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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(crying) let's get you some food. y-you'll feel better after you eat. (crying): okay. what-what do you want, like, thai food? a... a burger? (sobbing): i don't know! sheldon: hey, look, a quarter! a driver losing control with his car careens on to a sidewalk and hits six pedestrian, one of them was killed. >> they were like pins.
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it was like a bowling ball going so fast and just swiping them. >> good evening i'm ken pritchett. >> and i'm julie haener six people with struck by a car at a vallejo bus stop. then continued along the sidewalk striking pedestrians along the way. ktvu's debora villalon is near the scene now and tell us police say victims never saw that car coming, debora. >> reporter: it was just past this bus shelter. three women and a boy walking with their backs toward the truck. in the moments after the crash, people at their cars or near by stores ran to help the victimless. sitting at the bus stop was
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only gray but the nissan sedan slammed into a group of five on is sidewalk. >> i saw him hit the pole. then i saw everybody flying. the kids flying, the lady under the car. and i'm going jesus. >> reporter: two women were pinned under the car. one died instantly. the other was rescued by a tow truck driver who made a u turn to help. >> i came to the median and backed up. >> i was able to pick up the front of the car and lift the vehicle off of the pedestrian maybe saving her life. >> reporter: injuries range from serious to critical. one child was driven to childrens. another child and two surviving women were rushed away by the ambulance. >> as he was at the light. he was slumped over. >> reporter: several witnesses say the driver a 65-year-old
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man was seen slumped at the wheel. not moving and didn't respond until he was honked at. second later, he careened toward the pole and then hit the pedestrians. even then he did not respond immediately. >> people were screaming telling him he was dragging someone, stop, stop. >> reporter: police believe he was intoxicated. >> he understand she was dead, when he slumped his head down. he understood. >> reporter: he was allowed to go home but may be rearrested later. >> he actually hit five people, killed one and he's out. >> reporter: gray came back, his leg sprained but he's grateful to be alive.
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>> it rolled over my feet. i mean i felt the tires roll over the top of my foot. >> reporter: willie dixon said it seemed to him the driver was very impaired. he said he even fell down at one point. but police say a medical condition is also a possibility. the victims we're told are all from vallejo and they may be members of one family. >> it must have been a terrible scene. and what that tow driver the did was remarkable. authorities say they have found a truck believed to have been involved in a hit and drive accident. she was rushed to a hospital but died from her injuries. the driver of the pickup truck ran a red light and sped away from the crash. someone recognized the truck from the surveillance photo
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released by a tip and that led police to a home in hayward. >> other detectives and traffic investigators are trying to determine and identify who the suspect is in the vehicle. >> reporter: this was the picture from the truck from san leandro police. they're still working to identify the driver but they do not think the driver was behind the wheel. president obama is in the bay area tonight. he spoke at a dinner and then followed up with two appearances. >> any time the president comes to town you can expect traffic. this has been the standstill on howard street for quite a while that's because they block off some of howard street around the hotel. all day the president has been going through the city kind of
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criss-crossing to different events. taking center stage at the u.s. conference of mayors in san francisco's union square. president obama a fan of basketball gave a shout out to the warriors celebrating their title ton other side of the bay. >> i know how excited the bay area is over the golden state warriors championship. >> reporter: but then words for the 277 mayors about the need for gun control and the massacre in charleston that killed a state senator the president knew personally. >> it is not good enough simply to show sympathy. you don't see murder on this kind of scale with this kind of frequency in any other advanced nation on earth. >> reporter: by 3:30 the president was off to a democratic fundraiser on nob hill. talking tax with a small group
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of high end donors. street closures led to long waits in traffic. passers by paused hoping to get a glimpse. >> it's kind of exciting. like just waiting outside seeing if you may catch a glimpse of him. we sort of saw him in his car when he was driving past down our block and there were all these motorcycles and police. it's like really cool. >> it's very exciting. i'm a big fan of him and wish him well. it was great to have him here in san francisco. >> it was very exciting to get all this attention. i think that's great attention for gun control. >> reporter: donors paid up to $33,400 and say the president talked about the environment as well as gun control. he left about 6:00 and is back downtown where he's spending the night. just take a look at this traffic. this is howard street in front
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of the masconi center. they have one block of howard street blocked off and they had one block of fifth street. i just heard from san francisco police that they are not planning to reopen that area tonight. so if you are in the area, just steer clear of this because it could be pretty bad. >> and hillary clinton is in town too. did they have any appearances together? >> julie. that's a great question. it's hard to tell. certainly she was expected to come in tonight. she's speaking to the u.s. conference of mayors tomorrow. nothing on the agenda but we'll have to wait to see. >> the president greeted a few supporters at sfo before heading into the city. he's scheduled to depart for palm springs tomorrow morning at 9:40. now to tonight's massive civic celebration in honor of the warriors championship.
