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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 18, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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female announcer: don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ this tragedy that we're addressing right now is undescribable. >> shock and grief in the wake of a deadly shooting inside a south carolina church. the manhunt underway right now for the gunman who killed nine people including a minister and
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what authorities are calling a hate crime. it is 7:00. thursday, june 18th. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson, well, you got it all figured out. >> a little cooler today. fog is on the increase. westerly breeze. it all spells a cooler pattern. the key, there wasn't a lot of fog. early, early, around 4:00 a.m. there is now. that happened fast. look at the breeze kicking in. for some, 25, 30 out toward the delta. i had somebody say what do you think i should wear? i work in the city. i said i would wear layers. it will be cold. for the warriors' victory parade, i would plan on 60s maybe a light jacket. it looks good by noon, 1:00.
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our system to the north, i know it's way to the north there is the tail end of that dragging across northern california. that helps open the door to more fog. water temps are cooler. the westerly breeze kicked in. 50s, 60s and a few 40s. 23, gusts to 41. that's a howling message that it will be cooler today. bodega bay and san francisco buoy, water temps have come down. the fog is on the move. so mainly parallel to the coast. it's on the move. morning fog, sunny, breezy. it looks cooler for most with 80s down a, maybe 8 for some. 50s and 60s closer to the water. slow traffic, sal? there's normal slow traffic. there are a couple of incidents. we're gonna start off with the commute that affects a lot of people, probably our most busy commute. that would be the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up for 25, 30- minute delay.
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it's a little heavy today getting into the city from the east bay. we're also looking at the san mateo bridge and that traffic has become a lot busier. you can see traffic is slow. got a text -- sorry, a tweet from jennifer who said that highway 101 has recently been restriped in palo alto and she seems to think that is causing a lot of slow traffic. she said it's been slow for the last couple of days. we'll ask caltrans about it when we get to it. one of the things that always happens when there are changes on a road, it takes a while for people to get used to it. we'll keep an eye on it for you. back to the desk. >> thank you. a manhunt is underway in south carolina after a white gunman entered an african- american church and shot nine people on wednesday night, just last night. the police chief held a news conference this morning to provide more details about the suspect, the victims and the circumstances surrounding the
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streeting. janine de la vega joins us live from our newsroom. what are officials saying about it? >> reporter: tori, they are calling this an absolutely horrifying tragedy. they are also calling it a hate crime. among the dead are three men and six women. we've also learned there are three survivors. here are surveillance images that authorities released of the suspect. he's described as white, early ent with -- in his 20s. police are searching for him. they say he should be considered extremely dangerous. they don't have reason to believe he left the charleston area. the vehicle, a black sedan, a distinctive license plate. the chief says the suspect entered a historic african- american church at around 9:00 wednesday night and opened fire, killing nine people. we've learned before he started to shoot, he actually sat in the church low pressuring for about an hour. this has shaken the community.
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authorities are asking people to pull together and help each other. one of the victims he killed the church's pastor, 41-year- old clementa pinckney, who is also a south carolina say senator. >> this is a very dangerous individual. we do not want more people harmed trying to approach him or trying to follow the vehicle if they see it. notify law enforcement and we will address that. >> the president of the naacp told local newspapers a female survivor said the gunman let her live so she could tell others what happened. authorities are urging the public to share the suspect's picture on social media so that everyone can be on the lookout. they are depending pong the public's help and are investigating all leads as they come in. tori? >> janine de la vega live in the newsroom. thank you. we'll have continuing coverage of the tragedy in south carolina throughout the morning. you can also get updates on our website, and our ktvu
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app. 7:05. new this morning, an exploengs in fairfield -- explosion in fairfield. a man was badly hurt. his home blew up last night. ktvu fox 2's tara moriarty joining us live outside the man's home. you talked to individuals about what he was doing. >> reporter: they say he was making fireworks in his garage. authorities say these fireworks were so dangerous that they had to remove what was left independent side of the garage and take them to a remote place to detonate them. [sound of explosion] >> reporter: the yolo county bomb squad took these away from people to blow them up safely. it was last night's explosion
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from anthony stewart's garage on catlynn cat-- catlin drive. >> something went off. i got scared. my friend was right here. >> reporter: his friend was okay. but stewart who is 42 years old is suffering life-threatening burns all over his body. he's at a sacramento burn unit. investigators say that stewart had been manufacturing fireworks for the 4th of july holiday. police don't know how long he had been doing that. they do say their dispatchers received nearly 200911 calls while the bomb squad was detonating the devices earlier. many neighbors had to being evacuated but that order was lifted around 2:00 this morning. right now police are waiting on a search warrant so that they can comb this house more thoroughly. live from fairfield, i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you. we'll talk to you later.
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in san francisco, law enforcement officials say the court system needs to take the crime of graffiti a lot more seriously. 18-year-old andrew yarborough is an accused serial tagger. prosecutors claim he's caused more than $50,000 damage. but the police and the district attorney's office are telling the chronicle it's hard to prosecute graffiti cases because judges send to see them -- tend to see them as petty crimes and off reduce them with misdemeanors with little very punishment. the families of the irish students killed in tuesday's berkeley balcony collapse are now in the bay area to claim the bodies of their loved ones. the first funeral services for the six victims will be held this weekend. hundreds of people turned out last night for an emotional candlelight vigil at berkeley's martin luther king, junior civic center park. most of the mourners were close in age to the victims. ♪ >> just hours earlier, a mass
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was held at cathedral of christ the light in oakland. 200 people attended that service. while they gathered for school list, finding the -- dash. >> they want to see their loved ones and touch them and hold them and kiss them. >> the city of berkeley is working with the irish consulate to provide comfort and aid to the victim's families. a funeral will be held on saturday for 22-year-old ashley donahoe in her hometown of rohnert park. there will be services for her cousin, olivia burk, her body will be rushed to ireland. an investigation into the collapse has focused on dry rot, a structural engineer tells us the wood that supported the balcony had deteriorated. inspectors are also looking into other possibilities,
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including pest problems, defective construction materials, poor workmanship, code violations and whether the balcony was overloaded. results could be released in a few weeks. seven people were also hurt in the balcony collapse and three of them are listed in critical condition still with life- threatening injuries. we have more on the vigil and the investigation into the collapse. that's at 7:10. happening today, the 10th annual dump the pump day. transit agencies nationwide want everyone to leave your cars home and use public transit. caltrain and sam trains are asking people to take selfies. anybody who posts their photos at hashtag dumpthepump, you might win a manager bag.
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a family in san francisco could save almost $15,000 a year by using public transportation instead of driving. well, new this morning, pope francis making an historic statement today about the environment and about climate change. the almost 200-page document is called praise be. he says climate change from fossil fuels is hurting the poor the most. he said people should use their buying power to pressure companies to reduce the footprints. he's asking everyone to protect the planet for future generations. 7:11 is the time. cracking down on illegal fireworks. in 23 minutes, the extended measures being announced today in san jose just ahead of the 4th of july holiday. >> but first, did donald trump just pull a fast one? the accusations of dishonesty swirling around him this
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morning. we're looking at the traffic that's marin bound approaching the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. a little bit of slow traffic as you head over to marin. ramp up of the fog bank means cooler today. there is a weak system to the north. we'll talk about the coolerle temperatures and what's in store for the first day of summer, which begins this sunday.
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my name is marcus jenkins. i'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home.
