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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 22, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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across the country this morning as the supreme court gets ready to make a decision surrounding same sex marriage. "mornings on 2", starts now. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is monday, june 22nd. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores. let's start your day with weather and traffic. steve's here. did you have a good weekend? >> i did, indeed. how about yourself? >> mine was fabulous, thank you. >> i had a warm saturday, then it really cooled down sunday and today will be another transition day. plenty of low clouds making their annual push on the bay and plenty on the coast. inland we had the weak system coming by yesterday. some of the fog made it into the morning lows here. 50s, i think we'll get a couple of 40s before everything is said and done. along with a west wind at 24
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miles per hour, gusting at 22. little bit of a breeze for some. high pressure is nosing in. sunny and nice, little warmer inland a cooldown yesterday, today we bump it up a little bit. 60s, 70s, what is new, coast and bay. good morning. happy monday. we are off to a decent start, i would have to say 80 westbound looks good as you head out to the mcarthur -- macarthur maze. a decent start and traffic continues to move along nicely. driving on 80 westbound, we are going to move this to the other commute. that would be the east bay. i think my maps may be stuck here. there you go. highway 37 is off to a good start. 401, let's go back to the desk. developing news in san jose
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right now where police have blocked off streets near city hall. several people have called in to our newsroom to tell us a man is up in a crane near city hall and won't come down. this has been going on since about 10:00 last night. there is anticipation this week in san francisco and around the country, as the supreme court could rule as early as 6:30 this morning on same sex marriage. the decision could fall during san francisco's pride week, and as deborah reports, plans are being made if a huge rally -- if a huge rally after the supreme -- for a huge rally after the supreme court's decision. >> reporter: john lewis and stewart gaffney were among the first to marry in the city in 2004 and later were plaintiffs against proposition 8. now they are bracing for a decision that
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would throw out gay marriage bans in 13 states. >> the basic principle that everybody should have the freedom to marry the person they love. >> right now, legally the country is divided. that is what we need this supreme court to decide. >> reporter: lewis and gaffney were at the supreme court to hear the arguments. some of the couples suing married elsewhere, then relocated, and found shed no marriage rights. >> can that state say you are no longer married? we are going to take away your marriage? , that, sadly, is the truth. >> joni brewster is organizing the decision day rally. at 18th street at 6:00, the evening of the ruling, however that decision goes. and anticipation is similar to two years ago when the high
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court unraveled prop 8. thousands of people will already be arriving midweek for pride festivities and most of the visitors coming into town will be coming later in the week. it wit be just a local crowd, we don't know what to expect. san francisco's gay pride parade is this coming sunday. most legal experts believe the court will wait until the last days of the sun trust session to issue the ruling, and that would be next monday or tuesday. a high school in san francisco will offer an lgbt study class next fall. the class is the first in san francisco to focus solely on the history, struggles and achievements of the lgbt community. and students will take a field trip to san francisco's glbt
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history museum. people in charleston, south carolina continue to heal days after a gunman killed nine people at the emmanuel a.m.e. church. fox news correspondent kelley wright has a look at how people are coming together as a sign of support. >> reporter: charlotteston's emmanuel a.m.e. church is reopening its doors, as the world continues to mourn the lives of nine people killed there. the church holding sunday services for the first time since a gunman opened fire during a bible study. >> it is about being able to love one another. >> reporter: in an emotional sermon the reverend norville goff preached a message of love, recovery and healing. he vowed the community will work tirelessly. >> we are going to pursue justice and be vigilant, and we
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are going to hold our elected officials and others accountable to do the right thing. >> reporter: hours later, thousands of people could be seen marching across charleston's main bridge in a show of unity. >> i am so proud to be among the people who are unifying and showing the world how to do things. >> reporter: people taking part in the march say they want to let everyone know that violence of any kind does not belong in charleston. >> i feel like that this showing here should be contagious and infectious across the nation and start a movement, saying there is one race, the human race. and we are not going to tolerate the violence any more. >> the alleged shooter, 21-year- old dylann roof is in police custody, and charged with nine counts of murder. hillary clinton is speaking
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out against what she calls institutionalized racism in america. during a speech in san francisco on saturday the presidential candidate told the crowd our problem is the comments that go unchecked. clinton said she believes race remains a quote deep fault line in america. crews continue to battle a wildfire in san bernadino county. it started wednesday, just about 90 miles east of los angeles. more than 17,000 acres have burned so far. the fire is just 19% contained and the cause is still under investigation. firefighters hope the sky fire will be fully contained tomorrow night. it is threatening about 200 structures, and is only 40% contained.
