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tv   KTVU 4pm Early News  FOX  June 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> massacre inside a place of peace, a church, 9 people gunned down. >> we don't have all the facts but once again innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. >> good evening -- hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> tonight that attack is being investigated as a hate crime. here is what we know. the 21 suspect has been arrested and will be extradited
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back to south carolina. the church that was attacked is known as mother emmanuel and houses the oldest black congregation south of victim. the victims came from all walks of life. a pastor, a state senator and a track coach. we have team coverage tonight. ktvu's john sasaki is speaking with local leaders but we start with mike mibach and the latest from south carolina. >> reporter: let's talk about the arrest, a citizen spotted the suspect's car, tipped off police and just like that the man hunt ended. the 9 victims, 6 women, 3 men, the mayor called the shooting pure, pure concentrated evil. >> reporter: handcuffed and wearing a bullet proof vest dylann roof was escorted into a
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patrol car. the 21-year-old from south carolina was arrested during a traffic stop in shelby, north carolina, 220 miles north of the deadly shooting. >> this is an unspeakable act by somebody filled with hate and with a deranged mind. >> reporter: charleston police chief said the gunman spent an hour listening to a bible study group inside the icemanuel ame church -- historic emanuel ame church church before he stood up and killed 9 people, including the pastor, senator clementa pinckney. the shooting is prompting prayer vinylles throughout the state -- individual throughout the state and on capitol hill. the president called it heart breaking and renewing his calls for gun control. >> at some point we will have
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to reckon with the fact this does not happen in other advanced counties. it doesn't happen in other places with this kind of frequency. >> reporter: president obama went on to say he knew the church's pastor who was also a husband and father and a senator in the state of south carolina. why the u.s. attorney general's office launched an investigation, it is not clear whether the suspect had any specific connection to organizations operating there in south carolina. >> mike mibach in the news room, thank you. a picture of dylann roof on facebook provides clues to his mind set. look at this jacket. two patches. flags. there is another picture of him on a car with a license plate that reads confederate states of america. a friend said he used to make
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racist jokes and talked about southern pride but he also had black friends. they say he was not on their radar. >> leaders in the bay area are outraged and tonight they are talking about how to move forward. ktvu's john sasaki is live in san francisco. you spoke with a local head of the naacp today? >> reporter: tragedy in south carolina has shaken leaders to their core. >> reporter: at san francisco third bappest church he is senior pastor -- baptist church he is senior pastor. >> bigotry. it is cheaper to be peaceful, to be loving. >> reporter: brown who is also president of the naacp held a news conference with two rabbis to call for change including greater gun control. >> we should stop bowing to the
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national rifle association. >> this country stands for all of us together, being able to worship god but we have a problem of power, guns, weapons, that was not intended by the constitution. >> reporter: he says his church will be stepping up security. they have used metal detectors to prevent this kind of violence. >> hour hearts were broken this morning when we heard this news of the shooting and we know it could happen anywhere in the country, anytime. >> reporter: a monthsly meeting of church leaders -- monthly meeting of church leaders after the emanuel ame church shooting. >> the pastor has been -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he visited that church many times and knew senator clementa pinckney who was killed. >> a wonderful person. great human being. caring person.
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loved the community and loved the church and god. >> reporter: he said south carolina where the shooting happened still honors the confederacy. >> the fact they continue to fly a confederate flag speaks to the mentality of some of the leadership of that state. >> reporter: the pastor says his church is having a vigil tonight starting at 6:00 p.m. >> john, thank you. we will have continuing coverage throughout the evening. for update off the air and our mobile app. another major story tonight. the warriors. oakland getting ready for a huge parade tomorrow to celebrate their nba championship win and a lot of people are expected. it starts on broadway and turns
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on west grand avenue and following along lake merritt. the team will be there to celebrate. tonight steve kerr talked about their way. let's bring in our sports director mark ibanez. >> start to finish, the win- loss record, the health of the team, i got a chance last week to cover them for both games, monday through friday and you find out, you know, behind the scenes what is going on, great, great group of guys. they get off the planes with the trophy. and it is not all hype about this team. great guys, great team. the feeling of exhilaration followed by relief because there is so much tension. think about it the playoffs last two weeks. regular season ends in april. talking about a parade again.
