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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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uched down a few hours ago. >> reporter: we are at the executive airport on the east side of oakland airport over here. and just about an hour ago there were dozens of fans lined up to catch a glimpse of their favorite players. the first person to come off the plane was the 2015 season most valuable player steph curry carrying the nba championship trophy. saying the 18 hours having a whirlwind. steph curry said they have not really slept a lot overnight. you can imagine as they were celebrating. on the tarmac close to 100 warriors front office staff members were here as well as the welcoming committee. green also spoke with us. >> this is amazing. nice to be back home with the trophy and celebrate with our friends. i can't wait for the parade. it's going to be so much fun.
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wii going to have a good time celebrating. >> we've still got the best fans in the nba. >> this is a once in a lifetime event. this doesn't happen all the time and oak lands needs a lift. we have jesus but we need some entertainment and this is it. thank you, lord jesus, we won. >> reporter: the arrival was more of a party than anything else. just so excited to welcome them home and players were happy everyone came out to see them. and also told us the plane ride here from cleveland was indeed also a party. back to you guys. >> john, thank you. now to paul chambers. >> paul checked out the parade route. and it's been a really long time since anything like this has happened in oakland. >> reporter: i talked to a lot of people today and saying they waited their entire life. some weren't even born the last
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time they won a championship. it was 1989 when the oakland a's won the world series. there was no parade then but this parade is so long overdue. the stage is being set as the city of oakland is preparing for the championship parade for the golden state warriors. >> we're celebrating our town and both of our mvp's. >> we haven't had the championship team since the a's won during the earthquake. and this will bring so much joy to oakland as a whole. >> reporter: last night's celebration just a beginning for oakland. crews beginning putting barricades in to place. here is a look at the map. we will take you along the rout starting 10:00 a.m. friday morning at 11th and broadway. continues on broadway turning right on university. saying it's not just for the team but the entire community. >> i think we deserve it.
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it's been a long time since we've had something like this. the fact that the warriors won last night i think oakland is really hyped. >> reporter: some saying it should host the parade or be held across the bay in san francisco. the team plays here so the parade should stay right in oakland. >> we erased any doubts that oakland could celebrate in style, and class. >> i feel like they were ready for it. needing this light in media. >> we play in oakland and, yes, we are the golden state warriors but we represent oakland and the other side of the bay. but we've been here for how long and we deserve the parade here and i'm glad it's here. >> reporter: and they have it. some of you might wonder where we are. right through this area right now they've covered it up so we can't give you behind the scenes sneak peeks. they want to keep it a surprise. of course you can come out here 12th and lake shore where i am. they say you can come out here
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starting at 5:00 a.m. to get psyched for the parade. >> paul, are they going to put up some bleachers or people bring blankets? where will they stand and sit? >> reporter: thank, that's a very good question. i will tell you what this one area but people will be able to see as far back as across the lake merit. i would recommend bringing some blankets and seating as you said. the city has not said if they will put up bleachers. this is the area where everything will be happening. people will be coming and welcome to come out here just to show their warriors pride. a blanket, parade, whatever you need come on out here. >> that's going to be a lot of fun and, of course, we're carrying it live all morning. now here is one more look at that parade route. you can see it highlighted in blue. the parade begins at 10:00 a.m. on broadway and 11 11th.
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those roads highlighted in yellow those are the streets that will be closed starting at 8:00 on thursday night. [ cheers and applause ] warrior fans were living it up in downtown oakland last night. the guy dived into the cheering crowd. there was concern the celebrations might get out of control but that didn't happen. they stayed peaceful 37 only two people were arrested and eight others were handed citations very various violations and there was no violation and no vandalism. saying oakland showed that it can celebrate with style and class. and chief meteorologist bill martin is watching the weather for us for friday. >> bill, what do you think? >> pardon me i'm all choked up about this victory. it's going to be such a great parade and day. and not too hot because it's in the morning. talking about 60s and 70s. take a look at the parade and the parade route.
