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tv   KTVU 4pm Early News  FOX  June 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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so get one tonight, and get weird. . the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. [ cheers and applause ] >> for the first time in 40 years the warriors have brought the championship trophy home to crowds in oakland. hundreds of thousands of fans packed the route to get a look that team that finally made it happen. >> every piece of the puzzle had to come together and we did. >> a huge crowd in oakland as you can see from this picture. now look at the crowd, this was
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the rally at lake merritt. compare it to the giants crowd in san francisco in october. a beautiful day. perfect. couldn't have asked for more. good afternoon everyone. hello. i am frank somer ville. >> and i am julie haener. >> a celebration in oakland today. [ cheers and applause ] >> steph curry was holding the troph any fans began chanting mvp. when he hoisted it the crowd went wild. you could see his wife and his daughter and she got a chance to steal the show. >> adorable. iguodala tweeted this photo
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with his son and the trophy. and klay thompson getting the fans pumped up. he took this selfie on stage with the troph any the crowd -- trophy and the crowd. today former warriors players came out to sellbrate the team. >> what is -- celebrate the team. >> what is this like for you? . >> unbelievable. shows you how much a family is. great to see fans like that. >> coach road in a car with his wife and kids soaking up the moment and oakland mayor road along on her snail car and she had mc hammer with her. >> the city prepared prepared for a half million people for the parade and rally but some officials are saying a million people may have flooded into the city for the parade and rally. this was video outside the lake
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merritt b.a.r.t. station this afternoon. crowds tried to leave. you can see -- look at that line, that is just to get into the station. >> so many people. ktvu's cristina rendon is at lake merritt with a look at how it is going. >> reporter: things quitted down here within the past hour. 2:00 p.m. it was jam packed with people. that rally just ended. everyone was trying to get home. people said it felt like they were sardines arriving and leaving the b.a.r.t. stations. >> the celebration isn't over for the hundreds of fans. they are still cheering as they wait for b.a.r.t. fans. >> it was fantastic. you know? great seeing all the players. >> the environment sow rounding -- it was -- surrounding. it was good. >> wasn't been all fun. >> long time. >> terrible. i don't know why they are not letting us in. >> reporter: hundreds of people
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packed the b.a.r.t. station. lines flowing outside and inside one person passed out from the heat. taken away by paramedics. b.a.r.t. was expecting half a million riders this morning. that is 15% higher than usual. >> downtown oakland is the core impact of the parade. when you look at the figures of the stations here, they are seeing as much as embarcadero and montgomery stations on commute days. [ indiscernible ] >> it was crowd. they stopped the escalator so we could get in. >> we got here early. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> 5:00 a.m. we got here around 6:00 a.m. >> reporter: streets were so packed the city closed closed the entrance oo lake merritt
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b.a.r.t. -- to lake merritt b.a.r.t. fans say it was worth the wait. . >> every minute. every minute. >> now, as far as we know we are told there haven't been technical difficulties with b.a.r.t. and they will keep running extra trains till the crowds quiet down. >> you were out there with all the fans, how was it for you? >> reporter: we got a unique experience because we were on a boat but there were so many people using their cell phones we couldn't transmit our signals. we are on lake merritt and a camera to transimate a signal so -- transmit ainal so we had had a -- a signal, so we had a different view. people following steph curry on his float. it was a pretty amazing experience. not going to lie. and one thing i loved seeing today was that children's ferry
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land was transformed into ferryland. it was amazing all the way around. so great to be here in the bay area. >> priceless seeing -- [ talking at the same time ] >> great shot. cristina rendon outside the b.a.r.t. station, thank you. let's see take a look now at the evening commute for those not taking b.a.r.t. this is highway 24. actually only 4:05 p.m. here, seems more crowded than it normally would be. the commute direction on the left hand side of the screen. checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza. that is more like it 4:00 p.m. on a friday afternoon. yeah. not bad at all. >> that look goods. now interstate 80, traffic here, you can see in the commute direction, that is very heavy. towards the bay bridge looks good. we have compiled a lot of pictures that were posted on