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this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california. breaking news. just in, charleston police and the fbi have just identified the suspect in last night's deadly church shooting in charleston, south carolina. they say his name is dylan storm roof. they also say he's a 21-year- old from the columbia area of south carolina. again, this just into the newsroom. the name and home area of this
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suspect. we're getting more information about this development and we'll bring you another update at the bottom of the hour here on "mornings on 2". well, have the american voters already been trumped by donald trump? according to the hollywood reporter, the republican presidential hopeful paid actors $50 apiece to show up at his formal announcement on tuesday. the goal was to beef up the crowd with some enthusiastic people and also create the illusion of being popular. now, this alleged ruse was discovered by an anti-trump activist who recognized an actor out there. this is a twit pic of two people. you saw that. they are claiming they are actors. there is a photo of a trump staffer who allegedly passed out homemade signs before the event. 7:15. the nba champion golden state warriors, they are getting
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well-deserved rest before the parade. the team received a heroes' welcome at oakland airport. [ cheers ] >> season mvp, steph curry carried the championship trophy off the plane. the finals' mvp, andre, iguodala, gave fans a closeup of his trophy. draymond green and steph curry stopped to talk about the incredible season. >> amazing. night being back home with the trophy celebrate with your fans. i can't wait for the parade. it's gonna be so much fun. this championship and we'll have a good time celebrating. >> we're on cloud 9. >> curry said the players stayed up all night tuesday. don't blame them to celebrate and savor the moment. >> that was a great moment.
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>> no matter what steph curry does on the court, he's overshadowed by his 2-year-old daughter. [laughter] >> riley curry took the spotlight during this photo shoot for her dad after tuesday's championship victory. riley was also one of the stars of the show during the trophy presentation. i love this little girl. by the way, riley have to share mommy and daddy. they are expecting their second child next month. she will be a big sister. >> she will be wonderful. very exciting. we got a look at our own-year- old. sal -- our own 2-year-old. sam brought his daughter -- sal brought his daughter in. >> i enjoyed watching steph. nice to see that. i'm a softy. i like that kind of stuff. hey, let's take a look at the commute on highway 24 westbound as you drive from la fayette all the way up to the
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tunnel. gonna see some slow traffic as you drive through. no major problems on 680 from the pleasant hill area to walnut creek. there's slow traffic there. the traffic is gonna be busy this morning if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 25, 30- minute delay. i want to also talk about the east bay because 880 in hayward, the area here is going to be a little bit crowded. we had an earlier accident at winton avenue. it's still a little better than it is times when we have big backups. it's no picnic as you drive through. 7:18. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. and from not much in the way of any low clouds to a pretty good fog bank moving up and down the coast and filling ound the bay along with a westerly breeze. that's going to equal a cooler pattern. had a warmup for most even coast and bay. stayed mainly in the 60s. there were 70s. it was 90s for many. we'll focus ahead toward
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tomorrow, though, on the warriors victory parade. it looks like the usual suspects, night and morning low cloud. they will burn off from 10:00 to 11:00. it will be sunny and nice. a breeze. 60s, 70s by the end of the parade. cassie jean in el granada said good morning. blue sky was peeking out but the fog swallowed it up again. yes, it tried. the fog has been increasing on the coast. these were the highs yesterday. 85 santa rosa, 73 oakland. 94 in livermore. i think that's suspect. did not feel that warm to me. 86 in san jose, east san jose. today, 86, 85 and 81 so down about 5 to maybe 9 degrees for most. that system right there. that's it. that's it. but in june, that's all it takes. watch how the fog picks up. the water temps cooled down. that helps. we have upper 40s, san rafael 50. napa in there. 50s and 60s for some.
7:20 am
mid-60s for brentwood. redwood city, 53. that's the key. west at 10. west-southwest, 14. 23 gusts to 31. west napa at a. that's much stronger than yesterday. northwest at livermore. not that strong but the water temps, 52. 50 down 1 degree in the last 24 hours. cold water. heat in the valley. west wind, that equals more fog. 60s, 70s through the interior. it will be another hot one in the southeast but the main story continues to be the thunderstorms and also the tornadoes which have been popping up parts of texas, the remains of bill, also from louisiana and look where bill is. it should have taken a turn to the northeast. it's finally looking like it's doing that. oklahoma city, tulsa, off to the northeast. little rock, and then eventually st. louis. this is a complex. look at this line going through nebraska. kaboom. that will cause severe turbulence if you have to fly over that and maybe travel delays. nothing on the coast equals a
7:21 am
coolerrer pattern. maybe a few high cloud coming up from the west-southwest. morning fog. cooler pattern. sunny, breezy, windy at times. a tall order up to ukiah, clearlake and vacaville. 76 keptfield. sonoma, 81. st. helena, calistoga, 88. 60s around the bay. low 70s. 80s for some. still a few low 90s way inland. 80s for santa clara valley. 77 at san jose airport. 50s, 60s on the coast. 60s, 70s on the peninsula. cooler today. top it out on saturday. sunday summer begins at 9:39 a.m. it's father's day as well. >> yes, it is. >> cooler but nice. >> good day for golf, possibly. >> i'm sure. i've seen them golf in the rain. it won't matter. >> thank you, steve. 7:21. well, the newly renovated northern half of delores park is set to open. the city added a large new
7:22 am
concrete walkway so trucks can move in through events without damaging the grass. the face-lift includes new bathrooms and renovated tennis and basketball courts. also today the south area will be kleesed for a few months -- closed for a few months while the city updates the irrigation system and the restrooms. fly in the sky to make sure it's safe to go out in the water. the new technology used by lifeguards and how it's aimed at preventing tragedies. but first, a sultry surprise for 50 shade fans. after the break, the unexpected midnight release of a new novel in the series and how it's quite different from the first three books.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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there is a developing story from southern california. a wildfire is forcing evacuations at several campgrounds about 90 miles east of los angeles in the san bernardino mountains. the fire, which started yesterday, has so far burned a thousand acres. flames are said to be racing through 30-foot high trees. the forest fire is 5% contained. nearly 200 campers, most of them children, have been evacuated from the area. 7:25. san francisco, right near the top of the list for the most expensive cities for a summer vacation. the study was conducted by trip adviser, it ranks comparing a
7:26 am
three-night trip. it include staying at a four- star hotel, organized tour, a round-trip taxi ride and lunch and dinner. san francisco, ranks number 4, a cost of $1900 for three nights. new york actually came in number 5 just 6 cents cheaper than san francisco. boston, honolulu and seattle runed out the top three most expensive cities. seattle was number 1. a cost of $2,080 for a three-night trip. 50 shades fans will probably have all night in their bed reading what's being called the biggest publishing surprise of the summer. "grey" the fourth book in the bondage and discipline series was released digitally at midnight and in a new twist, this book sells the saga from christian grey appoint of view. the first three were from the woman's point of view.
7:27 am
more than 125 copies of the original trilogy have been sold and the film version that came out earlier this year raked in nearly $570 million worldwide. and we continue to follow the tragic shooting at a south carolina church that claimed the lives of nine people. up next, the manhunt underway for the gunman who was just identified about 15 minutes ago, also reaction from a woman who found out her grandmother was among the victims. it's a race against the clock for workers making floats for tomorrow's warriors' parade. up next, the other big project they were forced to put on hold when they got the call from the team. good morning. we're looking at the bridge commutes and so far so good for most of these bridges including the golden gate. but we do have a new problem coming up in solano county that's causing slow traffic. it's westerly i'm telling u the wind is -- i'm telling you. the wind is westerly.