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some of the celebration in the locker room. today coach a sigh of relief and a relaxed look on his face talks about it all. >> a lot of texts and e-mails that -- that i either haven't been able to respond to or tim duncan immediately texted me, he said that easy, hu? [ laughter ] >> this is a great reminder to me when i was part of a championship team, that day after you win, greatest feeling ever. total relief. and time to get away a little bit and relax. >> coach total relief. i got to tell you guys, again, in following them, i kind of liken it to the way the giants were in game 6 and 7 in the world series. i was there three hours before
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the game and they seem remarkably relaxed and not up tight and that is what i saw out of the warriors back in cleveland. highly intense games, national scrutiny, world wild scrutiny and they just seemed as cool as coach was right there. how about that? his first year as a coach going all the way. hasn't been done since the early 1980s. >> we can almost point to the giants celebrations. three in the past five years. looking ahead to tomorrow, do you think it might be similar to the giants? >> i was at a deli a little while ago, three of our oakland firefighters were there and they were prepping. and they said they are expecting at least 500,000 people which just seems incredible and you know what was the coolest statistic out of the first parade in 2010, million people, no arrests. let's hope we can follow that.
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>> talk about how they came together as a team. but the whole organization has changed. couple years ago no one wanted to play for the warriors. they were small market no one thought about them team and now look at them. >> top to bottom, classic. the way they treat the media, the way the coach treats the media. they don't talk down to you. they make our jobinize credible. you know, there are -- jobs incredible. you know there are a team or two that could learn from them. there is a lot to learn from the class and it all starts from the top and works its way down. translates into success on the court or field. >> can't wait for tomorrow. thank you. right now we meant to bring in mark tamayo -- we want to bring in mark tamayo. sounds like it will be perfect. >> we will have patchy fog tomorrow morning but that will melt away. right now clear skies over the
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bay area. here is what the model thinks. put it into motion into the morning hours. this is early tomorrow morning. this is 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. patchy fog around the bay. that will be clearing out. revealing mostly sunny skies. here is the plan for tomorrow for oakland, 10:00 a.m. we could have a few patches of fog but more sunshine popping up. and that will lead it a mostly sunny afternoon. 1:00 p.m. temperature easily back up to 70 disease. low 70s throughout -- degrees. low 70s throughout the afternoon. great weather. not too hot. mild side. clear skies and sunshine for the exciting festivities tomorrow afternoon. we will update the forecast and warmer temperatures to talk about coming up. and one more look now at the map of the parade. tomorrow the parade begins at 10:00 a.m. fans can start lining up at 5:00 a.m. they are estimating there could be 500,000 people coming out
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for the parade. b.a.r.t. trains will be running at commute hour levelalize day long and a -- levelalize day long and a.c. transit will add routes. you can see that map again on our web page and if you can't make it, stay with us on ktvu our parade coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. right here and we will stay on live till it is over and we will stream live online. new developments in the bellany collapse in -- balcony collapse in berkeley. they released the plans and drawing for the buildings. -- drawings for the buildings. ktvu's tom vacar is live with more. . >> reporter: there is no way the documents themselves can tell the whole, complete and truthful story. >> reporter: despite these
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volumes of documentation the balcony collapsed brought about by water seeping in to the support beams that failed. they take up 57 pages listing each and every inspection. the city reloosed drawings -- released drawings and plans, which include the two removed balconies. what the city provideicide a lot of -- provided is a lot of paper work that is meaningless unless you have somebody to explain it. whether or not it was built according to code, whether or not the flashings to keep water out were installed or installed correctly. >> reporter: nonetheless when properly explained, it will figure into establishing who might be responsible in court. from the designer to the contractor, subcontractors, material suppliers and private inspectors to city inspectors
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and the city itself. on yelp the complex got 20 comments, 13 are low. one or two stars out of 5. complaints about services and the condition. the grade was 2.3 stars out of 5. coming out live you can see the two balconies are now gone, and gone forever. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. one of the victim's friends started opgo fund me -- up a go fund me contact. they are in the -- account. they are in the u.s. on a visa. friends are scattered across the u.s. and they hope to get home in time say good-bye. they raised $8,200. their goal is 10,000. we posted a link on our website, just ahead the most popular type of car, the make and model. and the first of its kind in
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the bay area, why one high school is installing a gun system to detect gun shots. and a mural vandalize, why some say it was a homophobic attack.