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social media from fans to people celebrating as the buses went by the warriors players were tweeting too. >> and you can check out more of the parade and rally for the nba champions on we posted great video. also a lot of pictures of the players and the crowd all dressed up in their warriors gear. all of that on while the dub nation celebration was going on on one side of lake merritt there was a shooting on the other side. three people were shot and wounded in the 1800 block of lake shore avenue. ktvu's paul chambers is in oakland now with more on what happened there. paul? >> reporter: i tell you police just released the scene within the 30 minutes. we were over here, many people didn't know about the shooting because they were at the celebration. listening to the speeches. we heard steph curry give his
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speech while police were working the scene. >> reporter: it was the perfect day for a parade. everywhere you looked the city was blue and gold but after noon that changed as it switched to black and yellow, police tape. >> a couple people arguing. not even, like, couple minutes after that there was 5 or 6 gun shots. >> reporter: she and her friends were walking away from the rally when she heard gun shots. >> walking in that direction. and for some reason we decided to stop and look around and see if he could take a different bus and leave the place. >> when officers responded they had located three victims. they are in stable non-life threatening condition. >> one person's mistake messed up the day. >> reporter: a lot of people were saddened on this shooting. dimmed by triple shooting in the shadow of the warriors
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celebration. across the a lick where fans -- lake where fans gathered. >> i didn't think that would happen. after they won nothing happened. nobody got shot. you know what i am saying? that is crazy. >> the focus shifts from a great team and what we are here to celebrate to something negative. sad that people couldn't enjoy this one day. >> people should shoot basketballs, not each other. >> reporter: three people were taken to the hospital. they are in station condition. there is no information about suspects. if you know anything about the case call police. police say the shooting started because of an argument. >> paul chambers in oakland. thank you. the antioch water park is closed after 34 children got sick in a pool yesterday afternoon. 10 were taken to the hospital after possible chemical exposure. the chemical is most likely a
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chlorine like substance but they testing the water to figure out exactly what it is and how it happened. the colin contra costa county -- the contra costa county environmental protection agency will test it this afternoon. president obama landed at sfo this afternoon. it touched down before 1:00 p.m. today. the president will be in the bay area for 24 hours and will attend a number of democratic fundraisers. this afternoon the president was a speaker that 83 annual u.s. conference of mayors in san francisco and he just wrapped up. ktvu's john sasaki was there and he joins us live. he began his peach by talking about the tragedy in south carolina. >> reporter: he did. he called for more efforts on cracking down at gun violence and greater gun control.
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the hilton hotel there in union square was jammed with hundreds of mayors and their staff. sacramento mayor hosted the event and started off with a moment of silence for the victims in charleston. after that he had help on stage, including from mc hammer and carlos santana but the star was president obama who received a hearty welcome. he said more than 11,000 americans lost their lives to gun violence in 2013 alone. >> congress passed common sense gun safety reforms after newton, after a group of children had been gunned down in their own classroom, reforms that 90% of the american people supported, we wouldn't have prevented every act of violence. we don't know if it would have prevented what happened in charleston, but we might still
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have some more americans with us. >> reporter: i talked with several mayors from new jersey, washington state and ohio, they voiced the issues they are dealing with. [ indiscernible ] >> we are making progress and you are seeing it in your cities. 12million new jobs in the past 5 years. more than 16 million americans who gained health insurance. more jobs creating more clean energy. here in california solar is growing crazy. we are producing 10 times as much solar power today as we did when i came into office. 10 times. >> reporter: the conference continues through monday. the speaker tomorrow is former secretary of state hillary clinton. i have to tell you, the president and a number of other speakers mentioned all the excitement in the bay area for the golden state warriors.
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>> how could they not? thank you. quick acting counselor saves the life of a teenage boy, the special training that prepared him for a life saving act. >> california's unemployment rate ticked up a little bit but it couldn't happen for a better reason. >> and the one city that is giving away water for free. we will explain why and how it works. >> a beautiful day across the bay area. temperatures warming up. coming up, how much more warming in your saturday forecast and the time line of the next cooling trend.
