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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 21, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. captioning sponsored by cbs, warner bros. television and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh anticipation tonight in san francisco and around the country as the nation's highest court may rule as early as
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tomorrow on same-sex marriage as a right for all americans. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. that decision is likely to fall during san francisco's pride week that could turn this year's celebration into something much more meaningful for the lgbt community. debora villalon is live now where plans are on the way for a huge rally after the supreme court's decision. >> reporter: that's right health heather, it'll be here at the castro. about 30,000 people will show up here. >> we're going to do it? >> yeah. yeah. >> are you really? >> yes. >> reporter: together almost 30 years, lewis and gafney were the first to marry in the city in 2004 and later were plaintiffs against proposition a. >> it would be like at 6:30 tomorrow morning we need to be ready. right. >> yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: now they're ready for a ban that could throw out
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the proposition. >> i think we all should have the freedom to marry who we want. >> right now the country is divided between the marriage haves and marriage have notes. >> reporter: with the couple suing, marrying then relocated and found they had no marriage rights. >> can that state say you're no longer married, we're going take away your marriage. that sadly is the truth. >> no matter what it's coming down during pride week. >> reporter: tony houston is organizing the rally the evening of the ruling however that decision goes. anticipation is similar to two years ago. if the new ruling comes as it
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did then at midweek, thousands of people will already be arriving for pride festivities. >> most of the visitors coming into town to the pride parade will be coming later in the week. so it might be just the local crowd. it might be quite an event. we don't know what to expect. >> reporter: the gay pride parade is one week from today, one million people pretty typical crowd but it could swell even bigger on the heels of this landmark decision. heather. >> yeah, we'll very closely watch this decision. we have new information on a deadly freeway shooting yesterday in the east bay. the shooting happened just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon on highway 4 near bailey road. that's not far from the pittsburg b.a.r.t. station. the victim was identified as
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mendez. mendez was later pronounced dead. authorities shut down the eastbound lane for about six hours as they collected evidence at the scene. a display of unity, resolve, defiance all today in charleston, south carolina following that racist violence that left nine church members died last week. thousands of people joined to form a human chain on a bridge. thousands joined the march. that historic church opened its doors for sunday service. mike toben is in charleston and tells us how those victims were remembered and church members pledged to move forward. >> reporter: songs of praise echoed through sunday sunday morning as parishioners joined
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together the. >> we - - joined together to pray. >> we need to be in solidarity, throughout the states and particularly in charleston. i want to say to the citizens of charleston, thank you. >> reporter: police say 21-year- old dillan roof opened fire at the historically black church wednesday killing nine people. uniformed police officers stood outside the church on sunday morning checking bags as people went in while victim's family members remembered those who were lost. >> he was a family man. he loved his children, he loved his grandchildren and he certainly loved god. >> reporter: roof's bond has been set at $1 million for a weapons charge. he will be held until additional hearing on the murder charges he faces. meanwhile leaders in the african american communities are calling for actions to avoid the similar crime in the future. >> the level of hatred in this country has remained constant
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over the years. we have to allocate resources to address these hate groups and these hate crimes. >> reporter: at the service, reverend gath pledged to hold the people responsible. yesterday hundreds of people gathered there at the state house demanding lawmakers remove the confederate badge. governor nikki haley is under pressure to take up the issue. fire crews in madero county
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say they plan to have full containment of oak fire by tuesday night. crews have been attacking the flames from the ground and the air. officials say the fire was sparked by a vehicle on thursday. 500acres have burned. 300 structures remain threatened. crews spent the day containing the fire line. in san san bernardino fire. so far the flames have burned 117 acres and the fire is 19% contained. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. sunday mass at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco paid tribute to those six students died when a balcony collapsed. some family and friends of those injured were in
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attendance today. >> reporter: sunday mass at the cathedral where the grieving lifted up. arch bishop held a memorial map that wrapped its arms around irish guests in attendance. the prayers at this mass were focused on tragedy. >> we're here to pray for the six who lost their life. donohugh, burke, ross, culligan, sisker and muller. >> reporter: five irish