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there are concerns about hate in san francisco tonight after someone defaced a murl in the mission district days after it went up. this is what the mural looked like once it was vandalized. it depicks lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender latinos. ktvu's rob roth is in the mission and rob we could see the people working to try to restore the mural. >> reporter: right. here the defaced mural has been removed and an ideal one is about to ge-- identical one is
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about to go up. >> reporter: if stripping away hate has a sound perhaps this is it. volunteers here at the mission spent the day removing a mural and the vandalism that destroyed three days after the went up on this wall near 24th. >> felt disappointed that was the reaction. >> reporter: the director that features the work of latino artists showed us what it first looked like. >> embracing and just like a loving embrace. >> reporter: this is what it looked like tuesday morning. the mural sparked hate speech and threats on social media. she believes it is coming within the community that does
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not accept gay people. >> homophobic. call it what it is. we need do a lot of work. >> the vandalism is hurtful. >> i think the thing that is the most painful, the hate. i don't want to fight with other people of color. >> not right. i just wish that all people could learn to live together and respect each other. >> reporter: we are back live. you can see volunteers are replas that mural. the mural -- replacing the mural, the mural is glued in sections. the gallery has extra copies so the same mural should be replaced by the end of the day and the vandalism is being reported as a hate crime. live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> rob roth in san francisco,
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thank you. fire in san bernardino county is growing quickly. smoke could be seen for miles. the lake fire grown from two scare miles to 12 square miles in hours. 200 campers, most children, were moved for their safety. flames are consuming trees there. the fire started yesterday and investigators don't know how it started. >> that is what we worry about here with the drought and the hot temperatures. we haven't had to deal with that yet but it is coming. >> yeah. with each heat up we have. that sets the stage for fire danger. not talking about extreme heat but temperatures will be trending up friday and saturday. right now we have mostly clear skies over the entire bay area. over the state. you can see rainfall approaching the pacific northwest. approaching seattle right now. here is a closer look at our radar. clear skies with the fog. fog earlier today.
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clearing out of the region. also a bit of a breeze kicking up. show you the numbers out there. 80s to report towards livermore. today as advertised cooler than yesterday. san jose 74 degrees. oakland 65. and santa rosa 81. talking about the wind speeds. cranking up towards the delta. 28. gusting to 37 miles per hour towards the fairfield area. oakland winds at 12 miles per hour. and more wind reports, sfo, winds out of the west, 16 miles per hour. here is our live camera. haze. but clear skies up above. headlines tonight, clear skies. tomorrow patchy morning fog. warming up but especially inland the warmest locations around 90 degrees. and then we will continue to warm up into saturday and then
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our next cooling trend kicks in on sunday. tomorrow morning, coolest locations in the upper 40s. 50s to start out your friday morning out there. here is the plan in concord. temperature time line, sunny and warm. mid-80s by 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. lunchtime uner 70s. clear skies for -- in the 70s. clear skies and we will continue to warm up for friday and saturday. area of high pressure strengthens off shore. as it weakens sunday, will bring in cooler temperatures for the second half of the weekend and monday of next week. our forecast model showing you this. the patchy fog tomorrow morning and then we will go with increasing sunshine. a patch or two of fog near the shoreline. lots of 80s out there. the warmest locations 90 degrees. clear lake and vacaville.
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oakland 73. danville upper 80s. livermore 90 degrees. san jose forecast high of 82. temperatures check in at 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. san francisco 68 degrees. your five-day forecast, the warmest day, sunday, celebrating the dads and the summer, summer solstice, continues to cool off for sunday and next week. but that warriors parade tomorrow, great weather. lots of sunshine out there. not too hot. still comfortable. >> not too hot, not too cold, just right. >> just perfect. >> yeah. thank you. just ahead, it is official, brian williams will not be returning to nbc nightly news.
