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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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affect this week's pride celebration in san francisco. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> it is monday, june 22nd. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson has your forecast. >> a little warmer not much. you have a nice father's day. >> i had a wonderful father's day. up had a great time. thank you. >> we do kind of an interesting week on tap. it may get hot later in the week, and we might see a lot of high clouds coming from the south, which is not something we usually see in june. that's something we see in august. but they're used to it down in the desert southwest, just not here this soon. everything seems to be running ahead of schedule. that's my two cents worth. low clouds in place. plenty of low clouds in place. making a move inland. 50s on temps. would not be surprised if we get a couple before everything is said and done. west, southwest, gusts to 30.
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if that continues, i might have to take back some of these temps, inland, if it does not warm up with that much of a delta breeze. for some, not much change, 60s. 70s: a little warmer inland, breeze still around. 80s for some. slightly below average, 60s and 70s for others. all right, sal. 5:00. you know, pam made the comment, and there's just a lot of people on the roads, very early now. >> well, i have seen it over the last few years. >> i would agree. >> a lot of people have been getting on the road earlier and earlier, and i say what's the rush. hang out with us. we like you. we want to be your friend. anyway, check this out. westbound 80 to the mcarthur maze, not a bad commute. 18 minutes, looking good. although there are certainly a lot of people out there as pam wisely suggested, the traffic is moving along very well. it does get busier as we get closer to 6:00. this is a look at westbound bay
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bridge. that is backed up to the toll plaza area. now, if you are driving into the city, it looks good on the actual bridge itself. east bay, 580 westbound from dublin to hay ward, looks good. an earlier accident, 238 near the 580 interchange, turns out to be minor and on the shoulder, not causing big delays. at 501, go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal, we are continuing to keep an eye on developing news out of san jose. a man has broken into a construction site, climbed up a crane and is now refusing to come down. tara moriarty on the scene now and has more on how police are responding to this. tara? >> well, this happened around 8:30 last night, someone saw this man actually climbing up the crane, and you can see it's very high up there. it's about 9 stories tall. he is still refused to come down, and police have not identified him. it's not clear why he climbed up this crane. witnesses say he does appear
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intoxicated. nearby roads near city hall have been blocked off. >> right now it's been by mouth. we have officers down at the base of the crane on a blow horn calling out to him, communicating with him, and he's yelling down, when he can. >> officers say they're going to sit this one out, and wait it out. there's no telling how long the streets near city hall will be blocked off. we'll keep you posted. if you see back hear live this little box, that's the cab you're looking at of the crane, and there's sort of this plastic bag, white bag against the window of the cab, and that is the bag that he's been holding up. so apparently, again, he's been shouting down to officers from that high up, but you can see there's quite a big police presence, and once again we'll keep you posted when it opens. traffic isn't too bad.
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it's not affecting that. back to you. >> that's a good news, but certainly a developing story. we'll check with you in a little bit. 5:03 is the time. fire crews still fighting a 17,000 acres wildfire in san bernardino county. it started on wednesday about 90 meals -- miles east of los angeles. it's only 19% contained at this point, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. firefighters in medera county hope the sky fire will be contained. it is threatening 200 homes and other buildings. it's only 40% contained. investigators believe that that fire was sparked by a car on thursday. our time is 5:04. we're going to be closely following a u.s. supreme court this week. the court is expected to issue their ruling to once and for all decide if states can ban same-sex marriage. ktvu's paul chambers joining us
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live in san francisco. this could come down during the pivotal proceed week. >> that's correct. and it is pride week here in san francisco. some people are wondering will they be celebrating or disappointed with this week's celebration. we know at stake is the decision from the supreme court involving the 14th amendment. first the court has to decide if it would require states to license same-sex marriages nationwide. if the court decides against that, then it will have to determine if it would require states to recognize licenses of same-sex marriages performed in other states. now, this all came about because same-sex couples were suing or are suing that when they move to a different location, they would not recognize their marriage license and were told they didn't have marriage rights. michigan, ohio, kentucky and tennessee claim it's a state's right to define rightnow,legally,thecountryis-- r rightnow,legally,thecountryis- -r ightnow, right now, legally,
