigger picture. >> reporter: even the ordinary things like laundry. ktvu fox 2 news. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6
5:59 pm
starts now. [ cheers and applause ] >> look at that. a welcome home for the world champion golden state warriors. the team touched down in oakland this afternoon greeted by dozens of fans. >> this is a once in a lifetime event. this doesn't half all the time and oakland needs a lift. >> hear from the players about what the big win means for them. >> and dub nation preparing for a celebration. what you need to know for the big parade planned for this friday. our golden state warriors are champion and it's just getting started. >> we've live team coverage on all things warriors tonight. bill martin and our paul chambers will have more on what to expect for friday's big parade. but we begin with john who is live at oakland airport were the world champion players touched down a few hours ago.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: we are at the executive airport on the east side of oakland airport over here. and just about an hour ago there were dozens of fans lined up to catch a glimpse of their favorite players. the first person to come off the plane was the 2015 season most valuable player steph curry carrying the nba championship trophy. saying the 18 hours having a whirlwind. steph curry said they have not really slept a lot overnight. you can imagine as they were celebrating. on the tarmac close to 100 warriors front office staff members were here as well as the welcoming committee. green also spoke with us. >> this is amazing. nice to be back home with the trophy and celebrate with our friends. i can't wait for the parade. it's


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