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♪ >> your mouth is watering. >> we're live at the alameda county fair in pleasanton which
7:31 am
officially began yesterday. brian flores has been looking around. he will be eating quite a bit, if we know brian. there he is getting his napkin ready. he will show us some of the unusual food options you may find if you head out there. they are kind of creative. not always healthy but there are healthy options. this is a good thing. it's thursday, june 18th. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk your weather and traffic. i ducked outside to look at the sky. the sun is fighting trying to come outside. >> that was pretty good with brian out there. >> ready. >> it is a little on the gray side there, that's true. for some. noter for all. but this is a westerly breeze behind it. it will be cooler for many today after a warmup for some. the breeze picked up in the last few hours. it's the sign of a cool pattern. let's look ahead to form for
7:32 am
the parade. nice as well. there will be low clouds. they will burn off. i would plan on 60s, a light jacket. system up to the north is what's moveth fog bank in a big -- moving the fog bank in a big way. 50s for some. a lot of 50s. sonoma county airport at 48. west wind, west-southwest and west, 23 gusts to 31. that's a sure sign it will cool down. there's pretty cold water outside of the golden gate. breezy, windy for some. looks cooler for most. i would say nearly everybody in there. 80s for some. 50s, 60s by the beaches. >> all right, sal. >> we have a couple of things unfortunately that we need to talk about. first of all, we'll start and look at the bay bridge toll plaza in case you are wondering what it will take to get into san francisco. it's going to take about 25 to 30 minutes to wait in line before you make it onto the bridge. and some slow traffic there.
7:33 am
880 northbound, we -- our camera moved to the right. i want to show you because there is some slow traffic down there. there is a crash reported at high street. let's go to the richmond bridge, westbound the approach here. the traffic is going to be busy because of an accident reported in one of the lanes passed the toll plaza and we have a big backup here at the richmond bridge. a little bit bigger than it normally is. we also have an accident in solano county. southbound 680 at marshview. after 80. you can see all of the slow traffic here. the commute is not that slow. you will need extra time. might be frustrating delays on 680 past interstate 80. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we're still following developing news from charleston, south carolina where nine people were shot and killed last night inside an historic african-american church during a bible study. a short time ago, police released these photos of the suspect and just within the last half-hour, they identified
7:34 am
him as 21-year-old dylan roof of columbia, south carolina. the dead include three men and six women. one of the victims was the church's pastor, also a south carolina state senator, clementa pinckney. the mayor of charleston said all resources are being used to track down and find this gunman. in the meantime, the mayor is urging everyone to come together support each other during this time of tragedy. >> the community is going to provide the best example of the community coming together to help those grieving because of an unbelievable event. >> now, this church shooting is being investigated as a hate crime. the chief of police says they believe the suspect is still in the charleston area. we'll keep an eye on this and continue to follow this developing story from
7:35 am
charleston and bring you updates all morning long. one woman found out her grandmother was one of the shooting victims in yesterday's shooting. here is a tweet we found from a woman named amber evans. it reads, she's gone. they killed my grandmother. hours before that, she started tweeting when she heard about the shooting. she said her grandmother who worked there at that church was there last night. miss evans was asking anyone who let her know what was going on. >> 7:35. several bay area cities have gunfire detection technology. now an east bay high school is the first campus in the nation to install it. newark memorial high school this morning will be unveiling the shot spotter system. sensors have been placed inside hallways and offices in more than 20 buildings and in other areas around the campus to alert police of an active shooter attack. police say this will help locate a shooter and get medical aid to anyone who may
7:36 am
be injured in a shooting much faster. today, san jose will announce it's expanding enforcement of the ban on illegal fireworks. right now, offenders could face jail times and fines up to $1,000 for having, advertising, making or selling illegal fireworks. city leaders say they may not be able to get the new rules in place, though, before the 4th of july. but they say illegal fireworks are a problem year round. 7:36. floatmakers are busy working around the clock getting ready for the big victory parade for the warriors. this san francisco company was originally building floats for the city's gay pride parade. that takes place at the end of the month. after tuesday night's big warriors' win in cleveland, they got the call. floats will be needed first for the warriors' victory parade in oakland. >> we just immediately changed directions and starting going toward basketball. that will be the main focus for the next two days and then back
7:37 am
to pride right after. >> now, ride the ducks is also providing six cable cars and five duck vehicles for the victory parade. the company took part in all three of the san francisco giants' world series championship celebrations. now, the floats have to be finished by midnight tonight. they will then be towed across the bay bridge at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. we may see them as we come to work. the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. here is a look at the map of the route of the victory parade. you fans you can start liening up as early as 5:00 a.m. b.a.r.t. will be lining runs at commute hour levels all day long -- will be running trains at commute hour levels all day long. they will have starting points on all of the downtown oakland lines. you can get all of the parade details at and we'll be airing the victory parade here, live. our coverage begins at 9:00
7:38 am
a.m. you can also live stream it at and our ktvu app. well, the warriors' parade and celebration, the first of a lot of big events happening tomorrow. that could be some challenges for you folks trying to get around the bay area. in fact, in san francisco, the crews are busy there setting up a stage at civic center plaza. it's for city hall centennial celebration. it starts four hours after the warriors' victory parade end in oakland. 12,000 people are expected for the centennial event. it will feature music, food trucks and family-friendly attractions. >> a ferris wheel, jugglers, and dancers going on and at 9:30, we'll unveil a fabulous lighting show. >> friday's also the u.s. mayors' conference at the union square hilton in san francisco. 277 mayors all over the country will be there and president obama is also coming to town
7:39 am
for that. that could mean even more streets being closed off. the president is due to address the mayors' conference before he attends a fund-raiser that will also be in san francisco. the alameda county fair is underway in pleasanton. it's the most popular fair in the bay area. brian flores is live at the fair ground and says like most fairs, this one is known for unusual food options. i think it's interesting, always tasting food when i'm talking to you. [laughter] >> reporter: i know because you are so -- you are so into nutrition, i'm like i hope tori is not tossing to me. i'm gonna eat anyway. >> go for it. >> reporter: live at the alameda county fair. this fair is fantastic. it's been going fon or years. it's the -- going on for years. it's the largest in the bay area. there are plenty of food options here. crazy options, healthy food options. we'll taste some of it.
7:40 am
this is very interesting, the chicken strips, i will tell you more about it. but we have another camera. take a look. this is a grill cam from the texas-sized turkey leg. dave was looking at this earlier. they are getting those ready. as we take it back out here live, a lot of things to do. i want to bring in nate one of the food vendors, one of the owners as well. how do you get into this stuff? how do you come up with the recipes. >> this is what we love to do. we know people love the exciting stuff. >> reporter: what do he got? >> the frosted flake chicken tenders. >> reporter: frosted flake chicken tenders. >> it's sweet, it's savory, it's fried. people love chicken. it's so good. >> reporter: you dip it in syrup. >> 100% grade-a organic maple syrup. >> reporter: i'm gonna try to right now. frosted flake chicken tenders dipped in syrup. tori, are up looking?
7:41 am
>> yes, i'm looking. okay. i hope you enjoy that. >> reporter: fantastic. >> as long as it tastes good, brian. >> don't embarrass me, brian. >> reporter: i'm not embarrassing you, dave. but that's so good. unbelievable. what else do we got? sorry, you guys. >> we have the pineapple hot sauce wings. you can get those here at the fair. fresh made for each and every customer. we have fresh cut fried potato chipsle. they are so -- chips. they are so food. >> reporter: i've been snacking on them. >> they are awesome. you can't stop yourself. you have the loaded potato chips, guacamole, bacon, sour cream. bacon makes everything better. >> reporter: i agree. >> then we have the kool-aid pickle. this is something totally unique. it comes from way down south. it's a pick. , brian, and sweet kool-aid but the sour pickle so it turns the
7:42 am
color, it's sweet. it's sour. you will be surprised how good it is. >> reporter: i don't like pickles. i'm gonna eat it anyways. >> we're not gonna hold it against you. >> pickles are good for you. >> reporter: that's interesting. [laughter] >> reporter: they are good for you? >> pickles are good. >> reporter: i don't like pickles but those are pretty good. >> it's a walk on the wild side. >> reporter: anyways -- >> a report with your mouthful. >> reporter: it's kind of hard. admission for the pair fair $12 for adults. $10 for kids and seniors as well. $10 for parking but there's great deals here. we're just having way too much fun out here. there's great musical acts tonight. guess who is playing, brian mcknight. we have fog hat, the beach
7:43 am
boys, roddyny -- rodney atkins. >> i know you will have a little bit more food after we say goodbye. enjoy. you did a great job. we'll check in with you later. thank you, brian. the big story we're following this morning out of south carolina has the nation reacting. coming up later. how people are sharing their sympathies with the southern town. and move over alexander hamilton. a woman is coming to the front of the ten-dollar bill. up next, how you can help decide which lady will get the honor. and we're looking at the morning commute here if you are driving out to highway 24. it looks like it's light but there is an accident on the transition ramp from southbound 680 to westbound 24 with a motorcycle involved. we'll tell you more -- coming up. if you like a westerly breeze and fog, you can feast on a cooler forecast. that's what we have today. we'll take a look at the extended and the first day of
7:44 am
summer is this sunday.