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the country is divided. >> reporter: it's unclear when the ruling will come down. if it is this week, that will determine the size of the crowd to some celebrate or share in disappointment. either way, the city will hold a rally at 6:00 p.m. the night of the decision. we'll monitor the supreme court's web site, and their twitter page to let you know, and as soon as we know information about it, of course we'll bring it to you, and throughout the morning, we plan to talk to people about the decision! paul chambers in san francisco, we'll talk to you later. a san francisco high school will offer an lgbt studies class last fall. the class is the first san francisco school to focus entirely on the history, struggles and achievements of the lgbt community. among other things, it will teach the history of gay leaders, including san francisco supervisor harvey milk and students will visit san francisco's lgbt history
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museum. also today, taxi drivers plan a major protest in san francisco. outside the headquarters of uber, as visiting mayors from around the country go on a tour of the company. uber and lift are among the sponsors of the annual conference of mayors which will wrap up in san francisco today. cab drivers accuse the rise sharing companies of buying off the mayors. they also claim uber and lift do not carry enough insurance or conduct thorough background checks on their drivers and that they don't pay good salaries to their drivers. at least one mayor, paul soglin of madison, wisconsin, agrees, he says he will skip the tour of uber today. meantime, uber is banning drivers from carrying guns in an effort to increase rider safety. uber says both drivers and passengers are banned from carrying guns into uber cars. the policy change was prompted by feed back from passengers and drivers. lift already has a strict weapons ban in place. time now, 5:07. reports in fremont that a flasher may be on the loose.
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over two incidents last week of a flasher in the city's brook veil neighborhood. both occurred at the gateway shopping center. on tuesday, a woman told police she spotted a flasher then. two days later, another woman says a man in a parked car exposed himself. that car described as a white, two-door, 1990s, honda civic. the man was described as la tee tee -- latino, in his 20s, unshaven and with a buzz cut. if you have any information call fremont police. parents at a south bay elementary school will protest against dramatic staffing changes. nearly all of the teachers at west valley elementary school in sunnyvale will be transferred to other schools in the district. originally west valley teachers were told that they would have to reply for their jobs and some would be left in place after what was described as tension at the school. the district and the teachers union decided that that would be unfair, so now the plan is
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to transfer all of the teachers to other schools. the parents, though, holding a rally at the school, demanding the teachers be left at west valley, and that rally starts at 6:00 tonight. today is an important deadline for a sports complex planned for oakland. a development group has until today to lay out details on how it plans to finance a new stadium built next to the current coliseum. the plans suggest having a football, baseball and basketball venues, as well as housing, retail, and office space. lou wolf has made it clear he does not want to share the location. and the commissioner says the a's would not play at the sight site if the -- site if the raiders build a stadium there as well. now that the san francisco 49ers have their new stadium in santa clara a, team officials seem interested in city politics, the mercury news executives spent $11,000 to
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help elect the mayor, and two of the city council members last fall. this is as the team is asking for city approval to take over city property near the stadium. the 49ers say they're just doing what many local businesses do, supporting candidates who might be most open to their ideas. time is 5:09. here's one of the stars of the nba champion golden state warriors and later today warrior fans will have a chance to meet harrison barnes in san francisco. this morning at 10:00, when macy's union square in san francisco opens, the first 250 customers to spent 35 dollars or more on specific licensed merchandise will get a wristband that will allow them to meet harrison barnes at 5:00 tonight. during the finals he scored a combined 53 points, including 8 3-pointers and a memorable dunk right here over lebron. that was in game five. take a look at this, this touching father's day post from steph curry of the warriors,
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it's a photo of steph and his two-year-old daughter riley taken on the day of the warriors parade, part of the message reads no better blessing than the responsibility of fatherhood. woke up this morning at 6:15:00 a.m. with a 2-year-old's feet kicking me in my back, and i wouldn't have it any other way. steph curry went onto thank his father, and all fathers who set great examples. >> you remember those days. >> i remember them real well. >> when the kids take over the bed and push you right out. 5:11 is the time. there was a special mass honoring the six young people killed in last week's balcony collapse in berkeley. coming up at 5:30. we're going to have the latest on the investigation, and how the victims' families will remember their loved ones in ireland. and thousands gather in south carolina after last week's shooting rampage. how people are now coming together to show their support.