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students and one local student who died suddenly without warning when the balcony they were standing on collapsed last tuesday. >> somebody said to me today, how are you, i would say my heart is broken. broken for the suffering of these families over the past week. >> reporter: when that balcony collapsed hearts expanded and arms extended to comfort those in need. many gathered for a candlelight vigil last week. there is strength in numbers. >> enveloping san francisco and
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the bay area. >> reporter: there will be masses like these repeated thousands of miles away in ireland. the last of the victim's families will go home to ireland tonight. those who are injured have a much longer journey ahead as they begin to heal with hope and support of their irish and catholic communities here. in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. a b.a.r.t. rider is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after allegedly making a threat to blow up a train. b.a.r.t. police said the incident started around 3:00 when a passenger heard a rider talking about explosives. that rider called police who took the suspect into custody. san francisco police used the bomb sniffing dog to in fact, the truck but found nothing
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suspicious. normal weekend service resumed. it happened around 7:40 in the barriesta neighborhood. police say a passenger was hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. the train con -- conductor was not injured and there were no passengers on that train. police say that anyone found with fireworks could be fined. sane fireworks are allowed in certain areas but not on beaches. anthem announced yesterday
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it planned to offer $184 per share. today cig -- signa called the offer inadequate. the two companies have been in talks since last summer. it has now been more than two weeks and after 1,500 leads the trail remains cold. the new information that has sifted the focus. and bringing those two escaped killers to justice. and coming up a little bit later at 10:30, warning signs going up at california's largest natural fresh water lake. tonight we look into the problems at clear lake. >> and in weather a bit cooler today across most of the bay area. coming up the fog will be first
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thing tomorrow morning and a temperature change in your monday forecast.
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law enforcement officials are now combing an area of southern new york after a sighting of two convicted killers that escaped from prison weeks ago. >> reporter: authorities say
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they've received dozens of tips. the one that led them to this southern new york area could be the most reliable. we saw more than half a dozens vehicles head out to presumably join the search. police are searching in the town of friendship. that's where the pair were thought to have been spotted by a resident. multiple police agents are involved. and in two separate incidents. residents of the near by county said they saw two men resembling the pair just last week. this latest sighting in friendship is significant but it is also unconfirmed. >> we will continue to search this area until all leads have been exhausted as we have in all areas of the state we will search under every rock, behind
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every tree until we're confident that that area is secure. while this is an unconfirmed sighting, the state police are asking residents who live in this area along the new york pennsylvania area to be on alert. >> reporter: one reason it stands out as possibly credible points to alleged accomplice joyce mitchell. the two men had planned to travel 7 miles away by car to an undisclosed location. that would place them in the vicinity of friendship new york. outside friendship new york, david miller, fox news. more than a dozen female inmates are working alongside firefighters to put out a brush fire. the women arrived on the scene to help fighting the fire and have been working for several days to protect homes. the women who make the perryville wild land fire crew say they're treated as firefighters not inmates when
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they're working. they've gone through the same certification program as other wildlife workers. >> a lot of us want to do this when we get out. it's a great opportunity and i'm very grateful for it. >> the perryville wild land group gets called several times a year to help battle wildfires. new orleans police made an arrest in the shooting of a veteran police officer. a rookie officer spotted travis boys as he boarded a bus with still broken handcuffs on his hands. boys was being transported when he was able to get ahold of a gun in still in handcuffs. >> there was a 40 caliber, a
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smith and wesson that was also recovered in the vehicle which is believed to have been useed in this heinous crime. how boys was able to retrieve this weapon is still under investigation. >> boys was taken to the hospital suffering from dehydration. prosecutors say he will face first degree murder charges. iran's parliament voted to ban -- are trying to reach an agreement about how to limit iran's nuclear program in return for lifting economic sanctions. the group has imposed a june 30th deadline to reach a deal. talks are scheduled to resume tomorrow. evidence from last night's deadly biker shoot out in waco texas is being examined here in the bay area. the waco tribute reports pieces of evidence from the shoot out