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a midday shoot out left shattered car windows but no one was hurt. it happened in the parking lot of a store about 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. police say people in one car fired at another car and then both cars sped off. officers swarmed the area to collect evidence. they found 22 shell casings. they are talking to witnesses and reviewing surveillance video to figure out who was involved. >> right now we don't know how many people, we don't know how many people were in the second car. we believe there were two people in the first car. >> police are also trying to determine if anyone in the second car fired back.
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police say one of the cars was a black lexsis they have a partial license plate on the car -- lexus and they have a partial license plate on the car. brian williams will not return to nbc nightly news. they suspended him after exaggerating about his role in a incident in iraq. his new assignment is breaking news and special reports. the chairman said brian has the chance to earn back everyone's trust. lester holt has been filling in for brian williams has been named his replacement on nbc nightly news. tesla is getting a tax credit for creating jobs in california. a board approved the credit for the company this afternoon. in exchange they are promising to create 4400 new jobs in the state. even though they are building
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their new factory in nevada. the company is still committed to california. what is the most frequently stolen car? if you said a 1996 honda accord you would be record. the chp say 160,000 vehicles were stolen statewide last year and 90% of them were recovered. of those, 65% or 2-3 were still drivable. the most popular truck to steal is a toyota pick up. a local high school is installing a system to detect gunfire. why the principal says it is the wave of the future and san jose's plan to cut don on illegal fireworks. the city staffers -- down on illegal fireworks and city staffers who will be on look out and meet the students who won money to go to college from mark zuckerberg and his wife.
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a bay area school is marking a first. the first high school anywhere in the country to use shot spotter technology on campus. it detects gunfires and alerts authorities. ktvu's noelle walker tells us the principal is a former preserve principal and he
4:32 pm
thinks this is the wave of the future. >> reporter: newark memorial high school is out for the summer. when students return they went just have surveillance cameras watching them, this campus will have another layer of technology listening for a very specific danger. to save time and lives. we asked police to demonstrate. the country's first shots spotter on a high school campus. >> it will open up and zoom to the location where the incident occurred on campus. >> reporter: it sends out an alert to smart phones pinpointing where they would heard so police can direct students away from the danger. >> we look at this the next step of safety. the superintendent points out there are sprinklers in case of a fire that rarely happens, why not a system to minimize the
4:33 pm
danger from an active shooter but newark is far from the most dangerous place so why here? >> because why not? >> reporter: the principal points out -- >> it happens anywhere. >> reporter: places that seemed safe, until they weren't. >> it is not about the school being unsafe or the culture being violent, it is about if it happens we are prepared. >> reporter: they wouldn't say how much the system cost or who paid for it but the school will pay a yearly maintenance fee. to this school the peace of mind is priceless. >> god forfid this technology would have to -- forbid this technology would have to be in place. >> reporter: noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. a judge sentenced randy alana to 131 years to life in
4:34 pm
state prison for strangling sandra coke. the judge said today in his 30 years on the bench he has never seen such a mountain of evidence proving someone is guilty. the took the jury three hours to convict randy alana. she worked with the federal public defender's office. a new survey shows voters support raising the county sales tax to paid for transportation projects. the leadership group found 68% would support a half cent sales tax increase. that would bring tax to 9.25%. they want the measure on next year's ballot. the increase would last 30 years and dedicated to specific traffic release projects or improvements. some projectinizeclude finishing the b.a.r.t. extension to downtown san jose.