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good morning we're looking at the east bay commute, right now looks pretty good driving on southbound 680 passing mission. we'll tell you a little bit more coming up. one of the coldest water temps on the west coast, at 49. fog is there. if you're out of school, inland, go there for the warmth. ♪ ♪
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. welcome back to mornings on 2, the time is 5:14. the community of south carolina, starting to heal, days after a gunman killed nine people at the emanuel ame church. yesterday, the church held services for the first time since that mass shooting. our reporter, kelly wright has a look at how people there are coming together as a sign of support. >> charleston emanuel ame church is opening its doors as people around the world continue to mourn the lives of nine people killed in last week's shooting there. the historic church for the first time since a gunman opened fire during a bible study. >> it's about forgiving and it's about being able to love one another. >> reporter: in an emotional sermon, the reverend preached a message of love, recovery and healing, and he vowed that the church community will work tirelessly to honor the victims. >> we're going to pursue
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justice. and we're going to be vigilant and we are going to hold our elected officials and others accountable to do the right thing. >> reporter: hours later, thousands of people could be seen marching across charleston's main bridge in a show of unity. >> i am so proud to be among the people who are unifying and showing the world how to do things. >> reporter: people taking part in the march say they want to let everyone know that violence of any kind does not belong in charleston. >> i feel inspired. i feel like that showing here should be contagious and infectious across the nation, and start a moving saying there's one race, the human race, and we're not going to tolerate violence anymore. >> funeral services for most of the victims will be held later this week. the alleged shooter, 21-year-
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old dyllan roof is in police custody and charged with 9 counts of murder. kelly wright, fox news. deputies are looking for the person responsible for a deadly freeway shooting happening just before 3:00 saturday afternoon on highway 4 near bailey road, not far from the pittsburg bay point b.a.r.t. station. the victim identified as 24- year-old tamas mendez of pittsburg. authorities say mendez was inside a car when someone in another car opened fire. that caused mendez's car to crash into the center divide. he later died. anyone with information is asked to call the contra costa sheriff's office. today is the muni challenge, the event that has board of supervisors using muni every day. having city leaders using buses and light rail would help them make philadelphia decisions about mass trans-- informed
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decisions about mass transit. they have a policy that requires them to use mass transit two days a week. let's get everybody out the door, public officials too. looks like people are up and on the roads already. >> yeah, good morning, to you. we are looking at a commute, where traffic is looking good in the east bay. westbound 24, coming up to the tunnel, it's getting a little bit more clouded in laugh yet, as you drive to -- lafayette as you drive to to orinda, and oakland. we're also looking at a commute where traffic is moving along pretty well in solano county between fairfield and vallejo, and no major problems onto the east shore freeway. let's go to steve in the weather center. thank you, sir, we have a pretty good fog bank and a decent delta breeze which ramped up in the last hour. keep an eye on that. 54 in san francisco to start.