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tomorrow victims of the deadly balcony collapse will be received in ireland. 5-6 were in the united states
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on a student visa. since 2003, 30 people in the united states died from collapsing balconies. 6500 people have been injured. it appears the balcony in berkeley collapses because of dry rot in the wood. still no word on what started a fire that destroyed three homes. >> the fire is now contained. flames burned along route 120. southeast of stockton between the bay area and yosemite. according to cal fire 122 acres burned. here you can see video of one of the homes on fire. the fire started at 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon and burned in trees along the river. 100 people were evacqualitied. everyone is back -- evacuated. everyone is back home now. the cause is still under investigation. in the san bernardino national forest a fleet of helicopters dropped water on to
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a wildfire there in the mountains south of big bear lake. it burn said 11,000 acres. much of it timber. it is only 10% contained. 400 structures are threatened. >> that is one of 8 wildfires burning in california right now. from trinity county to san diego county. not even summer yet. septnone of the fire -- at this point none of the fires are contained. >> it could be a long fire season. warmer in the bay area tonight. mark tamayo is monitoring the conditions. >> perfect today. we had 80s and 90s to report. not that extreme heat but still very nice in the bay area. talking about the fires, here in the bay area warming up and across central and southern california as well. take a look at the current numbers out there. right now it is 109 degrees in palm spring.
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109. i think they were forecasting 115. very hot as you expect in the desert. sacramento lower 90s. redding 96. a closer look at the bay area right now. we have clear skies. fog this morning near the coastsis near the baych -- coast and near the bay. current temperatures, updated 4:00 p.m. numbers, lower 90s towards concord and livermore. san jose 79. oakland 69. and san francisco in the upper 50s. beautiful out there right now. a live camera. scattered high clouds. little chop on the waters here. nothing too extreme. clear and breezy tonight. this weekend a warm saturday. sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend as we begin our cooling trend. that continues into next week. over night lows tomorrow morning, in the upper 40s. chilly in the north bay. santa rosa, napa. 50s here and patchy fog near the coast and around the bay. forecast tomorrow morning, you
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can see, temperatures can 7:00 a.m. low 50s. -- temperatures 7:00 a.m. low 50s. 4:00 p.m. 65 to 93 degrees. the temperature range is expanding across the bay area. tomorrow mild to warm. warm especially inland. area of high pressure kicks in. by sunday the onshore flow increases. cooling trend for sunday and monday. our forecast model, the fog returning tomorrow morning at 7:00 p.m. towards san francisco, oakland, hayward. marin county as well. clouds clear back to the shorelines. beaches not warming up too much. inland, lots of 90s. most areas away from the shore, warmer for tomorrow. fairfield and vacaville. santa rosa 90 degrees. oakland mid-70s. lots of lower 90s towards pleasanton, livermore, antioch. san jose 84. san francisco upper 60s. patchy fog towards pacifica and
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half moon bay. your five-day forecast, we will cool off into sunday. first day of summer and the day we celebrate dad. cooling trend continues into monday. minor bump in the numbers tuesday and wednesday. the weather for the warriors parade, looking that observations, temperatures -- i could not think of better conditions. not too cold. not too hot. 2:00 p.m. 74. perfect conditions. >> it worked out just perfect. >> stars aligned. like in my 19 years here it was the best event in oak. >> back drops of lake merritt, wonderful. >> great. >> thank you. a court appearance today for the man suspected of killing 9 people in a church. made his first court appearance. what dylann roof heard from the victim's families and what leaders are demanding from south carolina. and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free
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a san francisco man who authorities describe as a violent rapist had his day in court and now awaiting sentencing. the district attorney announced the 30-year-old was found guilty of it 5 felony, two counts of rape and robbery. prosecutors say he raped, punched and robbed a woman in 2010. he met her before the attack. the victim was able to identify him and dna provided a match.
