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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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say a man making homemade fireworks inside his garage is nearly killed in an explosion. we'll tell you why neighbors had to be evacuated when mornings on 2 continues. from ktvu fox 2, this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it is thursday. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic, and steve paul son is going to tell you how you should dress if you head out the door. >> inland, not too bad. coastal bay, going to be cooler. fog is roaring back here. there's a decent breeze. a little coolness this morning. a lot of low 50s for many here around the area, and the fog really wasn't there a couple hours ago. now it's come flying back. so there's plenty to go around, and that's a sure sign -- at this time of year, that's what it takes. warriors victory parade. 10:00 friday, we'll start off with low clouds. i expect that to burn off by the end of the parade. looks like a lot of 60s.
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that system to the north dragging across us has ramped up the seabreeze, i'll say, seeing gusts. look at the fog from nothing. boom. water temps are on the cool side, at least outside the golden gate. 48 santa rosa, 52 in the city, 54 san jose. . currently in ant i don't care, no breeze there. 57 degrees. yesterday's high was 94.8. i forecasted 93. that's close enough. 23, gust to 30 -- 29, almost 30 out of travis and west, southwest concord. that's a cooler direction. so the morning fog on the increase. sunny, breezy, windy for some, cooler for most, especially in this kind of a pattern. looks like -- we'll have more on that in 10 minutes. 60s, 7 0s, mainly 8 0s inland. things quiet at 6:01? sort of quiet,, too. if you are driving to the bay bridge, will see a crowd coming up to those pay
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gates a. little bit of a buildup as you drop on to the bridge, and there are no major problems. our spider is back. you can see forest's spider kind of hanging out there. it's been busy last few days. seen him a lot more in the last 2, 3 days. but let's move on to interstate 880 north and southbound. . i've been check out the south bay. we don't have a lot going on, which is nice. if you go to the maps of the south bay, i can show you that the road sensors are showing northbound 85, northbound 280, and northbound 101 doing very well. at 6:02, let's go back to the december >> bob: all right, sal. new this morning, an explosion in fairfield. a man making his own firew, he was badly hurt when the firew blew up. tara moriarty joining us live. you're outside the man's home, and you say police there found illegal firew? >> reporter: yeah. authorities say these homemade firew were so dangerous and so unstable, it's
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lucky no one else was killed or injured in this blast. if you take a look behind me, you can see what i'm talking about. the lites up now a little bit. you can see the burn marks on the outside, sort of it side of the garage, a part of the fence is destroyed. this very violent blast came from the garage, hurling a man several feet back. we know that the victim has life-threatening burns all over his body, and is now in a sacramento burn unit. now, the explosion happened around 5:00 last night, and when police arrived, they found a man, 40-year-old anthony stewart on the ground in front of the house on cat lynn drive near soussa court. investigators say stewart had been manufacturing firew for the fourth of july holiday. >> once the bomb unit got here, they were able to determine that the materials involved as well as the devices that are completed were very, very unstable. the decision was made by the experts to carefully
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transfer those devices, materials to an area a little more remote than this neighborhood nearby that is a secure, fenced-in area, where he could then detonate those devices and render them neutral and inert. >> reporter: fairfield police say that their dispatchers received nearly 200 911 calls while the bomb squad was detonating the devices. officials at the air force base were also concerned since the base is so close to there. many neighbors, they had to be evacuated last night. for those who couldn't stay with friends and family, red cross had a shelter open at a nearby school. the order was lifted at 2:00 this morning. right now authorities are treating this as a crime scene. they are waiting on a search warrant so they can search through the house a little more thoroughly and see if there's anything they may have missed. live from fairfield, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> thank you. we are also following very big story, developing news out of charleston, south carolina. nine people killed inside a church when a gunman
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opened fire. reporter joe bruno is in charleston with the very latest on the search for the gunman and what we were learning about the victims. good good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. i just learned horrific details about the incident. i learned the gunman actually stayed at the entire bible study before he opened fire inside that church, killing nine. now, i'm told, including the gunman, there were 13 people inside that church. three of them are still alive. so the fbi as well as the local police out here are talking to those three surviving people, seeing if they had any information on this gunman, anything like his name, any idea where he may be heading, because right now, they are -- all leads. with did get a clear picture of this suspect. he is a white male, clean shaven a young man, probably in his 20s. he has a brown, sandy brown bowl cut. very clear photos we were provided with from the