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60 for noon. 64 for a high. 2 above yesterday but 3 below average for this time of year. a lot of fog, and water temps maintaining on a chilly side. in fact one of the coolest sea surface temperatures is on the west coast is bodega bay at 49 degrees. low clouds and fog, and temperatures will continue to be influenced by that. there you go. all 50s everywhere else, including brentwood, 50s for many. in fact, running a couple 5 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. livermore two, san jose two, mountain view four. if it feels cooler, it is. a rip roaring delta breeze. northwest at napa. a westerly component at livermore, hayward, sfo not that strong, but it's there. 54, 54, and 55. south of that, you can find warmer. north of that you can find warm every. 32 in truckee, and 50s, 60s through the interior. low clouds and fog, up and down
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the coast, it's the june gloom in place. high pressure building from the desert southwest, four corners, and there are signs it could get blazing hot. not until thursday. a little bit warmer pattern today and tomorrow. near average to slightly below for many, and a decent breeze for some. warmer weather kicks in wednesday. thursday could be one of the hottest days of the week, and there are signs of very hot temperatures through the interior. we'll see about here, though. warmer inland, not a lot. 80s on some of these temps, 60s, 70s others. a little bit below average for almost everybody here. not much change tuesday, then the warm up kicks in on wednesday, thursday, still warm to hot on friday. a lot of high clouds coming up from arizona need to be watched as we head towards the weekend. >> wow. >> they call it the monsoon moisture. it doesn't kick in until july and august. >> six weeks to eight weeks ahead of schedule here. >> isn't that something. >> it seems weird to get humidity from arizona. >> we this that about three weeks ago.
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remember how humid that was. >> that came up from mexico,. >> thank you, steve. 5:20 is the time right now. it's been more than two weeks since two convicted killers broke free from the new york prism coming up at 5:45, the possible sighting that has search teams focus. and no more bad blood between apple coming to the payment policy for music.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. taliban fighters launched an attack outside the afghan parliament building in kabul. a car bomb exploded as lawmakers were meeting inside. six taliban fighters then tried to storm inside. afghan security forces fought off the attackers killing all six. the explosion shattered glass in the parliament building. no one inside was hurt, however, 30 people outside the parliament building were injured in the attack. an investigation is underway in las vegas after a person attend ago huge electronic dance music festival died. the person who died was a 24- year-old man. he was among 135,000 people who were attending the event. police say it took place in record breaking heat, which led to dozens of medical calls. authorities say it will take a month or two to determine how the man died. and search teams in new mexico recovered the body of a
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former white house chef. 61-year-old walter shieb went hiking in the mountains on june 13th and never returned home. he was reported missing the next day. state police and volunteers had been searching for him since wednesday. his body was found late last night off a trail. no cause of death has been released at this point, but he served as white house executive chef under president's bill clinton, and george w bush from 1994 to 2005. time is 5:25, the faceoff between taylor swift and apple music is over. apple music now says it will pay artists, writers and producers for their music, even during a three month, free trial period for apple's streaming music. taylor swift threatened to keep her album off the service, and posted an open letter to apple saying we don't ask you for free iphones, please don't ask us to provide you for our music
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with no compensation. an apple executive tweeted we hear you taylor swift, and indy artists. swift said she was relieved and that she wasn't speaking just for herself but also for new artists. google has a new policy cracking down on revenge porn. within the next couple of weeks, people can start submitting a form, asking the search engine to remove nude or sexually explicit images from search results posted without consent. they will treat the results the same way it removes other highly personal information like bank accounts and social security numbers. jurassic world is still maintaining its oversized ticket sales. >> oh, it's big. the dinosaur thriller remained the number one movie at the weekend box office. it earned more than a hundred million dollars. that is the second highest take for any movie's second week.
5:27 am
only the avengers from 2012 has done better. jurassic world set an opening weekend record last week. time is now 5:26. another sign of drought. now, this one could affect hundreds of people's 4th of july plans. we'll tell you what's happening at folsom lake that has a lot of boaters very upset. san jose police say they will sit and wait for a man to come down from a 90-foot tall crane. we'll tell you where traffic could be affected. good morning, we're looking at the commute, and so far, so good when it comes to the morning commute and the golden gate bridge traffic is light. plenty of low clouds, making their usual push inland, so it looks like another day of temperatures not changing much near the coast. what about inland, take a look at that. santa rosa, 51.
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well, good morning to you, welcome back to mornings on 2.