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it's a day warriors fans and this city won't soon forget. >> a parade that took a 2-mile tour through downtown. players atop double-decker buses and hoisting what everyone wanted to see the nba championship trophy. fans crammed the sidewalk and from above it was an unbelievable sight after an unbelievable season. >> i waited 15 years for this. i was a fan since i was a little kid in fifth grade. went to my first game and been a fan ever since. >> reporter: 40 years some people have waited for a championship. rick barry was on the 75 team. >> this is an amazing turn out. i knew the guys knew they had fans but this is insane. >> reporter: from oracle to
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lake merritt. golden state warriors co-owner joe lackeb. >> we did it. we did it. nba champions. >> reporter: says he remembers getting booed a short few years ago now getting cheered. >> four year, seven months and one day from the first time we had a game in the coliseum under this ownership group, we won a championship. >> reporter: and from the players. >> the mvp of the league, the league most unguardable player and the baby face of -- steph
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curry. >> reporter: gratitude for the fans and the city. >> it's been a long journey. this year has been so much fun. 67 wins has been unbelievable and to cap it off with a championship, that's hard to do and we should be proud. >> man, what a feeling. i used to live in that building over there. so to see the lake like this, it's crazy. it's beautiful. >> reporter: a beautiful sight. and one we can hope to see next year. >> we deserve this. this is amazing. the cool thing about it is we're going to sit up in three more months and tripe -- and try to do it again. >> reporter: the daughter of warriors superstar steph curry is getting some love from children's fairy land in oakland. the fairy theme park was renamed riley land for today. the park altered the sign in tribute of curry's beautiful 2- year-old daughter. the precocious girl stole the spotlight during appearances with her dad at postgame press
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conferences. hundreds of thousands of people who arrived in downtown oakland by b.a.r.t. this morning all had to go home. coming up in six minutes the crush of commuters who descended on b.a.r.t. and how they kept the celebration going as they waited. at you will find more video and pictures from today's celebration. the warriors story is on the front page with unedited video of curry, thompson and others. as the warriors rally was going on. three people were shot and wounded on the west side of lake merritt. one woman told us she was walking away from the rally and heard people arguing. then five or six minute later five or six gunshots. oakland residents say they're disappointed that the shooting happened as oakland had something real big to celebrate. >> i didn't think that wouldn't happen. after they won nothing happened. nobody got shot. so for somebody to get shot by the lake that's kind of crazy. >> reporter: the three victims were taken to the hospital. police said the injuries are
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not life threatening. officers are looking for witnesses to the argument or the shooting. san francisco city hall, glowing in colorful light. at 10:30 a live report from the centennial celebration under way right now. wrapping up a beautiful friday across the entire bay area. coming up where the fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and the temperature change in your saturday forecast. up first, the man accused of killing nine people inside a church. the words of forgiveness expressed by some of the victim's families. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100 day money back guarantee. and of course, free same-day delivery.
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the 21-year-old accused of killing nine people at a south carolina church attended bond hearing today as we heard from members of his family and members of the victim's family. joe waldman is live for us in charleston where that city is in mourning, joel. >> reporter: ken, good evening as charleston continues to mourn the accused shooter dylann roof's family opening up about what happened inside the emanuel ame church. dylann roof's family expressing sympathy. words cannot express our shock, grief and disbelief as to what happened that night, we are devastated and saddened by who occurred, they wrote. roof stood for his bond
10:16 pm
hearing. >> mr. roof is charged with nine counts of murder. >> reporter: some victim's families say they have forgiven roof for his alleged crime while others are trying to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones. >> she's not here with us you know physically but i know that she is up and above watching over us. and i know that we as a family, we're going to get through this. >> reporter: in front of the church a memorial keeps mull -- multiplies in size. and tonight, hundreds gather inside the university of south carolina for a vigil. meantime president obama is renewing their call for gun control in the wake of the shootings. >> every country has violent, hateful and mentally ill people. the difference is not every country is awash with ease of getting weapons. >> joel, thank you.
