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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 20, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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and now, from ktvu fox two, this is the 10:00 news. a man shot and killed driving on a bay area hwy. authorities say the gunfire
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came from another vehicle. i am heather holmes. >> nim ken wayne. shooting shutdown highway 4 for six hours and caused a traffic mess on the highway. the shooting happened on highway 4 near bailey rd. near the pit sport -- pittsburgh station. we're live where the freeway finally reopened. >> reporter: you can see the tire lights -- tail lights behind us. it just reopened about an hour ago. it has been pretty slow going, but traffic is back moving again. the contra contest -- contra costa sheriff's office received 911 calls reporting a car being shot at. this car crashed into the center divide before 3:00. investigators say they have found three bullet holes on the passenger side. >> we know this poor guy got shot driving on the freeway.>> reporter: the driver was pronounced dead. the investigation shutdown
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highway 4 for hours. >> because it is no extended crime stream -- an extended crime scene, we had to walk it. >> reporter: thousands were caught in the backup. >> i was there for like two hours. when i came back no ac going on. everybody is riding on the side freeway.>> reporter: lee anderson says it normally takes her 20 minutes to go from concord to willow pass road.>> people cutting up the side, trying to cut through the traffic, insane.>> reporter: as for what may have led up to the shooting, investigators told me they are still considering all possibilities. thank you,
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cara. a crash killed a woman and injured five other pedestrians. a 65-year-old nine nissan -- nissan versa driver veered onto a bus stop. two victims were reportedly dragged 50 feet and trapped under the car. two children were among those hurt. witnesses say the driver slumped over the wheel before the crash. police say he had marijuana in the car and had just left a dispensary. they can say yet if drugs or alcohol were a factor. he has not been arrested. the latest on that balcony collapse in her glee. two of the victims were remembered today. they were cousins, and family and friends recalled the two as talented and its -- and intelligent. a shared a special bond. a loan bagpiper wales inside the catholic church where
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mourners gathered.>> today, we gather in celebration of life, the life of ashley and olivia. him>> two -- >> the two cousins were said to be more like sisters. him about world collapsed during a party in berkeley him for injured. him him him>> him him faster lead him the comforting families. him him there's him to an abrupt and tragic and him>> him they listened to the him vicious women him -- him him
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him -- >> the father says all of ireland is praying for the injured.>> everybody is in unison, it is national tragedy. >> sorrow is being felt him tomorrow -- sorrow is being felt in one of county. him -- sonoma him county.>> she was such a beautiful person. everything like her energy was so amazing. at a time like this, need someone like hear him -- hurt.>> the people injured will probably stay here for some time. the survivors suffered serious injuries including broken bones. they are spread out between hospitals and oakland, walnut creek, and castro valley. there will be an 11 am mass tomorrow in san francisco. fire crews gaining ground on a wildfire near yosemite.
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it is called the sky fire, forcing the accusation of camp -- evacuation of camp grounds. the fire started thursday afternoon, has burned about 500 acres. it is about 30% contained. no word on how the fire started. and other -- in southern california, the lake fire has burned acres between -- around the mohave desert. firefighters are on the ground and aircraft are dropping fire retardant. this fire is 15% contained with no word on cause. officials say the flames threatening about 500 homes, but so far, no word of damage or injuries. a charleston church is getting ready to hold sunday services four days after nine people were gunned down inside. today, parishioners were allowed inside the church for the first time. people gathered in support outside. mike tobin brings us the latest from south carolina.>> we all
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have one thing in common, our hearts are broken. >> reporter: the community of charleston is banding together in the wake of the deadly shooting at the emmanuel ame church. a crowd gathered to show support as family members remembered those killed.>> my mother was a strong woman. she is in a better place now. >> reporter: 21-year-old dylan storm roof opened fire at the church, killing nine. the tragedy has resonated across the nation.>> we still as a nation have not come to grips yet with racism.>> my parents grew up during the civil rights moment -- movement. i have never really experienced it. >> it is important to support people in the community. i hate
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to look at history in a bad way, but we want to be out in the community helping it and showing our support. >> reporter: roof's bond is being held -- has been set at $1 million. mike tobin, fox news. the fbi is investigating a website and manifesto link to the judge -- gunmen, dylann roof. it talks about white supremacy and says, the event that awakened me was the trayvon martin case. there were also pictures of roof burning an american flag. a hunt on for the man accused of killing a new orleans police officer. travis boys was under arrest for aggravated assault and was wearing handcuffs at the time of the shooting inside a police suv. >> that prisoner somehow was
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able to get his hands from behind his back where he was handcuffed. apparently he is double-jointed and able to do that in the back of the car.>> police say boys somehow managed to get officer holloway's weapon through an opening in the steal cage. the suv crashed into a utility pole. holloway was a 22 year veteran of the police force. a show in oakland included the sound of gunfire. the person taking this video says he was shot at after people realized he was recording. it happened on the high street -- high street on-ramp. police broke up the crowd but there have been no arrests. yesterday was one of the top days for ridership. the warriors parade helped