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at twin peaks rest rapt have been sent to -- restaurant have been sent to an atf lab here in the area. police arrested more than 170 people in connection with that case. the number of inmates dying of drug overdoses here in california is nearly triple the national rate. the department of corrections and rehabilitation is now taking steps to stop illicit drugs. corrections officials believe these steps of efforts are discouraging smuggling since 2006 more than 150 california inmates have overdosed. a plea for northern california dog owner hoping to find his dog a good home. 62-year-old army veteran tristan kerr is battling stage
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four cancer. the sacramento area man was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in march and was given just two months to a year to live. his dying wish is to find a good home for his dog cane. cane is a very calm and loving 7-year-old doberman pincher who is also a service dog. kerr says cane has served him well and would like to repay kerr. >> i have a terminal illness and i don't have much time left. it's very important for me to know that he's going to have a good home. >> reporter: tristan says cane is in great health. he gets along with other people and pets and likes to go for walks. he says he would like to find someone who is possibly retired so he can spend lots of time
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with cane. a bit cooler in the bay area. here's our live camera looking toward the moon. this is our roof camera in oakland where we have mostly clear skies. as we pull out the camera you get an idea here we have the arrangement out there of the plants. p l ants -- planets. we'll have the planets of venus and jupiter as they show up on this camera. here they are if you can see right now. here's venus and jupiter. you can see with clear skies over the oakland estuary. across the bay area, we did cool off as advertised. san jose 73. oakland 67 in san francisco 62 degrees. saw this tweet today from the angel island ferry. the first day of summer bringing blue skies. you can see here in the distance. i expect the fog will make a come back in this picture probably early tomorrow morning near the coast and near the
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bay. right now though we do have a mostly clear skies out there. with some patches of fog tries to regroup offshore. updated for the 10:00 hour showing you 59 in san jose. santa rosa 56 and san francisco checking in 53 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning kind of cool. you can see upper 40s. you may want to bundle up here. areas of fog at least near the coast we could have a few patches near into san francisco bay. here's a plan for your monday as you can see for the morning hours. low to mid-50s out there. you definitely want to bundle up. we're thinking 60s to the 70s and into the 80s. tomorrow will be warmer than today across most of the bay area. partly cloudy skies. still patchy coastal fog. i am tracking another warm up. when a few neighborhoods could be up to the mid- to upper 90s. have you been to clear
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lake? it's kind of smelly and in need to be cleaned up. and two putts determining the open winner. we have full highlights coming up with joe fonzi.
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things in the golf world got pretty interesting today. history made at the u.s. open. >> i think we're seeing a changing of the guard in golf this year. it's never been done in the modern golf era but 21-year-old jordan spieth is half way toward winning the grand slam. after taking the masters, spieth took the open. no shortage of drama in the find goal. he negotiates the tricky greens and makes the birdie to take the lead over brandon grace but a double bogie at 17th brought spieth back into a tie.
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dustin johnson at 17th. a three way tie at the top between spieth and osteisen. but now to the par 18th. spieth had that put for eagle. he takes birdie to complete a round of 16. in front by a point. gretsky is waiting at 18th. first he misses eagle then missed birdie coming back. johnson needs to make birdie to force the 18th play off. he three puts the championship goes to spieth. spieth has already made history by winning the masters and u.s. open at the age of 21. the third major of the year the british open gets going next month. the giants tonight with a chance to take over sole possession of first place in the national league west. instead saw history making the night for lincecum for all the
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wrong reasons. after the dodgers got a single run in the first they got to the giants for four more in the second. puig with a solid score for two. bruce bochy had seen enough. lincecum was removed after working just an inning and a third. his shortest inning in an outing in his career. adrian gonzalez had already hit one home run in the fourth and grandal hit that one of his own. that was his second. still more long ball. it's the fifth and it's turning taking one to straight away center in his third, 3-1/3 innings of work. pettitte gave up three of his own. and many spent the day with
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their dad at the ballpark. and base hit that scores sam foleman. one run already in and then ike davis hits this run to center. scores ben zobres. it's the longest rbi single you will ever see. the in the ninth they got the tieing run to deflect. it drives settles into the drive of foles. a combination of relief on the a's faces as they make it two out of three. and we'll see you later for the full edition. >> i saw one of the guests walk by. looking forward to hear from him. a golfer from cal.