4:24 pm
he faces 64 years to life in prison. to south carolina where the man accused of killing 9 people inside a historic black church made his first court appearance today. the report from charleston on what happened in court. >> reporter: a judge sets bond at $1 million for dylann roof. right now he has no chance of getting out of jail. 21-year-old dylann roof making his first aexperienceane south carolina court appearing on a video link from jail. >> dylann roof charged with 9 can you please tell us of murder and possession of a murder. -- counts of murder and possession of a murder. >> reporter: he will remain behind bars. during his aexperience victims family members offered words of forgiveness. . >> to you i forgive you. you took something very precious away from me. i will never talk to her ever
4:25 pm
again. >> reporter: prosecutors say they will try it to the fullest exdebt of the law. >> my -- extent of the law. >> my mission is to bring justice. >> reporter: outside the court the naacp called for more racial sensitivity. especially from leaders. >> we cannot have the confederate flag waving in the state capitol. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama shared her thoughts on the senseless shootings. >> there is something particularly horrifying about something that happens so senseless in a house of worship. >> reporter: while d.o.j. investigates this as a hate crime they might also consider it domestic terrorism. fox news. >> two hours ago the family of dylann roof extypedded their sympathies to the -- extended
4:26 pm
their sympathies to the victims families. words cannot express our shock, grief and disbelief to see what happened that night. they are devastated and saddened and they are praying for peace and healing for the victims family. >> one note here, dylann roof is being held in a sell next to the former police officer who is accused of killing a black man. she charged with the murder of walter scott. he shot scott in the back several times as he was running away after a traffic stop back in april. one report says it is unlikely they can see or speak to each other. a teenager appears lifeless in a swimming pool. luckily someone nearby was trained to help. >> that 17-year-old is roving thanks to the quick thinking of a 9-year-old inspiring firefighter and the staff at a local country club. >> and hundreds of thousands of people gathered in oakland for
4:27 pm
today's warriors victory parade. now all those people have to get home. we are checking in on the commute. >> and giving away water for free. why one bay area city is doing exactly that during this drought.
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a teenager spotted in a pool appears lifeless ought a 9- year-old and -- but a 9-year- old and a camp counselor sprung into action. that golf and country club that has swimming pool for members. ktvu's ann rubin is in palo alto with more on the rescue and the training that ended up saving the swimmer's life. >> reporter: that's right. he wasn't breathing when staff members pulled him out of the pool and though they never dealt with anything like this before they had trained for it. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: he was the first to notice a swimmer was under water too long. >> i was worried worried and i told the coach. >> that likely saved his life and much of what happened wednesday evening was caught on camera. >> you will see them jump in
4:31 pm
right there. >> reporter: two switch coaches jumped in and then a camp counselor rushed to begin cpr. >> you can see him running down. >> split section decision. i knew what i had to do. >> reporter: as turns out -- as it turns out he is also training to be an ems and firefighter. his graduation from the fire academy was last night. he is grateful he could help. >> i was able to be a part of the team that was able to help him out and give him a second chance at life. >> reporter: the gm is grateful to. >> it was within 9 seconds of being pulled out of the pool. >> reporter: he was breathing a few seconds after that. he is now recovering from a shallow water blackout. his family attended a ceremony to thank everyone for their actions. >> i was choking up. i was proud of my team.