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surveillance video. he got away in a black sedan. they're not releasing the of that car yet because they want to be a hundred percent certain -- they're looking at more surveillance video. but they are letting people up and down the interstate know, showing this photo, putting it at rest stops, in the hopes they can catch this guy. they have help coming in from washington, d.c., national resources coming in from the fbi. they also set up a hot line where people can call anonymously with tips. that phone number is 1-800-call fbi. they're exploring all options, trying to find more information on this hannous crime. >> all right. joe bruno there in charleston, south carolina. thank you so much for that update. it's just incredible story. we are going to continue to follow both the church shooting and also the search for that suspect there as well as the fairfield story -- here in our own backyard. that is on our web site,, and we're going to be updating those stories on facebook and twitter as well. time now 6:06. back here at home, the families
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of the six irish students who died tuesday in berkeley when an apartment balcony collapsed, they're now here in the bay area to claim the victims' bodies. the first of the funerals for the victims, it will take place this week. last night, though, hundreds of people attended a very emotional and the light vigil. it was at martin luther king civic park in berkeley. most of the mourners, they're about the same age as the victims. . a mass was held in oakland at the cathedral of christ the light. about 200 people were there. for many of them, it was hard to put their feelings into words, especially when they thought about the grieving parents. on saturday, a funeral will be held for ashley donaho in her hometown of ronin park. funeral services are also planned for her cousin, olivia berg. her body will be flown back to ireland possibly as soon as monday. we're also longer more
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about the six young people killed in that balcony collapse. five of them were just 21 years old. ashley donaho was 22. a memorial for the victims continues to grow outside the library gardens apartments. friends say all of the victims were smart, talented, and loving. now, the investigation into the collapse is now focused on dry rot. a structural engineer tells us that the wood that supported that balcony was deteriorated. inspectors are also looking into other possibilities, including pest problems, defective construction materials, poor workmanship, code violations, and whether or not the balcony was overloaded. now, results could be released in a few weeks. seven people were also hurt in that balcony collapse. three were listed in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. we do have more on the vigil and the investigation on that collapse on our web site, >> an out pouring of support.
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thirty-five--year-old jeremy sturg,ll died, leaving behind his wife, two young sons. he started the popular local chain of lumpy's diners in ant i don't care and pittsburgh. there's a go fund me page set up to help his family. the community is encouraged to stop by the location in ant i don't care, which will reopen today to show support. the 2015 champs are back home. the warriors received a hero's welcome yesterday at the oakland airport. >> [ cheers and applause ] big smiles there. season mvp seth curry carried the championship trophy off the plane, letting everybody get a glimpse and even a touch of it. the finals mvp, andre igadala gave fans a close up look at his trophy. >> this is amazing. this is -- nice to be back home with a trophy.
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get to celebrate with our fans. i can't wait for the parade. it's going to be so much fun. we're going to have a good time celebrating. >> we're on cloud nine. >> his smile makes me smile. he's just so happy. curry says the players stayed up all night tuesday just celebrating. . >> warriors fans are savoring it, too. buying up championship hats, t shirts. the team store -- stayed open past midnight after tuesday' game, and then reopened 8:00 yesterday morning, and it was packed all day. some say they waited in line for an hour and a half just to get in there, pam. long-time financials think the championship means a lot to the bay area.
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>> my community supports the organization, and i just love the guys. mt. a couple of them. they're great people. it means a lot. >> that's right. the hottest-selling item, the official locker room pad. it's gray, and it says "championships." . now the attention turns to tomorrow's championship parade in oakland. stay tuned. we'll have all the details about the floats, the route, and how you can watch it live, of course, right here on ktvu channel 2. that's coming up at 6:30. >> a likable group. >> that's right. we have another group of likable athletes to tell you about. a photo of a girl's softball team going viral. up next, we introduce you to the freeze and how they used the movie "frozen." . >> plus at&t hit by a record fine. what the company is accused of doing that might be slowing down your connection speeds.