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see you then. and looking at water consumption. an area where residents are using double the amount of water than others. >> it's just fun just to walk up close to him. >> that's part of the reasons why california's biggest lakes has signs warning people to stay away from part of the lake. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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there are new complaints about the water quality at clear lake. there are dead fish showing up and parts of the lake are covered with a smelly algae bloom. you may already know that clear lake is california's largest fresh water lake. tahoe is bigger but twice as far as nevada. >> it smells and the wind pushes it all down back to where i live. >> it kind of smells like fisherman's wharf down in san francisco. >> we're coming down to that season it's something that happens every year. >> reporter: the algae bloom is nothing unusual. the natural lake is very
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shallow averaging only about 20 feet. and when summer temperatures reach into the 100s, the shallow warm water explodes with plant life. the area that's impacted is relatively small compared today the over all size of the lake -- compared to the over all size of the lake. i would encourage people to get out into the water, and enjoy the water. it's beautiful. >> reporter: so we did. all you have to do is get out to the middle of the lake to get away from it. the lake county information officer took us on a tour. the middle of the lake was indeed clear but on the southeast side near the shore we found large areas covered with algae. one reason this year's algae may be worse than previous years is the heavy rain that fell last december. >> we got those massive rainstorms that made a huge wash off into the lake, run
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off. bringing more nutrients into the lake then we got hot. >> reporter: we also found several dead carp at the lake. samples have been taken to determine what caused the fish to die this year. locals say visitors to the lake may not realize the dead carp and algea bloom are not that unusual. >> i think they just don't understand the cycle. you live on a natural lake it cycles. it's just a very, very natural process. >> reporter: still warning signs have been posted at some beaches and parks tells visitors to steer clear of this bloom. >> it's disgusting. and i -- it's unhealthy. especially if i want to take my animals. >> when humans look at a bacteria bloom they say nasty. when kids see it, they say yum,
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yum let me go taste it, let me go drink it. so when people come to the lake instead of saying gross, they say look at the ecosystem. look at the life in it. this is part of a natural lake. >> a lake that may have an imagine problem that local leaders are trying to fix. as we mentioned while you can avoid the algae by taking a boat away from shore some lakegoers say that doesn't help them if they don't have a boat. there's an effort to clean up the lakes and beaches. school may be out but the school district will continue a summer meal program. about 80% of students qualify for the national school lunch program. they receive breakfast, lunch, snack and a dinner at no cost. now if it weren't for this program, many of those kids would not have access to consistent nutritious meals during the summer months. firefighters in the south bay are trying to figure out
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what caused an explosive house fire earlier this evening. crews responded to a home in encinitas. the home as you can see was engulfed in flames when several explosions were heard. the space had been vacant for two years and was being used for storage. the explosions were believed to have been caused by propane tanks. no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. high income families are using a lot more water than working class families during the state's continuing drought. the contra costa times looked at just how much water the average household uses in 16 cities served by the east bay municipal utility district. the families in san leandro used the least. 65-gallons per person per day. that's just 16% of the amount used in wealthy neighborhoods. the pattern of wealthier households using more water holds across the state.
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oakland uses an average of 57- gallons per person per day. neighboring piedmont averages 410-gallons. the average in pleasant hill it's 79-gallons. walnut creek averages 125- gallons per person per day. it may be hard to believe during the drought, but one bay area city is offering water that's absolutely free. >> this is my rose bush right here. >> reporter: sonia osbourne loves her outdoor rose garden. >> the first thing i look at in the morning when i wake up. then every night when the sun goes down. >> reporter: but the roses and the drought are at odds. >> i don't want my roses to die. >> reporter: but osbourne found a solution, where residents can fill containers with recycled
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water. perfect for watering their plants. the recycled water starts out as sewage then it's treated with chemicals filtered and comes out ready for residents to use but only for irrigation. >> i think it can be a big help. we live in a very arid climate and getting it out to the public is important. >> reporter: that's over a ton of water. but that's really just a drop in the preverbial bucket. the city recycles thousands of gallon as -- gallons a day. and since it has to go some where it might as well go to someone's garden. >> i'm going to irrigate my lawn. >> reporter: in brentwood, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. and here's yet another sign of the drought.