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san francisco based uber has announced it is banning its drivers and riders from carrying guns. the ride sharing company says it's changing its firearms policy after receiving feed back from users and drivers. uber had previously deferred to ads. ride sharing company lyft already has a strict no weapons policy in place. the oakland office of the california highway patrol says its officers found explosives today during a traffic stop on interstate 580 near fruitvale. the officers say they stopped the driver for speeding and found 11 pounds of illegal fireworks inside the suv. the driver who is on probation was arrested and the illegal fireworks were confiscated. a memorial will be held
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tomorrow night for students that were killed in a balcony collapse. olivia's remains were will taken to the airport and flown home to ireland along with her friends. irish officials say they suffered serious injuries including broken bones. most of them needed surgery as well. they are spread out between hospitals in oakland, walnut creek and castro valley. the victims will be remembered tomorrow in dublin ireland and that includes a mass by the archbishop there. the warriors parade in oakland could mean a record day for b.a.r.t. ridership. final numbers won't be released until tomorrow but b.a.r.t. said it had already tallied more than 400,000 rides by 5:30 this evening. as cristina rendon reports, stations near the parade rout
10:19 pm
saw the heaviest traffic. >> reporter: they cheered and waited for b.a.r.t. trains to roll in and out of oakland. some even treated -- >> fantastic, seeing all the players and what not. >> just the environment, surroundings. it was good. >> reporter: but it wasn't all fun. >> just waiting out here, it's been a long time. >> this b.a.r.t. is terrible. i don't know why they're not letting us in. >> reporter: lines flowed outside of the merritt b.a.r.t. station. >> there's a five dollars ticket behind you so you don't have to wait in line. >> reporter: some said the lines were longer than the parade. >> they stopped the escalators so we could get in. there was a bunch of people. >> we got in here pretty early. around 5:00 a.m. then we got here around 6:00. >> reporter: at one point the streets were so crowded the city shut down the entrances to
10:20 pm
the lake merritt b.a.r.t. station. although public transit may have been a hassle, fans said it was worth the wait to experience this celebration. >> yes. >> yeah. >> every minute. every minute. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. service is back to normal right after they ran extra trains earlier today. and the system saw record ridership for today's parade. in oakland, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. well a beautiful day across the entire bay area. lots of sunshine out there. and temperatures warming up nicely. the warmest locations in the lower 90s out toward concord and livermore. pacifica 61 degrees and oakland we had the great weather for the warriors parade this afternoon. they maxed out at 73 degrees. here's our live camera. beautiful. i'llstep out of the way -- i'll step out of the way. there's venus and jupiter. our oakland camera looking out toward the oakland estuary in the distance. just a very neat sight out
10:21 pm
there. patchy fog will work its way back into the picture as we do head into the overnight hours. right now, a few scattered high clouds approaching the north coast of california. not much in the way of fog here just yet. but that will be expanding in coverage especially coast side after midnight. current numbers out there still pretty mild out toward concord. 70degrees. livermore mid-60s. san francisco 53. partly cloudy skies, fog near the coast and right around the bay. temperatures will be in the upper 40s to the 50s. we will have some warming especially for the inland neighborhoods. the beaches not warming up too much but here's the temperature time line throughout the day. by 4:00, mid-50s all the way to the lower 90s for a saturday. then changes coming up for sunday for father's day. also the first day of summer we'll detail those changes coming up at around 10:30. new details on an emergency landing tonight at sfo. >> also a teenager under water and unresponsive. how the quick action of others
10:22 pm
saved a life. >> i knew what i had to do without even having to think about it twice.