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bring out more than 550,000 riders using bart. the number one day for ridership happened when the san francisco giants celebrated their world series big to -- victory. a 31-year-old man fell to his death in southern california after a skydiving accident. it happened yesterday east of san diego. the man was jumping the new parachute but something went wrong, causing the manta plunged to his death. the man was experienced skydiver. the sheriff's department and medical examiner are investigating the incident. it has been a month since an oil spill polluted beach near santa barbara. the cleanup is slow and painstaking. workers are not allowed to use heavy equipment or chemicals that could damage marine life. they are using brushes and putty knives to scrape through
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off rock faces. the group has made steady progress. and underground pipeline cost the spill. it is not everyday you heard about -- here about sunken treasure getting returned to a family who lost it. it happened today in the bay area. a democratic candidate for president gives mayors something to bring to their cities. here -- >> what hillary clinton called for after the shooting in south carolina. two escaped murderers still on the loose from a new york prison. the best lead yet means search seems could be hundreds of miles away behind.
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a shooting at a block party in detroit killed one and injured others. hundreds of people were attending the party when an unknown gunmen shot at the crowd. no one -- no children were hurt. neighbors are upset and angry. >> it is a miracle that not one kid so far has been shot. i don't know what the hell these people were thinking. shooting into a crowd of 400 people, i don't care if you have a beef with somebody, there are kids there.>> the victim was a 21-year-old man. two are in critical condition. police have no suspects but believe that gunmen was targeting a particular person
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and say witnesses will not talk tonight. two weeks since two inmates escaped a maximum security prison in new york. still no sign of them. rick leventhal reports investigators are looking into possible sightings. >> reporter: law enforcement tells me there have been possible sightings of the men since they escaped from prison two weeks ago, and none have been confirm. this is -- confirmed. this is the first time the siding has been put in a press release. matt and sweat escaped june 6. one a week later, police a two men were spotted walking near around yard 300 miles from dannemora. the next day, two men by the same description were seen walking down one 15 headed towards pennsylvania. police talked to witnesses and collected surveillance footage
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which is being analyzed. the men could have covered 300 miles in a week. they walked for 15 hours a day. they could now be in virginia or ohio or beyond. >> we are not going anywhere. our plan is to pursue these men relentlessly until they are in custody. we will not stop our search or chasing leads until they are back in prison. >> reporter: more than 600 policemen are still involved in the manhunt along with federal agents and k-9 teams. 1500 leads have poured in. investigations by the department of corrections into how these men escaped continues. one corrections officer has been placed on administrative leave. authorities remind the public these men have violent histories and should be considered a significant threat. and dannemora, rick
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leventhal. a first in the nation, a law in hawaii raises the smoking age to 21. it bans the sale, purchase, possession, or consumption of tobacco, including electronic cigarettes cut to anyone under 21. the state senate of california passed a similar measure that must be approved scientists say they are a step closer to creating an aids vaccine. researchers have developed a way to engineer the virus so it is more stable and more likely to trigger the immune system. because hiv is complex, usually it mutates faster than the body can handle. the lead researcher says he is cautious lee -- cautiously optimistic that it will lead to a vaccine.>> you know in star wars they have this death star and it has a very special spot where you can destroy it?
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>> reporter: -- >> scientists have tested the vaccine on mice with promising results. the next step is to design booster shots to train the immune system to fight hiv. the coast guard is trying to find out what caused the vessel to become submerged in san francisco. the incident was reported near midnight, when someone smelled diesel near the vessel. the coast guard is interviewing the owner of the vote -- boat. here is a picture, the boat is partially submerged. a leak is no longer visible. valeo honored a hero today. today was proclaimed jeff gordon day. quarter midget racing is alive and well at the racetrack. fans are excited to see the
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nascar driver.>> what i loved about it is this dirt track is slick. the cars can spin and you had to learn car control at a young age. it started with that track at that young age, five or six years old.>> gordon will race at sonoma raceway next weekend. he has announced his retirement this year. african-american boys in oakland received awards for their excellent school work. the okay program sponsored the annual luncheon at the hilton. the program trains african- american men to mentor black teens. the founder, a former deputy, says mentoring works to keep kids out of trouble and in school. >> any tatham move after recommend to take responsibility for boys, it
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works. -- and him you can entice african-american men to take responsibility for boys, it works. -- any time you can entice african-american men to take responsibility for boys, it works. a pocket watch was returned 100 years after it was loss. a diver returned the watch to the owners. it belonged to their father, john henry russell, aboard the uss san diego in 1918 when it hit a mine and sank off the coast of new york. russell was rescued, but the watch went down with the ship. the diver found the timepiece in 1981, engraved with russell's name, but it took in -- him until recently to find family. it's something
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greater than a's fans have thought about. could both teams leave oakland? despite a booming job market, the unemployment rate ticked up. the number of people seeking work. a week -- weak system moving in the southern california. how much cooling for the first day of summer.