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investigators believe that fire was started by a car thursday. happening today, taxi drivers are set to stage a protest outside of uber's headquarters in san francisco, while mayors from all around the country will be touring the company. uber is among the sponsor of the annual mayor's conference. uber and lift carry inadequate insurance, don't do thorough background checks, and pay their drivers low wages. one mayor, of madison, wisconsin agrees. he planned to skip the tour at uber today. uber is adopting a no gun policy. this means drivers and riders are banned from carrying guns of any kind inside you beber cars. there is already a strict no weapons policy in place. a flasher may be on the
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loose in fremont. two incidents were reported in the city's brooke veil -- brookevale neighborhood. a man in a car exposed himself. one the car was a honda civic the flasher is latino and has a buzz cut. parents at a south bay elementary school will hold demonstrations against staffing incidents. nearly all the teachers at west valley elementary school will be transferred to other schools in the district. originally west valley teachers had been told they would have to reapply for their jobs. the district and teachers's union decided that would be unfair. the parents will demand the
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teachers be left at west valley. today is an important deadline if a planned new sports complex in oakland. a development group has until today to lay out details of how it plans to finance a new stadium, that would be built next to the current coliseum. the coliseum city plans suggest having football, baseball and basketball venues, as well as housing and retail and office space. owner lou wolf has made it clear he does not want to share the location and said they will not play at the coliseum site if the raiders play there as well. now that the san francisco 49ers have their new stadium in santa clara, officials seem very interested in the city's politics. team executives spent more than $11,000 to help elect the mayor and two of the six city council members last fall.
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the team is asking for approval to take over the local property. thousands of warriors's fans are expected to lineup in san francisco this morning for the chance to meet harrison barnes. when macy's union square opens at 10:00 this morning the first 250 customers to spend $35 or more on special licensed merchandise will receive a writ band to meet barnes at 5:00 tonight. boston whitecaps scored a combined 53 -- barnes scored a combined 53 points in the finals. check out this touching father's day post from warriors player steph curry. it is a picture of him and his daughter riley. part of it reads no better blessing than the responsibility of fatherhood. woke up at 6:15 a.m.
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with 2-year-old feet kicking me in my back. wouldn't have it any other way. he went on to thank all his and all fathers who set great examples. yeah, you do have some kids kicking you now and then right? all right, 4:11 is the time now. there is a special mass to honor those killed in last week's balcony collapse at berkeley. coming up, how families will remember their loved ones this week in ireland. more on the 22-day challenge that could help improve your ride to work. a cooldown on sunday. a breeze and enhanced fog. signs of a warmer pattern. 52 in santa rosa, 56 in
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we have developing news now out of afghanistan, where taliban fighters launched an attack outside the parliament building in kabul. a large car bomb exploded near the outer wall of an apartment compound as lawmakers were meeting inside. afghan security forces fought off attackers, killing all six, but the explosion shattered glass in the parliament
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building. no one inside was hurt. an investigation is underway in las vegas after a person attend august huge electronic dance music festival over the weekend died. the festival -- attending a huge lake-effect tryonic dance music -- attending a huge electronic dance music festival over the weekend. there were dozens of medical calls. police say it will take a week or two to determine how the man died. 62-year-old walter shy went hiking in the mountains near us to on june 13th and never returned home. he was reported missing the next day and volunteers have been searching for him since wednesday. his body was found last night
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off a trail. he served bill clinton and george w. bush from 1994 to 2005. a shooting happened just before 3:00 saturday afternoon on highway 4 near bailey road, not far from the pittsburgh bay point bart station. the victim was identified at 21- year-old thomas mendez from pittsburgh. he was in a car when someone in another car opened fire. mendez later died. well today is the last day of the muni challenge. that is the 22-day event that has san francisco mayor, ed lee, and most of the board of supervisors, using muni every day. having them use it would help them make informed decisions on
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transit. time to look at traffic this morning. if you are headed out the door right now, let me give you a look at some of the bridges. bay bridge toll plaza traffic moving along. checking in on the san mateo bridge. let's head over to the golden gate bridge to see if it looks possibly a little foggy. steve's our expert, so he'll let us know, but looks like the camera is blurry, for some reason. dirty camera, mist, fog? what is going on out there? >> more low clouds than fog. it was skewed. >> that's a great word. you know sonni gray, the a's pitcher? >> yes. >> we look alike.