4:32 pm
>> he got special recognition for his quick thinking. >> makes me happy that i saved him. i am glad he is okay. >> reporter: he is doing much better and he was set to be released from the hospital today. >> ann rubin reporting for us tonight. thank you very much. the new budget is now on the governor's desk. they approved the $115 billion spending plan this morning. $2billion slimmer than the one they wanted. the governor demanded cuts because he wants fiscal responsibility and anticipate revenues will be lower. schools and community collegeles will receive $14.3 billion and $40 million for medical. the governor has till june 30 to sign it. contra costa county supervisors are closer to getting raises. a committee yesterday approved a recommendation from the
4:33 pm
county administrator. the issue of supervisors compensation became a point in october when board members voted to increase their salaries by 33% but because of a public outcry they decided to rescind the race and now the committee is recommending a 12% pay increase over three years. that would raise the base pay from $104,000 to $117,000 by january 2018. the board is set to vote on the raise july 7. continuing coverage now on today's warriors victory parade. hundreds of thousands attended the celebration and according to the police department the crowd exceeded expectations when estimated 1 million in attendance. fans wearing all the blue and yellow parked b.a.r.t. stations to get to and from the parade. officials won't know till tomorrow whether the crowds set a record but they think this
4:34 pm
will knee one of the biggest -- will be one of the biggest days ever. they tweeted out 300,000 people took b.a.r.t. today and here is what it looked like. this picture is from our paragrapher from inside the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station this afternoon. and here is video of fans making their way to the parade this morning. you can see it is packed. folks make their way through the gates and then there was this picture inside one of the trains headed to the parade. you can see it is standing room only. >> all right. we want to check in on the traffic now on this late friday afternoon for the commute. for those not taking b.a.r.t. today here is what it looks like on highway 24. eastbound direction, the commute direction it is slow going. not as bad as it could be. >> the bay bridge toll plaza. friday afternoon. almost no one heading into the city right now. very fast going, easy going.
4:35 pm
>> moving to interstate 80 in berkeley. different story here. towards the bay bridge not bad. towards berkeley slower going. you can check out more of today's parade and rally for the warriors on we are posting video and a lot of pictures of all the festivities. the state of california released its may job's report. 54,000 new jobs were added. one of the best months. at the same time the unemployment rate increased to 6.4%. ktvu's tom vacar explains now the contradiction. >> reporter: here at america's one stop job center in concord. some stations are empty as fewer people need to come here now. though the bay area job market is boom, unemployment ticked up because people who dropped out of the job market are coming
4:36 pm
back. for layed off staff members from the corinthians college, news of more job seeksers a double edged sward. . >> more competition. >> reporter: she is seeking a teaching job at a junior college. >> i would like to be a student adviser because i was doing that anyway. i know i was skilled at doing it. >> reporter: instructors and trainers are in demand across the board. >> i look for trainers, educators in all kinds of positions and they are not necessarily, like, a college. it could be for any kind of company. yeah. i am broadening my church. >> reporter: even some without a steady job for years sees
4:37 pm
things are improving. >> i have that competition but i still think i might be able to get something if i really wanted it. >> reporter: one other indicator, the take this job and shove it indicator is up. more and more people are not so afraid of leaving one job to pursue a better one. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. police say he stopped a kidnapping and helped a three- year-old boy get back home and did it while still new on his job as a bus driver. the special honor he was given today. >> one city's latest weapon against the drought and residents can get it free. how recycled water is not going to waste. >> unexpected history being uncovered in san francisco. the new clues historians are gathering about the city by the bay. >> a nice warm up for the bay area. coming up, if the warm up continues into the weekend and
4:38 pm
the timing of the next cooling trend.
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riley curry is getting love at children's ferry land in oakland. you can see the park at lake merritt was renamed riley land for the parade as a tribute to
4:41 pm
steph curry daughter. she made headlines after she stole had spotlight during appearances with her dad at post game press conferences. brentwood unveiled its lethyest weapon in -- its latest weapon in the bottle against the drought. ktvu's rob roth is in brentwood where residents say it may help keep their lawns alive a little longer. >> reporter: right. residents must reduce water by 35% and it could get hot out here so the city established something to help. this filling station where residents like this man can get recycled water to take home and it is free of charge. >> reporter: she loves her backyard rose garden. >> first thing i look at every morning and every night. >> reporter: the roses and the drought are at odds.
4:42 pm
>> i don't want them to die. >> reporter: she found a solution, the city opened this filling station where residents can fill up containers with recycled water. perfect for irrigating lawns and gardens. >> if we could give something back to help that it would be a good vestment to do -- investment to do so. >> reporter: it starts out as sewage and then treated and filtered and comes out ready to use for irrigation. >> i think it can be a big help. we live in a -- this is a valuable resource. it could be important. >> reporter: residents are limited to 300 gallons in one load. that is a ton of water. but that is just a drop in the bucket. the city generates 3.5 million gallons every day.