7:45 am
7:46 am
in california lifeguards are using high technology to spot sharks. the city of seal beach using small drones to patrol the waters that are popular with swimmers and surfers. lifeguard say it used to take two hours to go out on a jet ski trying to confirm ta shark sighting. now the drones can do the same thing in a couple of minutes. the rescue squad said if the drones spot a shark big enough to be a threat, they can shut down the beach in minutes. a san francisco company is the newest company on the new york stock exchange. so far it's been a stock worth
7:47 am
watching. just checking right now it's the fitbit. that stock is currently up almost $10. it started trading at $20. right now, it's up 48%. analysts say the company worth $4 billion when trading started and it's very popular with investors because fitbit is one of the few companies going public so far this year that is already making a profit. the public will have a chance to submit ideas for the first woman on a u.s. bill in more than a century. the treasury department announced today it will put a woman's image on the ten-dollar bill. by law, no living person may appear on a bill. the decision will be made by the end of the year. the new ten-dollar bill goes into circulation in 2020. that happens to be the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. among the top contenders i've
7:48 am
seen susan anthony, harriet tubman, el another res volt and rosa -- el eleanor roosevelt and rosa parks. >> a lot of people are pushing for hairette tubman. we'll see. pushing for sal to give you a good commute. i know you are watching the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> yeah, we are. and we have a problem in contra costa county. all of a sudden, we have a lot going on. traffic will be busy this morning if you are on 680 southbound on the connector ramp to westbound 24, there is a motorcycle accident there. traffic is backed up from at least 242. i also mentioned southbound 680 at marshview. there is a crash there. let's go to the richmond bridge approach because traffic is slow. there is an accident in one of the lanes just past the toll plaza, it's a big backup trying to get into marin county right
7:49 am
now. bay bridge, we do have a back upthere as well. it's backed up all the way to the maze. 25, 30-minute delay. today's weather at 7:48. let's go to steve. sal, bob in arizona, 115 degrees. it's a dry heat. the low dipped to 90 at 4:00 a.m. >> oh, my gosh. >> bob, you are watching right now. he said it's 115. i said, i know. we do have a pretty good fog bank here which wasn't much early. but it is now. it's on the increase here. you can see some of the low clouds. pretty shot here there are breaks in the cloud. fogs parallel to the coast and moving over the bay. we had a pick up on the weak system to the north. that decided to move in the fog and pick up the breeze. it will be cooler today. nice shot. i like it. warriors' parade tomorrow. the usual fog and then it will
7:50 am
burn off. maybe in the 70s if we can get the fog to burn off sooner. that's the system to the north. not much -- zoom. there it is. it's making more of a push parallel to the coast. but it will be breezy to wibd at times. plenty of low clouds. high pressure gets nudged away for a day. clearing back to the coast. wind in the delta already gusts to 30 miles an hour. san francisco which did warm up to 68 yesterday, 67 is average for this time of year. brought you right back down, 64 degrees officially. 50s and 60s on the temps here. one upper 40 holding on. but a lot of 50s. most locations are in the 50s. west-southwest. concord, 23. fairfield, gusts to 31. that's a rip-roaring sea breeze. 50s on the temps. water temps went down in bodega bay. also toward san francisco buoy. here is what i want to show you the remains of what was tropical storm bill now tropical depression producing a lot of rain in oklahoma and look at this complex coming through in oklahoma and kansas.
7:51 am
it's rare to get these two coming together. morning fog, sunny, breezy. windy at times. high, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. most locations will come down 5, maybe 10 degrees for some as we usher in the westerly breeze. 70s and 80s. 50s, 60s, 70s on the coast. warmer friday/saturday. sunday, double-header, father's day and first day of summer officially. >> bring it on. >> bring it on. >> thank you, steve. nine minutes before 8:00. police are investigating a home in fairfield after an overnight explosion. what neighbors say they heard and how this could have been tied to an upcoming holiday. but first, would you sink your teeth into this? up next, the pom pop paw lar -- popular chain said to debut
7:52 am
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7:54 am
the streets of downtown chicago are filled with hockey nance amid thunderstorms and lightning. a parade celebrating the blackhawks' win started at the top of the hour. players are riding through double-decker buses. the party then moves to soldier field, where the chicago bears play. 60,000 free tickets for that rally were available online.
7:55 am
there are screens set up inside for those who weren't able to get the tickets. the blackhawks won the cup tuesday night. nonprofit farm in san mateo county that helps hundreds of children and adults, well, they need help themselves. jasper ridge farm arranged to move their facility from gilroy to portolo valley. they raised the money, they got the needed permits and everything seemed fine. but then they found out the cost to grade and excavate the land wouldn't cost the $5,000 that they -- $25,000 that they budgeted. it would cost $200,000. >> we were stunned and horrified. but it felt just like one more hurdle. >> we feel like right now it's beyond us. we need more help. >> right now, they are in the process of transporting animals to the farm from gilroy. desperately trying to raise more money while looking for
7:56 am
someone to donate grading services. mcdonald's is slimming down or at least it is reducing the number of restaurants in the u.s. for the first time since 1970, mcdonald's plans to close more restaurants than it opens this year. the company has tough competition from companies like chipotle that sell healthy options and fresh ingredients. mcdonald's has not said how many restaurants it will chose. and burger king is set to add this burger to the menu next month at its restaurants in japan. it's red. the bun's color comes from adding tomato paste to the ingredients. the burger comes in beef or chicken and has a slice of red cheese and red chili sauce. you may remember last year, they introduced a black burger to japan and that was made from
7:57 am
squid ink. >> wow. you know i will eat anything -- >> i know. >> i have to think about this one. >> okay. okay. i think the red is the -- less he do styerable than the black one -- is less desirable than the black one. we're live in emeryville at pixar. pam cook is there. she's gonna sit down with the codirector of the movie "inside out." he will give us insight about what's really going on in our head. we're looking at the east bay commute and traffic on highway 24 will be slow. there is a delay on 680 because of a crash. we'll tell you about that. a lot of sunshine inland. it will be a cooler thursday. we'll show you the cooler forecasted temps.
7:58 am
female announcer: looking for the hottest deal on a new mattress? then don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! right now at sleep train save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and serta icomfort. big savings and interest-free financing? these deals aren't just hot, they're explosive! don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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8:00 am
>> reporter: fairfield police say a man making homemade fireworks next to his garage is nearly killed in an explosion. we spoke to a neighbor. hear what she says happened immediately after the blast. a massive manhunt continues right now in south carolina for the man who shot and killed nine people in a church during bible study. the possible motive. what we're finding out about that suspect and what he did just before he started shooting. well, good morning. welcome back to the 8:00 a.m. edition of "mornings on 2." these are live pictures.