4:35 pm
fixing pot holes and streets. improving bike and walking safety near schools and relieving traffic on all 8 freeways throughout the county. mark zuckerberg is making headlines but this time it is for hisicatorrable work. he is donating $5 million to send undocumented bay area students to college. ktvu's cristina rendon met students who said this is a game changer. . >> reporter: facebook keeps them connected to friends and family in mexico. they never thought mark zuckerberg the founder would also be the one helping them pursue their dreams. >> how can he make dreamers, why us? >> the sisters are recipients of the dream u.s. scholarship which they donated $5 million
4:36 pm
to. it is a full tuition scholarship. >> competitive scholarship. [ indiscernible ] >> unbelievable. >> reporter: it is also unbelievable for him. he came to the country from mexico when he was 14. not knowing a word of english. >> it was really hard. because you are not able to understand or speak. >> now he is transferring to uc santa cruz with plans to become a computer engineer. >> it is really great because of what he is doing. opening doors for a lot of people. >> reporter: they have dreams to become business owners inspired by their mother. >> she has told us you don't want to be like me cleaning rooms. you want to have a higher education so you could give your children a better future. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg says america was founded on a nation of immigrants and helping immigrant students will
4:37 pm
help our country make greater progress. it is why they have never stopped dreaming. >> we dream as everybody dream. >> reporter: their dreams are just the beginning. his donation will help 400 bay area immigrants attend college. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. ahead, all the teachers and staff at one school were told they had to reapply for their jobs. now they have been told when break is over they won't be returning returning to the same classrooms. it will be at a different school. >> the ipo for san francisco based fit bit, the big gain posted. and a look at the more unique food option when you go to one county fair in the east bay. kool-aid and frosted flakes.
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the former secret service agent investigating silk road agreed to enter a guilty plea for stealing bitcoins. he transferred $850,000 in bitcoins into his personal account. no word on his sentence. his colleague is also charged and remains in jail pending arraignment. the founder was arrested in san francisco and sentenced to life in prison. six inmates on death row
4:41 pm
filed a lawsuit today alleging inhumane living conditions. they are confined, alone 24 hours a day. the isolation is a violation of the 8th amendment proamission against cruel and unusual punish -- prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. shares of fit bit hit the ground running. shares surged after they opened and closed up $30 a share. it has grown very popular. sales tripled last year. reversing a loss in the previous year and giving the company $131 million in profit. they are trading under fit. sean parker donated $4.5 million to ucsf. it will be funding a way to
4:42 pm
find cures for malaria. he is the founder of napster. ahead here the 4th of july is around the corner. san jose has a plan to crack down on illegal fireworks. especially because we are right in the middle of a drought. >> and a woman on the $10 bill soon, can you name the women who have already been on u.s. currency? >> the bay area in the clear right now. how much warming in the forecast and the warmest day of the up coming weekend.
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lot of concern about illegal fireworks this year because we are in the middle of a drought and now san jose has a plan to beef up enforcement. ktvu's azenith smith tells us more. >> i think i am in downtown baghdad and we are being attacked. >> reporter: this is what he hears and sees in san jose. he shot this videos of what looked like professional fireworks show done by non- professionals illegally. >> why people mess with these
4:46 pm
things is beyond me. >> reporter: he hears them too. >> i have a friend who spends two months being triggered with his ptsd. >> reporter: they are dangerous. last year a man blew off his hand and a boy was also injured playing with fireworks. >> it should be handled by professional said and not by res -- professionals and not by residents who don't understand how dangerous they could be. >> reporter: the problem in san jose, 2,000 complaints last year year. that is why leaders want to allow officers to issue citations with fines up to a thousand dollars and then the fire danger. >> one match. one bottle rocket. the thing is, these things burn at 1,000 degrees. >> reporter: given the drought you could see the conditions are hot and dry and neighbors are concerned projectiles will
4:47 pm
shoot up, embers hill come down -- will come down and sparking a fire. >> it could be this year we will have major fires. >> reporter: it won't go into effect till after july 4, city counsel still has to approve it. in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. a big portion of san francisco deloris park reopened today. it didn't take long for people to fill up the north side. people sprawled out on the new grass and the upgrades include more sports cores, rest rooms and a dog park. before the renovation the park drew 4,000 people on a typical saturday and it was showing signsf over use. >> we are out here -- signs of over use. >> we are out here encouraging
4:48 pm