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with volvo. a scandanavian plane made an emergency landing after smoke seen in the cockpit. there were 252 people on board. no word yet on when they might be able to resume their trip. an alert 9-year-old boy is being credited with helping save the life of a teenager who came close to drowning in a pool. the child's alertness led to that life saving rescue. >> can we talk to you? >> reporter: 9-year-old jake lee was the first to notice. another swimmer had been under water too long. >> i started getting worried and i told the coach. >> reporter: that kick started a series of events that likely
10:25 pm
saved the life of 17-year-old austin chase. and much of what happened wednesday evening at the palo alto hills country club was caught on camera. >> you will see them jump in right there. >> reporter: two swim coaches jumped in, then a camp counselor and azuniga rushed to do cpr. >> there comes edwin. he came rushing down. >> it was a split second decision. i knew what i needed to do without thinking about it twice. >> reporter: zuniga is also training to be an emt- firefighter. he says she's just grateful to be able to help. >> i was able to be a part of the team that helped him out and give him a second chance at life. >> reporter: the country club's gm say he's grateful too. cpr was started almost instantly. >> it was within nine second of him being pulled from the pool. i watched the video several
10:26 pm
times. >> reporter: austin chase is now recovering after what is being called a shallow water black out. >> i'm extremely proud of my son. >> reporter: jake lee got special recognition for his quick thinking too. >> makes me happy that i saved him. i'm glad he's okay. >> reporter: austin chase is apparently doing much better and was said to be released from the hospital today. in palo alto, ann rubin. a water park is expected to be closed over the weekend after several kids got sick at the pool. 34 people got sick and 17 went to the hospital. the contra costa county health department is still waiting for maintenance record and analyzes test results trying to figure out what chemical made the people sick. free water for the taking. how a growing number of bay area cities are trying to
10:27 pm
encourage conservation by giving away water. >> this is how san francisco's city hall celebrates its 100th birthday. you have to see it to believe it.
10:28 pm
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new at 10:00, a dazzling light show tonight as san francisco throws a centennial celebration in honor of its city hall. the building opened 100 years ago and has served as a magnificent stage for some of san francisco's major milestones. >> amber lee is at city hall for a fitting celebration for this historic building, amber. >> what party this is. it was supposed to end at 10:00, but as you can see, it's still going strong right now. it is spectacular befitting a city known for its color and
10:30 pm
character. >> happy 100th birthday to the city of san francisco. >> reporter: on this beautiful june night, iconic city hall became the canvas to showcase the new led lighting system with a dazzling display of colors. a show bringing the 100-year- old building into the 21st century. >> it's a little bit of a sense of history and all the technology that happened. it's incredible. >> i was blown away. it was melting before my eyes and i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: live music on stage representing the past and present. home grown musical talents for all tastes. >> side shows exemplifying the best of street theater and performance art. >> the people, the food, you know, nobody can do it like san francisco can. >> reporter: a wall to share personal perspective of city
10:31 pm
hall with a paint brush. a silent disco all to celebrate the centennial of city hall. >> it's a great symbol for the city actually. it's a symbol for the city since the earthquake. yeah, i see it as the strength of san francisco. >> reporter: inside city hall, decorations welcome the u.s. conference of mayors. this is a place that's known as the people's palace. that is launched political careers and hosted countless weddings including the union between baseball great joe demaggio and marlin monroe. history etched into the building itself. >> behind me and up above my head are four major medallions. >> reporter: restored to its former greatness and more in a four year seismic renovation from 1995 to 1991. now the crown jewel of city inside and out. >> it sparkles in the sunlight.
10:32 pm
but it also sparkles on a foggy day in san francisco. >> reporter: back here live as part of the celebration, there will be public tours here on the third sunday of every month starting in july. happy 100th city hall. >> the detail in that light show is incredible. and it's been one party from oakland to san francisco all day long. amber, thanks. a fast moving wildfire has scorched about 500 acres in the sierra foothills near yosemite. it's called the sky fire and has forced several people from their homes near oak hurst. that's east of merced and 15 miles from yosemite. firefighters worry the fire could spread to 1,000 achers over the week edge. right now it is about 15% contained. a fire burning in southern california, san bernardino
10:33 pm
national forest has grown. those dead trees are the fuel for this fire. it is just 10% contained tonight. the state legislature passed the revised budget today and sent it to governor brown who is expected to sign it. the spending plan easily passed with a handful of republican votes. the budget totaled $150 million. on monday lawmakers approved a budget that was $2 billion more but the governor objected they came up with a trimmed down version after negotiations. governor brown now has until the end of the month to sign it. the state of california released its may jobs report today. it shows more than 54,000 new jobs were added in may making it one of the best months in the past year. at the same time the state's unemployment rate increased to
10:34 pm
6.4%. ktvu's tom vacar explains the apparent contradiction. >> reporter: here at what's called america's one stop job formally known as the unemployment office. some jobs are empty as fewer people need to come here now. though the bay area job market is booming unemployment picked up a bit because people who dropped out of the market are now coming back. so for some recently laid off workers, today attending the reemployment skills seminar news of more job seekers is a double edged sword. >> i think that it would make me better as well because there's more competition. >> reporter: lorraine baskin is looking for a job similar to what she was doing at heald. >> i would like to do a student
10:35 pm
adviser. i know that wasn't my job description but i was doing it and feel like i was very skilled. i look for trainers, educators in all positions and not necessarily for a college. it could be for any type of company. i'm broadening my search. >> you would be open to that. >> oh yeah. >> reporter: even some without a steady job for years see that they thinks are improving despite more folks looking -- years see that they are improving despite more folks looking. one other indicator the so called take this job and shove it indicator is also up meaning that more and more people are not so afraid of leaving one job to pursue another one. tom vacar, ktvu news. solano county has the
10:36 pm
highest, and san marin has the lowest. the best are in the three and 4% rage. new rules for buying cigarettes. the landmark legislation that raises the legal age for smoking in hawaii.