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the difference in status is important in terms of insurance, expenses, and labor legal cause. uber released a statement, saying, quote, "the california labor commission's ruling is nonbinding, and applies to a single driver." in 2012, the same labor commission defined another ub,r driver as an independent contractor. still experts say the latest ruling is important. >> what's important about the commission ruling is not its legal significance. that applies to one person. it puts it on a much broader public agenda. >> professor shakens says the so-called sharing economy has changed how companies hire. he says, by 2020, 40% of workers for all companies could be freelancers. time now 6:15. mcdonald's slimming itself down, reducing the number of its restaurants in the u.s. for the first time since at least 1970, mcdonald's plans to close more restaurants than it opens this
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year. industry analysts say the company is really tough competition from companies like chipotl,, that sell fresh ingredients, healthy options. a new breed of burger chains, like five guys, and in and out burgers, they're also increasing the competition. mcdonald's hasn't said how many restaurants it will close in the u.s.. a federal communications commission is fining at&t $100 million. the fcc says at&t offered its customers unlimited data, but they would then slow down their internet speeds after they used a certain amount. the fcc says it's not unusual for phone companies to slow the speeds on a network to ease congestion, but once that congestion ends, the speed should be returned to normal. the fcc says at&t would slow the speeds until the customer's next billing cycle. at&t plans to fight that fine. love this story.
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a young girl's softball team is drawing girl power from everyone's favorite "frozen" princess. take a look at this picture. the team named freeze. >> stop it, pam. >> the girls were all in the dance class together when the parents said let's use softball. they used the film "frozen." the girls loved it. the girls learned they can play sports and be tough, just like the boys. want to know how they got that fierce face in the picture? the forever said pretend like your mother just stole something from you. >> pam, let it go. let it go. >> yeah. >> girls can be girly and tough. >> like it. like it. time is 6:17. sal, do you like our commute so far this morning? . >> i'd say so. don't think it's too bad. you don't have to necessarily run out of it house now, although some commutes are getting more crowded for sure. let's start off and take a look at some of these live pictures that i have for you. and you can see it traffic here
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on the east shore freeway is moderate from the carcinas bridge to the mac arthur maze. about an 18-minute drive. that's not too bad. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, there's slow traffic waiting for you as you drive-through. i want to mention something that someone has claimed about the commute here. on highway 37, leaving valeo up to series point. someone said, "when are they going to fix this commute? always heavy, always slow. and my answer is i don't know, but i'm going to keep watch being commute very closely for you. westbound 580, a little slowing from livermor, to dublin. not all that bad, but there's a little slowing. let's to steve in the weather center. >> i heard from someone who said that has been brutal. >> yeah. every morning, it seems. thank you, sal. low clouds, which were in apache around 3:00 in the morning. some of us -- are now rally ramping up here. you can see why. the low cloud deck is being helped along by a system to the north, which is moving in. that's also picked up me bree, so it's a sign of a
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pretty good cooldown, and tomorrow we'll start a warm up. kind of been that way for the warriors' victory parade tomorrow i would plan on low clouds to start. they'll burn off. low, mid-, upper by 1:00 as we start to see that fog burn off. gr,ta in middletown. you can get ahold of me on twitter. predicted 97 for me, and it was 967. what about today? you put me on the spot again. i'll go 92, 93 today. it does look a little cooler up in middletown. speaking of -- okay. i have to be honest with you. maybe it's just me. i have a problem, i think, with the livermor, -- i was out in livermor, yesterday. it did not feel 94. also one of our coworkers' husband -- or husband works there. they had about 88 in the hang gar. i'll leave it to you. it did not feel that hot to me. officially it goes down as 94. today 85, 86 east san jose. today we'll go 81. oakland downtown with 73.
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we'll go 68. 85 in santa row is a. a little of a dip today. that far north? yes, that far north, but watch the fog. i mean, it is just picking up big time. so the big has picked up. it will be windy. there's already gusts to 30. so the delta breeze is in full force. there's going to be some fog. might be slow to clear for some. 50s for most. there are a few upper 40s in the north bay. 23, 29, gust to 31, west, southwest concord, buchanan at 15. that's stronger than yesterday. bodega water temp dropped 1 degree to 50. we're holding steady for the rest, 50, 55. that delta breeze making it out there. 36 up in truckie. . look at the fog. i know it's kind of parallel to the coast, but it is picking up, decreasing in coverage, intensity. a few high clouds might move in from the west, southwest as well. we had a few of those yesterday, high write rouse clouds, up from the hawaii indian islands. sunny, breezy, windy at times. looks cooler for most.