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monday, june 22nd. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us, 5:30 this morning, we're expecting some humidity coming in. >> maybe later in the week, end of the week. not much change right now. a lot of fog, low clouds, some of that low cloud deck making a push inland. most locations, at least most, not all, far enough way, you're probably dealing with clear skies. there's a robust delta breeze. cope an eye on that. temperatures will be hard pressed if it holds. plenty of low clouds, water temps, some of the coldest off the bay area. other locations to the north and south are running warmer. 56 to start in oakland. 62 downtown. a high of 72 degrees today. probably about 68 over by the airport. upper 40s napa airport at 48. everywhere else in the 50s. 51 santa rosa. 22, gusts to 30, west, southwest, travis, south at oakland, south at concord, a westerly component from sfo to
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livermore, a big fog bank. warmer for some away from the coast. cool down yesterday. mid-80s to a few upper 80s. 60s and 70s by the water. sal, what do you have for us at 5:31. well, things are getting a little bit more crowded, steve, good morning to you. we're looking at interstate 880. and a picture shows traffic moving well, if you're trying to find a flight at oakland international, shouldn't have trouble doing so. traffic looks good. and there's more traffic than there was a few moments ago. about a 5 minute delay before you make it to the spin. metering lights should be turned on soon. the delays will go up a little bit. driving in concord, walnut creek, lafayette, san ramon, 6860s looks good. highway 4 beginning to show slowing westbound in antioch. let's go back to the desk. back to our developing news from san jose, where the man is at the top of a huge crane and
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refuses to come down. plus say he has been holed up for nine hours. tara moriarty is at the scene now, so what's the latest. i know the police have responded. what's going on? >> they have been on the bull horn, trying to coax this guy down, and if you take a look behind me, pan up, look how high that is. that's nine stories. that is the crane where a witness saw the man climbing up around 8:30 last night, and called 911. there are several police cars here blocking off the the -- off the street. you can see this white bag he has pressed up against the window of the cab of the p crane. police have not identified him. it's not clear why he climbed up the crane. every once in a while he'll yell at officers trying to talk him down on the bull horn. >> he's despondent, at times incoherent. his sobriety is in question. so that's what basically we know at this point. >> reporter: officers say they are going to sit and wait this
5:33 am
out. there's no telling how long these streets near city hall are going to be blocked off, but we'll of course keep you posted. live from san jose. i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> we'll talk to you later. thank you. we have an update now on the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. there is a new report that a contractor who worked on that building had to rebuild balconies at a complex on the peninsula, due to water damage. now, the cause of the berkeley collapse has not been released, but many suspect that dry rot from water getting into the wood was a factor. the chronicle reports that segue construction of pleasanton, and a water proofing subcontractor were sued after balconies at a complex in mill bray were destroyed by dry rod three years after construction. segue settled out of court for $3.5 million. sunday mass at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco paid tribute to the 6 students who died and 7 others injured in
5:34 am
the berkeley balcony collapse. the consul general says family and friend of the injured were in attendance. ktvu fox reporter, noel walker has more on the emotional service. >> reporter: sunday mass at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco, where traditions are observed and the faithful and grieving lifted up. arch bishop presided over a memorial mass that wrapped its arms around irish guests in attendance. the prayers at this mass were focused on tragedy. we're here primarily to pray for the six who lost their lives. ashley donohoe, olivia burke, eimear walsh, eoghan culligan, niccolai schuster and lorcan
5:35 am
miller. >> reporter: five irish students and one bay area student who died suddenly, and without warning when the balcony they were standing on collapsed last tuesday. somebody said to me today, how are you. i would say my heart is broken. broken for the suffering of these families over the past week. >> when that balcony collapsed, hearts expanded. and arms extended to comfort those who grieve. many left flowers and lifted prayers at the place where six young people died. many more gathered for a candlelight vigil last week. there is strength in numbers. in berkeley, san francisco, and the bay area, has had some
5:36 am