8:01 am
we're watching and seeing what you are seeing. this is in fairfield. a house exploded. we'll check back to tara moriarty who has been out there all morning. she'll have the latest on what's going on with the investigation. it's thursday morning, jub -- june 18th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we want to check in with steve right now and see the weather is not too bad. >> a little cooler. warmer yesterday. inland will be sunny and warm but not as warm as yesterday. there is a decent westerly breeze. there is a howling delta breeze for some. that was not in place yesterday. the low cloud which really weren't -- not much there this morning has picked up. when i mean this morning, i mean 3:00, 4:00. parade tomorrow, we'll deal with the low cloud and fog. it will be fine. after that it will burn off. usually its to by 11:00. it look like we'll push upper
8:02 am
60s, maybe 70s. most of the fog is favoring the coast and bay. 40s, 50s to 60s. the werl little breeze is -- westerly breeze is rip roar, gusting 32 at travis. that's a good sign it will be cooler. you can see some of the fog. mainly areas on the coast. morning fog, sunny, breezy, it looks cooler for most. down 10 for some. 50s to 90s way inland. sal, you had a couple of things going on here? one of them is in walnut creek. southbound 680 at 24. a motorcycle accident right on that ramp. so we can't see with our camera. but it's on the ramp from 680 to 24. it was an injury crash. now traffic is backed up big time out of concord heading down to the ramp. highway 24 after that looks light because people aren't getting through at the same rate. that's why all of a sudden, if you drive on 24, you might want to get out there somewhat early to avoid the crush of people who will eventually make it through and head up to the
8:03 am
tunnel. moving along and taking a look at the richmond bridge, they cleared an accident from near the toll plaza area. things are getting better. but it's still slower than it normally is. and if you are driving at the bay bridge, it's backed up from about the macarthur maze, 25, 30-minute delay. back to the desk. we're continuing to follow the developing news from fairfield and an explosion at a house where police say a man was making his own fireworks and he was badly hurt. tara moriarty joining us live outside of the man's house and you found out some new information about this person. tara. >> reporter: the next door neighbor actually tells us that the man is a father of two little boys who fortunately were not home at the time of the blast. she said he was making these homemade fireworks on the sidewalk between her house and the garage where you can see that investigators, crime scene investigators are sort of combing through evidence. authorities say these devices were so dangerous and so unstable that they had to remove the remainder of them
8:04 am
from the garage to a remote area to detonate them. [sound of explosion] >> reporter: the yolo county boll squad took three truck loads of the fireworks to a fenced-in area away from people to blow them up safely. dispatchers received nearly 200911 calls while the -- 200 911 calls while they were detonating these devices. it was on katlin drive that nearly killed anthony stewart and there a trail of blood to this woman's front lawn. >> there was a large blast. it blew our side garage door that was dead bolted in. i was out in the garage. there was smoke and sulfur and i ran in and grabbed my daughter and we came out front, called 911 and my neighbor was on the front lawn rolling around because he thought he
8:05 am
was on fire. >> reporter: stewart suffered life-threatening wounds. he's now at a sacramento burn unit. investigators say the 42-year- old had been manufacturing fireworks for the 4th of july holiday. many neighbors, including becker, had to be evacuated last night. she and her family spent the night at a red cross shelter at a nearby school. that evacuation order was lifted around 2:00 this morning. right now, again, we have gotten the search warrant and police are inside of the home here and they are taking photos and looking for evidence and that is the latest here from fairfield. i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> all right. thank you. we'll talk to you later. there's a new development in the horrific crime in south carolina where a white gunman opened fire in an african- american church killing nine people. ktvu fox 2 reporter janine de la vega joins us live from our newsroom to tell us the suspect was just identified by authorities. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the last hour, the fbi and
8:06 am
charleston police have identified the suspect as 21- year-old dylann roof. this is a previous mugshot of him. he's from columbia, south carolina. authorities are actively looking for roof who they consider very dangerous. they say he attended a prayer service at an historic african- american church last night. after being there for an hour, he opened fire. here are surveillance images of him at the church. two charleston newspapers are reporting he had been out on bond for charges related to drugs and trespassing. among the dead is 41-year-old clementa pinckney who was the church's pastor as well as a south carolina state senator. two other men and six women also died. authorities are calling this a hate crime. they say all resources are being used to find the gunman. the tragedy has left the community shaken and they are trying to stay strong. >> we are working to try to
8:07 am
find out who did this. this is the time for us to come together and we hope that we can keep cooler head and stay together. we don't want this thing to erupt and then charleston become something else. >> police say there are three survivors. the police chief said they believe the suspect is still in the charleston area. they are urging the public to share the suspect's picture on social media. it may lead to someone calling in on a tip. tori? >> all right. thank you, janine. 8:07. social media has played its part in spreading the story but one woman's tweet conveyed the tragedy of it. it's from amber evans. it read, she's gone, y'all. they killed my grandmother. she gee gan to -- began to tweet when she learned of the shooting. her grandmother was at the church working and she asked for someone to let her know what was going on. many continue to share on
8:08 am
social media. hashtag charlestonshooting at the top of the list. and then hashtag prayforcharleston. we'll have continuing updates at the families of the six irish students who died and the apartment balcony in berkeley on tuesday, they are here in the bay area claiming the scripts' -- the victims' bodies. last night, hundred of people were a at an emotional -- were at an emotional candlelight vigil. the mourners were about the same able as the victims. meantime, just hours earlier, there was a mass held in oakland at the cathedral of christ the light. about 200 people attended. for many of them it was hard to put their feelings into word, especially when they thought about the grieving parents.
8:09 am
>> they want to see their loved ones. they want to touch them. they want to hold them. and they want to kiss them. >> the city of perkily is working with the -- berkeley is working with the irish could be sue lit to comfort and help the victims' families. on saturday, the funeral will be held for ashley donohoe in rohnert park. funeral services are planned for olivia burk. her body will be flown back to ireland, possible blib as soon as monday. >> seven people were also hurt in the collapse. three remain hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. the investigation into the collapse is now focused on dry rot. a structural engineer said the wood that supported the balcony had deteriorated. inspectors are also looking into other possibilities, including pest problems, defectish construction materials, poor workmanship, code violations and whether the balcony was overloaded. results could be released in a
8:10 am
few weeks. we have an update to the two wildfires burning in southern california this morning. the larger of the two fires in san diego county, about 15 miles northwest of el cajon, here's some video of what we're talking about. this has bushed 170 acres -- burned 170 acres. it's only 30% contained. in san bernardino county, another fire is burning 90 miles east of leaks. it's threatening homes in the mountains out there. the last time we checked, it burned about 50 acres. it's only 15% contained. calfire fully contained a wildfire in napa county. now this one started just before 2:30 wednesday afternoon near chiles road and near 128. east of st. helena. it burned 38 acres and shut down road at one point. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 8:10. a bay area company proving to be very popular. coming up, we'll check in on
8:11 am
how much people are paying to get their hand on fitbit's stock. we're just 24 hours away from the big victory celebration for the golden state warriors. we'll show you the parade preps and show you the route right after the break. we're looking at the south bay commute. right now we look at northbound 101, not too bad on the way up to sunnyvale. cooler pattern for us today. we'll take a look at that. what's in store for the weekend and also temperatures cooler today, but by how much.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
no doubt the 2015 nba champs are resting up today. the golden state warriors got a heroes' welcome when they touched down in oakland yesterday. season mvp steph curry carried the championship trophy off the plane. curry and the finals mvp andre iguodala gave fans a closeup look at the hardware. draymond green and curry stopped to talk about the incredible season. >> this is amazing. it's nice being back home with the trophy. celebrate with our fans. i can't wait for the parade. it's gonna be so much fun.