4:43 pm
since it has to go someplace it may as well as be someone's garden. >> my lawn. and plants. >> reporter: back live where this resident is filling up a container. other communities including livermore and dublin have recycling stations and it is a trend that will probably catch on. reporting live in brentwood, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> this is only for people in brentwood can use this water. correct? >> reporter: yeah. yeah. you have to show proof that you live in brentwood and only residents can use it. they may go to a system where outside residents can get it but that hasn't happened yet. >> very good, rob. lawmakers in sacramento are requiring farmers to install new water meters. it is part of the new budget plan. it will provide better water use data.
4:44 pm
meters will be required where water is being diverted. each will cost $5,000. farmers with multiple water diversions they will need multiple meters. there will be additional costs to farmers to power the meters. >> we think it will be devastating for farmers. we understand there is a need for everybody to do better on water conversation and maybe better water contacting but this -- accounting but this sachem hammer approach. -- sledgehammer approach. >> on we be complete coverage of the drought and tips on how to save water. look under the news tab on the home page. now about our weather. beautiful day out here. it couldn't get any better. >> perfect. even the fog cleared away coast side. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. that will continue into
4:45 pm
saturday. a few more changes for sunday. which is father's day. and also the beginning of summer. the summer solstice sunday morning. right now on live storm tracker 2, a few high clouds but not in the bay area. low clouds swept away and we have clear skies across the region. fairfield and livermore lower 90s right now. san jose upper 70s. 79. santa rosa 86. san francisco downtown in the upper 50s. live camera looking out here, high clouds paying us a visit. a breeze out there, 10-20 miles per hour. weekend forecast, saturday, clear skies near the coast. saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend. sunday more fog, skies becoming partly cloudy. thinking mid-80s inland. father's day and summer solstice on sunday.
4:46 pm
for tomorrow, high pressure strengthens a little bit, as a result the hottest locations away from the shoreline approaching the mid-90s. beaches not warming up too much, patchy fog. here is the temperature trend for sunday and monday. area of low pressure moves in from the north. shave off a few degrees sunday and next week. our forecast model, a return of fog near the coast and the bay. 7:00 a.m. saturday morning. clearing back to near the shoreline. we could still have patchy fog for the beaches. inland lots of temperatures approaching the lower 90s, 92- 93 degrees. even 94 towards vacaville for saturday afternoon. santa rosa 90 degrees. more neighborhoods around the rim of the bay, 70s. jump over the hills, lots of 90s towards livermore, antioch and brentwood. san jose 84. saratoga87.
4:47 pm
san francisco, partly cloudy, 68 degrees. warmest temperatures coast line only in the low 60s. microclimates making a come back. your five-day forecast, it will be summer on sunday. also father's day on sunday as well. bring in cooler temperatures for sunday and we will warm up for tuesday and wednesday. this is the most -- [ indiscernible ] tweet. from pg&e. remember that time mc hammer was riding a fire breathing snail -- [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> only in oakland, a fire breathing snail. >> san francisco mayor ed lee -- [ talking at the same time ] >> all right. thank you. construction of the new transbay terminal in downtown san francisco is uncoving evidence about the bay -- uncovering evidence about the bay area's past. prehistoric life. ktvu's ken wayne reports it was a time when there was no bay in
4:48 pm
the bay area. >> reporter: 4,000-pound mactms dredging across san francisco, yes, it happened. >> we found remains of larger species. >> reporter: how do we know this? fossils. remains are found at construction sites in the city. the oldest remains were discovered right here at the site of the new transbay terminal. they were found last year where this mammoth tooth was locate. 12-18,000 years old. . >> they were found in proximity to the tooth. that is potentially very old. very early habitation of the bay area. >> reporter: it is not likely we will learn more about who was buried below howard street because the remains are handed
4:49 pm
over to the most likely descendant. the most likely is a representative of a local native american tribe who is not allowing the remains to be studied. >> should be of great interest to scientists and native american nations to know when he arrived in the area. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> we might never know. >> reporter: we know about the bay itself. which didn't exist 10,000 years ago because the sea level was much lower. >> you would have had rivers, water falls. >> reporter: the ocean's edge was near the islands. >> you could have walked out to the islands. >> reporter: inhabiting the more rugged terrains of rivers, marshes and forests were
4:50 pm
massive animals. 13-foot tall mammoths. 4400-pound bison. and the largest carnivore, the flat faced bear. they believe humans shared this kingdom in villains around the -- villages around the bay. >> we were hunting these animals. by that time we were sophisticated hunters. >> reporter: there is still much to learn about that time and more to discover about the bay area's stone age. who knows what the next big construction project will find. >> so there is probably a lot more underneath our seat here in the city than you realize. >> reporter: ken wayne, ktvu fox 2 news. >> fascinating. >> just think of what they are concoverring. >> being -- uncovering. >> something. a bus driver is being hailed a hero in the south bay.