loss, and no doubt will help them cope as well when they return home for funerals. >> reporter: there will be masses like this repeated thousands of miles away in ireland. >> that was noel walker report. now, the bodies of four of the irish students have arrived in ireland, the grieving families preparing for funeral services there this week. the first is expected to take place tomorrow. the body of the 5th student will arrive in airplane land today. time is 5:36. tests are being conducted on a b.a.r.t. rider who reportedly threatened to blow up a train. it happened yesterday afternoon. b.a.r.t. police say a passenger on a train from mill bray over heard the person talking about explosives. that passenger called b.a.r.t. police and the rider was taken into custody, the 16th mission station. the san francisco police brought in a bomb sniffing dog to inspect the b.a.r.t. train but nothing suspicious
5:37 am
was found. caltrans and the chp, they are cracking down on drivers known as freeway jumpers. for many years, drivers would use that exit off eastbound interstate 580 and use the onramp to get back on ahead of other drivers. since january, there's been a sign right at the end of the off ramp saying left turn only. now there's often a chp officer out there to enforce that sign. caltrans says it has not received any complaints about the sign and that's it's looking at ways to add another lane to ease congestion. a new study shows high income families are using a lot more water than working class families during the continuing drought. the contra costa times looked at how much water the average household uses in 16 cities, served by the east bay municipal utility district. now, the paper reports that families in san lorenzo used the lease, 51-gallons per person per day. that's 15% of the amount used per person in the town of
5:38 am
diablo. some is because the homes and yards are bigger and the weather is hotter on the east side of the oakland hills, and shows that the pattern of wealthier households using more water holds true across the state. oakland uses an average of 57- gallons per person per day. neighboring piedmont averages 110-gallons, pleasant hill, 79- gallons and right next door, walnut creek averages 125- gallons per person every day. the drought is starting to have a major impact on summer recreation at folsom lake. that water has dropped so low that boaters who rent slips at the marina had to remove them over the weekend. in normal years they could stay docked well into september, the water levels so low, 414 feet, that the owners could no longer leave their boats in the water. >> i'm going to miss coming out and taking the kids, and wake boarding and enjoying the afternoons, and i guess have to find another hobby for the rest
5:39 am
of the summer. >> once the water level falls below 400 feet, the speed limit for boats drops to 5 miles per hour, which is too slow for water skiing and other sports. people are hoping the water levels won't impact their 4th of july plans. part of president obama's trip to california last week landed him in the middle of the state's water use debate. this is the president arriving in palm springs on saturday before going to play a round of golf. the lush green courses in the area are watered by a disappearing colorado river, and an underground aquifer that is drying up. the golf courses say they have been reducing their dependence on ground water supplies, however, the national resources defense council says they must switch to more sustainable water sources. time is 5:39. police in pacifica, they have a zero tolerance approach to the illegal fireworks. police say anyone with illegal fireworks can be defined by a thousand dollars and be
5:40 am
arrested. they're allowed in the city, but not at beaches. as an alternative, they will be allow add the south lindemar parking lot. new this morning, san francisco's galleria de laraza is asking for help. the mural was vandalized for the second time in a week. it's on paper, attached to a wall. we showed you volunteers working to repair the earlier vandalism. the mural depicts a lesbian couple, a transgender man and two gay men. the director of galleria delay raza says the mural has sparked hate speech as well as threats on social media. the gallery hopes to raise money to repair the mural once again. 5:40 is the time right now. warnings popping up for some instagram users. coming up in our next half hour, the reason access to the
5:41 am
popular photo sharing app is being denied in north korea. and taking steps to protect inmates, it's a growing problem in california, what the department of corrections is doing to make sure inmates don't overdose on drugs. good morning, right now traffic is moving along pretty well in the east bay as we take a look at westbound 24. not a bad commute as you drive toward the tunnel. and on this monday morning, there's a pretty good little fog bank out there. it's summer officially. so we'll warm up and cool down.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:44. the number of inmates dying of
5:44 am
drug overdoses in california prisons is nearly triple the national rate. the department of corrections and rehabilitation is taking steps to try to stop ill list sit -- illicit drugs from getting into prisons this year. corrections officials believe the stepped up efforts are discouraging smuggling. since 2006, more than 150 california inmates have overdosed. police believe they could be closing in on the two convicted killers who escaped from a new york prison more than two weeks ago. a witness reportedly spotted david sweat and richard matt near a railroad line in a small town of friendship new york, just north of pennsylvania. the two have been on the run since june 6th when they used power tools to break out of the clinton correctional facility in upstate new york. >> we interviewed the witness links and the determination was made that this investigation lead should be investigated. approximately 300 members of