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water levels at fulsome lake have dropped so low that boaters who rent slips there had to remove them this weekend. now in normal years the boats could stay docked through september. but the water level is so low at 414 feet the owners could no longer leave the boats in the water no more. >> i'm going to really miss coming out and taking the kids and wade boarding and enjoying the afternoons. i guess we'll have to find another hobby for the rest of the summer. >> many people are hoping the water level will remain above 400 feet for a little bit longer at least for the july 4 holiday. the speed limit in fulsome lake will drop to only five-miles- per-hour after that. and that of course is way too slow for water skiing. it jumped into the movies with big hits like toy story. pixar's latest creation just hit theaters this weekend. coming up we'll take a trip to
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the company's bay area studios to find out how they create hit movie after hit movie. >> a live look at the oakland ports. when the 90s are expected to return this week.
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welcome to summer. we're about 13 hours into summer. the summer solstice. we actually cooled off today across portions of the bay area. we are tracking warmer temperatures throughout the bay. we're going to warm things up back in santa rosa, san francisco, up a few degrees in san jose. approaching the 80-degree mark. not too much happening in the satellite right now. we do have patchy fog trying to regroup. just offshore, and that will
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gradually expand in coverage in the next few hours in the coast and parts of the bay. that coupled with a pretty good on shore breeze. fairfield winds out of the southwest. sustained at 23. gusting to 28-miles-an-hour. oakland winds out of the west at nine-miles-per-hour. more reports for you. sfo a breeze out of the west to check in at 14 miles per hour. beautiful right now outside. here's our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge as you can see san francisco out there in the distance. forecast headlines for tonight. we will have fair skies, the short term as we mentioned a warmer forecast for tomorrow and warming trend will continue for the long range maps. we're tracking mid- to upper 90s well inland. you will see that coming up in the next few days. as far as san jose tomorrow starting out the day in the upper 50s. mid- to upper 50s at 7:00. as you can see the temperature time line throughout the afternoon hours. by 3:00 and 4:00 we're thinking 78 will be approaching 79 degrees. so for tomorrow, patchy morning
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fog. partly to mostly sunny skies. this weather pattern, this area of sunny skies will ramp up. the warming trend strengthens just offshore. away from the coastline, you know the drill. inland neighborhoods you're talking mid- to upper 90s by wednesday and into thursday. here's our forecast model this is the forecast model tries to generate more fog near the cost and a few patches right around the bay. this is tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. then the clouds clear back to near the shoreline. revealing partly to sunny skies. our microclimates starting to resurface. with the temperatures in the 50s out there as that fog sticks around. the warmer locations as the warm contour approaches the 80s. eventually more 90s making the come back. take a look at the highs for tomorrow. still a bit breezy out toward the delta. winds topping at 29 miles per hour. more temperatures for you on
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your monday afternoon. oakland 72. head over to the hill you will find lots of 80s through pleasanton. morganville 85 degrees. and increasing temperatures in the next few days, fire dangers will also go up. temperatures trending up especially inland. with your weekend in view we could be a little muggier. but at least we have options here in the bay area. those microclimates out there. pick your temperature, 65, 70, 85, 90. >> might be running to the beach. >> yeah. >> thank you mark. >> thanks mark. dinosaurs aren't ruling the world. but they are the kings of the weekend box office. >> we -- you just went and made a new dinosaur? probably not a good idea.
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>> jurassic park is expected to earn $400 million. pixar's inside out is now second. and is expected to top out at $90 million during its premier weekend. speaking of inside out. we got a chance to go into the studios of pixar. we talked to the creators and learn about the cultural of fun that employees have there.


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