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a car crashed through the front window of a taqueria in walnut creek this afternoon injuring a woman who was sitting outside. you can see the damage it caused. the victim was rushed to the hospital but we're told she was conscious. crews then started boarding up the front windows and posted a sign saying the restaurant in the shopping center was closed. the owner told us he believes the driver may have hit the gas instead of the breaks. police in santa cruz are hoping someone identifies a car involved in a hit-and-run. this picture was taken by a security camera, police say it appears to be a silver prius. the car would have a broken windshield and front end
10:40 pm
damage. the incident happen on highway 1 between 12:30 and 1:00 a.m. 22-year-old julius miller told police he bought paint ball guns and equipment. and was driving around oakland shooting paint balls at drug addicts. but someone retaliated and fired a real gun at the car as they went through an east oakland intersection. the 4-year-old girl was hit in the chest with a bullet. sheriff's deputy responded and put the girl in their squad car and rushed her to the hospital. the girl is in the hospital but is expected to survive. the father and the driver were both charged with child abuse for putting the girl in a dangerous situation. the prosecution rested today in the movie theater shooting trial in colorado. prosecutors presented more than 200 witnesses over eight weeks. the defendant 27-year-old james holmes is accused of killing 12
10:41 pm
people and injuring 70 others. defense attorneys are expected to begin their case next thursday. hawaii is soon to be the first state in the nation to raise legal smoking age from 18 to 21. the measure is intended to prevent young people from smoking, buying or possessing both traditional and electronic cigarettes. hawaii's governor signed it into law and is set to take effect on january first. earlier this month, santa clara county approved a similar measure raising the smoking age to 21 in unincorporated areas. google is working to remove revenge porn. google says it will use the
10:42 pm
same format as when they remove bank information and other personal information. buster posey hit a grand slam. but the biggest news is the home run by alex rodriguez in the bronx. mark tamayo has our full forecast ahead. up first, free water if you're willing to go get it yourself. the recycled water that some communities are now making.
10:43 pm
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it may sound hard to believe during the drought, but ktvu's rob roth tells us about one bay area city that is offering water that is
10:45 pm
absolutely free. >> this is my sonia rose bush right here. >> reporter: sonia loves her backyard garden. >> it's the first theupl i look at every morning when i wake up and every night when the sun goes down -- it's the first thing i look at every morning when i wake up. i don't want them to die. >> reporter: brentwood public works offered recycled water. the recycled water begins as sewer then it is cleaned and is is ready to use but only for irrigation. >> it's a valuable resource. so getting it out to the public
10:46 pm
is important. >> reporter: people must prove they're residents. that's really just a drop in the preverbial bucket. the city recycles thousands of gallon -- gallons a day. and since it has to go some where, it might as well go to someone's garden. it's likely more filling stations will follow. the bill is part of a new budget, experts say it will provide better water use data for the state. meters will be required at every spot where water is being diverted from a surface water source. each meter will cost about $5,000. the bill does not require homeowners to purchase and install water meters. no rainfall here in the bay area in fact, another round of
10:47 pm
warm to hot temperatures in your saturday forecast. tomorrow being your last full day of spring. taking a look now at the bigger picture of the remnants of what was tropical storm bill as you can see moving into kentucky right now. still significant rain producer still considered a depression. we have basically a few high clouds in the tip of the state. that was about it. not much in the way of fog but that will be forming into the next four to eight hours so the fog will be a factor near the coast and possibly a few patches near the bay first thing tomorrow morning for your saturday. current numbers still very mild out toward fairfield and concord: these areas in the upper 60s to 70 degrees. san francisco 52 and santa rosa 60. here's santa rosa. beautiful here looking toward the crescent moon. 13% full. i'll step out of the way. i'll show you it's a beautiful shot to the evening this friday
10:48 pm