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it starts at 10:00 a.m. you will catch it right here live on ktvu fox 2. 60 degrees when the parade starts. that's not that warm. and then in the afternoon about the time you're heading home or going out to get lunch after the parade 70 degrees. i would call that perfect parade weather for your 10:00 a.m. start on friday. so not a bad deal. it will be hot inland but not for the parade. next time you see me i will be talking about that heat up. all right, bill, thank you. and on k it we have posted more on your champions. you will find it owl right on the top of our home page. friday is going to be busy from san francisco as well because president obama is making another visit. the president will address the u.s. conference of mayors at union scare. new developments now on that deadly balcony collapse in berkeley as the families of the
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six victims arrived to mourn. tonight we are learning more about those six young people who were killed when that balcony gave way. at noel walker reports it is a tragedy being felt around the world. >> reporter: in this block of berkeley the irish flag reigns. >> i feel so bad for them. everybody does. >> reporter: it's as if the nation draped in orange, white and green. >> just really tragic because they were so young. >> reporter: is collectively catching its breath. >> they were just having a good time. it could have happened to anybody. >> reporter: six people died and seven were injured when a balcony at the library gardens apartment broke and they fell five stories. ted investigators took photos of the remaining red tagged balconies. then began removing those balconies. so what happened here tuesday
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can't happen again. >> i'm very sad. i'm not surprised, though. >> reporter: laura gomez says she lived here in 2010. >> they rent to students especially during the summers to put them in the apartments and, you know, nothing like this happened. >> reporter: there are many who felt compelled to visit this place. >> i just feel this town. >> reporter: this woman knew owen cull began. olivia tuberculosis was about to start her final year of a degree in entrepreneurship and management. her cushion sin the only u.s. citizens a standout soccer player who studied biology at sonoma state. lorkin miller studies medicine. talented and modest. nick lie chuter had been to ghana to help primary school students learn english.
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imir walsh a medical student described as smart and beautiful with much to offer. >> no matter who it happens to when he happens they're young and their whole life ahead of them it's very tragic. i feel the whole community is morning right now. >> reporter: there is a special memorial mass happening tonight remembering those injured. happening at cathedral christ the light. >> engineers are investigating the cause of that balcony collapse. several investigationings takes place and structural engineers say there's so much evidence they should be able to come to a solid cop collusion quickly. as of right now experts saying a combination water damage and dry rot. >> the engineers who are examining that, that the wood was coming off quite easterly in their hands.
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indicates there's a deuteration in the structural material of the wood that supports the ball contenderny. >> also looking to see if it was overloaded with people and other problems like defective materials, poor workmanship, building code vices or improper inspections. a will have been in honesty from a bare area teen that found $15,000 in a bag and rushed it. >> my best friends was like i would have bought a car with that. >> what we learned that money was for and how that teen is now being rewarded. also a bay area non-profit asking help for building a home for bunnies, impots and ponies that are enduring a long commute. here is a look at the wednesday evening commute. cars you see heading towards the screen are heading into san francisco as well as that bug on our camera. and here is a look at the
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conditions along interstate 880. pretty typical for this time of night.
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new at 6 the bay area non- profit that uses animals to help people now asking for help of its own. jasper ridge farms serves valley but because they don't have enough money they are stuck commuting from gillroy. >> ann shows us the efforts to build a new barn for the animal. >> reporter: the goal of jasper ridge farm is to bring animals together with the people who need them the most. sometimes sick children at ronald mcdonnell house. sometimes veterans.
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today a group from the homeless shelter. >> it meant to me they called actually touch animals. where i used to live there wasn't that many animals. >> reporter: here there are bunnies, goats, horses and more. >> it makes me feel happy and excited. >> reporter: and the farm keeps growing there's even a weight lift for their horse buddy program. they arranged to it move their facility here a 2.5-acre plot at web ranch. >> this is our beautiful new home. >> reporter: they raised money, got the necessary permits and then discovered a major problem. to grade and es cabrera visit the land wouldn't cost $25,000. it would cost $200,000. >> we were stunned and horrified. but it's just like one more hurdle. >> reporter: and so the barn they bought bits and pieces and animal commute from gillroy.
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>> we feel right now it's beyond us. we need more help. >> reporter: trying to limit the impact on the animals but the drive is taking its tole. >> yes, we would like to keep them around. >> reporter: still jasper ridge farm is similarly out of money. >> we are so close. the barn is here and land is here. >> terry: and conferenced the solution will be here eventually. >> we have faith. >> reporter: right now trying to raise more money while also trying to get someone to denigrate services. they had hoped to get the barn up later this summer. ann ruben. overwhelming majority of beaches are in guideship. found 93% of california beaches received an a or b grade. comes adds a comprehensive evaluation of coastal water
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qualitity along the entire west coast. >> a lot of the beaches have improved significantly in terms of beach quality and bacterial concentrations in the water. >> the group says the drought is actually having a postal service effect on the health of california beaches. that's because with little to no rain less pollution runoff. you can see the entire report card on our website. neighborhood activists environment tallists calling on san francisco to protect a park that's right on the engineer of the water front. saying it would lose its sunlight if two projects are approved. sits right next to cupid's arkansas row. the coalition -- air arrow. >> we want city officials to take a series look before they approve a height investigate or tall luxury towers that would create shadows on the park.