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so 60s, 70s for many. 80s. warmer than that yesterday. that breeze in place and some fog means even cooler out towards some inland locations, which were warmer than that yesterday. we drop 5, 7 degrees for some. 60s around the bay. 79 san jose, 86 morgan hill. 82 star bay. 60s on the cost, a few 50s. mainly 70s, low to mid-on the peninsula. warmup, dave, on friday into saturday. and then summer begins on sunday, 9:39. and also it's father's day. let's just celebrate on sunday. >> yeah. i can't wait for it. so it's going to feel like the beginning of . all right. all right, steve. thank you. time now 6:21. a food delivery service expanding into more of san francisco. coming up in about 20 minutes, the area known as the desert of the city and the stores now serving it. >> also keeping an eye on life
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under the sea. next, special equipment being used at a northern california beach. , watching out for sharks. let's ile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target and upgrade to a shiny new everything. now when you purchase one of these affordable plans get a $100 gift card. all things mobile. all in one place.
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safety tex show that when inflated, the air bags can shoot out metal fragments at high speeds. the air bag's effect has been blamed for seven deaths and 100 injuries around the world. now, all of the vin numbers of the affected cars, they're now inside of a searchable database. about 34 million vehicles by 11 different manufactureers are part of this recall.
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. if you want to find out if your car is on that recall list, you can check our ktvu web site. we posted a link to the web site on the web links section of nbc is expected to announce later today that brian williams will not return to his position as anchor of "the knightley news" show. this decision comes four months after the network suspended him for exaggerating his experiences during a helicopter attack in iraq. now, according to "the new york times," fill-in anchor lester holt, will permanently replace williams, who will take on a new role at msnbc. tile now 6:25. san francisco right near the top of the list for the most expensive cities for a summer vacation. the study was conducted by trip advisor, and it ranks cities by comparing the cost of a three-night trip. that includes staying at a four- star hotel, an organized tour, a round-trip taxi ride, and lunch and dinner. san francisco came in number four. a cost of 1, 900 bucks for 3
6:26 am
nights. new york city came in at number five, cheaper than san francisco. boston, honolulu, and seattle rounded out the top three most expensive cities. in fact, seattle took the number-one spot. it cost $2,080 bucks for a three-night trip. northern california lifeguards are using new technology to look for sharks on the beaches. the city of seal beach now using small drones to patrol the waters popular with swimmers and sure officers. lifeguards say that it used to take two hours to go out on a jet ski to try to confirm shark sightings. now they say the drones can do the same job in a matter of minutes. >> we launched the drone. in about 5 minutes, we spotted five or six sharks. we went down, zoomed in, filmed them. we cruised the whole area. i think we probably saw about ten sharks in total this morning. >> the rescue guard said if the drone spots a shark big enough to be a threat, the beach can be close the within minutes.
6:27 am
lifeguards expect the city to be watching their program closely. they say they will be surprised if they are still the only ones looking for sharks with drones by the end of the summer. >> interesting. time now 6:2. an east bay school will make history today in order to protect students. up next, the first of its kind safety measure your that will be unvalid today. >> and the most unspookable heart-breaking tragedy. up next, what we're learning about the gunman's actions at a church before he opened fire, killing nine people.