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the latest job report had promising reports for jobseekers. it shows more than 54,000 jobs were added, one of the best months in the year. at the same time, the unemployment rate increased to
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6.4%.>> reporter: here at what is called america's job center, formerly known as the unemployment office, some areas are empty as fewer people need to come here. the unemployment rate ticked up a bit because people who had dropped out of the job market are coming back. more jobseekers is a double- edged sword. >> it would make me nervous because there are more -- is more competition.>> reporter: baskin is 16 -- seeking a teaching job.>> i would like to be a super -- student advisor. i was doing that anyway. i was really skilled at doing that. >> reporter: her job search has revealed that instructors and trainers are in demand across
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the board. >> they are looking for trainers and all kinds of positions, not necessarily in a college. it could be for any kind of company. i am broadening my search.>> reporter: some without a steady job for years see things improving despite more folks looking.>> i have that competition in front of me, but i still think i might be able to get something.>> reporter: one other indicator, the so- called take this job and shove it indicator, is up, meaning more and more people are not afraid of leaving one job to pursue a better one. tom vacar, 2news.>> san mateo and marin have the lowest unemployment rates. dozens
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turned out, some in civil war costume, for the 150th anniversary of oakland's mountain view cemetery. a new orleans jazz band was on hand. mountain view cemetery was founded in the piedmont oakland hills 10 days after the civil war ended. it was designed by frederick olmsted, the architect who designed central part.>> haec -- central park.>> reporter: he called for it to be located in the suburbs of oakland and berkeley. hundred 50 years later, we are in a metropolis.>> be celebration was held in part of the cemetery called millionaires row. several -- some of the most famous graves include the grave
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of chocolate king ghirardelli.. the baseball commissioner is in town this week, and he tackled a tough subject. hillary clinton -- find out what hillary clinton called for after the shooting in charleston.
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mayors from around the country have converged on san francisco for a conference of mayors. hillary clinton touched on several issues including gun control and race relations. [ cheering and applause ] >> hillary clinton spoke before a packed house saturday morning. >> thank you so much.>>
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addressing mayors from across the country and a shared national tragedy, the shooting in south carolina which claimed nine lives. >> nine faithful women and men with families and passions and so much left to do.>> clinton says something must be done to keep guns out of the hands whose -- of those who would keep them unsafe. >> i know that we can have common sense gun reforms that can keep weapons out of the hands of criminals.>> mayors attending the conference say they plan on being the best ideas from the event back to their hometown. it wasn't all work. there was also time for fun and games.>> the home of the world champion san francisco giants.
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>> president of the council of mayors kevin johnson joined with the commissioner to announce a new partnership with major league baseball aimed at bringing more black youths into the game. >> play ball is a grassroots program that is designed to be effective in urban areas. >> despite being a kings fan, sacramento's mayor says the parade in oakland was a victory for the warriors and oakland. >> i was proud for oakland in the entire bay area. >> gavin newsom will lead a task force on technology innovation monday. christien kafton, 2news.>> president obama left after the collins -- conference and headed for palm springs. the future of the oakland a's was a topical -- topic of discussion at the conference.
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the commissioner says a stadium in oakland is a top priority. man fred said he believes progress is being slowed by the city and county of alameda because they also have to deal with the raiders stadium issue at the same time. the a's have i'd san jose, but the giants have blocked that move. >> my take on the a's is i think it's crucial that they get a new facility. i remain committed to the idea that oakland should be our preference.>> as for the raiders coliseum, city progress, the developer, has until monday to show officials proof that he has made progress on the stadium. as of yesterday, the real estate developer had not yet submitted the plans.