5:45 am
federal state and local law enforcement agencies were brought in for the search. >> the u.s. marshal service has added that matt and sweat, they have added them to the list of most wanted fugitives. a $50,000 reward is offered for information leading to their capture. time is 5:45. after an intense 24 hour man hunt, the man accused of fatally shooting a new orleans police officer is in custody. travis boise was arrested saturday for aggravated assault on a woman with a firearm. officials say while he was in the police car, he managed to shoot officer daryl holloway in the head. an officer spotted travis bois the following day trying to get on a city bus. he was still wearing the handcuffs on one of his wrists. police are trying to figure out how he got the gun used in the shooting. >> one of the guns is a .38 caliber rover, which was used in the original bat restricts and a .40 caliber weapon, a
5:46 am
smith and weson, recovered in the vehicle, believed to be used in the heinous crime. >> officer holloway's gun was still in its holster. it had not been used. the 22-year-old veteran leaves behind two children. police aren't sure if travis bois had help in his escape. a northern california dog owner is making a dying wish that his dog finds a good home. 62-year-old army veteran was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in march, and was given two months to a year to live. he hopes to find a good home for his dog cane. the calm and loving 7-year-old doberman pincher, also a service dog. occur says he has helped him through the past three difficult months and would love to repay him by finding him a new home. >> i have a terminal illness, and i don't have much time left, and it's very important for me to know that he's going
5:47 am
to have a good home. >> occur says cane is in great health and gets along with people and pets and enjoys walks in the park. he says the perfect person to adopt him should have a lot of free time, possibly someone who's retired and would love to give him the attention that he deserves. honestly i feel like since we have run that story people are going to line up for that dog. >> and he loves that dog. >> i know, that's very sweet. time is 5:47. let's check back with sal, see what's happening on the east shore. how are they doing. >> east shore freeway doing well. traffic is moving along very nicely, although it's getting a little bit more crowded. not too much. it is a nice drive. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, there will be a little bit of waiting to do. those metering lights have been switched on and traffic is going to be a little bit busy. westbound 580 is not too bad. we already see slow traffic on
5:48 am
the altamont pass. just west of 2:05 and continuing out to the main part of livermore here. not a big surprise. usually is that way. by the time it reaches dublin, a little bit better. it's 5:48. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> how are you my friend. >> i'm well, you know,. >> thank you, sir, we did a cool down, and that's carried into this morning. there's a cool reading. upper 40s and 50s. a decent fog bank. not widespread, there's plenty to go around and also not too bad sea breeze. delta breeze, it's going to be a slow recovery for some, yesterday was a pretty good cool down. san jose, downtown, 73, livermore, santa rosa, 74. today 83. 77, 85 and 77. near average to slightly below on a lot of these. livermore should be closer to 87. some of these running 2 to 4 degrees lower. san francisco going 64.
5:49 am
two warmer than yesterday. after 54 and the low clouds. there's plenty of low clouds, they continue to stack up. 48 napa airport. i bet they dip to something on the upper 40s. 59 at brent wood. 55 fairfield. 55sfo. temperatures until the last 24 hours are running a little cooler for most. anywhere from one to five degrees cooler than sunday morning. and sustained 22 gusts at 30, that's a decent delta breeze. there's a component of a westerly wind, sfo, hayward and livermore, one of the coldest water temps on the west coast is bodega bay. 30s in the mountains, 32 truckee. 50s, 60s interior, and 50s on the coast, and held in check by a lot of fog from arcade and crescent city. high pressure in the four corners. nosing in more so on wednesday
5:50 am
and thursday. especially inland. more on that as we get closer. if you like it warmer, go east. a lot of low clouds, breeze, looks hot. through the valley areas, well inland on wednesday, thursday, maybe friday. a lot of cloud cover, could be poised to move up here from the southeast. >> will there just be clouds. >> sierra, nevada thunderstorms, we'll see. it's a little significant out. hints of it. >> thank you, steve. it's now 5:50. and making history in san francisco, public schools. coming up in 20 minutes, the new class focusing solely on the history, struggles and achievement of the lgbt community. first, real drama at the u.s. open, two pucks on the final hole determine who wince this year. you'll see the highlights coming up.