8:15 am
the bay area key serves the -- deserves the championship. we'll have a good time celebrating. >> we're on cloud nine. it seems for real. it has not set in yet. >> the warriors stayed up all night tuesday celebrating and savoring the moment. the floatmakers are working around the clock getting ready for the big victory parade. this san francisco company was originally building floats for the city's gay pride parade at the end of the month but after tuesday night eight big win in cleveland, they got the call, the floats will be needed first for the warriors' victory parade in oakland. they have to be finished so they can be towed across the bay bridge by 4:00 a.m. the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. here is a look at the map of the parade route. you fans can start to line up at early tas 5:00 a.m. b.a.r.t. will run trains at commute hour levels all day long.
8:16 am
ac than sit will be -- transit will be adding temporary stops on all of its downtown oakland lines. don't forget. get all of the parade details at we'll be airing the parade right here live. coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. you can live stream it on and our ktvu app. 8:16. warriors' fans also killing the team stores buying up championship hats and t-shirts. the store inside oracle arena was open past midnight after the game on tuesday night. and then reopened at 8:00 yesterday morning. it was packed all day. some say they waited in line for an hour and a half just to get inside. long-time fans say the championship means a lot to the bay area. >> i live in the town that's successful in sports. my community supports this organization. i just love the guys. met a couple of them.
8:17 am
they are great people. it means a lot. >> who doesn't love the warriors? the hottest-selling i tell, the locker room hat is gray and says nba champions. the giants were closely following the race to a championship until that last game tuesday night because the giants didn't have a tv or wi- fi on their delayed flight to seattle where they were playing the mariners. bruce bochy told the mercury news when the team arrived at the hotel, everybody rushed off the bus and they were able to catch the final game of the warriors. several warriors were going to giants' games. steph curry was there. take off your hat. show us your hat. right there. >> there you go. >> steve kerr was at a couple of games. >> i think the giants lost, though. >> a bit of a stretch. >> 8:17. let's check in with sal right
8:18 am
now. do you know if the giants lost? they did lose. >> they lost 2-0 last night. they are having a little bit of a trouble with offense. let's take a look at what we have now. the traffic is moving along slowly. if you are driving on the bay bridge approach. it's a 25 to 30-minute delay. there are no maimer problems getting into the city on that bridge. but you will be waiting for a bit. also looking at the east bay, highway 4 is slow and highway 680 is slow. we had a motorcycle accident that has just cleared. southbound 680 to westbound 24. the lanes are open but the damage is done. we're backed up deep into concord on 680 and 242. we're slow almost up to highway 4. let's go to the south bay and northbound 280 and southbound 280. this is downtown. northbound 28 on the right. it's improved getting up to highway 17. it's 8:18. let's go to steve in the
8:19 am
weather. >> with any consolation, it was a good pitching matchup last night. >> yes. the fog and low clouds came back. continue to move in. inland, it's still sunny. you can probably see the fog if you are close enough to the coast or bay. it's made a pretty good push. the breeze has cranked up for some. tomorrow's victory parade looks like nothing unusual we haven't seen before. 60s. we'll burn it off and then upper 60s to 70s. antonio is currently 53 degrees with a breeze out of the west and it's june gloom in westlake. it is. it continues to ramp up. the system to the north that allows the high pressure to back off. the document went from not much to pretty good. 40s, 50s, 60s. some areas will continue to be warm to hot. water temps at bodega bay and san francisco budy went down
8:20 am
one -- buoy went down 1 degree. already 90 in atlanta. hot-- hotlanta. there's also a convective complex. big complex that through. some of the outflow boundaries could trigger activity. angie said oklahoma has it bad, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes. any volcanos? no. it's been belogicly inactive -- gee logically inactively for billions of years. >> we have fog on the coast for us. cooler pattern. that equals a cooler day.
8:21 am
sunny -- sunny, breezy, windy at times. there will be low to mid-90s if you get far aenough away -- enough away. 60s to 90s here. 80 santa clara valley. 70s and low 80s for some. 50s, 60s on the coast. 60s, 70s on the peninsula. cooler today, a little warmer friday. warmest day of the next day will be saturday. summer begins at 9:39 officially along with father's day. >> it's my son's birthday. >> he turns 20. >> no more teenager. >> you like movies, right? >> i love them. >> stay where you are. coming up on "mornings on 2" we're getting an inside look at pixar's latest movie. ktvu's pam cook sitting down with the codirector of the movie "inside out" and show you how it all came to be. plus -- when samsung says galaxy smartphone owners might be able to stop worrying about
8:22 am
the threat of a cyberattack. female announcer: looking for the hottest deal on a new mattress? then don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! right now at sleep train save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and serta icomfort. big savings and interest-free financing? these deals aren't just hot, they're explosive! don't miss sleep train's 4th of july sale! ♪ sleep train ♪
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ on his quest, jack searched the globe for a flavorful spice coveted by kings and sultans.
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at last, he found it. exotic black pepper. jack knew what he had to do. trade his most beloved possession. and that's how far jack went to bring you the black pepper cheeseburger. black pepper cheese and peppercorn mayo. the black pepper cheeseburger. taste it before it's gone. just checking right now and the stock for fitbit, the popular fitness device, has been up all morning. right now, it's up 50%. fitbit's stock opened at $20 a share. right now it's trading at $30. it's very popular with
8:25 am
investors because fitbit is one of the few companies going public so far this year that is already making a profit. analysts originally had concerns fitbit was about to lose popularity when apple introduced its watch. 8:24. united airlines will stop all flights to new york's kennedy airport and that includes united flights from san francisco international to j.f.k., considered one of the most popular routes in america. united is moving the transcontinental and international flights to newark, new jersey. they will continue to serve la guardia in new york. this change takes effect in late october. they die my it will swap the j.f.k. gate and route assignments for delta's at newark. samsung said it can be a few days before it can help galaxy owners who might be vulnerable to hacking. the south korean electronic giant says it's working on a patch. it should be available soon. the cybersecurity company says
8:26 am
it sold samsung about this problem seven months ago. the company called now secure says there's a flaw in the keyboard software that lets hackers get in there. they say that could be a threat to businesses as well as the government. the nsa just approved it for it employees. the public will have a chance to submit ideas for the first woman to be on a u.s. bill in more than a century. the treasury department says it will put the face of a woman on the ten-dollar bill. there was a petition drive urging the government to put a woman on the 20-dollar bill. the decision for the ten-dollar bill will be made by the end of the year after public comment is made. the new bills goes into circrigs in 2020 -- circulation in 2020. today, it's dump the pump day. all over the country.
8:27 am
and new this morning, a nationwide campaign encouraging people to ride public transportation. coming up, how much families can actually save if they keep their cars at home. and we are live at the alameda county fair. we've been talking food. we've been talking rides. coming up next, the stars of the show. if we can get them out -- we're having a little technical difficulties. the pig races, they are coming out in just a few moments. we're looking at the south bay commute. right now traffic is gonna be a little bit slow on northbound 280. we'll tell you more about the rest of the bay area commute.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
welcome back. 8:30. dwrism dave clark -- i'm dave clark. breaking news out of south carolina. our fox sister station in charleston, south carolina reporting the gunman responsible for that deadly church shooting has been arrested. now, this is just coming into the newsroom. we have much more information coming in on this fast- developing story for you in just two minutes. stay tuned for that. again, thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2." we're also checking your weather this thursday morning. steve paulson has the latest on our forecast. >> our friend bubba th tortoise -- bubba the tortoise tweeting me. not very happy today. if you like cooler weather today is to your liking. most locations will cool down. fog bank. westerly breeze out to the delta. bubba is up in petaluma. not liking this fog.