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pam is bopping to the beat. county fair season continues
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this week. live pictures. we're at the alameda county fair that officially opened yesterday. how about that ferris wheel, too. coming up in 10 minutes, minutes -- thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, thursday, june 18th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us at 6:30. steve is here with his weather. >> can i give a little advice? . >> yes. >> brutal on the traffic yesterday, 680 at b,rnal. it was backed up all the way to the 586, 680 split. >> there's no place to go. >> no. >> . >> that's right. >> and by the way, jamie watson is in charge of the satellite facility and horse racing. jeanie, you need to get in touch with me, because we
6:31 am
want to go out and do a live shot from the track. we do it every year. we try and do it every year. jeanie, i'm talking to you. she's wonderful, by the way. the busiest woman i know. all right. we do have a little cooler pattern today. that's because the fog is coming back. 48 santa rosa, 52 san francisco, liver more 57, 54 san jose. tomorrow we're looking ahead. it'll be in the 60s. fog will burn off. looks to be a little warm. that system to the north of us is picking up the fog bank, giving us more of a westerly breeze. and i tell you, the fog is on the move quick. 0s on the temps. a few upper 0s. but the breeze is a big kicker. 23, gust to 29. almost 30 miles per hour. that's double what it was san francisco actually down to 51 now. in bodega at 50. no el nino sign yet, at least not here. for us you can see the low clouds. not much. boom, that is back in a big
6:32 am
way. morning fog, some of that moving inland. if you don't have fog, there should be a breeze for most. i say that because -- gets wider, bigger every year. a lot will cool down to the 80s, 60s, 70s. sal, 6:32, something going on, or normal, slow traffic? . >> it's kind of normal. we did have a couple incidents earlier, steve. good morning to you. let's start off with a look at the san mat,o bridge. the traffic is little busy, as you can see, driving out to the high-rise, over to the peninsula. we don't have a lot of major problems now, which is good. some of the earlier things have been taken care of. also looking at the commute on the bay bridge approach, backed up for a 25, 30-minute delay with no issues. southbound 880 as you drive here from hayward down to the union city area, still looks pretty good, and westbound 580, a little slow through livermore. at 6:3 3, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we are following a horrific crime in charleston, south carolina. led to a manhunt.
6:33 am
a white gunman opened fire inside a church, killing nine people last night. this morning, we are longer some new information about the shooting, and we're seeing some pictures of the suspect and his vehicle. ktvu's georgia mean de la v,ga joins us now from our newsroom with an update on this story. georgia mean? >> reporter: pam, some of the do tails we're learning about this mass accra are chilling. the police chief revealed the gunman walked into a church and attended a prayer meeting. he was sitting there for about an hour, and than suddenly started shooting. authorities are calling this a hate crime. police released these pictures of the suspect this morning. he's described as a white man, around 21 years old. he has brown hair and a slender build, and was wearing a gray sweatshirt and jeans. authorities say he should be considered extremely dangerous. there is also a picture of his car. it's a black sedan with a distinctive license plate, but authorities don't know the make or model of it. the charleston police chief said the dead include three men and six women. the city's mayor says all
6:34 am
resources are being used to find the gunman, and they're getting help from the fbi in this investigation. one of the victims was the church's pastor, who is also a south carolina state senator, clementa pinkney. he was 41 years old, leaves behind a wife and two children. the tragedy has left the community shaken, and authorities are asking people to pull together and support each other and to be on the look-out for the suspect. >> we need for the whole community to be vigilant. that's why we got the information out about the vehicle and a picture. hopefully with all the officers we have out in the community in the region as well as citizens, we'll be able to identify that vehicle and the suspect. >> authorities say there are three survivors. one of them, a woman who was apparently spared by the gunman. he reportedly told her he was letting her live so she could tell others what happened. the police chief says they believe the suspect is still in the charleston area. they are urging the public to share the suspect's picture on social media.