4:51 pm
>> pops up and you kind of spring into action. >> the special training he says helped him stop a kidnapping and the special recognition he received today. >> the longest day of the year is sunday, that's right, summer solstice knocking on the door. i am mike mibach, back with your weekend watch. off the top, i am about this one, set your clocks early. time for the sonoma county hot air balloon classic. a beauty. starts saturday, 4:30 a.m. and runs till 11:00 a.m. in the morning at kaiser park. tickets $10 frudles and the -- for adults and the balloons fly as well. city hall celebration friday night, 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. the free party atmosphere in civic center will feature live music, food trucks, a biergarten, activities and a massive light show right there on city hall. i am a father to two great
4:52 pm
children. an honor and i want to wish all you dads out there a very happy early father's day weekend and with that, calling all pirates. the pirate festival is saturday and sunday in the water front park. it is 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., tickets $10 -- children 11 and under are free and the first weekend that fair in pleasanton. the 5k walk is saturday, 8:00 a.m. in walnut creek. a's at home. giants and earthquake on the road and thank you golden state warriors for bringing home the nba championship. i am mike mibach and that is your weekend watch.
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a celebration in the south bay today for the vta bus driver who helped save the life of a child who was kidnapped. he is touched but he also says he was just doing his job. >> it is amazing that the kind words and everything that is coming to me, someone that did his job. >> reporter: he insists he is not a hero, he was just doing his job.
4:56 pm
a new job where he had human trafficking training. >> that will stick in your mind. filed away. for when you need it it pops up. >> reporter: friday morning officials along with leaders gathered to honor him and the other whose played a role in getting a three-year-old boy who ended up on the bus with a kidnapper back to his mother. had rewarding to be a part of the team. >> the suspect was arrested after he spotted him and the child on his bus heading to the park. his training and protocol were key in the story having a good ending. >> he did the right thing. without prodding. without having to look at a policy manual, without calling somebody. >> takes the whole community to resolve crisis like this. >> every mother in this county sighs relief knowing someone
4:57 pm
like you is out there to protect us. >> job well done with just six months of service. >> with this certificate -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> you have officially completed your test period. [ laughter ] >> and you are now a full fledge member of the valley transportation authority. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. >> how about that? what is next for him? well, i am glad you asked. he will throw out the first pitch in tonight's giants game. >> now we know what he is doing next. that is our report. thank you for joining us on this early friday afternoon. more news at 7:00 p.m. on ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36 and coming up next the u.s. open from washington. have a great weekend. >> see you later everyone. leaving you with more pictures from the warriors
4:58 pm
parade in oakland. what a great bunch of shots there.
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
>> the women's world cup. the u.s. open championship. fifa women's open. the world's biggest events are on fox sports. >> the weather remains beautiful at university place, washington here at the playing of the 115th united states open these big crowds have seen a little bit of everything. we told you this would be a u.s. open like you've never seen and it's delivered in ways we did not anticipate.


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