night. the weekend in a nutshell a warm saturday will cool things off into sunday and the cooling trend will continue into next week for monday and into tuesday. saturday so here's your weekend forecast. the hot temperatures inland. we're talking about lower 90s there. beaches only in the mid-60s. then on sunday for all the dads out there. morning fog, partly cloudy skies. it'll be cooler. and of course the summer begins sunday morning near the 9:00 hour. here's the plan for tomorrow. high pressure sticks around for one more day. the warmest locations away from the coastline like antioch will be approaching the mid-90s. this weather system moving in from the north. we'll shave off a few degrees as we head into early next week. here's the models showing you some of the fog. possibly up toward oakland and hayward. we could still have some patchy overcast near parts of the shoreline. inland a completely different
10:49 pm
story. those temperatures approaching the lower 90s. here's a time line throughout the day. at 7:00 the upper 50s to 60 degrees. santa rosa goes 90 degrees. vacaville 94. more neighborhoods for you. oakland mid-70s. livermore in the lower 90s with lots of 90s in the inland neighborhoods. and san francisco mainly in the mid- to upper 60s. the beaches not warming up too much as you can see 64 to 65. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast we say hello to summer and dads on sunday. a little cooler out there and then we'll gradually cool things off. the warmer temperatures make the most of tomorrow. sunday a little bit cooler but over all a great weekend forecast for us. >> a little cooler but looks like a nice weekend forecast. >> and happy father's day to all the fathers out there.
10:50 pm
>> absolutely. and basketball done so we can concentrate more on baseball. 7-2 against l.a. entering today including a streak of 31 consecutive scoreless innings. of course warrior fans spanning the coastline and they enjoyed what they saw today. top three, 1-0l.a. until buster posey. all over that hanging curve ball. grand slam makes it 4-1 giants. a double-double of brandon. it is 5-3, top seven, little insurance from matt duffey. that will play angel pagan. they win it.
10:51 pm
the a's trying to get some of the good luck from next door at oracle as they face the angels. a grand slam his 20th of the year. just like that the lead is gone. the angels put up 12 and they win it. a rod sitting on 2,999 career hits. make it three grand off of justin verlander and it's a home run. just the third player ever to homer for hit number 3,000. by the way the kid catches the ball and said afterward he has no intention of giving the baseball back to rodriguez. yankees win the game. we all love a parade. coming up why draymond green and coach kerr are a dream made
10:52 pm
in heaven. and how tiger woods ended up literally and figuratively at the u.s. open.
10:53 pm
♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru
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a subaru. from 1996 to 2014 tiger woods played 1,017 professional rounds of golf. he shot in the 80s, once. this year three times. including thursday at the u.s.
10:55 pm
open. today another forgettable effort at chambers bay. tiger on the parfour. and the look on his face shows he knows it's off. that's a bad lie so lie you have a hard time getting to the ball. and watch your footing. pretty much summed it up for tiger. and jason day collapses they call it vertigo. he was wobbly he is teed for nine. your coleader, spieth birdie on 17. he is 3-under today. 5-under at the turn tied with patrick riess. the sun was shining a day to bask in the nba championship. but know you've seen it but you've waited 49 years to see it so you won't mind seeing more of it.
10:56 pm
pretty much everybody employed by the team spoke at the rally. but no surprise draymond did his best to steal the show. >> when i started training camp, he hated me. that's no lie. he probably still hates me. that's no lie. but we're going to keep winning these championships and that's no lie. >> and you know how they start playing music at the oscars when it starts to go on a little long and security comes and grabs the guy, that may happen here in a few minutes. >> you were on vacation in hawaii said you found even warrior fans in hawaii. >> games five and six. the pool side bar at the hotel in calipani beach three rows deep watching the game. so it's not just a california, or bay area. it's a world phenomenon. >> thank you for joining us.
10:57 pm
>> you can find us on and the ktvu app. have a great weekend and happy father's day.
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d library. had some late nights in there. some of them i even spent studying. don't tell your mom. and maybe don't tell me. oh. college! he was shielding his eyes from the sun. knew it when i hit it. phil is taking haley to visit his alma mater. loved college. mm, we were hoping some of that enthusiasm rubs off on her. go, bullfrogs! dogs. bulldogs. i feel like you do that on purpose. mnh-mnh. no, it's just-- i say "bull," and i can't remember if it's frogs or dogs. when i talk to my old friends from college do we croak or do we bark? (telephone rings) i got it. (clears throat) (beep) hello? (grunting)


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