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>> one luxury condo project would be 240 feet tall and another project would increase the height of a building at 160 follow some street by 40 feet and block afternoon sunlight. >> a really nice day around the bay area. back to bill in the weather center to find out what's happening outside. >> it really was a nice day wormer out there. temperatures are going to trend down and then back up for the weekend. good looking pattern for the weekend. this is the weather you would expect and it's the weather you're getting. 85 today in santa rosa. there is the heat. now these inland spots tomorrow going up 90. fair field 89 or 90. not quite as warm tomorrow but it heat back up on saturday. and bay area sunday. so you definitely looking at temperatures that are going to start coming down just a little bit. and there's a live camera shot
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there. you can see boats out on the estuary. they will continue to hang out there. there is the satellite loop and hittings up with a lot of cloud cover and the fog will be pushing inless than again tonight. there is the fog now. as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning more fog. there is the push of more moist air. and you look at it saying that's probably blowing 20 miles per hour because you've got an on shore flow. now going to saturday less of a bite. not stronger winds pushing the cool air inland. there's the fog forecast tomorrow morning which mimics the sea breeze. and then it burns off quickly. not the as quickly as this morning was sunny pretty quick. a little bite of cool moisture air around the bay. that's your thursday. friday it will warm up as the
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high builds back in seeing a lot of 70s and 80s along the bay. temperatures tomorrow 64 degrees. oakland and parade friday is going to be great. tomorrow about same. plenty of sunshine in the late afternoon hours and it sounds like you start off partly sunny and mostly sunny by lunch time 79 degrees. so here is the story. the temperature is tomorrow about the same because of this on shore flue flow but head into friday and saturday the high pressure builds in and temperatures trend out. there is your friday and saturday. friday pretty warm. saturday warmer still. saturday will be the warmest day on the weekend. sunday is slightly cooler. so splitting here. beautiful weather around here and weather is going to continue in this realm for the next foresee you believe future. fog not what you're expecting for this time of year. summer soltist comes up on sunday. full day of summer on sunday.
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and of course, it's father's day. summer some disthe -- solstice the longest day of the year. but after that they start getting shorter as we go towards the fall equinox. losing a myrtle beach police or two here. loving the days getting longer. >> thanks, bill. a great story here a teenager from fairfield proven honesty is always the best policy. >> she came up to me and said are you matt? and i said yeah. >> on his third day on this job rounding up carts in the parking lot. found a bag in one of the carts he picked it up and everything fell out including $15,000 in cash. he stuffed all the money back in the bag and took it straight back to his boss. and minutes later a woman called asking if anyone had found it.
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she came back to the store to thank them and that's when matt heard how many money there actually was. >> there was $15,000. and said you're lying. and she was buying her son a car. and i said cool. eni told my dad and he blew it wait out of proportion. >> after hearing about story the manager of a wilson's leather reached out to him for a job interview. that's matt filling out his application today. matt's studying criminal justice right now and hopes at some point to become a police officer. >> good for him. that's a great story. well, all pumped up and carrying that big trophy. the world champion warriors arrived back in the bay area. also today history was made in the women's world cup. mark is coming up with sports. and checking up for ktvu fox news at 7. >> we have continuing coverage of the search for answers in the dead live balcony collapse in the city of berkeley and
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more information about naacp leader. working on these stories and much more. coming up at 7 on tv 36.
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all right, mark is here now. a lot of people saying it would be really fun to win the championship here at home in oakland but many saying it's actually better they won it on the road. >> saying when they won it back. in 75 it was cool buzz this team will never be exactly as it is again together again. so it gave them time to bond and take that plane flight home and have some fun with it all. and, you know, as it turns out 40 years later the warriors do
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win on the road last night in cleveland. and here is a little bit nip bit as they bond on the way back with the trophy. [ singing ] >> i think they're in love with the trophy. they don't want to let it go and why should they. jubilation and celebration with the warriors officially after they win the series. and a lot of people feeling bad for lebron. he did have the great statistics and everything but as we well know by now big stats are not always a big deal. >> stats really don't matter. i mean guys have great series and all of that. people take notice. take their place in history with those stats and all of that kind of stuff. but at the end of the day it's all about winning and what you
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can do to get your team to the win. they're fun to watch but you have to block that out and just worry about winning. >> i could be wrong but i think between the lines there he was saying lebron you had a great series you had a lot of stats but you were one guy. we were a great team and the warriors are champs. meanwhile trying to become the champion of the world in women's soccer as they move right along mexico and france. that's the only time they were on even footing. and this one as they take the field because france completely dominates. 34 seconds in marie for france. the header and france winds up a convincing 5-0 winner. they will move on as they win group f and team usa not in action today. later on in the week in fact i think monday for them. that's the sporting life for now and it's not agings anymore to say there will be apa raid. >> that's right.
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>> i love seeing the plane video of them and about trophy. >> just a bunch of kids flying home. >> can you imagine? thank you so much for joining us. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news a lot of news coming up tonight including a key ruling on éber. we will explain what it means. we will see you at 10. >> good night.
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