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the raiders will have a few months to review the financing before the next owners meeting in august. the developers spearheading the project say the earliest a stadium could be built in oakland would be 2020. tomorrow is father's day. the kids are being a bit more generous this year. the national retail foundation's dates and average -- states an average of $115 per gift giver. the retailers groups as more families are bypassing ties and tools for experience presents like golf lessons, racecar run scott and even hot air --, and even hot air balloon rides. preparations under way for a community picnic at viejo part. it is the oldest known celebration of the end of slavery. it marks the they in 1865 that
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word reached galveston, texas, that slavery had been abolished. hundreds turned out in the east bay for a walk to benefit breast cancer patient's. the walk started today at walnut creek. it was organized by making strides against breast cancer. money raids -- raised goes to research. carol chin tobison of that like today's offers hope to those newly diagnosed.>> when they have a team event like this, it's like, well, i am not the only one. you can see other people have gone through more difficult struggles than myself.>> organizers expect 900 people walked today. last year, the event raised
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$65,000.>> it seems like all the giants have to do is play their arrival and a whole different team shows up. highlights from dodger stadium. the dodgers look to win a series. mark tamayo tracking the cooldown for sunday.
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the typical pattern with the 60s hitting the coast, the fog pushing back near the bay. look at this beautiful sight. a nice triangle in the sky. there's the moon, and here is venus and here is jupiter. if you look up to the sky, look
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up. you can see the nice triangle in the sky. as i mentioned, the fog is pushing back into the picture. a cooler sunday forecast. look at the temperatures today. we had some 90s towards antioch. oakland topped out at 73. san francisco, 65. in addition to the fog, we had higher clouds approaching the northwestern portions of california down towards monterey bay. we will have part d cloudy skies -- partly cloudy skies tonight. we still have some 60s inland. the san francisco and half moon bay in the low 60s. most areas in the 50s and 60s. we are changing seasons as we head into your sunday morning. the summer solstice tomorrow morning at 9:38. the official beginning of summer as you head into sunday morning. it will feel like a summertime day in the bay area.
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overnight lows will be starting out the day in the 50s, basically 50s covering the entire bay area. what is happening, we had a shallow marine layer today. towards the golden gate bridge, covered with fog. the deeper marine layer means that the cooler air will be pushed inland. in addition to summer tomorrow, father's day for your sunday. here is the plan for dads for the morning hours. there is a temperature timeline throughout the day. we will call it partly cloudy. that is the headline for your sunday. we will be cooler as we increase that onshore breeze. a weather system in the pacific will approach northern california and will move out over the next few days, by monday, tuesday, and wednesday. it will warm things up by wednesday and thursday.
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we talk about more 90s. temperatures have been going through different cycles over the past few days and warming up, cooling down, warming up. they will warm-up one in -- once again by wednesday. look at the fog tomorrow morning there the coast towards half moon bay. san francisco, oakland, also the north bay. i still think some patchy fog for san francisco. there is that group of warmest locations, approaching the 80s. the winds pick up, around 25 miles per hour. oakland, 69, livermore, 83. wendy towards con court in the afternoon. -- wendy towards concord in the afternoon. here is look at your five day forecast. we're expecting warmer temperatures by tuesday and wednesday. look what happens thursday, we really boost up the numbers.
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we could be talking about mid to upper 90s. the fog never goes around -- away for two mac long. -- two mac long. -- too long. another no- hitter in baseball today is maxtor sir came within an out of a perfect game. scott reese just walked in -- scott reiss just walked into the studio.
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hi, everybody, scott reiss with sports wrap. the dodgers haven't exactly been a worthy adversary.
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they are a game under 500. take advantage why you can. this cleared -- kid is clearly a tad conflicted. two-one until peterson unloading. this kid is a runaway working of the year, his -- runaway rookie of the year. second straight day with a long ball, back to backtracks. we -- back to backtracks. we are tied it two. -- back jacks. we are tied at two. a bad angle there. didn't matter, it was over the wall. the giants win again, 6-2. they are nine and two against la.
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as for the injury, it is a leg contusion. he is day-to-day but doubtful for tomorrow. history in the capital, bryce harper met yesterday's game with a bad hamstring. yesterday he was just fine. 23rd home run of the year. 1-0. mac shirts working on -- max shirts working on a perfect game. that is a weird way to lose a perfect game. the no-hitter still intact. next batter, josh harris in. -- harrison. label, that's it. 6-0 the score. one hit allowed. first time that has happened since 1944. and then a bizarre chocolate sauce ritual. defense and bullpen, the a's two achilles heels this season.
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you can imagine how debilitating a bad achilles would be. today, the pen was barely needed. a's, angels, skippers, game face, bottom one, scoreless. double scores, one-zero. three for three today. five hits in the last two games. he will be an all-star. bottom six, tied at one. josh was three for 27. that had to feel real good. it is two-one oakland. they are not done doubling their pleasure. same inning, brett, another two bagger. another double makes it four- one. carlos perez


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