6:35 am
even though we're here in california, you may know know people in that state. may lead to someone calling in a tip. we're going to continue to stay on top of developing story. >> all right. thank you, georgia mean for the update. time now 6:35. we know the name of an elderly woman whose body was found tuesday on crown beach in al la immediate day. the body of lasako velazquez was fond in the water 12:30 tuesday afternoon. she was pronounced dead there. the coroner's office still trying to confirm where ms. velazquez was robbed. later this morning, east bay high school becomes the first in the entire nation to install gunfire detection technology. newark memorial high school will unveil its shot spotter system. sensors are now in the hall izturis what and offices in more than 20 buildings and in other areas around the campus to alert police of an active shooter attack. police say the shot spotter system will help locate
6:36 am
the shooter, and also get medical-to anyone who might be hurt in the shooting a lot faster. today, san jose will announce it is expanding enforcement of its ban on illegal firew the right now, offenders can face jail time and fines of up to $1,000 for having, advertising, making, or selling illegal firew. city leaders say they may not be able to get the new rules in place before the of july, but they do say illegal firew are a problem year round. time now 6:36. president obama called warriors head coach steve kerr, said congratulations on winning the finals. the white house said the president told kerr it was exciting to see the team winning its first title in 40 years, and he singled out seth curry and andre igadala for some praise. the warriors will now get to go to washington to be honored by the president in person. now, the giants, they miss most of the warriors game tuesday night. they were on a plane, a flight to seattle to play
6:37 am
the mariners. the mercury news reports the giants did not have a tv or wi-fi on their delayed. manager bruce bogi said the team finally got to their hotel, everybody rushed off the bus. they caught the final moments of the warriors game and celebration afterwards. several warriors, like seth curry, they've been to giants games. he's been there, st,ph curry has been there as well showing off the hat. this is san francisco company, was originally building floats for the city's gay pride parade that takes place at the end of the month. after tuesday night's big win in cleveland, they got the call that -- will be needed first for the victory parade in oakland. >> it's immediately changed directions and started going toward baseball, and that will be our main focus next two days it will be back to pride after. >> also providing cable cars,
6:38 am
vehicles for the parade. the company took part in all three of the san francisco giants championship celebrations. they know how to do it. the floats have to be completed by midnight tonight. then they will be towed across the bay bridge 4:00 a.m. tomorrow, right when we go on the air. we'll watch for that. and the parade starts at 10ment a. want to show you a map of the route. fans, you can start lining up as early as 5:00 a.m. bart plans to run trains at commuter-hour levels all day long. az transit will add temporary stops near the parade route, starting point, at all of its oakland lines as well. you can watch the parade us with. you can get all the details, we're going to be airing it live. our coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. you can also live-stream it, take it with you to go on your mobile app, ktvu. so stay with us. >> i want to go, pam. i want to go to the county fair. the biggest county fair in the bay area is underway now. it's pulling in visitors all over the region, and one of my personal heros,
6:39 am
ktvu's fox 2 brian flores, at the fairgrounds this morning. i'm telling the truth, brian. >> i know. i know. >> the theme this year is rock the red, white, and blue. am i correct? >> reporter: that is correct, dave. good morning. and yeah, let's go to the fair. this weekend call you? yeah? . >> i'm on it. >> you're on it. okay. cool. listen, i did this fair a couple times already. most recently was a couple years ago p. fair just keeps getting better and better. alameda fair in pleasanton. take a look around. vertigo. calling your name. i think you should go on that. there's also a ferris wheel. you have rides here. oh, by the way, you have the food as well. lot of these going on at the fair. to talk more about that, i want to bring in angel moore with the al la committee to fair. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> reporter: i'm doing fantastic. we're at the fair. what's new this year?
6:40 am
. >> so this year new, we have extreme rodeo happen being weekend. june 19th through 21st. next week, june 26 through the 28th, we have monster truck. and than our final week, july 3rd through the 5th, we have demolition derby and rv demolition derby. how awesome is that? >> reporter: i love it. i love it. you have horse races, too,? >> reporter: horse racing starts today. we go for 12 days. we have -- $1.7 million in prize money here. >> reporter: that's awesome. i know steve paul son, our weather guy, is a big racing fan. any way, let's talk about the food choices here, anything different in that arena, or anything in terms of the musical act, anything like that? >> reporter: so we have something for everybody in terms of food. we have fruit if you're a health nut, and than we have anything from corn dogs to the coolicle, a great new item this year. that is a cool aid pickle. so you get that sweet and sour. we have a funnel cake cheese burger, which i'm dying to taste today. we also have the frosted flake
6:41 am
chicken with maple syrup. >> reporter: oh my gosh. going to give me a heart attack. really quickly, what do you need to know in terms of pricing? >> reporter: so for pricing, we really have something for everyone. tons of discount days. today is senior-free thursday. every thursday, seniors get in free till 5:00. . tuesday are $2 admission till 5:00. so really we kind of make it affordable for every family to come out and enjoy the fair. >> reporter: perfect. back out here live talking about food. my photographer chip looking at this place called juk, kicker. angel mentioned it. in my next hour, i'm going to be eating the infamous funnel cheese burger, guys. >> don't eat that in front of me either. >> a funnel-cake cheese burger? >> reporter: that is right. funnel-cake cheese burger. i'm going to eat it. going to be fantastic. >> ryan, you have a white shirt on. don't spill anything on it, because i'll be the first one -- >> yeah, yeah. i think he's going to head to
6:42 am
kick boxing after the show is done. >> that's right. >> all right the we'll talk to you later. thanks, brian. 6:42 is the time now. if you are about to get into your car and go to work, stop, because coming up at 7:00, the national event happening today that may have you opting for public transit instead. >> here's a question, what would you do if you found a stack of cash? up next, we'll tell you what this teenager decided to do, and how it's now paying off in his favor. female announcer: looking for the hottest deal on a new mattress? then don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! right now at sleep train save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months
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the organization says requiring smaller bags will stan or dies signs around the world. . united, delta, and american airlines oppose that plan. good story. a teenager from fairfield being praised for being a really honest guy on his job.