8:31 am
too gloomy and cold but likes warmer weather. i will see what i can do for friday and saturday. the source of our cooldown is the system to the north. that's -- look at the fog. my goodness. hardly any. about 3:00 4:00 in the morning, boom, 8:00, 9:00 we are seeing a lot. 60s. fairfield, 59. they have a howling breeze. 29 gusts to 32. there is a westerly component or southerly component. it will be nice, sunny, warm for some. not as hot as yesterday. cooler for some and downright cold for some if you are near the coast. 50s, 60s, and mainly 80s. low 90s far enough away. sal, you had a couple of issues. highway 24. we have a lot of slow traffic there. it turned to be a rough commute on this thursday, steve. good morning. let's take a look at some of these pictures that we have. we have a look at 280 at the 880 interchange. we have slow traffic here coming up to the 880
8:32 am
interchange. it continues to be slow in the south bay. we also do have slow traffic on the richmond/san rafael bridge approach. the traffic continues to be slow although it's improving now. but they removed an accident. i want to show you something on the maps or actually the toll plaza but if we can bring the maps in here as well. westbound bay bridge, that's improved. it's better than it was. it's still about 20 minutes waiting there. but there's slow traffic. i want to mention that concord is a mess. 680 southbound, very slow. we also have slow traffic on 880 south from hayward to fremont. look at the south bay. most of it is slow, especially 101. now, at 8:32 back to the desk. thank you. back to the breaking news i just told you about. we're now hearing reports that authorities have captured the 21-year-old suspected gunman in that deadly church shooting in charleston, south carolina. this comes as the white house says president obama will be speaking about the church shooting in about 15 minutes. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega
8:33 am
in our newsroom now. so bring us up to date on everything that's happening. >> reporter: dave, there are various reports saying that 21- year-old dylann roof was arrested in shelby, north carolina. the fbi and charleston police say the suspect, 21-year-old dylann roof, is from columbia, south carolina. they say he was at the prayer service at an african-american church for an hour before, and then he suddenly started shooting, killing nine people. as we said, we are expecting to hear from president obama in 15 minutes. we will bring you that live. >> all right. ktvu's janine de la vega in the noom. we'll talk to you momentarily. several bay area cities have gunfire detection technology. well, now, a high school in the east bay is the first school in america to install it. it's newark memorial high school. this morning they will unavailable their shot spotter system. the sensors are inside the hallways and the offices in more than 20 buildings and in other areas around the campus
8:34 am
to alert police of an active shooter attack. police say the system will help locate an active shooter and also get medical aid to anyone who might be hurt in a shooting a lot faster. san jose will announce later today it is expanding enforcement on the ban on illegal fireworks. right now, offenders can face jail time and also be fined up to $1,000 for having, for advertising, for making or selling illegal fireworks. city leaders say they may not be able to get the new rules in place before the 4th of july. but they say illegal fireworks are a problem all year long. in san francisco, law enforcement officials say the court system there need to take the crime of graffiti a lot more seriously. 18-year-old andrew yarborough is an accused serial tagger. prosecutors claim he's caused moor than $50,000 -- more than $50,000 in damage. but the police and district attorney's office say it's hard
8:35 am
to prosecute graffiti cases because they say judges tend to see them as petty crimes. often they reduce the sentences to misdemeanors with very little punishment. pope francis making an historic statement about the environment and about climate change. the pope's almost 200-page document is called praise b. now, the pope said the climate change from fossil fuels, it hurts the poor the most. he says people should use their buying power it pressure kchs to reduce their carbon footprints. the pope says everyone should protect the planet for future generations. bay area commuters, tori -- >> thank you, dave. bay area commuters are being urged to dump the pump. caltrain and samtrans held events this morning encouraging people to keep their cars at home and instead take public transit. this is new video where
8:36 am
information tables have been set up to hand out free stuff. >> obviously, it saves you money because you are putting less gas in your car and save, the environment -- takes cars off the road. if you are living in the san francisco bay area, you know that one less car on the road ahead of you is a good thing. >> this is the 10th year of dump the pump day. a report by a public transportation advocacy group shows a family in san francisco would save nearly $15,000 a year by using public transit instead of driving a car. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> a lot of money. 8:36. still to come -- let the races begin. >> okay. >> we're live right there at the alameda county fair. i know they are in there. but pigs -- there they are. the pigs are making a run for it. we'll be watching. ♪ >> and how do they come up with
8:37 am
these ideas? we're live with pixar and we'll talk to one of the directors of their new movie. we're looking at traffic that's still a little bit slow in some area, especially in the east bay. you can see a look at the macarthur maze. an update on the cooler thursday forecast depending upon where you are. we'll see what's in store for the weekend.
8:38 am
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on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:40 am
if you are looking for more fun and a chance to enjoy the warm weather, you might want to head to the alameda county fair in pleasanton. that's where brian flores is live. he's looking at one of the main attractions of any county fair. that would be the animals. hey, brian. >> reporter: good morning. we talked about food, rides. we talked about food again. now we're talking about the pig races. i have to mention this quickly. yesterday when we were thauking about this story -- talking about this story, dave clark was in the studio. he's dancing. so excited. >> was i doing that? all right. >> reporter: yes, you were. i wish i had the camera there. [laughter] >> reporter: yeah, pig races, they are the main attraction at many fairs. to talk more about that, i have james wilkinson who has the all alaskan racing pigs here.
8:41 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: talk to me about the pigs. how young are they? how do you get them trained to do this. >> our athletes are just about 15 weeks old. they have been doing this for quite a while. they are back in the locker rooms, they are getting stretched out and limbered up and ready to race. these are very important steps for these racing pigs. we don't want anyone pulling hamstrings out here. >> reporter: no, definitely not. [ applause ] >> reporter: dave clark is clapping folks. let's get the race started. i'm gonna hand the microphone over to james. he dose the play by play. >> here we go. in the first lane, number 5, she's the crowd favorite everywhere we go, we has a sweet name. once that race starts the sweetness goes away. it's all business. it's strawberry and in the second lane wearing the orange big, number one, named after a gold rush character, he was a conman. it's soap yip smith.
8:42 am
and in the third lane, wearing the yellow bib, number 3, he's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. one time he was invited to a lieu wa and he actually -- luau and he actually showed up. i don't know what he was thinking. it's kobak and in the fourth lane, number 7, he's a little bit more for how he eats than how he races but still does both of them very fast. it's sloppy joe. we got all of these pigs announced and ready to go. are we ready on the gates? on your marks, get set and go! coming up the first stretch up the firsthurdle, looks like smith is taking the first pockets. and then the across the finish line. that was a really close race. i don't know about you guys, what do you think?
8:43 am
>> i strawberry -- strawberry. >> reporter: strawberry won? >> no. >> strawberry came in last. >> i was watching the race. they are so adorable. this is one of the highlights of the fair. >> i loved the music. >> reporter: we have a lot of fun out here. we always get big crowd. we've had way too much fun here at the fair. i'm well-fed. the pigs have raced. and things are looking really good. by the way, steve, he likes to come out to the fair as well. he likes going to the horse races. what is the weather gonna be like, my friend? >> also the concerts. brian mcknight tonight, the beach boys will be there. confunction. and the horse races begin. blast the cat in the 7th. keep an eye on him. [ applause ] >> he will be coming from the cloud. here we go. speaking of cloud -- of clouds,
8:44 am
we have low clouds. jeanne, you and i need to speak. i love doing the live track at the track. hopefully we can do that next week on the noon news. >> reporter: our caller pattern will be -- cooler pattern will be courtesy of a bigger nothing bank. some areas inland will still be warm to hot. i get it. but it is june. the angle of the stun is high -- sun is high. water temps came down for san francisco buoy. that means the fog has no problem forming. 60s, 70s in the valley. 46. pretty of low cloud. it looks like tomorrow high pressure will nose pack in start a warmup. morning fog, sunny and breezy. looks cooler for many. 60s, 70s, 80s. and also 90s. and the extended outlook does have a warmer pattern for
8:45 am
friday, saturday. the victory a -- parade looks good. summer begins along with father's day on sunday. here's sal. we've had a tough morning. northbound 280, i just showed it to you. it was not that bad. but now traffic has creeped up up here. northbound 280, northbound 101, northbound 85 all very slow this morning in the south bay. also looking at the commute here if you are driving to the east bay commutes, we can move onto the next map, that would be southbound 880, very slow. we had an accident at highway 92 that just cleared and traffic is slow all the way down into the fremont area. so look at all of that traffic slow traffic waiting for you. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for about a 20, 25-minute delay. we are not seeing any of that light traffic yet for summer vacations. just not happening. back to the desk.
