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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. a manhunt and hate crime investigation in south carolina. nine people ted including -- dead including a south carolina senator. very intense story to start the morning. mornings on two. very busy morning. let's start with weather and traffic. >> it is looking good. >> cooler today. it can be hot or cool. it's that time of the year. not as much fog but a stronger breeze. you can feel it, things are whipping around. the low clouds regroup, not a lot there, i expect it to pick up over the next couple hours.
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there's a system moving into the north, upper 40s for some. napa 48, couple 60s, but that's far inland. a lot of 50s, the lows cooler in the last 24 hours, temperature near average for some. there's the key, gusts to 31, it will be cooler for many, that system to the north will allow cooler weather, windy for some, cooler fore -- for most. 80s in the interior, 60s, 70s coast and bay. 4:01 on a thursday. we're getting closer. let's start off with a look at the paye bayh -- bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is moving nicely, there's no major problems here, it continues to move well, we're
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looking at about state 80 in oakland, the traffic looks good as you drive past the coliseum, from heyward to fremont that's light, you can see the green, the traffic on the freeways on your screen is at or near the speed limit. topping the news we're following a developing story out of charleston, south carolina, a gunman killed nine people last night. this is a live news conference. >> hopefully they will shout questions out to us, we'll answer the questions logically. last night at 9:05, the charleston county dispatch ever received a call for a shooting at the emanual ame church,
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police were dispatched and arrived at that location, when we did we initially identified eight victims in the church that suffered gunshot wounds. earlier we told you there were two victims transported to the hospital. one victim was transported and that individual is deceased. we have nine victims involved in the tragedy situation that occurred last night. there were three males and six female victims in this tragedy. as we told you last night we have a unified command set up that's compromised of the charleston police department, state law enforcement, state bureau of investigation, and
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other federal agencies working with us. we're committed, we're determined, and we are working right now with a number of agents and police officers in our region to identify the individual that we think is the suspect in this case. this is a situation that's unacceptable in any society and especially in our society and our city. we're committed to do whatever is necessary to bring this individual to justice. i'm committed to do what it takes to work as long as we have to, we're bringing in the resources from washington, d.c., from the fbi headquarters to help us, we have a hotline, we have agents and police
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officer manning the phone, we'll continue to man the phone until we have identified and arrested the suspect. it's critical ma the somebody -- that the members of society call law enforcement. don't approach the individual if you recognize the person or the car. this is a very dangerous individual and we don't want more people harmed trying to approach him or trying to follow the vehicle if they see it. notify law enforcement and we'll address that. we're concerned about the families of the victims. we've set up a family assistance center at the embassy suite in downtown charleston.
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we have members of the victim advocacies unit and the victim assistance unit as well. from the time the call came in we had resources coming from all over the east coast. we have more resources coming in this morning from the fbi and other federal agencies, state law enforcement division has committed a significant number of resources, the crime scene, we are not leaving any stone unturned. this tragedy that we're addressing right now, is undescribable, no one in this community will ever forget this night. and as a result of that, and because of the pipe and because
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of the hurt that this individual has caused this community, this entire community, the law enforcement agencies working on this are committed and we will catch this individual. the important thing for you as the media is to help us catch this individual. you have the ability to get this picture, this car off of places guiltily. a broad perspective of media is here, social media, please help us to help our community. >> first of all, thank you chief and members of the police department and all of the departments who are here in the state, the fbi, of the county, other jurisdictions and you see
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the quality of the law enforcement agencies has been inspiring. this is an unspeakable act by someone filled with hate and with a deranged mind. and as the chief said this person is dangerous. we need every tip we can get to bring this person into custody as soon as possible and of course will make sure that he pays the price for this horrible act. in our community, which is a community together, people loving and respecting each other, it is a community that honors our religious
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institutions and respect the different cultures and beliefs with all the churches that reach out to the sky. including the ame church where this horrific crime occurred last night. all communities in charleston, you have horrible hateful person go into a church and kill people there to pray and worship with each other, is something beyond incomprehensible and is not
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explained. now we can catch this no good horrible person and see that he pays the price. and then what we will do and what this community has always done, we're going to put our arms around that church and that church family. ame church and the african- american churches will bury, the social pieces of society here for a few hundred years. people come to these churches to pray and to war ship and support each other, help each other, and this historic church
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was exactly that. what this community will do, and i've seen this great community respond to challenges before. you will see an outpouring of love and assistant and kindness and help and these people, these citizen, these families and chief and i met with them last night and hugged as many as we could. there were probably a couple hundred in there, family and friends, weeping and distraught, mothers and grandfathers, fathers and grandmothers, killed in their church, we extended for our community our love. today we're committed to finding this horrible sound
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roll -- 61 rahl, but this community will provide the best example of this community coming together to help those grieving because of an unbelievable event that has forever ruptured their family bond. we'll work to heal them, love them, and support them, and that church as long as we live. >> the victims will come from the coroners office. the coroner is working to get all of that information, as soon as she can identify the family members she will put that information out. our biggest concern is making
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sure the family members are communicated with first. you are watching a live news conference in charleston south carolina. that's the police chief and the mayor talking about this horrific deadly shooting. nine people killed. a shooting at a church, a well- known church in the african- american community. a white man opening fire. they have a photo of the suspect, the person they are looking for. it hooks like this is a photo as he is entering the church. that is who they are looking for. they have a picture and a description of the car that he may be driving at this point. this is in south carolina, charleston, south carolina. they have asked everyone in the area media and everyone living nearby, social media to get
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this picture out. we're going to follow the story all morning long. we'll bring you updates. >> you hear the emotion from the mayor and the police chief. >> shocked at where this happened in particular in a church. we're going the take a break, but coming up a man airlifted to the hospital after a house blows up in fairfield. the apparent cause to the blast and the connection to an upcoming holiday.