6:46 am
. >> she came back to the store to thank him for turning in that money. >> they worked hard for that, so why are you going to take that from them? because i lost wallets before. >> you ever do that? . >> no i never did. >> logella's father shared what his son did on facebook. a manager saw the story and offered vella a job. he says she's looking for honorable people. we were there when vella went in and filled out a job application. wish him both well. >> yeah. i think he will do well. good karma, what we're talking about. 6:47 the time.
6:47 am
let's check des moines with tori campbell for a look what's coming up on our next hour of mornings on 2. >> coming up, battling bay if ity in san francisco is proving to be an uphill battle. the police can catch many taggers. the da's office prosecute them. find out the final step making it so tough to put these criminals behind bars. and we just can't get enough of riley curry. we got some adorable video of the two-year-old with her dad steph after winning the championship. she has a commute comment while taking pictures with the trophy. those are some of the stories we're working on for the next hour of mornings on 2. now back to you in the studio. >> she is absolutely adorable. thank you, tori. happening today, fit bit, which makes the popular finance tracking device set to make its debut on the new york stock exchange. san francisco based company set the opening price at $20 a share. that is up sharply from the $14 a share it was originally priced at. analysts say it puts the company's worth at $4 billion. fit bit one of the few
6:48 am
companies going public so far this year that are already profitable. going to trade under the symbol fit. just checked it. it has not traded yet. we'll keep and eye on that. the u.s. treasury department says it plans to put a woman on the bill. jack l,w will ask the public for input over the summer on which woman should receive that honor. by law, no living person can appear on a bill. alexander hamilton will probably move to the backside for set of series of bills. the first time a woman has been on the u.s. paper currency since martha washington was on the $1 silver certificate back in the 1890s. >> i'm nominating pam cook. >> oh gosh, no. don't do that, because you can't be live >> gary: sorry. okay. i take it back. i was just thinking good thoughts >> well whoever it is, i'm going to keep at least one of them as a souvenir. >> you have to. >> i think a lot of people
6:49 am
will. . let's take a look at the commute. traffic is going to be moving along slowly at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound coming up through. there are no major problems. we've been seeing a lot more of our spider. so it's approach every time i show you the toll plaza this morning. let's go out to the east bay, where southbound 880 is going to be a little slow approaching her 90. there was an accident northbound 80 at winston, and that may be causing some slow traffic in that area. and in san jose, northbound 280 right through downtown, getting a little more crowded heading north. 6:49. let's to to steve in the weather credibility >> terry: all rightie, sal. thank you,, sir,. when i came in, there was not much fog. less auto a lot of fog making a push, mainly up and down the coast, around the bay. you can see some of that. oakland was mostly cloud-free early, early. now that cloud deck is making a good surge. there's a weak system to the north of us, brushing by. that ramps up that fog bank, also the westerly breeze. taking a look at tomorrow, the
6:50 am
warriors victory parade in oakland the we'll start off with some of that low cloud. it will burn off sooner tomorrow. we'll have 6 0s throughout, low, mid-, maybe upper by the time the parade is over. today will be cooler. yesterday santa row is a, 85. 70 oakland. livermore set at 94. not far away, 89, 90. 86 san jose, east san jose. today 86, 68, 85, 81 degrees. system there is far enough north, but the tail end close enough to us. watch the fog begin to go from nothing on the coast -- water temps have cooled off a little bit. and that helps. windy at times. sfo maybe, san mateo, san pablo bay, delta, gusts to 30 near travis. 50s for many, few upper 40s. they did dip to 46, now 48. kind of a key here. 23 miles per hour with gusts almost 30, west, southwest concord at 15. that's stronger. san francisco actually 52. bodega bay 50. cooled off. cold water certainly helps the fog. when you get heat in the