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salvadore flores said got my steve paulson gnome at the a's game. brothers from a different mother. but thank you very much. we do look alike. >> you do. low clouds are there and after the local clouds burn off it will be sunny and warmer today. fog, then sun, a good breeze for some. not a howling breeze. more on wednesday thursday. inland not so much on the coast. 24-hour temperature change shows most locations are running a little cooler than they were yesterday at this time. there is a sea breeze in place.
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bow diageo ga bay cooled off. -- the bay cooled off. 30s in the mountains. 50s, 60s through the interior. plenty of low clouds in place. with the cold air in place, you get heat in the valley. sunny and nice. 80s for some. liver more should be closer to 87 this time of year. 80 in the santa clara valley. it looks about the same on tuesday. it will warm up wednesday and thursday. high clouds coming up in the desert southwest. a little far out. >> what will that bring to us?
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>> a little cloud cover, maybe some humidity. one time i was recognized. >> i think you look like brian flores. i have to compare some on my facebook page. they look like sam cook. it is always funny. allow in the world did a cat make it -- allow in the world -- how in the world did a cat make it from australia all the way to northern ireland. it is likely aussie's owners brought him to london, but it is not clear how he made
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it to ireland. aussie is 25 years old, he is in poor health, however and they hope to find his owners very soon. >> wow. sometime now is 4:21. there is a dying wish from a north california army veteran. coming up, the special request to make sure his beloved pet is taken care of once he is no longer around. and no more bad blood between music's hottest artists. why apple is now changing its tune when it comes to its payment policy for music.
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in honor of international surf day dozens of them cruised into the record book. 66 people surfed together on a giant surfboard for a total of 12 seconds yesterday. >> oh my goodness. >> oh magar, look at that. >> the stunt on the -- oh my gosh, look at that. the stunt brock the record, previously held by surfers in queens land, australia where 47 surfers caught a wave for 10 seconds. there is no more bad blood between taylor swift and apple music. it's influenced it will pay artists, writers and producers for their music even during a 3-
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month trial period. swift had threatened to keep her album, 198, 1989, off the service. >> swift said she was relieved and she wasn't speaking just for her self. google's new policy plans to crack down on revenge porn. people with ask search engines to remove nude or sexually explicit information to be removed. it will treat it like bank account and social security numbers. people across the country should plan to pay more for omelets, and other egg items in
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restaurants. 48million chickens or turkeys have died or been put down because of the avian flu. egg production has dropped more than 5%. california is not seeing as much of a shortage throw, because eggs sold here must be from birds raise with more space and that prevents them from catching avian flu. coming up, a show of support from people all across the bay area. how hundreds of people are remembering the six students killed in a balcony collapse last week in berkeley and where police are now focusing their investigation. right now we are looking at the east bay commute. so far so good here, as we take a live look at interstate 880. it is looking good in both directions. the weather is looking good. if you like fog, go to the west. the lows are in the 50s for most.
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&g welcome back, everybody. we are following developing news in sajose, where police have blocked off some streets near city hall there. the camera panning off now as you can see where this is taking place. it's near city hall because of a man who won't come down from a crane. coming up in just four minutes, the new information we got from police. welcome back to mornings on 2. monday june 22nd. i'm brian flores. >> it's 4:30, steve, thank you for being here. >> i was just driving by, thought i thought -- thought i would stop in. low clouds making they're usual march inland. probably not as much of a robust br


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