8:46 am
>> all right, sal. thank you. planning a summer vacation? well, which bay area city is best to visit if you have a lot of money? most expensive vacation spots -- that's next.
8:47 am
8:48 am
we'll eat our dinner right after you eat this. >> here comes an airplane. airplane. we got an airplane, everybody. >> oh, boy. pixar's latest movie "inside out" takes you inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl whose life turns upside down when she and her parents move to san francisco. well, the main character is joy, fear, anger, disgust and
8:49 am
sadness, they are brought to life, thanks to movie magic. we sent pam cook, one of my movie experts, to pixar's animation studios in emeryville to get the inside scoop. you met with the movie's codirector, pam. >> reporter: yeah, this is exciting. it's all here at pixar. always exciting to be here. it's always amazing. particularly when they are coming out with a new movie. joining us here is the codirector of inside out. thank you so much. >> happy to be here. >> i love the premise. the idea of all of these crazy little characters inside our heads. inside this 11-year-old girl's head. how did you come up with this idea? how did this evolve? >> well, he had been observing his little girl, ellie, that little girl beginning at the movie, that was -- her name was also ellie. she was always around and happy
8:50 am
when she was that age and when she gets older, she becomes a little more quiet. distant. made pete wonder, what's going on inside the head. >> reporter: don't we all wonder. >> but if you are pete's daughter, you have to make a movie about it. >> reporter: something i noticed -- when i saw the trailer, the vibrant colors. i don't know if it's the technology but they said you did this on purpose, the contrast between the gray of texas and then these bright colors inside her head. for one thing they are gonna be -- emotions won't be toys, they are completely different characters. they will be made out of energy. we want too mike sure when we're getting -- we want to make sure when we're getting inside the eat motions, want to
8:51 am
know we are in a different place. it has to be instant. >> reporter: what are you most excited about the in the movie? >> i'm excited for people to experience these characters. we never told stories about emotions before. it's very difficult to do. not only that, i think they are very endearing. these are the guardians of our lives. we don't know that until we did our research and talked to experts. they are there to make sure that we need the challenges every day. the instant, they protect us. these are our characters. they are amazing. i learned about the characters. you learn about them for five years and you start to eat, breathe and you wake up and you name them as they are people in your lives. >> reporter: yeah, five years. you get to know them. >> you get to know them. >> reporter: we're very sited about the movie. thank you for joining us. we'll be back. this is a new thing.
8:52 am
you will have another new movie quickly around thanksgiving time. >> yes. we're busy around here. >> reporter: you are busy. thank you for making time for us. >> thank you. >> reporter: back to the studio. thank you, pam. 8:51. well, that huge takata air bag recall is growing again. toyota just added almost 1.4 million cars, trucks and suvs to the list. now, the safety test showed when the air bag inflated -- air bags inflate, they can shoot out metal at high speed. that is blamed for deaths and injuries all over the world. all of the vin numbers are affected cars in a searchable database. 34million vehicles made by 11 different car companies are part of this recall. if you want to find out if your car is on the list, check out our website. we've posted a link to the site on the web links section of well, san francisco, right near the top of the list for the most expensive cities for a
8:53 am
summer vacation. the study conducted by trip adviser ranks the cost of a three-night trip, a four-star hotel, tour, round-clip taxi ride and lunch and dinner. san francisco, $1900 for three flights. san francisco kwame in number 4. new york, came in number a. 6 cents cheaper than san francisco. boston, honolulu had and seattle rounded out the top three. seattle $2,080 for a three- night trip. a great story about a teen from fairfield being praised for being an honest guy on his job. matt vela was rounding up shopping carts on his third day on the job at raley's. he found a bag in one of the carts. he picked it up. everything fell out, including a stack of cash.
8:54 am
he turned it into his boss and later found out it belonged to a woman who had put that cash in a bag to buy a car for her son. she will came back to the store just to thank for him for being an honest guy. >> they bocked hard for -- worked hard for that. i have lost wallets before. >> ever get it back? >> no. i never did. >> his dad shared that story on facebook and then the manager at willson's leather saw the story and offered vela a job. we were there. he was filling out a job application. we wish him well. president obama called steve kerr to congrat late him on winning the -- congrat late him on winning the -- congratulate him on winning the finessals. he sing -- finals. he singled out steph curry and andre iguodala. the warriors get to make a trip
8:55 am
to washington. the warriors' parade happens tomorrow. that can pose challenges for people trying to get around the bay. 12,000 people are expected for the centennial event that will feature music, food trucks and family-friendly attractions. >> everything from a ferris wheel, jugglers, dancers. at 9:30, we're gonna unveil a fabulous lighting show. >> and friday is also the u.s. mayors' conference at the union square hilton in san francisco. 277 mayors from all across the country will attend and president obama will also be in town which could lead to more street closures, of course. he's scheduled to address the conference before attending a fund-raiser also in san francisco. >> tori, everybody is gonna be
8:56 am
in the bay area. before we go to sal, one last -- we want to give you a fine at look at the route for the victory parade in oakland. the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. you can start lining up as early as 5:00 a.m. parade organizers say if you are thinking of going out, use public transportation. b.a.r.t. will run trains at commute hour levels all day lock. ac transit will add temporary stops near the parade's stopping point on all of the its downtown oakland lines. you can get all of the parade details at and we will be airing the victory parade live with coverage beginning at 9:00. >> you can live stream it on and the ktvu app. >> gonna be a busy day tomorrow. >> ready? >> just use sal ally dad's trick. gotta get up early! get up at:00. >> who does that? >> my dad. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's getting a little bit
8:57 am
better finally. you see, if you sat around and you watched "mornings on 2" and then you go to work, it all worked out. >> it all worked out. >> to the other commute, san mateo bridge, moderately heavy heading out to the high rise. we're also looking at a commute where traffic will be still very busy from hayward to fremont. 680 is slow as you get into the main part of fremont and head to a crowded san jose freeway system. we haven't seen a lot of light vacation traffic just yet. steve. and with nothing going on tomorrow -- [laughter] >> right. i couldn't believe all of that. >> i know. >> tons. >> breeze day, sunny, mild, coomber by the coast -- cooler by the coast. summer begins on sunday morning officially and father's day. >> we'll have full coverage of the parade tomorrow. we're on at 4:00 a.m. there might be people linning up starting at 5:00. we'll be able to get a chance to hear about the preparations.
8:58 am
>> that's our report for this morning. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> ktvu is back at noon. you can always get the latest local headlines on our ktvu mobile app and at thanks for joining us. have a great day.
8:59 am
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military police are in the middle of a routine training session, but -- >> what's not supposed to happen is this. >> see what happens when the drill backfires. >> yeah. a pair of motorists is having a little engine trouble. >> and then it just dies. >> so he uses his impressive skills to make a smooth landing. ♪ i think we did it again ♪ it's the writ know spears spired pregnancy annouement that has it's kind of taken us through the process of pregnancy. now find out why this dynamic duo might go for a baby one more time. >> i watched the


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