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welcome back to mornings ongoing 2, 5:53. scary moments on a flight headed to peru, forced to turn around and go back to lax in los angeles. showing filled the plane's cabin, 248 people were on board at the time. nobody was hurt. airport officials say the smoke turned out to be coming from a
5:54 am
defective food warmer. firefighters still trying to figure out what caused an explosive house fire in san jose. fire crews responded to this home on vin entanitas. officials say the home had been vacant for two years. the explosions are believed to have been caused by propane tanks want the fire has spread to two nearby fences. firefighters are able to put the flames out that caused damage to neighboring homes, and fortunately no one was hurt. 10 months after the 6.0 earth earthquake, repairs are still being made. there are 163 locations where crews need to restore the pavement and make permanent repairs. the city will spend more than $400,000 on the project. most of the cost will be covered by fema and the state
5:55 am
of emergency services. golfer jordan spieth won his second straight major after a wild finish to the u.s. open. dustin johnson had his chance to win with an eagle on the 18th 18th hole. then he missed a birdie punt that would have missed a playoff. >> so the 21-year-old spieth wins the open after winning the master's in april. he's the 6th player to win the majors in the same year. the next major is the british open next month. the women's soccer team heads to the knock out stage of the world cup. team usa faces columbia in round 16 of the cup. the match up begins 5:00 tonight. the winner advances to the quarter finals which eliminated cameron over the weekend. find complete coverage of the women's world cup on the web site, there are profiles of the 23 amazing players on the u.s. team, and a schedule of the games, just click on women's world cup right in the middle of our home page. >> that's right. and in honor of international
5:56 am
surf day, dozens caught a wave and cruised into the record books in huntington beach. 56 people on a giant surf board. they headed out together. the stunt on the 42-foot long board, that's a long board. broke the guinness world record for most people simultaneously riding a wave on a single board. surfers caught a wave for ten seconds. >> would you dry that. >> why not. >> boy, a lot of people on the beach as well to watch. >> time is 5:56. still ahead, streets are blocked off right near san jose city hall as we speak. it's all because a man has been holed up way up there in the construction crane for more than nine hours while the police plan to just wait it out. we're looking at the bridge commute, and so far, westbound bay bridge, there's a crowd there, waiting to get onto the
5:57 am
span, nothing major but we'll tell you what the delay times are. and most of the crowd can probably see some fog or feel a westerly breeze, so with that in place, will we stay on the cool side, temperatures did warm up from saturday into sunday, they cool down, what about today, you can see some warming up, we'll see how much longer that will last. ñsxóxgñ
5:58 am
5:59 am
the streets near city hall are open as police continue to try to coax a man down from a crane nine stories high. the latest next. the historic south carolina church that was the site of a shooting massacre reopens its doors. how thousands of people are showing their support. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us. monday morning, june 22nd, i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. how does it look, how does it feel. >> it looks cloudy for some, and feels cool. >> yesterday came down, temps came down. we have a decent delta breeze. there's a west wind and the low clouds continue to make a push
6:00 am
inland. ktvu east bay tree, a little rustle in the breeze. making a push inland. not done yet, retreating yet. overall plenty of fog on the coast, 47 at the napa airport. san san, -- santa rosa, i expect a dip. al mo at a cool, down 1 to 6 degrees cooler than we were. we have to rebound fast. that's tough to do when we have a west


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