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. welcome back, time is 4:16, the nba champs are home, the warriors were greated at the airport with members of the front office and loyal fans in the blue and gold crowd welcomed home a group of champions. the first person to come off the plane was the 2015 league mvp stephen curry carrying the trophy. >> it is amazing, nice to be home with the trophy. we can celebrate with the fans. >> curry shared the love with the front office staff. he knew the team would win the championship. >> who we are, and then when
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you're holding the trophy all the work, we'll remember this. >> fans lined up hoping for a glimpse of their favorite players. >> oakland needs a lift, we have jesus, we need a lift. >> we've the best fans in the nba. >> draymond green was a part of the win. >> the fans are right there with you. >> thank you, thank you. coach kerr, everything, how they put this together, bring steph over and built it year by year, it's an awesome journey. >> the arrival was more party than anything else. everyone thrilled to welcome home the champions. pretty exciting to watch them come home, the warriors
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rest, float makers are busy getting ready for the parade. they were building floats for the gay pride parade, after tuesday night's win in cleveland they got to call the floats will be needed first for the warriors victory parade. they have to be finished by midnight so they can be towed across the bay bridge at 4::00. the parade is at 10:00 a.m. fans can lineup 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. bart will run trains all day long. temporary starts near the parade starts point. you can get all the parade details on we'll air it live with coverage at 9:00 a.m., can you live stream eight at and the mobile app. a lot of people are excited.
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>> we can get used to this. a parade for the giants and now the warriors. thanks to the giants we've done three of them, this will be the fourth parade. >> we're good at parades. >> i'm open to any bay area team that wants to have parades. >> the sharks are due. the a's for sure. >> i'm old enough to have seen every team except for the sharks, every team win a championship of some kind. that's great. which means i'm old. >> it's a good sports town. >> let's look at the community. start off with the darrius heyward-bey, traffic -- bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is okay. it's a nice looking drive, it looks good getting into san
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francisco with no major problems. looking at the 8:80 community. -- commute, westbound 580 from livermore to dublin, it's not all nabad, westbound traffic looks good. i do remember the warriors last championship, that means i'm old too. you weren't asked to be put on the earth at a certain time, you just arrive. >> i like that. we do have a forecast for tomorrow, looking ahead for the parade, looks cooler today, the wind is cranked up and temperature will come down, look at those coming up. you see for the parade, we'll start off with fog, but it will warm up.
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looks good. maybe cool in the morning but nice in the afternoon. system moving in from the north means the wind cranks up. low clouds continuing to form. they are showing signs of increasing, in the delta we're getting gusts of 30 miles an hour, mainly 50s. santa rosa 46, 50s for most. this is the key, gusts of 31, that's triple yesterday and the day before, that's a sign cooler weather is on the way. 50s for the bodega bay. 60, 70s in the interior, the big news what happens with what was tropical storm bill. tornadoes in shreveport and back the houston. the system moving through oklahoma, oklahoma city, tulsa
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and on the way out. look at this beast in nebraska, i've driven on interstate 80 when thunderstorm come through, it is wicked. that's the strongest cell i've seen in a long time. if you have flights you'll have a bumpy ride. that system to the north, the high clouds from the south, south west, breezy to windy out toward the delta, it is cooler for most, 60s, 70s, 80s and a few low 90s. today's cooler, tomorrow is warmer and saturday is the warmest day and another cooler trend. >> i do not remember the last time the warriors won the championship. >> they won at the cow palace because the ice follies were at
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the coliseum. >> the ice follies, that's why they played at the cow palace. >> i was in 6th grade, a time when you were developing your sports. >> it was a big upset. they swept the washington bullets who were supposed to win. >> i'm sure it was the ice follys. >> sounds like you're right. coming up. running out of what -- water, it's a reality for a community outside of tracy. they say the backup is not a option. >> the special equipment used at a southern california beach to keep an eye out for sharks.
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. two wildfires continue to burn, the larger of the two is in san diego county 15 miles northwest of el cajon, this is video of the fire, it burned 150-acres, it is only 150% contained. in san bernardino that is threatening homes in the mountains and at last check it
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burned 50-acres, 15% contained. days after two shark attacks there's been another in florida. a 10-year-old boy was swimming in shallow water in daytona beach. a small shark bit him on the calf of the leg. he was released to his family. florida has the largest number of shark bites. we cruise the area and saw 10
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