people to show their love. >> voters approved the bond in 2008 for the over haul. fences are going up today on the other side of the park for the next part of the renovation. they expect it to reopen next year. >> i couldn't figure out what struck me about that picture, the grass is so green. when we see grass right now it is not that green. i don't know how long it will stay that green. looks like a great park. >> look at those pictures, everybody at the park. temperatures in san francisco in the 60s. nice day to be outside. that is the case right now. clear skies. tracking rainfall, not for us. up to the north, approaching the pacific northwest. most of the state is in the clear. including the bay area. we started out today with fog near the coast and near the bay. clearing out throughout the afternoon hours. that fog will return for the
4:49 pm
over night hours and into early friday morning. current numbers. 84 livermore. walnut creek 81. san francisco there we go, 60 degrees. santa rosa last check in the lore 80s. here is our live camera. bay bridge here. haze out there. winds not too much of a factor here, 10-15 miles per hour. earlier towards fairfield, 28 miles per hour. strong winds towards the delta. for san francisco, a breeze. nothing too extreme. for the morning hours, areas of fog near the coast and the bay. we warm up with temperatures inland approaching the 90- degree mark. temperature time line, 7:00, low 50s. temperature range expands by 4:00
4:50 pm
>> we are not talking extreme heat. no triple digits. mid-90s. and we will cool monday and tuesday. >> look goods. >> perfect time for a state
4:51 pm
fair. wouldn't you say? >> i would say. where went yesterday -- i went yesterday. lots of rides, food and fair fun. today we got a taste of what is new at the fair with ktvu's brian flores. tasting the fried frosted flakes. and brian mcknight, the beach boys set to perform. it runs till july 5. it is closed on mondays. >> ahead here, why all the teachers and staff in one local school are being reassigned and a teacher says they were misled.
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developing news now. cal fire is responding to a grass fire. the first reports were 50 acres. we learned one structure burned. we are bringing you live pictures of the fire here. you can see a lot of smoke in the area. this is towards -- towards manteca. conditions warmer than in the bay area tonight. temperatures about 94 degrees. it is very, very dry. winds aren't much of an issue. you can see active orange flames there. you can see the smoke being blown. winds 10 miles per hour or so. mark tamayo is on top of that. we will have more information on and our mobile app as well. staffing dispute at a school. teachers and staff were told they would have to reapply for jobs and now they don't have the chance.
4:55 pm
ktvu's ann rubin is live. this is the latest twist in a story that has teachers and parents upset. >> reporter: it is a different message than they got earlier in the week. this afternoon teachers attended a meeting here trying to make sense of it. >> reporter: at west valley elementary school teachers came to clean out their classrooms. next year none of them will return. >> has been my community, my family and to see it break up like this it -- there is no words to explain that. >> monday parents were told about a year's worth of tension of the school with problems with leadership. administrators said the fix is having all teachers reapply for their job. last night that changed. >> i told them we need be honest. teachers are not going to have an opportunity come back. >> the teachers union believed
4:56 pm
the interviewing process as set up by the district wouldn't be fair. >> some would have got their jobs back. others not. how would that be fair? would not be. >> reporter: they asked for a change outlined in this memorandum. stop interviewing and transfer everyone. the superintendent of the school district says they obliged. >> never told not to do it. never asked not to do it. we were told there was support for it. >> reporter: teachers feel blind sided. >> i have never heard where they treated teachers this way or negated the educational experience for the children and their parents. >> that is unfair. every one of these teachsers phenomenal. -- teachers is phenomenal. . >> reporter: this parent says it is a mistake. >> i love the school and i love
4:57 pm
the teachers. >> reporter: 25 teachers and 15 other staff members are effected. they will be moving to other schools in the district. >> thank you. the san francisco sheriff's department held its 20th graduation today for its charter school inside the county jail. the first of its kind in the united states when it opened. they acquire skills. the goal of the school is to educate youth and cut down on recidivism when they get out. fewer people return to a life of crime when they are educated. >> we are absolutely committed to making sure that people are not returned to the criminal justice system and that they move forward and reenter into
4:58 pm
society. [ cheers and applause ] [ indiscernible ] that is it for us. appreciate you watching the early edition of the news and we are keeping an eye on the fire. >> temperatures 90 and dry.
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now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better.
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>> it has been just a gorgeous day here at day one of the united states open. here at chambers bay university place washington. a look at mount ranier in the distance and in the foreground. you will see chambers bay, where the galleries have been massive. and we've seen


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