6:51 am
valley, we had that yesterday. some 30s up in the mountains. if you're traveling, travel plans in texas, could be a little dice say. although dallas looks better today. near houston, big thunderstorms. tornado near shreveport. all courtesy of what was once tropical storm bill now visiting oklahoma just to the east. oklahoma city, tulsa. finally heading off to the northeast, little republic in there now. but look at this system coming out of nebraska. my goodness, that line of severe weather. that's going to make for a very, very bumpy ride, heading to omaha, southwest heading back toward oklahoma a. busy day for the severe folks. for us it's a busy day for the fog. continuing to move in, pick up in intensity, morning fog, sunny, breezy, windy for some. not for all. looks cooler for most unless you're far enough away you don't get fog influence. hold on to the 9 0s. tough to break that. days getting very long. 60s, 70s, 80s for the rest. down about 5, 7 degrees. some areas about almost 10. 6 0s, upper 80s, 90s for the
6:52 am
east bay. then 80s for santa clara valley. 50, 60s on the coast, 60s, 70s on the peninsula. a warmup friday. the warmest day of the next 5 will be saturday. sunday summer begins, and it's also father's day. tim over there says, "do you have a graphic of a tie q.. >> i like that. >> has always good ties. i would love it. >> i know. tim always has great ideas. that's awesome. so it's going to be -- for the barbecue, and hang out. will go be a good day for that. >> go for it. okay, steve. time now 6:52. pope francis issuing an urgent message about the environment. coming up in 15 minutes, the life-style changes he wants you to make in order to battle climate change.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
jasper ridge farm arranged to move to fertolo valley. they raised the money, got the necessary permits. all seemed fine. but then they found out the cost to grade and excavate the land wouldn't cost $25,000 they had budgeted; it would cost
6:56 am
$200,000. >> we were stunned and horrified, but it felt just like one more hurdle. we feel like now it's beyond us. we need more help. >> right now they are respect fromming the animal to the farm from gihroy. they are desperately trying to raise more money while looking for someone to donate grading services. time 6:56. because of the drought, a lot of bay area homeowners are trying to reuse the water that normally just goes down the drains. one do-it-yourself idea is called laundry to landscape. a -- a drip irrigation system out in the yard. installers say the water is safe to use on nonedible plants as long as you wash your clothing with bidegradable detergent. one homeowner estimates she's using, reusing about 80 gallons of water every.
6:57 am
well, the cost of the laundry to landscape system, it's about 500 bucks. more advanced gray-water irrigation systems, they can cost several thousands dollars. some water districts offer rebates to help with that costs. an onlaid food delivery service expanding its reach in san francisco. instant cart an on-demand service that delicious groceries. the company operates in major cities across the u.s., including, new york, los angeles, and mechanic, works with big-name retailers, such as whole foods. two low-income neighborhoods in san ends served. instant card will increase access to people in southeast san francisco. time is 6:57. we're still following the latest on that hovering tragic shooting at an historic african american church in south carolina. coming up, the manhunt still ends way right now for the person who killed nine people. investigators are calling this a hate crime.
6:58 am
>> but first. >> fire in the hole. >> fire in the hole. >> illegal firew detonated in fairfield early this morning. the explosion at a home that caused some very serious injuries.
6:59 am
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this tragedy that we're addressing right now is undescribable. >> shock and grief in the wake of a deadly shooting inside a south carolina church. the manhunt underway right now for the gunman who killed nine people including a


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